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Store Not Open Nifthts?Closed AH Day Next Monday.
Gift Articles in
Chafing Dishes Casseroles Percolators
Evi iv housewife is interested in liousekecping articles, and
ii you have Waited to select your gift till now, see the complete
line of Chafing Dishes, Casseroles, Percolators, etc., appropriatc
for light housekeeping, light luncnes, etc.
Any one of these would make a useful Christmas gift.
One very popular scller is the Casserole at $5.00. This has
a pierced frame anrl nickel top; regular $7.00 value.
Nickel Chafing Dishes, excellent quality
and very durable, with alcohol lamp; spc?
cial values at S7.S9 and S5.00. Others
ranging in price to $10.00.
Copper and Nickel Chafing Dishes, with
thc best lamp, all sizes and styles. These
make very acceptable gifts or for your
own personal use at $10.00.
H Percolators, $2 to $10
?$'*rl Nickel Percolators, different shapes, in all sizes,
I S10.00, anrl some as low in price as $2.00.
\' f^*r%j ? Casseroles, with nickel frame, for $1.79.
Miss Salina Vaughan Robbed
by Negro, Who Quickly
While on h
jy home last night
1'clock, Miss Salina Vaughan,
Tw6nty-fln?< Street. had her
snatched by a negro, who
80 fast that she was not able
i aocurate descrlption oi' him,
he bag contained only a palr
J>r HijiitpM Tranntfrred from Colored Jte
forraatory to Aiylum.
Acting- on an order from the office of
Governor Mann, Leo Galnes. a colored boy,
for so:n? tiuic pas: aa Inmate of the col- i
o:ed Reformatory. was yentcrday dollvercd
te the Clrcuh Court of thc clty 01 ItUh
mond for an Inqulry Into- hia sanlty. Tho
Jury being . worn. It appeared that the boy
tv>js of unsound mind, und he was trans
ferred to the Henrico county jall to be turn
rr uvr: later to the authorities of th? Con
i . ? ..... . patei ibui.:.
Iho colored 11
jiot dungcrou?.
?'?s eouimuteil to
y. where later It
enk-mlnded, though I
Salvation Army Dlnner.
tne for the Christmas dlnner of the
illon Army have beon about completed,
'. I'iness In many linmes of
clothing are needed b ? v tant
Mrs. Georgi N. WiRKlns, In cl
headquarter*! -Tho bngketa whlch
army \v<!l glvo ,tp yje.pbtir of tl
be dlstrlbuted -fo-morrnw afternoon at
cloek from the Central Youiik -Men'a
stian Assoclatlon, Soventh and Grace
Old Santy's Last Call
Bless their hearts.
Give them something to wear.
They'll get an awful lot.of toys that will soon be broken or
But it will not be so with a cute little Sweater Coal,
?or Beaver Hat,
?or Gauntlets,
??or a little Reefer ("nn,
??or a warm Muffler,
?or a hundred and one other things we've got together to
delight the little men.
Bring the little chap with you,
705 East Broad Street.
"Kissing Bug" Arrested While
Disposing of Time
Ernest Jenklns, known to hls Intl
mato frlends nntl the police ns "Kiss?
ing Bug." was arrested last night on
tho charge of snatchlng a gold watch
from R. F. Tylor. He was caught hy
Policeman Naplor .Hist ns hc was In
tho act of pawnlng lt ln one of thc
Easl .Main Street sliops.
Tyler says thal hc was approached
by the negro while in a bar. The
"Kissing Bug" was very suave and
pollto .ind told hlm that hi.~ tlo was
invry. The negro offered to flx, and
Tyler thought it a very kind atten?
tion, so he thrcw up his chin to glve
room. With ono hand Jenklns fumbled
wlth tho tlc and wlth the other very
deftly extracted the watch from
Tyler's vest pocket. A few moments
thereafter he dlsnppeared through the
sido door and a llttlo lator the watch
was missed.
Tyler reported the matter to thc po?
lice and soon Naplor found the Bug
bartoring with the pawnshop keeper.
Goe* t? .Inr.v 'I'o-Dn.v.
