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Victoire" Models
W e take pleasure in announcing thai Madame Hoppe,
the- celebrated eor.setiere. will give all tln> week a public
demonstration in oiir Corset Department "t the latest
"La Victoire" models.
W e invite all who are interested in correct corseting to
be on hand. The demonstration will be every day this
w eek, and those who desire to avail themselves ol Madame
Hoppe'? expert knowledge of corseting will have ati oppor?
tunity to consult her as to their special requirements.
The new "La Victoire" modi
are marvelous beauty
fill 5 m& Mm
They draw out the senlptiiral lines of present style rc
qniiements with pliant suppleness and perfect ComforL
There are shapes to lit every type of figure.
Wc invite vbu to a trial fitting.
H eavy Penalty Against R.. F.
lV P.?Appeal Allowed?Cases
Are Heard.
.luiismcn* was entered yesterday by
Clerk H. Stewart Jones. !n the Supreme |
C urt of Appeals, in favor of the Com?
monwealth stid against the Ryhmond,
i'rerterleksburg and Potomac Railroad
Company. In the sum of $27,246.46. This
avt'on was forecast in The Tiines-Ols
patch on Sunday. based on the law on
the subject, which prescribes Interest j
on stich amounts at the rate of 1 pel '
cent, a month from the time the taxes [
^sse-sscd against a railroad company I
became due until the date of theJuilg-1
meni. Hereafter the amount of $19.-1
$16,06 will draw interest at the rate of!
6 pe f ctht- pt r annum until paid; The
remainder of {7.4?':'.?6 is the Interest
1 ; cr c*nt. per month, in lieu of pen
Ah appeal was allowed in the Sur
pre:::c Court yesterday In the case ot
I-uey Lovcll. Essie Hughes. Oeorge S>
Ivovell. Annie l^.veU. Henry c. Lovelle
IJenJam'n Hi Loveli; I/wry L-_>vell and I
Alice Lallle l.ove!) against i'eter Si. Ja?
mison and lerry Scott, from a decision
of the Circuit Court of Krsnklin county
In, chancery The last mx named plain?
tiffs are infants, who .sue by their next
friend. A. C Turner.
Thy cast- Involves a tract of land|
?linpt'Std to contain 419 acres, which
Wir- I,, gin in t y the Commonwealth
tor delinquent taxes m 1SS5, and was
1st?-- sold to Feter M Jamison. The
plaintiffs clnlni ninny legal points to|
defijt the delinquent laud sale.
^ rsterdas '?> i'n-< ?.
Proceedings in court ye sterday .were j
u1- follows:
Haynor .-?riir.?: Hay nor: argued by
G-eorffc C. Cateil and Edward L Wal
dridge. jpr the plalrtllfl in error, and I
by <i M Dillard: for the defehd?nt Inj
(i:t a:;d submitted.
Ef.st et ux. against H> de and cithers:
submitted on briefs.
Sweeney and others against K?ster'
and others; partly argued by William!
I?. Royall, for the plaintiff in error, and
by Tazewc-li M Taylor, for the defend?
ant iri error, ani continued to id-day,
Next cases to be called: Sotitherr. Mu?
tual Aid Association and others attains:
Biotint and others, Commercial Trust
Company, trustee, against l'irst Nation
Ii! Bank of Richmond, Wiekham and
Northrup, receivers, against Ttirpin,
Green's and Barker's adrninisttators
against Maryr. jfcu/ilto'r: \Vickhahi and
\ Northrop, receivers,, against l-eftwlrh's
administratrix, Armlnius Chemical'
Company and others against liaiidrurn
and others, being e.v-es No.*. 4?. 31, 53,
fit, ")5 and 56 on the argument docket.
I 0-MOin
The regular quarterly meeting ot th*
Olnter Park Resident?' Association will bei
held to-night a: Town Hall at S:l! o'clock.
Tat- fire equlfim":it ordered by th' asso:!a
lien has hocti received, and report tyill bei
presented by Hunter 1:. KrlHChkorn, i :,a.r
r?ah ot the fire committee.
Reports a'-', expected from Clarence It
Cadot, chairman committee on elvi. Im?
provement; I>r. F, Simmons, cha rriian
committee <,n health nnd sanitation: T. Craw
f'nd Heid, chairman committee on streets;
Charles O. Tinier. Jr.. chairman committee
or. :!Phts: F.. Ice Roden, chairman rotumlt
tee or. transportation; J. H. Moore. Jr.,
chairman committee on membership i
ftulldlns; Permit.
