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reat of her ki>. men. Qol bftel* horo,
and we'll make n flnal stand."
"Mnybr- we mn SftVfi thla part,
plciilid potiio of tbe undaunted nien.
'?Nothing on earth could stop the fire
!n thai bulldlng, boys," waa Hayferlli h'?
.itif-wci. nud lhe men fell back.
The naaiatant lniirslnii n< knowledg-d
that the whole stock yards dlstrict waa
ln danger.
"Wo'Vfl ro! no wnter here nnd we
cnn do nothlng effectlveiy," he eald,
"blll we'vfl got t" Ktl-k out thore und
head off that flre lf it trikea ovory
man in the dopa rttnont."
Captain ll. u. F*uchs, of Ruglile Com-j
panj :"'. who imd Ju?l left Marshal
lloran wltli orders for hl* company,
walked ont from pndor tho faital canop- K
Jtisi as it crushod out the llves bchlnd |
"I'm all rlght, chlef," he told the M
assistant marshal o fciv minutes later. 1
Rlackened and bllstorcd, he was the',
only man left o? lils crew.
Steaoy streams of water from one 11
whole iu- company which Seyferllch i
dlrei t-d had somewhat cdoled the ,
fallen wall an hour after it had buried
Its vlctima aud Seyferllch declared hc i .
heard a volce. M
A shouted command .brought another
detachmenl of llromen from ncarby
posts, who tore al the pllo df deoris ?
wlth b.irt hands, ases and poles ln
hop< that aome >?! the men wero Hillijl
allve. I'oiir bodles wore recovered In I
u few minutes, i I
Out ln hor Ashland Bouloyard hon- . j
Mrs, Moran, wlfe of the marshal, would
xiol belleve thal lier huaband was doao |
'untll assured by tho newap'apcr re-j
porters, Then sho trled to speak aa
she stood among her four little clill- I
dn n. bul tvords would not come, and ? ~
she fell In o awoon. L
Mhyor's .\nrnnv Escape, ( I,
Mayor Busse, tllscussing wi'th As
utstant Marshal Seyferllch tho death
of Chlef lloran, had a narrow escape.
An explosion of ammonia plpes on tho
iourth door of the building they woro i"?
watching threw brlcks, boarrffl and J n
frezen meal ln a showor about them.
Seyferllch throw hlm-felf in front of
tho Mayor, and though Mr. Busse Is s
ifortly man, Seyferllch almost crushod
hlm to the ground to shleld hlm from
ji.uiii Then, grasplng thc Mayor by a:
the arm, the assistant marshal ruBn'ed j R
him away to safety. | cl
Ry ll o'clock the news of Horan's 1.1"
dcHth bad reached all the llremen, and j "
many of tln'in sobbed nloud as tney ; P<
heard it. Those who wero detalled to ; a<
reeover thc bodled wep't aa Mts of 1 ?"?
clothing of thelr lort comrades came ' hl
to llght. A cruihed hclmet brought up ' m
tn a ecoop of the big scraper proved ?'?
to be tliat of Asslf-tant Chlef Bur-,'di
roughs, and the devoted wofkers con?
tinued thelr labor with tears streani- ?*>
Ing down their faces. iri
Our Stores are Filled
With the Seasons
New Goods
We bought them right, and believc ' t,
in giving our customers the beneflt. ! m
1 lb. Santa Claus Seeded Raislns. 8c l?i
t lb. Cleaned Currants. 10c "'
New Citron, per pound.16c j ''?"
r, Fresh Dressed Turkeys,, all sizes, w
n\. per pound.23c
n)Jsew Virginia Buckwheat, 4c lb, | c
e r- or 7 lbs. for.25c ?
?matlranulatcd Sugar, lb.5c !.'
t>r*tag Brand Gelatine.5c ' ,'
ie F rine for Jelly, quart.20c .,'
clty y*n Candy, per Ib.7c '...
\>rpn.> StalkCelery .6c!.,,
^V-* a English Walnuts, Ib.18c i
L\ n ?- 0r;mSc pee*. '?.12; .c ci
1-arv] Juicy Lcnions, dozen.18c | w
Crcamery iiutter, best made, JJ).35c !,m
New Sultana Secdless Raisins, lb.. . 12'j'c
1 -Ib. pkg. best Dates.8c
1-lb. pkg. Layer Figs-;.11c
Old Virginia Herring Roc, in 2-lb.
can?, 2 for.25c
Home-Madc Mincc Meat, lb.8c
Llgin Butter, per pound.32c
Importcd Smyrna Layer Figs, lb. ,.12''j'c
New .Mixed Nuts, lb.12j3c
Fresh Rabbits .23c
Cape Cod Cranberries, quart.12c
Pcanut Brittlc or Cocoanut Bonbon,
per pound.12 '?;c ro
S pkgs. Adams Chewing Gum.25c "
820-22 E. Maln. 506 E. Marshall !d*
Two Stores?Phone at Each !Ul
A Gift Thought
Gcntlemen's Cheffenrobes,
Smoking Tables, Cellarettes*
Sydnor & Hundley, Ine,
709-11-13 E. Broad St.
Christmas Gifts
May bc had at this store ranging in pric
from 25c to .Sl ,000.00.
Each indivldual article bcars the stamp
"Lucca Olive Oil"
M?d. 4TH). 600 Weat Mnln St.
