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Leading Pctcrsb.urg Dry Goods
Concern to Changc
Trunk and fiag Company
Givcs Banquet to tts
Times-Dlnpatr.il Bureau.
109 North Sv amore Hreei,
p>!tcrr.burg. Va? December :<?.
It ia understnod tbat. the Potersburg
Dry Goods Company, of which i-J. B.
Byflnor i-< presldent, one of tho largest
wholesale cstabllshmonts "f tho klnd
ln thn cily, wlll wlnd up its buslness
hc.ro. durlng tbe comlng sprlng snd
reniovo t<> Itlchmond to conaolldato
wlth tho Cohen Dry Gooda Conrpany,
nlso n. former Petersburg flrm.
Tho rcmov.il of thls great buslness
house is a. matter of great regret. nnd
wlll prove a slgnal loss to the city.
Its buslness thls year. it ls sald, was
approximnteiy $5on,.inp. ii occupiea a
large bulldlng en Unlon .Streot, con*
venlently located for Its trade. The
members of the flrm. beyond admlttlni?
iho fact of thelr contemplntcd removal
lo ;he capital clty, dccllne to discuss
lhe matter. Wlthln rcce'ni y.'a Rich?
mond has gained many #.f tho enter
prlsing citizens of P.-t. rsburg.
' rcillturn of .Mr. Davls lu ' onfercncp.
Thc credltors of Charles Hall lor.ir
met yesterday In tho law offlces of
Davla & Davls aud were lu conferenco
for several hours. The meotlng was
called l.v Mr Davls, and there was a
full and free dlscusslon of th,. situa?
tion In referetice tn Mr. Davis's linhll
Jtles aml assets. Those ln attendance
In person nnd by proxy urc sald to
havo roprescntcd about 70 por cent. ol
hls Indebtedness. Ii was declded to
Jcavc iu tho hands of ;i commltteo the
formulatWn of .i plnn for tlie moat
adyantagcoua settlement <?r tho Indebt?
edness, ln justice aiikc to the credltors
and Mr. Davls. Thla commltteo ln com
posed of Josoph \V. Reward, ot P ti i
burg, chalrman; Olivor .J. Sands, pr< I*
dent of tbo American National Bank,
?>f Richmond: Wllllam i,. zimmer, prr*.
Ident of tho Appomattox Trust Com:
pany, of P/Jtcrapurgi Phillp Rogers, of
Scdiev. Va., and Sldney Johnson. of
Boydton. This committee wlll formu
lati tl-: plans wlthln tli" next thirty
It was also declded lo ask tlio Appo?
mattox Trust Company to postpohe tbo
unie ot securlties deposlted with i; by
Mr. Davla ais collateral for loans. whlch
sale was advertlscd to take piace :??
day. To this the trust company
Tho conference waa prr.ij.i-.,] over bv
Ollver .1. Sands. ot Richmond, wilii
M. 1, Von Sf-illllngi cashler of i),o
Merchants' Nationnl Bank, of Hampton,
P'-Mng as Secretary. The prooordlnss
wero entlrely barmonlous.
Banquet i<, Repreaeotatlres.
The Virginla Trunk and Baa; Com*
last nlght. In t'le Stratford Hbtel.
gave i':, annual banrjuo. ;., |ta travel
nnd thc
thlngs of life,
d In th
'uiri?5 or nre, served in the best stvle
Representatlves of the r??p.m. from
all tho .St.Ttes and T.-rritorles |n ,|,e
Unlon, ware present. and the rcunlon
partook of the characte,- 0f tbat of a
happy family. Joseph L, KHedberg. ol
New \ork, presldc] and aetr.,| nH mM.
??,l* ?'7f'!"''nles. Many -peerhci were
made, all of ? hlghly ener,nr.iginK , ;,,,..
?ct?r. It was unlversally eonrr.ird that
the year now cloflng waa the |,r?t ??
the hlstory of the company, with blager
thlngs in ptospect In the future
Soclnl Events.
The week has been one 0f interc?t.
Ing social event?. The most brilllanl
waa tho reception given last night bv
Professi.r and Mrs. Arthur Kyla Davls
in- Tr I'. lh* "cbl,t of the'*-charm
Davls. All of the parlors were thrown
Into one and wero beautlfully and
elaborately docorated wlth nai.ns and
flowers. Tho color scheme wus ln re.i
and grocn. symboilca! of Chrlstmas.
Tho reeelving party, ronsisting of Mr
and Mrs. Arthur Kyle Davls. MJas \jUrv
Mcllwaina Davls; Mlss Aiic- Coleman
Nelson, of Richmond. and M-isa Mary
I'lumnier McHwalne, stood ln thc draw
Ing room. Wlth the reeelving' party
were rhe house guc?ts of Mlss Davis_
Mif-B Agnes Loui.se Weed, of Tampa
Fla.. and Mlss Anrile Macon Potts of
Ashland. The brilliant company present
Tepresented the cream of Petersburg's
young soclety, and thc evenlng, with
irs danclng. was on especially pleasant
nnd enjoyable one.
