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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, December 31, 1910, Image 10

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Table SILVER Reduced
All that fctnaiiis over frtmi thc great sclling of thc past few
wrcks have been ma'rked ;it prices orie-half aiid less, but as tlicrc
is only a few pieces of each kind, we advisc you to bc here early
to j^ft thc choice of these rcduc"tions. Wc mention a few of thc
many big rcductions:
55.00 Quadhiple-Pldtc Articles,
One ltit of Silvcrwarc, only a frtv
pieces of each kind?Kern Dishcs,
Small Si.up Turecns. Bread Trays,
Syrup Pitchcrs and Platcs, and many
others that sold for S5.CK)
reduced to.
.17.50 to $8.00 Table Silver Reduced
to $5.00.
Thr.se are all good, serviccablc arti?
cles, odd pieces left over, such as Soup
Turecns. Fruit Bowls, Bread Trays,
Sandwich Platcs, Hand-Picn ed Nut
Bowl; onlv a few in this OC AA
lot; reduced to. tPtJ.Uv
$6.00 nnd $7.00 Silver Reduced to
This lot consists of Syrup Pitchcrs
and Trays, Baking Dishcs, Watcr
Pitchers, Teapots, I'crn Dishcs, Ice
Bowls, Sugar aud Cream; only biic
or two pieces of a kind; rc- <PQ AA
duccd to . iDJ.UU
$1.50 and $2.00 Silvcrwarc Reduced
to 69c.
One lot of Vascs, Bread Trays,
Grackcr Trays, Candlcsticks, _2Qn
reduced to, each. Ut/C
I'oiir-Pierc Tea Set (only twp iu thc
lot), satin finished; with en?
graving; worth Slb.98; re- fl?? AA
duccd to-..... ?pO?UU
Four-Pioce Tea Sets, plain bUrnVsh
ed, footed, onlv two iu thc <P'7 PA
lot; reduced from S12 to.. ?D i ?OU
Chamber Joins in Rccomrncnding
Ccrcmonics at Opcning
of Exhibit.
Invltatlon? will bo extendod to tha
jirosldent ot overy rallroad operatlng
in Virginia to ;ittcnd thc formal open?
lng- t,o tno public of the minoral and
tlmber oxhiHit In tha Hall "f Exhlbita
ln thr. State Llbrary building, lf ten
tativn plans holns disrussod aro udopt
ed, Thr- affalr will probably b<* sotne
jvlial b,laborate. Tho date is liltc-iv to
"be botwoen .lanuary 15 and January 31,
!'f.r gcvoral days liast Captain XV. XV.
Baltcr. tho meinbor nf the Leglslature
in '-rargc o:" thr* Instailatlon of tlie
Jam'-'-i'iwn exhibit, haa been ln i-on
sultatlon with Governor Mann regard
lhg tlio diii-* and program tor the
opcning r,f thr .xiiiin. Practically
evcrything ti'lll bo ln lts place ln tlie
. Khlblt room by tbia ovening, wlth the
, ?,ruMn r.f plncins markcia in posi?
?Thc Richmond Chamber of Commerce
has Joined in the movement for nn ap
proprtate celebratlon, At a meeting
h' ui ycsterd.ay the executive committue
adbptbd iho followlng resolution:
< hnrnhcr Wlll Aid.
"That tho Bxeculivo Commlttoo if
tlio Itii-liiii'iiid Chambor of Commorco
apprbyes and commlts Itself to tha
proposltlon of havlng approprlat^ cero
monlcs and features pf entertainment
upon tho occaslon of thr opcning ot
tho Virginia minoral. tlmber: and hi:
torical exhibit In .lanuary next, and
that tho Bxecutivo Committeo shal!
confer with llis Exoelloncy, Govoru.or
William Hodgcs Mann. for tho pur?
poso of arranglng a program ln de?
ln obedience to this resolution. tlie
followlng members wlll meot the Gov?
ernor ln his ofllces at 0:1". this morn
Ing for the purposo of dtscus-sing
plans: llcnry XV. Wood. T. M. Carrlng
Ton, W. T. Reed, K. C. Lalrd bind John
M. Miller. Jr. .Captain Baker will also
*bc present. ''*
The larg'er railroads of Virginia have
rontrlbutcd exhiblts lo the display,. the
Instailatlon of whlch has taken nearly
s.11 of the present yenr. They wlll
probably be asked to attend and to
make addrosscs on Virginla's past, an
4ior res'ouxces and her bpportunltlcs.
Probably a roi-eptlon wlll bo given
tn thc Hall of Exhiblts,
Tostmaster Allan Ct>m'ti)endn Good Work
During llnliilii.i Ku-h.
Pnstmaster ICiIk.-ii- Allan; lr.. yesterday fnr
?*ardcd to all i>! the cmplnyca of the Itlch
rnond post-olTIri- lctlrrs lliankuiK iheni for
?ble and effici'.'iit work in carryliiK out tlielr
various rtu'tics ln handlliiK tho heavy Chrlst?
maa nialls.