Direct Action Gas Ranges
Have No Equal
Sold Only by
Ryan. Smith & Co.
A. B. C. Capitol Wrapped Loaf
"The beBt bread you ever tasted."
Wrnpped ln waxotf paper?not touch
?d by human hande until lt la served
>n your table.
fli'. Ot Yolir (.rii-riV.
A.MKHICA.N iilii: \i> AMl DAKINQ CO,
?. b, 10, 18 la, LciaTb Street, Jl
"Borry's for Clothes."
Whether you are going or
coming, whether you are going!
on a holiday trip, or tripping
home for Xmas, here's every
thing you can desire in dress,
ind also lots of things for
(Contlnued From Flrst Page.)
ils passed resolutions of sympathy
nd Mayor Reyburh has calied a tnect
ig of the Cltizens' Permanent Itelief
ommlttee to bo held to-morrow,
liesldcs the funds to be ralsed by
hls committce and by prlvate sub
erlptlon, the famllies nnd miuor chll
ren of the firemen and the one polieo
ian killed wlll be provlded for by thc
olico and flremen's penslon funds.
.linnv l.cft llebliul.
Neany all the men left famllies.
ohn Collins, flreman, leaves a wldow
nd slx young ohlldren: Harry I3er
?let. flreman, leaves seven motherless
illdren, and some of the other vlctlms
?ft wldows and two and threo oh-ll
ien. The caso of Rertolet is very
ulictlc. Hls father, who livos at a
ildlers' home, had eomo home to thc
in's house to spend Christmas with
Im und thc griindchildren, whose
other dled nineteen months ngo.
vorywhere about the houso were ovi
?uires of preparatlons for the coming
'. Santa Claus, and even though tho real
rls Krlngle of the household lay cold
i death. the littlo children, who range
om less than two years to ten, talked
* thc expected vislt of the mythlcal
The records of the pollce and fire de
irtment show that 100 tlremen, sixty
illcemen and ten pollce surgeons
crc engaged in the work of resctilog
illi.nn Glazicr. It took sixty gallons
oxygen, two quarts of Jamalca gin
sr, three pints of whiskey, strychnlno
id othor drugs, rubber smoke hood,
vo rubber tubes, a suctlon pump,
any picks. shovels, axes, saws. erow
trs and other tools and twelve hours
tlmo to bring hlm out allve. Thc
icape from Instant death of Glazler
as truly remarkable.
Glazler waa pinned down by ma
linery and a heavy bearn falling
cross hls foot when one of the walls
II at midnight. IIls cries brought
r-scuers, who worked for twelve
ours to free him. He was taken out
t 12:22 P, M. to-day. Boforo noon he
as froed of cverythlng except a blg
Dam across one foot.
Finally tho bcam was ralsed far
lough to relcaso Glazler. and a cheer
ent up from ilrcmen, and the enor
ious crowd of spectators, wlio had
tood for hours ln thc freezlng cold,
hen thc limp form was llfted upon a
troteher. There was rivalry among!
ie hospital physlclans for tlie privl- !
ige of caring for hlm, and as Glazler
"Our peoplo are trenifmlously interested
ilio bulldlng of the proposed sand-elay i
ad between Richniond and Newport Neivy."
id Or. ii. u. Stophemon, member of the
ou?.- of Delegatos from the Ponlnsula
'iiiiii.i.. in Richniond yesterday. -'l belleve
io counties along tho line will help, and
lat next ytar wo wlll gei this hlghway
oni tlie capital to the sta."
Dr. Steplionson. wlth other pub'.ic-spirited
llzens of James Clty county, have orgai*
r-d ii Good Itoads A?sociatlon. He H presl
-iit. Subscrlblng to thr fund they secured
o apportionment of State aid, and got an
iproprlatlon from the Board of Supervis
"Tne sand-clay roads enn ba bullt cheap
," said Dr. h'tephenson. "Practically thc
liy exartiple wo have la the Jamostown
'illlamsburg road, bullt just prevlous- to
iu exposltion. It is belns kept ln good
inditlon wlth Bmall cxpense.
"Where the road ls of sand, a coating of,
ty olffht Inchen of clay ls applicd. This la
.owotl and the. sand brought towar* tho
lrfaee. Then u dlso luirrow ls run ovor
, and jator u llghtor coating of clay put
li followed by more harrowtng. The road
iller Is usod last. Thc spllt-dog drag ls
jc-tul ln ropalrs.
"I belleve with a specimen of good road
ir people wlll have awnltenc-d Interest iu
Forecastt Yirginln?Unsettled aud
.niiiii-i- Krldnyi rnln or sninv In nf
eruoon or nlghti clearlug uud colder
ritnriluy or Snturiluy nlght, except
now in (he muunluliiN) moderate Houtfa
iniU, .vlklt'tliiK to brlrtk uurthwewt Sttt
Xorth Carolina?rtniu aud ivuruici
riduy; Saturday clenrlug uud some
.hnt colder; moderate cust, ?hiftlng
i nortbwcHt Saturday.
A, M. temperature /. lc
Und, dlrectlon .East
Vlnd, veloclty . 2
Veathcr .Clear
2 noon temperature.32
P, M. temperature . 23
liixlmum temperature up to 5
I'- M. 31
liiiiiniiiii temporatura up to ."i
i'. M. 15
lean temperature . 35,
,'ortmil temperature . 10'
)eflclency in temperature . 16
lellclenoy ln temperature slnce
March 1 . 3G3
irrimi. deflciency ln temperaturo
sliice January 1. 325
Ixcess in rnln fall slnce March 1., 1,81
icoum., excess in ralnfall slnco
January 1 . l..l!
