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Census Bureau's Offlcial Report of Ginning N
What Many Cotton Operators Expected.
Next Report Due Januarv 10.
New vork, December 25.?Publica
tion nf iho Censua Bureau's offlcial ;e
P'.r' ui the .uinninp of the crop to De?
cember 13, whieh occurred beforo tho
opening nt iie market on Tuesday,
fnlled m mako th.- Bcnsatlpnnlly bul
llsh bhowlng so mnny had heen expect
ing 'hroughOUl last week. lnstend of
ronflrmlng Ihe low catimatc <.f hut
477." ui bales glnned from December 1
to December 13, made by tho Natlonal
dlnners' Assoclatlon, lt reported 559,
glnned during ih.-it perlod,
; - making iho total for the season
10 689,. balea, ngalnri 9.35S.0O0
ti. the aamo tlme laat yenr aml 11,904,
000 iii 1908, when the crop turned ont a
total eomnterclnl movement of 13,825.
. ngalnst 10,61 1,000 last year. whlle
thc Censua BUreau'a report oh the fnii
ing -.'ft in (he ginning for the perlod
wns consldnred i.ulllsh by some, it was
kn dlsappolntlfig, compnred wlth whnt
the enthusiastic lmiis nn.l low crop
estlmators had leii the trade to expect,
: nt ii frii absolutely flat as a turtheri
atitmtlatlng market factor.
Instead of advancing on the report.
the viui-ral optlon list slumped about
fiftecn points on local p.nd Soutliern
nelling. Theiiext day It partlaily recov
eii'l. hut. sinee then there haa iie.-n no
life (o the niarhet, with trailing ex
trcmcly small and fluctuntlons narrow
and uiWmpnrtnnt. There has been just
aboui enough "ttprtort, however, from
ihe hull Interests nnd others hoavlly
commltted tn the long sido to hold
prlcea from breaklng. During ihe last
twb daya the volumo of business was
the smallcst of the year. wlth prices
rullng -witliln fifteen i.nints of the
hlgUest for iho week; reached ..;: .Mon
day, and ahout ihe same range as the
closlng days of last week.
Thc Ooverninent's rtrport.
The next. Censua Bureau's report is
due on January ln. jt wlll give tholi
total amount of the cr0p glnned to|
December 31. Another report will rol-,|
Inw thls on Jnnuary 23, glviiiK thc crop ! i
plnne.i io January 1".. Thal wlll prnc-11
tl.-iiiv en.i tho rrnn, aa tho final re- n
porl of March U'i enn ndd little furtherh
t.. it. an.l lt wlll he rhlcfly Interostlng 11
for glvinc the totnl net welght of tho i
bales. The nfflcla] ginning figurea so 11
fai fully ennflrin ihe government's cron ! i
estlmate of 11,426,000 b
welght of r.nn pounda
standlng the oftorls
make l: appear as ,n
Only ::-s.efn, v,atrs rhorc reniain io bo
glnne.i ilurlnc ti
h, notwith- i
0 tnany 1,1,1
cr-ostlfnate., <
iy tno ur.v; month to bring .i
>iai u-inning up io thc govern-J 1
'"':" ' ''?'-' estimated crop. About 0
five ?r the targe produelng States tho c
Carallnas. Oeorgia, Alabama aml Okla- a
honin?already hnve ahout as much I p
cotton glnr.od as ullowed for th
totnl crops.
Poor TrnriV ConilHfoiiw,
The declslon of largo cotton imn
faelurers of New England roprosen
at the meetlng nf the members of l
Arkwrighl Clllp, at Boston, on Wi
nosdfly, t,i adopt a concerted policy
rtirtailment of productlon stiortly nf
x. >.* Vear's lf trade condltlons do 1
materlally Improve by that time ls i
to bo regarded ns slmply n ihrc
."gainst the efforts to eontlnuc tlie i
cent hull movement ln raw co'ttt
There has been little or no proflt f
some tlme In manufacturlng ordlna
cotton eloths and goods on their imi
kot values out of iii nnd 15*4-cont et
ton. Efforts to secure an advance r
eently in the price of goods, as wi
IBS print doth', hnve fnllr-U up to tl
i presenl tlme. chlefly owlng to the fa
tii.M most jobblng nnd retall merchari
|are still buying only ni they have noi
for tbe goods. Frint Cloths have be.
cxtremely difficult to move. and cu
itnllment of their productlon has bee
golng on for somo tlme. The norrhi
weekly outpilt of the Fnll Blvor mll
Is usually nhout 220,000 pieces. f._.
woek their totnl sales were only S0.0.
pieces, nml ot this amount only ::r..0i
pleeea were for spol dellv'eries; the ba
.ni..- wore futures. Thls wee^ tfiei
has been littlo improvement from the?
conditions. Therei'ore. unless gener.
business does uot Improve material!
