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Dr. Calisch Declares
Club Incident Reveals
Modern Snobacracy.
Rcscnts Opcn and Evasivc Dis
crimination Against Jewish
People by So-Callcd Exclu
sivc Hotcls and Clubs, a
Spccics of Social Folly
Bcncath's Onc's Noticc.
Toiirhing nn Jhe rofusal of tho I'nion
League Club, <>r Ndw i'ork, t" recolve
Wllllam 1/ il. Jl . ;i ii inoiiii.fr l.eraiiso
nf tho <?.ion undcrstandlng 'hat
b" wi. a iow, i?r. i: n. Callach; ln nn
addresa ?<: Betb Almbah Templi last
nlght, d'-.-ii; vlgorously with prenent
iiiiv conditions, condemnlng ? form ot
dlacrimlnatlon against Jewlsh people
and doplorinp "thn oututrctchlng
flngcra of tho dead hnrid ol a modicval
rcliglous untlpathy" whlch i.s noted at
-1 < r:
opari ne
elaewlt i
JOWS, fl
tO go ,-i
to Hnd t
1 to th'- action
?xclUHlvc hotols, clubs and
.?.,.-<? h iu New Vork nnd
dlacrlrhlnatlng tn alnsi
"liiiit yon do not hav'o
aricl mlles friom Rlchmoml
conditions. Wc Have thla
aame ?oit of anobocracy ln our own
falr clty,' h<- sald.
Dr. Calisch began by ???.-.-iii2 thit lt
was obvloua -hat the ihcidcnl of 'he
rcjcctlon ' f Wllllam Loeb i.y tho Unlon
Lcagu Club waa tho occasion ..f "..???
*--rmon. fl ????? llkewlae patent that
of tl
? r Mr.
,'? <-f Jewls!
inent Thnt
with Is tbo
the probabl*
waa thc bcl
niui'lad lt }l
fai ? thal bi
wltich xv
publlsjiod stntenipnt that
i-eipifin of hta rojertlon
rf tbat he wns such. 1
i:- b'eeri publlshed. It is a
unr- B0-i iil' .1 excluslve
Ifotola, clubs c?/i apartment houaes In
Now York C Iy aiul elaewherc havo
dlaerlralnated against Jews, Somo do
10 openly. some ovnsivcly. Homo try
i., aoften the Indlgnlty of thelr of
fense by uslng tho words 'Ifebrew' or
'lsraelltc.' Thla ls only ndding Ig
norancc to lll-will. Wo are Jews. We
want ,0 ?"? called such, for good or for
lll. Wo aro not tlrl'led i,y tbo evident
presuinpt'oti that whon wp aro to he
llattered or plar-ated we are Hobrews,
nnd when wn aro to be tlamneil we are
Jews. Incidentally also I wlsh to add
that you do not hnvo to go a thousand
miles from Kiehmond to find tnesc con?
ditions. We hnvo thls same sort ot
snobocracy in our own fair city.
"I shall not stop to make argument
wlth this species of social folly,, not
merely bocause obediencc to tlio Blb
llcal injunction to 'answer a fool ac?
cording to his folly, lost he becotno wlso
ln hia own oybs" Is here imposslble for
lhe reason that thoae who are guilty
of this folly aro not amonable to ar
gumi.nts of justice, fairness .or reason,
but beeause mlne own sell'-rcspect will
not permit. I readlly admlt that social
afllliations are a matter of personal
feellng, of congenlality und of incon
tostable clioice. It is an inclubllahlc
rlght that a person should control hls
own social companiqnahtp, just as hc
has tho right to invito to his house
whorh he will and shut out whom hc
will, and none can say him nay,
liiMiliiug nud I'njiiMt.
"But preciscly here is tho rub. It ls
Juat here that we Jews feel and rcscnt
the lnsult and the injustlco done to us
as a people. For tho dlscrlmlnatioii
against tlio Jews is not personal nor
individu.il. It is sald to be raclal. Ir
reallty it is roliglous. Tho Jew wllc
abandons his religion, who proyes falsc
to thc faith of hls fnthors and gooi
over Into tho arms of the cliurch, ht
and his children flnd wide opcn thc
door that is slv.it in tlio face of tlu
loyal anrl obsorvant Jew.
"To our Chriatlan ncighbors whe
practlco modieval higotry under this
modern form of social ostrac.Ism, I have
nothins to say further thati this: Wr
Jews ltnow our position, as wo know
tlie purpose for whlch wc exist as i
soparato people. Our prophets anc
aages in olden days have outlined thc
part thar wr ,-irn to play lll lho grenl
century-onmpasstng drama of the do
velopmont of human civilization. Tra
dltion 'and hiatory and our own expe?
rlence havo conilrincd the leachlng. 1
may add that'we have learned. thc les
aon. Wc rcallze, perhaps better thar
you do yo'ur'solvea, tlie malnsprlnga oi
your actions toward us. We really.'
