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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, December 31, 1910, Image 2

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?ratelj nhaentln-t tln ms< li os from lho '
mcnilng rules tbni no pcrabii known
to lie il fnllou ,?!? uf ,,?,. ? |,0 |IM,| |,,,,,,,
??tcommtinlcateil rrom thc Mother
< i.ui.-i, (Mra Htclaott) nhnll ho ellglblo
to eimH.iti tu nu i, nhurch Ofllee. nnd
Ktvo? tbo truatoea power to paaa upnn
ihls fruturo of tln- cllglblllly ot trtis*
Now tli" i-*ii -i Churcli iflces ao uu- I
".?.'?-uni alluatlon. ir Mr-. sictann't
fon-et Bllonld pill .1 nm lorltv "'f Ibe
board of Irustcca Into oflleo, lhe ml
norlty trusteca would have lo hII ln
Judguieiil upon tlinlr nblllt) lu ui-t in
their otiii-n if tin- Stotson fnetlon
f-imuid bn nidi- to control a two-thlrda
voto ot ,-iii tbe cohgrcgatlon, not onlv
could li olecl ,-, majority ln tbo hnard.
bui it would hnvo power undor ti>.
Hat" laws govcriilng rcllglbtia enrpbr*
atloiis tn rcpeiii iho tcal itmcndmcnt,
lu atich n case tlu- Mother Churcli I
ln Boaton. hound by |ta mnniial, would
be powerlfesa to Inlcirvene in ibe nf-j
fnlrs nf ii branch orgnnlzntlon: nml the
Hteisi.ii factlon, entertalnlng tln- st. t -
Bon Interpretatloh of Mr.- Kddj
tCAchlnga, would be unhlndcred ln tiie ,
conllnuanco of wnrshln according t" |
the dlot.'itrs of tln- IlinJOrlly nf its .-..n- '.
Mrs. Stctaon hcraolf hna repeatcdl}
aald thnt ahd hna no di dro ?.> gnln
control of thc churcli in Now york,
i c
Doctor n< f'nilierlnc ln >ph York
Ssyn Tlirre \ rr !578 < nip*
iu Country.
New Vork, Decembor 30.-* Nlno
lepcrs; ininatrs of instltiitlons in the i
Vlclnlty of this city. were exhiblted last I
nlght for public oxaminntlon at a (
gathcrlng of physicians in tho Acao- M
cuiy of Medicine. one of tlre patlents, ; '
a fliiiianu.il. was from Paterson, N. ,1,',H
twi. were from Brooklyn; two from the '
Clty Hospital: three from thc Sk'n nnd
Cancer Hospital, and one from tlie
German Hospital,
The purpose of oxhibittng tbe lepcrs
ls stated to bc tbe beginnlng of on
effort "to eduCate tbe publlc away
from tlie hysterical nttltude it heroto
Xorc haa shown whenever tbo prestfneo
of a lener becamo a hiatter of general
It was declared that thc atfitudo of
tho people in gcneral toward lepcrs
hns not in thc least advanced slnco tiie
Mlddle Ages, nnd tbat, as n result,
many lepers, In fear and terror, con
cenl tho fact that they aro Btifforing
from the dlaease, Instend of applylng
for and reeelving humanc aml lntclli
gent treatment.
Xerr Vork Haa Thlrty-FIve t 'naes.
There nre at present thlrty-flvo casi
of leprosy under treatment in New
Tork and vlclnlty. Many of these
patlents, it Is sald, make vlslts i,, tho
Bhopping dlstrict, to banks, or to hos
pltals. rlding openly in tralns, street
cars and forryboats.
six physicians from all parts of thc |
Unlted States and tli" Amerlcan colo- |
nial posaosslons dlscusscd leprosy ut
tho meeting last nlght, and nll agreed
that in Now York City thoro is no
?likelihood of Infectlon, They declarc
in favor of a national leprosaplum,
with statlons in Florida ond San l-'r.m
clsco, lirglng in favor of siich an tnsti
tctlon tbat It ivas Impracticablc for the
States to take action on account or the
small number nf cases ln each State,
and it Wiis unfair from :i national
standpolnt to allow ono stnt.- t,, drlve
iis lepcrs across the border into other
ln Tlvo Scabonrd statei..
i . ? nl iln almoal *
...... ? ? - New v.u-k. ,'
.. ? -. .i.iiiu, Florida, Californln and ',
. husetts leadlng, ln tbo ordei
Dr. Charles XV. Duval, of Tulane (ni- ci
ici-sity, at New Orleans, descrlbed hial-1
oxpcrlments in aegregating thr bacllll ' f
of iii" dlseaso and his flnal aucceas in ]
propagatlng tln; gcrms oulatdo of thej,
h'ini.in 1 ? ?.. 1 >.
- i n
I'rovosl Miiifh Doolarrs Thal They Arcl li
iii--j.ii in::. ,1
Philadelphia, pa.. December nti.? f ,
Provost Edgar F, Smlth, nf th,. Unl- r
vi-rsity ,,f fennsylviinia COlhes to tho r,
rescue of tbe collego roll, recontly con- ' [-.
demned by Presldent Lowoll, of" liar- i ,-,
vnrd. Says ln-. Smlth; I .'
"I know little or nothing about ? ...
music. but I do know that there ls
nothing more Insplrlng on ut occa- I
Blona than tbe i-ollogr yeJI. while tbe j
college songs always appeuled to me. L.