Oi-- miils will bo obliged to curtall pro
tlm tlon. This applles as much to th
Southern miils as to thoso in Fall Rlve
and other parts of New England. Th
chief trouble has been the too hisr
cost of cotton over the prlce of goods.
Thr Spol llml.i'ib.
Spot markets are still holding fln
iu the South, wlth prices on the basl
of !l';i to 15 cents at the prlnclpal in
tcrlor and seaboard ports. Spinner
havo bought so heavlly the last tw.
months, however, and have now so we)
protected themselves thnt further buy
Ing is llkely to iio on a more conserv
itlvo basla and Influenoed more by th.
Jtltlook for gon^ral business. ln" thi
rneantlmc tho shlpments now belns
?usheri through from thr interior st-.
n fuiniment of doliveries at the sea
'onr.l for December deliverles. Tho's,
?onrrncts expirc wlth tlu- end of thls
iionth, In whlch shipments io Europe
md iho Contlnent are always the heav
esl of ihe cotton yenr. Stocks are
arge nt nll the ports; especially N'ew
': '"?"? ?'"*'? N"'> Vork. Thn total
ontracl stock of eotton here now
mounts tn aboui 2-11,000 bales. against
rc.000 on December I. and about 11$.
'". bales .i year an,.. and is worth nt
nrrenl prices About SiT.oori.ooo, with
carrylng chargo on this of about st..
er 100 bales per month.
Variations in Wheat Market Are Insignificant.
Drought in Southwest and Congestion in
Chicago Prevent Decli e.
NlMV 1 ,,.-!;. |,r
govcmed dom< tl
markets onr
iu tho week. As is usual toward
mo cioso ol Lho year, nearly all trad
ra wero im-im,,,] ,? k..0p ,..?, of u
market or tu even up untll tho turn
7 ., ? -"-at\ Therefore, tho llmlted
deaJInga malnly representod small
'". '".ing oporationa for quick turns.
1 , ro?aeriuencp. tlu nol changes
rrora day to dny we,-, rlccldedly Inslg
'?Hicant. a, ,!lo outset there wasa
amall deciine. whlch was attr|buteu
partly io discouragtng onhles, and part.
3 :?' the unexpectedly largo receipts
at prlmary points, and especially nt
Kansas c ty, where they wrro aurprla
inglv .:.?.-, y. helnt- more li.an twlco
*B '"- '' ?'' lear r> = ? Thla wns B
?v''j;'" "r Ht ippolntmcnt to buyora for
* :?'?' ;"1: ui " th ;i fa m, ? wotild
not. accept current- blds, ln view of
tlie protracted .drpjight "and
?"rally credited blaim tliat a :
i entage of the wint, .:, ' ?
Minneapolls were also large
about. it ivas usaerted, by thc
ingncss of banks to make
lbans. iicudr-s, lt was sald that "thi
recclpta had been enlarged becaus
o Minneapolls by milloi
" gen
'. ? ? i, ??:
up had
:.is i.;
snspriuent upon tho du!
flour trade. Tho weak
trend in Europoan markets wn';
chargeable to fairly heavy pfferlngs
of encap wheat for forward shipmonta
?from Russla. Argcntlna and Austra
lia. Thls latter, however, was partly
offaet by the amaller world'a ahipments
ana tho large decrease ia tlu- quantltv
on pa8aage. Afterwarda there was a
linner foeling, al! of the early loss
being soon rccovcred, 'and more, aa
sellcr.s for thc deciine becamo nervoua
and anxious to cover, proinptled largely
ny strong advicea from Chlcago, whlch
crnarket recelved good support from
ujg bull operators. wiio, it waa said
wero steadlly addlng t0 thelr already
largo lin? of Mav contracts, their hold
3ngs now- being estlmated al roundlv
2o.ooo.ooo buahels. Coverlng was also
?Umulatcd partly by the continued dry
*s--.r:i?r m (he Fouthwoft. and pnrth
, Office Collector of City TaxeB. .
