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Hi.-t>Mi. .if Alabama. Defendsi
Aci <if t be Senate
Subct immit tec.
lihilcntof lijeetion, liven XX it it
C'orrupteil Voles Thrown
? r in.
nUor .".1. Defend
Silltcommll i po t lint
l.orliiior. .
?\ .luhnklo!
h.uVile, Ala
tux' t!i" act 10it
iHyosilgatrd t
ijiaiusi Siinntoi
fioAillor .losoph
hauia. who Is
sligm illness, to-ilny gave out
lowing statement:
"l^ic subcommittee appointed
;Tc?Yid:nee in the ens.- was ci
Il'Opuolic.aii and Democratic; Sena?
's. Dad ,in\ ?,r tile members been In
(lined >.'io be Inllucnced by political
s. the conditions did not warrant
? sucii actioti. for the Legislature
irTiiiiliu incomir.fr was salcl> I! -
Instiling lliat imrty a Senil
of Ala.
from n
\Vo .
ctlori might be luol.
itsilong were to in
Do tin
any >
to secure bis election; or
r sanctioned any stich acts. If I
tuhcommitlec ivns unanimous m
; that he should he unseated.
Committee I n n ii Im ii um.
he members of the committee
ftitintmous in tin- conclusion that
Oniony fulled to snow tin- t'.n t
Senator Uotiiticr was himself
of- bribery or any corrupt prtic
or thai he sanctioned, or was
nit id' the tact that bribery or
irrupt practices were being used
ers to Inllucuce votes- for him.
only other <|llcslioii was
er the, evidence Showed that
h votes of the members of the
^Jslalitric voting for Senator Loriincr
fSB- bribed, or Inllucnced, by corrupt
Ices .or pro mi -es, so that dodiict
such votes from the total cast for
ii bis vote would fnli below that re
ted by the Constitution to elect,
port this point all of the Bllbeoill
*ttuen were of the opinion that
evidence failed lo show that he
P> elected, except oiii . Sena tor
taster, whose conclusion was Hull
lir incinborn of the Legislature were
Y<t money for voting for Senator
icr, in- In i'onsenuenee of huvlng
: lor him: that one Stale Senator
three renresehtailves admitted nn
yhth thill they were
the Senator was satis:
Iii iiis were as a bribe, or In conse
of having voted for Senator
r; that these four self-confessed
liers Implicate three other incin
iio voted for Senator Luiiuer
persona who bribed thorn; that
it! seven votes were cllniluiileil
senator Loriuicr's vote be re
less thnrt a mujorlly ,.f i le?
think the Senator erred in his
-ions if we nocopt Iii-- Klidings
paid money
ed that KUl'h
i 111
It 11
nev er even tending to show I hut
i-luueyor, |.init and liolslliiw, would
c ybicd for cither Stringer in- llop
f. or wer,- induced corruptly to
r for Lor line r. The Senator also
lue. Hint Ihc llroitcrich vole should
I'liunteil for Stringer oe Hopkins
ii Drodeiiclt not mtl.v denied un
tiatb that he bud lo Ibed 11,i!sl law .
iad paid him niiy money, bill that he
self .was anxious to vote for lAiri
lor, personnl reasons.
?Iveii if these seven nu n (InclUtjeiig
Ic) should be excluded from .the
ill, ? Lorlmer was elcelcd, for Hint
lid have left him mi vo|es against
otal of 94 lor Stringer rind llop
repori of.lho subcommittee uns
to 'its lull < oinmittee niid
f.nbei\ .?/,.?'. h< toil committee
ils lljffdfng i six' ilepubllcnuH
Deiuoeralsi. cxeepl Senators
tnd lleverldge. Ho- hit lei
he was nol prepared cither
? dissent, not Inning bad
? lb
w ??.
?Ilted |.\
! lo
IdktSl Hull It be printed
:>? lilteiopl was made
?ess present conshlorn ?
ort. and the only SUg
to lixlllg a Hun- lor
as froth Senator I'ever
thiil it be set (or .laun
r?o thai the criticism in regard
1 mutter and as !?? Its being
seems to iiuvo no foundation,
is rather curious that st\ Le?
ans and four Democrats should
r ill this report, one l)emocr!|l
fully assenting und one ite-^nbll
eelaring in- wits not prepared to
to nssept or dissent, und no nt
secins to have been made to
the Impression Hum the report
i| warranted, but was an attempt
h through a whitewash."
