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tine's Day!
Lieutenant Levering, of First j
Regiment, to Retire?Election
on Thursday.
Two vacancies now exist In the]
ranks of olUcors of the First Battalion, j
p!r?t Regiment, while n new officer re- .
Ccivcd his commission last nicht. Tin? 1
Intekl resignation Is that of First Lion- {
tenant Harry F. levering, ot Company
C, "The Guard of the Commonwealth;" |
whose withdrawal from the service
has been forwarded to Adjutaiit-Gen- ,
tral W. W. sale.
Lieutenant Levering has been with,
Company C about a year. He was for?
merly with toe Richmond Howitzers, j
having had considerable military ex?
perience. He resigns for business rea?
At tho drill of this company last
night. Captain Charles M. Wallace
called the new second lieutenant, Sam?
uel ,1. Harrison, to the fore, in the
presence of the company, ami road to
film Iiis commission.
Company A. 'the Richmond Grays."
will hold an election Thursday nigh I
of this week for a second lieutenant to
eucceed Lieutenant Thomas 13. John?
son, who has just resigned. Those'
mentioned for the office are First Ser?
vant Gmmett Eggleston and M. IL K.I
Ma lone. The latter has seen military,
service hi New Vdrk State.
Hilhnnk, W hn Stole Buggy Hobe, Gels
Four Month* in .lull.
?lohn and William .Morgan, while,
charged with stealing $7.50 from Paul
Meyer, wore dismissed in Police1 Court
L X. Euhank, white, cl'uirged with)
stealing a buggy robe from Lc.roy 12.'
Brown, was sentenced to four months I
in jail. j
The case against .James Robinson,
colored, rharged with stabbing Charles
Loving, was continued to February 10.
Mrs. Kate Lipka, charged with sell?
ing liquor without a license, was dis?
AI Jones; white, was dismissed of
the charge of carrying a concealed
\\ capon.
The ease against Aretoerltos Anlnos,
charged witli stealing $3.25 from
Annie Crew, was continued to Feb?
ruary 1 7. .-i, ??'.
Tliu c;iso .airairffet John Robinson, col?
ored. Charged with selling liquor with?
out a license, was continued to Fob- '
Sidney Dvtvall, witite. charged with]
being disorderly and interfering with!
Ursula Lane, was dismissed.
James Martin, colored, charged with
operating a gaming resort at 217
North Seventeenth Street, was fined i
f 2 f..
Granted n Parole.
r'lftrenc.e Fauntlorby, colored, who
?was convicted in the Hustings Court
about a year ago on the charge of
grand larceny, and sentenced to two
years in the penitentiary, was yester?
day paroled by the Board of Directors.
31f had served one yoar and two weeks
of hit. sentence.
Coronation of
King George V
"k*1!1 Sftil Monday. June 12, at 3 P. M .
irifteed of Wednesday, June 14, as
originally arranged, arriving in Eng- j
land in ample time for the Coronation j
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809 East Main
MAD. 418
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laundered by the
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maintained, as wc receive the newest
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3chwar??child Bros,
Corner Broad aud Second St&.
Looks Upon City and Its People |
for First Time in Twenty
Wild-eyed and wondering at a 1
world that iboked as stninge to lillii as ]
though Ii?, had been dead for the last
twenty-two years; "Pap," the old negro)
whom Governor Mann conditionally :
pardoned Saturday, left the peniten?
tiary yesterday morning and was
placed on tlx- early train to Newport.
News, where he hopes to spend his last .
days with relatives. lie was various?
ly know n as Milte Thomas and .lames- I
Smith, but was registered :is the lattei '.
in the record books. Being the patri?
arch of the Institution, it was very nat- j
iiral that he came to lie known to in
mates and o Ulcers it like as 'Tap."
When he made ready for his start to
tin- train. "Bap'' was more helpless 1 ban
a child, ami his wonderment was be?
yond words. lie had a vague remem
brancc of trains as they were two
decades ago, and he had marveled
when Moisant passed over the peniten?
tiary in his monoplane. But all the I
rest 1,1 it?automobiles, skyscrapers i
I and the like were new, and he walked
:ss one in a dream. The guard very I
carefully piloted him over the cross
inns, bought his ticket, and gave the
conductor minute instructions to get
him off at the right place, where there
would be some one to meet him and
take him home.