;aae of John II. Lyon* against
ompany, ivhlch haa been on trlal
ist two daya in the Clty circult
r\ detace was fully heard yostor
he jury adjourned over to thls
t<ater the attorney* arguori tlie
ln-r'orf> tlio court, and thc argu
ilof wlll come thin mornlng. aftor
case will bo submltted to tho
liuililiii!: I'orinil.
permlt waa Iraued yestorday to
?r to erect two detuehed frame
tho west slde of Twenty-tlilrd
i n T and U Streets, to cost
Frult Vendor Nol n Syrian.
.M. J, Kourl, who is ono of tlio reprosonia
Iva mmt'bcrs of tho Syrian colony ln rtleh
l'.inl. sald yesterday that the frult vendor
ho was forced to vacate Ford's Hotel be
ause of its dangerous condition, is not a
Judge Witt Upholds Their Pri
test Against Saloon on North
Second Street.
Minister and Others Sho>
Where B?*ir Would Bring Dis
ordcr to Their Conimunity.'
Upholdlng tlie cornplnint of tho'inost
substnntlal colored cltizenH and prop
orty-owners ln the clty, Judgo 8. B.
Wltt, of tho Hustings Court, yesterday
afternoon refuaed to allow tho trans?
fcr of thc ll'iuor license of Gtilsseppo
Brucclanl, 125 AVcst Duval Street, to
Scbastlan Onc.it y and Antonlo
Rcnntllttl. who proposed tn open a sa?
loon at 701 North Second Street, Sev?
eral whlto peoplo, among them belng
roprosentatlves of the owner, Mrs.
MeGeorge and her agent, N. XV. Bow.*.
testlfled ln favor of tho hnr, and sald
that ln tholr opinion it ua.- a sultable
locatlon. Thoy wero no match, how?
over, for thc large array of colored
cltizens, who showod to the satisfac?
tion of tho court that such a placo,
evon though properly hnndled, would
increase the dlsorder ln onc of the
most rospectablo rosldentlal districts
ln thc clty.
iMInlfitcrn ConiPlnln.
It wns shown hy Rev. '/,. D. I^cwls. of
tho Second Afrlcnn Baptist Church;
Rev. XV. "?". Graham, of the Flfth Streot
Baptlst Church, and Rev. E, II. Hunter,
of tho Thlrd Street Methodlst Church,
all of whlch are close to the proposed
locatlon of tho bar, that in golng to
nnd from their churches, the majority
of tholr congrogatlons would pass by
the bar, where tho sldewalk Is narrow
and would nocossarlly brlng them ln
contact wlth the dlsorderly crowds
congrcgating before such piaces. ln
answer to questlons by Attomoy 11 M,
Smith, ,lr? for tho petitlonors, they
stated that whtio they had n general
objectlon to cars, and ln splte ,.f tho
far: that there nre othors as near
the Churches as thls, onc moro would
serve only to Increase thc dlsorder
and danger. as tbe pollce protection
in that sectlon was poor anrl hardly
adequate undcr present condltlons.
Incldentally, thoy wore In favor of
decreaslng rather than lncreasing tho
number of saloons ln old Jackson
Iliidi- Strong; rmnplnlnt.
The most telllng atroke of thc hear?
lng wns made by ofllcers of tho Amer?
lcan Beneflclal Assoclatlon whose es
tabllshment ls four doors from the
place. They eniploy a large number
of women, who ln golng to and from
work must pass hy the saloon. Thoy
i. Id partlcularly or the danger to them
and spoke of the natural fondness of
the race for liquor. Thoro were flve
wltnesses from thls company alone, be
Bldes a number of others not Interested
except as to keeping the bar out of
tho community,
On thc other slde there wero also a
number of wltnesses, who could not
sei thc hann of a bar. Some of them
testlfled thai when a saloon wns there
in the pollce protection was bettor
than it ls it present, and that Its pres
: red rather to increase property
Hlgh ('roiiiiil by .Judge Wltt.