L-' "-1 L~~ '"';'?;^
It's Up To Yon
F you don't want lo atop drinking; or.
t^tisihff drugs?don't lake ihc Kcolcy
Cure, it would ha just a waste of time
and money.
But Sf yon think thai Whiskey or Dr;i>;.s arc
standing in the way-of your h . inc i success and
destroying your family happiin i if you want
to.get back your old energy and vigor ami am?
bition?and begin life unew where you loft i: 1 . -
fore you began their use?come to the Kcolcy
Institute at Greensboro,
In four to six weeks wn will give you back the
clear eye, the. steady nerves and the vigor of
health that you used to hayo. Wo "will take away
completely your unnatural appetite and Icavo
you a free man again.
Thon it's tip lo you! You can remain a free
man; with little or no effort if you will, with nil
the ji>y and rich rewards of freedom. Or you can
go back lo your slavery?if it is the life of
bondage that you prefer. All we do?all -anyonn
can do -is to give you a fair start?put you even
with the world. Then it's up to you. ?
W. II. OSBOKN, {'resident
Greensboro, North Carolina
To-Day we renew our annual business resolutions;
that is - to make every effort in every way to give
every customer the utmost satisfaction.
Now if you like this platform, we'd like your trade.
Here's a request we make to every one who has ever bought anything
at our store.
Tell-us if any article we have ever sold has failed to give full money's
worth. We want to begin the year right by righting any wrongs.
The South's Leading Clothiery
i (Continued Krotu Kh'st rage.) j
? ICoii? igtieK, charge d'affaires ill Wiish- i
j ingtur for Nicaragua, it ml announced|
! iIn: purpene 01 Hit; i'iiiicil Stuten i" j
lioj'd to stiiii iii'ciiimi.lug f??i* Aniei'ii'iin
iii.- it ml |ii'n|ioii.\ "Hi.- factious tic facto
in control" li Iii I the determination of
llie American government to initc such 1
steii;- of It might deem tvlsi> ami prppcr
III prelect ' A Ii:? ?!')? a n I n|. rest ??.
i m hiYi-iiil.i l- l"l v.. I:i\., reslgneii the
pre; hleuey '?>! Nleaingtia.
.Mmlri/. \..t liiniiTii.
I l>r. Josr, Mililri/.. Wim \Vi|s at one
I time itlin lopresclitnt l\e i>;' Nicaragua
; at the Central American conti ..(' in
j tin, ill CirUigd ami a /.elayau nd
I herein. - was elceiod, lie: blent of the
repphlie lie lite unanimous Votu of
Congress mi Peeoiiiher '.:?. hut he iysif i
iibi regitr^ied with favor hy the goV' I
? in.ni i>r the tiiite.l slates
Many eoullldlug reports wire mail..
pill.lie with refereiiee i.. the progress
the movement against the Mailri/. tnv
I eiiihienl. most "I which wer?* unfit vor,-"
tll'le lo the Insurgents. tlcnernl 10s-|
trail.i made peace overtures to Mudri;-.,
in which ho suggsted thu friendly<me
dintlon of tin? American government,
but ilu'se Mudri/. refused t" itcecpl.
Pierce lighting between tin- govcrn
iiionl troojiH ami Hut Insurgents around
Itliioilclds followed UK- rail uro to reach
a KelUeiiieiiti
Kstratla prod limed the htdenendence
of tho coast republic in Nicaragua on
.luilo IhiM. and assumed pi rsonal
command of the rebel forces a mouth
later, 111.-, tinny hum with a Reilos of
successes, and on Augurl ".'a Nicaragua
was practically In the hands of the In?
surgents. I ?r. Mailt i/. uuil the pres?
Since August events moved ijtiick
|y toward a sal Isfhotory ad.liisttnenl of
He- relations between Ibe United States
end Nicaragua.
Thomas ?'. l?nwson; the minister (o
Panama, v. as sent to Managil i as the
>l.ial ageiu of the United Stales I"
t.llldy Ike political aiol lliiliucial sltuil
tion. and on his return rccctiily lo
Washington he reported that the pres?
ent government at Nicaragua rested
upon a stable political foundation and
thai the United states might safely
iesinue diplomatic relations with that
Will Vtlueb I'll? To-l>n.v.
N"w Orleans. I .a., I'ceoinbor 111.?
iNdhcrcutS of .Manuel Itonilla in Nov.