_, . ; City Hall, I
Klchmond, Va., Dec. l, 1910.
Notice to Tax payers
this offlco
EVERY MALE twenty-e.no yeara of :
age. and EVERY peraon keeping houwe
or dolng business in the clty. Ib as
.f-essed for personal taxes. Thoso who
have not pald any clty taxes duiipg
the year will plaaao call and settle so
eu t0 avoid being puatt-d as d.-lln
due and will have to be declared de
linquent if not paid on or beforo end
lof year.
F1VE PER CENT. will bc added to
laat half lf not pald on or belorr IjIO
intereat at Six PER CENT. t,lso at
lnchea to all bllls un soon as rino-u.ii
-Jellnquent v u'*
Partlcular attention is called to the
fbove, as under nn ordinance paisod
there can ha no
(tvoldanr, .,f ihe i.e;,i.itv.
le : ? paid In-sama manner at th- om>?
.f J. P, ROBINSO.V, Special AeaiaUnt
? ity Collector, .-t T-miii and Hull
r *r OTNNrNniiAM.
. , Collsaior, pj CiUi Taxjiv
by flrmer cable advlces. European mar
kets belng influenced by tbe largo ,i?.
ercasc in the vlslble supply thero?
? 's' :l ;*?8h?j -and rartl> by tho
unfavorable foreign crop summarlos.
ln Iranee suppllei of natlve wheai
ar., decidedly Inadeqtinto; Tho buoy
aricy abroqd wna 01 brief duratlon,
howover, the rise belng ohecjted bv
contlnued favorable harvestlhg returns
from Argentlna, nnd contlnued llberal
offerings of cbeap Russian and Aus
trallan wheal for forward shlpments.
Ilnrkel ni Iho Week-Knd.
Late ln the weoh there were no
noteworthy changes in the general sit?
uation. Trado was still deetldodly dull,
and consequently there. were no varla
llons of inomorit ln fact, there wns
practically nothlng in the news ,,-,
ln>ul ? buslncES npproclabjy, Occa
illy more flrmness was notleeable,
'1.V l"" mso a few shoil sellers
Inellned .>v,*r over ihe holl
They were Infltionccd partly by
congestlon in Jiay contracts in
? ?-:... partly b> the Inadcqunto pro
erpitatlon ln tho Southwest, aml partjy
by sllghtly litiuer cables. Shlpments
from Argentlna and other exportihg
'.?ouiitries Vre dlmlhishlng, and tho
world s shipments for the week are ex?
pected to be Ught, nnd consequently
o decreaso is anticlpated in the quan
tlty on passage. Nearly all trarlers are
inellned lo do nothlng exceptlng, per
naps, a small sealplng trade now and
then, as they antllelpate more or less
stagnatlori' during the few remalnihg
days of thc year. The qulotudo i.s
mainly attributable to the fact that
many bear traders are afrald lo oper
ato, belng Intlmldatcd by fear of a
.May squcezc in Chlcago aml bv tho un
certnlnty regardlng the crop' outlook
ln tho houthwest, Nattirally. therefoTe.
n neavj snowfall in ihat quarter would
ne hlghly welcome t,j nearly all specti- j
lators as well as farmers.
? Bill) "Ilnrkel ,,, fcorii.
Con-. markets were ?..iet and narrow, |
out thcrc \- ?;? surprlslng nrinnesa at
'*""?"? "otwlthstandlng ihe compararl
tiyeiy largo ro:clpts at primary points.
s.li.rs i,-?- the decllne have occa*j|6n
biij t?lsplaycd r.ervousnoss, partly be- '
causo prominent Western houses have!
given good support, on tlm Kround that'
L;,8,"*^"1' u"rUl tI*e nioney,
pp;i-.lly in v|ew of n,e comparativeiy
'?- Prices current for hogs and cattle
i Other words, they belfe.ve th.it ro
1 not bo partlcularly heavy
"' anj length of tlm
iriners wlll.