Mr. and Mrs. William Mahono hand
|{?oinely entertained frlends ln their
home in South Sycamore Street yester?
day afternoon.
Mrs. H. G. Leigh entertained the Five
Hundred Club yesterday afternoon at
hor resldence ln South. Sycamore
Street. Prizes were awarded to Mrs.
Preston Ropor, Mrs. .fanies D. Mason
nnd Mrs. P. H. Drewry.
Personal ntm Otherrrlse.
Miss Laeta Hartley, who has been
spending Chrlstmas with her relatives
here, will return to New Vork to-mor?
Hubbard Feild, of Panama, who has
been visiting his falher, Colonel E. M.
Felld, has returned to hls home.
William E. Oodsoy, who dled yester?
day at his homo in Henrico county,
was a. former resident of Petersburg,
nnd a brother of R. H, Godscv, of thls
Moses Anderson, ari olderly colored
man, fell from an electrlc car in Wash
inston Street last nlght and was pain
fully hurt. Ho was taken to the hos?
Pythlnus TSlecf Ofllcers.
Naomi Lodge, No. 30, Knlghts ot
Notice to Physicians
Just received a supply of that won
derful drug "606," dellvered anywhere
on recelpt of price, $S.50 a. tube.
Foushee. and Broad.
Women's Hosiery and
Gloves at special prices
Wlshes to Anhourtcc Ho
Has Moved
His Funeral Parlors to
Pylhlns, met I'lflt. tilght. nnd elected Ihe
foiiowincc oflicei'jr. CliSnCeilor Corn*
miiider, V.r. 1. Wheniy, Vloo-i:hnncollor,
A. J. Saunders; Prelnto, I. V. Nor'on;
Master of Arm?i w. T. Slaiighttiri M"-'
t*r of llnan.e, JnniOfi T. Klllv, Master
of r.ycliermnr, .T. R, XV. Smith; Koepor
of Rocords nnd Senl, .r. F. Orbwden
Ineldo Guard, C. K. Marks: OUtsldfl
Giinrd, C. B. WlUiams; Master of
Works, .latiif" T. PrKchftrd; Deputy
Gunrd, C. I*. Atklttii Representatlvc to
Grnnd Dodge, ,f. T. Ellllj Alternate, W,
A, Raxter; Trustee-.. IV. A. Baxter, W.
1. Wheary and B, II. Tltmus.
WatCh MHht X-Tvlcen.
Watch night nei'vlcea *-.iu be hold ln
?ovcral of tho churches nnd In many of
tho hotnes in Mil? clty to-morrow night.
Tbe old year wlll b'e bldden a "good
by" Wlth all Its memorlns, and tho now
year Welcorricd wlth brlght. hopes,
Dld .\oi Know Pistol Wm Londed, and
XVonnd I'rovrs. Fatnl.
[Sneclal loTbe Times-Dlspatch.]
Xorfoik, Va., December no.?"Supposc
you wero n, bllrglar," said Davld Dn.w
son Gasklnp, fourte'en yeara of age,
to-day, pleklng up hia father's SOlf
acting revolver. "nnd I had caught
you." pointlng Iho pistol at hls l\*irlve
yoar-old brother, Mlllnrd, and pressln-*
ihe trlgger. Thc lad was horrlfled by
a denfcnfng report, and Mlllnrd fell
to tho ground. r.hot through tho ab
domcn. llo died beforo medical assist
anCO reached his sido.
Tho boys aro the sons of Thomas D.
Gankins. "of 1611 County Streot, and :
thev wore playlng ln the yard. They
dldn't know tho pistol was loadcd, and j
thought It. necesaarv to cock It before
lt could be fired. !
Itctientcil Prri-liitrnt Tcnslng. nnd In-j
fllclrd Fntfil Wmmil.
I Special to Tht- Tltn'-n-Dlspatch.]
Prlstol. Va., December .-,0.?Mathew \
Tlm.". eigh'.een years old, was fatally
shot last evenlng by Robert HU1, au.
old man, whom he had heen porslstent-'
ly teaslng. The ball lodged near Tlm*'* '
heart. and li? dle,i thls mornlng. Hol
nnd Hlll were employed ln construc?
tlon work on thc Holston Rlver Rall-1
way, at Stony Polnt, Tenn. Hill was
arrested, Tims'a body was brought
here to-day, and from bore was sent
to hts inother. at Fish Springs.
[Spoelal toThe Tlines-Dispatch.l
Charlottesvllle, Va.; Docembor 30.?
