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Uneeda Biscuit
are soda crackers made from the finest
flour and the best materials obtainable?
That Makes them an ideal
are baked in surroundings where clean?
liness and precision are supreme?
That Makes them
Uneeda Biscuit
are touched only once by human hands
?when the pretty girls pack them?
That Makes them
are sealed in a moisture proof
That Keeps them
A Package
(Never sold in bulk)
\it singe "Detail-- for Laying
Water Mains to Sana?
Two Cutting Affair- Among
X c g roes?General N e w s
The Tinics-Dlspatch Bureau.
Itfd North Sycamore .Street,
Pet era burg, Va? January
Special meetings of the two branches
"i City (Council will i.'<- hold this
week, the lower branch to-morrow
night and the Aldermen on Friday
big hl. 'Iii' purpose 1? to arrange de?
tails for laying water mains across
Atlantic Coast J,ino road so as to
reach ti e Blrdvllle Sanatorium, which
i.; to open In the early part of Febru?
ary for Hie free cute of tuberculosis
Dentb of Old Citizen.
Jacob Cohen, an did and well-known
citizen and prominent manufacturer,
and u? brave Confederate soldier, died
i!:'.- morning in hi.-> ho^ie on Adams
Street, lie had been in feeble health
for sonic time. Mr. .Cohen was about
?eventy-one years old. and is survived
by his wife and 11 v'o children?Isaac,
Aar.m. Abraham and Miss Hannah
Cohen, and Mr.j. Fmanuel Levy; all of
thin city. Mr Cohen was for years
actively engaged in mercantile busi?
ness, ami was highly respected and
popular in the community.
Itobert T. Stone, a former well
known citizen and native of Peters?
burg, but who had been a resident oi
Norfolk for many years, died in the
latter city this morning. The remains
will be brought to Petersburg foi
burial to-morrow. Mr. Stone had rela?
tives and many warm friends in this
Cnndldntex for spur Senate.
John V. Harris, a prominent lawyer
and i iti/.en of Dinwiddle. former judge
and Commonwealth's attorney of the
county, has formally announced hi?
candidacy for the State Senate, sub?
ject to the will of the Democratic
party. P. If. Drowry. a prominent
young meftibcr of the Petersburg bar.
is being urged by his friends to offer
for the Senate, and it is thought may
yield to their wishes; though he has
made no decision in the matter.
Petersburg and Dinwiddie constitute
the Twenty-ninth Senatorial District.
in the adjoining district, the
Twenty-seventh, there will most prob
ably bo two candidates for the Senate
P. O. Goodrich, of Surry county, ha^
already announced himself, and Sena?
tor A. R. Hobbs is expected to do the
same at an early day.
(Candidates for county officers In this
section are announcing themselves.
Two Cutting Affnlrs.
Two slabbldg u(fairs among negroes
.rred horo Saturday night, nelthet
of them proving very serious. Canton
Jenkins and Wade Price quarreled
on Pollingbrook Street, and Price re?
ceived a severe cut In the arm. Jen?
kins is under arrest, but Price was
unable to appear against him in court
this morning.
Freeman Valentine and John A.very
got into a light on Harrison Street,
and the latter was cut In several
places about the back and shoulder.
Valentine was sent to Jail for three
months for the assault.
(iencrnl Neun Notes.
The new creamery plant at the head
of High Street was satisfactorily test?
ed on Saturday In the presence of oUl?
cers and stockholders of the company
and a number of dairymen. The plant
will regularly begirt operations the
first of next week.
A case of smallpox, the first of thej
season, has been developed on Grove
Avenue. The patient recently -came to
Petersburg from Brunswick county.
The house has been quarantined, a?.?
the patient's wife and children Isolated.
Petersburg has no smallpox hosplt?t.
Since tho beginning of the. construc?
tion of the Norfolk and Western belt
line road around this city, three mur?
ders have been committed about the
camps and the muraerers are at large.
The shooting of Stewart by Porter,
late Saturday night, may result in a
fourth murder.