? .Iieir Judgmont, s> , ? ,, . .
eeding frcely ,o **vo i&J^g ,
o,;;rT ,?, su-en^r^part.;^
drougln. Cr?P "' Ar?-"-'. -vmg to
ofKtho Y,nJ,^ D"rc'n?ber -5.?Tlio tone
?i ino cotton goods market showed
sone, Improvement in the grav goods
: ? l?n '?" tho laat day uf the week I
?P.O? "tocka were nurehaseii. au.i
""" H ol ., cent ul
low poini MUlu are,
- Tho market is ?',-'
mosat otVhV i "li;" j"'','i"t* hoiiSi,
lHfl?n"rl0 8h^brUCerranco'^ . '"
'" meet tha .. 1,1- 'HrPoses or
ft-M_J^fe*-..r_,_8- ?ePorl? f?om
%^^jm^a ?j;z
?m r? pnif f,om 'ndustrlal BOC
,r" nm so good, bui nii merchaii
*"* 1s Wanted, .,,,,, p|.om|)|
1,1 e,
ior i;
i" I"'1 i goods
rpoda ilie md
? Cylored cp.t-t.cWl'auch.,i;
"?' ls Him bui
rnamn . -munii,. ,? ... ,,,.
HckliiRs, dcnlms, sirlped ntttl worlilnR
Mill goods, havo been bought Wlth
modeiii.to freedom, for dellver.\ ln the
next few montha, Nnnped goods rule
During the week several Impnrlnnt
Cotton iiiiiliiil'actiirers came together
nnd iHacusBcd ihe wlsdom of ciil*tnttlnn
prodtictloh nfter the im-ri o'f the yenr.
/Mioth.-r meeting wlll bo held In Janu?
nry, nnd If no further prograas hna
heen made ln llftlng cotton gooda Val?
ues to a parl'.y Wll ll cotton atid tlie
c'oB.i of productlon n la nntlelpaied
thnt nn agreed form of ciirtniltiieiit
Wlll he arrived at.
Tho export business reported with
China ln Ihe pnsl few daya lf osilmnlod
liniu fl.OUO lo R.noo bales. nnd conslMled
or foiir-yard, 4.70-ynni slteetlngs nnd
?ome rlrllls, Huck prlcei nro held
Cotton goods prices rnngo aboui ns
loths?'JS-ini-h. Ctx6ls, ::';
.'. -'l-'i cents: r!S!*-lnch, IHx
ii ? io ."i'i cents; brown slieef*
li'iii. ,S fents to s'? retils;
? onnce, nis cenis; tlcklnit,
l-otinee, HVs cents; stnmhinl prlnts, t<\_
?cnis; stnndiird striple glnghnnis, v
?ents; dress gliighains, '.''?', cents.
New Vork. December 25,?Thc la
weok of the yenr save one in tho sto,
markel was conspicuoua for Its ge
eral Inactlvlty and Irregulnrlty
prlce movements. Tradlng pnrtook
the usunl ant'c-hoHday alr, which ls
sn.v thnt lt fell to inslgnlflcant propo
tlons nnd wns subjected more or Ie
to tho whlms or caprlcoa ol a coter
of room trnders. That fnctlnn seem.
to chango from one sido nf the mark,
to the other for no very obvlous re:
son, l,ut towards iho end tbo heavlnei
of f.l-1 ilst bespoko nn Increase of ot
ertulons for the deellno. Tbe broadi
movement in bonds. whlch began
wook n-to, sufTered ,i sllghl check, bt
Inrgo dircct salei of thls calss of secui
itlea continue to ho made.
Wlth fow exceptlons. dev
the past wook were hardl
roctlon of better.ment, C
| tho stool aprl iron tr-de,
Batlsfactory, have admlttedly reaehe
the stnge where dofiniie action on th
part of buyer and seller is woll-nlg
Durlng ihe wook n was commonl
reported that the, larger Independen
steel manufacturcrs hnd mnde furthe
nrlce concessions, thercbv setting a
naughi the reassuranees given at re
cent conferencos hi this >itv and Pltts
burg. The Unlted Putes steel Corpo
ration hns ordered furthe-. curtallmen
of operntlons ln the rittshurf- dfstric
and at one of its Southern plants.