At s p, M. Eastern standard Tlme.)
Place. Thi-r. 11. t. Weather.
lugusta . iu 11
itlanla . 88 42
ishevtlle . :il v:
iilaiitii- Clty . .. 22 30
luffai. 2a -js
loBton . -i 28
iharleston . 38 12
.. ? Orleans_ 60 isti
iklahoma . II nu
?Igli :
December -'?'.. 1910,
lornlng tld<?. to;03
Svewng tido .,..,. X0;i7
Berry's for Gifts."
One among many things to
he found here, and one of the
most acceptable of "gifts," is
11 Suit Case or Bag with the
Berry "Sterling" label.
In real leather, $5 and up.
Fitted, $15 up.
??xpressed a wish to be sent to St. .To
icph's, he wns taken there ns fast as
in automobile ambulance could travel.
Dle* n Hero.
Among the kllled ls Jolin Collins, of
I'rtick No. 1, who dled a horo.; Collins
?arller ln thc evening asslsted ln ex
Ingulshlng a flre ln a two-story houso
:ear the llrehoitse, where lie was sta
loned. tVlth another llreman he en
??reri the burnlng dwelling and,
nounting the stairway, plunged lnto a
Ire-fllletl room and carrled an uneon
ilous chlld from a bed into tho street.
n offecting tho reseite Collins and hls
omrade were burned, but Collins re
useil to go to n hospital. Eatcr In
he n'glit hls company was ordercd to
ho blg flre. When he reached tliere
he walls had already fullen. Collins
hrow hlmself lnto thc rescue work.
uilled ono mnn from thc rulns and
vas seon to go back after another.
"hat was the last seen of hlm allve.
Ie leaves a wldow and seven children.
Coroner Ford, who was early on tho
cene, pald an lmpresstve tribute to
he couragc and devotlon to duty of
he tlremen. "l conslder how lntensc
vas the cold," ho sald. "and yet these
len stuck to their posts and worked
ike heroes to rescue their companlons
aught in t.ie rulns. j. have never
een a flner thing and never expeet to."
? >
pnoSKCUTK.s iviri*.
I. ila-.iii Clapp Uccloreji She llclllirr
ntcly Shot Him.
Philadelphia, Pa., December 22.?II.
[ason Clapp, the wealthy clubman,
ho was shot in the neck and bo
ously wounded durlng a quarrel with
Is wife in their Girard Avenue apart
;ent on December 12. to-day disproved
ie r.umors that they were to he recon
led when he appeared beforo a mag
trate and swore that she had de
berately shot. hlm. .She yas held ln
.'.500 ball. charged with assault and
ittcry wlth lntent to kill.
Clapp swore at the hearing to-day
lat Mrs. ClapD shot him when he
as ahout to slap her face durlng a
uarrel, which was caused, he statod,
s* her "staylng out late." He testl
Bd that she returned home at 1:30
clock ln the mornlng. telling him
iat she had been on an automobile
de. Ho sald he had reason to be
eve this was not true. When he
Dbuked her, he said, sho flrst shot
im and then tlred a bullet through
ie ceillng before raising the wlndow
: call for help.
Dnly Defeat* Dr Oro.
N'ew York, Deeeniber 22.?John Daly,
f Chicago, wrosted thc three-cushlon
llliiard championshlp of tho world
om Alfred De Oro, the Cuban, to
Ight, the final hlock, of tholr luO
olnt match. The total score for tho
iree nights' play was: Daly, 150: Do
ro, 120. ?*"i^ wlnner recelved the
?ophy donaten by Jordan Lambert, of
t. Louis. but in order to retain It
aly must successfully defenil hls title
)r flfteen months.
tho matter 0f better hlfjhways."
"Tliere Ia no doubt that Jamos J. HiU ls
correct in hls reeently publlshed staicmmt.i
about tbe flow of cmlgration from the
Northwest States lnto Canada." sald Arthur
O. Lewis, tioiitliern passenger agent of tha
Baltlmore and Ohlo Rallway, &t the Lex
Inston last nlght, "Tlie number of people
who are golng io Canada from this country
would surprlsft you.
"Purthermore, they wlll contlnuo to so
tliere. Condltlons are tuch as to oncourace
Mr. Lewis, whose office Is ln Norfolk and
wno hns speni most of his tlmo for tlie
past two years ln hospltals ln Rlobmond
aml el.icwhore, looks hlntielf ngain. and was
warmly grceted by hls frlends.
P.obert XV. Blalr, who represented Vv'ytlie
county ln the Constltutlonal Conventlon,
was In Richmond yesterday. Mr. Blalr Is .
a son of tha latu ux-Atlorney-Ge?orttl Frank ;
S. Blalr, of Wyitaoville. He Is wlth tho l
BUdlting department of the United State*
Treasury, and checks up the accounts of
tho Internal revenue offlees throughout thu
Vlrginiuns at the HoteU.
Lexlngton?XV. It. Mocater, Virginia; XV. A.
tlogarth, Wllllamsburg; Mr. and Mrs. T. 11.
Wuldrop. Wllllamsburg: Miss WII3011, Wll- !
Ilamsburg; B. B. Turner, Virginia: J. C.