With the exception of the time spent
in the penitentiary, his life, numhor
1 Ing olghty-one years, has been crowded
with stirring Incidents. For thirty
five years he was a slave, being body
servant to William Henry Seiden, who
j was shot In the defense of Rynchburg.
I It Is said that the body servant, seeing
his master fall, took up the gun and
fought in bis place.
I Ills conduct In private life was any?
thing hiii worthy of his heroism in
war, Twice before the life sentence
I was passed upon him from Newport
News he served terms in the penlten- i
tltVry, and though It Is hot positively i
known that a third conviction was'
brought, it Is presumed that this was :
I the cause of his Una] sentence. The
I days of his existence will now be few, j
'and it is not feared that he will again
resort to any further breach of the I
\ntIonnl Association Will lie 1 rued to]
lloUi Convention lief?.
Business Manager William T. Oal.-j
hey, of the Chamber of Commerce, with j
Nathan Simon, and a representative
j fiom the C?y Council, are leaving to- |
I; day tor Washington to attend the an- j
mini meeting of the American Tailors"
Manufacturing Association with the
hope pf getting the next convention
for this city.
The tailors will to- In session thrr-e
days. beginning this morning, and the
convention numbers about BOfl people.
Mr. Simon, a member of the association;
I Is-'Ouo of the delegates from this city;
and has been designated as a member '
j of the committee to sehet the next
I phirc of meeting, chairman Corley, of
1 the convention committee, has author?
ized Mr. Onbriey to extend the Invita?
tion on behalf of the Chamber of Com
j merce.
Cn?r t on (In lied.
The c.ns< of Katherlne Staples, who
shes through U. W. Staple?, her father,
ft? next friend, against the Virginia
'Railway and Power Company for per?
sonal damage* in the sum of JlO.ooo.
was railed yesterday and continued by
j consent of counsel to May l#3.
(Move to Exempt This Class
From Payment of Capi?
tation Taxes.
if h suggestion fathered by Com?
mander Simmons, of the United Span- |
ish War Veterans, finds favor with
that Organization, the soldiers who
fought against Spain will seek to bf.
exempt fror.-, the payment of poll taxes
as a prerequisite to the suffrage In
Virginia. Mr. Simmons, of Rormoke,
Who is the State commander, ha? writ?
ten letter:) to tue campe proposing such
Under the present Oonstittitioh, vet?
erans of the Wai bet ween the States,
whether Con federn to or Federal, may
Vote wit;.out the prepayment of tin:
Ca pit a lion tax, this being the only ex?
emption from this tax. Now some of
the men who fought for the nation in
the Spanish War feel that they should
:?< i mill.i fly exempted.
Jt is believed there will bo consid?
erable opposition to such a move, even
arming t ie veterans themselves.
To reach such a con s um matlonj an
amendment to the Constitution would
necessary, The matter would have
to .'erne before two successive Legis?
latures, and then referred to a vote
el th< people ior ratification or reu.-.
Young Starve to Dcatli When
Mothers Arc Killed for
Remains of Feathered Creatures
Deck Hal^ of Some of
His IIoarers.
Women who permit themselves to
Indulge their vanity in tin ntnmpl to
outshine their sistors by adorning
coiffures nti<l millinery creations with
aigrettes and other plumage of wild
birds, were condemned in (10 Uncertain
terms last night by T. Gilbert Poarsdh, j
of New YorU, secretary of the National
A udubon Society, who spoke In the
auditorium of the John Marshall High ,
School, under the auspices uf the Vir- j
glhla Auduhon Society.
Many species of the feathered tribes, j
the lecturer said, arc fast becoming I
extinct because of tho troinondous mar-'
kel for tho sal., of plumage created .
especially in Nc.v York and Paris by
the millinery trade which Is endeavor?
ing to satisfy the tastes of the so
called modish women.
Mini* Tliorc to Ilenr.
Numerous aigrettes and feathers were 1
seen in the hats of the large number
of members of tho fair sex who wer
present last night to hear Mr. Pear?
In connection with thl? feature of:
his remarks the speaker referred main
ly to the slaughter of the beautiful
show heron', which produces tlto '
aigrette only during the season when j
it. Is pursing its young.
Mr. Pearson pointed out that when
the female Is killed ,by the hunters to
supply the marts of the big metrop?
olis for "fine feathers." the young
starve to death.