Th** situation In tho coppor trado j:
not unlike that in the steel and Iron
Homo consumptlon of the metal is oi
elopments <
y ln tbe ,li
ohditions I
lonn un
?-, e ?;, te. 1 he T
Lynchburg. Va. i
dividend.x ot thc f;
and ono Stato bank
??nz tlie year 1910
? ?The
b :nk.
z dur
portlon ol that period. All of the
???iil-.- wero ablo to d?clarc their reg
uiar_ dlvldends and. in addttiohi pass
considerable sums of thoir surplus
ihe dlvldends for tho last vfx
months. which wlll be pabl out in the
nexl t?u days ,?? two weeks. wlll ag
gregate tbe .?,? uf $102,500, annor
iionori as follows:
f'onplo'.s Nationnl. capitn! $300,
t'00: seml-anniial, k per ccnt..s is.000
American National. Siso,.
capltal, Bi-ml-aniuml, :?; oe-,
Na i lona 1 E-tchangei JfVoO.OOO
capltal. aoml-annual, i i
per cent.
Flrst National, S676.000 'capi
'al. semi-annual, 5 por oopt
I-ynchbnrg Natlonal, $250,000
-abltaj, aeml-annual, r. per
l.-n iiturg XtubI and -iv ins,
? oniPHiiy. capltal Sl 50.1100
scml-nnnual, 10 prr cent.
I G.000
' ??-.?""?.$102,500
Washinj-ton. D. r*? December ? :.?
Sticceasful oxperiments bv tbe "n?
partmcni ?f Agriculture in the ac
cllmatlzatlon and breodlng of Egyp
llnn cotton in the Fiputhwestorn part
of tbe Unlted Statea havo ie,f cNpcrta
ol thc govornment department to be?
llevo that thls cotton can !-.. crown
with prolll in thls count:'.. Iu a bul"
',!i',i 'bc department aii'nouncea that
tho brpedlns work hns arvelopcd sev?
eral HUperior stralna and two very ,iu.
Venstfng'aoneaPn,old'hscahlearC re?dy for
Favprablc results aa to the cmallty'
.?md unirorniity of ihe f|bro produced
naye beon obtalned from theae oNner<
ments The dlverslty caused bv oroa
ing with other typea of cotton whlch,
during me experlments of the prevlous
.session, seemed to threateh seriously
the future ,,f the accllmatlzed stock,
ha.-* to ;i Hi-eat oMent disappeared Th
report says:
"The possibillty of grown Egyptlan
cotton of good quality on tho Irrfgated
lands of .Southern Arizona and Soutb
easlern California ha.-, been demon
Btrated. Productlon on a large sealo
awnits tiie solution of certain eultu-'al
nnd commerclal problems, whlch are
now reeelving attention.
st.the dccllne, .in! an open slindiiig 61
ik I prices during the week ls said to havo
i- been followed by further secrct con
Only in thc mot'cantlle llnes has there
heen pronounccd Improveinent, and thls
chletly ln thc retnli trade. Bahkqrs
acccpt this ns a natural concomltsnt
i.f ti'-' holiday season, aud deulnre thnt
tl-.e outlook fer the comlng year ls noi
altogother oneoitrnglng.
Money evlncod a much casler ten
dency, a resuit not only .>f the heavy
Intlow from Interlor points, but ihe
Ilglit demand. Hankers were heavy
.1 buyers of oommerclnl paper it a niarke'i
u t fall in th.- dlscount rntc. There n-^s
?- no renewol of the p'reylous week's at
tempta to secure gold from abroad, but
if j remittnnces to Ihe Ci.ntlncnt were
qulle heavy.
The g.-nernl situation. so far as it
.iffd-ts the leading transportntion eom
panie* of the eountry. Is practically
unchanged. Thc broad and general
policy of retrenehment enterod into
some months ngo stlll obtalns. and this
yl program ls likely to Hnd strlct ndbcr
t j ence pending a settlement of the
r frelght rate qupstlon. Tiu- eveiu oi
t i the week in ihe- railroad world ivas
- the increase of the Lehlgh Vnlley ctom?
-liion dividend from a tl tu IO per cent
- j basls. In vlew of the recent large in
t creaso in capiltnlliBatlpn of the com
11 pany and the greatly reduced earn
j Inga reported during the past fev
s months, the netlon of the dlrectors pro
. I voked no little crltleisni in conserva
11 llve quarters.
Members of "Holy Ghost and
Us" Society Are Drowned
in Surf.