About S o'cioek. when there were
more wltnesses to be heard. .hal^.r
Wltt stated that ho was convinced a
to thc proper course. In view, he sald,
of tho character of the cltizens op
posing the appllcation, lie felt lt hls
duty to rcfuso the transfcr. "I ap?
preciate," hc contlnued, tne. el't'ortn
of these pooplc to upllft thc race. and
I must sustain them. even though I
havo no doubt that Mr. Onesty would
conduct a decent and orderly place
wore ho allowed to open."
ln the courtruom at the timo were
nearly 'JOO colored people who showed
tho greatest satisfaction when the de?
clslon was announced. They hnd made
an organized tight agalnst tho appli
] catlon, anrl one that ovldently con?
vinced .Judgo Witt of the slncorlty of
1 tholr purpose.
Tho petltlon was presented with Rev.
K. TT. Hunter designated as party com
plainant, as requlred by law In such
cases. Coinmonwealth's Attorney
Mlnotree Folkes represented the com
plalnants, and thc- pctltloners placed
tholr case ln the hands of Mr. Smith
and Giles B. Jackson.
Choice Fruit Bringing Top Prices
for Those Who Took Koiner's
Predictlons made last August by
Commissioner of Agrlculture George XV.
Koiner as to the applo market during
the present wlnter aro boing fultilled.
Good apples are brlnglng from $."> to $t*
a barrel iu Itlchmond, and thoso far?
mers who sold at $lb3b in August are
doubtless bewalllng tlie fact.
Buyers who seemed determined to
forco down the prico for purposes of
huge prollts, visited the orchard coun?
try In tho Valley of Virginia and mado
offers of $1 to $2 a barrel, saylng
that the market would be very low.
Thereupon Mr. Koiner got busy and
looked UP tho United States govern
ment's crop ratlngs. Ha noted that
nearly overywhero the crop was but a
fractlon of the normal, and he advlsed
tho farmers through The Times-Dis?
patch to either secure good prices or
To-day those farmers who took Mr.
Koiner's advice aro ln pocket. A Rich?
mond commisslon man made a prlce of
very ordlnary winesaps yesterday of $.*i
a barrcl. When the purchasor de
murred, the dealor sald he was not
partlcular about selling. "I lost ?**^.5oo
ln : } ear In apples," ho sald. "Thls
?? ? on 1 wlll clean up $10,000."
Elected by Aeen Temple to Sitccoed Thomas
B, MiAdmiiH.
At thi* annual meetlng of Acca Temple, j
Nohloa of tho Myatlc Shrlno, held Inst nlfihi '
ln tlm Maannli- Tcmplo, the report of tho
triiBtoea, i?.,on Wallarsteln, Preston Beivin i
Hnd Jamea M. Cllft, was rocolvet". lt show-1
..1 ualna, both ..iiiiii.-.allv aml iium.MlH.-all.v
Potentatc Thomaa B. MeAdain^r?>?'lm. liav- |
im; served tho naua] term of two years, ro-:
tlred. Dr, Qaorgq v. Bagby wna olocted po-'
teiitate; n: c OTlaherty, chlel rabban:
G, Jetet Jonea, asstetani rabban; Thomas
Whlttet, liiKli prlosl and pntpliet; lOdwurd |
A. Bvana, i.rii-nial guldi?; John !?'. Mayor, ,
treasurori Charlea A. Noabltt, rocordor.
Tho appolntlvc oflloera wlll bo announced |
later by the new pbtentato. Th.- rolIowltiB >
Imperlal repreapntntlvea wore elected io rep-'
i.Miu Acca Temple at the Imperlal ahrlnn |
meetlns in Knchistor, N. v., ln July: Prea
ton Bclvin, B H. Downhiim, Alexandrla; ;
Thomaa li. SIcAdama and Qoorgc !??. Basby,
Tii, truetoea arq elected for terma pf threo
V..-IU-. I'liritrni lt.-hur a,nd I..Tin Walleratoln
hold over, and Janv>a M. Ullft was olaoted
for ano'thei leitfi. r*l*V)j*^ i/icotlne uloacd wlth
lhe iiauiiL I'.t'iiia.ji und ijn.-'iiiiuusural udilrca.*
ln*,- rot?taiiji"UaaTt>y, ,'.'""-. .
They Come From Architccts Lo?
cated in All Parts of thc
Unitcd Statos.
Judges to Select Design With
out Knowing Name of Man
Who Sttbmits lt.
