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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, December 31, 1910, Image 3

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Plan Aprcctl Qn, and Only JJc
tails to Bc Worked
Little Time Left to Put Through
Reciprocity Trcaty With
Washington, December 30.? An Intor
nallonal railway commlsslon, wlili
iniporvlsorv authorlty over Ihe rall?
roads opera I Ing betwoen tho Unlted
Stal.es und Canada, practically ls as?
After many months of negotlations
between the governments of tbe Unlted
States nnd t,he Domlnlon of Canada, n
c'ondusioh was reached to-day which
means that, In tho courso probably of
n' few months. regulatorv authorlty. Wlll
be extended over rullway operations
between tlie two emiiit rl'-s.
For (loveral days Chalrinaii Martln
A. Knapp, of tho In'erstate Commerco
Commlsslon, and lhe llon. J. P. Mable,
<blef commlssloncr of tbe Railway
Commlsslon of Canada. bave been lll
conference as lhe reiprcaenlfttivcs of
their respectlve governments on the.
I'Ubject of tlie creatlon Of tbe proposed
commlsslon. The corntnJBBionerB reached
:<n agreement last Wednesday. S|nce
that tlitie they have been worklng out
thr detalls of tbe report.
To-day. Chalrman Knapp and .ludt;..
Mable preaented .'their Jolnt report to
the State pepartme'nt. As it la a dlplo
tnatic matter, tbe cOmtnJaslonora were
directed by tho state D'eparlmont not
to make tho report publlc at present.
lt ls known. however. tbat tho com*
mlssloners have agrecd ai" to tbe ad
vlsiiblllly of tbe creatlon of an inter?
natlonal railway i-ommlsslon. whlch
shall have suporvlnory . authorlty oVer
tbe railway llnes dolng an interna?
tlonal buainesa between tho two coun
Thls authorlty is to extend to tne
regulatlop Of Internatlonal rates, both
frelght and passenger, and by tbe
ejterclse of the po\ve?ra conferred upon
lt. the Internatlonal commlsslon may
prescrlbe through routes aml jolnt
rates .tini through bllls of lading be?
tween points in "ne country t.> polnta
in the oiher. The commission will
havo authorlty over all Internatlonal
transportatlon and mny bo appealcd to
by shlppers or carriers ln elther . oun
try for rellcf from what they may deed
oppreBalvo methods pr regulatlons. or
cxceBSIvc or unreasonable rates,
The commlsalonera declded to rccom
inrn<l tbat tln arrangement between
tbe two countrles should |,? coricluded
by trcaty, rather than by jolnt leglsla?
tlon. lt wlll be necessary to have
whatever treaty may be negotlated
submltted to tbe Senate of thc L'nited
States. No serious dlfllculty in that
regard is anticipated.
Must llrfat* Krrord?i.
If a Canadian reciprocity treaty la
iu be coricluded durlng the present
Hcaalon of Congress. all recorda in tbe
matter of speed of negotlations must
be broken. Thc Incentive to haste lies
in the rcallzatlon by tbe admintstra
tlon of thc "dlfllculty of frainlng any
aort of a reciprocity treaty that can
safely be stccred through the next
Congresa wlth Its Democratic House.
for although nomlnally the assent of
tho Senate alone is requlred to the
loncluslon of n irenty yet ln the case
of a rcciproclt-- trado treaty the House
of Rcprosentatlvcs must be aftorded
an apportunliy to deal with the sub?
The Canadian reciprocity commis?
sloners aro expected in Wasiiington in
time to attend the diplomatic reception
at thc- Wlilte House, January 10. It Is
presumed that immedlately after that
event the negotlations wlll be re
humed at thc polnt where they were
interrtiptcd by .the adjournment ln Ot
tawa last November. As a matter of
fact. not much progrcss was made
durlng the Hrst meeting of the com?
missloners. That meeting was con
lined princlpally to exchanges of vlows
calculated to develop the posltlons ol
the two partles. It will now be neces?
sary for thc negotlations to enter tin
realm of delinitc proposals for the
Stops Cough
Ftn**t, pureit, m?t pl***?i't to
UH, ?nd ?lu> lnn*.r.t rallef to
cou*rbi or uaj ferrer and CftUrra.
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Minneapolls. MlnXL.
;C:#f A R R"HA;lI
Subject lo Chmige -without Notlce.
One or Two l'nasenRcra, Day or
First mile or fractlon
thereof .5o cepte
(Eac)i additlopal passenger.
?-'o cents).
Each ciuarter milo there
after.10 cents
Each six minutes of wait
Ing .H> cents
Plcaaure Rtdlng.f3.00 per hoiir
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ginia and North Carolina.
mlsslon or obatement of diitles <>n
rtaln articles wlilch must be upeciflcd,
r it ln clcarly Understood now thnt
i- State Department iIock nnt expeet
? secure ln the beglnning c.oniplcto
elproclty nn all products.