The marriage of Mlss Mary Doulse
Wllholt to Dontlld Ellis Waddell, both
of Albemarle county, was celebratcd
lat Ollvct Presby t.-rlan Church. near i
Charlottesvllle, on WcdHosday, Decem
. ber 2*. at 2 P, M. Tho church was
. beautlfully decorated. the color scheme
, belng plnk and whlte, with masses of
? ' greens. Rev. J. C Pairfteri as
I slsted bv ijcv. J. M. I.uck, performed
the ceremony, Mi-s Jomlo wllholt pre?
sided at thc organ.
The groom's nieeo. little Mlss
i Clotllda Waddell, in white silk wlth
I plnk sash, carried tlio ring on a. while
[s.illn pillow lilled wltli the lettors of
tho couplo. Mlss Myrtie Wllholt at
tcnd'il h< r *i >ter ns mald of honor.
Tho ushcrs were Raymond Oentry,
Tucker Gentry, Frank Calhoun and Dr.
| .1. Alex. Waddell.
The orlde entered wlth her mald ofl
honor. and was met at the altar by
the groom with hls best man. .loim A.
I Waddell. The brldo wore a. travellng
snit of dark blue cloth, and carried a
bnu-juot of bride's roses. Imm?dlatnly
after thc ceremony Mr. nnd Mrs. Wad?
dell left for tho homo of. tbe groom's
brother. ln Scrnnton, Pa.. and will bc
at hnme after January 4.
Tho ceremony at lhe church was
prei edi d by a breakfnst at thc home
of thi l.ride, whlch was nttenderi by thc
brldal party and a few of thc near
relatives of the brlde and groom. Tho
was decorated in the same color
en Monday afternoon a mlseellaneous
shower was given tlie brldo at Iho
home of Mrs. E. I,. Calhoun. and many
useful articles were recelved.
Lcgless Man, Charged With Rob
bing Travclcr, Arrested With
Wifc in Washington.
Accused ol having robbed F. H. Dunn,
ropresentative of a Norfolk lumber
company, of $100 and a pistol. in thelr
houso, 426 East Broad Street somn
time Thursday night. J. G. Green and
hia wife. ave belng held by the Wash?
ington police awalting thc arrlval of
Detectlve-Sergeant wiley, who left
here. wlth the warrant yesterday
afternoon. Beeause both of his legs
aro cut off to the knee. Green ls better
known around the clty as "Shorty."
Hls. marriage about two years ago was
quite an event. For several years he
has sold pencils and shoestrlngs in the
Dunn camo Into police headquarter.i
I yesterday morning with a woeful tale.
j He said that he and "Shorty'' had been
Idrinklng together the night before,
and had struck up quite a frlendshlp.
When bed tlme came, the legless one
becamo Inslstent in hls hospitality.
He wanted hls new found friend io
spend <he night at hls houso and Dunn
consented. He slept profoundly,- and
when they go up thc first. thought was
to get a drink. for which Green in
sisted upon paylng. A little later Dunn
mlssed hls money and asked "Shorty"
about. it. "Shorty" ramembered "vague
ly" that Dunn had given hlm $100 to
keep for hlm. Tho vlctlm was not sat
lsllerl wlth this and put It up to hlm.
Green told him that he would havo
to go down lhe streot to see hls em
Ployers; then they would get tho
money and see tho town. Dunn was to
meet him at a certain corner, and
Dunn waited untll ho got very tired
and more uneasy. Loslng pationce, he
went. back to the Green apartments,
where he was Informed that they had
left on the morning train for Philadel?
He hurried to police headquarters
where he told the story. Then Detec
tive-C'aptaln McMahon had to do some
qulck tnlklng over t.h0 long dlstance
telephono ln order that. Major Sylves
ter's men mlght bo able to catch the
pair. Fortuhately lt took but a few
seconds to glve such information as
would positlvely ldentlfy hlm. Green
and hia wife fell into the hands of a
waiting detectlce, who took them In
charge and notifled the department
here. Wiley left on tha 5:15 P. M.
train, armed wlth a warrant.
EnKBgemcnt Announced.
[Special toThe Times-Dispatch. I
Fredericksburg, Va? December 30.?
Mrs. Ida D, Jaynes, of this clty, an
nounces tho engagement of her daugh?
ter, Mlss Dell Vornon Jayffes to Dr.
Gossner Harrlson, of New York Clty.
Tho weddlng vlll taka place nt tho
home of th? prospec.tlvo bride's moth
or in thls clty during Januarv. Dr.
Harrlson Is a promlnent physlclan of
New York, and is a Virglnlun by hirth.
Mlnlster'N Home Burned.
[Special toThe Tlnies-Dlspatoh.]
Harrlsonburg, Vn., Docomhnr ? 30.?