Ich tlme
Bpi elilca
Lho ofTIco
tho Clty
ircsa and
u York,
ore, Chi
i number
plan or
elope, iln
de archl
Compotltions for designs for the
proposed Confederato Memorial Insti?
tute, or "Battle Abboy," closi d yester?
day at 3 o'clock, Up to wl
sixty-ono sets of plans and
tlona had beon doposlted ln
of Mayor D. C. Riuhnrdson a(
Hall. Plans have 'come hy cx
through mesaengers from N
Phlladelphla, Boston, Baltln
cago, Indlanapolis, Cleveland
N'ew Orlenns, Rlchmond nnd
of other places.
Undor the terms of the co
tio name is to appear on nn;
tlesign Hubmltted. in each
there is to be a sealed em
whlch ls to be the name of t
tect or englneer. Mayor R
ivlll open the packages to-day, give to
?ach set of plans a serlal number, and
rdace the correspondlng number on the
snvelbpe, whlch will thon be deposlted
In hls safe.
The plans are then to be turned over
to a commltteo of three, conslsting ot
Cleutenant-Govorhor J. T;iy!or Ellyson,
William C. Noland, of tbo llrtu of Xo
and & Baskorvlll, and an archlteci
o be .selected by the American in.-ul
Ute of Architccts. After .-el.
Iral choice this committee wl
he Mayor for tho envolopo bei
lumber and report the deslgi
? i .1 meeting of the general e
lavlng ln charge the fund for tho oree
ion of the memorial, early ln Janti
Have Wltfe Ra"ge of Choice,
Mayor Rlchardson said yesterday that
t would probably take hlm several
lays to open and number the plans,
?specially as from their appearance
ind size many are very elaborate aml
?xtenaive, Includlng many largo per
ipective drawlngs.
The labels of the express company
<how In some cases where tho plans
iave come from," said the Mayor, and
lemonstrates that thn competltion cov?
ers a wide range. The committee wlll
iave a wide neld to select from, wlth
i varlety ln conceptlon. Under the
ules adopted tho plan wlll bc selected
of iho name or reputatlon
Itect submittlng it, as the
?ting its
call on
ing that
ointnlttee will not know untll Its re
airt is ln whose plan Is belng consld?
ered. I belleve that out of those sub
bida <
work wlll bc under way In the er
satlsfactory design can bt
1 and that the general committee
soon ho in a positlon to call for
on the erection of the proposed
and thal actual constructlon
Herbert Montagnc (ietM Four Months
for Stealing Overcoat.
On the charge of stealing an over
Eeibert Montague, colored. was sen
Kf J? fo"r months In jall from tho
i oltco ( ourt yesterday mornlng.
_Bennie linsley, who shot and killed
tr.omas Stokcs some tlme ago. was
sent on ro the January term of thc
?rand .1ury.
,/V. R,i Mayo- eolored. was convicted
nf stealing a satchel eontaining $]S1<)
i railroad tieket and a pair of glasses?
Ul o the value nf $31.19. and was
'ent to Jall for four months.
,i ?.m U,';' 11'hal1,'' "1,"? ma?- charg
. ,. J?$ u'sorderly on a Broad
ind .Main s-treet car, was flnod $io.
S. 1 Ilman s Sons wore fined $io for
)vorloadlng thelr team. Thc case was
D. \V. Martin. white. was fined $10
or assaultlng and beatlng his wife.
\lleged Moonshiner, Indicted
Two Years Ago, Brought
Here and Bailed.
After eluding capture for more than
wo years, George Barton. an alleged
noonshiner. tml.,..,,| hy a g^a Jury
n thp Unlted states Distrlct Court
r.?.n l V. ."''? l90,8' was caught at
?; 11 Bay, Prince Edward county. yes
erdaj by Deputy Marshal .1. v. Mar
?iiani, and brought to Rlchmond. He
vas given a nrellmlnary bearlng yos
eidaj- before Unlted States Commls
S 1",,s;'!?|l. '.? , Brady and released
l( iho -, ?' I" $500. t0J h,s appearance
\ n,,1''.,1 term of tll(! Distrlct Court.