Orleans lo-nlghl gave out the formal
slatcnieiil that Itonilla will attack Ibe
Tortlilcailoiis at Puerto i':urte/? lion
I durus, Suiiday iiioriling, In bis nt tempi
In regain control of lim Central Amer?
ican republic.
Prlvnto cablegrams received here ?
tills afternoon declare the force of |
revolutionists leaded toward Teguci?
galpa, the capital of the republic, Is
meeting will, Utile resistance. ' t'lov
eminent sohllers along the Nicaragua!!
bonier are declared lo lie deserting
the ranks of the Insurgent a.
While the main force of revolu?
tionists is moving on Tegucigalpa, Hie j
teal directors of tin; movement. .Manuel
Itonilla and l.ee. Christinas, have not
! ? ei in tided mi Ilondliratl soil. They i
are on Hie steamer Hornel, which I
I touched al tiiiatemalau ports lo pick I
; up men and arms. They are expected j
jto reach' Puerto Curies Sunday morn
ling ami immediately attack dial port.
j I'rlvtc Is Awarded to Mead of Army
Aerial Corps. 1
Aldersbot, r.nglaiul. December 31.?
Tin itrlllsii Miehcliir cup. awarded an-j
Itlially lor duration and distance tly- i
I tug. was-won .to-day for ifiio by Cap-j
I tain Kranit Cody, head of the. balloon?
ing department of the British War Of
llce. .lie Hew lllll miles In four hours
I ami ilfly minutes.
'I'. Hopwlth ?ins the Bnron He Korest
prlsso or ?jn,iuio for Hie longest Might
across the Knglisli Channel In ifHn by
an englishman, his dighi of IT I miles
In three and one-half hours on Decem?
ber Is standing unbeaten. 11o also
competed ?villi credit in the Micliclln
coii test.
Tin- Mlchelln trophy consists of a
cup valued a I ifJ.r.ui). and lite same,
amount in cash.
Captain Cody is American uorn. but I
became a Itrlllsh sllbjcel when he Cli
lercd the British ncrlnl corps.
Cuds I at II g Ten ii re of Oilier n^ Prcsl
deiil of I nlversllv.
Lexington. ICy., December SI.?.Ihmes
K. I'atlersoii. 1.1,. I >.. I'h. D? and Pel
low of the Royal Geographical Society
of Great Uvltaln. to-day formally ended ;
bis tenure of ..nice us tircsldcnt of the
Slat.- University of Kentucky. He lias
held the place forty vears, and in point
? d service was the oldest college presi?
dent In America'. Ills successor will
be Henry S. Barker, until to-day Chief
.luslico of th<- Kentucky Court of Ap?
I'.-. Patterson was born 'n Scotland
in is::;!. With .liistin Morrlll. .if Ver-.
I inonl. he successfully can led through j
Congress the Morrlll act of I Mm. which j
gave $"."..000 a your lo encli State In
la. Union for the further endowment!
<>r state universities or colleges estab?
lished nude;- the land grants of ISti^.
Tillies oath of 11 lllce at Ills Itesl
[Special to The TImcs-Dlspatch. J '
Albany. N. V., December 31.?Govern- !
er Ulcct .lohn A Ids look the oath of
odice at s o'clock to-ulght. The oatii ;
?ms administered by Secretary of Slate
Samuel S Ivoenig at the Hlx residence.
101 Stale Street. Tin re were present
only Mr Dlx, Mrs. l.d.x. Secretary lo
Ihn Governor John A. Mason, Mr. and
Mrs; Koenig arid former Senator .wind
.Mrs. Curtis N. Douglas. The formal
ceremony, which did not last more
than live minutes. wa? not for the pub?
lic, as It Is planned that Governor Dlx
will ng.iili take the formal oath at
noon Monday in the assembly cham?