Mr. Allan calied altcutinn lo the fnct that
thr,UKh the mail this year wns '10 per cent.
Wavior than that of laat season lt was
hsndled more rapidly.
Mr. Allan has heon cnnmatula t?d on all
?Jdea for the cfflcloricy of hls department.
"Our oftif-e wa.s cleaned up oarlier thls
y-.tr than over before," lie said. -'iiinl dono
?t !"ss c-xp'insi. I belleve tlie Richmond
fiffice to he operoti-d for less coat thnn lhal
?f any town ol ovor 100."00 people. nnd the
vork here to hc hetter."
?ludjrnient Set Ahide,
In thc case of XXI II. Tayloa against the.
jFidc.Jltv ttnd Casualty fompany, of New
York. pendins in iho City flrcult Court.
.fudgr Krott yesterday ontered an order s>*t
iniK astde a Judmiient hen-tofoiv rendered
?m a deninrrer tn the evldence. The court
thavinp heard further iirguuicnt t,:i thc case
look It undcr advlaolnent.
.Miirrlagr l.ieennes.
Marrir.Ee llcenses wero Issued In the
rlerk's offlce of tho Hustings Court yes.ler
day to Allen .lotrr Savllle nnd Mlsa Mabei
Fitiis; .1, .**"* l.--i Millncr and Miss Manilc L.
Buy G. M. Co.'s "Pearl" Roofing Tin. See the trade
Fourteenth and Dock Streets,
Richmond, Va.
f-w-Ti i | li u.istaaaa*0%waamVrmtamm00Waaaaaiaaaaaaam .iraa
Government Ships Built in Rich?
mond Liable to Claims of
Final deeree in the case of S. li.
Hawes & Co. ag-alnst the. Wllliam lt.
Trlgg Company was recelved yesterday
from the Suprenio Court of tho Unlted
States and entercd of rocord by Clerk
11. MMi-art Jones, of the Supreme Court
of Appoals of Virginia. Thla mandate
revorses thc Jtidgment of tiu- Virginia
court ln one respect, an.l afrlrma lt In
the remalnder of tlie polnta at Is.-ue.
'mis lltigatlon, whose termfnation a
few weeks ago was then publlshed, is
a phasc of thc settlemenUof the busi
nese ..r thc William IX Trlgg Company,
thc Rlchmond shlpbullding concern,
a point Involved waa bb to th?-Btatua
of the several vessels whlch the com?
pany was bulldlng for the Unlted
States government at the time of tho
i-ecolvorKhlii. Tho Supreme Court 'f
the Cnlled States docirled that the
Mohawk and thn Galveston, two of
theso ships-, were liable to the claims
of creditors, whlle the Ronyuard was
not so liable.
Two ApprnlM Granted.
The Supreme. Coun yesterday grant?
ed an appeal ln iho case of Oeorge. C,
Joltcrson. Armistcad T. HnrviV, Lowla
13, Ilarvle and XV. Gordon Harvlo
against Dandridge Gregbrj and J. II.
Soflold. The appeal comes from tho
Clrcult Court of Amolia county.
lt ls set forth tbat on October 5.
1S8H, (iooruc C. .IclTeraon piirchasod|
from commlssioncrs of thc Chancery
Court of tln- clty ,.f Rlchmond, m small
lot of iand ln Amella county, payins
$31.25 for It. Apparcntly it muat have
Increased treinendously ln value, slnce
the appeal alone will cost several time:'
what tlio lot was then worth. Mlstakcs
are alleged in the dlmenslons of tiu
A writ of error was allowed in the
case of the Unlted States Leather Com?
pany against Fbbie Showaltor, fron:
the Clrcult Court of Allcgbany county
Showalter lost three ilngers througl
accldent whlle an employo of tln
leather company. and sued for dam
ages. getting a verdlct of $-',000 in tiu
lower court. From this tlie compans
appeal:-. The. case koos io Ktauntor
for hearing next September.
Sult of Plunkett AgniiiM Clty <.f lllrlimuiii
Docketed f?r Further llcnrlng.
In tlio .as. or Wllliam M. Plunketl .ignlri*
the 'efty of Rlelinmna nml 1. ,1. Smlth -'
Company, whlch Iiiib boon on trial ln tli
Clty Clrcult Court for tln- past few dny:
tlie jury not lioiiiK able to agroo wan dls
charged and the case docketed for a furtho
I'liinketl aued for dnmnfn ln tlm sum .|
$10,000. alleglng injurles recelved by fallin
Into an cxcavatlon made by Smlth -fc Com
pany for a clty si-iver at Twentleth and i
Streets. II.- iillcgcd thnt the trench was no
proporly barrlcaded or Ilghtod.
