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Console Comes Fast in Stretch
and Ends Far Ahead of
.i.n ksonvllle, I'!.- . i>. ember ..'-.---?
Their wtlfl no fe.itme card ?) hn m
iiaj 'a pi ograhi al Mom rlcl btil - onu
Interestlng raclng wns wltnessed Con
:---b ih, favorlte, won the fourth and
best rato on the enrd, o -? lllng
handlcap .it a mlle and n slxteenth.
Tho wlnner came fas.l ln tho stretch,
after avoldlng the,early jcu ?? and won
I'avorltcs aci ounted i "i ' ?? ll llu
card, the othci three evenl golng to|
well played hor es, al ?--.??'?i pi I
i-'iim rai " selllng, s i"". i>''o-j eni ?
olds, flve and one-hall iiirlcmprs?Ited'
ii..1. 11 iu :-i. nrsl. Mlndlnclfo i" to i >. ?
si condi Spes No ttra i I to 5), thlrd. ?'
Second raci selllng. $100, thr.
year-olds nntl ::;.. i- rurlonsrs Smok?r
112 to i ,. nr il c isqno ,:? to '-I s.nd;
Knlford (?"? to l ? thlrd Tlme, l l.: i ?
Thlrd r. -ptirsi . $B00, two ? eni
olds, ono mlli -Dr. I nn nm r <:> i.. i >.
nrsi. Aldrlun (2 t.. i >. second; Eddn
? to ?'?'. thlrd. Tlmi . t 10 :??:-.
I'linri li raco ? selllng, Iiandlcafp. t hroc -
j ir-olds and up, mlle and soyenty
yards?Console i ?> to !">>. flrst; Sl Jo
ta to '? ? second. Sandrlan i i to
3), Ihlrd Tlme 1:15.
md up, slx furlongs - S [nr lilu
? .? i. first: Harcourt (I \n 11, :.,.-- .
ond: tawrence 1". Kaley (2 to B), third
20 to 1 (. scond; Mc
thlrd. Time. 1: 18 1-5.
To-Day's Crop of Gleanings
?euualntcd " it
a i less) thi ?
chusc. have ne
League. They
eratlon when i!
hrid Ju l nfter
only dld th -J
bul tln ai tui
NtirMl lln? No t i.iii
that Norfolk
? Vlrglnla U
ball Clubs ilii
Norfolk franchl
threatened' to
tbey would no
- aeratlon.
XV. B. Brudi
franchise, ip n
ment it
tiom thc- present owncra ihe
whlch ln rcallty waa forfeltcd nt
ing, wlll bc dUpoaed 61 bj thc lei
very be?t advantage From ma
It I* learnod that thc vlclmdtui
Norfolk club are dlrcctly i
llagrunt iiilsnianugi-uii'iit Binl to i
card for the aalary llmll adopl
if.tguo, Under t hc?. clrcumsti
.- urue iu" an organization cannot
Next Thursday is tho datt net :
i- rence bt tween Mr. Bra 11.
V,':!:iu:n? and tl,c Norfolk ,..-.;,
meeting It l? underatond that tl
of the league ?ill be \ ? ?
If the Norfolk ottnera aro wlllln
to reason and aic wllllng to do
lusur wanta done, thon thu .-u
?? ? li ire'd tn a moment. Bul i:
Reorganlzatlon in lvter-ln
Order tn Ay,..1)|,
? .v.- cortdui ;. ...
bc nam'i -i sho
wlll bc ln th.
when the ec-as-:
* Gold Eye Glasses
S CoMSPect?des j Pleasing and Usefu
f Eye Glass Chains
r Opera Glasses
*? Field Glasses
Marine Glasses
Hand Readers
Mail Orders rcceive prompt attention
Opera Bags
Dependable Kind
Instruction to
a Thermometers I
BROAD AND j and perpetuates
THIRD I t-"e *,?ys thereof
1 i
_?.-??? -f ? Bp??????-????!?. ^...???www^^? ? MH".i.*i?u)imni>ri?i ? jiipiwuMPWiwi*
If You Want the Best Clothes
I nr yoursclf Or l?>y tluit money can buy- y.otl Wlll want to
look at uiir Sjieeial F-Jolida** oflferings foi* to-day aml to-mpr*
row in Suits aml < h ercoats,
$9*75 for Suits ami Ovcrcoats w*?r111 up tu $15*00;
$12.50 foi* Suit- aml Ovcrcoats worth up t'1 $18.00
Special Holiday Offerings in the Boys'
$2.95 fo choice ?>!' Suits worth up i" $4,50,
$3*95 for Suits and Ovcrcoats worth up tn $6.50.