A permit was issued yesterday in the office
pf th- IlulldltiR Inspector to s. O. .Meredith
to erect ?n? two-story brick tenement.
dwellings. On th- south side o'. Goddltl
Klrott berwen Brook Avenue ar.d Hoanc
I dozen llenvj fluid I'luled OC
t \ I K I V l'IXS C.OC
Worth three tlirie? the price Mail
orders. Stamps or < oln.
Smith & Webster,
.levi elerk.
?12 Heat Mill.- Itlelunond, \m
:i-Cab Service
Day and Night.
Madison 4f? Day.
Madison 4K Night;
Call for the "Alt o."
here is a laundry thai '1'''-:- shin ., collars
and cuff-, the ri^ln way.
Diamond Rings
The beauty and elegance of our Dia?
mond stock is v.ell known.
All stones are of fine quality, sei in
rvewest mountings.
Adjoining Property Owners!
Seeking to Fix North Line j
of Main Street.
Argument on the alleged projection j
of tho Bank <>f Richmond building, now I
the home of the National Hank of \ ir- ;
glllia. over the true line of .Main Street,!
was heard yesterday in the Chancery
Court in tho case styled Keppivr and
others against the Pank of Richmond.
Mr. Keppler. one of the adjoining prop
erty owners. seeks to require the bunk
to move back to the true line. A simi?
lar ease Is pending against the owner.
of the Commercial Hotel building-, i'n
the same block; which is also said to
project beyond the true Hue of Main
According to City Engineer Polling.
P. ij a matter of extreme uncertainty
a? to what Is the true line of Main
Street on tin- north side, between I
Seventh and Twelfth. There are scv-1
era) ohl meps. some dating hack near?
ly a century, and they don't agree. A j
building might bo on the exact true)
line according; to one map. and bo pro-1
Jectlug more than a foot by anoiner.
tt may require an opinion of the Su?
preme Court, or possibly an act of lite
Legislature to tlx the true line of the
street. The question recently came iip
j in connection with tho first .National
( Dank. According to out- map tho whole ]
portico was in Main Street! while an?
other map showed only tho steps pro-1
jfcctlng. Tho matter was compromised
I by recessing the steps, and the Council
passed a resolution-allowing the por
tlco to remain until tho bull-ling Is torn
. down or remodelled,
Mr. Polling's recommendation is th.it
j there be a complete new survey made
of the older parts of the city, involv?
ing an outlay of about f 10, Ovo. The
, territory annexed In 1908 has been com?
pletely surveyed and mapped, Let Dis?
trict wan fully surveyed and a com
pl'-u- survey with maps is being maao .
tif Washington Ward, but the records
I are incomplete and conflicting as to
some of the lines in the older parts of
I the city; and the City Lnglncer ti'o-j
lleves that a new survey for a new citv
map would be bonctlclui,
Agreement llearlied a- to Srhonl Ilitllillng in
(tinier Park.
I In view.of a: agreement reached between
::? - .: ?:..i Ulftriei School Hoard nnd
Oliiter park Clllsehs' Association.
I through a committee of thti latter organize
I tton. it is probable that t):e application made
I to tf.t gtab Hoard of Education to hrive
Ointer Park made Into a separate schon;
'. -.Ml! hf withdrawn. The school is
to I..- improved and put in a satisfactory
I The separate district was asked for at
the i-a-it meeting of tie .State board on tho
! ground th.it the kchriol building was ovor
1 Crowded and Improperly ventilated. Accord
! In.- lb 111. universal custom the hoard r.
terh I v.'.- application to the district board
int.: to thfi division school superintendent,,
Arthur l.i. Wright.
I fader the irrni? of the agreement the
reboot board Is t<i have control of the town
I school building for five .-.enrs on condition
I that It will agrtv not to overcrowd and to
Install a satisfactory ventilating system The
veritllntlon is suWtcl to the approval of the
Department ..f Public Instruction.
itniiiiits in m w camels
j In .Loo rump ll.il! to-night the Richmond
T'.-iitj no. !. K. 0. T, St., "ill lasinll the fol?
lowing officers with lull ceremonies: tlernld
T, Baton, chancellor commander: Edwin
Polk* lieutenant commander; (t. I*. Hughes,
chaplain; ij. v. Harnes, sergeant: <?. W. Mor?
ris, record keeper: A. I>. .Inekson, Jr.. ilr.-t
mieirr or the guard; .1. A. Booker, second
rnasi-r of the guard: J. J SiiUer, sentinel:
A! Oldcofit, nicket; V.'. I". Hopkins, trustee.