A slight lire, caused by a defecwve
flue, occurred Sunday in the new
school-room of the Church of the Good
Shepherd, in Blandford, but fortunately
little damage was done.
In the Hustings Court to-day an
order was granted to Receiver Bartlett
Roper. Jr., for the sale of the steamer
?Aurora, of tho Phillips Line, and tue I
sale will take place on February o
unless the steamer is disposed of pri?
vately in the meantime. The steamer!
Aurora Is now plying between Rich?
mond and Petersburg. <
The Chamber of Commerce has re?
cently received a large number of in-|
quirl es from Northern and Western
people about farms in this section.
Crater Council, National - Union,
whose membership Is composed ot
many prominent citizens, will have
their annual dinner at 8 o'clock to?
morrow evening.
Ernest Neaves, of this city, while
h.unting this morning near Port Wal
thall. in Chesterfield county, killed a
white squirrel.
Painful Accidents.
Mrs. Ella S. WeUs, an aged and re?
spected woman, suffered a slight at?
tack of apoplexy at her home on F?d?
eral Street yesterday, and in falling to
the floor, fractured her right hip.
Master Horace Butler, aged nine
I years, was quite painfully burned
1 Saturday evening at the home of his
parents in Ettriek. A celluloid shade
over his eyes caught tiro and ho was
burned about the head and face.
Miss Ethel Wright, eighteen years
Old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. \V.
Wright, died yesterday in her home in
Ettriek. Besides her parents, she is
survived by two slstets and a brother.
Slight Chance for Recovery.
While police of this and surrounding
cities seek Will Porter, colored,
charged with having shot Barney
Stewart, a construction foreman, on
railroad work near Petersburg, Stew?
art lies in the Petersburg Hospital |
with a slight chance for recovery.
Seeing the only hope for saving Stew- j
art's life In an operation, surgeons to?
day removed from the wounded man |
ah eighth-inch section of his Intestines,
which had been perforated by the bul?
let. The shooting was early Sunday
morning, when Stewart accused the
negro of robbery.
Convict Force liegluh hnprovlug itoads
In l twit section.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Gordonsvllle, Va.. January 23.?Ser?
geant F. B. Bishop moved the convict
camp to thts place on Monday, encamp?
ing on tlie land of Alexander Cameron,
opposite S. Mi Goodloe's. The- men will
at once begin the work of grading and
macadamizing the three roads leading
from town to BarboursvJUo and Somer
set, to the end of this district, und the
Charlottesville road to the Albemarle
county line. After this work 's com?
pleted the connecting link between
Gordonsvllle and Orange will be com?
Narrowly Escapes Death.
[Special to The Tlmcs-Dlspatcn.j
Lynchburg, Va., January 23.?Frert
Alexander, a small colored boy. was
caught by a northbound Southern
freight tills afternoon east of the city,
as ho was crossing the track, and nar-'
rowly escaped being killed. The horse
the boy was driving was killed. The
boy was hurt In his back, and may
have Intern.ll injuries.
Elected president of College.
[Special to The Times-Despatch. J '
Bristol. Va., January 23.?The board
of trustees of tho Presbyterian College
at Ablngdon lias elected the Rev. Dab
ney R. Carson, a Presbyterian mission?
ary of Southwest Virginia, as presi?
dent, and -Mr. Carson has accepted.
The new president is the son of a
well-known minister, who formerly re?
sided In East Tennessee, but a few
years ago located In Missouri. He
was educated at King College, this
[ Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Frederieksburg, Va., January 23.?
Elmer Edward Cnrlyle, of Eugene.
Ore., and Miss Elsie Olivia Giles,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Giles,
of Louisa county, were married Thurs?
day at the home of the bride. Rev.
j C. C. Davis officiating.
[Special io Tne Times-Dispatch.1
Frederieksburg, Va., January 23.?
Alonzo .1. Burgess and Miss Nettlo L.
Flshback, both of Madison county,
were married at the home of the
bride's parents. Rev, M. C. Frazer olll
OUTWEARS All OTHERS, a fact universally
admitted, is proof conclusive of its superior
merit, for WEAR is the quality which deter?
mines WORTH.