Iii' ludlhg Su'ndays and ono holiday,
it .seven and a half weeks' timc wll)
1 avallable beforo tho e-tplratlc-n of
10 present soffiinn nf Congress for
achlng an agreement upon the prln
ple? of reclproclty, clectlnB the ar
i-les to bo affected, draftlng tlio treaty
id tho projected Icglslatlon necessary
r give It effect and securing eongros
onal action thercupon. It cnn readlly
; iieen that an linex'ampled task con
nnts the administration in thls un
Around the Hotels
Murpliy'i*?Myron Mursh; Rosnok*; B. II.
i-iiiniriff. it. d., Draper; I.. P. Htearncs.
Nowport News; A. XV. Myers, .^nilthfi'dd;
0: ?!. Bryant, Smlthfield: C, 3. Pattersou,
Dillw.vii: Tliornas M. Dunn, Norfolk; Dr. >"
O. Booth, virginia: XV. D. Orei
ok-; ?.;?,>rs i'. i-oh-ii, Norfolk; >
Prlnce, Emporla! li. r. Allen, Jr.. 1
liurs; .1. II. Harrleon. Danvlil-; Rich
Robinson, Woodland Mllls: s. I'. Robertson,
DanvJIlc-, Tl-.oinua P. Dinwiddle. Potcraburfji
C. B. Bowry, Burkovllle! N'orvell )>. Ilr>nl(*y,
WilllsmibnrR! A. C, Read, virginia; J. H.
Bowon, Haini'ton: Mr. and Mri>. II. H. I.a
dew, Ashland: Mr. and Mr.>. A. D. J.'ithrop,
|,nrt Ncwi; W'llber !.. Jcriuan, J'airfax;
d 1'.
Park?i*. P. Miller, I'ct-rgburg.
ilichrnond?Mrs. Klt/abcih Hnlland. r>rk
Union; .ir.lin B. Hut'iicsoii, Mlddlotown; C.
w Eaatorday, Norfolk; N- O. Smith; South
IIIU; Tli'i^s *!.. Monre, Ro-uinkc: .1. .1.
Weslbrook, Danviile: 8. M. Barnett, Nor
f,,;k; .r. P. Wriss. I'mporln: XV. XV. Ottcn,
Bmporta; S. T. Calemsn, Caroline; Allen It.
Itoward, Virsmia: C. R. Det, Norfolk; T. J.
Notthigham, Norfolk; Hugh B. lllrd, Fred
eflcksburg; A. W. Weaver. Rice; R. F. de
Castro. Pork Unlcn: M. T. Wllson, Norfolk.
Gllbert?Mr*. M. S. Pelrce. Arvonla; XV. 3.
Ilutchlnson. Soutl, Hlll; Mr. and Mrs. W. 1*;
Womnn Flre* 'Pivo Shota and Coolly
A?nll? Developments.
Boston. December .10.?The offlce boy
employed by a downtown Insurance
flrm unldcked the door of the offlce thls
morning aml found L.!l!lan M; Green
slttlrig in ono of the fhalrs wlth a re
volver In her hand and hor husoand,
joseph M. Green, iho janltor of tho
building:, groanlng on tiie lloor witli
two hullot wounds in hls body. The
woman told the flr.it pollceman whu
appeared that she shot her husband
because he left her two -weeks ago for
anothor womnn. At the relief hos-pital
t;reon wus tound to havo recelved ono
bullet in the hoad and the other ln the
Green is twenty-nlno yoars old, and
lived in iloxbury, and his wife, who i.s
twonty-llvc, said that she boarded in
Brooklino. She wa.s locked up to awalt
the result of her husb.md's lnjuries.
How Prl/.c Composltlons Were Stolen
still 11 Mystcry.
Now York. Deconioer :iu.?Tho miss
.ng opera scores In lhe Sl0,000 prlze
contest of tho MctropoLltan Opera
.Houso for Amerlcan composers, which
illsappeared from an express wagon
' 111st .Saturday, were returned to-day
unharmed. Whoro they have been ln
tho meantime and how they wero ro
moved from thc wagon still remain
.nystcrles, although Pennls ,'Iiggins,
.vbo brought them back, has been
blharged wlth larceny and held in $-!,uO0
The scoros were shipped by Walter
Damrosch, one of the judges of the
contest. to George XV. Chadwlck. dl?
rector of tho Now England Conserva
tory of Music, and were valued?at be
iween S'10.0.00 and $,",0,000. Tho Mctro
iiolitan dlrectors gave <>ut a statement
to-nlght that tho scores wero un?
harmed. and that the sealed envolopes
containing the names of the composers
had not beon tampered wlth.
Blockuders Houl still Away Vilille Dcput*
Sbcrlffs I.onk Ou.
r*-pcclul to The Timcs-pispatoh.")
