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?vldenco must be considered by tho
court of price cutting to drive com?
petitors out of business, rebating and
preying on cC-uipctltors; by secret or?
"If the Slierman act mean." anything
!n thlc country." snys counsel for I ho
government in their brief. "It means n
monopoly acquired by such methods of
competition as this. Unless It Is en?
forced, the small corporation or Indi?
vidual who wishes to engage In busi?
ness will have absolutely no oppor?
tunity at all. This testimony is valu?
able, as showing the intention of the
s-t.indurd Oil Company to monopolize \
i'is commerce In oil throughout the
United State?. In many districts it has
fin absolute monopoly. \\> mean by
absolute monopoly that in those dt*.- |
II lets It does all Of the business all" ;
lias eliminated Its competitors.
i lull- Independent Huslness.
"Practically this is the ??use through- j
on' the Rocky Mountain country, ami
most of the Pacific coast States. Tlie
percentage of independent business!
throughout the entire Southern States I
is very small.
".Moreover, where there is competl- I
tion. the competitors are usually strict- j
ly under the control of the Standard. I
in ih.u they must. In order to be al- j
lowed to ,)o business, sell oll al practl- I
? ill' the price the Standard dictates,}
and confine themselves to n small per-!
hinge of the trade."
Combinations effected by purchase,
nee >rding t" the contention of the gov?
ernment; are hut as much within the
law as combinations effected by trust ,
agreement* or pooling. I
licpiylnfe to these accusations ant? j
conclusions, counsel for the Standard
Mill arg tic 'hat the Sherman law does'
net prohibit the method of holding .
property by stock ownership.
All methods r.ro lawful." Mr. Wat- j
???in wi.l atguv. ' it n->t used to restrict
It "i or c.iin an unlawful monopoly.':
? The Sherman act has' no application j
t.i the transfer to or tin- acquisition
by the Standard Oil Company of stockst
t'f the various manufacturing and pro- I
ihnlnc corporations." It I--' argued inj
the brief of Messrs Johnson a-id Mil-!
burn, "for the reason that such trans- I
lei and acquisition were not nets of!
int.-state of foreign commerce nor dl- ,
reel and Immediate in'their effect on
int? t state or foreign commerce, nor;
within jitc powi r of Congress to reg
. tllatc Interstate or foreign commerce. '
Following out this line of argument,
they will urge ih'at purchase or acqui?
sition of property is not in any sense.,
mtract. conspiracy ,>r combination j
In restraint of trade.
The attorneys for the Standard will '.
unite in itgulng that there was no!
suppression of competition in the or- j
ganlzullou of IS!''.'.
Instead of grawth by unfair cbmpe- i
tition, ripening into a monopoly, it will
lit. argued for the Standard that it was j
crente.1 as .1 lawful business and con- i
Unites to this day as such.
(Continued From First Page.) I
when three ?.arge? went to pieces In a
storm, were overwhelmed by griot
?when new-' of the disaster reached this
city to-day. The offices of the l'hlla- J
dclphta ami Heading Hallway Company,
In Port Richmond, in the northeastern
tectlon Of ti e city, by which all coal
1- shipped, were crowded throughout
the day by weeping women, who held
out to the last in the hope of hearing
favorable tidings of their loved ones.
Nearly all of the victims resided near
?t'. . coal piers In Port Richmond, and
kl\ of the drowned lived in one house.
.Mrs. Chillies N. .Smith, widow of
Captain Smith, did not give up hope
until late in the jay. Her nineteen
year-old son. who was making a trip
vith hts father, also perished. When
Mrs. Smith realised that her husband
siiii .-on had perished, she collapsed.
Captain Smith commanded Redding
Hallway barges for sixteen years, and
was well known.
Captain Brown, who commanded or..i
ni the ill-fated barges, leaves a widow.
> son and a daughter.
Three Dead mid Hue Seriously Injure!
as Itcsiili of Combat.
Abbeville, c.a. January 10.?Matthew
NVllson, James Mlxon and Noah White
nie dead, und Perry W'lson is serious
1. wounded .is the result of :t terrific
duel in which knives, pistols and shot
U uns wen ' used.
Whltv W1S- a tenant on the Wilson
plantation, and the trouble Is said to
[lave followed a disagreement between
Itcrry Wilson and White.
White used .i knife, and lacerated
the planter's throat, a short tlm? af?
terward* Mlxon and Matthew Wilson
tin one side; and White and his wife
??ii the other, met. Shooting with pis?
tol and shotgun beKHii at once. White
?i'.d Wilson fuel almost at the sums
Instant, and both dropped. Wilson
dead and White .'atally wounded.