that, In apite of a twentietli centurj
enllghti'iinient, thore are still eloudi
of doginatic ,-tssiimptlon that lleck th'
hoiizon where the sun ot clvll and rc
llglous llberty is beginnlng its Journo
toward tho zoiiilh. Ei'ror clies hard
nnd nonn so hard as rellgloua error
Feellng is strongot' thnn logU
know thut, thougli your reason woul
promptly deny tho Itpputatlon, ye
you are nouo tbo loss, ln your utti
tudo towards us. not only in thls liu
othor thlngs, under tho 8iibconscioui
dominnnco ot a tbcologicai inortinali
that roaches out from lhe grave o
nmdlevalism lo lay Its ? iaiuiny liole
, Upon thc heart of thp llving presont.
l'nrl of Our Viiiliniiil l.lfr,
"It is not to bo expected of hiimni
nntnio that this hold wlll bo shakoT
i off at onco. Tho warming current o
'-., t growing recogniilon ol human bro
(32 tberliood iimiu gradually reiease it
/?j.Rut inean wlillc w<> would have you cnll
aldcr thls: Wc Jews aro part of you
"^(JoVtluVed, ^~ThircJ|' Vage.JT_
Virginian Kills Wife and
Stepdaughter, Then
Defenseless Women Are Shot
Down in thc Kitchen of Their
Home?Assassin Dcclares In?
tention of Wiping Out His
Family, and Begins
[Special to The TlmeF-DiMiatcli.]
Baltlmore, Md., December ?,<).?In a
flt of. Jealousy, drlven onward by
liquor, William P. Strlckler, a Vir?
ginian, declnrfn's that he would wlpe
init hiu famlly, shbl to death hls wlfe
and stopdaughter, and thon sent a hull
through hia head. The crime wns com?
mltted shortly before 2 o'clock tlils
laftorrioon In the kitchen ot the Strlck?
ler homo, -117 East Lafayettc Avenue.
Strlckler waa taken to Ht. Joseph's
[Hospital, whero he dled shortly after
mldnight ? lils Hkull sustalned a com
I |...und fraetiire from tlie forco of the
IS callbro bullet. Tho dead are:
IVIIIlHm P. Mrleklrr, a Drrman, the
I murilrrer nnd milrlde.
Mrn. Flora Strlckler, aRed thlrty
i rluhl jriir?, formerly Mr*. Flnrn Kite,
i of Ku-'nniiu'nnh nn.l llnrrleonburtj;, Vn.
She- t-TIM *>l...( lliroiiuh tbe I..-M.1 nml
I left Icb.
IIIhh ICuIn Klle, nued plnetecn re?r?,
i -ttepdauffhter i>f Strlckler, ?hol througb
! Ibe li.-ii.i. thr- bullet rni.-1'l.ii; nn Inch
! I.. I.I...I thr ru-.li* >-nr.
Two children ln the j-'i.nne who es
i raped thr- aasaBSln'sj1*0-*illets. ara
Claronce Kite. aged flf,J?"jVyears, and
Miss Myrtlo Kite, aged rozteen years.
r<>ii. rniMii nl IICu "-'??.
Wlth Strlckler un^onso ?, at the
| hospital. Captaln GlttlniS ? of the
j Nortbeastorn Distrlct, stationed a
! poll. eman beslde hls l.ed w)th instruc
: uons to retnaln there untll death came
j or Strlckler recovered sufficiently to
i be taken to jall.
fv.rnner Caruthera ls i.mklng a thor
ough Inveatigatlon of the clrcumstanccs
leadlng up to the dual tragedy.
Motberleas, and wlth thelr father.
from whom thelr mother was dlyorced.
j in a remotc part of the eountry, the
two furviving ctilldren?Clnr-Mice and
M--trle?are b-:lng taken care of at
tbe home of Mrs. Oeorge Smith, 1932
North Patterson Park Avenue. The
children havo not realized the' enor
nilly of the crime.
Probably the saddost man in Baltl?
more to-nl?rht ls Rale'gh Newman,
nlanco of tlie murdered girl. He boards
at 1322 Patterson Park Avenue, and
he shares the grlef with the two chil?
dren. lio i* nearly heartbroken, for
an engagement between him and Mlss
Kite had extsted for slx months and
tbe weddlng was to have taken place
ln the .sprlng.
The killing of tho two defenseless
wom.cn by Strlckler was one of tho
most covvardly deeds ln the history
of Baltlmore miirdem. They were shot
down wlthout being glven an oppor?
tunity to escape and with thc (lnal
shot the assassin attempted to end his
own exlstence. Strlckler was a fire?
man employed in the greenhouscs of
Cook Bros.. near Ellicott Clty. Re?
cently ho and his wife quarrcled over
trivlal matters. Mrs. Strlckler was
of a pcaceful disposltlon, and on nu?
merous occasions she refused to an?
swer her husband when he endeavored
to start a quarrel. Three days ago
thero was a quarrel between them
over vislts made to the house by Mr.
Newman. Mr. Newman is a painter
and decorator, about twenty-six years
of ago.
Qiinrrel Over VInU.
Last nlght Miss Kula and Miss Myr
tle visited Newinan's boarding house.
and this visit Strlckler found fault
wlth. and to-dav he upbraidod his wlfe.