Absolutely satisfactory service is guaranteed t?
every purchaser of the Remington
Typewriter Company
606 East Main Street
New Models 10 and 11
11c Will Run for Scat in Senate
Formerly Occupied by j
Major Daniel.
Denounces "Machine." and
Wants No Votes That "Can
Be Delivered."
The following announcement of Con?
gressman Carter Glass's candidacy for
the United States Senate, "released for
publication in morning papers of Tues?
day;*! has been recel%'ed by The Times
Dispatch from C. D. llamner, secre?
tary to Mr. Glass:
Washington, January 2.",.?Represen?
tative Carter' Gloss, of the .Sixth Vir?
ginia District, will be a candidate for
the United States senatorial nomina?
tion at the September primary for the
term for which the lato Major .lohn
W. Daniel was elected by the General
Assembly a year ago, and which was
vacated by the latter's death last June.
Mr. Glass, in connection with his pub?
lic denunciation of the Norfolk pri?
mary frauds on November 27 last, an?
nounced that lie would very probably
bo a candidate for the Senate to suc?
ceed his late townsman, who so long
had been honored by the State. "But
Is there much encouragement." asked
Mr. Glasn at that time, "for anybody
not Identified with machine methods
to be a candidate for anything In the
State under the chaotic conditions
created by the recent decisions of the
Norfolk and Portsmouth courts? They
have swept away even the attenuated
safeguards of the primary which exist?
ing statutes provide, and leave us In
a situation full of peril to the Integ?
rity of the Democratic party and the
good order of tho State."
Avows Ilia Purposo.
Several days ago tho Virginia Court
of Appeals virtually overthrew the
lower court decisions which had pro?
nounced unconstitutional the statutory
penalties against frauds at primary
elections: and to-day Mr. Glass deli
nltely avowed his purpose to Olfer for
the senatorial nomination.
"It is my intention." said the Sixth
District Congressman. *".o no a candi?
date for the full term 'ri the Senate to
which Senator Daniel was elected by
the Virginia General Assembly a year
ago, and whfuh will be vacant alter
March 4 next by reasua of Major
Daniels death. The Governor has
made an appointmejjjL for the remain?
ing part of Senator Daniel's unaxplred
term, which ends Maren o, P.tll, and,
as I have, linderst'))d, he will nwoit
the decision of the Democratic voters
of Ylrginiu, as it shall b'.- rendered at
a primary election, before making a
further Interim appointment. This will
leave the position fairly open to every
Virginia Democrat who may aspire to
succeed Major Daniel in the Senate,
without prejudice to any.
"1 have not especially desired to be
a candidate for the Senate. Although
Urged some time ago by tome strong
j men of the State to announce myselt
' for the place, my letter files attest the
j fact that I have consistently preferred
to support some one else for the otltce,
and have tendered my services without
reservation to other gentlemen for
whom 1 have felt that 1 could wage a
more effective fight than for myself.
? However, being amply apprised of
certain incidents preceding, attending
and following the illness and death of
the late senior Senator, I have said
from the first that I was resolved that
the people of Virginia should have an
opportunity to decide for themselves
whom they desire to represent them in
the Senate of the United States in tho
stead of Major Daniel. I have said if
no one better entitled to aspire to the
place, or better equipped to discharge
its functions, or better circumstanced
for a successful contest, would offer,
I Intended to be a candidate for the
honor before, the people at a Demo
I cratie primary, to be held under party
auspices; and now, in pursuance ol
that determination, I make this public
I announcement of my purpose,
j "Virginia's representation in the Sen?
ate of the United States should be de?
cided by the people of the State by
affirmative action, and not by prema?
ture negotiation, sanctioned or con?
firmed by any political interest, which
arbitrarily, if not impudently, excludes
from consideration every man not Iden?
tified with a factional machine. I have
no misconception about my merits or
my capabilities. They are moderate
enough. But 1 have some degree ol
conlldence in my sense of public pro?
priety, and it Is my belief that the Vir?
ginia senatorship should not lightly
I be regarded as a trophy of any man
or exclusive set of men, to be handed
out indifferently ns the reward of eager
and early importunity, or in requital
of any personal or 'stand-together'
service rendered in interparty strife.