Witnesses say that when her hus
liand fell Mrs White took Iiis shotgun
and fired the charge into the body of
NlXOn, who died soon afterwards.
tilhcers are at the scene, but it Is
Viet known here if arrests were made
Savannah, Ga., January la?Seven
arrests for alleged vote grafting, and
announcement that detectives have re
velvet) evidence thai will result in
many more arrests marked Savannah's
municipal election to-day, which was
one of the clokeSt In the city's history;
nnd which gave George T. Ttednian the
mayoialtv again. The aldernianlo
hoard prohahly Is dlvhled between fac?
N P. Corlsh, clerk of <:ity Council,
und secretary of the South Atlantic
nasehall League; Ji J, Garrity, it for?
mer city olliclah in. N A, Morris, a
Hoterinan R. fain, a well-known
fcavattnahun, and three negroes were
arrested to-day. C?lti is secretary of
the clean election committee. that
brought detectives to Savannah to sup
pi ess vote buying. He is charged with
Ving ttccessory before the fact of vote
i olonel Slgo Myers, of Governor
Brown's -tail, president of the National
Bank Savannah, and load of the
clean election committee, said to-day
that lie was satisfied there had been
a great deal of vote buying, but that
he had not received full reports from
the detectives'
i aptaln p. .1 llavant, former Alder?
man, and candidate for Mayor against
jdayor ?borg?. W. Tiodman, had negroes
brought to the polls in bunches of flvo,
and a white man was detailed to guard
?ach Itegl'O until his ballot was safely
cast. It. is stated that 99 per cent, of
the in? negro voters In Savannah were
We will not burden this announcement with details and figures, but
will extend YOU a pressing invitation to visit our store which is a veri?
table emporium of virile bargains!
Sweeping Sale of Tranks, Bags and Cases
at a third and more off the prices.
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Sweeping Sale of Men's Trousers
just as your suit needs the tonic of a new pair.
Sweeping Sale of Boys' Clothing.
that made our second floor an animated scene yesterday.
Sweeping Sale of Girls' Coats
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Sweeping Sales of Men's Furnishings, Hats, bocks,
Underwear?and Boys' Waists, Reefers and Children's
O. H. Berry & C?0
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau, i
Tho Times-Dispatch.
1101 Hull rtttcot. I
flames Monday night completely destroy?
ed the residence of Theodore Ilapkc, ? Kid
lothlnn Turnpike. In fhestonleid county, and
caused damage amounting in I7.0TO! Nona
of ih? other buildings on the farm ivai
damaged, a.-d all the Inmates of the houss)
cscaped without injury. Th? loss la. partially
covered by insurant?*, tjkun out with A. I..
Adantaon, of South Richmond, an. the Vir?
ginia l":ro and Marine Insurance Company.
While the member- of Mr. llapke'a family
ware at supper aom<! one noticed tho smo-'.'
Moot:*, and an ln\estimation was begun. Tho
kitchen was, found t? be a mar* of flame;,
which had originated in some- unaccountabla
Neighbor? were nttiaeted by the Blare of
tho flames nimort before the Inmates ,.f tin
houte became aware of tho fact that the
building ?a? hurn'.ng. and a buck*! brigade
was hastily formed. Several members of
family rushed upstairs ?.?> whore Mr. Ilapka
Ill In bod and succeeded In rescuing him
before the flames made It tthposslblei
Flames Spread flapidly.
Tho fire spread madly, in spite of tho
heroic efforts of tho tighter!, who labored
furiously with tho utfiero. moan* nt hand.
The l>u:k,-t brigade was gradually driven
back by tho intense hoat. and it 500:1 became
?vtdent that the house was .loomed. Thor.
efforts wero directed toward Hiving the
neighboring hutldlngs an.I !n taking ?111
?hatov,-r possible.
Tho flames flared brightly fnr many hours,
tho crimson reflection In the sky attract?
ing people from miles around, who were
feried to M.iml Idly around after their or
? Ivn and widi.h thom 091 t ? touch thi
dwelling. Nothing but tin- smoking ruins
the handsome structure were visible when
yesterday morning dawned: Friendly neigh?
bors offered temporary shelter to Mr. Hapke
and his family, who were In this whv pro?
tected ugalntt the bitter cold of Monday
Three l"lro? In One Day.
Th? third and laut of series of fires that I
visited ?outh Richmond yesterday broke OUI |
about i.u- in tii? afternoon In th? residence
of Adam Harvey, colored, at 151* Decatur|
Ktr?et. Th? t'.re department responded quick' i
ly. and the blare was extinguished b'foro
much damage luid been doiiei
The tire originated from a defective due
in the kitchen, and <vsi confined entirely
to the rear of the house. The snlsgle roof
became Ignited around the faulty chimney
nod b'az?'i merrily for a few minute* until
ihe chemical wagon took hold of the situa?
Hubert Trcgo Burned.