Mrs. Strlckler defended her daughter,
and a blttor quarrel ensued. Strlckler
had boen drlnklng, and for a whlle ho
sat near the kitchen door. Mrs. Strlck?
ler was scwing and her daughter was
presstng a sklrt. Suddenly, with the
oxclamatlon, "I'll klll all of you."
Strlckler wliippe.i out a revolyor, atmed
at thc frlghtened stepdaughter, and
fired. She dropped to the lloor wlth
a bullet in hor braln. The mother at?
tempted to reach Strickler, but she
too. was shot down. Death to mother
and daughter was instantaneous. Tlio
two childrcn In the house managed to
escape just as Strlckler turned the
weapon on himself.
Strlckler came to Baltlmore with bls
family eight. months ago from llarri
sonburg. Formerly they lived in Shon
andoah. v.-hcre they have relatlves. Tbe
relatlves have. been notitied of tbe
Mr. Newman, fiancce of Mlss Eula,
caine to Baltlmore about four mopths
ago from Ilarrisonburg. his homo. Mrs.
Strlckler was formerly the wife of Er
ncst Kite, now of Ollfton Forge. Va.
The bodies wlll be held waiting ac?
tion of Virginia relatlves.
LIvcd ln HarrlsonburB.
[Special toThe Times-Dispatch.1
Ilarrisonbiirg Va., December 30.-?
Mrs. AVilliam Strlckler. formerly Mrs.
Kite, who, with her daughter, Eula,
was killed to-day in Baltlinoro by hor
husband, camo from Page county, and
worked here ahout a year ns a Uress
maker. Sho left for Baltlmore in
March, She was quite poor, and moved
from placo to place, but dressed well.
Huleigh S. Newman, who was en
KiiKod .JsMrEula, is a natlve. of West
BockJHHBfh, and lived hero wlth hls
HdoprelDBrarenls. Ilis wlfe, who was
Miss, lllggins, ls hero now with tholr
three cbiidren. Newman Ir a painter,
aud was a member of the town band.
He has nover been dlyorced,
Ouc In Wounded Fntully, nnd Other
In lujurrri.
Atlanta, Ga., Ooeomher DO.?ln n
tliroe-eurnored light on tlio Weat Slde.
George A. Murray was fataliy wound?
ed and C, M. Moon seriously ln.lurod.
The battle oeeurod In Moon's cablnot
shot, when Murray v^jitered suddenly
a.nd began shootlng, two bulleta strlk
Ing Moon. At thls Juncturc J. T. Bras
welli Moon's fatlioi-ln-linv, apponrod,
aud flruwlng a rovolvor, shot Murray,
Ihe slmt. lodglng ln tho abdomen.
Murray and Moon were ho*oiii
friends untll about. a year ngo, whon,
', it is alleged, trouble. aroso over. Hoim'c
Hattcjillonajta iSxfl,* Murray*. *
Department of Justice
Refuses to Accept
Wickersham Detennincd That
They Must Go to Jail, and Hc
Will Do His Best to Put
Them There?More
Sugar Frauds Un
Washlngton, Docember nn.?Attor?
neys for some ot the lndlviduals ln
dlcted as membcrs of lhe so-callcd
"bath-tub trust" for alleged vlolatlons
of tho antl-trust act, criiic to tho Do?
partment of .rustlco to-day in the
Intercst of tholr clients, who, ln the
ovrnt of tholr convlctlon, and of the
courts acceptanco of tho declared
policy of Attornoy-Gcnoral Wlcker
sham to "stand for no moro fines," nre
threatcned with Jall sentonces.
Thc trlo of lawyers wan headed hy
Ru?h Taggart, of Nov/ Vork, and in
cluricd also Wllliam Lt. Carpcnter and
l,rvi Butzel, of Detrolt. After an hour's
conference wlth XV. s. Kenyon. Mr.
WIckersham's asslstant and "sneclal
trust buster." to whom tho Attorney
General has delegated the whole niat?
tor wltn powers to act, the lawyers
went away. They decllned to discuss
thn purpose or result of tho confer?
ence; but lt was atithorltatlvely stated
at the dopartment that they had' been
glven no reason to belleve tliat the
Attorney-General would consent to
the accptanee of a plea of guilty and
the impositlon of fines rather than Im?
Mny Export Scnfonrc*.
They were glven to understand, It
was sald, that jail sentonces will be
inslsted upon and were lnformed thnt
their clients wlll he expected ln the
T.'nlted States Clrcult Court at Detrolt
on January 4 to give ball in the sum
of $4,000 oach. The attorneys for the
indicted men Indlcated that thoy would
not mako it npcossary for the govern?
ment to start fifty removal suits to
get thc fifty defendant3 together on
that day.
The offor of compromise, said to have
be?*n t?-n<*?red by the vlsiting lawyers,
wns in effect that thc fitandard Sani
tary Manufacturlng Company and othor
defondants in the clvll action should
appear before thc United States Clr?
cult Court at Baltlmore. and consent to
the permanent injunction the govern?
ment asks. If tho govornment would
be satlsfied wlth fines and no Jall sen?
tonces in the criminal uctlon. It waa
pointed out that ari effectual dlssolu
tlnn of the offenslve cornbination tha
government charges would be effected
lf the Injunction were agreed to.