ber. The nnsoii for Mr. Dlx'n swearing
in oath lo-nlglll was so (he Slat.,
would uol b<- without a Governor over
Sunday, for Governor While's term ex
Governor Kitchin Will Make
'Important Rccomtncnda
I Special io Tli-J Tim.I ?;(.). n,:,. |
Itulclgh, N, >?.. licccn.i si, H is
expected lllill Mil! IIICSKUgU Of lliUi'innr
Kin bin io Ilm Uclieral Assembly. ,,U?iit
convenes Wiitluoxtluy-, wlll.be cpiupl?-lcd
by Tuesday. Ii ivili hardly he. iratis
iiilllcd to tlie SVntiO' mill the Mouse In
fur.- Thursday; it heilig public IheiC
hf tor. II will 1m i|?|ltc :: lengthy ?locU
lilClll, dealing With Ilm win.I.- scOpo Of
Ilia affairs of thi] Stale an.I Ilms.: ivtto
have hail opportunity to ascertain
probubl: features si?y that it win he'
a very conservative hut l evy positive
document, state II nances, mill cspccinl
ly the doilcll thai there is in the
treasury, at this time i:>.i'i'?i ?will
come In for treatment, unit Insistence
will he inuilo that one way lo Increase
the revenue or the State without over
burdening those who arc now paying
the tuxes, will lie to tain: steps that
will Insure ih.- more complete listing
or the household ami oilier personal
property, a very large per cent, of
which now escapes taxation. In treat?
ing Hie North Carolina anti-trust law,
ami needed amendments, it Is c'xp?Ve.icu
that the C.overnor will insist on more
positive force lieing injected in the
measure, rather limn any inutlpllctiliOn j
of (lie machinery lor its < ulorecmciil. I
He is sAid lo have very post live views'
nlioul what is needed, und thinks also
that the law as It now stands has mil
been afforded any opportunity to,
demonstrate jusl what can he accom?
plished through I:.
Mr?. Sarah it. .1. w iidilell.
.Mrs. Sarah I!. Johnson Und.;. 11.
eighty-seven years ol?l, died Iii.lay at ,
the home of her soli. "Willow hurst."' I
Norfolk county, sin- was the in.-t ul
a generation of two distinguished Vir-,
glnhl families. She was burn in Car
tersiillc Cumberland county, Kcbrnury
It. I S31, She was a fiiiuglilcr of Moli- I
jnmln lt. Johnson, a grandson of Clip
taln Thomas Johnson, of Albomitrle,
and of I0II-/II belli Jordan Johnson, a
grnnddaughicr of Malthew Johnson.
Following her father's death she moved
to Karmvillc, where she first married
William .1. Porter, and afterwards Ah?
net B. Waduell.
By her first husband she leaves ope
Thousands of peopio si'ffer from
baldness and falling hair who, haling
tried nearly every advertised hair Ionic
and halt-grower without results, have
resigned themselves to baldness and it
attendant discomfort. v,,t |tic|r eise
Is not hopeless: the following simple
home prescription lias made hair grow
after years of baldness, and Is nlxo
iiue?|iiallcd for restoring gray lialr to
Its original color, stopping hair from
railing out, ami destroying the diindruli'
germ. It will not make thclililr greasy,
and em be ]iul up by iitiy druggist:
Bay rum, i; Ounces; L.avonn de Com
posec. ?_? ounces; Menthol Crystals, 1
drauhm. If you wish it perfumed, add
half to one teiispoonful of Tn-Kltln'n
IVrfumo, which unites perfectly with
the oilier Ingredients. Tills prepara?
tion is highly recommended by physi?
cians and specialists, and Is absolutely
harmless, as it contains none of the
poisonous wood alcohol so rret|Uenlly
found in hair tonics. Do not apply to
the face or where hair is not desired.
Read The Proof:
Former U. S. Postmaster
Recommends P/liSam.
O enttarnen i?My inere suffered for many .rrjn
with a trouble pTonnuni-eil lev her physicians m
LTr!c Aciil Uneuiiiatism, n.n?l although tin treate.l
her. she neverotitalneil relief,
flelm; well acquainted wl.h Mil,AM and Vnnwlna
It hud hoen used successfully very frequently In
similar cases. I determined to diu tier on It. :iti,s
took six boltSAS Sits the happiest results. I reffarrl
her as helnr entirely relieved, and trill alwnjs taka
pleasure! In recommending .Mtl.AM Cor Una Add
Vnnrs IrulT.
c. t, PAnK.'jnAT.n
Danville. T?? July 18. IP10.
Spent $3,000 on Rheu?
Norfolk, Va..July?. KMC
A limit, five works .ire I "as Indilrwl to oik' Ml lam
fnr.m niiijrnvqicd rnsn oflthcniatlsra, fer whlyh t
bwl socnt over F:l.0OU fer nil Ictinffn remedies and
try.-d mnn; rtonorn. went to Bot Bering*, hut re?
ceived no benefits irlialover, Kor riti-en year* t
havo been n sufferer, each sprlnS I hit ye licett1 n bed
and loeapllaled for work until tins spring, which. I
inn Blail to say. I linv,. iieon micndlOB lomylius ?