Norfolk, Va.. December 25.?Two i
I members of the "Holy Ghost and Us"'j
j band, on board the barkentlne King- '
I dom, were drowned. ann flve others
narrcwly pscapad death when a dory j
[ from that veSs?l capsized on the bat I
; off Ocean View Saturday night between
9:30 an.l 1" o'clock. Th- drowned
! men are St. Clali and O'Connor; thc
others, wlth one e.xceptlon, refused ??!
Slx ol the crew, under convnand ?f
SIcKensey, sailing marter 0f the Klng
dom, come ashore in a small dory
from the barkentlne', whlch was
chored aboui three tu'"
Vlew. ir, maii a letter. Th-y made the
Inbound trip safely, in spltc of their
unfarnillarity with the tldes and bars
of that part of thc coast. M'-Kensev
gave the ie|tH,- to J.?.J. Kell, k?e,??r of
a b.ikery. asklng him to mail it whon
the post-ofnee opened. They started
on tbe return trip. undeferred by tho
breakers, whipped up by a thirty-mllo
wind, piling up on Ihe beaeh.
When they were crosslng th
fifty yards off shore. ih
dory. and before th
their dancer. lipaot it, throwing tlie
seven occupants into the water.
Half swlnunlng. half rolling. now
under the surf, now ablo to get their
heads above the cresrs of the waves,
half drowned and ehlllcd to the mar
row from thelr struggles wilh the. icy
i-.itci- and freczlhg wind, five of them
1 lo reach the heaeh in front
CheBapeake Club. The|r crle3
?' tht attentlon of j. j. i<eu
reaidents of tho resort, who
men exhaiisted and half un
After belng taken into the
! Club house and rovlved.
llil t|K
? ft" < ICenil j
.?f t
found the
1107 East Malu Street.
E. L UODB.V. Manager.
Do not lose sight of the fact that we want
personal and inactive accounts, which receive
3 per cent. on daily balance; but ih to-day's
adverrisement we draw attention to the trust
end of our business. A leading Broad Street
merchant asks us, why we do not call atten?
tion to the frequent unpleasantries which
anse in the settlement of estates by individ?
uals. It is a good suggestion. How often an
indivldual executor or trustee, finds hlmself
between two fires, family feuds, friendships of
long standing broken, etc!
Not so when you appoint this Company your
Executor and Trustee. This is our business-,
we have no axes to grind and no favorites to
play wc simply follow the written directions
of the testator, and our million dollars capital
is a guarantee that all trusts committed to us
will be properly handlcd.
Tenth and Main Streets,
Richmond, Va.
Cash Capital,
Every Man, Woman and Child in
and the South
1107 East Main Street
Write for our booklet, "Banking by Mail."
Capital.- 5219,750.00
5urPJus. 600,000.00
Assets over. 2,000,000.00
J. B. BEASLEY, President. mREC^^ GEO. W. CALL, Cashler.
?"1Alsnop' j JJ-T- Aftta^n. Chas. Davenport,
J. B. Beasley, Samuel VV. Tompkins, T. W. Pemberton.
ss ibervice
^TOROGRESSIVE business men recognize
jj* the importance of patronizing a bank. such
as this?a bank whieh is willing and able to meet
every reasonable demand of its depositors. Com
plete facilities, convenient location. Large and
small accounts invited.
3# Compound Interest Paid in Savings Department
iy told bf the two other members of
: crew who wore nilsslng.
Jnder -rroat. dilllcultios, John IVa
s, spoci.il oflleor of tho Norfolk and
rtsrnoutl, Traction Compnny, assisted
Mlss Addle Parkcrson, the sixtcen
ir-old daughter of Captain Parker
i, launched a boat nnd went to tbo
oue. McKensey, of the barkehtlne
w, went. uboard the hont with Wa
a. They got partly throujrh the surf
on a big wave camo along and
icked Watera overboai'd and" broko'
Kenaey's onr. vVaters cllmbed into
boat again, whllo McKensoy
ibbed Waters's oar and hended the
it around. Thoy gamely continued
effort tu reach the two mon, who
ild be heard crying out among tho
akers. The crica ceased. and in
te of the protest of Watera, McKen
aaid it was usoless to try to find
m ln the darkness, with not a aound
guido them.
'ho rescued mon had in tlie mean
lle, under tbe dlrectlon of Constable
in F. Hayes, been taken into tho
;sapeakc Club houae, where ,J. h.