The Department of Justlce, however,
th'nks tho comblnntlon ls as good as
dlsaolyed. Thls week it. loarncd that
four concorns ln tho comblno sent out
notlces to the trade that they woro
no longer partlos to tho alleged price
tixlng agrconient.
Tho recent declaration of Attorney
General Wlckershnm, following tho
wlndow-glass trust case in Plttsburg.
that ho would Insist on prlson scn
tonces ln all future convletions ln
antl-trust cases, was the answer to
the second propositlon.
Troubles Only llcguu.
Washington, Docember 30.?"Whon
tlio grand jury now lnvestigatinp the
sampllng of sugar at Now Orleans
llnishes lts work, it wlll bc found that
tho frauda against tho govornment
thoro havo boen golng on for at least
tlfteon years."
That statement w.ib made to-day by
an ofllctal of the customs sorvi'-e who
declared that all the suspected frauds
would be found in the sampling of
sugar and 'n the polarlsooplc tests
whlch riottrmlno tho saoeharlne oon
tonts upon whlch tho lmporter pays
An Investigation of alleged "draw
back" frauds at. San Franclsro is also
imminent. In fact it Is known that
a prollminary Investigation has fur
nished ev'denco which loads Troasury
oulclnls to bollevc tho frauds at san
Frnncisco wlll ocllpso those. at New
York, whlch the Amorlcan Sugar.Ko
flning Company offered to settlo for
Ono offlclal of the Treasury Depart?
ment sald to-day: "The troubles of tho
sugar Importers havo only begun. Tho
riiscovories of tho frauds have only
Amerlcan Dar AnmocIiiHoii "IV111 As
. ru-mblc In Thnt Clly.
Chicago,' Decembor 30.? Boston was
chosen to-day as tho placo for holding
the 1 PI 1 conventlon of tho Amorlcan
Bar Association. The dato was aet as
August 29-30-81. Tho executive com?
mitteo, in session horo to-day, decided
upon tlio tlmo and placo aftor consld?
erable dlscusslon'.
Tho committeo members who mot
woro: Edgar Farrer, Now Orleans;
George Whltlock, Baltlmore: Fred
erlek E- Wadhams, Albany. N. Y.:
Charles F. I-ibhy, Portland. Mc; John
Ilinckley, Baltimoro; Charles Henry
Butler. Washlngton, D. C.: Ralph XV.
Brec-kenridge, Omnha, Neb., and l,ynl*i
F. Ilelm. I.os Angolos, Tol.
A numbor of othor business matters
charnctorlzod as uf no puMlc Intorest
by tho committeomon, wero ad.lustcd.
Julla"" ICiittner ,\o Longo"* Wife o
"Afllnlty" IBiirte.
Now York. Docembor H0.?.rulla Kutt
nor obtalned, In tho nppollato dlvlslor
of tho Statn Suprenio Court, to-day, at
iiiiniiliiiont of hor marrlage to Fordl
muid Plnne.v Earle, at Vonlco, Ttnly
on March 17, 1008.
Karle wns dlvorced from Mary Eml
lie r-'ishhai-ker In Parls ln 1008, on he
suit for desertlon. ITi-r failuro tr
t.ranscrlbo a portlon of tho docroo li
tlio i-oglster whero thr- marrlage wai
recorded untll threo months nfto
Fiarlo's miirrlngo to hls second wlfr
siifipmirled tlio divorce Cor that pnrlod
-4 ii il g.ive the socotid Mi't*. Enrlr- ground;
to '.'oiitest tho,..,vulldlly of. hor jaar
<|rla_Ot.;, ?-*
Indicted Banker Robin
Swallows Dose of
Exclaiming, "I'm a Dead Man;
I've Taken Poison Tablets,"
Hc Collapses as Hc Enters
Criminal Courtr, Building,
Where He Was to Have
Been Arraigned.
Nctt Vork, n?*ocmlior ,10.?Uith hend
rect, shoulders S'liinrotl, nnd eye"
' Icreled nt tlie bnflrry nf rnmernn
ii-iilnc-d on hlm, Joseph O. Knbln, tho
Indicted linnker, ntriipert from hl* nls
ter'? home *hl? tniirnhiB I" fnor nr
illli; 11 nn*nl, rnliii In thr knmvleilRe thnt
li'- Iiinl invtnllnv-ril n ilnfic uf liTofi-ln,
thr siiluli* nnd riondly nlknlold rvlth
trillch llr. Crtppen klllcd hl* wife,
; llrlle 131 more. IIc coltnpied before hn
COUld bc inKi-ii Intii thr courl, ulili thn
I rxrlnmntlnn i "I'm n dend mnn; ISo
tnkrn imiIhiiii tablcln."