It is a position that typifies the very
sovereignty of the State. It belongs
to the people of Virgjnia, and I see
no reason in this case why they should
not be naked to dispose of it. in their
own way. rather than acquiesce quietly
In a system of factional aggrandize?
ment that has already will-nigh ap?
propriated every public office and thai
seems to regard them all as. the in ?
alienable asset of a particular set of
Ilenll/.eM Force Agnlnut Him.
"I have not decided to bo a candi?
date for the Senate without mature
thought. I fully realize the desperate
nature of the enterprise und understand
how strongly entrenched the opposi?
tion Is. But I shall go out among tho
people of the State, and, .face to face,
tell them for what I stand and ask
them to use me as their servant in
the. task of breaking down abuses that
1 know clo exist, and as their repre?
sentative in constructive legislation,
which the country imperatively re?
"In tho prosecution of the campaign
I shall not use, or sanction tho uso of,
machine methods in my behalf. 1 never
have done this, and never will. My
appeal will be directly to the people,
and not to tlm politicians. I am not
going to ask any man or sot of men
to 'deliver' the vote of any city, county,
ward or precinct. I would, not feel
complimented to receive any vote that
can be 'delivered; I am not going to
apologize to or'temporize with any ol
the election scoundrels In any part ol
the Slate, whom I have had occasion
heretofore to denounce. 1 intend to
denounce them afresh and to do every?
thing I possibly can to urose the peo?
ple of Virginia to such a state of vigi?
lance and determination that not soon
will any sinister taint attach to any
public political* distinction in tho
State. While 1 shall welcome and be
grateful for the support of every fel?
low-citizen who may think I am fitted
for tho position which I shall seek, my
appeal will not bo to the self-constl
tutod 'leaders,' but to tho people who
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the Northwest. Runs via the
on a schedule that fixes your arrival at each
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Leaves St. Louis daily at 2.15 p. m., arrives Kansas City
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??ve, as they ought to have, the de?
cision of the question.
"It has come to my knowledge that
in some quarters objection is already
being urged to my candidacy for the
Senate on account of my antagonism to
the saloon tralllc In liquor. My posi?
tion on this question has not varied a
hair's breadth for a quarter of a cen?
tury. 1 have always been hostile to
the open suloon. This fact was not
regarded as a dlsqualitication when I
was elected to the Virginia Senate, or
subsequently, when I was chosen a
member of the Constitutional Conven?
tion, nor has it ever been urged
against me at any time during the
nine years I have represented my dis?
trict as a Democrat in Congress. There
is no earthly reason why it should be
projected now. This issue should be
submitted to the people for their de?
cision, apart from any man's candidacy
for any office;, but I would never be
content to secure any man's vote for
public place under a misconception or
my attitude on any question that lie
might honestly think is involved in
my candidacy. Hence this reference to
the subject here.
Conceals So Views.
"The date of the primary election is
Have You Any
War-Time Photographs
Taken in Y>1-'65 7
Must he original photos, direct
from nature?no drawings, re
photos, sketches, wood cuts, maps
or plans wanted. Soldiers in camps,
marching, cooking, ditching, loung?
ing, driving, with ships and wagon
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are subjects wanted. Write ROY
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a good way off, and there will he ample
time after the campaign has opened
to acquaint the people of the State with
; my views on public questions. 1 think
they are pretty well understood now.
as I have never tried or desired to
! conceal them. 1 was reasonably active
j as a member of the Virginia Senate
and had some part in the work and
' debates of the Constitutional Conven
j tion. 1 have been nine years a minor?
ity member of Congress, where, time
i and again i have recorded my eon vie,
lions on party questions and served
tiij* constituents in n business way. in
this connection I take leave to repeat
what 1 have before had occasion to
say, and that is that a man's record is
public property when he. asks for pub?
lic place, and, always subject to limi
, tations of decency and propriety, it
may properly be examined and frqply
criticized. I shall not object to this
In my own cusp nor hesitate to apply
I Hie doctrine in the prosecution of my
Gifts in Orange Velernna?MreHnu of
Knppobuunock Medical Society,
other News*.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Frederlcksburg, Va., January 23.?