"Abollsh tbe yell? Hy in. means. As
well thlnk of abolishlng tin- threo n
checrs for the stars and StrlpcB. Tln '"'
collego >"li oxprcsses essentlally the ";
Kamc onthuslasm and is cuually lnspn- n.
ing. Somo college yells are moro in-* V
Bplring than tilliers..?6>f courae, depend- ' *'?
int; largely.,?n,'<he Inatltutlon to whlch 1
ono is atraclfed, .but all serve thelr.
purpoae, and 1 doubt if thev do any
permanent in lury." i Ja
?.- I l-i
JII.VJSTEH II1 :ic?? IX WH13CK. j iu
- led
."ri,.- llni Hnudkerchlef aml l-'lnga ,
Oncoiulng Trnlii. | "''
Knoxville, Tenn., Decembor 30. - -
Pnssengors nrrlvlng to-day from .\i,is-|rI
cot, Tenn., where a Southern Uallwaj ' ??
)iassenget- train was wrecked late yes?
terday, say timt ,-is soon as the coaches I
came tu a slandstill, ni" Uew ,1. .\ ,,?
Baylor, paslor ot State Streel Motho- ?0
-Hal Church, of Bristol. Tenn-Va., i
s'ii'.cil a red handkerehief and ran back s"
around u ,.ui\" where lu- wailetl to tlstg ue
any train vi-hi.-h inlghl upproach '"
Mr. Baylor imis a locomotlve engl- I
nccr before entoiing the mlnistry. Ile s
ct was instinctlve, Nn one : \\'
uijiy injured in iho wreck.Tw'i
-.- i W,
IM Al. < IT1 <.(i\ i;itNi|!;N|-. I l:;'
Council nnil >ln>or to llnve tli-iil 1*6-1 .i
"'?e i:>.iMhnicntM. '
Gji'.v. Ind !..?? . :, ;, tn T'.. ,-,,> ', ,,
eak Lunasvl
We strongly recomrnenci
Ayer's Cherry Pectorai. Wc
believc it prevents, protects. I
soothes. What does your
doctor recornmend? Takej
only the medicine hc ap-j
proves. Trust hirn. i '?'.';:'?!:.J
Successful Advertlscrs
<epcnd3 on tlie atlvicc and service of train.
?-] expert-i. Our acency furnishea these.
Corrcspondencc Mjlidted, Free plans.
Frepman Advertising Agency
Mutual Buildln-*,,
Wchraond. - YixiUnla.
"Bcrry's for Clothes"
Tho policy of OUF btorc is-to
|ivc full nicasure.
Thn Government Agent for
vWirjIits nnd Measures could
nake no aciverse criticism on
sur scales or yardage.
VVo'd rather losc your trade
han loso your con ffdeiice.
Hcrc are two of the biggest
"?vcreoats in this city?big in
ivory point?tho smooth gen
line crayenetted rnin coat with
lonvcrtablo collar, and rough
rvarm cheviot storm coat with
ancy wool lining for men of
ill ages.
$13 to $36, Cravcnetted.
$15 to $b*30, plain and fancy
Fashion is sometimes nrbit
ary aiid therefore revokable.
Custoin is law to the degrce
if expediency,
Odd Vests arq customary to
he man who has regard for
hs appearance?a n d what
nan has not tliese days?
Therefore odd Vests are es
ential to the well dressed man
Distinctive Vests $3.50 to $10.
Derbies, $1.90
Mado by a factory dealing
nly in $4. and $5. grades.
They're "seconds", but you'd
lardly discover the reason
vliy yourself.
ivni Ncn "inrk Soclelles rtatlfy j (
Trcntj. Whicli lleslores llnr- t
nioniotin Itelntlnns, I t
Xew Vork. Dccomlier .",0.? Teacc has!
inie tn Chlnatown at la.*-t. With all', <?
ie ccrcmonlal display that mlght l
rlae an Internatlonal treaty,|c
ie On 1.1*11115 Tong aml tho Four ?
rother 3o etj Bolemnly afflxod their \
?als and *icrn.-itures at mldnight to '
ng-italked-of documont. whlch ;
?cstabllshos frlendly relations after'1
in tl
5 shadow ot the groat Josa j \
,'hlch domlnates tho temple of tho v
nartcr. und with iho child ruler ofiJ
Iio I'lotvcry Klngdom represented In
Iio persons of two attaohes of th? l
nporlnl Icgatlon at Washington and j n
onsul-General V. V. Vulng. ihe sign.-i- (
iros were aflixed and the slgners' ?
lullled away to fcast ln honor of the fi
ow-mado peace. ' ''
The restoratloh of dlplomatlc rela-1 ?'
ona followed Interchnngea of ceremo- j ''
i;il vlslts between th<* hlgh contract- "
fg partles, I'nder the Icadershlp of i -*'
ia Imperlal reprosentatlvoa n delega-l
on of flve mi L-eonga calied at tlioi11
our Brothers' hcadquarters. and on' "
tturn'ng to tlielr own building re- v
ilved n similar visit. All of tho par-I.S
Ba to tlio contract then traverscd tho
lartor t" tho temple and tho troatv
ns slgned.
MlNtitkeii for n llrer.
San Antonlo, Tex., December no.?
istaken for a deer, Kmll lt. Stielor.
well-known athloto of *--aii Antonlo
d tr.iincr for the Marshall Academy,
is Bhot and kllled to-day whlle hunt
g on his rahch, nenr <"*omfort. by
eutcriant Charles L. Htevenson. r. s.