: Auditing ( oniniit'ce Ki'i'tilrrd to Publish lt
| In .0111101*11011 wilh the report of the .loln
I Auditing coinmitteo of the l.ogi-daturr, puli
|ll8h..d In The TlinoB-DlspHtch Thursday, I
hns heen suggested thnt the eommittee wn
t dis.ourteoiis ln giving a copy i
Ite-feronce to the section of the Conslltu
tlon -jovt-rnlng the appointment nml dnllr
..f this commltteo shows that it ls tho .lnt
>.i the committee, nml not thin of thc Oov
ernor, to have Its report publlshed.
^rcntcd lor Stealing f>l Ccnla,
Henry Sheiton, colored, wus arrested yet
terdny by Doputy Sherlff XV. XV. Byduor, c
Honrlco county,, for th.- theft 0f 51 cenl
rrom n fellow #irin hand, Ile wlll ln- tiie
to-day before MagUtrato T. .1. Pury.oar.
ChcsapeaUc aiul Ohio Ofticials
Pronjibtcd I'nilt'.r Xew O'rd'cf
Effcctivc To-Morrow.
Sent Back u> Richmond as (Icn
c'ral Superintendent of
Importunl changes in tbe operating
dopartmcnl of lho Chesttpeakd nnd
Ohio Railway, effectlvo to-morrow,
were announced yesterday. C. <:. Wal?
ker, general superlntendonl of trans?
portatlon, tiolng promoted to assistant
general mnnngcr.
E. P. Goo'dwln, general kuperlriten
d.-iii of thc West Virginia general dlvl
Blon, iiitH be.-n mado gongrau superin?
tendent of transportatlon, Io Buccocd
Mr. Walltcr. wlth hcadquartefs In Rlch'
.1. II. Cnrey, nf Ilinton, la appointed
genernl .superintendent uf tlu- Wcst
Virginla genernl divislon tn succeed
Mr. i '.i.udivin.
.1. \V. Heron, in addlt Ion-to hlfl dutles
as ullotnicnt commlsaloricr. wlll havo
chargo of car dlstrlbiition in the coal
Ali of theso appointliients a'o ln the
nnturc ot' prOmollons, the Chesapeako
and ohio having continued it:< polley
of advancing men ln the servlce where
mcrlt and abllity nre reeognlr.ed,
l.nnc. Wlth I'ontpnnj.
Prcsldi nt Georgo W. Stevens aml
GonOfal Manager E. AV. C.rlce hnvo
bcen out on tlie ron.i foi sevoral daya
on mnttors connected with ibe new ap
point ments.
For the past Weck thoro hns been
more nr loss tnll*. among employes of
the rond cpncerrithg probable changes,
but nothlng donnlte waa known outslde
lhe officlal family.
Mr. Walker, wlio hns been advanced
na General Manager Grlce's assistant,
JlUS been wlth tbe Chesapeako and Ohio
Railway slnce IS79, when he entored
Its service ns clerk iii tbo clalm ofllce.
Prevlous to thnl tlmo he was genernl
operator of the Richmond. York Rivcr
and < hesapcakc Railway ln Ricliniond
and Lester Manbr. Even beforo tliat
tlme, however, he "broke in" on the
old Richmond nnd Danville, nnd llko
most railroad men of this gencration,
bo wurked hls way up from tho very
bottom. iio became superintendent of
transportatlon ln 1302, ,nid wns mado
genernl superintendent <>f transporta?
tlon less than n yenr ago when a num?
ber of promotions were ordered.
?\Vlns Good Promotlon:
ln comlng back to Richmond as
I genoral superintendenl of transporta?
tion, Mr. Goodwjn will show that he
has won his spurn ln the railroad
? world. He is a loulsa county man,
an dwas with the company hero for n
number of years in one capacity ot
another, golng up step by step from mt
first position ns telegraph operator
He was formerly suporintendont of thc
Clncinnatl divislon. nnd not long age
lie was made general suerlntendent ol
tbe West Virginla general divislon
rlght in the heart of the rlch coa!
coirhtry. Rei-auso of the excellent re
cord he made, be was picked nn thi
logical man for tbe moro Importatu
j position in Ricliniond.
Slmo tlie Chesapeako and Ohio bn:
i tnken over what Is now known as th<
Chosapeako and Ohio Railroad of ln
I diann. work falling tn the various of
liclals lias very largely Increased, am
thoro havo been eonstant changes am
shlftlngs ni burdens. In every in
stance, however, the promotlon polic;
has boen followed, a plan which ul
rallroad men prol'er.
Servlces lo ?.<? Ilcld in Miiny Churchea nn
MlSdlons To-MKbl.
-A'atch-nlffht aorvice-, wlll he |n ?*.-mi> to
nlKht at 12 o'clock In moet of the /Ichinon
?hurches, mi-slons aml ioIIkIous urganlza
QoTernor Mnnn wlll pnrtleipnte ln tSc en
prclsca to bo held nt the h\llroad T. M. t.