The Daughters of the Confederacy of
Orange Courthouse have bestowed
crosses of honor on tho following:
Mrs. K. D. Gllmore, of Sewiokley. Pa.,
the oldest PvJng descendant of the
late I >r. W. s. Grymes; W. W. Bur?
gess. N. T. Bartlctt; (>. II. Bridwell.
f. X. Harris. Daniel QucBenborry, s.
W. Childs. 11. T. Carpenter. J. \V.
Paulkner, A. /.. Gardner and J. R.
Bowler, all of Orange county.
The Rappahnnnoek Valley Medical
Society, ol" this city, has elected the
following officers: President Dr. A. C.
Doggett: Vice-President, Dr. J. N. Bar?
ney: Treasurer. Dr. R. J. Payne; Sec?
retary, Dr. Cm Mason Smith. Dr. S. I..
Si oil read a paper on "Temperature,
Pulse. Respiration and Abdominal
The residence and kitchen of Jo?
seph Pines, in king George county,
'was destroyed by tire Saturday night.
[ TP" ?Mv*n??rt.v wr,s oartly insured.
Tlie large ben house belonging to
Walker Truslow, in Stafford county.
| caught on Urn from a pile of smolder
i irtg ashes, and ?J?? head of line poul?
try were burned with the building.
The barn belonging to A. r*. Hunt,
near Ashland, together witli 250 bush,
els of wheat and oats, a lol of bay,
farming implements, two horses, six
cows and some hogs, were destroyed
by fire a few days ago.
Klrst Sie? In Proposed Bond Between
Cltnrb.tle mid AVIludnaliin.
[Specl?l to The Times-Dispatch.]
Wadesboro. N. C, January '.'3.?Tlie
arrival here Saturday afternoon of C.
c. Ahlos, the exnert roadway entrineer
sent by the United States Department
of Agriculture to make an inspection of
the Charlotte-Wilmington highway,
was the first step in the work of
buildinc tins road
Mr. Allies spent yesterday here, and
left to-day for the inspection of the
road between Wadesboro and Char?
lotte. He states that < lartre nart of
the road is in very bad condition, and
he will advise a number of changes i"
location, but that on the whole the road
can be put in good condition without
marked change; He will consult with
county officials and make suggestions
after finishing the trip.
OiiMitrt riiireau'M CnHon Report.
Washington. D. C, January 23.?Cot?
ton of the growth of 1910. ginned prior
to January ) 6, according to the report
of the Cerialis Bureau, issued at 10
o'clock , tills morning, was 11,254,1 1*
bales, counting round as half bales,
compared with 9,787,502 in 19.09 and
12,(166,203 In 190S. The per cent, of the
1909 crop ginned prior to January 16
was 97.2, while that of the 190S waa
Round hal.?s included this vear arc
ill*.sir., compared with lti*.,37S in 190?
and 232.510 in 190S. Sea Island in?
cluded was S6.111 bales, compared with
92.19J in 1909 and 90.2S7 in 1908.
By States, the number of bales gin?
ned were:
Alabama .1,174,651
Arkansas . 74 0,247
Florida . 64.7 70
Georgia . 1.779,9(1?
Louisiana . 242,612
Mississippi .1,158.267
North Carolina.... 718.389
Oklahoma . 9<vf,lS6
South Carolina. . . .1,17>.S95
Tennessee . 297,610
Texas ,..2,912.214
All other States.. 74.278
The distribution of Sea Island cot?
ton was: Florida, 28.782; Georgia. 45,
131!; South Carolina, 12,193.
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i New Virginia Buckwheat, 4c lb.,
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