There will lie a rally meeting to mak? ar?
rangements tor tie- vear't. business.
Street Cleaning Superintendent
Needs Men, Animals and
Tlic Council Committee on Streot
Cleaning last hlghi postponed payment
for the mules which formed the bone
"f contention In the Sweeny-Bennett
charges, which were heard hef?re tho
committee about ten days ago, when
It. Sweeny failed 10 sustain his alle?
gations. The four mules bought from
the Smyth Brothers' stables nt that
time were sent hack, and the stable
committee, with the utivieo of Chair?
man liobs?n, selected four others at the
same price. $;.".>'? each, which were sent
to the stable on approval. To be oh
the safe side, payment was deferred un?
til the mules have been given a thor?
ough trial.
I>r. Sweeny presented a hill for $30,
claiming to have examined twelve
mules. The stable committee reported
Ihttt It had been the custom only to
pity for examination Of the mules ac?
cepted?in other words, that the vctof
Inarlait had been Instructed to select
four front all those presented, the herd
haying In this case numbered twelve.
It was not expci Kid that he would
charge for examining all those offered
for sale?only those accepted. The
matter was referred to a subcommit?
Superintendent llehry Cohn reported
that by economical management the
department had returned $3.600 <>f Its
annual expense account. Mr. Cohn
s il<l that lie could have spent tile whole
amount, hut that it seemed useless to
buy carts when the city had no sltetl
under which to store them, no mules to
draw them ami no men to drive them.
Ills department needed men. Ilr>t of till:
then more mules and a new stable.
Virginia nulluni ami Power Company Con"
Unties to light Klreei*;
The Council Committee (.a Markets last
nicht approved the action ..f the Mayor and
Chairman Don heavy in offering fur sale
at pub!:..- auction a in- adjoining the First
Market; for willed Ihe ili> has no further
Thi Council Committee on Relief of the
Pour leferred t.. a subcommittee: the ques?
tion of creating a training school for nurses
at the ("It) Home Hospital, as recommended
oy the medical staff.
The Committee <sn f.ight adopted Its an?
nual budget of wnnts for the year for pre?
sentation to the Commlttae on Finance. Su?
perintendent Kn?wlcs reported that the city
had no definite contract with the Virginia
Railway and Power company for supplying
street are lamps but that owing to failure
to complete the city electric plant on time
it had been necessary to continue the old
contract from month to month on nu In?
definite basis, tb' company charging the oi l
rate, IM.TS per light per year.
l ire Hoard and firnund* und Itulldlugs De?
partment- Come l"p To-.NIght.
The Council committee on Finance will
meet I-night at 1 o'clock to continue hear-.
Ing department for needs In the annual
budget The lire Department, Parks and
public buildings will b.- taken up tn detail.
The Committees oa Ordinance, charter and
Reform. Electricity nnd Water will nlso
mee| ;lt > o'clock, Tib Committee on Water
failed of a quorum vesterday afternoon and
adjourned until lo-nlght.
The meeting of the Street Committee.;
called for to-night to discuss further the
application of the Richmond Rower Corpo?
ration for m franchise, has been postponed
until next Monday night.
(lets llloodliouiid Pedigree.
Deputy Sheriff W. W Sydlior, of llenrlco
rflinty, yesterday received the pedigrees of
the two bloodhound* recently acquired by
tho Board Supervisors; Th> documents
? ho ?' ti e dogs t,, he slightly more thai' five
yearj old snd of fine registered New Kna?
ll) rd ?lock for the p.iM four generations*
Operation at Memorial.
Mrs, A. Pratnlla was operated on at the
Memorial flosplt.il yesterday: nnd last nlvV.t
she war reported 10 be rapidly recovering.
Crowds Thrilled by Sight Above
Structural Steel Workers Dance I
About Skyscraper Without j
Ft ar of Harm.
Of all tho stunts that have kept peo?
ple craning tlii.-ti nocks for soyorftl
weiiktt, i!.- uioaj duhgerous find spoo
taoulur was hi'K u n j'CHtcrdny when
two ila11 r>g "to|i then" of Oi>? Virginia
Iron and IJridge Coiilpuiiy begun to
i o)t on H i.- i i.i-l roping Jutting oul
Several feet trout thii thirteenth story
of trie Virginia Trust Company hulltl
1 ing on Main fitreet. .Many a precious
ininntij was lost hy inon iintl women,
hurrying to their Ollhiea after lunch,
who forgot business euros arid respon
Ml.Ill-lea us they watched the two!
n-oklCHS men move abouI at the dizzy
h" Ighl S? easily an they would If no
nlorti than ten feet from llie earth.