, ntationod at Fort Sherldan! Hl.
l-'ntnl 'I'rnln Wreck.
San An-tonio, Tex.. December no.?
mes A. Bnll. ol" Kansas Clty. was
lled, i]\-,* persons were serlously in
:*ed snd a, score of others wore bruis
to-day, when a San Antonlo and Ar
nsas- Pass passonger traln was.
ccked at Rottus, sevonty-clght miles j '
ll!: Ot ihis City,
_ IM
!-*orccm-.li I'nr \ Irtilnln?Inlr Sntur- j w'
> : >'uiidH.\ ?vnriiicr: inodcrntc to
rlltciiHl -vIimIn. to
?*<>r .\iirlh Cnroltnn?l-'nlr Snturdn> | ?f
iitlny fulr in eust, Incrcilslug cluiiill- | "n
?b.s ni i\t-b.t portlon; inodcrntc north ! "'
iiinl ln-ii-,1 ? iiuls. ' '*'
_ | l'i
< UMHTMI**.*-. VBST13ItI>A'.V. ?n
\. M. lempernluro . 5ii ! ?"
nd, dlroction .N*. W. """"
nd ?elocily . s nu
ithcr .ltaln |3J
jrature sinci
ti -ii; ;i--Min
March I
ifall siiu
'?r" '? Sr
il ; iu;
iii rn standard Tlme.)
'ln i*. II T. Weather.
::? Clear
"- I ', i llcar
I III 1,1
Succceds Dead Chief
flrat ni.ilitnnl. nppolntcd Chlc?R*o'? flrc mnr'slinl by Mayor llii"e, follo-rrlng
dcnth of .InnirN llornu.
>Jew Year's Grcctings Received
by Taft From Foreign
Washlngton, December 30.?Several
f thc best known Klnps now roigning
abled New Yoar greeting3 to President
aft to-day.
Whon Kudolph Forstcr, assistant
ecrctary lo thc 'President, gavo out
lils news Item of Internatlonal lui
ortance thls mornlng he did not ac
ompany it wlth an explanatlon of why
nv King preten.llng t.. reign accord
ng to modorn methods should beat
'athcr Tlme to thc wlro two whole
Emperor Wllliam's message was the ?
rst royal salutation to arrlve this
lornlng. Others camo ln during tbo
orenoon. Presldent Taft will reply ou
cbedule tlme.
Few (nlici'N Recelved.
Outside of the Cablnet meeting there
.as little of Interest around tlie White
lousc to-day. Thero were few callc-rs.
nd they all talked freely after seelng
he Presldent, indicating elther that
helr calls wore purely social or that
helr buslness was hlglily unimportant.
Ur. Ira Remsen, ..f Balltmore, presl
ent of .lobns Hopklns Unlversity, saw
be Presldent about lliilng th- va
ancy on tb.- "'rcforee" or "benz at< ..:"
oda' board, causod by the death of
>r. llerter. Tho Presldent told Di.
lemsen, who ls presldent of thls
loard. to select some one to lake Dr.
lerter*s place.
Presldent Taft coti'gratulated rir.
temser. on thc completlon only yes
erday of tlie mllllun-dollay fund for
otms Hopklns.
Alvin H. Sanders, of Chlcago, of tbe
ariff board. saw Mr. Taft for a fow
iilnutes this mornlng. aud talked about
be permanent tariff commission prop
sitlon. He thlnks thls ls tne biggest
uestion now before Congress an.l tho
ountry, and cotnmented to-day as lio
^ft the executlve otllces upon lh? great
hahge in public sentlmont during the
ist fow years wlth respect to tiils sub
"The advocates of tlie permanent
jrlff commission Idea and of ihe plece
leal rcvlslon of tho tariff wero called
lslonarlc-s not so long ago,'' said Mr.
andors. 'Now ll ls ivallzed that they
ro workinc: along; thc right llno."
C. 1'. Tnft Here lor llnll.
Charles P. Taft, of Clnclnnati, the!
resldent'.i brother, came to town thls
lornlng with hls wlfe and daughter to
Itend tbe White House ball to-night
i honor ut Mlss Helen Taft. Before
ie Cablnet met the Presldent chatted
Ith hls brother about Ohlo polltlcs m
eneral and several Clnclnnati appoint
icnts lu partlcular.
Represcntatlvo Nlehola's Longwbrth.
' Ubi... arrived while they woro i..-;
jther. II.- was Invited in, and thero :
ns a thrce-cornered conference about I,
ics.- matters an.l also somcthing bf-i.
dlscusslon of Mr. L'ongwprth's blll, I .
)w all ready to Introduco on thc day j '
ingress convonos, for tlio creation of '
permanent tariff commission.
Tln- blll, Mr. .Eongworth said on
(tvlng the Whlto llousc, i.roposcu to I
eat.. a commission of llve members,
scrvo si.\ yoars oach, at an annual;]
1-a.ry ..f *7..'.oo. After the Inltlal I
ori tiiin appolntmcnts had cxpircd,
e members of tbe commission, ap
iinted for full slx-yoar torms each. '
..il.l chango ohc membor each year. '
The Cablnet at its regular mcotlhg ( J
-.liy look up a number of matters
admlnlstration detall and touched
tb.- tariff bo'ird proposllloli and on
e admittcdly blg question of thc
rtlllcatlon <if tbe l'atiaina Canal: Thc
csldenl an.l all tln- members of hls
Ictal famlly roallzo that if tho rec
ltnehdation of the fortiflcatlon board
thal tbe heavlost and most modern
ithods ...f defense i.e erbctcd on the
hmus -are t.. bo mel by Congress
ih approprlation ...r tho necessary
lllons a a.I doal of missionary
>rk in both houses of Congress will
Fortiflcatlon Idcn Scautcd. K
-?..?..? of ih.- most promlnent mem-lii
i.. .?:' . ii..us.- nn.l Senato are oon> |t
t the proposition i.