Crowdf-r, Mldlothlan; J. A. Reynold**, Dan-'
vllle: J. A. Jonos, DatT,vllle; J. A. WhltlOck, !
Farmvillo; E. L. Gatos, Boach; A. F. An?
derson, Lynchburg; E. H. Rowo, Buena
Vlsta: John R. Wall, Lynchburg; T. A.
CampbeJl, Wllmlngton; XV, T. Cox, Norfolk;
J. S. Brookns, Virginia; R, L. C'llborn,,
Blackstone; Mr. anrl Mrs. w. M. W00U,
Nelson; V. M. Johns, Portsmouth: Georgo
C. Wrigbt. Warsaw; L. T. Mayes, Luray; II.
S, MrCandlisb, F. L. MeCandllsh, Falrfax.
Davis-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alvls, Sabor
P. L. Cherry. Norfolk; L. 12. Talley, Beaver
Dam; L. O. Davis, Fowhatan; B. M. Trlce
Qlobe: Q. XV. Trtlnt, Virginia; L. M. Good
man, Lynchburg; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whlt
low, Lynchburg.
Murphy's?S. B. Latham, Norfolk; li. B.
Eanes, Danviile; Mrs. Jack Murlln, Norfolk;
T. F. nell, Maohlponeo; O. R. Nottlngham,
Ensivllle; Arthur A. Anderson, JOtersvIllo;
E. J. Sprinkel, Shenandoah: E. E. Down.
ham, Alexandrla: Charles Slagle, Monito;
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Laycock, Crnwa; B.
XV, Allen, Hebrou; I. N. Miiler. Madlson; a.
T. Flnch. Chasn Clty; B. H. Fnuleoiicr,
Gordonsville; XV. v. Wheatcrofti Phoobus;
B. I. t.'hnpman, Danviile; Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Fishcr. Virginia; A. Fisher, II. S. Flslicr,
Hebron; R. B. Fulton. Miller School; W. R,
Si.ydcr. Lindaey; Miss Rutli Smith, Urban
11a; A. L. Cox, Charlotte Courthouse; I,. Q
Hurruss, Ocean Vlew; Claronce Wllllums
I'olnt Eaaton; Mrs. F. 0. Watts. MiK'.iuniV
ftlvor; Mrs. St Ith Hamllton. Grocnwonj
lillsa Holluml. Luclay; L. r. Ouy. Hmporln;
Miss Nettle II. Lettwkli, Emporlti.
Itlchmond? John tt. IUttcheson, Mlddle
town; Loula Sliiininii, Virginia; L. A. Brngg
Hot Bprlnrn; Frank XV, Rogers, Miss Allen
Rogars, Dendrun; c. J. Clark, Bmlthrtold*
0, II. Russell, Jr., Clarksville; Charles ti'
Maphis. CharlottesvUle; Mr. nnd Mis. J \y
Montague, Norfolk; J. A. C. Kelth, Wairoiw
ton: c. E. Tiffuny, Warrenton.
Gllbert?E. W. Cartler. Sabot; Mr. aml Mih
,1 nue.- w. carr, WtUerford; c. a.Willlams!
Indox; L. D, Jones, Grecii Bay: Jesslc M
aarrotl, Agnes 11. Garrett, Ballsvllii;; jjr'
anrl Mrs. II. A. Hoyl. Norfolk; E. .1. Blliiis'
MuiiiiicutUi ; 11. xv. Bowman. King Wllllani
i.iiiiit) ; T. F. Joynes, Norfolk.
Stumpft?XV. Pi Miller. Lynchburg; J I,
llart. Furmvllle; T. A. Vaughan, Farmvllle
VV. J. Ollea, FnrmvllleV O. L. llurrtson'
Kress; J A. Toonc, Kress; ll. XV. ('rinni
Kress: Jt, O. Wooldrlilge. McKennuy;' p L'
Bryan, Norfolk; II'. V, III1I, Norfolk.
Vour drii-jgUt will luluml money if PAZO OIN'l'.
MBNT f"?ll? to curc any case of ltchlng IHiiul,
Ulec'iing or Frotnnlliig Piles ln 0 to 14 days. .SOc,
Famc of Men Will Bc Perpetu
ated by Navy's New Fight
ing Craft.
December 22.?
lirop to-day bc
^\\ torpedo-bont
1... now bulldlng,
val odleers wlio
mselves lu tlma
lirlstcncd tlie
Washlngton, D. ''
Actlng Hecrotiiry Win
stowod numes upon
destroyers, Nos. :i; t..
choosing those of m
had distinguished tln
of war. Ono boat 1
Henlo, nfter Edward 1 Itzgdrald Bealo,
born In tho Distrlct of Columbla, Feb?
ruary 4, 1822, and dylng ln tlils clty,
Aprll 22, I8ti3, Beale distinguished
hlmself ln tho War wlth Mexlco; sffrved
ln thu Clvil War and wns Mlnlster to
Auatrla in i8"fi.
No, 41 bears the name of Jouott, af?
tor tho lato Admiral Jnmes B, .louott,
who had a splendid rocord of service
ln the Clvil War. belng wlth Fnrragut
at Mobllo Bay, when ho cotnmanded
the Mctnconiet, whlch wns lnsheil to
Farriigufs flagshlp during the battle.
Ile was born ln Kontueky In 182S, unu
dled at Snndy Springs, Md., ln 1003.