Stateuvlllo, N. -:'., Deceptber **1.?.R,ec'chtlj
two ilcnuiy aherlfts went out nn Uig Iliuu
ing Crcolt, Uagic MHia townEhlp, ln th<
northern pnrt of Irodell county. 10 doatro;
an iliiclt distillery. Whon thc officers' canu
ln t-'lght they heard and aaw several niai
standing around tlie plant armed wlll
guns. Seelng tlie blocksders so niimerou:
aud heavlly armed tlie officers thoUKht hes1
uot to cro*\d ln, and had to stand bacl
and soe tho dlatlllory plant liauled away
llearliiR nr the trouble thc ahcrltf of tlu
county brpan an investigation, and, aa i
result It looks as If 11 ha'f doaeu or mon
arrests wlll be made. Two of tho moon
shlrtors have already Burrendcr?d to the nf
llcors, and othei-s wlll bc arrested.
Identity of Poraoge'ri Oeorgln Kdltor Eb
liiblKlu-il by Newapuper S'orles.
Qhurlotte, N. C, Docember SO.?Edlto
Ja'moa A. Cionuitie, of *-pariu, Ua.. who dls
appeared mysterlously from a hnto! at Ham
let, N, C? November n. was tound to-da
wan'dorln-j ln tho woods ^?ear ? Kllenboro
Rutherford coun.y, more than 100 miles fron
the aeoiie of tlio dlsappuurance, by a t'armei
Cromartio, who is over sixty yoars old, i
sald lo bo dtraneed. and- does hol know hi
own name, but identlflcation waa ostabllshoi
by pictures und newspaper storles. He ar
rivoil at Hamlet tlio ntijht of' November S
at whlch plaee lt was necessary for hlm tr
chango cara for Clarkton, N. C., Wberp h
purpnsed vlsiting relatlvea. Durlng tho nlgli
ho itlaapvenred, ? leaving hls baggagrj at thj
ObrUtlnu Kndenvor to llobl Annual Sesslo
?liiiiuury l ii- L-t.
fSpoelal to Tho Tlinos-Dlspulcli.]
l.ynohburg, Vn., Decombor .io.?Tlio nex
Plate i-ouvi-ntinn of tho Virginia l"nlou n
t'lu-lstlnn ISlldcavor wlll bo held at tho |nca
MelhudlNt PfOlQstant C'hureh on .lanuai';
13-14, Tho' pihu-liinl Kpoakor -wlll be I'ai
l.elinmnu, ono of tlio t'.-'ld aoorntarlea nf tii
I'nlterl Kocisty of 1,'lii-lsiiaii Bndcavor, whos
beadiiuurtera are in Uosion. Mr. behinnili
wlll nialte n tnnr uf tho Hniillievn Htatnli
addreaains nnmerous atsto coiivenlloin afts
lUitins lo'tirJibiirs-.
System Will Bc rnangtiratcd
Tlirbttglibiit Gouiitr*" bn
January ;}.
Mr. Milchcock Bclicvcs Any One
Can LJndcrstand Simple
[Special to The Tlmos-IMspatch. |
nounccd i
latlons tb
lllg of tl..
bauh all
.laijuai -'?
these rulr
1111 f i ??
mpl'-to rcgu.
111 accompany the open
ernment's postal anvlnga
? the Unlted state' on
Mr. Hltchcock belleves1
be an slirtple that any
one may understand them.
Mmli of DeposttorW,
Under the torma of tho acl dep'osil's
may tn- mado hy any person of tho ago
of ten years or over, rtlld by a married
woman. DeposltB may be mnde by
chlldren of tho proper ago ln tholr
own name free from any control or ;
Inuerforence by parcntr. and thc same
is equally Iriio ln tho case of ri married '
woman, ?? hose account shall be free ,
from any control or lritcTfcrcnce by
her husband.
Tho law cxpresBly forblds any peraon i
from having more than one account in '
lils or lier own rlght, und any vlolatlon i
of the splrlt of this provision will sub?
ject the offerider or transgressor to
Corporation*', Soelellra, B<<*.
Only the accounta of. individuals will
ibe accepted by postmasters. Corpora?
tlons, soclotlcs and the llko will not bo
accepted aa dopoaltors. Tbe rogula
I tlons are mandiiloi-y and rorjulro tho
slgnatlire of tbe Indivldual to be left
wlth lho poBtmaat'er at tlie tlme tbe.
deposit i.i made, as well as on Its wlth
CrrtlficntfH of Deposit.
CcrtlficalCfl of deposit will 1,0 issurd
ln various denomlnatlons running
from $1 to $100. They wlll be lssued
In duplicate, the original going to the
depositor and tlie duplicate to the flloa
ot the depository. Tbo duplicate must
bear the name of thc depositor, wlio
Is expei-ted to carcfully scrutlnize it
before slgning to aee thal it is drawn
for the proper amount.
i l.lmltntlon nn (o J)c|i?*<ltM.
