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8Fhf taf;s*|3?> mpwMi
I'n?' .???- Offlce.918 K. Mnln Ktreet
fiouth Rlebmonil.1103 Hull Street
Pctanburs Hure?u....l09 N. 8yei*in"*eri> siro'
L,ynehliiirB Rttreau.JIS Klshth Hlrenl
HT MAIL-. One Sl*' Three One
P08TAOH PAID. Ti-ar. Moi. Moi. Mo
Dslly wlth Sunday.I?.00 I'OO VM> ??"*"
Dally wlthout Punday... 1.00 2.00 1.00 .M
l-un-liiy eilltton only. !.00 1.00 .50 .23
.Weekly iWcdnesday).... 1.00 .60 .? ...
By Tln-.es-PIJp-itch Carrlrr Dellvery Ser
rice ln Richmond (and snburb?) and Peten
? One Week.
Dally wlth Sunday...*' cents
Dally wlthout Sunday.i0 Cl*1'"1
Bunday only. 5 cenl5
Entere-1 Jlnuary ::. ?M. ?t Richmond. Va..
ai meond-clain matter under net of Con
Rresr, of Msrch 3. 187ft,
JJAT1 RDAX DECBMUKn 11, i''l?-_
lt vi'lli.lt l)XCe?MKOHTAlll<K ,nl'
Secretary Dickinson wlll noi give up
the War I'ortfollo al Witsnlngtori; at
li'.-isi, such is the assuraricQ thai comes
t,, us through tlu* Atlanta Constitutlon,
whlch says: "A strong character, n
lawyer ot cxccptionnl abillty, a man
capable of handling blg thing", Secre?
tary Dickinson is worthy ot nny lionor
lhal mlght come knocklng nl hls door.'
That ir- to sny, he would mako a flrst
ralo United Httties Senator from Tcn
iiesseo- bui hc hnt) delermlncd to stick
;., Mr Taft, In splte of tlie fact, as
tiie Constitutlon alleges, Ihnt he "llnds
hlmself n mystcrlous Bt'ranger In lhe
room of the Presidcnfs advlscrs. Ho
ls in the Cabinet, but not nf Vt. Belng
n Iioniinrnl. he riiiinot Joln in lhe tail;
aboui polltlcs wiiii the othor Cabinet
membors; and yet. ho flnds hlmself shut
mu from tho Democratlc connt'Us," ll
was becauso of "hls somowhai onorn
alous posltlon" lhal he proposcd to get
out, hut. whon tlu- story was startod
thai hc and tlu* Presldenl hnd hnd 'u
dlsagrcomcni dbout thnt ?'confldentlal
report" ds to the defcnseloss i-ondition
of the United States, he dctermlncd to
llve it down, if he ebuld, by staylng In
the Cablnot
lf tlu* Informatlon pf thc Constitu?
tlon is corrci t, Secretary Dickinson
:i]>).,'iiis to hnvo hocn cauglit "between I
thc ilt'\il dnd the deep bltlij sea," and
is playing thi rolo, apparently, of "lhe
poor boy al :i frollc." li must ho un
comforlable for hlm to flnd, whenover
ho goes Into the Cabinet room, KnbX
nnd Wlckershnm and Ballinger anu
Hitchcock and tho rest of the consplr
ators suddenly shlftlng tho conversa?
tlon and looking anxinus list Dickin?
son mlght have accldentally heard -"'nn
of their plottlngs whlle ln- was guiu
shoeing arotin-1 in the outer court.
Knox and ihe rest of thim really do
not know how much Dickinson has j
heard about them. nnd wo suppose thut i
lt is partly because they havo been !
saylng things that they ought not to;
have said, und entertalning politlcal
designs nf desperato Intcntlons, that
thev .'ii treat tho Tonncssoean pn
lllccly, Hut il must be right hard pn ;
Dickinson, We suppose really tluit!
thero nre never nny dlscusslons of par
tlsan o,- facllonnl polltlcs lu tlu- Cab?
inet meotlngB. Tli.it i.s not what theso
moetings aro held for. Hitchcock has
been nianaging outsidc of the Cabinet
room thr? politlcal affairs of tlie Admin?
istration, and now that Weeks. of Con
nectlcut, Is to take hls placo, we sup?
pose Dickinson wlll bo ablo to stand
thc strain of suspioion undcr whlch ho
ls alleged to have been uncomfortable,
pOSSlbly to tho close of Mr. T.lft's e:i
recr as President?that ls to sny, untll
-March I, 1913.
Accordlng to tlje New Vork Evening
"Post, a I'jirUersburg, Wesi Virginia,
paper Bayat;" "
"In the ligiu of Presldenl Taft's ap?
polntment of Edward Douglas Whlte,
a Democrat oJ tlu- far South. t,> bo
chief justice, the appolntment of ir col
orod man tis asslstant attorney general
seems hardly wise, ,\ spectaclc of ji
colored lawyer, be he ever so ustute
nnd learned, advocatlng thc causo of
tho United States before her highest
trtbunal, presided over by a Southorn
gentleman and ;t Democrat, can hardly
bo imagined."
Coinincnting on this, Tlie Times has
to say:
'lt is well, now und then, to have the
extrem.e of prejudlce thus frankly
stated, if only because n onablcs us to
perceive whlther unrcstralncd race dis
Ukc will carry us."
In our vlew, iiritii ot these state?
ments are wnoiiy erroneous. Neithor
seems to rcallze thai Mr. Chlof .lustlpo
Whlte has often, in tho long years of
his judlclal career, heard many ;i col?
ored advocatc pload causes beforo him.
fcoinc months ago an Instance of thls
sort occurrpd to our knowMcdgb. ln
al! these years, tho charges of race
prejudlce and sectlonullsm have never
been laid at the door of the groat head
of our highest court. The past speaks
amply for lhe future. Elevatton to
the i iii- i jui ii' eshlp '-an in no way
alicr the judlclal attltude "f Mr. Chief
justlce white.