$4.95 fur Suits and Ovcrcoats worth up tn $8.00
Special prices ou Boys' Pauts, Sweaters, Underwear, I'uri
tan BlOuse Waists and Black Cat Stockings.
Usefui Holiday Gifts at Reduced Prices
t ii.-ii
] Choicc
1 hoicc
? 1' all $5.00 and $6,00 Sniokiiig Jackcts $3.95.
?1' all S7.1-1. and $7.50 Sniokiiig Jackcts $4.95.
?f all $8.50, Sl/..... ;iiu| $10.00 Sniokiiig Jackcts $6.50.
if all $.3.50 and S *.<.,, Blanket antl Terry Robes $2.45.
? fall $5.00 Blankel and Tcrn Robes $3.45.
?f all S6.00, $7.00 and $8.00 Robes $4.95.
808 East Main Street.
Open Evenings til 1 Christmas.
??..MtUf.iwraiaau?*&*aam*fi.tritr** -ts-r**********rT****-******m Mtm ?>? MW<a<M_a_?_?t__n__fc_______|
wo Terms Do Not Mean the Same Thing, and
Should Be Carefully Weighed?-Athletic
Council at University Would Do Well
to Listen to Reason and Argument
Before DecidingtoCutOutV. P. I.
Thc I'l'int has been made in con
ctlon with the proposed u;.niio of
otball between tlu < nlverslty ot VI r
nla and \*. P. I. that it would b?
iposalbh t. r tln- two elevens 16 irieel
? ni . qI thc fact timt tln- ellglblllty
Ica "i the Instltutions could novei
broughl to n common standard.
ln order to support thls contention
i- polnt. .1 ?mt thal ;i' Virginia n
I?. n oporl i"ii of thc ? i udi nt body
i l ol graduates, or, .it lea l, oi
in who hnve bcen student ut other
stltutlons, while at v. r. i. by far
c i rger percentago of inatrlculates
vo never before beon al collegi .
I'nder theso clrcumstances thc rule:
ii. li applles al Virginla relatlve la I
e ellglblllty of :? man iv 1 - ?. has played
a football or ba leball team il
boi ? ould not appl; to lllai h ?
i c Thal such argumi ni i- nol. ten- j
l appenra on tho surfm ?. Admlt- !
ir , hal .' ii of i ln assertions jn- j
ii-. then unquestlonablj Virginla
uild l :\: ? ? t hc hi tter of the sll u- !
? i Ion - ould ;..'. i far' Ii tnowl- '
ports lhau would ;t
nt probablj three or j
ii. j oars al a prep. s-chool. Black.-- ;
rg under those condltlon* would I
???? :.. begin ?vith gr< en mon. while |
rsrinir. could. under tl.iigibility j
ioy. after the period requlred liad
ipsed, use trained men, or, ut least !
?ii who kiimv thc game.
Mos( ?f Aliiniiil Arr Itenmiuablc.
Hm such argument does not hold
ie maln canSc for continulng thc
esent relatlons, or lack of relatlons,
twqen *.uo schools f... ihe partlsan
lp of aoim of the ulumnl of both
lools. Alen may bt found who will
der no conditions admli that such
Eai .? v ould be d. slrable. lndeed,
?''?? an some men who will llsten to
ii who ha
i.'. aay whon tli?