No. 42 ftssuinoR thi name of Admlrnl
Thornton a. Jenkins who chasetl
' plrates In tho earl;. parl uf the laat
century; assisted In suppresslng Nat
! Turner's negro Insurrectlon In VJr
I glnia; w*as present at tho capture of
tho Buenos Ayrean sqtiadron off Monte
vidio ln 1814; commaniicii landlng par
: tlcs from tho Germanloivn in the Mex
| Ican War; commnndod the Prehlc dur?
ing the Paraguayan expedltlon; pur
| tsued tliat famous old flllbitster, Wll?
?liam Walker, and was also wlth Farra
! gut ln tho great battles nt tho mouth
I of the Mississippi. a.-tlng as hls chlef
j of staff. He was born in Vlrglnla, 1811,
and dled In Washlngton ln 1803.
No. 37 ls chrlstcncil after Nathanlel
Fannlng, of Stonington, Conn., whom
John Paul Jonos said was one of hia
i chief alds ln thc famous vlctory over
j tho British ship gcrnpts, commandlng
the forces of H10 malntop ln that
engagement. Fannlng dled in 1S05.
wlth the rank of Ileutenant ln tho
A young mldshipman. James C. Jar?
vls, a natlvo of New Vork. will havo
lils namo porpotuated in torpedo-boat
destroyer No. 36. Congress, by solemti
resolutlon, montloned hls lo*:) ns "A
subject of natlonal regrot," after the
yotingster had been killed In tho en?
gagement between tlm Constcllntlon
and Vengeaneo, February 1. 1800.
Another hero of thi; battle between
tho Constcllntlon nnd the Vengeaneo
wns Hobert Henley. born in Vlrglnla ln
it>:i, and dylng In Charleston, S. C.
in 1S2S. Henley alao commanded a
gunhoat division, attacklng tho, nrlt
Ish frigatos ln Hampton floads ln 18f2,
and led thc American llne ln rommanU
of the Englo in tho battle of Lake
Champlain. His name wlll be borne
by destroyer No. ;!9.
Cnni-ludes Her tinme ot llldc rmd Scck
WHli Watchers.
Now Orleans. La.. December 22.?The
steamer Horriet cleared this port at
I o'clock this afternoon fur Capo Gra.
cias, Nlcaragua. Captain Cl
Johnson was iu command and i
States inspect.irs accompanled tln
ti> the three-mlle limir. In the ^
The Hornet took on no additlonal men.
It is said that sho groes to cngage ln
a revolutionary expedltlon against
Honduras. Four days ago the al?
leged llllbuster cleared for Cape Gru
clas. Slx tlmes she had hauled in her
anchor and the announcement wont
fortli each tlmo that she had gotten
away. But lt developed on each oc
casion that she hnd merely executed
another manoeuvre ln her game of hlde
und seok wlth the newspaper men antl
the special agents of this and other
countrlos who were charged wlth
kc-eplng tab on her movements.
recetvbks appointed.
Two of Luricesl Cotton SIllls in North (uro
II1111 Adjlldged Uunkrupt.
Greeisboro, N. C, Docembor 83.?Three
quartoiR of a mlillon dolliim aro tho esti?
mated liabilitles of tho IJandleman llanu
factbrlng Company aud tho Naoml falls
Munuiacturlng Company, of Itandolph coun?
ty. two of tho oldest and largest cotton
tnlllsiln North Carolina. whlch were ndjudg
ed Invohrntary bankrupta to-day by Judg., 1
James E. Boyd In tho Distrlct Court of tho !
Unlted States.
The petllion in tho caso flled by threo
credltors, tho Wacliovla Loan nnd Trust
Compnny, of Wlliaton-Salera: tho Grecnsboro
Loan and Trust Company, and th? Hunter
Manufacturlng and Commission Company,
of Greensboro, whoic clalrns agijregatc $150,
C00. Other accounts oiitstandlng are large,
an offlcial of ono of the bankrupt compa?
nies estlmatlng that the total Indebtertucss
would range from $750,000 to $800.00). F. H.
Frles, of Winston-Bnlem, and T. A. Hunter,
of Greensboro, woro appolnted reccivcrs.
wlth power to continuo tho mills lu opera?
The cause ,,f the bankruptcy Is attrlbtited
to the general deprcssion for tho past elgh
tec-n montlis ln the cotton mlll buslness.
All Charges of l-'raud in Land Cases
Are DismlftNctl.
Portland, Ore., December 22.?All ,
charges against Blnger Hermann, for?
mer Congressman and former Commls?
sloner of the General Land Ofllce,
growlng out of the Oregon land fraud
ludlotments, wore dlsmlssed ln the
Federal court to-day by Judflc C. E.
Wolverton, on ihe motion of Francls
J. Heney, the governmont's special
nrosecutor. Wlllard J. Jonos, the tlm?
ber dealer and polltlcal worker, was
sentenced to serve four months in the
county Jall and to pay a flne of $10,000.
The primary sentence Imposed upon
Jones was one year ln tho McNeill's
Island penltentlary and a fine of $2,000.
Gets tlhodCM .SHOlmlnrNhip.
Athens. Ga.. December 22.?E. W. '
Moise, of Savannah, a senlor at the
Unlversity of Georgla, to-night was
tinanlmously selected to represcnt
Georgla for four years on tho Rhodes |
Bcholarshlp at Oxford; England, Mr.