Firo from a defectlvo lluo thla aftor?
noon destroyed the home, of Rov. Chas.
Malr. Tho nclghborhood forniod a
bucket. brlgade and saved tho barn and
Tho clothing of tho pastor's seven
children ln ono room wna lost.
Tbe property Is owned by Rav. D.
H. Keiglor, oi" Broaclway. Both are
Dunkard minlstors. Tho loss ls about
$1,000, with no InEiiraiica.
Half Rate on Street Cars Will
Not P?e Granted After
Postmaster Allan Formally No
tified Tliat Old Agreement
Is at an End.
A serlous problem concerning the
fl'iestion of carfaro for carrlors now
confronla tho rtlchmond iiost-ofllc
Postmaster Edgar Allan. Jr., has boen
notiiled by ofllccrs of the Vlrglnla
Rallway and Power Company that
aftor .lanuary 1 Unclo Sam's gray
coated messcngcrs win have to pay f>
cents tranriportatlon, lnntead of ha.lt
tliat rate. For yoars the postmen of
Rlchmond havo had to pay 2 1-2 cents,
and the department pronounced thin
sum oxcesslve, and would pay tho faro
or carriera only when necessary to
rlde ten or more blocks. Prior to tho
- 1-2 cent rate a yearly contract prlco
was pald the power company, and on
thls basls ihe unlfurms wore accepted
as passes,
No Renson Asslcurd.
No reason lias been asslgned by tho
rallway for thls GO per cent. Increase,
Postmaster Allan has had several con
ferences wlth ofllelals of thc road slnco
he received notlllcntlon of the Increase,
but h.*3 boen unahjo to have thom rc
BClnd theli- actlon.
"Nearly all of the street ra 11 ways,
especlally those in the larger eltles,"
Ki-ld .Mr. Allan yesterday, "pass car?
riera in uniform as they do pollcernen
and ilremen. Although I have re
quested tho local corporation to re
consider this actlon I have been un
suecessful. I cannot sav whether 11
wlll affect the present dellvery sys?
tem, though lt mny be necessary to
revine tho present routes."
Mr.-Allan polnted out that In vlew
of the econombal policy of thc Pnst
Ofrico Department under the adminls
trutlon of Postmaster-adnoral Hltoh
cock, double carfaro wlll not be. looke.i
upon wlth fnvor, and on account of
the. small approprlation for thls pur
p":??? it ls likely that retrenchment. in
some other dlrectlon. whieh may ma
terially affect the local offlce, wlll
have to be adopted.
Toll .Service for Cnrrlers.
Another sotback has been recelved
by the post-omce j,y _ decision ot tho
Northsido Vladncl Companv to the ef
fe.-t thnt after .Sundny special dellvery
mr-ss<-ngers wlll have to pay toll of 1
?ent each way. Thls wlll seriously |n
terfero with mail of resldcnts of Chcst
nul Hill and Hlghland Park.
There ls no approprlation for thls
purpose, and tbe inessengers wlll now
l... compelled to take a roundabout way
lo reach that torritori'.
Because of thls rullng lt has beon
? ' essary for Postmaster Allan to
issue nn order stopping the dellvery
..f -pecinl matter in thc Northsido af?
ter 3 o'clock at nlght.
ni-i*e-.Y or Trnde.
Xew York. December 30.?R. G. Dun
o.-. Company's weekly review of trade
to-morrow wlll say:
Afte.- a satlsfactory retall holiday
trade. business In nearly all branches
lr qulet, with the usual end-of-the-ye
adjustments. The outlook. whlle" not
aa promlslng for lmmedlate aeilvlt*.
ns might be deslred, contains, non.- thi
le?5, many elements of strength. Tha
iron and steel trade is still ennfronted
wlth a consumption of only half of th
producin? capaclty. and the dry goods
business with the problem of costs,
but. there Is an absence of demoraliz
Ing specnlatlon and ovorstorked
shelves In all mercantlle llnes. whlle
the agricultural prosperity nf the pas
yoar and Ihe general feellng of con
t*ervatlvo confidence mak? conditions
better than tho trade statlstlcs Indl
cate. The financial .?ltuatlon as
whole js improved. and tho prospect
? >f tho- heavy dividend and lntere.-t
dlsbursements due January i Imparts
greater briekness to the slrictly In?
vestment market.
It was a s?*asonab!y qulet w?ek in
the primarv dry goods markets. witn
values well malntained, but stlll gen
erally clo3e to or below tho cost of
productlon. Tu cotton goods curtall
mont of production is generally be?
lieved to be inevltable aftor the turn
of the year. when present contracts
explre. There ls a slightly flrmer tono
to the market on most kinds of d.
mestic hldes. Trade in leather con
tinucs dull- There ls no change lo re?
port in footwear conditions. the mar?
ket being qulet and featureless, at
tSpecial to The Times-Dispatch. I
Weldon. N. C December 30.?-Misa
Carrler Medlin and Herbert McDean
Poe were married here l8st nlght at
half-past fl o'clock, at tho homo of
the brlde. on Third Street, and left
Immedlately after the ceremony for a
bridal trip'to Florida.