Ho brought but this point more j
strongly by the use of stereoptlcon !
views, taken from actual photographs. I
lie first showed the heron feeding Its j
young. The small birds were next
depicted dead in their nest, while the
I bird picture was that of Ihn dead
mother lying in ri pool of blood on
the ground whore it had beeil thrown
after being stripped of its feathers by
the hunters.
I.iiwk to Protect tJulls.
The slaughter of seagulls to aid In
the bcnutlf icattoii of women was also
deplored by Mr. Pearson, who de?
scribed In 'detail how the killing of
these birds which hunt the coasts of
this country was brought about and
followed tip to such it grout*extent thai
nearly all of the States alone; the At?
lantic coast have enacted laws making
it it misdemeanor to kill thorn, (lulls. 1
ho said, were scavengers of the sea. as
vultures were scavengers of the land, j
The establishment of national reset-- ;
vatlons in various sections ?-f tho eoun-j
try. where wild bird IPe i? perpetuated,
was spoken of at length. Many views
of bird life on these reservations were ,
The pictures shown were taken in
all parts of North A merles., but referred j
mainly to this country, whore the Au
duhon Society Is endeavoring to restore!
almost extinct types.
Mr. Pearson opened his address by ?
stating thai there are is.hod known
I species of birds In the world, in this
i country there are 1,100 different
varieties. in Virginia will be found
rtlC; In North Carolina, 331; in West
Virginia, 215; ami In Florida, .':"u>. The
latter State hns more varieties of wild
fowl than any State in tho IT n Inn.
The True Pportsninii.
Mr. Pearson also paid his respects to
"There is no true sportsman who
gets his fun by the ,loy of killing. The
true sportsman secures his pleasure In
hunting. 1 admire ? good sportsman.
To hunt does a man good. Hut tho
man who thinks only of a big game
bag is not a sport."
The speaker continued: "The time
has come when American wild game,
birds are worth more living than dead.
Pead, they have a common market
\ ;? I u--. and may be sohl as so many
potatoes or so much lard. But what
property Is not improved by a game
reservation? The farmer should be ono
of the first to aid in the protection of
"I went to emphasize the fact that
the Auduhon Society is not a. senti?
mental Organization. It believes in the
protection of the birds, but has noth?
ing a gains I Hie huntsman who is a
huntsman. Tts main object is to strive
for the protection of birds that the
various species may not become ex?
A large andlonce heard Mr. Pearson,
who was Introduced by Captain Jen?
nings C. Wise.
IMiui |> to llnve Ml U11 nurnetiirers Help
Build Cji F.xhlhit.
Chairman T. M. Car ringt on, of the
Chamber of Commerce business enter?
prise commit lee. yesterday mailed let?
ters to manufacturers of the city who
are members of the chamber, urging
them to take active interest in the
proposed manufacturers'' exhibit, and
Inclosing application blanks on which
they will designate the space desired:
As soon as sufficient replies are re?
ceived to these letters to guarantee
the establishment of th< exhibit, a
committee will lie appointed 10 provide
quarters and make arrangements for
the opening. A member of the business
enterprise committee said yesterday
thai from the interest shown the
scheme would be put through in a
short while.
( Ircult Court of Appeal?.
The United States t Ircuit Court of
Appeals reconvened yesterday morning
at II O'clock, with Circuit Judges Goff
and Pritchard and District, Judges
Brawley, Dayton and Connor In st
; ep ja nce.
Yesterday being conference day.
there were no cases in the call for
argument, but th?. court held a eon
ferenco session on cases heretofore
argued and submitted to It.
The following case will he in the cal]
f?"r argument to-day.
No, ret The Baker-Whitele.y Coal
Company, appellant, vs. Baltimore and
Ohli Railroad Company, appellee; ap?
peal from the Circuit Court at Bal?
timore, Md To be renrgued by j. r.
McLannhan and Joseph C. Franco, of
Baltimore, Md., for the appellant, and
by II. I:. Preston and I;. Marsden
Smith, of Baltimore, Md., for tlio ap
I pellee,
Heferred t<? Special Cluster.
?Bulge Edmund Waddlll, Jr., In the
United States Circuit rj->urt. yesterday
named Claude M. T'ean special master
to ascertain the ownership of the copy?
right 01 ihe ritual of the Improved,
Benevolent and Protective Order of
Klks of the World. This is the out
eonic of the case of James K. Mills,
Colored, trustee and grand exalted
itder of the order against J. Frank
VVItealon, whle.li mew out of internal
f riet ion
The Man Who Pntronlzea
Every place on the strre: except the
bank sure to ahvays* remain poor.