For tin beneflt n f the. .New Vork
Tlmes ii mlght bo added tluit the
judges of the South are noi Unfrletldly
ln their relations wlth colored ad
vocatoB. They reallze, a.-; Northern
judgon r-:;niii't, tlu- greut disadvantages
and pbstaclcs with whlch Uu- colored
lawyer haa bad io contend lu ordor
io make a llvlng in his profosslon, and
they are pretty llkoly ln a close cast
to give hlm whatpver beneilt of lhe
doubt that, can come from klndllness
and syiuii.iihv. The attltude ot' the
Southern Judgo towurd lhe colored
man is dii-iiiii-tiy unprejudlced, [f any?
thing, he uui..- toward the man In
blui'k, lf ln- I"- respectable, law-abld
lag, and noi arrpgani aml assuming,
if the Tlm,*- woulii read Tho Tlmea
Dlsptilch more carefully, ii would learn
many' Ihitips whli li would give lt a
brou'lcr and mon- uiidcrsluudlng out?
look on the rn-? ii I.tjsB than
a year ag" thla paper prlnted a story
whlch was reprlnted in BoDtOn and
many olhei- clli<5B lu all parls of Iho
couiilrv. It told nbout n delcnillloti of
colored peoplo reproBenlliig ibelr rtice
who presented td .tudge WIU of the
tlustltig* Coiiri of thls clty n iiaiulsonie
Sllver le.-llnionlal lu FdcognllIon Of thn
fuel thal he liad ulwn.vs fflvoH the
SMUiire deal lo tbo colored follt of thls
,iiy. They di-ciared tlint In rtlt hls
long yeara of Jiidlelnl Bfervlco bo bad
i.n fair nnd just to them.
?I'b,. Southorn bonch ls falr t<> lho
colored lawyer, nnd to colored men.
whatever thelr walh in llfe, becausc
lt knows thc race, ili .Idlosyn. rasics,
its tralning, its motioB of thought, Its
llfo/Its feellng, its good und ovll ln
tcntlons. Mercy and et|Ulty dwell wlth
,l?. hiuithcin judge in bls deallngs
Wlth tbo man in I'b"'*- ?? " lhUS '"
tho North? __ ._ .
'"I'oundor's Duv" at Hampton Insll
,?,,. wiii be obsorved on tbe 28th <>t
Jnnuary. Thls day wna lirsi celcbrat
,,l oil Sunday.niuiry "S, ISM-sIx
teen years ago?ln memory of Oenorttl
s. C. ArniBtrong, lho founder of thls
great school, wlio dled Muy IX. iS'JS.
"l-'oundcr's Day" has boen continued ns
an annual evellt to prcscrvc tbo mem?
ory of General Armstrotig and tho
j-rcat work he began, Tho'celebration
11,1:, year wlll occupy two ilays. Thero
wlll bo a number of nddrcBses and un
opcn conference, in whloli the Northern
and Southorn visltors to Hampton will
gcl together und speak plalnly touch
Ing nll rriatters rolatlng to negro edu?
The chlef address at iliis conference
will ln- mad.- Uy Dr. S. C. Mltchell, of
tbo University of South Carollna. it
hi expected thal a large numbor of im?
portant men will be present from tbe
South. among them, Goyemor Alann, of
Virginia; Major W. W. Screws, <>f the
Montgomery Advertlsor; state Audltor
Brandon, and Dr, B. .1. Baldwln, of
Montgomery; Dr, Phillps, Clty Suporin
lendent of Schools of Hirniingli.ini;
Glinby .lordan, of Columbus, Ga., an<l
others of like consequencc. There wlll
nlso be a largo nuniber of visltors from
the Northern States?Walter Page. or
New York: Dr. Henry S 1'ritcliclt, of
the Carnegie Foiindnlion; Thomas Nel?
son Page and John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,
besldcs a number of thc more emincn*.
magaztno writers. Ambnssador Jus
scrand, of thc French Kepublle, aml
Presldent Taft, who ls one of the Trus?
tees of tlio Hampton Institute. will
also be present.
These annual gathcrlngs at Hampton
and thc free conferences whlch they
encouragc have bcen of tlie largest
value to the educatlonai Interests of
lhe country. The good tbat hus been
iccompllshed by Hampton cannot be
mcasured. it is really one of the
greatest Bchoola ln ibe country, and
hns exerted a splendld influence upon
tbe race in whose behalf il wan found
eil. There is n better understanding
now than ever before of thc true re
lation of tlu- stnt,- in ihe educatlon of
the colored people, und by such confer?
ences aa tbat shortly to be held ut
Hampton, in whlch there is a fr.-e In
torchange of oplnlon and experlence
betwoen tlie men who live with the
negro question nnd those who regard
it only from a phtlosophlcal polnt of
view, the best soliltlons of many
of tho vcxatiocs quostlons can be ob?
Iii common wlth a very largo ma?
jority of the Amerlcan people. tho
New York Globe has a good oplnlon of
Woodrow Wllson, In notlng tbe con
troversy as to what Di-. Wilson says
thc Hon. James Smith. Jr, told him
about running for United States Sena?
tor, which Alr. Smlth denies bc sald,
the Globe emphaslzes tbe fact tliat Alr.
Smith "is at a terrible dlsadvant-ago,"
beeause "the average person ls dls
poacd t<> beiiove Dr. Wllson," and it
,1.1.1-: -Ile (Wllson) has tbe icpiite of
belng a t rutb-teller. Hc has never
bcen an undcrground or burrowing
polltlcldn. Ho is bpth tomporamentally
and by long practlce candld and above
biiiit-.l. lb- hns nol got on by scheming
or planning."
This is llno f..r Wllson, but rather
lurious I'or Smith. To say that Wilson
lells tbe ti-iitb. tbat tliere is nothing
slnlster about hlm or his wnys, tbat
be can always be placed, does not
mean, ot courae, that Smith cannot tell
tl?. t'r'uth and -lo.- not work out in
tho open. but, put in thls way, tho
,-oinpaiison of the Globo at least sttb
Icets him io reasonable suspicion.
THB rillAPf OK TI11-. Slf.XATOUS.