iced elther tliat the proposition lo j c
steel iho .an.'.1 by fbrtlflcatlona ls I
llly I' ro Ill
it ON ist in
a military standpoln; or H]
:- treaty pruvislivi., letldcl" j*
e o'. accuinplishni '111 ivitil- |,
t interi.,-iiliii.ai compllcatloiis of tilo
avo sort, i
s",i offlcial statement was glvon oiit s
the .-..n it-nlon of tbe Cabihci n,.:ei-, j
; wll .1 v. s-peet tb ih.'- atllt'i le as- I t
.;.-,! t .tviu'.l tl.' .-.? pllllSCS "! lb.' Tl.it- j 1
? ',,. ihe I i. ident an.l hir- advi iOl'S. I v
Vmbng tno Ptosldonfs callors to-dn,\ .'i,
;?*. four hlgh '.m.-s of iho newly I ,.
--.? lone
; i: Putnam;, Dep.itv i'..in- :'
A, Y, i lonovor, Clilol Con- s
higlnecr ,1. S. I'.'.iiuvay aml n*
?'in ..! Naval Constructlon I
rrlngton called tu pny thelr
r Ui.iiim. Killed nml Tliree Other
IVrsoiiH Fnlnll.v Injured.
51. Paill. MIiiii.. I .e.-enil.er :',n. An i
identllied woninn ivas killed aml!
rti-iii olhors wero liijul'eil, threo \
ally. in a flro whlch ili'-lr.n\! tho li
iicurd aparl.ni bbtiso, up Wlovolith f.
.?.?I belweoil MIllllOHota nnd Roberi L
...is. early thls mornlng. v
il.. rnlully Injiifot) are: Mrs; i;..s..
..r.\ Liiniol all ovor; \ima Erd an.l ?'
Anna Mulllonhohl,
ri- proporly loss in estimated at1"
I'he Hi-.- u.-.s Mlarted \<y an esjileslon
sun... s..ii. prolmhly iu ihe sce.oiid n
H'V, ,T011 lamllles wen. ilnv.Mi out ,,,
? /.eni weather, dressod only ln their -.,
thl ai:iie. Three hshleH woro safelyvn
lppetl froni ihe thlrd fioor ln-to the
nsoMlromen. e.
flnl. One "UHH\|(i Ol'IMNI
Mr.i--.uu-* oi i-. \\ . ,ri'i\ [i i si.d ,1,,
uvei io Cuie .i t-t.i.l ui uiir [lay. iii
Serious Fighting in Mexico Re?
ported, but Dctails Are
i;i I'nso, Tex., December .10.?A upe
clnl to lhe Tlmes from llx correapoud
enl ln i hl liu.-iliiin sn.'?: ??l.un.ue'N relief
COltinin liim riii-iiiini, rirl four dn.vn, of
flcrce liu hi lou. nenr Cnsn (dlnrndo, nnd
lts loss Ih ?:?>-? men kllled. lhe Itmtir
recto Iokn In nllgbt. The cohimn Is
lindly ilcniiii iillrcl. .\nvnrri>> i-inii
innntl Is still Imttleil up nenr MnlpnMO."
Chihuahua, Mexlco. riec^mber 30,
yla Kl Paso.?An ofllclal report was
recelved to-day atatlng that Colonol
I'scucdcro. commandlng a scoutlng
forco of the Federals, encountered a
band of insurrectos ln Malpaso, Wed?
nesday, aml that after some llghtlng
the Insurrectos rctlred. No dctnlls
were glven as to tho kllled or wounded.
The report was sent by General
l,uo,ue to General Hcrnandcz, com?
mandlng tlu.- Chihuahua military zonc.
General L,uo.ue declared that tho pass
was cleared and it was ho who asked
for the rovair traln whicli left. hero
yesterday afternoon. Thls traln did
not enter the pass yesterday, hut at tlio
rallroad ofllce it was stated to-day
that the telegraph line probably would !
be restored by night.
Yesterday, belated information rc- j
ported tlio pass open beon uso a gaso- i
k-nc car hnd mado tho trip through it!
wlthout molestatlon or Slght of the ln- I
surrcctos. Luque's report indlcates|
that tho Insurrectos olther dlsdalnod I
to molest the car or preferred that
lhe impresslon should go forth that'
tho pass wus unoccupled. Tn tlie ab
sence of detalls officials belleve lt was
only a small band of scoutlng Insur?
rectos that was encountered.
Itumors which have now boen cur?
rent for flvo days contlnuo to tho ef?
fect that there has been serious llght
Ing. Thero is no confirmation of the
rirr-l Illood Shcd.
Douglas, Arlz., Deeember 30.?The
lirst sklrmish wlth the rebels nnd tho
Ilrst bloud shed in Sonora in thc pros
?nt insurroi-tion is reported in a nies
?ago recelved to-day from Moctczuma.