Ison. tho negro caretnkcr of tho
b, bullt n roarlnjr tlre for them and
de some hot coffe
'hey wero carcd for at tho clubhouso
t night and were sent back io their
p thls mornlng. Thoy woro highlv
.recJative or tho hcip giveu them.
Ccnsey, the sailing master of tho
kontlne Klngdom, was loud in hla
Is'e of thc heroism shown by Watera
thc Jiclp given by Miss Parkerson
aunchinK tho boat.
ho Klngdom ]e-t nero Thursday
?ntng, after stnying a week here,
Ing which tlmo B|,e haulcd out at
-mna's marlne railway for repair*
?Jiilc he-re the mombers of the "Holy
?st and Us Bnnrl" on board would
o nothing to do wlth other people
turned tho ,-old shoulder to anv
looklng for in|ormaUon jn regaril
.helr roliglous sect
10 Klngdom ls reglstered froni Port
1, Ma no, and ls sald to have
-d thirty women and thirty men,
nbors orthe strange roliglous sect
wn as the "Holy Ghopt and Us."
hen the Klngdom left here Thurs.
?hP?? L,?n "if 8h^ ?"???1 to
i their dcstlnation, and it was
ight she had gono south.
Thero have been
s ir. the past, howovbr, whon tho
lay period was not altogether dull
lt mny ho that sonio featuro nu
joyered. This leavos the average *
>!? open to fresh cotnniliuiotits, and '
1 many may not caro to carry cot- ?
over lliree days uf Inaptlvfty, jp.
narit tradlng mny Itic'reasa lf ihe ,,
ir incinllve Is thore, fhe I'oaluro
imvy. Atir_ Uw w-mtftt va J*" iha s
Tcrnporary location during construction of new banking liousc.
Capital ..... $200,000
Surplus and undivided Profits - $110,000
W. M. Habliston, Pres.; J. \V. Rothert, Vice-Prcs.; Jno. G. Walkcr, 2d Vice
Prcs.; Andrew M. Glovcr, Cashier.
With assets of over $1,700,000, every inducement consistcnt with good
banking is offered to its customcrs. 3 per cent. allowed in Savings Depart?
ment. Bank is open till S o'clock Saturday cvenings
Good Business Judgment
should prompt you to
choose a strong bank in
whieh to deposit your
money, be it much or little.
The First National Bank
of Richmond, Va.,
with over ien million dol?
lars of assets, invites you to
become one of its depositors.
?rospectlvo largo movement from
lorts. Next wook ls tho last in tlie
nonth, and frelght brokers for somo
Inio havo been promising that exports
t tho onil of December would bo large.
f tliey aro vory large thoy may cuuiie
uylng for long account among tlie
tronger operators. Askle from thls, il
* hard to see what elso thero ls likely
o happen to stlr tho market.
Washington, December 25.?Mnnufac
urors' materials importod during No
?onibor show a inarkod fall Ing off, aa
omparod wlth slmllar lmports in tlm
oireaponding inoiit.h last year, ac
ortiiug tn tho B|irefUl of Statlstlcs.
ln report. sliown that thls was ospo
lally iruo of inrlla rubber, lildes and
khiH. wool, oopp.v. tihres ,i|\ii |i|B- Ip.ip.
'ln- ti'Mal tmporta of niMiiuf.ici urci's'
jaterialfi in November . apiounted to
UQ..3miJH)0*. ivJalcb. si'aa JUQ.anO.QDU lea*
National Bank ol Virginia
Capital, - $1,200,000
Surplus, - $ 600,00.)
Accounts soIicite.il
i Ninth and Main Streets
than ln tho previous November. Dur?
lng the (irst eleven months of the year,
however, these Imports, valued ut
$l,-H.'G,t;oo,000, were greater by $Sf).
bSOO.OOd than in November Inst yenr.
IlKles woro imported last month to tho
valuo of .K,,r,uo,000. as agalnst UI -
500,000. in the previous November. Tlie
Novemher. Ip 10, iinriorts ,.-,f india hlbV
her uggrognleil |5,750,u'Oi), a.-i agalnst
$S,7.,li.i)nc) in November, lflOfl.
Articles other than iiiaitiifacturera'
materials b\^\\\ lu. nivSt caaeti, but llt

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