The coping steel Is much si'risH?*
?inn inc oenms thait an into d?. llml,
?S?iir* ?? "I^wiure, anil at it,.
"'U.r.i or a ?tu.- mure than 1T0 f,.,.t
seem not more than two Inches wide
I'Irs the SM.ilrrolmon ?hin th. ,
"ffWts tthd boll on th.- little nio&a Si
nie. .
the sin _
?? Ion? .Mien -
winirtii;< i ? t >
ni derrick.
han.i. iliey quickly droii it. Into Vile
RVms ffaVft (Mtri a, U'AU WiU tUii
beam Is fast. After that one of them I
carelessly straddles the tiedni and
slides out to where the derrick chains
itro hooked on and until ings the chains,
lie also naves himself the trouble of,
having tu slid.- down. I.y stepping Into
the loop ami waving the engineer to
lower awav. Ills partner slides down:
the upright as pooh as the bolt Is
fixed, and then the operation Is re- 1
p.ated I
<>hlv n portion of the coping on
the fron! of the building was put
tip yesterday, so the two have the1
! liest pat I of their dlitigcrolIM task he- |
.f.ii . tl>em yi^ "Thea? fools iTeT? good
inbnoy for that." sinld a man who
watched Idem from liie sidewalk, "but
I I had much rather take my chances
with the liread line.*' The men doing
the woik are too busy with holts and
Connecting hats to ftay very much at?
tention in the dlstunce between them
lajid ih" ground.
The Man Who Patronizes
Iplace mi ihn slrecl except the
Kink i- im?' !?? ulway; rr-tiiain |m?ir
$1,0U will ritari yoiiiii ill'- right way.
1117 lvual Mulu Street.
Their Lawyers Snap at Lach
Other and Leave Tangle for
Court to Clear.
Amusing Scene as Factions
Endeavor to < let Help
From J.tidgc.
Friction in the Inner circle of the
Improved; Uenovolcnt ithd 1'rolectlvo
Order ?>t ISIks of the World, the lain
? si colored set rbt organization in thin
> ouuiry, yesterday brought on the
most remarkable proceeding evor wlt
ntssed in the United Btnteu Circuit
'.niii here. Judgu lid m und Wuddlll.
Jr.. was forced hub a m ;>;<? of tangled
I evidence submitted by a quartet of eol
I bred attorneys fr?nt Itlclimond, Wtiah
lngloii and elsewhere. After wrungllng
Ian hour, the court llniitly succeeded
j in bringing order out of chaos,
j "Stielt ranguage! it' your honor
I please." aiSsOrted John \V. I'utiorsoii. u
I colored counselor nt law of the na?
tional capital: "such language! And
before a conn of the United States
of America:" ho continued, referring
to statements made by the negro at
'torney for the other side. "Mlsreprc
sciltutloul Fraud! Ami he comes be?
fore your honor without an ulIlduA'lt
or proof of any kind." Tho Indignant
i member of the Washington bar hero
[sipped a kUihs of water, which he re?
quested front a janitor
Unite Dramatic, Yes.
Restoring the ^-lass to the table be?
fore he removed a big watch from Ills
vest pocket, he asked If the court
couldn't hurriedly adjust the matter, as
lie must catch u. train for Wtushlng
j Ion. Tho court pronounced itself un?
able to control the Schedule of trains.
I "Tell me what you want." Judge Wad
dill insisted. "This is a most rcmurk
ublo proceeding." lie sitld.
. Adjusting a collar which came up i
about his ears, and assuming n po- I
I sttion wtioro his while sputa weru
visible to me court, the indignant law?
yer Iroin thu scut of gbvorniiieiit ex?
plained the situation tnusiy:
I ? Uy a ?ueruo entered several months
i Ii,/, by your Honor you reunited lite
?f.,.roved, Ucncvolcut and 1'rotucllvu
IOi?er ot pHks of lliu Worin. Uy means
01 your judgment you caused 20,001)
men in tins great mil ion to ecleorato
with Jubilation and enthusiasm. There
was general rcjotttnt; that enemies
hint been made iiieiu.. ljHili|liutS and
parados Were, given iroin one end ot
the country to the other. Ttloua-."