? i; that Sliort
?1 lhe T.ns !;i?:
ii gunranlecd hls
ti ;? absolutcly
a i.. en soon, Ho?
ii-.- could Norfolk
:, tha affalra of
?uch a maiihei v
? The Tlmea-Dlspatcl:
N'orfolk i< sl il 1 holdlnt
? !-.--.... ui. - aadly uvtstcd
r a llttlo thing 1 ivroln Congratulatlnu
I no amount of reasonlng. But what
makes thc prospecl for a game seem
j rather brlght |s the fact that by far
! the vast majorlty of tho formor stu?
dents of both ?chools are open to
| argument and wlll listen to reason.
It ls due entirely to thla fact th.lt
; hope runs hlgh. The athletic 'council
| .(f the unlversity wlll conslder thn
question Immedlately after thc holiday
recous. Noturally enough, some of the
j nicn ,it the university are going to rlsc
in righteotis wrath nnd polnt out the
niany things whlch V. P. I. has dono
whieh Bhould place that school bcyond
consideratlon. J> may be. and doubt
Iobs is. true that sothe of tfie altimnl
of thc unlversity wlll add thelr volci
in ivrotest To tln- outslder this mny
seem strange. bul t.j ..n- versed in col
1 ?- ? lif? it will be bul natur.il
I'iciiidiee nnd Prlde \?t Synonomoux.
?'? nvever, thi men who are t,, ,.,,,
tht question should nol allow
?I prejudlce '.. take the piucc
of trgument. The situation should Ij
:.????! squarely, and don't mlsl ike arro
-' ' tor college splrlt. Thc two
? ' - ???'?'? by no means thi same. And
remi mbi r when the question ls brought
- lhat Blacksburg may havo somo
grlevunees wqrthy ot consideratlon.
rhey may ,,?i i>0 worthy rrom your
standpolnt, bul from the hundreds ??!
adiii rents of th. orange an.l Maroon
you may lesrn that Vlrglnla, too, has
'"(?ii in the wrong in the past.
But tho pasl io gone, dead, buried,
and should i?- forgotton No falr man
wlll try to hinder a ronowal of athletic
relatlons because of what has hap
pened. Talk it all over with whoever
you meet. Look at thc question from
all anglos. Try. you of th- un'versltv.
;to place yourselves tn Blacksburg's
bOOts, and y?u. V. 1'. I. men, look at if
irom \ Irglnla's stundpoint. Then dc
elde ivhal you will do. Th tfa the waj
mi i: ol bralnd act, an.l lhat will douht
u-oldeni will act.
n who nn
.1 0111
ime across wlth a t,
wlth referrihg all
'?' I'll SCttlo tllflll.
* Item. Merely a suggeitlon,
ii ue wise to proparo for gdma
>Ody aml some arms, As I Bay
Urifflti .. belng offorcil to all nf tlir
i ih tho l< agu,. r 8avo lilm to Poters
ourg, :,!?i nov, somebody elcn ls trylng to
p"? aim to t'ortamouth or Norfolk. Stove
' ?'. ,lli'-' "' many parta, anrl maybo ho wll
ni in ln a.l or tho piaces so far mentloned
"Great Kims." apakc tin- avlator, "whafs
? holce skatos lylng around looso?"
An.l thoy do nny that Marvin llart qoi iih
Jlmoopbott'8 Mlko Morris turned tho trlclt.
?.!.. Marvin hiy, the honor to state that
j" onco got a declslon ovor Jack Joliriso*.
wart lias never whlijpt-u anythlng but scc
.iiiil-rateis. llo novcr was up agalnst a
real-flslitor. wlth probably ihe oxceptlon 0?
Gardner, und thon ho dldn't last. Root mado
a monl-oy of hlm.
I It sounda strange; but I la rt can't bc moro
ithaii thlrty, and yet ho ia regaraed as an
old man, and It wasn't booze, oliher. Al
, H. pounds Marvin could put up a falr llght,
bui here Ih little roason to declarc Mlko
Morris n wondcr .iust becauao bo took tho
measure_o1 a Bocond-class man. even though
Marvin has been a good ?oeond-rator.