Fifty rebcls anbl an equal number of
?iviiians. organized by thc profect oi
Vtoctezuma clashod at Tnmi**hi, twen
y uillos southoast of Muetozuniu. The
Ight Iasted tht* ontirc morning of De
oinbcr 28, each force firlng from cotoi*.
rhe prefect reports thc rebcls routbd,
caving onc dead, four wounded and
en prlsoners.
le Uccniuc I-'iiiiiomn 'I'liriiugh "Vetv Vork
Now York, Degember nn.?Clarence
.exow, former chalrman of tho Scnato '
ommlttee io Investlgate tho clty gov
irnmen-t, died nt lils nomo in Nyacki
?. Y? to-day. Mr. Loxow waH known j
hc country over from tho commlt- I
ec to u*hi,-ii hls namo was glvon. lils I
ledth wos duo to pncuinoiiia, after an '
llnes.-' uf hut four days. IIo ls sur- I
lved hy his wldow, tliroo clilldn-n und !
Iirco brothers.
Clarence Loxow wm born in Hrook
yn in IS52, binii graduated from both
lolumbin University and tho l.'niver- i
Ity of blena. Ile took up thc practicu
f law, entered polltlcs, und in jsn:;
iiis elected lo tlm State Sjonntc. In
he yoar followlng he was uppolnted '
halrman of tho committeo to invcstl- j
ato tho clty govcrnmont of Xew York. !
nlVersally Known a? lhe Lexow com- !
ilttcc. The results woro stnrtllng. For
hc first tlme tbe public nt large heard
f tho pollce "system."
Tho iliiiii alliance between officers
|gh iu iho departmont and gamblers,
roprlotore of reoorts, hotels aml sn
lons thai violatcd the excise laws, and
llinr lawbreakers was uncovored.
To be "l.oxnivi-d" became n popular j
yiionyni in other comniunlties for ho- '
>u Investlgated, Inspector Byrnes, nt |
Iml tlmo perhiips tho best-known po-)',
ci- hilleer in tho World, rcslgnetl. The
holo department wns shaken from
ekd to foot; The exclso laws wero
i-visod nnd "f'ainos law" hotels be
,-in h, hn known,
In moro recent yoar*' ho devoted liim
r-n in hls law practlec "nd prlvate
irx. iu,-!,!, ,,r Wnshlngtop- Chnrgc-i
l-'lftj 1'nllurn ln IIIU nl'
do* innd, ii.. lioi'i-iulicr 30.?The ens'h
iluu rr| linneymooli Mixa wlll Iio decided
il.,- local courli ii" Uio ri'dnlt nf a Mill
ii }507 ilHiuugoa from Uio -noprlelor of n
?lol, Ulnd Iq-iIhv hy .Mrs. l.anni Rleltl, n-.'|
usllliib'liiu, l>. '"? ! '
lu ih,- itrmlxed liHt nr ilaniHgca mibmlttcrl I
Mra, ftir*hi i? ou- rendtiiR!
"Kor lluu- IdhI from Iuuio> niiinii. sovoral ! ,
lya, rn." I
.\ lom truiili i-auced Hn* milt, I ',
Mr, nml .Min. iii. hi -vm-o lu Cliivelaud .\u
i.m j.i on Uiclr lioiioyniquii trip. Whon I '
rv iofi n pui-ter mvlU-hcd oIiocKm, IiisIi-h,I | j
llnMr trtinlt. cuninlnliifj Mi-n. llU-lii's irmis- .1
au niu| Mr. Illehl's \vei|dliis clolhes, tljey
r?IVi .1 :r IM?0 rrl' IBinplCM, | 1
Tlioj limtllj iios'tpoued tlielr trip and *
in. ,,, cipveland in tcarol) of iho trunk, ,
il v r? tniBblo tu iln.J it. ! ,
Aconllncly. Mrs, Itlehl Iihs brousht ?u|tn
r Ji5i, tlirs v-aluu uf lhe uunk hihI its i-on
iil.i; '????.' -ri'Mil in hiiiilMiK thr lOll articlo, '
nl *?','! iftprmpntod n.- tho vsJ-ip 0f that I
irtlon nf 1 ticii- liunrM lumiii IvilStCd Inliuii'- M
Crisis Nearly Reached BctvVjccii
Modcrntcs aiul Extrcmc
Mamicl Bclicvcd to Flavc Noth?
ing to Do With Threatened
I.ondon, Dccemhi-r .".0.?Tho cor
respondent of the Dally I'hronlde, who
wrote tho brllllant account of the l.ls
bon revolution, aay.', In a dlspatch to
thn Cbronlclc to-dny on tbo present
situation in tbo new republlc, that
everything points to a comlng con
llict, In whlch the battles "lll not be
between royallata and roptiblieans, but
between tho moderato ropubllcanB and
the extreme revoltttlonnrlcs, Tlio hld
den sprlng of tbe cbnaplracy, he snys,
ia the Camorra, or secret soclety, whlch
corrupted tho army from Its allegiance
to tbe monarchy and ls now bually en?
gaged ln corruptlng lt a frcsh in order
to have a powerful levcr ready at hand
against thc provlalonal government,
whlch has never bcen flrm in thc snd
The eorrospondent consldcrs thnt a
source of great danger to tbo foreign
buslness folk in Blsbon ls thc posses
slon by the people of large quantltles
of explosives and flrcarms, which were
dlstributed on the eve of the revolu?
tion, but not needed then, whlch nll
tbo govornmont's attempt.-' to rcgaln
possesslon of have failed.
Quostloned concernlng the Portu
gucBe rumora last nlght, the Marquls
de Souveral, l'ortngucse nilnlster lo
Great Brltaln, declared hc knew noth?
ing of them, If there was nn unrest
In I.lsbon. King Manuel had nothlng to
do with It.