"I .1111 Happy to know I caused so
tuiit-it joy," reinUrkcd tue court.
Uarely heeding the interruption, the
now eloquent speaker continued:
"Thousandd ot men were, glad because
the separated Had been reunited.
Culled It .Monstrous.
"And now!" at the top ol his voice;
"and now these men come here and
want you to vacate this decree: It is
monstrous: 1 had no idea of their In?
tentions, l urn not prepared to answer
[this petition. If you may cull It such;]
it is barely more than a piece of I
paper." Another drink of water and
the lawyer trom Washington Sut down.
A less excited member of the. up
1 posing counsel explained to tho court
thai when the order was entered uii
arbitration of the opposing factions
had been agreed upon lit a '.'pcaco con?
ference" helil in Wilmington, Del.
Hut the crux of the matter appeared
to l>e that a commission of three, in?
cluding Patterson; of Washington;
(?lies It. Jackson, of Itlclimond, and
I Oscar p. Morris, had been appointed
to carry on the affairs of the order.
; and that money was being turned over
to this trio, none of the members of
which w.is tinder bond, and lhal none
j had to make an accounting,
i Me moved the court that the degree,
which was supposed to have ended the
matter, be vacated.
Tatters.hi was again on his feet,
although he had been ordered several
limes by the court to sit down and to
stop interrupting the other speaker,
lie mad protests against the court
doing any such thing.
<.lies I'iltM in Ii Mord,
tliles Jacks,,,, here petitioned the
coiil't to set aaide 'a whole day. or at j
least a liulf-dny, that lie miiriit take!
up Iiis Jiari of tlic mailer.
Finally, taking the bull by the horns.
Judge Wuddlll dictated an order to his
stenographer allowing Patterson one
week In which to prepare a reply to
the petition asking that the court's
decree be set aside. He suspended the
power of the commissioners pending
a llnnl adjustment of the affair.
"It appears tu me that there is some,
money Involved in this affair." said
the court, "and 1 want It disposed of
as quickly as possible."
All side- w.re apparently sntisficd
with t^ie decision and withdrew. Then
t!i. Washington lawyer bounced into
n taxlcab and raced for his train. Ho
BOt It.
Meeting of Chlrkuliomlny Furnier? to He
Held Saturday.
For the purpoio of arousing public senti?
ment In the direction of the establishment
of a drainage district In iho Chlckahomtny
section. In llenrlco county, a meeting of
citizens will I.,- held at Highland. Springs
mi Saturday morning of thin week nt ll
o'. :,.ck.
W. W. Old. Jr.. of Norfolk, will be present
an.) wlil address the meeting. It Is also
expected that Frank I.In.Day. of Norfolk, and
Commissioner of Agriculture Kolner will be
This Is one of tin. fruits of the recent
oignniziitloii meeting of the State Drainage
Association held at the Capitol. Dr. D. W.
Starbuck, one of the farm owners along
the Chickahotniny, believes public sentiment
In Ibis section Is rlpo for the formation of
a drainage district under the new State law.
The work would be done by contract, and
I lie expense divided among tho property
owners, lo be levied as taxes, covering a
period of years In this way It Is hoped to
reclaim much overflowed and swamp lands.
Ulli Assemble In Convocation for Cerrinonlnl
Session und Hiuiqiict.
Samls Orotlo. order of Ihn Veiled Prophets,
will assemble In convocation to-morrow night
at 7:30 o'clock in lieivldero Hnll for the.re
ccptlon of candidates nnd transaction of
oilier business. Kvary master Mason in good
standing Is eligible.
A working icon from Kalllpolls Orotlo. of
Washington. Will be hnre lo receive candi?
dates with full and complete ceremonies,
li a delegation being led by Prophet Shrcve,
Who conducted Ihc work nt the opening ses?
sion of Sand? Orotlo, A banquet will follow
Mix* Walker Pii>? Sl,<172 lo F.slnle nf
Woman Killed in Accident.
The suit of Carroll A. Outhrlght, adminis?
trator of the estate of Mrs. Mary O. Oaths
right, against T, .1. Wnlkcf and Mlits Mary
Walker, was called in trial yesterday In the
l.nw and Equity Court, but before nny evl
dencO had been taken a compromise was
agreed Upon .m l verdlcl entered In the sum
of 11,372. The action was for damages In
Iho sum of V.n.OVi for fatal Injuries received
by Mis. Oathright, who was struck by an
automobile on .Main Street on September. 17,
J910, Iho ear being driven by Minn Walker.