Some tlme ngo a correspondcin ot d
certain country contemporary of ours
icfcircd to some folks who liad become
intoxicated at a froo picnic ns "thctn
Jolly go free gentlonieil." This is an
appeliatlon that ln our opinlon can
bo applled most titly to Unlted States
Senators in tho enjoyniont of thc lux
ui i.. whlch are furnished them while
in offlco. The Senators get tho luxu
ries; tbe people. pay the bill.
The plain people pay for the bath?
ing, sbavlng and mnssnging of Unlted
Stutes Senators. Tbe conimonalty also
pays for blneking thelr boots and for
??hair tonlc" for thelr heads. Thc
111.use has ,-ibandoncd llicse. pei'qulsites.
for tho HOUSO is eloser lo the people,
its im nihers feellng llko Congressrnan
Anderson, of Oliio, wlio says that lf
any of his constitucnts camo down to
Washington and saw hlm sbavlng nt
the publlc cxpense he couldn't carry a
slngle preclncl in lils dlstrict.
The ohio stat,. Journal (hus com
im-nls on his ulti-ralicc:
"Nor ought he, it ls a dlsgrace for
:. il. ,ii lu talt,- *?'T..".111> a your from tlio
tax-imyoi'a it.ii.l make them pay for
shuvlug hlm aiul Bhllltng his shoes.
Spongln** on tln- peoplo ln nny sucb
1-ishl.iu BhOWS a lack of niiinliood. A
republlc hat no imslness inlnlstorlng
io poraonal slgnlllcanco. li ls a rcc
ognltton oi the old monarch|cai doc
trlnu thul om man is better than an?
other. Tlu- people ought noi to t.oler*
ate it. fc'uch giafts are the way to a
wilh atiti
??1th vnnlty bo
i|.:il ..r folly ,ind tend- lo nuike one
I'tin b SI of Iiu. .11; lliicllons ln tbe pub
llr BorVlce."
Tiii i ls absoiiiii.lv right, Kvery elt- J
lien wlu. Ihlrtks ib.ii bls i.'nii".i States
Heiiator l'. doing Ihe eorrncl thlngj
h.'i.i betlor rei.i ihe reports of tho Hoc-j
i-ci.n'y ..r ih.- Senate as td expondlttircs
fnr ihe personal epmiort of members
..I' Iho Senate.
ll.t.. aro n row taets from tlils doc
uinent: Members nf Hu tfnltcd stntes
:-'eniii.. havo ln Iho Ihsl fow morittlB
requlretl $1?G worth of lomons nnd two
barrels of grnnulnted sugar. This ln
dlcatos tiie ponularlty ol leinonndc and
dehaturejj hlghballs, . Appolllnarls
"sidiis" have heen sorved lo iho Sen?
ators lo thc nmount of $l,S5fl, nnd .-??
Wotldor what wenl wilh Ihe splil thal .
mndo Iho splil **,, popular. Tlio public
trensury has pald otil Jusl $20,011 tor
tclegrams for thoso' ponurlotis gentle?
men. Ston and thlnk nbout that. Nor
linvo ihe Senators fnlled to do them-,
solvcs up beforo tho mlrror, for they
ii.*-.. .1 $320 ivorth of halr brushes in the
liisl year.
Hut aix not theso porqulsllcs requlrod
lo cnablo ih.'se stalosmoii lo nccom
plish proporly tholr 'dutles? They have
used 111> a Iroiriendous amotinl of soda
mint f..i- th.-ir Indlgestlon; they have
reveied in Jamaica glnger: they have
rloted In ln..noi seltzer; thoy have
falrly Immcrsed themselves ln castor
..il. .ui.l they have voluptuously soothed
thelr tlred an.l achlng llmbs in vlolet
water. Tho Hon. Benjumln rtynn Till?
man has, doubtloss, used colo'gnc lo
.'.N.'.ss, aud lb.- II,,ii. .Irffrles Davls has
gloried in tlio tlellghis ol' nlmond pastel
for his flowlng locks.
Thero is stlll another remnrkablo
Item. Tbe Senators have consumed in]
iiu- last year just L',000 qulnine pllls;
Colds and fevor must l.e fcarfully
prcvalcnl ln tlie hlghor houso of Iho
nntlbn'S grerit Assembly.
Why stop at theso omoluments?
Why' nol carry th.- graft on lo thc
llmlt? II ls lognllzi -? grafl now; why
nol legallze ad Inilnltuin? Why notl
supply th.- Senators with the whiskey j
thoy need, with free food, wlth frock j
bllos and ncroplnncs', I
i and powder puffs,
with valets an.l blographers? Why nol
send them all to Kuropc and provlde
personal represenlntlvcs to tako thelr
seats in tb.- Senato? That would be
a consummntlon devoutly to be wlshcd.
What is .so Sybnrltlc as a Senator in
full enjoyment of ihe many 8ma-i
grafts whlch g*0 together to make up
n very largo graft? Some one of these
days, tiu-se "Jolly-go-frco gentlemen"
will learn tliat luxury at the pul.lt,.
expense cannoi endure.
From tbe Loxington Gazette we learn
that the law class to whlch .Mr. Justice
Joseph Rucker Lamar belonged at
Washington nn.l Leo Unlversity con
talned a number of promlnent
men. In hls class, that ot 187S, were
e.\-Govornor I.. v. stephens, of Mis
sourl; ex-Govcrnor William A. McCor
kle, of West Vlrglnla; Chlef .lusti.-e
Jolin II. Tyson, of thc Suprcmc Court
of Alabama: Capt. .loshiia F. Bllllltt,
of Blg Stnne Gap; .lohn II. Glenn, of
thc Kussell Sarre Fuundatlon; 11. R.
Preston, general counsel of tho Balti
moro and Ohio Uailway Company, and
othor leadlng lawyers.
The Gazette further makes tho
statoment that tho Washlngton and
Lee Law School has justlces on tho
supreme courts of as many as llfteen
States. whlch breaks tbe record for
American Law Schools, largo and
small, according to our contemporary.
"Conslderlng thc number of men
graduated from thls law school, it is
belleve,| that no law school of tho
country approaches it in tlio nunibcr
of distinguished men it has furnished
tho American bar." Thls is an excel
lenl rocord and the line old institution
at Lexlngton has just causo lor
pride ln tho honor whieh has como to
one of its eminent sons.