About three years ago an llllclt dis
llloiy was seizod nea.r Green Bay'bv
?noou nfftuv"er W..W. Anderson and
Special Eroploye S. F. Chapman, of the
&w? 1:,,vr',uu; Department Tho
. fo? S Ul? ?',"1';|tcd at the tlme
?,.i i , . V:11' throe nt whom escaped.
mlud n r Barton, who is supposed to
,f vJn ," re,f,u&? ln the mountains
>i .Noi th i arollna,
While in Richmond Wednesday.
h,Vr ,,-',? G' SmI'hers received word
m nod'? ?? Wa8, '" Green Ray. and
hero -Doputy Marchant
lorlntondonl of the Meth
etecnth and Main StrootB,
nd out Christmas baskots
poor conneptod wlth tv
taki: cabe or tiie i-oon
J. XV. Dlxon, buj
idlbt Institute, .\Mn
hns propared to ae
Lormorrow io thc
Instltutlon aud such a
by any of tho church-..
mission on ChrlBtmas tnornhur win ho serv
ed wit.h free breakfast, whllo Tuosda
niKtit dlnner u-lli h.> gerved to the Womon*'
Plub. Thursday nlght tho children's 9enlef
almnent will take placo, and at thla tlm
tpys and eandies wlll he dlstrlbuted.
.Suporlntendent Dlxon Is anxlous to hav
all contrlbutlons rocelvod early at hls head
qunrtcrs, and bopes to have most of [hor
ln hand bofore nlghtfail.
is start saving to-rlay?not to-morrow.'
A dollar begin^ an account. Wc pay
i Per Cent, Conipounu" Interest.
4U7 East Mala Street,
e Most Wonderful Clothing Sale in Years
is Novif in Progress at
Men's Suits. Men's Overcoats, Boys' Overcoats,
Boys' Knickerbocker Suits, Children's Reefers
At prices that would be cheap at the end of Februar}'
$16.00 For Men's Overcoats, worth up to $27.50
$13.75 For Men's Suits, worth up to $22.50
$ 3.25 For Boys' Knickerbocker Suits, worth $5.00
$ 3.95 For Boys' Knickerbocker Suits, worth $6.50
$ 5.75 For Boys' and Children's Overcoats, worth $8.50
$ 8.75 For Youths' Long Overcoats, worth $12.50
Finances Not Disturbed by Dis
crepancies in Dead Cashier's
Answerlng a request made by The
Times-Dispatch for Information, ln
view of street rumorff, Presldont W. P.
Cato, of tlio Flrat National Bank of
Emporla, Va., telographe-i tho follow?
lng last nlght:
"Vou mlglil Nny !*? .1,1 n.- nml Son
hnve completed the rxiiniiiuitlou of tho
bnnk* of Flrst -Nationnl llnnk of Etn
pnrln, Vn,, riiut vthllc thrrc nre some
dlscrepnncies ln tlie accounts of our
Inte cnshler, tliclr stafements show
thnt tliln Institution ln nltaolutely nol
veiii, nml thnt Interest of the rom
nninlty nor the customers ln no wlse
ulTectcrt. Tlu* deposits nre ou the In?
crease ;iiul thc buabieaa i- movlng on
as smoothly n.*t iiny other bank ln
?W. P. c.VTO, Presldent.**
Samuel Hubort Crulkshank, cashler
uf tho First Natlonal Bank of Kmporin,
rommltted suicldo tn tln- bank vault on
the afternoon of December in. At thc
noon hour he appeared to be ln the
best of splrlts. but hls body was found
later by two clerks after he haa shot
hlmself through tho head with a re
Presldent Cato and tho ilircotors im?
medlately asked for an Investigation
to determine the amount of the dis
crepancles ln the cashier's books. A
natlonal bank examlner. who made an
examlnatlon of his own. director! the
oilicers to go ahead with buslness, as
the institution was In excellent con?
dltlon and its standing would tn no
way be injured. The bank. according
to Its ofRcials, will not lose one cent,
as the amount whlch was due by thp
rashlcr wlll be collected from a suroty
company in Baltimore, whlch was on
Mr. Crulkshank*s bond.