At least $1 or a larger amount in
multiples thereof. must bc deposited
beforo an account can be opened, but
no one will be permitted to deposit
more than $100 in any one calendar
month. Thc balance io thc. credit of
any one person shall never bc allowed
to exceed $500, excluslve of the accu
mulatcd Interest.
In order that the smaller amounts
I may be accumulated for deposit any
j person may purehaso for 10 cents from ;
i any depository ofllce a postal savings
card, to which may be attached spe-j
? lally prepared adbeslve stamps, which
have io ep especially deslgned for tho
purpose and are known as "postal
savlnxs stamps." and when the stnmps
so attached amount to $1. includlng j
tlie 10-cent postal savings card, the j
same may be presented as a deposit for
opcnlng an account. Thls pcrrri(ssion
, haa bcen granted to encourago tbrlft
among thu poor and to teach the school
chlldren tho hablt of savlng.
\\ Ithdrnvrnl.i.
When a depositor wlshes to wlth
draw any part of hls -account he must
present certtlrcates equal to the sum
' fic wishes to obtain, and the surrender
certltlcates must have been indorsed
>n the back and the signature must
corrc-spond with that on the filed dupli
' rato beforo the money will be paid.
' Certlflcates are non-ncgotralde and
non-transferable and are worthless in
'.he possession of any other than thelr
.awful owner.
?1-nrtiiil Wlthdrawnlx.
! While it is hoped that depositors
s'ith the postal savings system wlll be
i long to the savings class who desire to
leave thelr money for long perlods for
interest purposea, provision has been
made to accommodate those who wlsh
lo withdraw a portlon of thelr account,
[bo that Interest wlll bc lost only on the
! amount withdrawn. As an illustration.
la depositor with $100 certlflcate lssued
on January 1. who wlshes to draw,
'down $50 on July 1. will surrender hls
$100 certlflcate and receive in return $?"?"
cash and a now certlflcate for $50 !
antedatcd to show that lt had bcen
drawlng interest from January 1.
Interest at the rate of 2 per cent. per
annum will be allowed on all deposits,
but interest only begins to run from
the flrst business day oi" the montb. so
that the deposits made after such time
ln any month cannot begin to draw
Interest till the flrst day of the next
succcedlng month.
j In order that the most slmple-mind
I ed may clearly understand the amount
of interest due them at the end of one
year or a given number ot years. n
I tible has boen printed on the back of
Thon*?n<l? at dollar* test rrurl) fi-*""
Mcknes* due lo beidbuecu, filed. anta.
roacbe*. terrain. TUey st-rrad ?1I-mm?
Oet rld of them. IntUt on Moiirer a.
AII Druggists 10c & 25c Boxeo
D. MAURER & SON CO., Phila.
Congo Roofing
A tough, flexlble, waterproof felt.
Two-ply and thrce-ply grades are
giiai-antcod for ten years wlth a gen
uino suroty bond. Sample on request.
Itichiuoiiil, Va,
W. Fred. Richardson,
Mnln nnd Uelvldere Streets.
?Phonos, Madlaon 843, day; Monroe
142, nlght.
Cletnie* nml h-.aoiinea Uie.n-.lr.
l'ronioie- a liniiri.int Rtovrth.
Novor Fatlii to Uestore <J"e.y
?U?ir to Its youtlifu Color.
Wo,?mm*00?t Uruit-iiti_
Afjy Flgure tn Sensational Suit
who fltriiretl soiJlc tlmr iikii In n ?fn*i ntlonnl murder Irlnl. II Im reported. Is
moon tq ho nnmed nm ro-respondeilt ln dlvorce nctlon ngnlu.it nn Anicrlcnn
neivspape'r mnn. Pnrl* pnpers linve -.ini.-.l thnt she met the nrvtupnpcr tiiiiu
during thr murder trl.-tl, whlch coused n sensntlon nll over thr World.
each certllicate, shjOAVjng in sluiple
form the amount of interest that wll)
accrue annually.
I'.on.l Conrcralon.
One of th.' most attractive featuren
of the system, of whlch advantage wlll
will be granted to deposltors tto con
wlll beg ranted to deposltors 'to wn
vert thelr funds, after they have been
on deposit a given tlme, into govern?
ment bonds. Tln se bonds will bc Is?
sued in small dmominiitlons of $20,
$10. $fi(., $80, $I0o and a larger deliom
ination of $503, and will bear interest
at tho rato of 2% per cent. per ann i.
They wlll be reglstered and eoupon
bond.". Pbstmaster's wlll be supplied
wlth blank forms, on whlrh deposltors
can make thc necessary appllcatlon for
bon ls.
Depositors will be rcsti'ict?-d In thelr
opej-itions to one partlcular offlce,
where the one account to whlch they
nre entttled must be kept. If for any
reason th.-y wish to open an account at
another offlce In the same city. tliey
may do so by clpslhg out their account
at the lirst offii ..- and starting an en?
tirely new transactlon ln the second
offlce. p. li. McG.