A? where arrangenients hnvo born mmlc t
produce In motlon pictures the famous "Pa
Mon Play." Thoso i.rr>-iiiniitos wlll hoKbi n
r>:"n ,,-, lock. si.iio Secretary S. A. Acklo
nml Intornntional Secretary II. O. William
wlll also he nmonft tlie spenkers. whllo Rei
1>. Clay l.illy, D. D? wlll preaoh a sermo
ns thc old yenr pa-scs nnd the now yon
is ushered ln.
Sorvlcea at the Contrnl Y. M. C, A. wl
Ik of nn Informal character, aud will Ix
Bln at 10:30 o'clock,
Tho Putnam Mission. 1*11 East Eriinkll
Streot, wil! obeorvo the occasion, boKlnnln
nt s o'clock, From w to mldnlght a fre
suppor wlll he serveil lo wnyfnrers.
Sell Cold Storage Product
Which They Claim to Have
Brought From Farm.
Complaint wns made to the Counc
Committee <>n Markets last night b
huckstors who rent stalls In the Sot
nnd Market, and who hold merchant
licenses tlint various people wero sel
Ing produeo whlch thoy had purchase
wholesale, on the curbstoiie, and undei
s cuttlng market prlces. Undor the ord
1 nance governlng tbo markets, counti
people may brlng in thelr own produt
nnd sell at the curb, at places to l
nsslgned by tho clerk of tho marko
paylng only a daily caTt tax of tc
cents. deslgned only tn cover the cqi
nf cleanlng the street when lhe marki
closos, The complalnlng sta,l] rentei
sald they had been Informed thnt. son
of these alleged country people were I
renllty Bolling cold storage 'eggs an
poultry bought from wholesale deulcr
Whlch they bad nol thenisolvos ralse
Tlio mattor was tully dise.ussed l
tlie cnmiiiltici'. Chalrman l-'On Leav
s'tated thal tlie laws gOVemlng tl
niurkoLs wore plain, and Clork'Johnstc
nf tho' Sqcond Market wus lntUruetc
to Inforce them tn iho extent of pu
tlng in tbe Police Cnurt any di-ulei
wlm attempt ln sf'.l without a license
Repalrr. tn tlie l-'lrsl Market wero di
ferred until thg i-'iminee Commitn
nc.ts on tiie proposltlon pending for ti
erei tlon of a new market houso <m tl
Heabrook W.arohouso lot. II wi
stated that the alterntloiis ma.de at tl
time tho Old Market Hall wus rcmovi
liad prnvod a failure, and thut tho o
buildings weve in dllapldatjd corid
llon, with leaktng roof nnd faul
llghtlnB llxturcs. lf i; is declded n
to bulld h now market, e\tvei),-jj,re r
ptilra wUl'bc proposed,.
Rcccipts for Year Closing:' To-.
Nijjlit Inci'casi* (Icavily as
Compared W iih 1909,
Office Paid Virginia Rural Car
ricrs $8$f,$62.7K During thc
thc Fast "i car.
tho niclimotul
nf business for
whlch will und
- to-nlght, luia
imlii-iitlng the
nf thls com
till further ad
year nggrocnl.*
-.*. ith $631,711.30
in nll departments <
Post-Oflico the votunu
tlie past twelve montl.
wlth tho cloie of nn
ahown n blg ihcreasi
Increasing prosperlr
munity and proinlsln::
v'ances In the future.
? Thn rocolpta tor ti
$657,240.25, aa compai
for the Hiinie perlod nf inn"), or nn in
ercaso or fS6iSjt.7.05. V total of $sns,
162.32 was recelved al the locnl ofllce
from postmastors throughout Virginia
durlng tlio past yoar. md of this sum
$711,346.42 waa deposlted ln the L'nlted
s'tntes Treasury.
1 >no of tho moat interestlng facts
concerning tho year's husiness is that
$1,088,372 wna pald out by tlie monoy
order divlslon. .\oari 22,000 domostlc
orders wero Issued?excluslve of sub
I statlons?while 2,l0u Internatlonal or
I dors wero mado out Foes for this
j Wero nearly $3,000. whllo the nmount
j of theso orders sent out was $244,000,
I Thls offlce ri-niitti',1 lr, r designated de?
pository durlng tho year, $25,850.
'. Tho reglstry divlslon liancUed 207,
I r,!*.*' pieces, "t.ins outgolng, and Ltn,.
200 for local dellvery.
Postmaster Edgar Allan. Jr:, lsgratl
! Ilerl wlth thls ?suniniary of tho year's
| work. hul no more ro thnn wlth tlie
! offlclency hls dopartnvnt has attalneri
I In tho matter of tho dellvery nnd dls
ipateh of the mnlls. whlch luts been a
SOtlTCe of lienetlt to tho public?now
I cnjoylng a servlco excelled In no clty
I of iho country and oqualed by few of
i tho same size.
Whnt lhe ricuren Show.