The firs', f.re, In which Hoberl Trego. of
001'BalnbridgA Street, was severely bunted,
occurred at 11 :M) A. M. over Atktn's it?re,
and nai tlie- most dangerous of the day
Tieg? suffered from the explosion ef a gaso1
line can that will keep him In bod for sev?
eral weeks. It !< expected. Iii? right arm
i>S and neck were completely blistered, and
th' left hind badly burned.
While endeavoring ;c> rekindle the roils In
the office <?! the Kouthnfdc Credit Bureau,
where Tregu is !:i business with H. P. Lov?
ing. Ihe Injured man poured gasoline in
it -1 of keiovne on the coals, and the
plosion mat resulted shook the entire build?
ing. Trego mis drenched with the hlai'.ng
ll'iuld and the whole luom saturated
Pealing off ih* flaming . oat from his berk
Trego dashed down th* ateps of the build?
ing and irjlo ihe neighboring dius store of
f. (?, .Sneltlngs. where h< received emergency
treatment! The burning gisollnr would luv?
probably rnasumed the whole building :f
?:i had not been for the efforts of Mr. Hirsch,
who saw the windows blown r.jt from his
plare acrosi ihe sire"'. Hastily snatching
up a bucket thai contained n,n nt.d water
Mr. Hirsch cal.ed to other spectator! and
?lashed Into ihe biaz,ng room. Norrie one
turned in the alarm and the Hi.- il?pari!n?ni
was soon on the spot and ?ii able to ia;>
Idlv subdue the flames befoib they obtained
much foothold.
tt Is mated by rneti who saw Ihe Injured
inun shortly after tho accident that It wns
I tho greatest w onder in the wor d that he
was not burned to a crl*p In the terrible
bath to which he was subjected. The
j tending physician reported that w-hl'.o the
wounds were exceedingly painful, no fatal
effects were anticipated
The damage 10 ihe building is partially
covered by Ir.sui ar.c. but Is not crr-eeted
to amount to nut treat sum.
Another Alarm Sounded.
Almost before the harness could be remov?
ed from tbi englrw torses another alarm
? rang out, this lino ;,t )|.Ti,|r.
There is Oniy One
That la
Always remember the lull name lx>ok J*> fthf
Cor this signaturo on every box 2&c. %fjl ^ffJ^yWt^\a9
t?*nth and Porler Street*. Some inischlev
l"iis boy while parsing a Io.nl uf hay belong?
ing 10 W .O. Wntlilns. bf Choiterneld roun
ly. yesterday rr.orr.lng applied n match to st
few protruding straws, and the lend was
soon Mixing fiercely.
When the department responded the blase
S.MS well Under way. and nothing could be
done that would check It, Mr. Watklni
live* on the Petersburg Turnpike, and had
left Iii* learn for a few minutes. The boy
who started the trouble is still unknown.
Miss fsrrle Agnes Dorr, daughter of Mrs.
at. A. Llnhardj of High.and Springs. Mon?
day evening became the bride of John W.
IValden In the parlor of Rev. J. T. Haley,
pastor of the Stockton Street Baptist
Church. After the ceremony, which w:ts
It It nested (jy a few friends and relatives, a
reception was tendered to Mr. and Mrs.
Waiden at the home bf the groom's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Orion S. Waiden, of HS East
Thirteenth Street. South Richmond.
It Is the Intention of Mr. and Mr*. Wa.
deri to make, their home In the Soiithslda
for ihe present ai least.
In Police Court.
The Police Court. Part I. had the appear
ance of a horse show or welghing-lii stan 1
nt ihe races yesterday morning, with Jus?
tice Maurice in the capacity of Judge, when
the kuirt'Ct? cvr.ed In the dock.-*. Were
<'Surged with reckless ami "Glmme-de
whole-stri'tch" driving Monday afternoon,
thai iesulte.1 in a smash up on Hull Sire-M.
Edward Thomas and Clark K?ster, both
negroes, were hauled h< f<-re the Justice;
Fester was permitted to go oil ins way, re?
joicing, while Thorns* parted wjth Jr.".ft and
cost* before he shook the dusi of the Tollce
Court from hie feet.
The charge bl reckless driving iha-. was
brought against one ol the drivers bt Oil!
Brothers, oil rind lumber dealers of the
Routhslde, ?n? dismissed by the Juatlre on
account of Insufficient evidence of "speed
Ing" on ihe pan of the accused.
It cost J. W. Heady |?.60 and costs be.
causa one Of htf drivers Insisted on driving
a mule with a had shoulder. Justice Mau?
rice showed bis displeasure of the cruelly.