Hess, fc?l One. splendid Appel it", ami feel confident
ihm I will he n cured man from rheumatism.
f wlah to say thai Milam has done all you claim It
TTllldn In my eise, sn far. und I lent; foriranl in *
speedy recovery, ami would nol lake live limes th?
amount ef Hie prleo of the medicine lor rrhat it haq
clone ftir [iio.so far.
Yours rerv I rule, C. II. WA Dil
Business, Cor.Cbureb and .Streets
Rheumatism Entirely
from rtheumutisim nr.d d?
bimclit six iKitlles.and am
imiv on my fnilrtn hel?
lte. I can inuhriillysay
tluii I hare norerlakea
n niedtaliie i li a t has
(Inn- am as inticll (rooil.
My Ithomiiatlsm Ir. en?
tirely cull.-, in y cr.ni
pletlon creiity Im?
proved nn.1 uiy iirreiim
roikI In fact, I havenos
/ell so well In a lonC
time. I nniilil not inko
t?O.OO fer I lie good ynnr
medicine has dene nie,
but In order lo ho suro
that the iiniihln is en?
tirely crailli-nird, I will
tnkoihu two riuiialnlntr
I vnlnntarlly trlvn this
le&thtionlnl, and cheer
fully reconimcnil Mllam
to anyone suiu-ing
from lllienmatlun.
Danville, V?.
Ask the Druggist
?/. Fred. Richardson's
Storage and Trnnnfirr Department,
Main and Bolvldoro Sts.
Hauling. Packing and Storing Hlffl
Grade ilousoholj (Joods.
?Phones: Madison SIS, day; Mo.iroi
841. flight
Mm, Augustus lt. Porter, and through
linn '.lie following grandchildren: Ur.
willlani .1. Porter, of Winthrop. Mossl;
A. C. and N. LI. I'ortor .of Charlotte,
N. f.; Jlrs. Ohi'lir Itiyitnl J Soy It ins. of
Virginia; Mrs. w. I'. Ilrngg. Norfolk',
uiid Mrs. it. u. KIKngiun, of Richmond.
Tli? boil} was brought lo Richmond
yesterday morning and services word
bold In in., chapel in Hollywood Celtic
lory, where interment wiis made.
Mrs. S. II. Hull.
Mil Ulli ma .1. I lull. Widow of S. 11
Mali, db-d yi-sioiiluy morning nt 11::t<t
? t ?.-1. .,-K at Ifr homo, 230'J p'ulrulotlhl
I Avenue. She leaves the following chil?
dren: S. A., IS, .v. Mark und Crank
Mini. Mm. Itnberlu M. Powell, Mrs. .1.
t. Mnrrlset (c, Mrs. Arthur Duhnivn'tit,
I Tlnj funeral \s III lake pluco lo-inori'oM
allornoon at o'eloek I'roui tin' I
I Mi l.-ial Church, Inlernieiil will be
1 in.nir in oakwood Cemetery.
I I'lincrul of .lira. W. S. lillllll.
j Mis. Julia Kll/.ilbcth Cunil. wife ul
i William s. Ciiiiii, dicil mi h'rlday morn?
ing, aller an illness of two weeks, lb -
in. bur liusband, she leaves l/m
:.s- Kurl Wood. of. Washington, and
Kiitory It. Wood, of Panama, and 1 w*u
sisters, Misses J. I". b'orbes ami Maude
Korbes, she was a member of si. An?
drew's Church. The funeral set vices
w ill, he conducted by ttevll. Thumbs
Seinmes at :i o'clock litis afternoon
from the resident'??; liuu West Avenue.
I buries |>\ I.uiiisiIcii.
I Special lo The Times-1 llspatch.]
Ituleigli. N. t'.. December 31.--Charles
I-', Liiinsdcti died at his home here to?
ddy, after several monllis' Illness, aged
llfty-slx years. lie was piisl music:
of Udd-Kollows, member of the hoard
of directors of the t idd - I'd lows' or?
phanage, (ioldsboro; prominent Mason
and Royal Arcanum organizer, and
Viiu city tax collector tor a number
I of years.