Trlvate advlces received from I.lsbon
to-day contlrm thc publlshed state?
ments that declded unrest and ilissat
Isfactlon prevnii there, partlcularly
among the worklng classcs. A rlsing
ngaln.?t the provlslonal government
which was cstabllslu-'l after Klng
Manue] had benn deposed Is threatcn- j
cd. No outbrcak has occurred yet. The |
T'ortuguoae legatlon lssued tin officlal
comuiunlcation thls evenlng tn whlch
it ls asserted that thn ruinor of a con?
splracy ln Llabon against the govern?
ment was based solely upon the arrest
at thc Portuguesc capltal of a man j
who had spread a slmilar rumor j
throughout Porlugal.
citv has a sTnucE.
I-'Irrmrn ?>n Xrrv Vork'-i l'rrrybortt*
Uult Thelr IMneeH.
New York. December 2".?New York
Clty experlenccd to-day Ita Hrst munl?
clpal strike in years, whon the tlrc
nien on thc city's. ferryboats which
ply between. Maohattan aml South
Brooklyn and Staten Island went on
atrlkc beeause tbe munlclpal govern?
ment reduced the number of firemen
on each boat from seven to six men
In order to cut down expenses.
Hundreds of commuters on Staten
Island wcrc unable to reach Manhnt
tan except by maklng a wide detour
into New Jersey.
Tbe elty officlala have hired 100 iong
shoremen to take thc places of the
atrlklng ilretyj-n, and they are belng
instructed in iheir dutles. When tlio
servlce will be resumed is problemat
Tho firemen qult in thr- height of tho
rush hour. Two ferryboats loaded
with pasaengers were left tled to their
slip? at tho Battery, and ono boat from
Staten Island, having no-place to dock,
had to put back again.
ln tho nelghborhood of the ferry
houaea and along "Weat Street traflic
was congested. J'unorals on their way
to Staten Island and Brooklyn were
bopelessly mixed up with trucks, and
an extra force of police on hand was
kept buay in keeping tbe streets clear.
Thu Conunlssloncr of Accounts re?
cently lenrned that thc crews on thc
munlclpal ferryboats were much larger
than those employed by tbe railroads I
to opcratc their fcrries of equal size.
Hc aaked the United States Inspectlon
Burjau to make a ro-oxainlnation of
the boats, whlch was done. The roport
of thc Unlted States Inspectora permlt
ted the reduction of thc number of firc
men from seven to sl.\ and ordered an
increase in tho number of firemen on
thc rallro.nii fcrries.
New Vork. December .'10.?Not slnce
the days of Af rican slave traflic hns a
ship been dl'patched from New Vork
wlth a general cargo for bartcrlng pur
poscs with tlu- natlves of the dark con?
tlnent until to-day. Salling thls.morn?
ing the Carl YVoormunn. of thc lliiin.
bnrg-American llno, will steam for
West Afrlcan ports on tho Hrst of a
serics of yoyagoa to which Amerlcan
and German manufacturcd products
will be oxchnngrd for products of the
coast tribes.
More than ion ports, scattercd along
thc wcst coast of Afrlca, wlll be vis't
cd by tho "trlnket ship." Practically
none of these ports has any regular
medlum of cxcliauge, Thc frclghtor
will put off knives, mlrrors, beads,
soap, paints, pipes, perfumory and other
articles from tln- heart of Broadway,
reeelving in return lvory, ebony, nuts,
gllhis. glnger, palni gerncls and oll.
Tho skipper is fainlllar wlth thc
vanlties of tho Irlbc lcaders. Sweaters
and sllk hnts sliare a place in hls
cargo, wlth phonographs and galyanlc
batterles guaranteed to tkkle tlio feot
of the most solcmn and rligntiled clilefs,
The trip of tho Wooormann will tako
threo mo.iths.
Cold Conlrncts W'rca, nud Polca Stmp
Akron, Ci December 30.*?Stroet car
servlce on all lines in Akron and on
all llnes conneetinp, wlth nclirby towns
Is at a standstill to-day. Not until
thc Northern Ohio Traction aml Llght
Company, whlch operatoa every elec?
trlc llne ln nnd cnteriiig thc clty, can
erect uew wlro polos to tako tbe placo
of two dozen on South Maln Street
whlch eollapaod last night will Iruns
poitation be rosunietl,
lIDStl'Ki) KHO.II i.V.\(iii;tts.
Negro lleni'N Tno Woundu, bul l,, Snfc
ln (all.
tiulfporl. Mlss.. Decembor :i?.?After
?esculng li's prisoner from a mob i,ent
ni lyncblug blm. Deputy Slierlff .1. M.
tVlllam airlvod horo to-dtty wlth .lo.-iso
iii,,in, charged wllh murder at Bond;
lllss,, and placed lihn ln tlio county
all for aatekceplng.