V! 00 will start vou in the right way.
1117 East Main Street.
Hearing on Petition of Railways
to Be Begun To-Day Be?
fore Commission.
Will Continue Work for Military
Records?School for Artil?
lery Officers.
or great Importance to nil manufac?
turers of and wholesale ?leolers in
stoves will be the bearing to bo gin this
morning nt 11 o'clock boforo the state j
Corporation Commission. The South- ;
eru Railway Company is the primary j
petitioner, bavins: been Joined by sev?
eral oth<?r roads, th- object being to
secure an order requiring .ill stoves
shipped in less tban carload lots to
be crated;
Heretofore no such provision has ob- |
taincd. Small shipments of stoves are. I
made, the practice being to fasten the
parts together with wires. .Makers ana
shipper? contend that the requirement
of crating will add to the cost of pro?
duction and the cos! of handling, and
will ultimately Increase th^ price to
the consumer. Various stove makers
and dealers will be represented at the
hearing by counsel.
l.oa.N from llrcnknsre.
im the other hand, the railroads sa.v j
they are subjected to unreasonable ex- j
penses caused by breakage of stoves i
when riot crated. They argue that tll?
cost of crating is really small, and |
that tlie greater safety will more than;
compensate for the expense.
It was the Impression yesterday ;i t j
the offices of the commission that ther?:
will i>e no further postponement, but
that tin- hearing will be begun to-day.
its duration Is*probhin?tleal, although
a large amount of testimony Is lrri
In addition, the case of the Norfolk
Brick and Tile Compan> comes before
the commission this morning. This
concern, which \$ chartered la West
Virginia, is cited to appear and show
cause why it should not he lined for
fa 11 tire to secure license to do business
in this State. Such hearings are usual?
ly disposed of in a few moments.
issistniit Srcrcliiry t*l* Record* to Itc
DinIll ThrmiKli Summer. |
Although the ofllce of secretary of
Virginia Military Records will termin?
ate oh March 1, under the law as
nass- d by the last Legislature, the
services of W. Sam Burnley, now as?
sistant secretary, will be retained for
six months longer. The work of col?
lecting Confederate data will go after I
March I under the supervision of Ad
Jutant-Gcrieral W. \V. Sale, and ho has
previously announced that he would
appoint Colonel J, V. Ridgood, the pros- I
cm secretary, to till the clerkship. Mr
Burnley will he assistant clerk until
September 1. to continue the trans?
cript Ion of the rosters which are al
most daily being secured.
The fact that an arrangement of this
sort bn.s been made Is giving pleasure !
to the officials at the Capitol.
Artillery Coninmtidrr!? Will Co tn Fori
Hiley in .Mine.
Most of the Held artillery officers In
Virginia will again attend the school
at Fort Rlloy, Kansas, during the coin?
ing summer. A letter received yester?
day from the Bureau of Militia Af?
fairs requests Adjutant-General Salo
for information as to how many of the
Officers will he in attendance during
the course of instruction from .tune 1
to .tune jf,. Genorai Sale at om-o ad- j
dressed a letter to Major T. M. Worth- ,
am. commanding t he field artillery,
asking for information on this sub?
Major Wortham said yesterday that
he believed nearly nil of the officers
will go to the school. Thirteen of the
nineteen in this State went to Fort
Uiley last year, some of them staying
tor the full period of thirty days. This
State had a larger proportionate at?
tendance than any other in the coun?
try; The (, tin-ors were immensely
pleased with the knowledge gained
there, which has become manifest in
the grading In the correspondence
school being conducted by Captain Jen?
nings c. Wise?, the bnttallon adjutant
Schedule A n noun ceil for Serien of
Fnrmprfi' In*f Hufe*.
Schedules for the farmers' Institute
trip over the Chesapeake and Ohio
were, announced yesterday by the De?
partment of Agriculture. This is part
of the lonp series of farmers' meet?
ings begun last week on the Eastern
Shore, ami to last until April 1. The
lectures will he on the following sub?
jects: "Soil Improvement." "Potatoes
as a Money Crop." "Corn?Inoreaalng
Yield Without Additional Coat," "Care
of the Orchard."
This week the meetings are as fol?
lows: Princess Anne Courthons? yes
tnrdrjy: Boyklns. to-day; TV'nkefleld.