The coir plain; against W. B. ".)ivi* fr.r
putting bricks In Balnbrldga Street without
tho warning lights required by low, ff II
Porecamtr Vlrglnln?Fo.tr, warmer
Wednesdayi Thursday fair, except im- I
actiled In north nud tvest; moderate !
noiitb vi lud?.
.Vorth Carolina?Fnlr, vcuriuer Wed-1
ncsdnj'i Thursday fnlr In cnsit, unset
iteil in wcMi mudernte south winds.
S A. M. lemperaturo. 2"
Hiimldilv . Co:
Wind, direction .N. W.
Wind, velocity . 5 |
Weather .Clear ;
Rainfall . 0
111 noon tempet attire . 4J
P. M. temperature . 45
M.-xliii'im temperature up to 5
P. M. ?S
Minimum temperature up to T,
I P. M.,. 27
Mean ti mperuture . 38
Normal temperature . 3!
lixceas derlcloncy In temperature
to-day . n
I Accum, excess in temperature
since .lanunry 1 . 2
Accim. e-teess. In rainfall since
\ January l . e.sr,
i:0\f>iTI0N8 IN Iii II I.It i ITIF.S.
t (AI 9 P. M. K?stern Standard iime.i
I Place. Tber. II. T. went tier.
Ablleio- . '<< 70 Cloudy
Ashevllle . 4n r.-i Clear
j Augusta. u .'.I Clear
Atlantic City ... 80 is Clear
, Atlanta . 48 M Cloudy
! it oat on .3*1 11 clear
I Muffalo . Pi ?<? P. Cloudy
Charleston . ii 50 Clear
i Chicago . 4S ts Clear
I Denver . 152 00 CloUdy
! Dultlth . 1 >. 34 -Cloudy
I oalveston . 02 o I Cloudy
Havre . 7 - 80 Cloudy
I .Jacksonville: .... 62 Clear
Jupiter . 08 74 P. Cloudy
Kansas City _ 02 *;c Cloudy
I Knoxvllie . 4S r.2 p. i :iou'd>
l^ulsvllle . 51 64 cp.iidv
Memphis . 5? i;:: Cloudy
Mobile?t. 00 Rfi Cloudy
Montreal . It I? P, Oloufb
Norfolk . th 14 clear
New York . t*- clear
N'-w Orleans ... 00 7t Clear
Oklahoma. 00 7t Cloudy
Pitt ?b?rg . 41 if. Clear
Ralelgl. 42 r.o Clear
Kavsnnah . 40 .'. t Cleat
Ban Francisco .. 48 '??<< P. Cloudy
Hpoknne . 7.2 ?.': ? cloudy
Washington . ? . H U P Cloudy
Wythevllle . VI r,t Clear
i ijriH i ?. tu.i .
Januar-, n isn
Morning .... ?. j ijj
Bventng.- -- t.'*?
through because of lark of evidence.
Tuu Criminal Cases. I
Among the Interesting criminal rates
scheduled to come up f.ir trial al the Jan?
uary term of tho Hustings Court. Part :,
ai?i the cares ?f Kriv.ard Thrtit. coiorMl
and lastly Curlier, white. Threat is the
negro who was sent on to the higher conn
by Justice Maurice last month on ilie oharg?.
of attacking a negro woman.
Dnrhor ami his brother wer? mixed In tb?
stealing of u saddld recently from a Choi
t.riiei.l funnel. Tho former was sent on io
the llustlncs Court by the Police Justice,
and the latter given thirty days In Juli.
Stuart Lodge Named,
Stuart l. 'd?e of Odd-Fellows has received
tho honor of lining the scene of n Joint
illi'CttiiK uf c- iru. ' tees of live Iroiii -li- t.v--.
saly-flve Odd-Fellows' lodges of Richmond
for lb) purpose of conferring on proposed
changes In the Siate laws. The Soulhtlda I
lodges of thl? order are particularly strong. I
Bnd they will have a voice in whatever de- i
clslori Is reached by tho meeting. The I
rhangas under consideration win he brought
before the meeting of the grand lodge In :
Mav. i
Mny Take an Appeal.
Just at tho time when It seemed mom
probable that the Lumptkn proceedings were
brought to n finish a new feature developed
when Assistant City Attorney Coorg? Wayne
Anderson objected to the decision of Judge
Wells, of tho Hustings Court. Part 2, In
which he confirmed the report of tho con?
demnation commissioner*.
Mr. Anderson sta lit set con tu neutanununu
Mr. Anderson stales that it is his Intention
to try in take the manor before the Hu
premo Court of Appeals for retrial, and adds
that his objection is not so much against
the price allowed the Lumpkln estate by
the commissioners, but has reference to
some pblilt of law.
Personal nnd fieneral.
Dr. Bi V, Baldy, formerly pastor of the
Bnlnbrldco Street Rat.list Church, of South
Richmond, ion now tlljlng a pulpit in Hans?
ell!.', s. c. Is the eilest of friends In th?