Molse will study law. Tho committee
of seloctlon ls composed of leading
educators of tlils State.
Meuns und Credlt Gone hn Hi'miIi bt
Federal Hegruiiitlou.
New Vork, December 22.?'?Federal
regulatlon has put the railroads of
this country ln tlie positlon of not
havlng suillck'in means or credlt to g;o
alieud with thelr work of develop
unuit," declared Hobert Mathcr, ehair
inun of ihe board of dlrectors of the
VVestlnghouso Electric aud Manufac
turlng Company, and well known us
u railway executlve, when called be?
fore ihe rtallrond securltles Commis?
sion to-day. Contlnulng, ho snld:
"111 my Judgment, wliouever tho gov?
ernment iiutliorlties go so far as to
regulate the riuostlon of rates, aml
when such rates do not pernilt tho
teonvpany to oporate under averugo
econ-omy so as to earn enougli money
to miiintuin tiie credlt whlch is so es
sentlul ln ihe operatlon of u railroad
system, 1 bellovo Uio government
should go further and lond tho eredit
nf tho country in order lo produce
sutllcleiu credlt for the railroads Ut
looklng after thelr needs.
"Government regulatlon hns no right
to stop now and let tho railroads
tluunclor out of thelr illfllouttlos."
Mr. Muther snld tliat whllo extenrl
int;- l.'eiictal regulatlon wnK hnvlng tlio
effect nf maklng flrst-class railroad se
. uritloa very oxcellent Invostnients, it
also hnd the ci'fiVct of maklng soconil
clnss SCOUl'ltles, upon whlch railroads
nre inustly ilepoiulont for tho ralslng
UM^SfflmlTl ,",r,Uo,'<< '??'? o'ktOMtolorfB.
uoseH ' lMV'>M,m(''11 iHir
Ml*. iMnthor eontendod tliat lf n.<,
propfll. pUbliclty wnr- RlVOfl tl,,.,,,,, .
elal operntloni) ?r railroads thore would
!-'.'. s'"i'i?n',,s.,U"ny ????**?-??? of unwls,
l'riuik Triiti,1.1,11, oltalrnian ,,f n?.
i.iiiHi.y Comparly, Huid that ni-- ?,,??,
pAthles were ..n wlth Federal"roguia
Hon not. beeause of Its bearlmi on
ra.10*i but becauso of publlo IhteresT
j.-iilrofid ii,.;n. i,.. said, havo qopio to
tho cohclUslon thal they mtisl conv
inonil IhoniiiH v,.:j i? ,?,. ,??,,?? ..^ \v",l
ns to eao|, othor.
or havlnfi iho -rovernment mako n
Physlcal valuatlon of tlm railroads of
tho country. but he *vn*i doubtfUl of
thf courso lo pursiio.
j\t tho oonohiBlon ,.f tb-day's sesslon
t was announced timt th,. ,',oxt meet
ng ot tho commission would be hold
(in Chlcago on Jantiarj* ii.'i
banSiTholfis UP
Bi Paso, Tcxas, December 22.?Tho
Sttnset Express, the Bouthern Paclflc
through passenger traln from Sun
i I'rani'lsro to New Orleans, was roblied
jln tlio hoart Of thls elty nt 7 o'clock
j to-nlght by a hl-rhwayrnan,
Tho bindlt boarded tho observation
j car as lt was losvlni* tho Stttnton
| Street .Statlon. 'Wlth two drawn ro*
votvers, ho forced a porter to WaiK
'ahead of hlm through tho Pulltnan
nnd commanded tho passengors to stand
und dcllver. He got 3130 In monnv
and two railway tlckots.
j\fter rldlng threo blocks tho rohbor
commanded a brakeman to sio,, tho
traln, and an It adoWed down hc Jumpod
olT ur.d disappcared.
Itrnialus. Knuml ln Ilnrrrl Tbose of
Aged .lunltor.
Montreal, December 22.?Tho noiic
to-day establlslied wlth practlcal cer
tulnty tho Identlty ,.r tho body found
BOlidly frozen ln a barrel marked
?Poultry" at a lr,Cul cold atoraije ware?
house, Thoy bellevo it ls that of M.U
threw Johnson, the aged Janltor of
a PreBbyterlan Church at .larvls, Ont
Johnson dled November 13, and was
buried at Jarvls, where to-day tho au?
thorlties hogan th" oxcavation of his
ffrave. Thoy found lt ompty. John
MeSorley, of Jarvls, who studlod medi?
cine twenty-flve yeara ago, but never
practiced, ls held by tho provinclal po
llco in connoctlon wlth tho matter.
Hls namo appeared as that of tho orlff
inal cousignor of tho barrel opened
jesterday by a rallroad clalm atrenl
following its nOn-doltvery. McSorloy
?'iccording to the pollco, has |0nc
brooded over alloged misuso >>f bodli
for purposcs of dissectlon. llo ls said
to have admittod shlpping a barrel to
thls city, but it contained turkey a The
policc do not expect to show that any
crime,has been romnilttod by any per?
son of sound mlnd.
I.ockcd iu Room by wfluer, They Per
Isli lu I'lauiCM.