Companies B and C Contribute [
to Fund for Texas
Respondins to the appeal made to
the National Guard throughout the
country, Companies B and C, of the
rtichmond Llght Infantry Blues, havo
:ontributed from tholr personal funds
to what has come to be known as the
"Sergeant Manly Fund." The purpose
is to prosecuto the appeal of a Texas
volunteer soldler who has been sen
tenced to nlnoty-nlne years in the pen
itentlary for killlng a cltlzen while
in duty.
On tho occasion of President Tnft's
?islt to the State Fair at Dallas, ex
?raordinary prooautions wero taken to
nsure his safety, lnasmuch as a hot
icd of anarchists had recently been
liscovered in tho clty. The military
tvas on duty. and Sergeant .1. D. Manly,
it Company R. Thlrd Texas Reglment,
ivas placed at a certain point wlth ln
Uructions to permit no one to pass a
irescrlbed zone.
A man named I.ouis Reichenstoln
mado an effort to cross. Sergeant
Manly stopped hlm, infonning him of
hls orders. Relchonsteln ls sald to
rinve cursed and abused the soldler,
issortlng that he was a frce-born clt?
izon, and would go where he pleased.
An attempt was then made, it is said,
to rush across the llne, when Sergeant
Manly presented hls bayonet at tho
?harge and the death of Reichenstein
The man has been ln jall over since.
ind has been denled ball. At the trial
!io was sontenced tn a life torm. So
rar the expenses of hls defenso have
iWn borne by the officers of Dallas, but
the militlamen throughout the coun?
try are holng asked to take a hand.
\lnni* Wlth Offleers Thoy Rocelvo Handnome
Chrlstnins I'reNcnts.
Clirliimas progentB ln tho form of a per
:entBge on the year's aalary were ^yesterduy
preaented tn clerks aml othor employes of
Iho elty banltB. Tho oustom of rcwariilnt*
smployea is general amonjf all thn bank".
inn of thom yestorday rowarded Its employes
ni n 12 por cont. Imsis; othera tholr cmploytf.i
wlth ti 10 por cent. boiius on tho annuiil
snlary. On tho 10 por cont. basls ono mun
reoolved exactly S1.0O0. hls salary belng $10,
)00 A year. Others eniployed ln tho samo
lianlt recelved a proportlonnto nmon*it.
No Judtfo Ah Yet.
Tho meotlng yesterday nf thn Stato Board
ni Educatlon provontcd detormlnatlon by
thc ilovernor as to the, man ho wlll appolnt
lo the Judgoshlp of tho Fifteenth Judicial
Circult. At a lato hour last nlght tho ox
acutlve sald ho u... not know yet whom tho
itppnlntno wlll be. lf Governor Mann has an
opportunitv to-day to exainlnn thn many
papers whlch huve heen preaented he m:iy
mako thi- appolntment.
lt Ih stated that lhe lawyera of Fred
orlrlcnhurg-, Spotsylvunln, Klng Georgo and
Stafford am unanlmoutdy for the appolnt?
ment of Judge R- H. U Chlohestor. Tho
adherontu of Mr. Ennls. Ir: Carollne, and of
Mr. Haw, In Ilanover, are vory actlve.
Adloiirns ror Term.
Tho Chancery noiirt of tho clty 0f Itleh
Mi..ii.l :nl lourned , yosteri'luy tor iis Ootouer
term. The January torm wlll open ou tho
?uwi Monday iu January^
New Mayor Issues Proclamation
Forbidding Accepted Type
of Celebration.
W". L. Ragland, elected on Wednes?
day night as Mayor of Barton Helghts,
lssued hls Hrst publlc proclamation
yesterday, forbidding tho building of
bonfires and the explosion of llreworks
or dangerous caps wlthln the corporate
limits of the townshlp durlng tho holi?
day season. The new Mayor's order
ls meetlng wlth much opposltlon from
the younger element, whlch has boast
ed of tlio number of barrels lt had
stored away for the Chrlstmas bon?
fires. and it remalns to be seen
whether the constabulary of Ilenrlco
county wlll rally to support the or?
der of the Mayor or not. The police
force of tlio town of Barton Helghts
would probably be Inadcquate uti
alded t" cope wlth the small boys of
that thriving and prollfh- suburb.