Tlll'. MKiHO Ul I'.S'I'IHX l'l'l' BY A
The Itev. George A. Brown, of Pontl
ac, Illinois, has written a very senslblo
letter to tho Chlcago Trlbune on the
negro problem. Hc is a netrro himself
and be speaks very plalnly to the peo?
ple of his race, tclling them some
truths whieh it would bo well for them
lo thlnk about. For example: "Tho
Anglo-Saxon is a better frlend to the
negro than tho negro ls to hlmself. Our
cgotism is a detrlment. A little pros?
perity spoils us; for instance: a negro
barber in Vormlllon county ls sulng a
whlto restaurant keeper for refusinsr
him a ineal whon this same ncKro rc
fuscs io shiivo one of his own raco In
his establlshment."
\X'c hnve not sern the question put
more forclbly than lhat. Tho negro
barber who would not shavc a negro in
lils shop, because he is running nVshop
lor whlle customcrs, brlngs sult for
damages against a white restaurant
keeper runnlng n restaurant for white
customcrs, becauso he would not serve
this nogro barber with a ineal ln an
oatlrig place set apart for white folks.
II looks to us as if this statement
mado by thc Rev, George A. Brown
covers very nearly the whole caso.
ity the Bristol llerald-Courler our
attentlon ls called lo Iho fact thal
"two of the brlghtest aud best of
Southwest Virglniu's weekly nows
papors" have ceased publicatlon, at
least lor a time. They aro thc Ablng
don Virginian aiul tho Wiso Nows.
"Tlie cause of theso susponslons was
an iiullfforence on tho part of the pat?
rons lo tho lliuini'ial needs of the two
liewspapors," The old, old story to
th0S6 of us who havti fought to keOB ;i
county weekly golng. iioth of those
papers had large clroulatlons, i.ut tha
list of dollnquonl subscriboru was i..o
great. lu order Io oollool whnt ls duo
thom, tlm iiroprletovs of tb,- papers
have be.ii forcctl to stop publicatlon.
Llttlo resiii-.l is due to any mull who
would refuse. to pay up in 6Uc.ll clr
'inisliini'nH, y,i ilir-i o wlll bo Home,
lliero nro nnd luivr beeri In lhe eiise
every roiifify now |u|>er lluii ever** Wnn
prlnted, who will io 'UI being nskeil to
im up somo wl.garil n newspiiprr
iii a iiuhilp c-li ii i i t lOmo who tnke it
:r . iilinost ti per.Hotiitl Irisiilt that they
should ho ilsked in pay tt Just (iml
Htnnll debt.
ii Is our hope ihnl Uio Ablngdnn
Virglniun nnd lb. ,'eWB wlli apocdlly
recoup aml appniu Kalri iu tlu- ndWB
puper Hold. Tin-y uivq boon exi-i-Ilen I.
papers and we shal miss them. Matiy
of thoso ediintj impors* taklng itli
thlngs Into c'qnsld. intlon, aro much
more rondnblo, much moro en?
tertalning, much inure innlllnble tlinu
many a clty paiu i 'Hli ita great rc
gotirceB nnd brtiud Id,
s< iiltl7Vl-:;\ i ??K STitiVUSS,
Wo wero suro thai soon or, lato tho
chtiructerlstlo aln ??< ,hl' C'llciiKo Tri
huno would llml ii out. Mr. I- 1''
Stniiiss, wi-ltlng ? lliat newspaper
from Kipon, Wlsconsln, puts the cnso
ln this way: "l-'oi yeti'ra I have noted
the admlrablo Inconslstoncy whlch
iniikes your papn- strongly Indopen?
dont untll cumpiiu: no'mlnatlona havo
boen mado; thon you suddenly becomo
a strong purty brgan at lonst so Ioiik
as iho iiomlnces taWo your ordors." ,
Thank you, Mr. Strauss. Happy New
Year to tho Trlbuno, even lt lt huve
been caught wlth tli< goods'.
ln iis Christmas number, tlio Now
foundlnnd Illu'struted Trlbuno speaka
ol' it copy of The Tlmes-Dlspatch that
srrine kind frlend had sent lt, "whlch ln
sl/.e, IllUBtratlons, lettor-press, \ and
Ilterary cohtents, compares tavorably
witli the groat New Vork and Boston
dailics." Tho Trlbune was partlcular?
ly lmpressetl with "a paragraph marked
lo tho effect, that in Ihe Spring ot
each yoar a day is set apart, us u
public holiday, rm- rcpairlrig fences,
cleanlng up the streets aml back yards
of Ui'-hmond. Tlm resldents evldently
havo a bocomlng 'prlde of placo,' nnd
from the 'wealthiest to the humblest
cltizens all lend a hand to make their
clty crodltnble."
Thore's no piaco liko Itlchmond; hut
wo must say tliat there aro some
streets, Shafor Street, for oxample,
which all tho efforts "f huniblo and
wealthy cltizens could not mako crcdlt
ablc in its present miserabln condition.
A Washington correspondent says
that -linlted States Senators aro a goorl
deal like a pack of children, after all. '
They frollc, they squabble, they are
always running to somebody to settle
something that really amounts to
nothing. Senators nro vcry dependent
upon each othor.
This "peculiar dependence" is note
by the Boston Transcript in connection
wlth thc prellmlnarlos of announclng
tho death of Senators when the upper
braneh convened on tho lirst Monday
in December, Senators "Daniel, of
Virginia*; McEnery, of Louisiana; Clay,
o: Georgla, and Dolllvorj of Iown, had
dled slnce tlio June adjournmeiit.
Thoro was harmless rlvalty as to prc
cedonce in tho announcement of deaths.
Senator Eoster, of I.oulslanu, argued
that as his colleaguo had dled a day
before Sciintor Daniel, ho should make
thc first announcement. Senator Mar?
tin contended, accordlng to tho story,
that as Senator Dnniol had boen son ior
ln sorvlco, tho announcement of his
death should bo made flrst. Tlio Dem?
ocratlc leader, Sonator Monoy, woulti
not declde tlu* ilisputo. "All hands
promptly trottod ovor to Senator Halc,
tho neptiblican floor leader, who .set?
tled thls curlous Democratlc dlspute
by saylng that senlorlty should prb
vail, and the death of .Senator Daniel
should bo announced flrst."