Uniontown, Pa., Decembor 22.?Lock
cd in hls burnlng liouie. little John
Serban fought valiantly for tho Ufc
of hia baby .-i.-acr. and when all ef?
forts fatled. fell dead over h"r body
early to-day at Herbert, nlno nitles
from hero. They had been li . " li
a bodroom by their mother. who had
gono to the store, wltli the injunction
that John rock tho haby's cradle until
she returned. The mother was de
layed, and before her return neigh
bors saw thc house was atlro. Break
Ing down a door. they dlscovered John
dead on the floor, whllo evidences
showed he ha.l attempted to escape
wlth the baby by way of a wlndow.
To the Public
Owing to rush of business, onr stores
?wlll be open Till 9 P. M.; .Saturday 11
P. M.
S. ULIjSIAN'S son.
1820 Ka-st Main.
500 East Marshall.
But thero is a difference. I have
made a specialty of Wood to burn
thirtecn years. Can prove to you
my ability. I am better prepared,
handle more wood and satisfy
more real housekcepers.
All of my Coal burns to all
ashes. Try me.
1506 West Broad.
Costs nothing; worth a lortunc to sui
fering humanity. "Blue Line to Health"
tclls all about thc famous Rexall Reme
dies. Write for a copy.
The %*dti Store
Richmond, Va.
Kitchen Cabinets will lessen kitchen
labor. Try one. Sold by
Rothert & Co.,
Fourth and Broad.
Place Your Order To-day for
Christmas Cakes.
516 East Marshall Street,
501 West Broad Street.
Sutherland & CSierry
Special?Odds and end3 ln Furnlture,
Iron Bods, Mattings, Stoveu, etc. Cheap
jo closo inem vut.
iltu EAST iiitOAO.
Odd-Fellows' Hall Destroyed
and Adjoining Property
Norfolk, Va., December 83.?Odd
Fellows' Hau, locatod in a dcnsely
populated centre of* retall storo* on
Church Sireet, in btirnlng, and adjoln?
lng buslnesa Iiouhch aro thrcatencd.
Thc nre orlglnatod In thc lodge room,
mi thc flfth lloor. Practically tho clty's
entire flre flghtlng equipment ls on tho
C'arelOHsnoss of Odd-Fellows smok
Ing In tholr lodge room ln Odd-Fellows'
Hull to-nlght wlll causo thc complete
dei tructlon of tho building. At 2:31)
o'clock thls mornlng tho ilro is still
rnglng,, nnd adjolnlng property is in
Tha bnll, a flvo-Htory building, Is lo?
eated on Church .Street, ln tho centre
of retall ciothing and shoo stores. The
Ilro wns discovored ehortly nfter mld
nlgllt tu tho IoiIrc rooms of Ilramb.e
ton Lodge of Odd-Feilowti. Jnnltor
Jnmoa w. Thompson sald cnroless
Bmokors throw llghtod cigar and rlg
arotto stunip.*: on the enrpet and c.-iuscd
iln- II rc.
Practically every pieco of fire flghilng
apparatua ln tho city ls on tho scene,
and tlm firemen aro mnking\ despcratc'
efforts to kecp?the flames from sproad
Ing to adjolnlng property.
Tlu- bulldfng was formorlv tho old
Opera liotise, ono of the most famous
anclent playhouses In the .South.
Uien-ie letsiiieil to Ellxabetli t". I.nvlug,
Of \lllhl T-,1.
Tho followlng marrlage Ilcensea
?.,'.? I--U.-..1 yesterday In WaaMlhgtdn
o Kienmond and Vlrglhla couples;
uillliiiii I. Rox, ot , Lombardy
mi...-i. itlchmond. and Bc.ttle J. Bob
dtt, ,.f I'li-hmond.
Joaeph D. Ussle, ?t Highland Park.
ind Edna, _ i artcs, ot Itlchmond.
"ohert R Haynea, of Ksaex county.
'?oi'intv "' ?f Carollno
Wlllle ,S. GIU and Ellzabeth C. Lov
tiK. both of Amherst
Arthur Li Wllllama. of Mathews
ounty, and oillc L. Wright. of Frcd
Jeaae E. Yarbongh aml Frances Hcn
b 11.ni. both nf Orango county.
Henry H Wik-y ,.nd Ilena SafTcl.
ioi !i nf Loudoun tounty.
Llnwootl il. Harman and Roia B.
?"?;. both of Walkers.
Welford B. t'issoii and liattie L,
lenklns,. both of Orango county.
I'.alph tjtdnuy, ot Panama. and t'ath
*rlne A. Taylor. of Chattcrton.
Vessel Sent (o llmt.m, nnd One Man
ls Kllled.
Tampa, Fla.. December 22.?Onc man
?vas kllled, onc ls mlsslng and two oth
?rs were serlously injured to-nlght
^?i^'\ tv;P**lon drurn ot irasolcne
\ploded on the schooner Llllle Whlte
'f Key West. at the Oulf nefininr
""ompany's docka hero. ??nin?r
Caleb rarks, tlie cook. aged slxty
.wo, was lnstantly kllled; CapUIn J.
^stisHcl ls m Issing; James Parks. deck
land was knocked unconsclous and
:1s rlght arm almost torn from Its
? ocket and -was otherwlse injured The
ichooner was wrecked and sank to
he bottom almost lmmediately after
he explosion. The accldent happened
U low tldc nnd the vessel tvas not
lmmediately followlng tho explosion
he boat eaught flre. Thero were
learly 200 drums of gagolene aboard.
ind when the firemen arrlved they
eared that every moment would brlntr
mother explosion. Tho flames. how
iver. were quickly extlnguished.