Wednesday; Waverly. Thursday; Dls
putanta. Fridav: Prince George Court?
house. Saturday.
The Chesapeake and Ohio will run
a special train, with the following
Monday, rebruary 27?Irwin, 9:30 A
M . DUlwyn, 2 P. >r.
Tuesday. February 28?Scottsville.
f>:30; Bnena Vista, 2:30.
March 1?-Buchanan, 0:80; Orlskany,
1 P. M.; New Cast lei 2:15.
March 2?Oovington, 0:30; Stnun
ton, 2.
March 3?Medium's River, 0:30; Gor- .,
donstvlile, 2.
March 4?Palmyra, all day.
March S?-Louisa, 0:30; Hanover, 2.
March 7?Tea no. 0:30; Morrisons, 2.
Accused lien Taken to Ohio.
A requisition was granted yesterday
by the Governor on Tequest of Gover?
nor Judson A. Harmon, of Ohio, for
Charles Johnson and L. J. Clarke, who
were arrested In Richmond a few flays
ago on the charge of having stolen
goods In their possession. The men
have been Indicted nt fronton foi
burglary and housebrcaking.
Improvement* for Spring*.
An amendment issued yesterday to
the White Sulphur Springs' charter In?
crease.; h-s capital stock from ?50,000
to $1,000,000.' The purpose Is not stated
In the amendment, but is covered In
the .-harter, which admits of ex ten
r.Jon/j and improvements to the prop
erty. which Re; In Greenbrler county
W. V*.
Shippers Protest Against Pro?
posed Tariff of Express
Representative of Interstate
Commerce Commission Is
Presiding Here.
Special Examiner Need ham. of the
interstate Commerce Commission, took
depositions yesterday In the Federal
court room in coti.nec.tlun with th? pe?
tition of s. ti. clarkeand otherss *.ilri~f
the Southern Express Company, where?
in it is desired to restrain the latter
land sixteen other companies, with two
additional concurring, from increasing
; the rales on liquor shipments. The
petition 1* Supported by nlnetyrthrec
mall order houses In Virginia, of which
'twenty-throe are located in Richmond,
i Intervening with Clarke 1= the Na?
tional Wholesale Liquor Dealers' As?
sociation and the National M ill Order
A ssbcla t Ion.
The express companies last August
issued a Tiew classification, which In
I ofeiised rates on liquor shipments. At
that lime it was set forth that the new
schedules would he effective October
i l. linn. Another step taken by the
carriers was to require different caf
i tons in which bottles ;<nd jug."? ;,r,> con
j talned from those now In vogue.
I Got HoMtrnlitlntr Order,
j "Both changes were unsatisfactory to
I the liquor Interests, and the Interstate
Commerce Commission was petitioned
! for an order to restrain the eriforco
i men; of the proposed i ecu la t Ions pend?
ing final judgment Iii the ease. This
j was granted.
One of the main poln'.n the liquor
nie? are lighting is as to the accopt
nnrc of consign nichts of liquor at ac
! thai weight. Cor instance, a carton
! containing a gallon of whiskey aver
1 ages nhout eicht pounds, move or l^ss.
I The express companies want to have
I thi.? paekaare always accepted as ten
pounds. other sizes, is proposed,
I will operate alone the same graduated
\\'11nesses for the respondents yes
ierdhy admitted that the liquor Inter?
ests agreed to place Jug shipments In
square containers, thai they might he
i stacked In car'.. Rare jugs, it wan
pointed out. could not bo placed one
upon another. The express men main?
tain that the cartons now in vogue
are not substantial enough to hear th<
strain, hut also that they are n. blsr
Improvement over the old method of
shipping whiskey In Jugs
Concern* Tnlic i'nrf.
The express companies involved in?
clude Adams. American. Canadian,
Northt.ru, Globe; Great Northern. Long
Isla id; Mara time. Newfoundland. New
Yo k and Roston Despatch, Northern,
Rnclfle, c.,nt|lr.rrii (??, v\, States. Wells
Fargb, Western. i-ifC. the Dominion
and Halifax and Southwestern Rail?
road, express department, concurring.
s. r,. Clarke, the petitioner. Is a mem?
ber of the firm of H. Clarke ?- Com?
pany, liquor dealers, of Richmond. Hn
Is represented by Attorney G. A Han?
son. Herbert Jackson, of Cincinnati,
represents tiie i wo assoc.)int ions. j, j,
Patterson, Jr. of New York; Attorney
Fields, of Chattanooga, Tonn., and
Judge Robert T. Hough, of Washingt
ton. D. C, are counsel for the respon
d en t s.