A tabulated report of the year's busi?
ness. prepared by Cashier Marrlott,
Recelpts for year ended
December 31, loio.$ 657,243 2S
Recelpts for yenr ended
nocember 31, 1003 . 631,711 30
Tnerease .S 25,53, 0.
Postal funds recelved from
other postmastors thrbugh
oul the State for past
voar .$ 805,463-3.
Amount deposlted wlth
I'nltori States Treasurer
fnr ->ast vr-ar.
Amount paid rural rarrlers
throughout the Plate for
tlie paat year.
Amount pald regular clerks
for past year .
Amount paid subclerks for
past. year . ??.
Amount paid regular ear
riers for past year.
Amount paid subcarriors
fo-r past yoar .
Money Order Buslnen"".
(Excluslve uf Statlons.)
Number of domestic orders
issued durlng yoar.
Amount .
Foes .
Number of Internatlonal
orders Issued durlng
771.346 t:
S"i7.1fi2 7!
i"2,nn 6*
1.2S3 21
81,115 2!
1,281 31
107.ono 0
1,337 0
000 0
?137 0
72 0
25,850 0
Amount .?
l-'eos .'.
Amount of surplus monoy
order funds recelved
from other postmastors
for year . l.?**s
Amount romltted by thls
ofllco io designated de?
pository durlng the year.
Itcglslry fluslnesH.
Number of pifcos (all
elasses) presented for
registratlon at maln of?
flce and statlons upon
whlch postago was pre?
paid by stamps afnxod,
durlng past year.
Number of pieces (all
elasses") recelved at thls
office for local dellvery
durlng year .
To Tnke ln MaucheKtter,
Theso flgures do not lnclude thobusl
ness of lhe post-offico of South Rich
mond, which is under tho dlrectlon n
Postmaster T. H. Smith, where a larg
husiness is done on account ot hand
ltng tho mail of the numcrous. manu
fucturing concerns there.
This olllce wlll come under the su
pervlslon of I'ostinastei* Allan aftc
March 1, 1011, though it wlll continu
in charge of Postmnster Smith, wh
will be retalned as asslstant postmas
ter undcr clvil service classiflcationj
Men Who Do the Work.
In Itlchmond post-offlco dlvlslo
thore are thlrty-one employes, undf
tho d-lrection of Elmo .S. Redwood. I
the money order divlslon thero are ftv
employes, under tho di'reotion of Sv
perlntendent Freddrick XV. kunko
Superintendcnt W. Ross Southwar
dlrects ten men ln tho reglstry dlv:
slon. In the mail Ing divlslon there at
tlurty-four men, under tho superv-lslo
of .lohn J. Fltzgerald.
Tho flnancos bf tlie post-pfflcn ai
cared for by Cashler Wllliam McKli
Marrlott. assisted by Mlnor R. Ra'
cllffe, Mrs. Vara II. Wlnston, Thomi
E. Olpliln and Thomas .1. O'Connor, J
Tho oxecutlve work ls carrled on I
the ofllces of Postmnster Allan an
Asslstant Postmaster l. XV. Fuller, wl
are nlded b.* Jamos F. Pendloton an
Edward L. Fleld.
Other heads of departments Includi
1'eachy G, Ilarrison and G. Roddy Tei
ser. stamp clerks; Luthe.r T. Mutthe.w
goneral business clerk; Hay T. Thort
ton, superlntendent of Station A; .loh
M, Gordon. stiperintondent of Statli
II; Edgar Chlldrey, suporlntendent. i
carrlors; Ben.isimin AV. Russell, "lie:
for post age" clerk, and Robert J
Kiltliie. "N'ixio" clerk.
To handle. tlie ovorllow of mnlls thel
are two lottered statlons?A nnd B
and twenty numbered statlons, Foi
clerks *tuid twenly-Ilvo carrlors aro li
cnled ut Statlon A, aud at Statlon !
threo elorks and fourteen carrlors aj
IClovon mouiited carriora nre now
U?o, whiln four laborers nre alao on
played at the mnln ofllce, Forty-fl
i rallway postal clerks. under Chl
Clerk T. P. Elam, aro pald at lu
to save is ro succeed;
Open your nccmnit witli us and ci
3 per cenl.. eoinpouiul intercst.
XU7 East Muln ,St**cet,
.Maximiliiiii Hirsch Will Bc Rc
lcascd To-Day from
Governor Thinks Killing Was
by Chance?Only Two
fews in Prison.
Acling upon n glganllt- petllinn.
j bascd upon extcnuatlng olrcumstanccs,
Governor Mann announced yesterday
that he would Issue a pardon to Mnxi
mlllan lllrsch, who ls sorving a torm
of nlne years ln the .State Penltentlary
for tlio murder of his brother-in-law,
Louis faanca. lllrsch wlll.be rcloam-.i
to-day, and will spend Now Vour:
al his home in Jtookingliaiu countv.