New Y'ork. December 30.?Madison
Square Garden'. already graced by stat
ues of William ll. SeWard, Admiral
Farragui. Rdscoe Conklln and GOnoral
White, will not be further ornaimented
with that of Samuel J. Tilden. as wii.
desired by the Tilden memorial com?
mittee. The Municipal Art Commis?
sion handed down a decision to-day
dlsapprovirig of both the design anil
proposed locatlon of thu statue. No
dlsrespect of the great Democratic
leader is ininlud. the commission de
clares. nor ls tbe rullng to be on
strued as prejudlclal to the sculptor.
Wllliam Ordwiay Partridge. The
square. tho commission tlolds, is al?
ready sutliciently marked by statues
of celehrlties.
No explanation of dlsapproving thc
design was givqn.
n:\NSYLVANIA tow.vi:
Washington, December 30.?Pennsyl
? anla's municipaiities having a popu?
latlon in excess of 6,000 increased ovoi
'.il per cent. in number during the past
decade, havlng jumped from nlnety
,'our ln libio to 117 in 1010, a net In?
crease of flfty-threo, Four municipaii?
ties decrcased In populatlon during tho
ten yoars?Bradford. wlth a loss of
isr,: Corapolis. :io:J: Danvllle, 7'J."., and
Middle'town, 234. Of the Keystone
State's total increase in populatlon
during the t<'U years?I,3Gl',8'J??the
thlrty largest cities. all over* 18,000 in
populaittoh, contributed. over -one-lllalf
the number. Among the twonty larg?
est citles. Johnstown. wlth 5-1.4 per
cent., and Allentowns. with -1G.6 per
cent.. showed the largest rate of In?
Glove Factory for Lmchburg.
| Special tn Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Ijyn'chburg, Va? December :!0.?1,. P.
Schlemb, of Oliio. wlll estulilliih a glove fac?
tory hero shortly, and tbe plant wlll bo in
operatlon on a small senlo In a few week*.
Tlie plant wlll give work to Ilfteen persons
at first, wlth an uniiual payroll .ot about
110,000 for the flrst year.
l.iiiiic.I to D.-aili.
St. Paul. Mlnn.. December 30.?Jean
net'te Wllfred, elghteen years old, and
Annie Erd were burnod to death to?
day, when tlio Concord (lat bulldlng
was destroyed by Ilre. Twelve other
resiilenls wen; seriously hurt and a
number of others palnfully injured.
No More Babies
St. Louis, Mo., Deceinhcr 30.?
There wlll he un childrcn in the
linlted Slnte.-t under llve ycars of
nge ln the year -0-0. Ilnhlea, nc
eordlngly, wlll hnve dlsuiipcnrcd
from this country as early a.s UOlfl.
Thls Im thc ranth'c.iiiatlcril c'qnelu
siuil of Professor \Ynlt<-r F. V^'lllco.v,
of Cornell I'nivcrslt.v, iiiinoiiiieeil to
the Aiiicrleaii Stiitlsticn] Assoclutiou
nt Its uonulijdlllg session thls after?
noon. 'I'he only hope of Nfolng bn
bloM iu tht* Unlted Slntes ufter -'OUO,
ncvonUug to Profcssrir Wlllcox's
caleiilatloit, In hy possible importn
libi. fi-oiu France. France, he ?>?>'?,
will continue to have babies elghty
yeara nfter the Unlted States hns
'?'I'liere i? proportlouutely inore
rnee siliolde in tlie l iii?.-d Stntes
thnn lu France,'' snid Professor
.Vn cndowiucnt for the stork waa
rct.inicniled to the Anierlciin So.
clologlcul Vssoclntlnii hy George
Flllot llowiird, professor of sool
ology lu tho Unlversity of .Neliruskn.
In un nddresH ou ''The Soclnl Con?
trol of lloiiiestle KrlntlOn.s," he ile-.
ulhretl ihe State should honor
mothcrhooit hy eudo*.-, inj*,' niothers.
"Pnronts who rulsi* iiiuilll.--.," hc
snld, "nre enllll.-.l to puyincnl nud
Nceiirit.v from. thc Stnte, the snine
ns tlie MOldlci* or the judgo or iiii.v
uthor publio servant."
United States Battleships
Coming From Foreign
CherbOurg, France. Decembor 30.?
The slxteen battleships cdmprislng thu
Unitod States Atlantlc fleet rendez
voused off the Scilly Islands to-day,
followlng good-hys at the French and
English ports. where the ofllcers nnJ
men have boen entertalned splendldly
by government ofllclals and clvillans
for six weeks. To-morrow tlie war
shlps will turn tholr pro'ws home ward.
the lmmedlato destlnatlon belng Guan
tariam'o. Cuba, whero they are due .lan?
uary li;.
t'.xehiingc of Sululcs. ?