I\ld McCoy ls agaln ln trouble; lils wife
, Is BUlng hlm for divorce. and ll took a "00
pound ox-football player to ii-n.ll iho ex
.??I'.i! in li Ih derollotlons, lt looks aa lf th-,
Im.I Wlll so down for tho count thls tlmo
ili-rpiu- lus eleverness.
t*p In New York thoy are beltlng thai
Daly wlll trim OeOro \vhep ..the two meet
for tho three-cuahlon blllluni champtonshln
oi' Uio world. If IiiOn, ia rlght hc wlll win.
wlzard ai the threercuahlon
oun't mt away from ||.
dclphla ls putting tho ||d on 111,-1,1
aa thoi boxlng game la Qoncornod. Tiie i
ru Kid i.iiriior haa startod tho ofi'i- I
a Investlgallng, Hinl tho methods ol
.r tho tighi nromoters win n,n i?,,,
otllght. t'Jioy wlll wake up to ai
in Hiilly-lf you give ihom i..
Thnj mo hHving an argument ln Noh Oi
Irans ? tq tlio dlfferenoo bntwaen a prlzi
llght and a t...Ninjj uiai.ii. Officials say thai
1.b ii" objocilon in hoxlng matches, imt
ihjeoilons to pr|se flglits. Sovaral ..l
Wlth iiilon-sl,
il liki- tn b? onllBhteno.I.
Wolgast's prcss ageiu io uguln Oll Uio ml,
iiinl ihia tlmo he doclarca thai the brokun
iu in.-il 1,-iTi.r wlll iighi Moran in nlnety
daya i..r a purse ol J5.0Q0,' Another atlpuln'
.i l? lhal Wolgait's md of the purso
must be ll^COO, win, loae m draw \V?||,
iiiiyililng, ao lung ub they fight.
They "c.-til ,, i President Taft
to lii-iii- Potasli
i'n bleni.
Rcprisals Si'tggestcd if Germany
Shows X" I lispositton
1,, \. i.'l-l.
ibor -'-'-?Southern
,i at tbo Whito
...i in thc cbntro
over potash dld
llon. On tlm iDii
dlsi "'il au.-im-lit.
bi .ii ii hlt'ch ln
. n..I promlao a j
: . tmtors Money j
.11 ..i Virginla l
, . nident to-day, j
lii'llncd to be
ii ..ii.-itii of Ger
llnatloh to meet:
? . Stato Depart
? , won't glve
i must make re
nator Money. "I
i many I- unwlll
? ;..i- tlii.-; coun-;
Wc ought to boi
. up Btores In a ;
comes necessary."
lel noon President
hls ffatenients to
Washington, De
stateamen who .
tlOUSe to-day in
vory with Oermi
imt get mui h s.ii i
iiary, they in,-1
thoro evldeiitly i ..
thi- nogbtlatl'on - ?
satisfactory otttc .
of Misslsstppi an.;
both lalked wlth
Sciiator Mone.N
combativo over t'
many und her dl
Presldeni Taft un
iii'iu half wny.
us some conccsslo:
prlsals," declared
am surprfsed th;.'
Ing to dn a friend
try in thls matti
able. though, In ?
tarlff llght, ir that
Untll yesterday
Taft was ho'peful
those calling in refcrence. to thc pot?
ash question.
Secretary Knov was m conference
with the Presldent ? ' irlng tlie day, the
potash subject belng tully dlscusscd,
lti view of the Intest developments.
Judge Vfin Dcvnnler'a Suceesaor.
Senator Smoot, wh i called on Presl?
dent Tnft to-day, ii;. -, recommended thc
nomlnatlon of .ludge .lohn j\. Marshall,
Unlted Stutc-s dlstrict .itnlgc of Utah,
as Judge of the Eighth Circult ln place
of Judge v.'in Devanter. Judge Mnr
I shall ls a Democrat, ind thc Presl
dent wlll name n ii. publlcan. Thoro
are a hundred cundidatcs tor thin va?
cancy. Representativc Norris, of Ne
braskn, one or th- In urgent! of thc | f
; House, is belng talked of. Senator r
Burkett, of thnt State recognlzed as P
a lawyer of high class, Is hlmself P
under consideratlon by tho Presldent. |)
.Another Xobrasku ni m who is said to
'stand :i chance is Ralph Breckinrldgc,
of Onmlia, presidehi of the Ncbraskn
I Bar Association.