Seldom Indeed doos a petitlon for
c.xocutlvo clomency boilr so many Blg
natures, ur rcprosont mon of hlgher
standlng, than has beon the case ln
thls Instance. No fewor t lio.ii 1,190
niinies appoar upoh tho appllcatlon for
pardon. Thoy Include all twelve of tlm
members nf tho trial Jury. Rocklng
ham's delogatloh ln the Leglslature.
mosl of tlio county ofllccrs, Mayors and
Councilmen of thc towns ln the county.
postmaslcra, morchants, rallway ofll
clals, professlonal mon and otherfl.
STol liilriillimnl .Murder,
Tho Governor said yesterdny that
he was convlncod lhat there was no
intention ln thls case Id comtnt a
?nurdor. L,onis Isaacs, thc .lead man.
It ls Hald, was Infnrmpri hy a nurso
that hls baby had boon called "a I
iiamned brat" by Maxlmlllan lllrsch.
The mon quarrelod as soon as thoy
met, lllrsch, who wns thn smallor man,'
backlng ucross tho streot. The men
struggled untll a pllo of trash wasi
reached, vfhen lllrsch plcked up a
pieco Of woo.1 nnd struck Isaacs over
tho head, frncturlng his skull.
Physlcians who examined the body
say that at that polni tho Kkull was
but ono-fenth nf an inch thlek. Just
half tho bIzo ot a normal skull. and
tb.it the sanio blow intlietod on an
Other person would not havo produccd
serlous restllts, A chance blow ln a
light is thc characterlzatlon of the of
In his statement regarding the par?
don tho Govornor notes the fact. that
lllrsch is one of tho only two men 'n
tho State Fenitentlnrv who are Jews.
II" regards tlils as a tributo to tho
Governor's Stntemeut.
Hls remarks in connectlon wlth the
panlon are as follows:
?'Tlie petitions whloh hnve heen pre?
sented to me ln Ihe .use nf Maxlmlllan
lllrsch. accompanlod as they are by the
letters ..f many thoughtful and conser?
vative nien. must bo lakon not only to
reprekent the wlshos of tho communltv
in reference to th" exerciso of execu?
tlve clomency, bnt also the oplnb-n
nt the pooplo ..f Ifarrlsonbiirg and
Rockdngham county as to the extent
..f tiu- punishment.
"Whlle the judgo nnd attorney lor
the Cornmonwoa.ltl- do not favor execu
tive clomency, it Ik asked for bv overy
member of the Jury whieh tried the
case; by tho -Senator who has just i<>
fiignod; the member of the House <.f
Delegates; by most of the ofliccrs of
Ilarrisonburg and Roekinjrham coun?
ty. threo ex-niombeiH of tho Houso of
Pelogatos. soven mlnlstors of tho pny.
pel, thlrtv-two bank offlclals. sevon
teon physlcians, twcnty nttorneys at
law. six dentists. four publlshers. three
veterlnary surgeons, twelve rallway
oftloials. tliree oxpresa agents. one hun?
dred and soventeen merchants, nlne
teen hullders and contractors, four?
teen dealers ln llve stock. twenty-two
agents and managers. seven postal
employes, slx hotel proprlctora, three
i clvil ont-Jncers. olght llvorymen and
? tho namos of l.nsr. othor cltizens,
i i whose ..c.tipatlons are not glven, ag
, .' gregat Ing 1,400.
'?Wlth thla petitlon before me, I
have carefully examined Into tho caso
I and determlned to grant a condltlonal
I pardon, as requested b.v so many of
Jjthe representatlve men of the section
In whlch the offenso was commltted.
"I desiro to say ln eoncltision. that
ln tho Investlgntton ot this caso I as
certaine.i that there aro only two Jews
In the penltentlary, whlch is a trlbute
to thls large class of our people as
law-nbiding and useful cltizens.'
lVelnsteln .\rre*-ted fnr PassUlg II on Dnvlr's
I. Welnsuin was arrested lnst nlght by
Dqtectjvc-Scrgcant RalWi' and cliarged wlth
passlng n l.-id check to the amount ot' JG.7S
on Howard H. Kartzell. vlre-presldont of
Doylo'a caf. on Bast Broad Stroet. He wus
be police statlon. but gave bond
caranco in tho Police Court.
wn-s drawn on a bank in Penn
mugli \Vphisteln has lived most
n thls clty. -He gnve lt ln pay
luin purclinses mndo in tho enfe.
Hartzell drnosltrd lt. and had no Idea that
it was n..t ..!] right untll It was returned
marked "no good."
for his
The cl
of hia II
inont of
Davis Reports New Centrifugal
Pumps in Operation From
Municipal Plant.
Superintendent Eugeno E. Davis, of
the Wator Departmont, reported to tho
Council Commltteo on Water last
nlght a 11st of places ln South Rlch?
mond whero li wns believed thnt city
watcr was boinjr wasted. Tho points
included a number of stables, soda
fountaina ..nd public. estahllshments
of nll klnds, whero hydrants aro al?
lowed to run practically all the time.