The New York World illustrates a
very foollsh custom, which was started,
wo bolicve, by the Church or by
Chu-rchmcn, In tlie followlng special
dlspatch from Sprlngfleld, Massa
?? 'Xopher Jager, a resldent of the
suburbs of thls town, who had a son
born on Xmas day has Xoned hlm
Xian.' "
The Christian fc-cientists aro begin
ning to use tlie ahbreviation, and it
looks, ln lhe circumstances, ns if other
peoplo of a Christian sort mlght very
well abandon it. lt ls vulgar and is
too buslhcss-llko to ho reve'rentlal, lt
I also looks lllllerate, as when John
Jones signs hls name with "X., Ilis
| Mark," and takes tho placo, in n sonse,
of "O. K." so frequently used on busi?
ness letters, or other ahbreviation om
ployetl tu sitvi) tho tlmo oC tho lazy aml
I indiri'crcnt. Thoro is nothlng eacreg
I about it ln tho present age of the. world
land it is u custom that mlght bo
abandoned since "Xopher Jager" and
I others have turned it to othor than
sacred use. Besidos, "Christian" and
"Chrlst" scom so much moro dlgnillcd
than "Xtian" and "Xt."
Tho Boston Globo declares that tho
Indicatlons aro that Charles ]-*. John?
son, of Wnter.viHe. wlll ho eloeted
United States Senator by tho Malne
Leglslature at lts coming session as
tho successor of Sonator Halc, Kor
the flrst time in thlrty yoars, a Demo?
crat will ropresout Malne ln tho hlgher
house of tho Natlonal Leglslature, 'Tho
rarlty of Democratlc vlctory ln Malnb
ls further ovldonced when it ls remom
horcd thnt Sonator llnlo succoetlod ln
the Senate I lannllml llnnilln, who was
Yice-Presldent under Llncoln.
li is sald that Mr. Johnson has slx
ty-four voies pledged to him In tha
Demoomtio caucus, givlng him eloven
more' ihan a majority, From the facts
before us, il lYOUld seem lhal Mr.
.lohnson ls unusually and ndmirnhly
fitted for the dutlos of hls hlgh posl?
tlon, He is popular in Malno. Tho
peoplo of tho Plno Treo Stato havo tlio
highoBt conllilpuco in hlm, Corporatb
irticresis havo joineti tho pebplu gen?
erally ln saylng a good word for. John
son, 11 tn| Johiisoii. by tbe way, lu nn
houotiiblc and lmiiored nnme ln Dciiki
I'l'allc -hlHlory.
Thore Is a, striklng contrnsl between
Hale jl/l'ti JobiiHnn. Ilule Is a slern old
arlslocrat, aloof from the people, dm
dalnlng that whlch la Demo.-rnllc. Joliu
son la tho opposlto type, a Bolf-niatlo
mnn like the lainenled JoIhihoii of Alln
nesdla, This Maiho .lobnsnn work.-d
hln way tliroUgll college, taught school
tpr seven yenrr*. and studied law ln
spnre hours, Ile la a piuln man nf
lho plain peoplo, For twenty-foui
years hc bus lieon BUcccflBfUl nt lho
bar. aa Alnyiii- <if lils clty and lu lho
Johnson BOOrria to be the very mnn
for the Joll. lf he Bhall be loynl to the
"folks down in Aliilne," be wlll do nll
lf thoro lie bno cloar-eut polltlcal
flgltrb ln Colorado, It ls Governor Sha?
froth, of that Stato. ||e is a llne publlc
servant nnd we should tnke pleasun in
votlng fur hlm ir wo had tho chance.
AVhy? Meciiuse nt tln, ond ot the
Mennial term allotted hlm ho wlll turn
back into thu State treasury sometbing
between llfty nntl one hundred thou?
sand dollnrs of une.xpcnded approprla?
tlons, an occurrenco wlthout precedent
ln Colorado hlstory. and, we thlnk,
wlth few precedehta anywhere ela>'.
Another reason. Ho rcfuscd a ro
elcctlotl to Congress becauso he had
reason to belleve that it was secured
by corrupt votlng.
Another stlll. Hls admirers hnve
boen suggostlng li 1111 for a presldentlal
nomlnatlon, but bo says tbat it is
foollsh for the Democrats to thlnk of
nomlnatlng a "Woslern man. Hc Is
.Moro Shafroths would be a blbssing
to this country.
Tho Staunton Dlspatch tclls a vet
Interesting story about "Alollie," a
horse owned by the Itev. Dr. W. N- Scott,
ot that city. Thls horse gavo dvideni
of almost human Intelllgencc by sav
Ing hor llfe on tbe nlght of tho Gul
vcaton flood, going up a long fllght of
steps to a room over tho stablc. Bhc
has served her owner falthfully and
has been rewarded by being glven a
homo in the country, whero she will
live In comfort tlio remalnder of her
days", dolng only llght work. For thlr
tccn years thls horse has bcen driven
by her owner antl, as she Is now hlno
teen, Dr. Scott felt tbat she ought to
spend the rest of her llfe In compara
tlvo easc. "Thls could not be done if
hc kept her for his use, for a preaeh
er's horse haa about as hard work lo
do as a dootor's, and he has shown
his approclation of her worth ln get?
tlng her a new home." That was a
klndly act, well done, and, wc feel
sure, appreclnted. There are some
horses that deserve pcnslons a lot
more than fake L'nion soldlers who are
fattening at the people's expense.
Says the Petersburg Index-Appeal:
"TlmcK-Dispatcli Story Correct, Says
Alayor,' Is a display head-llnc on the
flrst page ot our Richmond contem
porary. We have never felt it neces?
sary to havo Tlio Tlmcs-Dispatch
storles conllrmed by the'mayor or any
body clse."