Mayor Ragland was elected by tho
Town Council on Wednesday nlght to
succeed Dr. lt. W. Miller. roslgned.
llo was chalrman of tho Water Com?
mittee, and assumed his new dutles
yesterday, roltevlng A. W. Martensteln,
who hns been acting Mayor slnce tho
reslgnatlon of Dr. Miller.
The new Mayor's proclamatlon has
been duly publifhed to the world for?
bidding the type of celebration whlch
tln. boys h.vl anticipated.
The gcneral use of wooden construc?
tlon in the building of thc town, the
danger of contlagration. and the Inade
quate tlre protection. are reasons glven
for thc Mayor's order.
day by tho Ht
Virginia Intc
Lynchburg, Vn
charters were I
itc Corporation
state Land Af
John T. ran
dent; A. S. Hcsler, vice-pre-ldc:it; M. D.
Hadcn. secretary aud treasurer?all of
Lynchburff. Capltal: Maxlmum, (16.000;
mlnlmum, J5.0O0. Objects: Itcal crt.il*. busi
Woodlawn Cemetery flne). Whltacro, Vn.
W. C. Whltacre, president; II. D. Whltacro, I
vice-preaidont; n. B. L. Whltacre, icero
lary and treasurer?all of Whltacro, Va.
ii: Maxlmum. S1.000: tniniinuni. *>10U
Objecta: To establlsh a cometery for tho
burlal of tho dead.
An amendment was lssued to tho charter
oT thc Thornhlll U'agon Company. of
Lynchburg, Increaalng thc maxlmum capltal i
stock from $175,000 to $300,000.
Colonel Jamcn Honoro.l by Klkit.
ln honor of hls marriage Colonel B. O.
Jamea, Secrotary of tho Commonwealth, wan
last night presented wlth u handsome sUlyer
water set, Includlng a pitcher, goblet atiU
salver, by thc members of Richmond I.odgo,
Ti. P. O. K., of whlch ho Is cxaltod ruler.
On behalt of the ordor Its glft was tendcrod
by John A. Lamb. In view of the fjict that
Colonel James Is the flrst head of thc local
Elks to bocome a bcnedlct while In office,
tho members thought it approprlato to ex?
press thelr congratulatlons ln thls manner.
Chrlstmas In County Jull.
Carrying out hls usual custom Sherlff L.
H. Kemp, of Henrico, on Chrlstmas Day
will rcgalo tho prisoners In tho county Jail
wlth a sumptuous feast. Tho incrui will ot
braco good thlngs to eat of all dcscrlptlona.
Each of the unt'ortunates who wlll spend
Sunday belnd the bars will also be glven a
substantial supply of tobacco, a scarco ar
tlcle ln all prlsons.
To Sell Bankrupt Stock.
An order was entered yesterday In tho
Unlted States Dlstrict Court authorlalng
T. Frecman Epes and K. G. Williams, trus?
tees to J. E. Jones. of Blackstone, bank?
rupt, to sell at auction the stock and flx
tures of thc storo of the merchant.
If I could take you into ttfy large factories
at Brockton, Mass., and show you how carefully
W. L. Douglas shoes are made, the superior workman?
ship and the high grade Ieathers used, you would then
understand why Dollar for Dollar I Guarantee
My Shoes to hold their shape, look and fit better and
wear longer than any other $3.50 or $4.00 shoes you
can buy. Do you realize that my shoes have been the
slandard for over thirty years; that I make and sell
more $3,50 and $4.00 shoes than any other manu
f aefturer in the United States ? Qyality counts. It has
made my shoes The Leaders of the World.
For Winter Wear, my immense stock includes tlio latest
and best styles in every size and width, especially in Young Men's
Liuit.., and my stores also carry at all times the most complete assortment
ol the raoresubstantial styles, such as have made W.L. Douglas shoes
a household word everywhere. You will be pleased when you
buy my shoes because of the fit and appcarance, and when it comes timo
Ior youto puichaso another pair, you will be mote than pleased because
the last ones wote ao well, and
gave you so much comfort.