Tho commltteo dlrcotod that they bo
Placed on a nietor servico as soon as
funds aro nvallablo for purchaso of
Mr. Davis also reported that the
trnnsmisslon llno to the New Pump
houso had been completed, and that
two of the new centrifugal pumps
oporatod by power from tho munlclpal
olcctrlo plant wero now ln operation
at the same hours as cunr-ent is being
gonerated for thc Broad Stroet llghts.
stenm portlon of tho
completed sufllcient
rnished for tho con
of four coutrlftigal
ilV capaclty of -1,000.
, thus glvlug to tho
reaorvolra an aniplo supply uf water
to'inoot any eni. rgoncy.
\s soon as Ihe
electric plant Is
powor will bo fu
stant operation
pumps. wlth a da
000 gollpris oach
L'urdl Wlll Hereafter Ile Igstied lo BIuW
Hereafter ndmlshlnu lo the riiuiees whieh
follow the battalion dress purades at thc
llluos' Armory wlll he hy cnr.l only. This
P0p.no has been deterinlned upon b.v Ma.lui
Itnwles as n resuit of develupmonts.
The next hnttuliioi drlll wlll be on .Ianunr.\
IS, luit lt wlll bo in ollve drub uniform nnd
not full dress, und will nol bo folh-w-id lo
Offlcers' schools. Inuglll by Mn.lor Bowlos
aro held at tho armory nn tlio auoond Mun
day nlght In each inonth,
Held for ('ar llrotildng.
Aurelius Jones, u ivlillo iiiuii, waa niTcster
laat nlght by pollco Sorgeimt '/.immor ajic
rullc. niai. Contry on the .barge of hreakiui
.into a car of thn AtUntlc I'oaat JUtUp aat
?%? dlcaljajj. P, barrel #( bvtUea, ? '*?
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At 25c?Boys' Caps worth 50c.
Gans-Rady Company
Street Car Conductor at First
Acccptcd Her Gold Piccc and
Then Refused It.
Verdlct and judgment for damages
ln the sum of $250 were rendered In
the Clty Clrcult Court yestorday
tho caso of Mrs. Hoster A. Shope
against tho Virginia Railway nnd Pow?
er Company. The action was for eject
menl frnm a stroot car, and ivas for
damages in the sum of $1,000.
Mrs. Shope testlfled that she. had
boarder) a Seventecnth Street car, and
tendered Tn payment of her faro a J">
gold plece, whlch tho conductcr ao
ccptcd nnrl placed ln hls pouch, saylng
something about gettlng change when
the car reached a switch. Later thc
conductor returned and sald ho waa
unable to mako change, and that the
passenger must get off lhe car, and
sho was ojectod, though not wlth force.
Tlie company offered no evldence ln
defense save to clte a number of court
declslons In whlch lt has been held
that $3 is tho largest amount which It
ls rcasonable for pnsscngers to expeet
conductors to chango, and an adver
tlsement of the company relatlvo to thc
heglniilng of operatlon of pay-as-you
onter cars, in whlch lt was stated that
change to tho amount of $2 only would
he furnlshed. Tlie cjectment. lt waa
shown. hnppcne.d before thut advertlse
nient waa Isaued, and beforo "pay-as
ypu-enter cars were lntroduced in
Attorneys for Mrs. Shope did not
controvert the general statement that
$3 was an excessive amount for a
passenger to offer to a car conductor
antl expeet chango. but contended that
thc conductor, havlng accepted the
tender of tho money offered, and glven
somo assurance that he would endoa
vor to make change. nnd then allowed
hls passenger to rlde some distance.
loward her destiriatlon, ho then had no
right to alter his mlnd and refuse to
make chango and eject the passenger.
The court's Instructlons did not pass
on tho question of what ls a rcason?
able tendor in payment of stroot car
fare, but the court. instructed tlie Jury
that Tt* it belleved from tho evldence
that the conductor had accepted tho
coin offered as a tender of fare anc' had
allowed tho passenger to proceed ln
tlie bellef that her faro was pald, ho
liad no rlght then to chango 1ns mlnd
and refuse to accept the gold plece,
and eject hls passonger. Tho car com?
pany was roprcscntcd by A. B. Gulgon
and Thomas P. Bryan. John A. Liimb
and R. R. Florence appeared for Mrs.
Tanuer AVhn Kolled Into Flre nt Moiuonul
ln Critictil Conditinn.
When he rolled In n camp Ilro nenr hla
homo in Elko. C, W. Roek, a farmer, sus?
talned burns about his logs which may cost
lils llfe. Ile wus broUKhl to Richmond sev?
eral days ago, and ls now at the Mcmorial.
One of his legs was amputatpd last night,
anrl hls condition was. reported aa crltieal.
i Roek and n frlend were spendlng tho nlght
ln the open. The former was left alone to
attend to the firo. Ho foll aslcep, and ln
nioyliiR threw both legs In the flames. Tle
was uneonacloiiB when fotiiul later by hle
rompanlon, who removed hlm homo, where
he remalned abntit a week beforo he was
brought tn Richmond.