We forgut to suggest a hat for the
Commissloners of Police, and would
recommend for dress occaslons n
cocked hat, wlth ostrlch plume, and
fot- latigue dress the ordinary military
cap, with lcathcr Up in front and pall
sado effect bchlnd. As thc Commis?
sloners wlll bo fatigued .most of tho
tlme, it would not bo necessary for
them to buy tbo dress bat at first.
Tli- labor lcadors who are said to be
responsible for thc dynamltlrig of the
Llowellyn Iron Works' plant, nt Los
Angelcs, on Chrlstmas mornlng, wero
never more mlstaken than in suppos
Ing tbat tho peoplo of California wlll
stand for thls sort of thing. When
thlngs in San Franclsco became un*
bearahl.' In tho early days, thc Vigl
lantes made short work of the lawlcss
ly disposed. Hlstory sometimes has a
way ot repcatlng itself.
Seoretary Knox Is ready and willing
to go to war witli Japan if thero are
to be no soldlers on elther slde excopt
neiyspaper roportcrs. Tho Idea ls a
good one, .-md lt is hoped that some
sort of nti arrangoment can be made
between thc two Powers that wlll mako
such n contest posslble. Wn should
like to Includo among the conibalaiits
on our sldt> tho nienibers of Congress.
who have bcen keeping near the flasllr
Ing of thc guns, all the tlmo. lt mlght
bo a. good thing to use them as targots
for both Bides to shoot at; it belng tin
dorstcod lli.it tlio slde whlch fllled
them wlth tlio most holes would bc ac
counted the winner.
Durlng the year which wlll close to
day $5.00(1.nnfi has been cxpended In
the bulldlng of houses In the town ot
Richmond, which ls a good deal moro
than has heen cxpended In tho samo
way ln nny other Southern city and
more than somo of tho proudest of them
hnve spent ln ton years. The plans for
tho New Yenr will make thc invest
menta in permanent improvements
larger than over before ln tho hlstory
of thls town. Watch Richmond grow!
Rcpresentatlve Macon, of Arkansas,
has Just mndo another play to tho gnl
lerics. Tho whole blography of hlm ln
the Congressionai Dlrectory |s contnln
ed ln a slngle sentence: "Robert Bruce
Macon, Democrat, 0f Ilelona, was elect?
ed to tliq Flfty-Eighth and- each .stic
oeetllnfe Congress " Would that the llon,
Mr, Alncon's Bpeeehe's wero as brlef and
to thc polnt!
I.iltlo good it will do Alrs. Augusta
F.Ujali Stotson il' Mrs. Alary Baker
Glover Kddy should "como tu," Alrs.
s.letson scoins lo forget thal Mrs. .Kddy
pui thn tluiible oroas uu her beforo she
li.l'l us,
Daily Queries and Answers
Addrcss ull commiiiiicntlons for thls column to Query Kdltor,
Tlnies-Diapatch. No niutlieimitlcul prohloms will he solvcd, no
colns or stamps vnlucd nntl nn denlors' nnnies will lie given.
Tlie Chlnobk,
Ploaso tell me aboui. Ihe chliiook.
X. 54.
MOtoorologlstg lell ahout nn a ron
..i low prertBiiro crosslng the Ciinudliin
Rock los ln its Hotitlieni qtladrunt.
rhoso wlnds lu-liiK raln an.l s.nou In
largo aiiiouiii to tlio Wostorn ftlopos,
but ara wnrnl nnd dry on tho oastdrn
si.iu or iho mountains. The provnlllng
nlr currciiU belng from the west, the
rpglons on th?- east havo long poriods
or tlie warm eliinook wind. Thc In
nuoiico on ihe cllmate ls very marked,
aml tbe Hnskntchownn Valloy ln Cnn
n.la nnd portlon-" or Monlana artd
Wyomlng have wihiot-s thal aro con
Hldbrably mlldor iliun those or the same
ItttitlldeS r.irlher enst. The valleys
belng nearly freo from snow. stock
? an llve ln Ihe ranges prncticullv the
entlre year. The effccls or th" chinook,
according to Professor willis l Moore,
nro snmetlmes fell B00 mlles away
from thc enslorn BlODCS of the Rocky
Mountains, and ar<> notlcdnhlo as far
south as Colorado. hTc foohn ls u
slmllar warm dry wind that descends
northward from tlie upper AlpSi cnus
lrig early melllng nf snows ln certain
"VlMir l,cf( li'oill llrllg*,"
What ls th.- mcnnlng or ihe phraBO,
"You are all right, |)Ut your l.-fl foot
drags?" A. R.
li means Hial tli" person addressed
fs "an right," but that ho is Blo\v, nc
cordlng lo one Interprotntlon, nnd a,-.
eordlng to another lt means that th"
person addressed drnggetl a ball and
chaln ln iirlson. usually fnstoneil t..
tbe left [eg, from whlch th" person
so punlsh.'d gets Into th- liabll of
drugglng Ihe left foot.
What ls twillcrht?
Twlligbt Ih a reflectlon ?.r Biinllghtj
fi'ini tb.- tinper atmosphoro t" a hoighl
>.r fiftv milos, perhaps bv dusl or pos?
slbly by the al,- its.-if. li ts consldered
to end when slxth magnltiido fltars b. -
r-oin.. vlslble near th.- zenlth. an.l thls
usually ocnurs when tb" BUn ls about
is. dogrdes below the nprlzon, although
varying constdernbly with tho purlty
of the nlr. Th" time necessary for lb"
UY I.A .'I Alt lll isi: DE ro.VI'I'.MIY.