Sout hside.
Mrs. Frederick W. Smith, of South Rich?
mond, la at the. bed-Id* of her mother in
Ashland, who I? not expected to live.
Mrs William F. Rowlett, of South Rich?
mond, bus gone to Danville to he with hot
husband. t aotnlu William F.. nnwp.it. who
was severely Inlurcd Saturday In the rail?
way yards there. I
Mr. and Mrs. Ilnrrold Lancaster, of Olou- ,
coster county, have returned to their home
after a visit In the Soulhsido.
The funeral of Mrs. Hannah E. Campbell,
win. ill* I Momlay a tho rosltlen.io of he
son. II, I.. Campbell, of Woodland Heights,
will be conducted this afternoon In Project,
J. E. Menson, who was stricken with an
attack of acute Indigestion whiln at worR
Saturday, tins almost entirely recovered. j
Add reasi by Dr. Smith.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Oxford, N> Ci January 10.?President
Henry Louis Smith, LL. D.. of Davidson
College, addressed the cadets of Hor?
ner Military School, Oxford, this even?
ing, in his famous lecture, "Tho Life
and Death of a "World."
The spring term of the school begins
to-morrow, Most of the old students
are back, with many new hoys coming
In every day.
Murderer Reprieved.
rSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.]
Raleigh. N. (.'., January 10.?An or?
der has been issued by Governor Kitch
In granting a reprleva to Charles E.
Plyler until February 17. He was
to have bor-n electrocuted In the State
prison herb January 20 for a murder
In Union county. The reprieve Is on
recommendation of the solicitor who
prosecuted Plyler.
Mil rsb nil?Grny.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Prederlcksburg, Va., January 10.?
Henry D Marshall and Miss Maude
Cray, both of this city, wero married
here last night, Evangelist George A
Mills performing the ceremony.
Hunk of Commerce and Trusts to Move Rack
to Corner.
j At the annual meeting of the stockholders
ril " ? Rank of Commerce, and Trust.?, held
, yestcrriU) ni the banking houso in the
M itu?I Building-, It was decided to move
bncl In ilia bid location, three cioors away,
?I tin comer ?t Ninth und Main stroots,
fioim months ago the" Rank of Commerce
["rusts, then located nt 001 Fast Main
? ? ' iiisolldated with the Cnpltol Suv
ugs Hat k located at !>fC Fust Main St root,,
the Mutual DiilbthiK. nnd occupied
hanking house of tho latter. Now It la
. _ refit Its former homo and move
hsi li ?.. i ;io corner.
' ? .'? submitted shotted capital of f;jd.
? Iri Ins and profus of JM.tvw. nnd dopos
fls i.J : ? ?: . :i,<:.\ with iho best Business
y?ar In its history.
Offlt r? wer? elected as folloe.-a: Oliver ,T.
in - president; A. It Ifulladay. vloe-pres
I'ler.t. IL M. Kent, Jr., cashier; R. it.
. aaiistaht cashier; O. E. Pnrrlsh.
Church Hill branch; P. E. W. Good
- ei Bank of Commerce branch.
IruxgiU will refund money if I'AZO OINT
; Ml',.' i falls to cute any uo.o of Itching, Blind
j Ukcding oi 1'iutruding Piles iit 6 to 14 days. 5(lc
Wealthiest Wotri?h tn World III
Ml ?. Hetty Green In serloualy 111 lit the home of her il.-i it Eh I r,- Mr*
Mnthew- Autor Wllkcs, on Mud lion Avenue, .\e,r York. Du ring; <Iie 1n*t two
months Mrx. Green, linn practically retired from uetlve business, mid her
hou, ICdwnrd If. It. tirern, at Tcin?, will shortly take -tinrRc nj her nITulrH.
It In nnacrtcd in Wall Street tluit a nVildcn change for the irotnc lu Mrs.
Green n condition would nrrloualy nffec-t atocka. She Is over seventy yenra
Wonderful Spectacle Planned in
Bill Prepared by Martin
and Swanson.
Washington, January 10.?Washing?
ton Will bo the scone, of one of the
greatest naval spectacles, ever at?
tempted In connection with the Pan?
ama Canal exposition In lfllfi, if the
provisions .of an amendment to the
exposition bill, and to be offered by
Senators Martin and Swanson, of Vir?
ginia, are carried out. The amend?
ment Will provide, that the navies of
the world en route to the exposition
shall be asked to assemble ilrst at
Hampton Roads, Va. There) they will
be reviewed by the President, the
members of his Cabinet him'. I ha naval
authorities of the world. The? Hump,
ton Roads will be made the base from
which detachments will be sent to
Washington, there to participate in a
grand International parade. After the
various functions, naval, otticla! and
social, have been completed at the
nation's capital, the assembled navies
or the world will depart In one grand
parade or tho monster lighting ma?
chines. They will take their way
through the complete. 1 canal, demon?
strating Its capacity for handling any
possible emergency.