Both Ilnibs were burned almost to a. crisp,
and other portlons nf hls hod.v are so baij.l.\
aoorcliod that hc has but small chanco ol
Although his ahdnnieu was rlddled witl
small blrd shot, Isiiac Braneh, colored, hat
rm-.overed, and wlll ho illseliurgod from tht
Memorlal Hospltal either to-duj' or to-mor
row. He was shot nearly a month ago nm
when taken to tho hospltal It wns noi
thouBht that ho would recover. However
physlclans operated upon hlm, nnd nenrly ?<
day was consumed in romovlng tho sliot am
in stltohing the cuts.
llranch llngered for nbout ten days nm
gradually began to show figns nf reeovery
and has slnce Blenillly galned strength. Iii
was shot by another negro after ho hnd wot
all of tho atakes In a gatno ot "skin."
SMOOT.S fixko sr* baoh
Allhpugh one of their number, .lames Al
ley, was convlcted, (Inetl nnd sent' to Jai
for three months for partlclpatliiE In 111
robbery ot J. M. Brlgga'a store. near Ciatun
IJenjiiniln nnd Riehurd Sraool wero nnl.
Ilnod $5 and costs oach by Maglstrato T. ,1
l.owls. Alley A'BR convlcted before n mag
istrato Bonietlnie ngo aud appculetl t
the Henrico county t'iretilt Court, wher
tho lower court was siistnltK-d. Tho Pmoo
brnllierH escapetl, but last week roturnei
from Ohio nnd gavn thomselvcs up.
Hlnes Case To-llny.
Osear T. Hlnes wlll be arnilgned in Ui
l'olleo Court thls mornlng 011 the charge 1
miirilerlng Charles M. Conway on Peeembe
?l Conway dled at Iho Clty Homo Moudn
ua tho n-still of blnwn deall hlm by Hlm
wlth a door bar. lllu'ca luia employed Attoi
ney Hurry M. Smith, and ll la Uttd.'.-vatl)!*
i;hnt Imi "Will E'cfttt BcU-a-.-leneo, X.
Manchester Light, Heat and
Power Company Claims Cer?
tain Franchises.
A nw romplle.-.tlon cmrrtt;*; out of
the annexation of Manchester was pro
sented to the Council Comrntttee on
l.lght last nlght. whin the Manchester
Light, Hcnt nnd Powei Company, in t
written communlcatlon. proposed thi
sale ot its fran.'hlse and acetylene gas
Plant to the clty, at a prlce to he flxed
later. Ii was repreeented In tho com?
munlcatlon that tho company has cer?
taln franchises f.>:- ...p< ratlng a ?.-netaf
llghtlng and heating planl in South
Rlchmond; that it has inoi" or U?stwo,
three an.l four-lnch ir.ains. in certaln
streets, iml nn acetylene gas gonernt
lng plant. though the planl is adniit
tedly not of suflicknt slrc to supply
the wants of the Southside. The. letter
statos that the company has now
reached a erlstn where It must "iOier
grcatly onlarge Its plant r-.ml prepare
for future growth or sell ont. and that
the loglcnl party to whom t.. sell \n _].,.
Under the terms of the nnnexntlon
net Iho clty of Rlchmond agreed to ln
trodiiee khs into Soiuh Rlohmond with?
in two years for street and houso llght?
lng. nnd plans hnve been mado for car
rylnjj a dlstrlbutlon mnln across tho
now free hridgo to bc erected on tho
slto of Mavo's Brldge.
The letter of thn company was re
ferr-d to the Clty Attorney for report
ns to the vn'Idlty of the franchise held
by it and n? to whether that. franchise
WOUld ln nny way hlndor the clty from
introduclng !< own dlstrlbutlon sys
tems from mu.-lclpal ga? nnd electrlc
plants. an.l as . whether any obllga?
tlon rested on tho clty to buy tho plant
of tho Manchester l.lght, Heat and
Power Company.
Named as Itrcelrer.
nillam C. Ptuart. of Newport Newi, u-.n
/yeater.lay named recciver for Wllliam K.
i.?prulll, batikruiu. ?f tliat clty. by Jurij-o
' Rilimind Wnddill. Jr., in the Unlted Statea
Distrlct Court. Thc bankruptcy petitlon in
thls e;ise waa flled ln Norfolk, but appllra
tlon for the rcoelverablp wns made yester?
day in Hlchmond by Attorney ,T. Winsten
Head. representlng certain credltors, who
deslre the btiaineaa of tho bnnkrupt kept In
operatlon. Sprulll ls a contcctloner and
La Valieres
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cluding calls at Havanax(stay two days),
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Jamaica, witli tiips in Havana nnd hotel
J accommodations in Havana antl Santiago,
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