IF anythlng wero needed to Increase
publlo cont srnpl for tho new Por
tuguoso ropublic, it would b.- found
in tho dlfllculty experlenced by the
revolutlonary Junta ln porauadlng the
shlpa or the navy t-. conyey sorely
needed medlcines nnd stores of various
klnda to Madclra, where thc cholera
ia raglng wlth such great IntensUy
that all coumiunlcation wlth th<- main
land, othc-rwlsc than by wlro, ba
tnterrupted. Man-of-war after man-of
war waa ln turn orderod and eritreated
? . . irry tli- medlcines and siippllea to
Btrlcken island; but lhe degenerate
deacendants ot Vasco da Gama we
!?... afratd uf lhe extremely slig
risk of contaglon, lu undortako i
Thla is a very natural result of co
vortlnc vessela <>f ihe natlona] nn
ln the navy. Tiie modern Portuguc
navy has an unonylablc rcputation
thla connoctlon; and furnlslies n sor
contrast'to its navy of oldCh times,
to whlch tho country owpd, not only
the moKt glorloua eplsodes of its hls?
tory, but also tbe whole ut its rhagni
ficcnt colonial empire. There Is hardly
.111 ulliccr of any foreign navy Who
i.s not aware of thls condition uf af
I'nlrs in Portugal, and who does nol
lighl shy of men of thc samo rank
in tli'.- Portuguesc servlco; and l can
clte nt least two lnstances wljoro for
olgn royal prlncea closely relatcd to
Queen Marlo Ainelle; when offi ro-i
commlsslons in tln- Portugucso navy,
decllned, on account of tho character
nf ijotli ofllcers and men, nnd sought
servlco Instead undor another llag.
Lord Allnto lias boon morn fOrtiinate
thnn his celebrated great-grnndfather;
the lirst' earl, who preceded him in
tlie Govornor-Goneralshlp of imlin, just
luo years ago. For whoreas he has
succeeded, after Beveral atteinpts
nssasslnation while in Indla, ln reach
ing in sulcly hla beloved Scottlsii
homo, Allnto Castle, ln thc county
Uoxburgh, tho lirst earl, after arriving
ln England, caught u Bovore chlll wblb
attendlng the funoral of hls brother
In-law, Lord Auckland, near London
and died ut Stovenago cti routo to thi
North, where the ontlre country
slde around llawiok was in readlncs:
to welcomo him wltli trlumphal drehes
aml hugc bontlres .,n tho liiils; whlli
Lady Allnto, wliu liad bcen unable, oi
account of hor health, to accorapany
hlm to indln, and from whom he had
bcen parted for several years, was
uwaltlng hlm nt tbe castle, thO earl
and countess, who were a sltiglilarlj
devotod coupio, having agreed thut theii
reunion,' after tho loug sepnrnlion',
should take place in tlm! Scotttah
homo which they both loved so well.
Tlie present Lord and Lady Alinti
havo spent many years abroad?flrst
of uli iu Canada, whero tho earl was
Governor-General, aml then ln Indln,
when- ho wus Vlcoroy, Lady MInto'a
health lias sutfcicii Boverely from lhe
lndlan cllmato and front unxiriy eoh
ccrnlng hia danger ot aBsasainatlon.
and it ia no socrot that she would haVo
been . unable to remain any longer in
tho Orlent, bad hor husbund's term of
otllco been prolonge'rl; while he comes
back to Scotlatid with snow-wliito hair
nnd hiustacho, his race marked yvjlh
iiiiiny llnes ot cure. nnd hls foaturea
eharacterizod by u gravity lu which on<
haa dlfllculty ln rocngtiliiliig lho ono
tlniu darc-dcvil. harum-scartini "Rollcy"
who wns in tbe Kton Kiglit, who al
I'ambridgo won tho Third Trinlty
mile, and who took his degreo in thc
most oxtraordinary costumc ever seen
lll the Senate House; for he. entered the
laltcr with his bachelor's gown cov?
erlng a. highly unacadeinlc, eOStUlrie,
whlch ended In breeches and boots,
and at the concluslon uf the ceremony
iio mounted a horse, galloped ten
miles, and arrived at tho track I'ust
in time to win lho university steeple'
chase. Hc subaeqttentlv rorie ln the
Grand Natlonal flve tlthos, sustalnint
many a serious cropper, and lf the
doctors nro to bo bclicvcd, on one
occasion broko his nock, recoverlng in
a manner nothlng short of mlraculous
Ho is tho only Brltlsh gcntlcman
lhler, so fnr as I know, who won thc
Frpnch Grand Prlx at Autoull, belng
ihe slngle amateur steoplechaso rldor
in a. fiold of oighleon. He served ns a
voluntoer llrcrnan at thu close of the
Oommune insurrcctlon in Paris, taking
ii leadlng part ln tho extinction ot
the conllagratlon started bv the in?
surgents and Petroleuses. Aftorwarda
he went through tho Carllst insurrcc?
tlon in 1S12 and 1S7.'!. aa a volunlccr,
anel towards thn latter purt of tho
campaign ncted as corrospondnnt for
tlio London Mornlng 1'ost. Ho served
tho samo paper in a slmllnr capacity
throughout tho Servinn insurrccilon
against tho Sultan, and was attached
to thc Otlomun army in thc war wlth
Russla whlch followed.
A soldler by, proIosHlon, ho spent
a number of years at simia und Cal
ctiitn, on tho staff of Lord Roberts,
when the latter wus comnuinder-iii
ciiicf of tho forccs iu Tnditt, took pnrt
undor him ln thu Kurruni Valley and
other frontlor cainpaigns, nnd had hc
nol boen preventod by illnciis from
joiniug tlio Afghan niissfon of Slr Louis
Cav.iRliarl, lyotljd Inivn Shai'Qd Iho fato
nf that luifortunato onvoy, who, It mav
be 11 nicinbOl'cd, wan ? uinssiicrod nt
t'nbui, wlth his entire rqtltuip, Lord
Miulo was rullltary Bccretary of Lori
?.un to doBcend is dogrooB vorioB wlth
season and latltlldO, ln latlUldO 10 thl?
tlmo?thal i-s, the duratlpn of iwiiigbi
Is nl...ui 00 mlnutes on Man h 1 un.j
Oetohor l^; bui more than two liours
nl ihe summer Bbistlcej and ln latltlldOH
above 50 degre.es CWillgllt COIltltillei
thl'oUgliOUt the nlght wheri i|n* dnvs
are loiigc.-t. ln tho I'eruvlan ItlOUri*
talns the diiral.ioii never oxcoods half
an hour.
I'rouiiiii'lnllon of .VniucM of < m.-..