Virginia Senators, representing the
country contiguous to Washing?
ton nnd Hampton Roads, uro
determined to press their amendment.
The members from the whole Pad lie
coast have expressed their approval of
the program, and have aligned them?
selves back of their associates from
the Hast, thus making the carrying
out or the program practically cer?
Tho following charters were Issued yester?
day by tho state Corporation Commission:
Home furniture nnd Trading Company
tine), Norfolk, Va. al.wrenco D. Van Cul
lon. president. Norfolk. Va.; Max Neust?dte-,
secretary and treasurer; Julia? Spangler,
both of Washington, f). C, Capital: Mhy.1.
muni, $23.??: minimum. (1,000. Objects:
Furniture business.
Charles Hold's sons Hum, Norfolk. Va. T.
L. liogert. president; Fergus Held, vice
Piosldent and secretary: A. 1?. JJroughton?
all o.' Norfolk, Va. Capital: Maximum. $50,
(".': minimum. $:3/?.V>. Objects: Grain and
mercantile business.
W. llenj. Davis Ai Son (Inc.). Richmond.
W. lienj. Davis, president; Thomas B. Davis,
secretary and Ireaturar; w. H. Mercer?all
of Richmond. Capital: Maximum. $10,040;
minimum. $.".0W. Objects: Building ami con?
tracting business.
An amendment was issued to the charter
of the Southw.-st Virginia Trust Company,
of Ronnoke, reducing Its outstanding capital
stock from f?,OO0 Io $10O.0W.
Says TJfe Threatened.
William Warren. colored . was arrosled
last night on a charge of cursing and ubus
Ing Daisy Clarke, and ho was a!-,. CSmrgud
with throwing rocks at her nnd with'threat?
ening her life.
Doctors Cetebmtr.
Officers were Installed for the year nt n
meeting of the Richmond Academy of Med?
icine nnd Surgery, hold lust night ut lie
Travelers' Protective Association Hall. Tho
annual banquet followed nt the Westmore?
land Club. Dr. W. T. Oppenhimer noting as
Typewriter Stolen.
If. TV. Mitchell reported yesterday that a
Hammond typewriter had been stolen from
one of tho dormitories in Richmond Collego.
Tho .allegort theft occurred on January 3.
but wus not reported to the police until
last night.
Comulnincd Against House.
Mrs. Virginia Rutherlord was arrested yes?
terday on a charge of operating an objec
llonnble resort at 1123 North Twenty-ilfth
Street. It Is staled that many complaints
had boon registered by clllxont.
tlnwood De.tr. colored, was arrested on
n charge of r.teallng coal fiom tho Southern
Railway Company.
Spetik to Railroad Men.
James P. Whyte will speak on "Scottish
Characteristics" on Friday night at
o'clock in Murphy's Annex before the Rich?
mond Railroad Club and Its guests. A re?
ception will follow._
accidentally Kills Himself.
Spartanburg. s. C, January 10.?Wal?
ter Brooks, secretary of the Spartan,
burtr Y M. C. A., accidentally shot and
killed himself while seated at his desk
in tho association building to-day.
.lam es King.
James King died at his residence
on Tuesday morning. Hn was a native
of Derbyshire. England. Ho loaves
two sons?James King. Jr.. and V,11
llam King, and three daughters Miss
Mary King. Mrs. William Crostlc and
Mrs." fleorge Gardner.
Funeral of Mr. Ilrauer.
The funeral of Fred C. Brauer, Jr.,
took place on Monday ut It o'clock from
the homo of his parents, 232(1 Monu?
ment Avenue, now K. N. Callsch oin
ctnted, and Mrs. John Murphy sang.
The pall-bearers were: Morgan It.
Mllis. Chris Manning, Jr., Harry Blns
sm_ g
Funeral Directors
High-class Funerals., $75.00, the kind
you pay $150 for elsewhere.
'Tis better to pationlzo us than to
wish you had.
312 East Main Street
yiione Madison 2700.
wanger, Hugh D, Davis, W. O. Lambert.
Leon \Vu llei stein. James C. Harwooil,
and F. H. Urauer. The Interment
waa made In Hie Hebrew Cemetery.
.Mark T. Thompson, Jr.
Mark T. Thompson, Jr., the eldest
son of Mark T. 'I hompson, of ibis tlly,
db d in Cleveland, u. Monday.
The funeral will take place In Rock
port. O., where bin brother, who died
a year ngo, Is burled. Mr. Thompson I
ami other members of the family loft
the city .Monday to attOll'l the funeral.)