KorcMr.v Scrvice Prnlaetl.
Presldeni Taft has recelved resolu
tions adopted by the Western Fbrestry
land Cdnservatlon Association cbn
gratuifttlrig him on thc work of the
forestry servlco ln dcallng wlth thc
forest ffres of last season. Tlio asso?
ciation represents nll t!,. organlzed
agencies for forest **rotecllon In tho j
?-i.it.-s of Montana, Idaho Washing?
ton, Oroc-on nnd California.
Secretary Norton and hls famllj left
Washington to-day lt Ijakc Placld, ln
the Adlrbndacks roglon They wlll
l rest over tho Chrlstmai season. Mr.
Norton has beon worklng cxeeedlnglj
hard and m ed n resl th Pn sldi nl
i.i iMng Insisted l ha l go away for i
shorl time. Th... Presldeni hlmsell wlll
take somethlng of a resl !!? wll! re- ;
e. Ive :i few visltors.
Wrnn'gle iivi-r l.t-tvla.
Prcssuro Is belng bronghl by negro
VOtHfS o( IJnstoll tn IllSllrC tllC- appoint
ment of William H. Lewis, Assistant
Unlted States Attorney there, as an
Assistant Altorney-Gerieral ln tho De?
partment nf Justice. Senator Lodge
has been Irnportuned to Insisl ?:?!! his.
nppolntment. aml ls dolng what lu- can.
Proaldent Tafi wants In honor Lewls
wlth ;i high place in thc department,
! ion Attorney-General Wickeraham in
slsts thore is no vacancy, and that he
does m,t wlsh tb remove any of his
nsslstants mcrely to (ind a place foi j
Lewls. There was talk that Assistant \
Attm-n. y-Ciiu-r.-il ThompBori woulil be |
allowed in gei out so as to provlde
; for i,..wis, but Speaker Cannon stepped
in und in.ni.? a ltlck on that.
Mr. Thompson is from Cannon's dls- ?
trlct, nml has been in thc department I *J
ii dozen years; Th.- Presldent ls not I
| likely in Int'erfere in thc matter, hav?
ing been cohsistent in glving his Cab-i
I inet oilicers full sway in all appoint- '.
monts iu tholr respectlve departments. j
I'l-oulhltlop in Mluucsolu.
Presldeni Taft has postponed for ten
days lhe repderlug ot a declslon as to j
whether lhe "dry" /.ono in MInnesota
shall rcumin as Imposed hy Socretary | ?
Balllnger, who lssued orders that thel-"
i-bl Indian Irenties prohibitlng tln- sale
of liquor around reservations should I
be strictly enforced. When thess orders i
went into cffeui a big portl.u'Minno-jl
sota went dry for Chrlstmas, The | (J
l'resiii. ni yesterday afternoon Hs'te'ned
[to- arguinents by the Anti-Saloon c
League, Woman's Temperance Union s
aml internalional Reform Bureau in j =
favor ni contlnuing tlie rostrictlbris. I ?
.'I ln- represpntatlvcs of these orguniza-!
lions asked I'or further time to prueure !
mon- facts. Tlu- old Indian reservation '
I llnes Includc portions of Minneapolls,!
Duliith and other cltles.
Now York, December -'-'.?Ba'rriby
Gorard recelved a telegram to-nlght
ii'om ai Kaufman, at San Krancisco,
nsklng hlm to send a challenge to Jack
Johnson Ior n liglu for tho heavy
vvolghi title, Uerard accbrdlhgly sent
the followlng- message to Johnson, ut
1 .hlcago:
Al Knufmun, who ls now ln San
v ranclsco, h:is roquesled me to issuc
Ior him a challongo lo llght you for
tho heavywelgh't cluimpionship ot' the
world, the flght tu tako place,wlthln
six months nr ono year, according' to
5 "in- declslon."
Johnson In Wllllng.
Chlcago. ili.. Doc'ombor :?:..-- Jack
Johnson, holder nf tho heuvywelght ti
tle, said to-tilght lhat he would ac
copt tlu. ohallengo of Al Kaufman, "I
nm willing to light Kaufman any tlme
and any place," lie sald, "but thore
iiiiisi bc a sultablo purse offered."