The case wa.s postp"ned ln tho great
cst excitcmbnt. a stomach pump waa
I hurrledly brought Intn plny, and the
: (slck man was carrl?d flrst to the
I prlson hospltal adjarent nnd later to
Bellovuc, -whoro hc Iles to-nicht ln the
[prlson wanl. No chargo of attompted
I suicide Is ontered against hlm, and it
Ils thought he wlll recover, although
I tho action of hyoscin la slow. and much
wlll dopend on hls vitallty.
Hls Act I'nuccn.
[ Tho tlmo at whlch Itobln took the
drug ls fixed approxlmately by the
testlmony of Dr. Austln Fllnt, counsel
for Robin; Dr. DoUiso Bohlnovltcli, hls
slster. and thc two detectlves from tho
dlstrlct attorney's offlco who rode with
hl mfrom hls sister's house to the
Criminal Cotirtg building. Dr. Fllnt told
the court that. as nearly as he could
ju^go from the symptoms, the poison
had been ln Robln's Fystem about
three-quarters of an hour. when he col
lapsed. The two detectlves were posl
tlvo that Rohln swallowtd nothing on
tho way to court.
Dr. Hoblnovltch sald thnt her brother
was in tho hablt of taklng hyosrln in
small doses to counteract tho effects of
mnrphine, ?wh.lcb ho "sod *o deadon tbe
ta'bbing pains by wMch gall stones
? mako themselves known She kept >ho
drug In her houso and she thought hor
? brotner swallowed twelve tablots. At
| Bellevuo to-nlght the examlning sur
l goons estlmatcd that Robln had takon
| about one-trt?ith of a graln.
Robln soemed In good health thl3
mornlng. better than at nny tlme sinco
. hls troubles camo upon hlm. Tho first
'slgn of lllness was whon he staggered
! on stepplng froni hls automobile to tho
j criminal courts bulldings. In tho ole
vator he wenkonod so rapidly that the.
j detectlves had to Hft hlm to a couch.
1 There hc sank lnto unconsciousness
j and was not revlycd untll the stomach
i pump had beon worked vigorously. Its
; prompt use undoubtedly savod lils llfe.
I Outslde, the oorrldors of tho criminal
I courts building falrly hummed wlth ex
i cltemcnt, but in tho Court of General
I Sessions Itself, Judgo Crain was trans
actlng business as usual when XV. F.
Jcromo stepped rapidly down tho aislo.
Court tn Infornied.
"Your Honor," he began hurrledly,
"I am here ln the Robin case. It ap?
pears that the defendant has taken a
drug. Hn cannot be stimulated. An
ambulance has been summoned and
surgoons are now pumplng on his
stomach. The circumstances aro un
Dr. Austln Fllnt, retalned by Jerome,
was calied. The asslstant dlstrict .at?
torney .Tskod what Robln had said.
"He sald." answerod Dr. Fllnt, '"I'm
n. dead man: I've taken polson tablets.'
I found hls face flushcd. tho puplls of
his eyes dllated, hls pulso 160 and
feeble. He told'me that ho had swal?
lowed tho polson three-quarters of an
hour prevlously."
On Informatlon that the prisoner
could not posslbly be arraigned, tho
caso was postponed untll tho roceipt of
further advlces as to hls condition.
Robln's frustrntod attempt to-day
leaves the questlon of hls sanlty still
Thoro were no further developments
to-day ln connection wlth either the
Northern Bank of Now York, or the
Washington Savings Bank, both of
whlch are ln tho hands of tho Stato
Banking Department, but the State De?
partment of Tnsurnnco took ovor tho
affairs of the Tltlo and Guaranteo Com
panv, of Rochester, N. Y? and a large
forco ot accpuritants ls at work on tho
ledgors of thc many lnterwoven com?
panies which Robin promoted.
Ccorglnn Wnnts io Know Who'Pnlil
ftoosevclt's Huntlng F.xpenscft.
Washlngton. Docembor ao.? rhf
African huntlng trip, us organized ant.
carrled out bv tho Smithsonlan lnstl?
tution "via Roosovolt" is tho subjocl
of tho latest proposed congrosslona
investigation. The suggestlon wns ro
eclvod here to-day by Representativt
Unlnev, of Illinois. wrnm a eltlzen of ;
licoigln town, who r-;forred to suol
an Inquiry as a "public sorvlco" ani
to the Smithsonlan ns a trash hcai
inst Hut lon.
Mr. Ralnoy i-- tho Domocnu. who ra;
rontly lntroduced a resolution to ln
nulro into tho niiinner In which Mr
Uoosevolt obtalned his trnn?portatlot
nnd supplles on hls ti'lps about tlu
country whllo he was ProsldenJ. Mr
Ralnoy purpoeeB nt the oatllest op
iiortunlty to press thls resolution
though lt was roforrod to tho liulei
Commlttoo and promptly plgi-onholcd
Tho Georglan. whoso lqtter camo to
d.'iv, declares thnt an exiension of suol
iiu Inquiry to Inclutle tlio way ln whlol
the Afrlciin hunt expedltlon expens,
wns borno by tho Smithsonlan Instl
lullon "would show waste, oxtrnvu
giuico and siniiindct'liig ut puhlli
"The ratltt'ud travellng oxponno;
come off tho owners of the oorporii
tiotiH, and Ihoy get enough to do bo
sldes di*;idhi':idlng n Uoosovelt,'* thi
letter addml, Tho Smithsonlan hn:
never reported the cost of tlio expedl
tlon lo I'oiigress. lmt did submlt a re
port tliat fiiSU sftitiK and. l,31i?. phooli
ofi.-jBilaii.ta-Wcr.U'pbtu.lniitij s
Accused Banker Attempts Sutctde
JOSRTr-n o. noniv.