Mrs. Jennie to. Green.
[Special to Tim Times-Dispatch.]
Payettevlile, N. t'.. January 10.?Mrs. I
Jennie 13, Green, widow of Captain .1. 1
.-ii. of till- city, died ut her home,
on Person Street, this afternoon. Mrs.
Green was born in Warren county in
1811, was married in i860, and came
to Kayettovlllu about 1866. She is sur?
vived by iho following children: Mrs.
.1. A. Steel. Mrs. W. O. McLaughlin.
Mrs. W. N. Williams, Miss Ella Green,
und T. M Green, of this city. The
inner.ii will be hepi Thursday after?
noon from the Hay Street Methodist
Allen .1. Iluflln.
[Special to Tin- Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Raleigh, N. < .. juiiuary in.?The
news of tin- death of Allen .1. Rufltn
in Philadelphia Sunday night waa re?
ceived with genuine sorrow by num?
bers of Raleigh people. Mr. Rullln.
who was a prominent and successful
business man of Hlllsboro, was for
many years identified with the business
interests of Raleigh; being for a long
time president .if the Carolina Trust
Company, und also a director in the
N'euse River and Raleigh Cotton Mills.
Si nator Graham, of HlllsbOro, a kins?
man, went to lilllsboro to-day to at- J
tenil the funeral.
\Mllliim Gurrt?.
(Special to Tlie Times-Dispatch ]
Frcderlcksburg, Va.. January io.?
wuiiam Harris, retired merchant and
federal veteran, died suddenly at his
home lu re to-day of heart disease and
paralysis, aged aeivoriiy-nve years. He
was ii native of New Jersey, but came
here before the Civil War. Ho had
three brothers In the Confederate
Army. He is survived by his wife,
seven brothers and one sister.
Mrs, Miiry Hnfcktux.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Hampton. Va., January 10.?Mrs.
Mary Hnsklhs, wife of Councilman
Thomas J. Hasklns. died hen- to-day
ut 1 o'clock. She was Hie daughter of
the late .11:? i ^.- Atkinson, of Smlthfleld,
ami is survived by her husband and
two children. The body will be taken
to Smlthfleld for burial on Thursday.
Funeral of George A. .Schmelz.
[Special to Tin- Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Hampton. Va-, January io.?with
people of every walk of life In attend'
mice, and many prominent ministers
participating In the services, the fu?
neral of George A. Schmolz, banker,
philanthropist, and Hampton's most
prominent citizen, took place at 3
o'clock this afternoon from the Me?
morial Baptist church. The Rev, F. W.
Boatwrlffht, of Richmond College; Rev.
R. H. Pitt. D. D., editor of the Re
llglous Herniii. Richmond Rev. G. w.
Wray. of tins city, and the Rev. K.
Pendloton Jones, D. 1").. assisted the
pastor, the Rev. W. Mosby Seay, In
conducting the services. A largo num?
ber of negro ministers and attorneys
were present, while severul testi?
monials from I he negro race were rend
nt the services. The Newport Newa
[jOdge of Elks, Woodmen of the World,
and I lie Men's Bible Class, which was
founded by Mr. Schmelx, attended the
services In n body. The burial was In
St. John's Cemetery.
Edgar It. llnrnier.
rSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.1
Winchester. Va.. January l ft.?Edgar>
R. Haririer died to-day, after several
months' Illness. In his seventy-fourth
year. Hin ancestors came with Wil?
liam Penn from England. His widow.
Mr*. I.ouella llartncr, two daughters
and one son survive.
Itr. Nnniinn I.nke.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1 j
L'ppervllle, Va.. January 10.?Dr.
Norman r,iko died at the home of his
father, Nalle Lake, at Rectortown. six
miles south of this town, Inst Satur?
day night, nfter n brief ninos? with
typhoid fevor, aged about thirty.
It. I.. Williams.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. J
Marlon. Va., January 10.?R. L. Wll-1
Hams, attorney at law. and Mayor of
the town of Marlon, died at 7 o'clock
this morning nt his home, on West
Main Street. He will be burled nt his
old home in Rye Valley to-morrow. ,
Mm. Allee C. McKenrle.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Salisbury. N. C January 10.?-Mrs,
Alice Caldwcll McKenzie, wife of Dr.
W. W McKenzie, died nt her home In
this city last nighl. after a severe!
illness of two weeks. Her condition
had been hopeless for three days, al?
though the best of medical skill was J
constantly nt her side. She was thirty- I
sl.v. years old, and is survived by four
children, tin riged mother and her hus?
band. Dr. McKenzie.
NORRJS?The funeral of MRS. ELLEN
A. NORR1S will he held from the
First Buptlst Church, Broad nnd
College, THIS EVENING at 2:30
o'clock. She leaves one son, J. A.