P. IS. Sowers.
i [Special to The Times-Dispatch;]
Spencer. X. f'.. December 81.-?IV K.
Sowers, aged liftv years, one of the
oldest citlv.ons of Must Spencer, dloti
at his home here to-day from pneu?
monia, lie had been hopelessly ill for
I: DULI slut lu sad, but loving rc
iilcmbrniico of our dear children.
. who departed this life eight years
ago, within live days of ?ach other.
Two Hille angeln now on high, |
They hand In hand together roam: |
Twp links now hind us to the sky. [
Two lingers beckon us to come, i
Lord, give us strength our loss to I
And lead us in the heavenly way.
Oh. may we meet our children there.
In realms of everlasting day! ?
New- York, Brooklyn and Philadel?
phia papers plcuso copy.
HUMPHHMVS- in sad. hut loving re?
membrance, of toy dear father,
parted ihis life eight years ago. De?
cember :io, lutisj.
HI gilt long years, nnd still I miss
Forget the.-: oh, when life shall
To thrill Ibis heart of mine.
Urn not till then can I forget
One loo); or tone of thine.
Peaceful be thy silent slumber.
Peaceful in thy grave so low:
Thou no niorc will join our number.
Tlnui no more our sorrows know.
Vet agnln we hope to meet thee,
When the dav of life Is flail,
Ami In heaven w ith joy lo greet thee.
Where no farewell tears are shed,
Rj Ins daughter,
I'IM.I.IAM in loving remembrance of
..in Hille darling. VIRGINIA I.OUISH
PULLIAM, who died four months biro
to-day. , I
! How we miss our little darling:
Miss lo r more than words can tell.
' ISut ti:< i Sod that has bereft ns,
And lie doctll all things well
ASK UW - In loving remembrance of
"my .l.nr aunt. CYNTHIA A. ASKKW,
wild die.I Juntiary 1. 1909, two years
ago to-day.
ATK INS' IN Hied, in Mexico City, Mex?
ico, Wednesday. December 28, 1910,
in tin. twenty-uitiih year <>r ids afc.
son of Homer Alhinsun. of Peters?
burg, Vtt.
BHlVrON-? Died, at 3:30 A. M. at her
! late residence, UlfS South Bclvldorc.
i MRS. JlAliV HHI.TON; In the slxty1
fonrlli >..ir of her age.
I The funeral will take place from
I St. Andrew's Church MONDAV AK
I TMRNOON at l o'clock.
?liOWJ-IN luid. at her residence, I Of,
! Uisi .Marshall Street, MRS. MARY
BOWKN. widow of Win Uowcil. She
leaves one sou and lour daughters
Mr. .las. II. Powell. Mrs .los. I'. Mcl
viti. Mrs. John K. Wheltoll. Mrs. CbtiS.
la-lie. ami Miss Cells Itowen.
I 'iiih, i n I will lake place from SI.
lo o'clock. Kriciids and acquaint
allies inVitod I" attend.
The funeral will take place from
the residence THIS MORNING at
!?:30 o'clock. The Interment will he
! OA HI, TON?-Died Krltlny, at hi* res
? Idenee. 117 Mnsl Cary Street. In I he
I slxty-llfih year t.c his nge. VIRGIN
Oarltoh was born lu Klug und Qi.n
county May II, 1516. In 1863 he en?
listed in t'oiupany I-', of the Ninth
, Virginia Cvulry, and served wilh the
command until it surrendered at Wel
don, N. t'. A few months al ler Um
war he came, tu this ?clly ami en?
tered the mercantile business will!
(.'arlton A MeGrutlcr, and later with
Carlloll & Co. Leaving that busi?
ness, he was connected with several
prominent shoe companies, and at
the Hi.if Iiis death was represen?
tative of Hi.- Stephen Putney Shoe
Company lie leaven bin wife and
iho following children: 'Rubi, i!., of
Ashland, Va.; Philip R. and John S.
of IMchuiotld. Va.; Mrs. Win. N. Kin
l;cy, of t'ovlnglon. Va.; Caroline V.
and Annie I... of Richmond. Va.
CARI/1'?N?Entered Into resl ill his
residence, I IT Mast Ciu'y Street, in
the slxty-lirth year of his age, VIR
Service:, from the residence SUN?
DAY' MORNING, 11:30. Intermciil pri?
Southern Churchman, Greensboro.
Salisbury. N. C, und (.'ovlngton, Va..
papers please copy.