Does Not Wish to
Jlonor of Altitudc
In Flight, He Beats All World's
Figures Except His
Los Angoles. Cal., December 30.?
Fraring that through aomo technlcal
error or overslght the. height record of
11,174 feet, whlch he mado last Mon?
day, mlght not stand, Arch Hoxsey, tho
California aviator, soarcd into the alr
to-day and broko all tho world's altl?
tude rocords but hls own.
The two barographs he carried regls?
tered a height of 10,57;". feet. Thls ls
nearly 1,000 feet under tho world's
mark he establlshed Monday, but lt is
only seventy feet above tho record of
Degaganeux, mado at Pau, France, a
short tlmo ago. A now record, how?
ever, must exceed tho former mnrk by
at least 300 feet. Therefore, lf tho In?
ternatlonal Fcderatlon of Aero Cluba
re fuses to recognlze lloxsey's feat ot
Monday, the Callfornlan will lose tho
glory and prizes, whlch aggregate
nearly ?5,000.
Noverthelc38, through to-day's per?
formance he wlll have the satlsfactlon
of knowlng that ho holds the American
endurance. record. Ho was in the. air
to-day three hours and aeventeen
Thrill-* for Spectatora.
New Orleans, La., December 30.?A
cold wlnd prevented any attompts at
sensatlonal tlylng by tho group of In
tornational Aviators at the Clty Park
tournament to-day, but tlie intricato
manoeuvres of John B. Moisant and
Iiene Slmon furnished numoroua thrills
for tho crowds. Molsant's sharp turns
ln his Bleriot oxcelled anythlng of tbo
klnd ever wltncssed here, whilo
?Simon's glldes to wlthln a few foct of
the ground, followed-by qulck ascents,
were roundly applaudcd,
Aviator In Kllled,
Versallles, France, December 30.?
I.ieutenant Cnumont, of tho army avta
tlon corps. while tosting a new mono
plane to-day, fell from a height of
ixty feet. Both arms and both legs
were broken. .The injured man was
taken .Immedlately to the military hos?
pital, where he dled to-nlght.
Aa soon as ho learned of tho acci?
dent, General Brun. Minlster of War,
nominated Dieutenant Cauniont for the
Leglon of Honor, but death occurred
beforo the oross could bc taken to him.
A School of Avlnllona.
Augusta. Ga., December 30.?What
will bo the only roguliarly establlshed
school of iwviaitlon ln thls country wlll
be started ln Augusta withln tho next
ten days bv tho Wrlght Brothers.
Frank ' Coffvn. ropresent Ing the
Wrighta, who hns been hero for sev?
eral days. wlll o.omplote arrangementF
for tho institution at o. jolnt nieottjiR
of tho clty's buslneas organlzations
to bn held to-morrow, when tho clty
will pledge half the expense of socur
Ing a slto for tho school. Wookly ex
Hblilon llights wlll be schednlod. Suf
licient funds to secure the project wcrc
assured to-night.
He TcIIk lliniii'M of tlie "Sweet nen*." ol
Thelr H?N|iltiilM.v.
New Voil*. Decembor :in.?-Dr. Fred?
erlck A f'ook, the travoler, tn tln
course of an InU'i-vlow to-day in tlu
"Nordlvaot." a local lmnisli paper
1 sends a message of tbanlts to tho Dun
"I lah Donplo for tholr reception on bi;
arriviil Crum lhe north ln lflOil. Tln
moasiigo. "whlch hns been cnhlod lo tln
loadlng pnpera in Coponhiigon. fol?
lo ws: ?
"In responso tu tho offor of tlu
'Nordlysot,' i take lb!s opportuiiity n
(bank tlio Danish peoplo tor tholr i|pl
form pat.ienco and lo.v.tlty to my ln
terost, i hnvo beon iloprlvcd uf much
bul Jho Kw.oetneaa of rmuiah hos
pitality wlll always roniulu to nurs<
HhepJaiyirk of amUltlon,"
Bullets May Bc Flying Over
Puerto Cortez Within
Forty-Eight Hours. .
Believed Bonilla Is Planning to
Approach Town by Land
and Sea.
Puerto Cortez, Honduras, December 30.
?Vla wirclcss to Now Orleans.?^1
attack upon Puerto Cortez by tho ro
volutlonary gunhoat Hornet, whlch was
reported several mlles off the coast
lato last nlght, ls expected hourly.