Providence and Boston papers
please copy.
Dl.'NC AN?Tho funoral of MRS. SADLY
SN 13AD DUNCAN was held from tho
home of her daughter, Mrs. J. P.
Cleveland. In Glasgow, Va., on Jan?
uar 6th. She was n member of tlie
Suead family of Fluvanna, and from
her early childhood wan connected
with tho old Pork Union Church.
.She was twlco married?first to Mr.
Samuel Sadlor. und litter to Mr.
Valentine Duncan. She wns ninety
three, years old, and her gentle, un?
selfish nature had endeared her to
all who knew her.
She Is survived by her daughter,
Mrs. J. P. Cleveland, and two sonv?
Mr. W. II. Sadler, of Petersburg, Va.,
nnd Mr. Granvllle Sadler, of Grnnt
vllle, Georgia.
STOCKS?Died, nt i:iR P. M. yesterday
at hin home, 2302 West Main Street.
W. A. STOCKS, aged twenty-five
Burial at Wayncshoro THURSDAY
KING?Died, at his residence Tuesday.
January 10. al 1:2(1 P. M., MR.
JAM: ES KING, SR.. In I lie seventy
fifth year of his age.
Funeral from his late residence at
11 o'clock THURSDAY. January 13.
Interment at Emmanuel Cemetery.
IfthePiano Cornet
in Your Home is
let us show you how well, how
cheaply and upon what favorable
terms we can fill it.
4 NEW Uprights, full si/c. best $
Eastern make. This ^j^fjQ
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Mad. 2734_213 E. Broad
(Continued From First Page.)
Cortes, I have Just received a letter
Informing mo that nothing Is known
there about tho movements of th<?
Senor N'lloa said ho had received
ofildal advices that the Guatemalan
government would oppose tho revolu?
tionists, If they attempted to enter
Honduras through Guatemala. He als,,
denied tho public reports that Amer?
icana hail not been allowed to nivc
proper burial to their dead In Puerto
Cortes, basing his denial on a letter
r< ? elvcd from tho commandant of that
Witnesses Disagree nnd t an- Attains!
Counelliuun Is Postponed.
Councilman John T. Powers was In
the Polier Court yesterday morning
charged with violation of the BulldluK
Code In falling to cut foundation
trenchos to a sufficient depth for cer?
tain houses In course of erection on
Main Street west of Meadow. The evi?
dence was conflicting, and after some
time had been consumed Police Jus?
tice Crulchtlcld postponed the whole
matter until this morning, and bag
meanwhile requested City Engineer
Boiling to measure the trenches In
question and be prepared to testify.
Justice Crutchtleld took occasion to.
make somo characteristic remarks from
the bench In regard to Councilman who
first make laws nnd then break them
Mr. Powers objected to being "bawl* 1
out" by tho magistrate, but Jus tic
Crutchtleld maintained his position,
saying that It was his business t.. see
that oven Councllmen live within tin
The question soon came down t.
one of fact?whether th. trench had
been cut eighteen inches below the
natural surface of the ground us tho
law requires. W. J. Ready and I,. <\
Jenkins, called as experts in construc?
tion work, disagreed as to the actual
depth. All parties were Instructed to
remeasure the depth of tho trenches,
allowing for loose earth piled about
the foundations, and report to tho
court this mornlug.
Several Aldermen Shifted by President
Whlttet In Rearranging l.i-i.
Prosjdent Rnb.rt Whlttet. ? f tho Hoard
of Aldermen, inst niehi announced the !??.
lowing changes In committed assignments,
effective at onto:
Alderman B. P. CdWardtri, recently elected
to serve the unexplred irrni of Alderman F
Douglas Hlchardson from Marshall Ward,
assigned to the Committees on tSlectrlcity,
Cemeteries, Street cleaning. Local Assess?
ments. St. John"B Burying Ground and Ap?
portionment of Kxpendltures in the Ar.net
ed Territory.
Alderman John J. Mitchell is transforrel
from the Committee on Ordinance, Charter
nnd Reform to the Committed on Relief of
the Poor.
Alderman A. C. Nelson Is transferred from
tho Committee on Relief of the Poor to th"
Committee on Ordinance. Charter ajid Re?
Alderman John R. Grimes Is transferred
from tho Comralttoo on Local Asjcssmenta
to tho Committee on the Improvement of
th? James River.
about uflO acres. Traction machinery
will bo used In cultivating. Nono but
owners need apply. Address E S3,
care Ti mes-Dlspnt ch._
Children Cry
Vour business by judicious advertising
Our advice is free, our plans arc complete
results are assured.
Freeman Advertising Agency
Mutual Building
Richmond. Virginia.
You CAN save something. Don't
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Save the cost of all unnecessary
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