(Contlnued From Flrst Page.)
.ommunlcatcd lndlrcctly to some of hls
idvocates at the Capitol ln connection
vith the bill to reward hlm wtth a rear
idmlralshlp on the staff ln recognltlon
>f hls Arctlc aclilovements.
The blll_wlll be considered by the
Iouso Commlttee on Naval Affairs
ioon. Xtepreaontatlve Macon, of Ar
cansas, a member of the commlttee,
ias expressed in vlgorous language his
iplnion of the explorer and his doubt
if hls ever gettlng to thc polo, und
>urpo!-es to fight it on tha lloor. He is
lot tho only opponent of Peary ln the
iaval Committee, and there are other
nembers of tho Houso who objocted
o tho proposed leglslatloti and wlll
oln ln the fight when the iBSue ls pre
lented on the floor of the House.
Finally Captured.
Luverne, Ala., December 22.?Hidden
or flve dnys, in constant terror of tho
loasus of Cronshaw county farmers,
vho have been Bcourlng overy sectlon
if tho county to summarlly nvengo tho
diootlng up of tho .Shlrley and Pate
amllies, "Babe" Salter and Charlie
ialtor wero captured to-day by .Sheriff
.Vnlter Tatum and Colonol C. R, Brlt't
in, ot tlio Second Infantry, ln charge
if the troops on duty.
Los Angelcs, Cai., December 22.?To'
tiovrow afternoon tho curtaln ia ox
?ectoil to fall on tho chief attraotlon
f the Baldwln wlll contest. The case
tsolf, accordlng to attorneys, may last
wo or three months, but Mrs. Lillian
'urnbull may leave tho stand for good
??hon court adjourns to-morrow.
Mrs. Turnbull's four days' cross-cx.
mlnatlon was completed to-day. All
hat remalns ls tho laylng of founda
loim for ltupoachlng her testlmony re
?nrdlng tho contract marrlage, on
k'hlch la based hor dauglitov's contest
or a share of "Lucky" Baldwln'a mll
lons. ,
Mrs. Turnbull to-day deniod the au
hentlclty of all the letters whlch the
cfonso expects to prove she admitted
vcro gonulno ln her formor siilt
gulnat Bnldwln. She admitted that
ho had boen known nx Mabel Ilarrison
icfore sho met Baldwln in 1891.
After Mrs. Turnbull had roit'enited
ormor assertlons that tho lotters
eaurractoa fropi her former case
gulnst Baldwln contalned forged In
orpolatlons, Attorney McNab swltohod
o cuieries concerning tlio conversa
lons Mrs. Turnbull had with Baldwln
elatlvo to tho return of the marrlage
Thin ('Hrtllicato, she testlflod, had
lebii lalcen from her by the turfman
our days after ho la alleged to have
Isjned the papei* wCloh said: "I take
Piano Sale
fyihle'Piww [fe.
213 East Broad
Lllii.m Alma Aahley to bc my lawful
wedded wlfo."
"There were two or three convorsn
tlons between us," said Mrs. Turnbiill,
"relativo to tho return of tho contracl
When I foid Mr. Baldwln 1 had dl
"r?ii he had a -,vlf- llving he franklj
?dmltted that he i,ad dono me wrons
but he ?aid he was .-, Mohammedan
and believed ln havlng moro than ..n?
wlfe. Ho ealled me a harrow-mlndei
New England Purltan, but said
mind woul.l broaded. Ho t?id mo hi
wouid glvo mc back tho Marriage pa?
per on condltlon that i agreo to llve
wlth hlm. Ho snid if hia wlfo would
securo n dlvorce he would mike thing*
nll right and tako caro of me and my
Accordlng to th^ir usual custom Pol?
lard ?? Uaghy wiii keep open house
to thelr frlonds. who are numbcroi
by tho thousands, on Chrlatmas Bvc
rieceptlon hour* wlll be Saturday frorri
4 to 7 r. M. Jlm Pollard wlll be .h
tho head of Ihe reeelvlng llne. nnd
win havo nol less than three pairs ol
kid gloves to wear mr. i,n th- ,i,yful
As announced to my customers prt
vately, I havo acjulrod the buslness
formerly conducted by Mr. Bannot, and
havo taken n long lease on premlees
940 West Grace Street where I
shall be plons^d to servo mv ousl
as hero'.nforr- ,\I.I. RBMJTTAN
Appreclatlng tho contlnuance of
your patronage. I am,
KeepcctfuVy yours,
The Army of
Is Crowtng StnsUlcr Everr D?jr.
naponsiblc?they i
enff give relief? j
dvejr petmiacatly
cuse CoBstrpt
ti?. Mii-,
Iron* um
aess, laiijeitits, Sick Hetdtcbs, SiHaw Skau
Gauuiae must b?ar stenmur*.
Jones Bros. & Co.
1418-1420 E. Main St.
r*our business by judicious advertising
Dur a^vice is free, our plans are complete
?esults are assured.
Freeman Advertising Agency
Mutual Building
Richmond. Virzinia.
i . . ? ?*
Are You Satisfied?
Ie the otate of your flnances satla
Aus. or.
Had you opened a bank account
Ive or ten years ago, could you not
lave saved from ten to twenty-fho
ter cent. of your Income?
Why not start to-day,'
.npital, Surplua ix. L'voiiva, ??,r?u0,d0t).
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