Mis3 oledlln was the pretty stonog
rapher ln tbe law offlco of Oeorge C.
Mr. Poe was formerly of Richmond,
whero ha has many friends. He was ln
tho service. of tho Southern Express
Company for yoars. but. is now wlth
the Atlantlc Coast Lino Railroad Com?
Remarkable Christmas
Among the curlous Christmas pres?
ents of this year will be on" for a man
of natlonal reputatlon, whieh has been
all year ln the. making.
Way last January the present. was
decided upon, and a'frlend of the prom?
lnent gentleman requested the Burrelle
Press Clipplng Bureau, of New York,
to watch every paper ln Amerlca and
to take up every item whieh appeared
concerning the man.
Tho clipplng bureau peoplo followed
instruc.tlons, and now present. the his?
tory of one year in .the. life of thls
especlal man.
The history ends just after electlon.
and the 2.1,642 newspaper ltems found
Include everythlng from a. three-llne
editorlal mentlon to full page lllus?
trated storles. These have been mount?
ed on 3,200 great sheets of Irish linen
paper and bound" Into three masslve
At the head of each item ls the name
and dato of paper cllpped from, thls
Information havlng been put ln wlth a
book typowrlter. Tho words thus ln
serted amount to 153,SS2. I
In actual tlme, a very strlc.L record
of whlch has been kept. tho work has j
roqitlted sixty-four worklng days
throughout tho year, and has kept ln
employment during that tlmo thlrty
peoplo, as readers, clippers, sorters,
mounters and binder's. Every newspa?
per of importance Is re.pres.ented.
Thla ls mere.ly a specimen of somo of
Iho i-nlque orders whlch got Into tho
Burrelle Bureau, for tho extent to
whieh eltppfuga are used b.v tndlvlduals
and by buslness eoni.onis seems to be
There aro manj- pcopl* in prlvate as
well as ln 'publio life who noed prosf
cllpp'ngs and don't know lt. lt. might
bo well for them to look up thls man
Burrelle, who ls snld to bo so woll
known that. a letter slmply- addtvsssoil
"Burrolle, New Y'ork," wlll reach Mr-'f
wlth no delay. . [
??*. JnrLE0i?B0ND-?.
iii. _*?.-? ?....?
?i0_3p*y Brook DistiuW
^iffrinjoM County, KwnitJtf
PURE Whiskey
theBest _M Most
Accept pa
His Fight Successful
Chlof of tlie Hrotberhoo.l of I.oconiotivc I'nglneer.s, lo whom iu lnrffe mensun
ls duo lhe lncren.se nf pny for Western Iralnnit-n.
City Collector's Office Open To
Day and Monday to Help
Save Delinquents.
To-day Is the last day of thc city
year. It ls also the last day for the
payment of tho last half of clty taxos,
unless tho tax-payer is wllling to havo
a percentage added for dollnqueney.
Anticlpating a rush of tho lato ones
who put off such matters untll the
last. Clty Collector Frank XV. Cunnlng
ham hny arranged to keep his offlce
opon all day, uotwithstanding the or
dinary Saturday half holiday, and ho
and his deputles wlll he present to
serve thoso who have failed heretofore
to settle.
Captaln Cunnlngham proposes to
allow even another day of grace. Mon?
day ls a logal and general holiday, and
tho new elty year does not begln until
the openlnsr of business on Tuesday
mornlng. The ofllce of tho Clty Col?
lector wlll bo open nll day "Monday for
thoso who wish to pay up and not bo
reported delinquent, and so avnld the
peualty and the publlcatlon of their
nemes In the delinquent cojumns.
Thoso who wish can eomo and settle
for tholr dues to tho eltv. Those who
are indifferent. can settle later wlth
Delinquent Tax Collector Walfbrd, wlth
fi per cent. addocl, or can have their
property sold to tho land-grabbers.
The followlng chartero were issued yester?
day by the Stato Corporatlon Commission:
Kenbrldge Handle and Spoke Company
(Inc.l, Kenbrldge, Va. J. M. Ilarrls, presi?
dent, Blaokstono, Va.; h. XV. Brldgeforth.
vlce-presldent; F, W. Clark, secretary aucl
treasurer, both of Kenbrldge. Va. Capital:
Maxlmum.. {25,000; mlnlmum, $5,000. Objects:
Bpoko and liandlo business.