BOVS' SHOES, $2,00 AND $2.50.
CAUTIOfea*^^ ., ,,,.?
If yiur'lealer eunnot aiipply you wlth V-J* PoliBlM Slioea, wrlte for UUI Order OalUog.
W. L. Douglaa
Shoe Co.
Stranger From Petersburg
Cashed Three Before Policc
Were Put on Case.
Detoctlves hero and In Petersburg
aro on tho lookout for a whito tnan
who has passed checks In this clty
purported to be drawn by thc Lovy
iv.uiut Company to the amount of
:tl">iit $ir,(i. Thoso reported wero put
"if on A. (1. Anthony .?? Son, Phll c.
Kelley and Sam Stelner. It is sald
that others wcrc left here, but so far
no niiior complalnts havo been made.
In oach case the checks wero indorsed
by George Summers, and actlng on a
long-distance message from Detectlve
Captain M.Mahon. Chlef Ragland. of
Petersburg, arrested George Sermons,
a v..ll known cltizon of Petersburg,
Who promptly proved nn allbl.
Whoever dld the job, dld lt oulckly
and then dlsappenred. Tho police have
information that he trled other per
but they, not knowlng, the Lovy
Peanut Company or Mr. Sermons. re
fused llo- ehecks. Descrlptions of the
man aro tncagre, and the probabillttea
are that he wlll get away.
Dlspatches from Petersburg say that
recontly th. offlces of tho peanut com?
pany were broken into by an unknown
stranger who toro out a number of
blank chocka from the company's reg?
ular book. The police there had al
!?-.,.iy been notlflcd of the bogus
cht :ks hed here, but as far as they
?iblo to flnd out none of
them had shown up ln Petersburg. us
too near home.
The Petersburg ofllcers are certain
that It was a white man who broke
ln the factory and they aro confldent
.same person who did
the forglng and put tho checks In clr?
culatlon In this clty. Just now the
trall looks like a cold one, though thc
pollco and tho detectlve departmont aro
running down every posslblo cluc.
Blurs' Company Glve, fhri,tmas Token to
, Iti Captain.
An auction aalo of aiioited Junk took placa
at thc meetlng of ComDSuy C niphm-.i
Llght Infantry Blues, laS? nlght foHoTv^
tho w,ol<ly drlll. A acw JU,F8J. va? pro
duced.i containlne al| soru of moacrn male
beautifylni artlclea. such as hair brush*.
olothc. bruahe.. razors. corabi (.horn1os)?
bottles and soveral quarts of-oh. wt?h hair
fw"- ,;n'lc('"c,'\ WJM rut up for sale. and
thc mombers of tho company bld varyln*
amounts Flnally I ?, knocked down to
ov&m*n 1X Llshtf0?<- *?? ?- "S prl?
Thereupon. ln a neat speoch, Coroora!
Llghtfoot presented thc articles to CapuTn
Percy .Montague, Jr.. the commander of th"
?ornpany. wlth ?e.OV.O'-O good wlshes for joy
ThJ ?^S durinK ,he Christmas season
,Z L,i P,'n . rcJ!",0,?d'-'-- and proudly bore
tho prizc to *hls dresslng tablo.
On Wednesday nlght at thc meetlng of
Company B Captain Davld M. Leary ?as
presented wlth a handsome fob.
Vonng Women Rrmetnbcrcd.
With an cntortalnrnont for tho chlldren of
rhSJ"? classes tho Young Women's
Chrlstlan Association yesterday afternoon
ushered In Its Chrlstmas cclebratlons. A
?upper for the older members wan a feature
last nlght. The program also includcs a co
Vr.?'''/Vh^ W1M, ta"? P""9 to-nl-rht.
Music for thls occasion wlll be furnished by
the Covonnntcrs' orchostra.
To-morrow afternoonvat 4 o'clock a Chrlst?
mas treo party for the youngstors wll! take
placo. .Next Thursday the young women
employed In the various telephone exehanges
will be tho guests of tho association.
Ca?e on Trlal.
Trlal began vostorday ln the Law and
Equity Court of tho sult of Straight & Son
against A. N*. I'ettygrew. A verdict ls ex?
pected to-day.

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