Several hundred government troops
arrived here yostorday from Togucl
cagalpa, and others camo in this morn?
lng. Flghtlns has already started at
Easquabrados, according to reports
whlch reached here thls mornlng.
Followlng rumors that the Unitod
Statos cruiser Tacoina had slghtod thc
Hornet last nlght. the Amorlcan con
sul at tho lnstance of Commander
Davis. ofthe Taconia, to-day warned all
Americans to remaln lndoors after tht
trouble starts. Notlce was glvon tht
commandanto to-day that the Tacom?
to-morrow would land marlnos to pro
toct American Interests here.
Tho Ilonduran gunboat Tatumbla 1:
ln the harbor, but her two ono-pound
ors aro not expected to hc of much ust
In defendlng tho town against an at?
tack by tho Hornot, whlch la reportet
as havlng four slx-Inch modern rltloi
nnd three machlne guns. The tatumblf
ls not consldered seaworthy.
Guatemalan troops arrived at Mo
rales last night, whlch move Is takoi
hero to moan that a land attack lv
tho Honduran revolutlonlsts ls ex?
pected along tho bordoin
East Quabrada Bulas ls a small towi
in the department of Santa Barhara
slxty-three mlles south of Puerto Cor
toz. ln a section whero Manuel Bonilla
formor presldont and leader of th
revolutlonlsts, has a large followltiR
The little mountaln town has beon th
sceno of several battlos ln previou
revolutionary outbreaks.
It ts belleved to be tho plan of Bo
nllla to attack Puorto Cortni; wlth th
Hornet whllo a small body of troop
moves on. tho town from the south.
According to rumorsVvhlch havo bee:
current hore for several days, Genera
I.00 Christmas ls to hoad a large bod.
of troops whlch havo been moblllzo.
along the bordor and marched agalns
the capital after Puerto Cortez and Sa:
Pedro are capturcd.
Tho poople aro grcatly excltod, an
few believo tho nttack upon the tow
wlll be delayed moro than forty-eigb
AU Reported Qulet.
Washlngton, Docembor 30.?All wa
qulet ln Honduras yesterday, accord
Ing to a dlspatch reoeTved hy tho Nav
Department from Commander Andor
son, of the Unitod Statos gnnhoa
Yoi-ktown, at Amapala. So far as th
advlces of tho Stato and Navy Dopart
fents show, tho threatened revolutlo
has not yet broken In Honduras.
They Select IloiYnlo hh Next Place o
IndlaiiapollB, ind., neecmber 30.
The American Historical Assoolatlo
closod Its annual conventlon ln thl
clty to-day wlth the selootlou of Bul
l'alo. N, Y., us the place of next y?n.r'
conventlon, and tho election of ofllcci
as follows:
Presldont, Wllliam M. Sloaqe, Colun
hia I'tilvcrstty; First Vlce-Presideli
Theodbre RoosevQlt; second Vloo-Frej
i.lent, \V. Ai Dunnlng. Columbia Vtv
ver.sitv: Secrotary. Waldo O. Eelan.
Carnegio Institution: Treasurer, C. V
Biiweii, New Vork; Secretary of Cout
.11, C, II. Haskl.'is, Harvard UnlveraUj
Ciirator. A. Howard Clark, Siuithsuiila
.i ?? 0 -
lir.us Wlfe; KIIIn Sclf.
I.isbon, Ia., Docembor 30.-?I.ewi
Cole, Indlgtiant becauso hls wlfe sue
bim for dlvorce, to-day boat tho wi
man Itisanslbli* with * uock yoke. thc
? ;.hoi lilint-eir. dylng inatantly. The wt
' man wlll veeovor,
i -
Directors of Mother
Church Resent Mrs.
Stetson's Attitude.
Electlon in New York Church
Comes Within Month, and Ex
communicated Leader May
Be Returned to Power.
Her Following Increas
ing Daily.
rpperlnl to The Tlmos-Dlspatoh.1
New York. Docomber 30.?Tha
declaratlon by Mrs. Augusta E. Stetson,
tho excommunlcatod leador of tha
First Church of Chrlst, Sclentlst. ln
thls clty, of hor convlctlon and that
of tnany Christlan Sclcntlsts through?
out the country of tho Imminence of
the rosurroctlon ln fleshly form of Mary
Baker Eddy, tho founder of the Chris?
tlan Sclence cult, had tho effect t.o-day
of forclng tbe dlrectors of the Mother
Church of the fnlth ln Boston Into
vehement. denlal of thn orthodoxy of
Mrs. Stotson's doctrlnes and thoae of
her followers who belleve wilh her
that Mrs. Eddy wlll mako a demon
stratlon of her triumpn over death.
even as Jesus Chrlst dld ln Palestlna
?,000 years ago.
It also became evldent to-day that.
the dlrectors of the Mother Church In
Boston. who havo been left as su?
preme arblters of tho faith whlch Mrs.
Eddy dlscoverod and hullt up, have
heen forced to meet o distlnct. llne of
cleavage ln the ranks of Chrlsttan
Sclcntlsts throughout tho church by
thelr actlon, qulckly selzed upon by
Mrs. Stetson, ln rtropping from the
mantial of tho Mother Church the nam?
and tltle of Mrs. Eddy as Pastor Emer
Itus, of the parent church ln Boston.