Complete Report To-Morrow Night.
The Lynch ln\.si Igatlng Committee will
nice! til-morrow night nt S o'clock to com
p oti its report or n plan for reorganizing
tin Kriginoer'a Department. According to
mrinhcis nl tin committee the report will nu
to ,i large exlenl modeled on an outline
drawn bj Oily Ihiglnpor Rolling nnd submlt
i Ui Jj? ilia lust, tsiseiUui et tua commUlco?
Western Union (iocs t? Highest
Federal Tribunal l<> Resist
City Ordinance.
-Measure Fixing True Building
Line Third Richmond Case
oil Docket.
Printed briefs and record of proceed?
ings have been Hied by the city In the
I nltod states Supreme Court in tho
litigation with the Western Union Tele?
graph Company. Involving the validity
of the "underground" ordinance, re?
quiring the placing of electric wires
under ground in certain sections of tho
city; The ease will probably be nrguoo
at the October term of the court, and
a final verdict is expected before tilt,
end of the year.
The litigation has been going; on for
several years, and involves soveral
Intrlcuntc points of constitutional law.
City Attorney Pollard has represented
tho city, find Judge A. I., irollndny the
company, iri the united States circuit;
Court the city won its contention more '?
than a year ago. A? constitutional!
questions were Involved which would,
ultimately require a decision of the
Supreme Court, appeal to the United
States Circuit Court of Appeals for tho I
Fourth Circuit was waived, nnd the
case taken at once to the highest tri?
bunal, where a verdict in favor of tho
city Is confidently expected.
Poles situ Obstruct streets.
Meanwhile, however, a stay of pro?
ceedings prevents the city from remov?
ing unsightly poles and wires from
Broad Street and other important thor?
oughfares, although oil other com?
panies operating hero. Including the
Virginia rial I way and power Company
and the Southern Hell Telephone andj
Telegraph Company, have come In and'
constructed underground conduits. If j
has been suggested among members ofi
the Council that since there has re?
cently been effected a close affiliation i
amounting almost to a Joint ownership,
l et ween the Western Union and th-ji
Soul hern Bell Telephone Company, that!
lb.' telegraph company might withdraw
It-- appeal and come In and use the Reil
company conduits already laid.
Cnnmit Piny BmiIi sides.
If It be shown that the two com?
panies are in reality as close together
as has been represent'-il. some members
of the Council say they will oppose
j granting further extensions of rights
to the Hell Telephone Company until
Its partner conies In and agrees to
abide by the city ordinances?In other
words. If the companies are really nnn
and the same, or practically so. they
cannot come In as the Moll Telephone
Company and enjoy a city monopoly;
with many favors and extensions from
the municipality, and it the same lim?
ns the Western I'nlon fight the city in
the courts nnd soo|{ to prevent tho
j creat Improvement proposed by the
adoption of an underground district.
! I<ocnl officials of the telegraph com?
pany say thnt whate.-ir may he the
facts as to joint ownership, they are
operating separately; Attorneys for
the Western Union deny ihn; the tele?
graph company Is lighting the elty. hut
claim that a constitutional point of Im?
portance Is at stake, and that Rich?
mond is merely being made a test In?
stance In order to get n decision from
the highest court.
Building: l.lue Ordinance.
The city ot Richmond will be no
stranger in the United States Supremo
Court at Its term next fall, having no
less than I hrc- cases to he argued and
decided by that tribunal, Besides the
Western Union litigation, there is what
Is known as the Kubank case, appealed
from the Supreme Court of tin- State
of Virginia, which Upheld the Chancery
Court of the city of Richmond as to the
validity of Hie building line, u city
ordinance which provides a manner in
which a certain proportion of property
owners on any one block may fix a line
beyond which no one shall build,
Kubank, as a nonresident property
owner, claimed that the law practical?
ly confiscated his property in front ot
that line.
After Loan .slinrka.
Another and more far-reacting caso
which comes tip on appeal Is that of
Bradley and others against the city of
Richmond, known as tho "loan slink
case." Some years ago the Council
ComuiUtee on Finance Imposed a spe?
cial license tax on what are called
"private, hankers," that Is, loan agencies
charging more than the legal rate of!