.lohnson said he has not yet ro
ccived thc lolegram from Qorard, und
tliat Im would n.il light for a pqirse of
less than S35;(iOO.
n it ii'.iumi ui,\ TO MAKK
\l)l)lti:SSi:S AT HV.VHllilT
I'Spoclal to The Tiliic.s-DJspiUch.'l
Danvlllo, Va.. Docembor 33.?Tho un
iiu.il buslness meeting und ?banquet of
tho Commorolal Association will ho
held oiT.the evenlng of Frlday, .ranuury
'.. Thu banquet will bc hold ut tho
liiiilon. after tho regular buslness
mootlng. Among thc spcakers will he
W, T. Dabnoy, the soorotary of . tho
iticiimuuii Chamber nf Qoinmotce, and
T, m. Carrlngton; flrst vlco-presldent
"f lhe Itlchmnliil Chiiuibcr of -Ccui
Ile Is one of Orrn'er Rradley's iimi*.
ind i? expected to make good uiih
ticiHM.iiMi next senxon.
\i;mi:i: on co.iiprtOMiSE.
llvnrc,. sult Stnrfeii liy Mr*. Itutli
Pope Turner I* Settled. ?
[Special to Tho Tlnies-Disputch. I
Suffolk, Va., December 22.?A dlvorco
'ri.'I i 11 j-: . ivhlch wns bcgiin last
ruesday by Mrs. Rutb Pope Turner
tgainst hor husband, I'oyton Randolph
"iiniei'. a travellng salesman, ended
vlth ? compromlsc thla afternoon,
? tho pollci .:i
d glvcs tlio
v of th- chlld.
lst, Sho la a
rator, aa well
mF^"''Uncle Jim, please
go out in the ivoods
with me to shoot squirrels
and rabbits with my new
Stevens. ,
' Get the boy who
loves the Outdoors a
real Riflc for Xmas. It
helps to make a real
man of him.
The Stevens Rifles
are moderate in price
and shoot wher,e you
hold them. Perfectly
safe. Sold by
Harris-Flippen & Cc.
Tourlng Car, $700?Roadstcr, $C0O.
1627-29 W. BROAD ST.
.-> n Ijght wciglii car, aml that means not i
nly comfort, bill low tire cost; low fuel
ost, li.A repair cost, because the springs
ivc thi1 enjjiue.
Two Cydc
*? 4 Cylinders
Guarantebd Unglno Service.
Prlce, #1.-00 <o $22,500;
Inipcrinl llotur 1'iir Co., Olstrlliiilcrs
Illgj W. Ilrond M. Pliuuc Hon. I2IS,
w ?WiaiMntftt-LmgiQraidr.^/g??tn3a-y^-?^'---".^-"--*-nywr'rTM '
^q?m^ya.-wirj'^^.*T-.-?j-^ralTlr^flnt-wrr,.|ffTlyflWff[|M nlnflw '
For SO foars ihe House of Quality.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
Oist.'Uers o.:al Blonders ot
Plne Wltixktes.
Drink Old Henry
Its Lonij Ilccord l'roves lta Merit.
Thc buyer who knows the differenc
i automobiles will own a
Bg^Jrao Motor
Lar lo.
Allen Avc. and llroad Street.
"it Speaks for Itsolf,"
nd Caytured the First Prlzo?Publio
TIIE 100. OIGAR FOlt 5C.
[avana Flller- -Porto Rican Wrapper.
Call for It hy namu ut your doaltr.
rhe Worth Auto Sales Co., 439-51)1
W Main St. Phone Madison 7060
Longs for Virgin VVhite of Snow
I'ieliK Where Reintlecr
Travellng Tlirongli Glddy'
l.'rowds Tbq Much fpr Won?
derful Ol.l Man.
8 ICIaiiH gol riVe.i lasl nlght. . n j
might sotind strnnge, .md really lt
n. iriv bordera oh aUcrllego to mtike tho I
confesslon, Bul ln ill falrnqss it must |
be stated lltal 8 tClaiia really got tlred.'