I'lonso i"M me how to pronounce
Woliillii. MOSfl., iitnl Wobilln ill KtlK
biti.i: Cnlro, ln Bgypt. nnd calrti. m
IIIIi.oIm; Clllnls, lu .Malne, aml Cnlals,
In France.
in ih.- Engllsh town of woburn th"
""" has Iho same sound us In "hoe,"
biii ih.. pronnnclatlon of th" Massa
bhUBCtlB Dlly Is "Woobiirn." Calro ln
I3gypl ls "ICIro," Inn iu Illinois It ls
"Kuro." Th.- Frbrich clty of Calaia >?<
pronottnfed "ICar-lay," hut th" Malne
. Ity Of th" sani" spolllng la "Kal-ls."
lldmniliiK Ulrii.
Where. doos tbe humming blrd nest?
w'hai is tb" nest mado nf: What ls the
greatest number of eggs found ln a
nesl and what is thelr size aud color'
Th" neal or th.- hnminlng blrd ls
ahoul nn Inoh In dlametor an.l an indi
deep, constructed <>f grassos, wool,
coi lon. .!.-., ncatly und compactly iu
torwovon and lined with monses or
vcgetublc downs. lt ls tisimlly siis
pendod to Bhrtlbs, roods und low trees,
Th.- eggl nr? whlto, -..bout half an Inch
l.uig by ono-thlrd ..r an inch lu dla
meter, lt ls very rare to find mon- than
iwo ln a nest.
How many letters nr" there In ihe
various nlphabets?
Th.- ii.iii.in alphabot has tWcnfy-ope
letters; llebrew and Ryrlao, twenty
two; i/iiin, twcnty-tltrco; Creek,
twenty-four; French. twenty-flvc; Kng
llBh, German und D.utch, twenty-slx:
Spanlsh, twenty-seven; Arable, twonty*.
olght: Rinalnn, thirty-thrce: Armonlan,
thlrty-olght; Porslan, forty-flvc; San
Hkrlt, forty-niho; the Chlnese, wlth no
alphabot, have about 10,000 syllnblc
. b.lia.'lelM.
:?.??? when tho i itter wai uc -
? iont ral bf Canad i, and ihe re?
latlon i" Iweon ih" tuo nn a h.t\a
then been atlll further atrength
ened by lhe marrlage of l.-nd fllnto'a
daughtei Vlolet, lo Lord Charles l-'ltz
maurlce, ccond s?n <,f Lord Lans
downe, and enuerry in walting to Kim.
aeorge L rd Minto -.-..,:. wounded iu
Egypt ;it i ?? battle ,?* Tel-cI-Keblr,
md served throughout th- ltlei ln
llon in Canada: haa soon, lndeed,
iiuito a consldorublo amount of flglit
Ing, and ivields .1 clever p< n, belng
an pccaslonal contrlbutor to the Ei .
burgh Uevlew.
Minto Castle Is sittiated m tlu- more
mountainous portlon of rtoxburgliahlre,
aboul slx mllea dlstanl from th,- ijuaint
? , town of ITawl k. Nn ir>; hns ,11
dowed lhe r!i *ii'.t wlm much beauiy
lu hls "Lay of th. !., Mil " ? i ' and
other wori. ? :?: ni 1 1
and various features of ?.!.?? estate,
notably the well known crags <r..-r
looklng tin- Teviot, capped by a tower
tntod witti it gun taken by "I'llio:
..-. Brave" Crom the Frencli admlral
Thtirot in tin- action oft the Isle of
-Mitu in 17''''. Tlie castlo is of thut
greal porch nnd the rculnr
Tho custle is full of Irophlcs und
rcllcs of various klnds, nni'.tiK them .1
miniature nf Queen Marlo Antolnette,
?41-.,-ri to tho ilral Earl or Minto by
Mlrabeau, wlm had recblvod it from
thai Quecn; u beautifully sculptured
marble dog, exc^vatod in tho neighbor?
hood trom I'.-- rulns of some iwd"
thoUHand-ycar-old viliu near Naplos
and glvon to Lord Mlnto's grandfather
by Queen ICarollne ot tvaples, slster ol
Queen Marle Antolnette. and tin- sword
- ur ' ndorod by lhe commander "f the
.-;? n -11 battloshlp San Joseph, lu the
o ?> ?? otf Cnpe st. Vlncent, to Ne
iui'i presented by tin- latter to hls In?
tlmate frlend, Sir' Ollberl Elllot, whs
was witli him on board his (lagshlp
Minerva :it th,- time as ;t passenger,
lu fact, there is no end tb the trcasurejj
of one kind .md another at Mlnt.i
Castlo; and, quite as much attached tr,
hls Scottlsh home ,-is was his great
grandfathcr, tbe ilrst Lord Minto, ihe
preseni earl will (iml there the much"
needed rest an.l relaxatlon after all iho
carea and "abors of his two great pro
conaulshlps, flrsl in Canada nnd th. n
in India, For Lady Minto, too, ile
relief frbm tho Indlan climate, an,;
above all, from the fonrs of harm to
her i.usbitnd and children at the hands
or native ussasslns, wlli be very great.
Slu- Is tlu- slster of Lord Grey, the
Govornor-Gonoral of Canada, and apept
much of her early life at court. whoro
her f.iili-r. Goneral the llon. Charles
Grey, was prlvate secretary of Queen
Vlctorla. Ii is usual for vicerovs on
tlio complotlbn of their terms of ser?
vlco in India to recolyo it step in tho
peorago; but Lord Minto did not caro
for nny such promotlon, and has dc
cordingly been rowarded by Klng
George ior lils services hy Knlghthooi
"i the Garter, the bostOwril of wnieh
upon him has 'ccelvud unlvorsal an
proval "
(Cbpyrlght, ifUO, hy tho Brentwb'.id
Make this Bank Your Bank
bSipn your name* to lhe list of
depositors nnd take a stop to
assured prosperity.
State and City
Capital . . $1,000,000.00
Surplus . . $ 600,000.00
WM. II. PALMEB, rrosldout.
JOHN S, ELLETT, Vioo-1'rostdent.
XVU. M. HILL. Vieo-Presldent.
.1. XV. SINTON, Vlco-Presldent.
Three per cent. per atinuin in?
tercst allowed 011 Savings De?
posits, compoundcfl every six

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