COCK 15 -Died, on Thursday. December
in Winchester. Va.. THOMAS
i.KWIS PRUSTON, Infanl soli of
William K and Minnie W. l.'ncke.
DeSYIA'IA? Died, December III, at i;
A. M? at Hie resilience of her dllllgll
(or, Mrs. .lames McGrudcr. 2in Wesi
Marshall Street. JULIA DOUGLAS
Wife of Daniel W. DeSylvia, aged
Kuncrul .services^ st:N DA Y. Jan
Uiiry I, al I P. M. Interment in
Pi,OVD~Dicd, 'December 31; 1910, at
her home, 912 Hrook Road, in the
seventh veur of her age, KLRANOK
RAM lrLOVD, daughter of A. Oai'r
iielt -ind .laines r. Ployd.
Services from tMinmanual Mplrfcopal
MURPIIY-.?Died, December 29, at 11
P. M? THOMAS MURPHY; sun of the.
late ?John und Anno Murphy, and
brother of Mrs...P; Martin,- 3S28
Willlnmsblirg Avenue.
KUllorol from St. I'ulrkrh's Church
SUNDAY* :t V. M.
New York and Albany papers
please w>py
WIIITIjOCK ? Died. In Cincinnati, n
liecembcr :t". I-.MAH, daughter ?<(
\he || an.I Rose Wbltb.ck.
I.it-i-. '? ?! i'l-eli U.H
?? Its double, strength
## cutsthecoffee-bili
? ? in two; Its superior
99 quality gives it
@? a, value, double
?? its j^ricc.
?@ -_
?# The Reily Taylor Co.
New Orleans,U.S.A.
a week, anil was speechless for tin
past Ihre?; <li?ys. He was a ploneei
merchant here, and Is survived by i
widow, four sons ami two daughters.
Ilcnjiitnlii ?". Drew.
I Special toTl.e Times-Dispatch. I
Wnkelleld, Vn? December SI.?Bon
jamin <.'. Drew, aged lorty-llve years,
died at his homo ill this place at i
o'clock this afternoon. lie leaves a
widow and two small 'children. II!/
hiirlul will be al Walu ibid Monday at
tern .iop.
IjOWHItS?LTho funeral services ..f trie
lute s i;i:ni:st noWICUS Will tako
place from St. Andrew's Kplseopil
t.'hurch, THIS (Sunday) A KT Kit noon
ul i o'clock. Interment In Itlvorvlow.
rriends of the rimllv invited in at
Con &.ati for Cla??itication.
ir Tin: kauty who took mv
ovcreoiii by mistake al the Colonial
Theatre Saturday night will eall at.
312 Meadow Street he can get MIS
own tu return;_
Notice to Physicians
.lust received a supply of that won?
derful drug "COti," delivered anywhere
on receipt of price. $::.:.o a lube.
TA kuan t. (lie A NT ? co.,
I'ouyhee and ilroad.
treu _h* put - T-t i.uee t-,: < _,_rle
mU a4br*l*r. pufpAiel/ Isti tit
la fit-"* With e?l ilrip,
tvektfi *r tpri*n-?-??-,t tilfi
U-Utl 1bn ?>?_?>. *Tfc?
? I eb?tl01'< tIM TL'el la Ih* t ?
? - (fi - lm. Thf.n?u4? ??'?
WVtimMtf tt-_t?_ ihrcr'Hvtt -Mk?*l
Mhlnnrs freto Soft ?eU?l????/
s_>_'v'' J #e> ?'i*itei ue? f-r If IMf** W? pro** ?fc-t ??
tAL OF PLAPAO:UJI^Va\I!%'r.\':^,.r?
i -?..,,(??.: fin i 1 . ASdrr.l ?
fLAPAO LABOnATOfllES, Block l !, St. Loult, Mo.
1 1 '. ? r i l.
Ur.:r. ntll will ht'at Fn* IrUI Tit,
We Extend
Our Thanks to
Our Friends
and Patrons
For a liberal patronage in
1910, anil wish you all a
happy and prosperous \rc\v
1418-1420 li. Main Street.
' Sanitary Plumbing insures against all
dangers of disease germs, vermin or foul
odors. 13e sure your architect specifies
and your plumber uses materials and fix.
turcs from
McGraw-Yarbrough Co.:
Plumbers' Supplies
122 S. Eighth Street, Richmond, VaJ
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726 East Main Street.
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