Interest on short time loans, mnrlc !
practically without security. There
were then ten such private bankers In
Richmond, some of them operating as
agencies of concerns having oflices all
over the country. It was shown that
In some cases interest had been
charged on loans to poor peoplo as
high as 10 per cent, per month. Tho
loan agencies claimed that the special
license was a discrimination against
them, since It placed a heavier burden
of taxation on them than was charged
to regular banking firms which loan
money on .securities at rales not ex?
ceeding C per cent., and it was freely
charged that the special tax was im?
posed not. for purposes of revenue, but
to run the "loan sharks" out of busi?
ness, and appeal was therefore entered,
the case having niado Its way leisurely
through tho courts for years, until It
now seems within sight of a final de?
cision. If the city wins It will secure
a considerable sum In back taxes, and
the right to Impose such special license
faxes will bo clcurly vindicated.
Colored Chauffeur Appeal* from Flue for
Alleged Speeding.
II. T. 1'nge. colored, chauffeur for John T.
Wilson, was lined $'.0 In the Police Court
yesterday morning on n charge of speeding
III an automobile. It was s.ild thnt lie was
running hl n rate of twcnty-Ave miles an
An attachment wn.' issued for William T.
Dohm, charged with bring disorderly on a
! street car.
The case against 3. n. Martin, white.
Charged with breaking Into tho house of
l-'rnnk Marsala. Si; North Ninth Street, and
stealing therefrom a quantity of clothing
and furniture, was continued to January 1*.
William Johnson, colored, was sentenced
to four months In jnll for stealing an Ice?
cream can from T.. Ilcrtxberg.
John Adam*, colored, was lined HC") nnd
phired under flOO bond for involve months
oh a charge of carrying n concealed weapon.
H. O. Walker, white, charged with fall?
ing to support his wife, was dismissed.
Spencer Hooker, colored, charged with
selling llniior. had his case continued to
January 21.
Uenlnniln McOhee nnd Arthur nutler,
while, rlinrged with selling liquor. wero
lined $nn ami placed under $'>no hnbd for
iweivc months.' and Junius Hark.-.- was dis?
Raymond Smith und Hoben Weudllnger,
suspected of attempted burglary, wiro dls
, missed on account of Uiclr. ai\
All desirable colorings, all dependable weaves,
even blacks and blues are included.
Richmond-Gordonsville Highway Will Be Con?
sidered When Legislators, Road Supervisors
and Other Officials Convene as Guests
of Richmond Automobile Club.
At tho meotlng; ot tho Richmond Au?
tomobile Club, held last night, It was
definitely determined to hold a confer?
ence on Fobruary 'J relative to the pro?
posed highway from Richmond to Gor
ilonsvlllc. This action was taken upon
recommendation of the committee hav?
ing tho question under consideration.
Invited to the conference will be tho
supervisors of road.s between this city
and Oordonsvlllc, tho Mayors of (lor
donsylllo and Louisa, and the members
ot the legislature from Louisa, Han?
over and ICenrlco counties. The con
rcrcncc will begin at S P. M. In tho
Richmond Hotel, und will continue
until all matters of Interest havo been i
discussed, Later a banquet will he ten-1
dered the visitors. The purpose of the 1
conference will be to further the work
of constructing the proposed roadway .
and to offer mutual aid to those most i
It. Is believed that the proposcoT
guest-', of whom there will be sixteen,
will accept the invitation of the local
association, and that some tangible re?
sult will be obtained from the cbnfbr
enco held.
Biieh Dctcgnte to State Views.
Kach of the men attending will lie
req ties ted to address I he club and to
give his Individual views as to the
needs In his particular section, anil will
bo further toques tod I? state In what
way tho Automobile Club may be of
assistance. Among the specially In?
vited speakers will he Captain I'. St.
.lullen Wilson. State Highway Commis?
sioner, and Governor Wlll'am Hodges
following will be found the names of
the men who will be requested to at?
tend the conference: W. C. Sa under a,
of Glen Allen; .lohn L Saundors. of
Ashland: C. It. Oliver; of Oliver's. <\ U.
.Meredith, Willow Brook; II. .1. Harris.
I Apple Grove: K. I'. Kates, Louisa; Loo
I Rosson; Trcvllllon's; Mayor George II.
I lohnson, of Louisa; Mayor Robert Witt
I kins, of Oordonsvlllc; .Senator 1'". W.
KlniSj of Louisa, lion. Carl II. Noltltlg,
Trcvllllan's; Senator Charles U. Grn
I vatt. Port Royal; Senator T. Asiiby
j Wlckhain. Hcnrlco; Hon. Rosewoll
{1'age, Beaver I'.im: Hon. C. W. Throck
morton, Henrico.
Musi nullit lint forty-Seven Mile*.