Tbe prlBOiier benrs two gimslnit
?ounds inflicted by tho mob beforo
Williams, aasisted by othor ofllcera,
itagged hlm Into a building aiul stood
?ff - tlio -ivtiuld-bo. lynchera wlth druwn
Tbe lvnchin*- was aitemplcd at Bond
aa| nlght, while Wllliama was' qh hla
vay to tha traln with bis prlauncr.
iilom'ci wounila are not serious,
No Diffcrcncc if Brigharn
Young's Pictiirc Ia on Silver
\ew York, Docembor 30.?If pictiiros
pl lli'lgliriin YtniiiK- and tho Mortnoli
T.inpie nre ongravod upon tlio silver
servico presontod to iho battleshlp
la I by t|,0 cltlzOllB df tliat State, thr, i
i iiite.i states gbvnniment ls not por
tnrbed nv.-,- i|1(. fn,.f. F,,rnial proloul
against thr- decoratloh of 'he servico
was lodgr.,1 u-iiii I'reslilent Taft somo
tlmo ago by Hugh O. Mlller, of thlsi
clty, aetlng for the Womon'a itepub* j
han Clllbfl. Mr. Mlller rerelvcd a
etter to-day from Asslstant Seci-dtfUry
Heekiuan Win t hrup. nf the Navy Do- I
porinmni, to whlch tiu- protest was1
offered, sttylng that tbo department dld
not fe.-i that lt could Bupcrvlso such
llia I ters.
"lf It ls true," the letter concluded,
thal tho siiv.-r servico for th,. utah
Ifl pnttcrnod as your report says. tho
.lepartmeiit is IncUned tn (be ..plmon
that lt would be Injudlclous and ln
advlsablo to ralso any t|iiealloii of is
.-iien ln whl.'h It can be lu no Wlso con?
laiiriill llnll ConimlHNloii Snyn ll In
I n.leNlrnblr to Add to
Buston, Maas., Deccinl-er 50.?Tho reasona
for tbe fo.lli.it ?- ..f tlie nnnil. Ii.a! an conv
ml"lon IO(Bj.iv, o( a plan to p a* .-, ,?,..
morlal palntlng .,: Mrs, .iu;ia Ward IIowo
ln hlitorlc Fnneull llnll, for whlch iii? nub
ii.- hni (ubscrlbcd nearly JS.oi.m. nre givin ln
vn opeii letter from Chairman Tho.nan ai
i'.I win, portrnlts, tomc hung ?d hlsh
otlicra io bii.liy HgHtOd lluit It ls im-insi
ignlie elther ti;.- palal.
? ??:?? ???? left :? along Ihe gal
balmtrade, and vyben a palntlng ;? h
the u not only IntonupH the outlook
?jiif.r.a Iii !1.<- galler . Imt owlng to ci
llghtti iuul actual lack of ligiu cannot H
bi >een to advantage, The ai hltocti
unity of the hall, moreover. is .!? ?
Mrs. ll.nvr be |. ?.'
in plaie ..,' tllO n
\ lrclnLi.1^ Slnglcton < nrlton.
\'iri;lriiUHSVglet.>n'i.'arl:>>n di?-.l yes
" ??? l.*^Bi,'sidi-n''e. 117 i;...--: Cary
Street, In rML-IMy-tlfth year of hi.-i
age. The funwal wlll take place from
the resldence to-morrow mornlng at
3:3.lock: Thoi Interment wlll bc
Mr. Carlton was born In King and
Queen courfty May II. I84S. In 1863
be cnlisted In Company F. or the
Nlnth Vlrglnla Cavalry. and served
? avlng that bus
prominei I h.mpanl . ind al the
time of hls death was ropr< icntntlva
jf ih-- Stephen Putnej Bhoo Company. I
Uf lea-.es hls wlfe and si>: children.]
.11 rs. Wllllnm S. (.iinii.
Mrs. Julla Ellzabeth Gunn, wlfo of
IVIUlam s. Gunn. dlod yesterday at
ter resldence, 1100 Wost Avenue.
The funeral wlll tuko place to-mor-1
?ow afternoon at ,: o'clock from the I
Mrs. F.li/.nlirtli Dolln.
Mrs. Ellzabeth Dolln dled lai l nlghl
it tbe home .-f her daughter Mrs. i-:. .
,v. Mclntlre, I20!i Anhland Street She
ras ? Ighty-four years of age.
The funeral wlll lake placo to-mor- I
'ow afternoon at - o'clock iti Maplc
vi..?i Cemetery. Gordonsville.
li. II. Dn-.vf.ou,
rspeclol to TJio Tlmes-DI ipatc .. I
Charlottesvllle, Va., De mnibi r 30 -
j. II. Dawson, one "f ti.e oldest and
.est known farmer.- of Albemarlo i
ouiity, dled ai r,:no o'clock thls morn-| i
iik. at hls resldence. tliree mlles ii'orth- i
ast of tho clty, aftor'a brlcf Illness I I
?"wo days ago his wlfe, who was beforo ?
narrlage Mlss Annle Harrls, a natlvol
f Tennesnee, dled. The aged couplo
iad boen married fifty-seven years j
Ir. Dawson would liavo been nlnety-1 J
wo ycars of :.t had ho lived untllj*
ex! Aprll, whlle hl< wlfo was sev*> j '
nty-seven. Born noar Rockflsh. Nol- 1
on county, Mr. Dawson movod to AI-!?
cmarlo county in early lif". and Io-' '
ated noar Esrnont. Fiftoen years ngot*
??? moved to a farm near Uiis clty, J
rhera hls death occurred. Threo chll- l
ren survlye: Mrs. Mlnna Mercer, nt
lancaster county: J. Campdon Dawson
f Staunton. an.l John Dawson, of,
lharlottcsvlllc. The funeral will take;
lace. at 11 o'clock to-mori'Ow inorning i I
rom the Flrst Baptist Church.
ThomiiN II. Ti-'i*. I'luiiu.