The first divlslon. comprlstng tho
battleships Connocticut. Delawore,
Michigan and North Dakota, under
command of Rear Adiniral ScnroCder,
ooinmander-in--.-h|er of \the Atlantlc
fleet, salled from thls port at n o'clock
thls morning. As the vessels pullcd
out Adrntral Schroeder, from his tlng
shlp. the Connocticut, slgnalcd a cor
dlnl messago of farewcll to tho I'rcnch
naval authorlties. Salutes were ex?
changed with the Frt'.ioh squudron.
Thc thlrd divlslon, the Mlnnesota.
Misslssippi and Vermont, Rear Admiral
Murdock. commandlng, salled from
Brcst at 2:3u o'clock this afternoon.
Kurllor In tho day tho second divlslon,
mado up of tho Eouisiuna. Kansas,
.South Carolina and the Now Ham'p
shiro. left Portland, England, whilo
tho fourth dlvlsioh, tne Georgla, No
br'aska, Hhode Islnml und Virginia, set
sall from Graye'send vesterday.
I-'leet MnnoeuvreM En Koiitr.
ln addltlon to the search problem, in
whicli the ba'ttfeshlpH wlll attempt to
escape the vigllance of the scout
crulsers lylng ln walt for them and
surprise the Amerlcan shores. the dl
ylslons comblned wlll undergo lleet nui
noeuvres on route.
Whlle in European waters the Amer?
ican ships, ofllcers and mon, mudc a
most pleaslng impresslon.
Ilimlish Vessels Mon Vnrdsi ns United
States l-'Ieel OcpurtM.
Portland, England, Docember SO.?
Tho second divlslon salled to-day to
join the other battleships of tho United
States Atlantlc fleet ln the Knglish
Channel. The ships passed through
llnes formed by vessels of tho Brltish
homo floet, tho crews of whlch uiniinod
The Amorlcan hands played tho na
tiiinal anthom, tho Brltish muslclans
respondlng with "Atild Lang- Syne."
.Salutes were oxchanged as tho divlslon
proceeded soaward.
IDiiMiid Observcrs pliotognipb Visitor
lu Ihe IleavciiM.
' Cambrldge, Mass., December SO.?A
now star. dlscbvered redehtly by Rev.
I T. h*. Esiin. of Walslrigham, England,
ln tho eonstellrltton Lucerta, ln' the
north-west sectlon of tho sky, ha'lfw.ay
hotwoon tlu* zenlth und tho horlzou,
aniiounecnieiit of whicli reached thls
country to-day. wus observed, photo
graphlcally aud vlsually, by Professor
Edward G. Plckerlng und hls asslstants
at tlio Harvard Collego Observatory
tn-niglit. The star is now of tho .sev?
enth magnitude, and ls lusiug strength.
Tho photographs taken at the Har?
vard Observatory to-nlght of thc star
and its spoctruiu show eloven woll
marked brlght llnes. The Harvard
astronomers found from tholr photo?
graphs of thn past few months tliat
tho star did not appear In Iho lioaveiis
on November lt!. hut tliat it was thoro
on November 2.*t, from whlch tlpio to
December 7 ll was of h magnitude ol
.",..". H w.-us posslble to observe lt wlth
tho naked eyo durlng lts Ilrst anpoar
anoe, tlio a'etronomors say, but at pres?
ent a fleld glass is noedod to dlstin
gulsh it.
Iuillctmculs for Vote Sclltiis Now
Totnl 1,111.
West Union, Ohlo, Docombcr 30.?
Tho Adams county grand jury to-dny
roturnod seveijty-threo more indlpt
monts and nioro than tifty persnns
appeared nnd plcsuled guilty ln con
neution with tho investigation oi
wholeaale selling of votos in electlon-;
ln llils county. A majority pf then*
wero dlsfranohlaod for livo yoars und
sutVereil fines of from ?."i to *il."i. The
total ol* thoso iiullctcd up to dnto ls
A inaii. tifly-si'ven yoars of ngo, wlu
uas lineil to-dny n.t'ler idoading guil?
ty. sald thut vote-hitylng condition-!
havo exlsted Ip Adams county aliioc
lie ivas a boy, nnil Judgo Blalr to-nlght
nxpiisseil tlit? iiplnion tluit thoro wnf
u. svstoniatli- iiiriiiigi'iuent for vote
hiiylng by liolh tho Iti-iuiblivun anu
liciuoi-ratii- piiriy ni:in,igeis.
. Heiirk'n'-'-Mnrt/liiRo Uvoiiho,
A utafi-Jiiiic lli-iJrt*fi.w?|M grauttd yniU'/daj
owi'll Itfifie nlfirc uf'llm clerk of Uio Ib-n
i linu-fr" May t'lilldresn .uui lliin-y br,
Uco U'tiniy Cli-eiiii\C?'utti '
Do You Know What This
T stand g for the
bett, the purc.it,
the most wonder
f ul f Ieth and strength
producing prepara
tion in the world.