Newport News Egyptlan Burlal Vault Cor?
poratlon. Newport Nows, Va. James lt, Dav?
is, president; A. II. Temple, vlcii-preuident;
J. XV. Gunter, socrf-tary and treasurer?al)
of Newport Nowe, va. Capllal: Maxlmum,
J6.0C0; lninimuni, $1,000. Objects: Maiiufao
ture and sell burlal vaults.
Blue Ritlgo rncking Company (Inc.),
Roanoke, Va, O. H. "Mendor, proaldont; C
B. Fretwell. vlce-presldent; ,f. JIarry Ho|.
oombo. soeretarj' and treasurer?all ot Roan?
oke, V?. Capital: Maxlmum, $35,000; mlnl?
mum, $5,000. Objects; Buying and oellina
aml preparing (or market hogs, etc, and to
enpago ln a general packlng-house buslnesa.
Amerlcan Aoromoblle Conitruotlon Cor-io
ratloil, Hnmpton, Vn. Jolm Woymouth pres?
ident; XV. D, Trlmblo, vlee-presldonf, I,ano
l.aoy, seornia'ry?nll of Ilaniptoii. Va. Capl.
tnl: Maxlmum, $30,000; tnlnluuim, $10,000.
Objects: ManufRqturlUg und deallng In toys,
novoltles, fl.vlns,- machlnes and mnc-hlnery.
Boiedad Oll Corporatlon, Norfolk. Va, A.
H. McKay, prealdent, Mexlco Clty, Mex.; XV,
.T. Payne, vlce.president, Ttichmond: J. H
Rodgers. secretary and treasurer, Norfolk
Va. Capital: Maxlmum. 8590.000; mlnlmurr
S30O.C0O. Objects: Gold mining and oil bus
Natlonal Gla3s Company (Inc), Norfolk
A'a. James S. Groves, presldent. Mt. lda
Va.; A. XV. Conway. secretary. Washlngtor
D. C; T. A. Williams, Norfolk. Va. Capl
tal: Maxlmum. $500,000: mlntmum, 5:30,001
Objects: Glass manufacturer.
A llcenso to do buslness ln Virginia wa
Issued to tha R. C. Maxwell Company,
corporation organizert and exlstlng unde
tho laws of the t-tate, of N*ew Jersey. Wll
son XX'. Velllnes. of Norfolk, statutory agent
Maxlmum capital authorized by charte
530.000. Objects and purposes: Elgn palntln
An amendment was issued to the chart?
of tha Portsmouth Gas Company, of Port.i
mouth, lnereaslng the maximum capit-r
stock from 5130.000 to 5730,000.
And amendment was issuad to the chartf
of the Lyttoh Manufacturlng Compan:
changlng the locatlon of the prlnclpal offlr
from Norfolk to Franklln, Va., and ellm
natlng the clause provldlng for proferre
An amendment. was issued to the chart?
of the Roller-Beorlng Company" of Amerlc
(Inc), lnereaslng tho maxlmum oaplt;
atock from 550,000 to $100,000, and tho pa
value from 51 to J-0 a share.
An amendment was lssuod to the chartf
of the Unlted Realty Corporation. of N01
folk, decreaslng tha maximum capital stoc
from 550,000 to 515.000.
An amendment was issued to tho ehnrte
of A. Brlnkley A Company (IttC), ot N01
folk, decreaning the maxlmum capital stoc
from $50,000 to $10,100.
A. Pleasing Sense of Health am
Strength Renewed and of
Ease and Comfoif
follows the use of Syrup of Figa ant
Elixir of Senna, as it, acts gently 01
the kidneys, liver and bowels, cleans
ing the system effectually, when con
stipatcd, or bilioua, and dispels cold
ana headaches.
To gej:. its beneficial effects, alway;
buy tbe genuine, mauufactnred b;
the California Fig Syrup Co.
Judge Dew Issues Statement
Regarding Appointment o?
Second Audltor .lohn G. Dew yester
clay Issued thc following statemont ro
Kardinsr tho crltictsma <>f hls offlcial
conduct mado by the Jolnt Auditing
Commltteo of tho Gcneral Assembly,
in its report to the Governor:
"Whilst I nelther sook nor des'ro tu
l.e drawn Into a newspaper controversy
lr. regard to any legitiniato crltlclsm
of my ofllcial conduct. yet feellng that
thc report of the Audltlns' Committee
of tho Leglslature of Vlrgin-a, whlch
was publlshed ln your paper of yes?
terday, ia lnisleadlng nnd unfalr. not
to say unjttst, In its crltlclsm of tbo
otllce of Second Audltor of VirKin'a,
I have been nrgod by trlends tu mako
a plaln statement of the facts, so that
thc public may declde if thoro has been
an error of jndgmont in the premlses
?whieh would justify such.severe eriti
clam at tlm han.is of the committee.
Ilii.i Sole iticht.