[Special tb Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch | {
South Boston, Va., December 30.? ._
'homaa II. Traynham, aged seventy- ~
our, dled at hls home ai Clustcr
prlngs Wednesday of apoplcxy, and
ODSEY- Dled, al O.-.IO I'. M. Thurs?
day, December 2H. 1910, at thc resi
dAncc of llta brbther-ln-law, Jaihea
M. Eanes, W. i:. GODSEY, of lv
Funeral TMIS SATURDAY rit 1 1 :3b
o'clock at Blandford Cometory, Po?
;URPHY?-Dleii, December ::i,..;it ll
I'. M? THOMAS Ml'Kl'IIV, son of the
lale Jolin an.l Anne Murphy, and
brother <>r Mrs. P. C. .Martin, 3S2S
Willlamsburg Avonuo,
Funeral from St. Pntrick's Chiirch
SUNDAY, .'! T. M.
New York and Alb.niy papers
pIcasc copy.
OWEN?--Dled. at her resldence. |.n;
Fast Marshall Street,' MARY BOW
KN, wldow of Wm. Bowon, siic
lea'voa ono son and four daughters?
Jas. II. I'ir.v.en. Mrs. .los. 1'. Melvlri.
Mrs. Jno. T. Whelton. Mrs. S. Belld
not and Miss, Collrt Bowon. Mrs
Bowon was for many years a rcs-i
dont of Fulton.
Funeral notlco later.
UNN?Dled, Dacomber 30, at. her resl?
dence, 11(10 West Avenue JL'DIA
KUZAtiF.'. il, wlfo ot William s.
Funoral v.il! take place SUNDAY
AFTI'.UNOON al .1 o'clock from her
late resldence.
1,1'iYD? D.leil, at her home, im_' lii'ool;
llond, Fl.lOANnli UAt: FLOYD, iii
the seventh yenr uf her age. tlio
second daughtor of Mr. and Mrs, .\
Gnrnott Floyd.
Funeral nol ire Iuu.t.
i.n.i.x- Dlod, at the homo of her
daughtor, Mrs. 13. W, Melnllre, 1300
Ashiiuid Stroot, MRS. lODliSABETH
luit.lN, ai s:30 P. M. Frlday, Docom.
her 30, tigod olghty-four yoars.
Iiilei'ineiit iu Maplewooil Cemetery,
(loi'iliiiisvillc. Uruiigu couiUy, SUN?
DAY at 2 P. M.
Alll.TON?Knteieil Into rest al his.
rosdlence, 117 i-iast Cary stivei, vn:
(ilN'll'S S1NGLETON I'Altl.TON, In
tho sixly-finii year of age
Sai '.l.'fs fi.i iho r.-sldenc.-! SUN?
DAY MOKNINti, 0;30, lutci'iuont |irl
\ nle.
Siiiiihcrn Churchmuii tii'CQhslioro,
Saliabury. N. ?'.. aml cbvlngtpii, Vn.,
papera ole.isc cnui.
Now is the time tc
We are making a SPECIAL
DISCOUNT price on a few IN
NER-PLAYER Pianos left over
from our Christmas sale.
213 Eait Broad
Jhc Intermi nl uas rhaile al Oakridg.j
'-' mcter: , ?t this place, yoatorday ut
Ho -vaa .1 well-known aml hlghly ck
tccmcu cltlzon, and .. brave Corifed*
ornto Boldlcr, havlng served ns courlcr
for Rooeri IO, Le*o for nearly two year/r.
Hi- lu survlved hy hls wldow, one
brother, Rev. 11. j TrAj nhum of Mai*.
tlnsvllle, ihrco daughters, and tive,
sons. the oldosl belni" ii i. Traynhanv*
Mr*. I.lllinu I'n.Mir.
I 1*1 III'. Wlli
-r-il-i'.iimvn far
Pantops, ..ir.i
Loomird Bunch .,;? thla clts ii .1 one
slsti .. Mrs. Lula Pai ? ol Fl n innu
(Jcorgc u .??!!.,??, Iliiurn.
ISpi.i to*r*K* Tlmes-Dlspati h ;
t'rederli k Hurt! Va . December ... .
Xi.-w.i has ?? . ii recelved h'cre ol the
death at Mesa, Arizona of U?Ji _??
Walker Bowon. formerly a prominent
buslnesa mn i .,[ thls ?!' -, - ??!
seventy-olghi . cars He was i oi -
Ihe CI* li v- " he was
IrLlw: ? ! . : - ^ '
'H-- Jeanettc ishnckelforu.
tOBlXSOX- The funeral of (:. I'AI.
I-UGII *tOI3IN*-*OX wlll tdke place
SATi'iiHAV. Docembor 31, al 3 !'. M.
rrom hls late realdence, 01)7 West
Grace Street. Interment prlvate,
flcGuire's University Schoo
ill im open nn TUESDAY,' January :".
istead of Monday. tho 2d, ns at flrst
Tickets on sale December f3th, 16th,
7th, 21st, 22d, 23d. 2-ltli, 25th. 31st und
uiutfry lst, with final liiilit [anuaty $,
Applv to tickcL agents for full informa
iners Business-; ?
We give partlcular attention to tho
luslne.sa of farmers. Wc cordlally.
avite them to make. thls bank tholr
ankinji house. We have prepared a
omprehensive booklet, "Bunkinj** by
tail," which we will be -_lad to seru?
n request. Every requirement has
een met for thc satlsfactory tran-?
ction of business.
'apltal, bSurplus & Profits, $1,.-)I)0,000.
Vritefor booklet, "Hankin-Jb^Mall."/

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