It is your protection
against -fraud, imita
tions and hundreds of
cheap, -worthless sub
It is known the world
over as the trade-mark of
the original and standard
preparation of Cod Liver Oil.
For low vitality, thin blood,
loss of flesh, stubborn coughs,
lung and chest troubles,
Scott's Emulsion has
been for more than
thirty-five years the standard
Be sure this Trade-Mark is on the wrapper.
aro like you
ings of our
have our go
abtea and ot
(Continued From First Tage.)
and our common elvlc, lndustrlal, com-j
mercial and nationnl life. We would
live at peace and ln nmlty wlth you.
Wc value your frlchdshlp and good 1
will. Wc faln would have lt. but,
never at the loss of our social and rcll
giou- sclf-rcspcct. That there are some
of us who. to further their clvlc, pro?
fesslonal or social ambitlon, feol thal
lt is necessary for them to prove rcc.rc
ant to thelr tradltional trust and thelr
lathera' faith ls an indktment of them ]
ond of vourselvcs, who make thc con?
ditions thereof?but not of us.
"l.lkcwisc it is not to be expected
of human nature tbat wc, who are
faltbful. do not dcplorc tho weakness
of our recrcant ones or resent thc con?
ditions tlvat compel thelr recreancy.
As we are part of your lll.' in all
things save rellglotis outlook. so we
n all the virtiies and fuil
coinmon hnmanity. "We
1 and our bad, our desir
...,- undeslrablcB. nut, cltisa
for class. statioh for statlon. opportu?
nlty for upi.ottunlty. we are no worse.
I tha'n you are. We don't want lo ne
jttdged en bloc. but a? individuals. We
do not ask for recognitlou, commer
clally, soclaliy or polltlcally, ns a group,
bul "ns unlts. Wc don't want a man
to be elected to ofllce beeause lib is a
Jew. But we don't want him to be
turned down only Uecauae he ls a .low.
We want hlm to stand or fall on hls
Indivldual merlt. Wc don't expect a
flrm to be favorcd becauso it Is Jewlsh.
Wo don't want it unjustly treatcd or
defamed beeause lt is. We resent the
wholesale social discrimlnatlon prac
liT-ed against us, not becauso discrim?
lnatlon is unjusti bnt beeause it is
general and not specitlc. We feel that
justice requlres that discrimlnatlon
should be excrclsed -tmongst us as
individuals, and not against us as a
LHernr.v Muck-IJnkrr*'.
"We deplore the outreachlng tingers
of the dead hand of a medlcval reli
gious antipatby. when it becomes evi?
dent, as it sometimes does, in the dally
press, when a wrong-doer who happens
to be a Jew ls labelcd as such, and the
rdliglOUS allUiatlon of othor malefac
tors ls never mentionod, except In tho
caso of inlnistcrs who go wrong; or in
llterature, whero thc tendency among
some writers seems to bo to popularlze
thelr prbductlons by nr.iking the vll
Ialh of tbe plot u Jew; or when some
magazlno muck-rakcr prlnts wlldly ex
ag'gerated defamatory statements .upon
tho merest hearsay evldence and utter
h- falls of hls proof when aaked for
it- or when, iil tho publlc schools,
toachers sometimes glve explanations
or make wholly irreleva'nt statements
tliat tond to set asldo and humillute
tho Jewlsh cliildren and cause thglr
Christlan schoolmates to look upon
them wlth seorn and derislon; or when.
in courts oC justice, lawycrs, even those
of good standing. wlll appeal to the
basest of passions, rellgious prej.udlce,
and seck to inlluence a Jury -against a
party to tbo case who happens to bo a
Jew; or, tlnally, when, ln tbe church
itself, lii thc ptliplt" and the Sunday
school room. tho doctrine is stlll
1 taught that the Jews aro deicides, cruel
and blootlthlrsty i-iuclliets. and thc
heart of Innocent chlldhoud is inllaincd
with hatred and tlio antlpathy of iiw
ture breasts Is oonftrmed.
"These are tlio things that make pos?
slble suc-h incidents as that which we
have taken for our thbnio, wlieveln tlie
polnt is, not whether Alr. Loeb Is a
Jew or not, but In the statement that
he was rejected becauso lt was thought
he was a. Jnw, 'and whercln tho shuiite
rests, not. wlth Alr. l.opb. nor with the
Je.ws, but wlth tlie L'nion Leaguo Club
nnd the splrlt of Chrlstlan Int'olcrarico
tliat was ln eviflence.".
Fenst or Dcdlcntloii.
Dr. Cnllsch capcluded his address
wlth a splrlted refcrenco to tho Kei-t.it
of Ijcdicatlon, whlch ls belng observed
thls weck by the synagogue, und which
recalled conditions wherein lho Jews
had to battlo against worse things
than now cxlst. Thelr vojl.or under
Alaoeabean loadership gained the vto
to'vy over Syrian armies and llcllenlc
dcgcncrncy, and ho bespught hla peo?
ple vo keep allvo tlio Alaccabcan ,s|>irlt
ln their bosonis for thc stlll unciidcd
confllct between right and ipjustlce.
between llght and dirknees, betwoen
taith and suporstltion.