Ifu has he,-,, triavcllng for so many
dnys through u gnufly, glddy crowd,
i eelng and llstenlng to thlhga whlch
lu thelr very nature musl pall al ome
"""? thal hc sal hlmself down and
ivonden <i .it tho "maddlns crowd."
" waa nol a rllsgustlng wearihess.
Rather Iho wearlnesa that coniea wlth
I'lation. Like thc small boy in the
candy ahbp, he had lils mi of sweet* i
Any ulri who liaa .1 eandi be iu 01 i
? my Icllow who liaa 1.n made to awal-!
fow 1.11 manner ot confectlons )uat i,e- i
oauso he waa afraid to say -no," real- i
?* ;" '""" what i: means to bc flllod ?
'.?- f 11 > an excess 1.1 aweels, !
I.ontrs f?r HU lloinc.
Woll, thal wa tho condltlon of s ',
,\1'"' l??l nlghl 11- had followed all l
'?""l- ol peoplo fcom on- atore to an
'."!lr'r- ''ad whl j.er-il words of advicc
in., thelr -.,,..-. had admonlahrd this
ono and had advlaed that one, unui he
waa_ ttioroughly tlred, and he longed
lor hia land of Ie,. ..??, jnow ?., u
relndeer gambolcd freoly and wher.
the i urara borenlla played hide and
nltlatTd 'maglnatloha or thc unl
So.bcInB tlred and, truth to tell. iu_,
?' t. .? i,o,-.,| I.,- tho magnnnlmlty ot
?>i- i.n hmond, he longed tor n quiel
;. Kla
l|o opl
in- iclclea nn
when 1 ln
the vlrsrln whl
trod aave by
hia do il- dl er
Then a ),,,.,
1 to the atrenu*.
matter of fuct.
hl achool. And
hai ennul tup
wcarlne ? and
.ith th- feellng
?all "helrmvey,
shfonod Engllsh,
"? loriged f0,
IPOTI days
- ii- longed for
1 anowflelds, un
itsome touch of
IhuUglit p
'-'i' "c ?? tlki 1 to the
raxen beai
than old
? nl: tle
I have
?'??11 foi
lf ne crowd
W WCfikt -!:?<!
"lon to holly
lesa they could
n background
Blg treea and
id cedai-s and
md daughters,
Glfi buylng had bi
the noncc,
dened (hi
had dlvorted
wreatha and Chrlstm
were th- gifta worth
be properly dlsp] ?-...?
nt tlng the ???
Bttlo tree 1 ,1 ...
thelr moro recent sor
occupied placea slde
tlmo remalned for 1
' hasei slmply ;.- ,,i M
hoped thal tho purch
l'' ered mi time.
One partlcularly
man from
'?'?''" '"?'? tree, Thc
Sho wanted her
"at once." The
or a tnonient as if
express hlmself lu
"OUjil haVO U.-i.le this
and then relented,
tl>s in this town, 1 am
Th- Irasclblo
a formlUubio
r.rled tb, ;,-,,.
?' Price and then
?'-? would 1..- ,1-.
. Irascible person
rgue wm, t
whom sho ha.irchased
man wpuldn'l llsteti --',
selectlon senl home ''at
man looked ;,, |1(.r for a
he were Incllned ... exnri
languago whlcb
?""'V ?ihl.Blbl
"They 1,1,-,. | _,.
nn- took t
machln- dn
*?*** Huj-lns AtlracUve.
?' glfi buylng has prpved an attrae
"on to many.-thon Christmas-tree buv
l.ng must havo proved the very acme
ol atu-actlveness. t,,- green formed
apieiising background for thc many
who llterally lined the buylng places
Va?8 carryalls, automoblles. and even
tln- lone rid.
n horsoback, wer
called in ti, carry off ;|
whlch had hei
poor treo
?111 off ln it.s prlme to
rorm a roatlng placo for the gift
whieh conld not ho placo ln sfocklhgs
"i-l s. Klaus haa found much whieh
I! new in the great year Ifllu. Ho will
u.' back home and tell ' his many
sprltes what hc has wltnessed. And
next year. uho knows, he nfay visit us
togged lu th- clothes of the avlator,
and drivlng a Bleriol, or a Wright, or
a llanilltonlan, provldlng, of course, hc
can Hnd somethlng whieh will keep'hls
motor from freessing.