"The nppo'ntment >-f clerks !t> even
department Is the sole prerogatlvo ol
the head of each. and he of .ill other*
ts most vitally interested 'n procnrlne
the best nnd most eflToient service
whieh the appropriation glven the of?
flco will afford. Tho offlco had been
up to the last session of the f.oglsla
ture, provlded with four clerks, vl/..
first clerk, at a salary of $1,800; see
ond clerk, $1,100, and two other clerks
at $1,11110 each.
"It was as much as thls small forr,
could do to d'scharge the dally routln.
work of the offl.'c niid make proper on
trics on tho subsldlary book;. carrying
accounts of the various funds admln
lstcrod In the offlco. The work r..* tht
offlco has grcatly increased, In la.'gei
rittlo perhaps than the cost of llving'
The clerlcal forco has dono oxcelont
work, observed longer hours vhan
those prcscrlbod by law. and ba>- been
pald comparatlvely small salarles. I
rocognlzed the importance several
yeara ago of havlng a gonoral book?
keeper for thc. offlce. so that all the
accounts and transactions of the offlce
might bo carrled on ono gencal ledgor
and sotight an approprlation therofoi
at thd hands of the Leglslature.
Accountniit Flnsmped.
"In antlclpatlon of the last legislti
tlve term, and upon tho urgent recom
mcndatlou of tho Auditing Conimittee
and the accountant omployed by th?
commltteo, tho Governor cngaged thc
said accountant, wlth the old of an
', oxpert bookkeeper. to open tho noccs
' aary books to carry ull the accounts of
tho several funds under the control of
the Second Audltor. with tho hope and
oxpectatton that provision would be
made by the Leglslature at tho ap
proachlng sosslon for an appropriation
for the salary of a compotent book?
keeper ln said ofllce.
"The Senate Flnanco Committee con?
sldered tha proposition ln advance ol
the legislativo session. and, aftor In?
qulry, llxe,d the sum of $2,000 as the
leaat amount that would bo neeessarx
to engago the service of such a book?
keeper as was contemplated. When the
approprlation bill was passed lt. car
- ried an appropriation for only $l,S0f
' for the salary of a bookkeeper ln tiu
ofllce of Second Audltor. When tiu
appointment had to be mado I con
sulted wlth tho bookkeeper. whe
opened up the books and Installed thr
new system. and tho most experl
bookkeeper of whom I know. aud lu
strongly recommended and advlsed tiu
appointment of Mr. .Marshall. who wa;
a good accountant, thoroughly ac
qualnted wlth tho records of the ofTlu
and tho several funds handlcd ln tiu
offlco, and, besldes, had quallfled hlm
self under the instructlons of tiu
special bookkeeper who opened tht
books, and set up tho several accountl
as to the bookkeeplng feature of thf
work; aud, further. ho would advls.:
with and aid hlm at any tlme it might
bo deslred.
Appolnted Bookkeeper.
Under those rlrcumstances, Mr. Mar
shall reslgnod his clorkship and l ap?
polnted hlm bookkeeper wlth the sal
arv as provlded under tho appropria?
tion bill of ?l,S0O, upon whlch basii
ho has been regularly pald, and iu
part of same has beon dlvortod tt
any other use or purpose, The othei
clerks wero deslgnated at tho salarie:
attached to same. The next clerk be
low was advanced to Mr. Marshall';
formor desk and spoclal work attach.
Ing to that positlon. In selectlng r
fourth clerk I was fortunate ln tlndtng
one who ls also a good stenographer
whlch adds materlally to hls olftclency
and at the same tlmo saves tho ex
penso of a spoclal stonographer, whlcr
ls now regarded as Indlspensablo li
every public as well as prlvate offlce
"From the foregolng lt wlll readlh
he seen that thore has beon no dlver
slon of funds for tha purpose ot ln
. croaslng salarles, and no nppotntmeni
J~ of a stonographer, "an offlce createc
wlthout authorlty of law." But on tiu
rontrary, tho splrlt as well as the lot
ter of tho approprlation act havo beoi
foilowed, and tho aequencn has showr
that tho work of the offlco has heor
proinptly and efllclent ly dlscharged
and up to the present tlme 1 have haci
no occasion to douht tho wlsdom o:
tho Hclectlons made."
Uue M?in Shoot* Anotlier.
(Special to The Timos-Dlspatf h.J
Ttoanoke, Va., Docembor 30.?At Figs
horo, a nettloment ln Henry county
last nlght, a. man named SUftlOy wa*
shot and dangerously wounded by t
man named PrlUimnn. No fiuther do
tails ot the affair aro given In the Iton
comlnx to Hoanoke.
Great Virginian Was Attorney
of Large Practice, but
Small Charges.