B.v thelr actlon. the dlrectora have
declared themselves ln the matter of
an eccleslastlcal dlfference of opinlon
in a way whlch threatens to npen
wider the breac.h between the "prac?
tlcal" and the "vlslonary" devotees of
tho faith.
No Longer Pastor Kraerltus.
Eugene B. Cox. th? mouthpfeee of
the dlrectorate ln Boston, said that
Mra. Eddy's name had heen dmppe.l
from the roll of the offlcers ot tb*
mother church fooeause. she was no.
longer pastor emoritus. That portion
of the church whlch belleves with Mr3.
Stetson looks upon this action of tho
dlrectors as Indicativo of rank lark of
faith, slnco to tholr notion Mrs. Eddy
stlll lives and still is pastor emoritus,
lor leader over her puptls.'
Thero also appeared to-day the flrst
deflnlte indlcatlon that the crystalllza
tlon of Mrs. Stotson's vlews concerning
the inevltable demonstratlon of Mrs.
Eddy ln tho flesh forccasts a rencwal
of the strlfo between tho factlons ln.
tho Flrst Church of Chrlst, Sclentlst,
In thls city, when tho annual electlon
of trustees shall take placo ln .lanuary.
Mrs. Stotson's bellofs have won to her
party ln tho church a largo numbor of
converts. and tho Issuo of the future
control of tho large congregatlon here
wlll bo fought out at' tho electlon,
whlch Is to come wlthln the month.
The publicatlon In thls morning'st
papers of Mrs. Stotson's unusual be?
llofs concerning tlie resurroction of
Mrs. Eddy stlrred Eugeno B. Cox, who
ls the chairman of tho publicatlon com?
mltteo of the Christlan Solenco Church
for the State of New York. Into un?
usual actlvlty. He Issued one state?
ment on hls own behalf and two he'
tbok later over tho telephono from
John V. Dlttemore, the clerk of the
Mother Church, and a member of the
board of dlrectors of the central or?
ganization ln Boston. Tho latter state?
ments were obtalned at the behost of
Thls ls the flrst statement whlch Mr,
Cox had ready for tho newspaper men
at hls oillco at No. 1 Madlson Avenue,
tnls afternoon.
"Thore is nothing ln the teaohings of
Christlan Scicnce nor the wrltlngs of
Mary Bakor Eddy, its dlscoverer and
founder, to justlfy any 'statements
looklng to physlcal resurroction. and
any tondoncy or thought in that dlrec
tlon ls abnormal ln a Christlan Sclentlst,
as it takes account of thc porsonallty
of Mrs. Eddy. whlch she deprocated.
Idea llepUKnnnt.
"To attempt to delfy lier or make her
cqual wlth God or Jesus the Chrlst ts
equally repugnant to the normal teach
Ings of Christlan Sclence. When asked
lf she were tho second Chrlst. Mrs.
Eddy said: 'Even tho question shocks
me. What I am is for God to doclara
ln Hls lntlnlte mercy. Thero was and
?is and ever can be but one God, one
Jesus of Nazareth.'
"Such autlioritative statements by
Mrs. Eddy should forover put at rest
any wild and vislonary ideas regarding
rosurraetion or renppearing ln hodlly
form. Mrs. Eddy gavo to the world
Christlan Sclence. a domonstrable
knowledge of good, and thls wlll for?
over remain.
"Statoments tendlng towards the dol
flcatlon of Mrs. Eddy and roferrlng to
lu r resurroction recently promulgated
by one who was oxeommunirated from
tho Mother Church by the board of
directors ln thelr offlcial capaclty, for
Incorrecft leachlrig and practice of
Christlan Sclence. should set tle nll
douht that has or may exist as to the,
proprletv of such exeommunieutlon."
lt was frooly said in Christian Scl?
ence circlos to-day tliat Mrs. Stetson
bad added grcatly to her following by
lliilng tho lnck in faith had by many
and bv showing tbe dlrectors in Boh
ton to bo "on the sldo of mortallty." In
thelr franklv material acceptance of
tho fact of Mrs. F.ddy's death,
In January tlio annual election ot
trusteex for the Flrst Church horo wlll
bc held. Thore are three rcgularly
recurretil v.icaucles to be fllled, and
two vnrancles besldes thoso caused hy
the reslgnatlon a year ago of trustees
who were of tiu- Stetson factlon. ln
all, llve of a boanl of nltn* are t,o
be chosen: the electlon wlll deter
mlne a majorlty of the board.
ll/.- Manj- Follo?ver?.
M)rs. Stotson's forces aro said to
number 800, whlch would ronstttute
a majorlty necessary t>> elect llve dl?
rectors favorablc to lu r party. If all
wero niarshaled ;.l tbe rcdlx
\ recent ainmulnient, whieh wll
passed bv a two-thirds vqt? of th*
<? consre&*-A-c--V th* Stotaonlwia dellb-l

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