New YurU, December 22,?The New
1 ?rh Natlonal League Club wlll traln
next year in .Mtuliue, Tex., and whlle
ln thut State wlll play exhlbltlon
games wlth the Waco, tho Dallas, Fort
\\ onth, Houston and Galveston teums.
Exhlbltlon schedule follows:
March I and ",?one tenm in Waco
iuul ono .ln Dallas,
March II aml 12?One team in Fort
Worth and one ln Dallas.
March IS arid ia?One team ln Hous?
ton and one in Galveston.
.Much nr, and 26t?One team in Dal?
las, one team ln Fort Worth and ono
ln Shre'voport.
March i!H?Birmingham,
. March 20, 30, IS1 und Aprll 1?At?
April a?Gree'nsubrb, N. C.
Aprll I- Norfolk. Va.
Aprll .'? aml ii?Rlchmond.
A piil ',' - llaltinirire,
Aprll S With Yale, iu N'cw York.
Aprll !l--.lersey Clty,
April 10?-Wlth Jersey City, ln Now
McCiirdy I'IIom Over Norfolk.
[Snocllll IiiTIi.- Times-Dispateli.l
Norfolk, Vn., Daceuiber 22.?Ourry
Ing oi" tlie conlriu-l of Ihe Curtlss
peoplo wlth a Norfolk newspaper,
Avialor .1. A. n. Mcf'urdy to-day utadii
i circtilt over thc clty of Norfolk, Js'ut
more than teu , niinutes was ocoupletl
In tho circilit, and nrolmhly. slx miles
o'vered, Tho fllg'lit ivas wlthout
?lilcul or Incidetil
if Ihe
No. 5.
Driven by Bill Bolger, wins
This was the last car to lose
i its pcrfect .score in the 1910
Glidden Tour, For fivc ter
rific days the S 1.500 Chalmers
had no penalty, while $2500
to S3500 cars suffered. And
in thc finnl exarninatlon in
Chicago, after a grind of 2851
mllea, the Chalers "30" was
not found at fault in any of
its vital parts.
The Chalmers "30" came i
through the bSeverest test
to whlch stock cars were
ever submltted with an
uncqiiiilcd record.
Gordon Motor Co.,
(Incorpor.-itc-l i
"Cars of Character"
Richmond, Va.
Times-Dispatch Team Wins A!l
Three Games in Easy
lt rcalh . >., ten thc utory,
bui Tho 'i in Dl pateh bowlers mi.i
pl.v tvalked away from the Rallroad
V. M O. A in-* niirht .,- .;,. Nowport
Bowling All . , . .. , ,tai ot
:-''-' Plnn, i* i m Ui ,.,--,, further
Bailey ..
Blxby ...
n.ivis ...
Perdle ..
<"<."k .
Coulti r
i Imen-DI-tpatch.
i ' Sd 3d Total.
it. it.
Iiiido ItciK'rt.
Call " Telegram "
?p ii,m* your Holiday Greetlngrs to
Wi.-t.-.n Union, dcltvci .,n especially
prepared, approprlato blanks,
m:iiii,i.i nml Meht.
Two years at ihc* Astor Theatre,
Seven Days
I'rlcen, 'j.-,c. to SJ.r.o.
"At the Old Cross Roads"
Kull of Melodranuitic Cllmaxes.
ney" in " The Joy Riders." .
To-Day- Friday
New Vaudevllle
New Pictures
7/i-s World's Best *
Tickets on salo Docember 15th, 16th,
7th, 21st, 22d, 23d, 21th, 25th, 31st and
anuary lst, with liual litnit January 8,
Apply to ticket agents for full informa
Kitchen Cabinets, Couches,
Book Cases, l.ibrary Tables,
Pavenports, and evcrythihg
in luirtUUlt'e,
Sydnor & Hundiey, Inc.

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