The State f.lhrnry has just acquired,
n. very \-alttablo ulSttuscrlpt accession
in the fee.-book of Patrlck Henry, pur
chased in tho recent sale of .tho Henry
papers ln I'lilladelpbia. Thls book cov
ers the period from 1770 to 1705. anrl'
contaln:) 138 pages. The entrics, all of
which seems to be in Honry'a own.'
hand. are. well indexed.
Tlie fec-book completely dismissed
thc thoory that Patrlck Henry wasl
an Indolcnt man. averso from tlie prac?
tlco of law, a chargo whicli Jefterson?
onco made. "IIo turned hls views to;
tbo law," said .lefferaon, "for thc ac
qulsltlon or pr.ik'tlce ot which ho was.
too lazy. llo never undertook to drawj
plcadlngs lf he could avold lt, or to;
manugo tbat part of tho cause, and.|
very unwilllngly engaged but as an'
assistant to speak ln thc cause. and1
tho fee was an indispensablc prcllm-.
inary. observlng to the atv'.icant that
lie kept no accounts, never puttlng1
them to paper, which wus tvue."
X\ ns llusy l.mijer. \
The fee-book. on tho oontrary, shoWS
that Patrlck Henry enjoyed a. lar\-.; .
and, for tho tinu-s, a lucrativo pva."1
tice, except during tho years of tha
Revolutlon, when he was not in prac?
tice. The book la dlvlded into two
part.'!, the tir:-t of which contnlns en
trics from 1770 to 1771. wlth a few
oarllor entrics, The second part runa
from 17.S;; to 17!',*.. Tho entries of I77t
greatly predominate ln tho first half,
nnd some ot them aro very interesting.
For instance, -this Item occurs under
the name of isham Richardson: "To'
advice glven you concernlng Parsonj
Douglass, in shllllngs," Another 1R th*.]
feo of ten pounds charged llobert Car-I
ter Nicholas for appearing in tlie fa?
mous caso of tho King vs. tho Seourl-;
ties of John Roblnson. wlio was for;
many years Speaker of tho House of-,
Burgesses and Treasurer of Virginia. !
l'erhnps tlio feature. of thc worlc]
which most Iroprosses tho modern who
oxamlnes it ls thc extrome reasonable- j
ness of tho fees charged. Tho great;
genllis. Patrlck Henry, oi conlury nnd1,
a quartor ago, would be rctained in 1
a caso for fivo or ten pounds, ln thaj
courso of whlch ho might dellver ona
of hls wonderful speeches. Ha was.
withotu doubt, a most merclful c.harger, ?
whlch fact may have had somethlng*'
to do wlth hls great popula.rlty and\
his success ln public life. \
World's Cotton Siipplr. ,
New Orleans. La.. December SO.?*i
Secretary H?*ster's statement. of tha
world's vlsible aupply of cotton, lssued
to-dav, shows the total vlslhln to ba
fi.298,079 ngalnst 5.0S2.225 last. week;
and -1.li69,31<*. last year. Of thls, the
total of American cotton is 4,285,979
ngalnst 4.109,225 last week, and ,",
OoO.rtlti last year, and of all other
kinds, includlng Egypt, Brazil. India.
etc, 1,013.000 against 973.000 last week.
and 1,060,000 last year. Of the world's
vlsible suply of cotton there is now,
afloat and held ln Great Brltaln and
Contlnental Europe 2,715.000 agalnsti
2.674,000 last. year; in Egypt. 293.000 .
against 239,000 last. year; tn Indla.
333,000 against 504,000 last. year, and
ln tho Unlted States 1.959.000 against*
1,552,000 last year.
aiun Accldentnllv Kllls Ilroth*r? l|
! Special to Tlie Times-Dispatch.]
Roanoke. Va.. December 30.?Newtf
was recelved here to-day from WaU,
lers Ford, In Henry county. ot tho kill*.
Ing thero yesterday of Taylor Ken
drick. a highly respected farmer of,
t'nat section. by hls brother, Pater
Kendrick. Thc men were rabblt hunt?
lng when Peter Kendrick's gun, wentj
oft* accidentaliy. thc load taklng offecti
in Taylor's breast and nbdomen.
Store Burned by Itobbers.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.J
Bristol, Vn., Decombor MO.?Investli
gation reveals that tho burnlng ot
James H. Calhoun's store, ln Sullivan
countv, near the Virginia l'no, betbra
dayllght Thursday, was thc work of
robbers, tha sat'o having been robbed
of $300. Tho loss is ?2,500, wlth $1,300
" A llght purse is a heavy curse".
Sickness makes a llght purse.
The L1VER ls the seat of nla*
ftenths of al! disease.
go to the root of the whole mat?
ter, thoroughly, quickly safely
and restore the action of thej
L1VER to normal condltlon. ?}
Give tone to the system ancf
solid flesh to the body*
Take No Substitute. ? . ?*-$$"

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