The road from Richmond to Gordons
vlllo covers but sixty-three miles, and
of that distance there is a stretch ot
sixteen miles in excellent condition?
from Richmond to Chlckahomlny
Itridse?so that In reality but forty
seven miles "f roadway must be built,
it will be the intention of the men In?
terested to discuss ways and means for
building the road, to learn just how
much money will bo needed to accom?
plish the purpose, and to have a gen?
eral understanding with the men who
ate most familiar with the actual road
Tho committee which has had tho
arrangements under consideration is
composed of Allen Potts, L M. Foster,
11. S. llatvcs and II. Crlm Peck. Thoy
Itave hold scvernl meetings, anil the
report submitted last night was the
result. Tho report In effect recom?
mended what has already been stated,
above?that tho sixteen men whose ;
names arc mentioned be asked to bo
the guests of the Richmond Automobile
Association during the length of the
conference. A committee on enter?
tainment will be named, whose duty It |
will be to look after the comfort of
the visitors, provide automobiles for
carrying them to the various points
about the city and to show them varl- I
ous sections of roadway which they
might deslte to Inspect.
All I'nvor Good Honda.
The men Invited arc all advocates or
good roads, and havo teen for many,
months. They are ullve to tho need
for road Improvement, and arc. above
all. practical men, acquainted with
rotid construction. It Is hoped and be?
lieved that each recipient of an Invi?
tation will Und it convenient lo attend.
Tho several places through which
the proposed highway will pass ar?
Solomon's, Glen Allen, (,'hlckahomlny
Bridge, Ground Squirrel Bridge, Jack?
son. Montpolier, fjuckoo. l.oulaa. Tro
vllllan's, .Green .Springs, Melton and
The advisability of Inviting the sov
erul officials between itlclimond and
Newport News lo take part In this con
fereneo was discussed, and ilnal decis?
ion was left with the committee having
the entire quostlon In charge. It wan
pointed oui In this connection that
while It might be advisable to liavo
? verybody Interested In the road from
the bay to Gordonsvllle here at olio
time, the one druwback was that each
delegate In attendance would be re
qiic ted to spe ik, and as each would
be allotted u certain amount of lime,
the meeting would develop Into one ot
loo great length. A large amount of
money has been subscribed for the en?
tertainment of the visitors, and It will
be inter determined whether or not to
hold the dual mcotltlg.
31 ny Hold Two Conference*.
Should It bo dctortlilncd as unwise to
Invite those Interested In the road from
hero to Newport News to the February
conference, another will be held some
lint:-! later. A letter has been received
from the Newport News' Chamber of
Commerce, Inviting Allen Potts, of the
local association, to a 1400,1 roads con?
vention i" be held in WHIlumsburg on
January '2 1. for the put pose of discuss?
ing the proposed Newport News high?
way. In addition to Mr. Pott.-, the clUlj
named I. W. Foster. W. F. Gordon and
Dr. W. W, Basset I to attend and dis?
cuss the situation with the members of
the convention.
A report was received from the chair?
man of the committee appointed to
confer with a like committee from the
Chamber of Commerce relative to tits
direct route Iroin Richmond to ?Wash?
ington, via Frodorlcksburg. The result
of the meeting of the two committees
was that the Chamber of Commerce
would havo Business Manager Dabney
take 1. trip over the road and make 11
report, at the same time finding out
how much money could be obtained for
the purpose iroin the cities of Wash?
ington, Alexandria, Froderlcksburg and
the towns and counties along the route,
Government aid will alao be sought.
Six new members were proposed and
elected, and Dr. J. Fulmar Bright re?
porter! that the furniture for the new
dub rooms had been purchased and
that in all probability the next meet?
ing of the club would be held In the
new home of the organisation.
Band fiel? t'nlfonns.
The new uniforms for the band of thn
B'ues' Battalion have been received, and
will !? worn for the flr.it time In the L.'o
birthday parade. They arc of blue, plenti?
fully trimmed wlht white lace. Over each
musician's left tdiuuldcr will depend a capu.
Hue and bordered with aatrukan. The cap;,
which are mostly also of uttrnkan, are most
elaborately finished. Altogether tho band
will put the rest of the battalion somewhat
In the th.ide.
Marriage License.
A marriage license was Isucd yesterday in
the Hustings Court to Charles Tay:or and
Kllen McDonal.
Wei know the first choice is best.
The Shop of Standard Quality
Boys' end Children's Suits and O'coats are now one third
less than the marked price.

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