Hls llod.v r.ntlieifd Up lu Sinall llnxen
und Taken lo t'liiler'nkcr'.s.
Blrmingham, Ala.. Docembor 30.?An
explosion iu' dynaiulto at tbe- engine
liuuao ol' N'o. Kl mlne, of tlie Tonncsscc
Coal. Iron und Uailroiul Company, near
hhislev. thls ut'tornoun. killed Joe Ot
wcll. ongini.-er, aud Will llunlcr. tlre
1118,11, and an unUtiowii negro. A soeond
negl'O was bidly injured. Tin- negro
killed had brought samo I'ro/.ou dj/nb
inlle li-oiii tlio tiiuncl to thaw It-out in
tho cngiiio house; When" it o>p1oiled
he was so torn to plecea thal hK 1"<<1\
was gathored up ln iui.iII boses Bfll'I
\ titkcii lo tho undeiTtdtfor'a.
Cltizens Arouzed Over Frequent Flres,
Want Mnyor to OITcr
Annapolls, >fd., December 3ft.?-Annapolls
is thoroughly aroused lo tli" oecesslly ot
enercetle m'eaiurea for tho Cftpturo of thq
Inccndlary whos*- actlvlty ha? renulted in
four flres. all ln unoccupled-bulldlngs, during
tha present month, tlie last of whlch oc
eurred early thls mornhur.
Follow|r|: so closely upon tho flro of ye??
terdey nvirnlntr an.l a-rllation for ihe oil>r
of a reward for the eaptnre of Ihe KUIIty,
thls nioinlnir's rtre Indlcated B degree of au
(laoily on th<- part of the fir<.bii(-, whlch ha.i
. ansed wlflesprearl alarm. Talk of maldns
work of the culprtt, if hc ls dlseovcre.l, ia
Tbe cltizens will mako an appeal lo
Mayor James F. Slrango tlils mornlng to
offer a rewa/1 for tlie oarrturc ot tho tlro
llen.I. Several have pledg.-d themselves t.i
assist In gettlnc up money for a popular
Thls mornlng a Ore broke out on tha
?vator's edge, ondangering llvra and mucli
propertv. The flames Imrst from an unoc
eupleil 'stable on Water Streot. owned by
the Keah.v belrs, completely wrecking It.
Hefon- the Ore department could rospond
the Inflaiiiiuahle structure wa? a rnln, iho
Ham- s bad spread to the stable bclongini;
to Minor Sirangc. and had then .iuniped
dangorously closo to the -rrocery store o?
campbell it Phlppins. In tbe rear of tho
burnlng she.ls were resldences ou Prince
George street.
Thi- Ore was (liseovered bv I'atro.men
Frank Smlth nnd -lohn Jacobs. A fety
mlnutes before tho palrotrnefl saw a coloreiK
man acting in a s.ispl.l.oy manner. ir?
soon dltappvared in the dnrkness, They say
thev ar.- sure that thls man was tiu* Incen
.lla'ry. Tliey are thercforo worklng on this
as a clue.
Most of tho buildings set afire have been
one or two-story structures.
TlMcumbia. Shelllelu and l-'lorencc to
Hc Known as .Musscl Shonls Clty.
Florence. Ala., December 30.?At a
banquot hero to-t.ight. attended by
Congressmen of Alabama and represen
tntive buslness men of Tuscumpia,
Shtflleld and Florence, Ala.. a reso?
lution was adopted Indorslng thc rro
porcil i-onsolidatiou of the threo CjiieS
under thc name "Musscl Shoals City,
and urgtng that Congress tako stops
to develop Musscl Shoals. Thc shoals,
several mlles above Florence, are ro
u/arded as one of thc greatest under
volopod sourcea of water power in tne
L'nlted States.
iliiiuoi- Thnt n Dug Uniicrstnnds th*
lluinnn I.iiiikiiiiui-.
Berlln. Docembor :10.?The clalm of
a gamekeeper near llamburg that his
doR ean speak German, and lias an
uhderstandlng of thc language suffi
clent to answer qucstlons Intelllgently
has been taken so seriously by Ger?
man s.ientists lhat Professor Pfungst,
of Herlln Unlversity, huaded a com?
mission of lnvestlgatlon. It is said
that thev found tbe anlmal possesscl
of a vocabulary of seven words, whlch
were clearly articulated. Of tho num?
ber, four were words of two syllables.
lt is asserted that the dog under
stands what is said to him, and re
plles to tlie Inqulrles of strangers.
wlthln the limlts of his knowledge oC
the languapre, wlthout aid or sugges
tion from hls owner.
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