In view of the fact that tlm com?
mission kept the new rates from ho
comlng effective, thf burden of proof
to show why they would not he a dis?
crimination Is upon the express com?
Only thre?, witnesses for the respon?
dents were examined yesterday, and It
is likely that the hearing will consume
so nie time.
It will he resumed this moraine at
10 o'clock.
srnxKv sciiooti patrons
to iioui .mass mf.rrilNO
P>ll??vinp ihn: the Sidney P^-hoo! has b?<Mi
sndiy neglected |>y (),,. School Board, a m?M
meotiriR looking towards the establishment
of a now building will be "held by citizens
<?f that section to-night at S:?n0 viock in
Methodist Church, Rowland ami Ch af?
fin Stroits. Kot Ices have been sent to par?
ents of children attending this school urg.
lnp ih.'ir presence. A committee In charge
of the meeting linn secured several promi?
nent; men to speak. Thr- committee is com?
posed of the. following members; c. E.
Chandler. .1. M. Kvmiim. I.. IC. Dusser, W.
Scott. hZ. C. 'Woodward, C. H. Donaway
and L>. T. Rranch.
(iOVER-NOH TO spf.ak at
colokki? fair tonight
Oovornor Mann wlil speak to-nlpht at the
openlnp of a ten days' fair In the <;iol>r.
Theatre for the benefit of the Women's
League Hospital, colored. School Superin?
tendent .1. A. C. Chandler has arranged to
hav<- 105 colored pupils sdng at the oppn
ini? night. Mayor rtlcbardson hail arranged
to make an address next Monday night.
, .Iuvenile Protective .Meeting.
Tne paasage of new laws at the last sos
sl<in of the (leneral Assembly has ???::> ;.?.??!
the entire s'tojie of the work of Hie .Iuvenile
Protective Association and the creation. of
piibllc sentiment to apply the. laws In sav?
ing Children through the. probation system
and Juvenile court will he the question
discussed to-night at the annual meeting
which will take place In Murphy s Hotel.
The meeting, which is open to the nub
he, will begin at :?> o'clock.
Wnnted In Suffolk.
Charles Brown, alias Smith, colored,
arrested here a few days ago on sus?
picion by Detective Sergeant Wiltshire,
is wanted in Stiff oik, according to a
telegram received yesterday by Major
Werner. Ho may also be wanted in
Boydton for stealing a watch.
Boy Vi KM or.
Charles Johnson, seventeen years
old. was reported yesterday to he miss?
ing from his home, 120 Wept t'ary j
Street. When last seen lie wore a'
grey suit with short trousers.
Mnrrlnge IdoenaeB.
Marriage licenses were issued yes?
terday in the Hustings Court to the
following couples: John E. Simmons
and Viola Perkins and Francis Byrd
Winston, of Hanover county, and Kate
Harris Wren;
Docket Culled.
The docket was called yesterday in
the Law and Equity Court and a num?
ber of cases sot for trial.
Spoke to Fanners.
Governor Mann and Secretary of the
Commonwealth B. O. James attended a
meeting of farmers in Goochlnnd coun?
ty yesterday.
No Cooking
Just add a little Cream or
Milk, and
is ready to cat.
Meat! "The Road to Wcllvillo,"
in pkgs.
"There's n Reason."
the Darnless Kind
HOLEPROOF HOSIERY in boxes of six pairsf
guaranteed for six months. All sizes, all weights,
all colors. The ultimate Hosiery for men; women
and children.
Gans-Rady Company
ec Camp Adopts New Consti?
tution?Will Meet Only
Once a Year.
Deciding to abolish monthly meet?
ings, to hercaftor meet only once a
year?oh Secession Day?and to loayo
Its affairs with the executive commit?
tee at all other times, R, R. Lee Camp,
No, I. Sons of Confederate Veterans',
last night ndopfd a hew constitution
and by-laws. Officers wore elected to
servo until April 17 next, when the lirst
annual meeting tinder tho new rule3
will lie held.
Tho work of revising th? constitu?
tion and by-laws 01" tho camp ha- been
in the hands of a committee composed
of John B. Lightfoot, Jr.. R. Leslie
Sponce. .tr.. and B. B. Morgan. This
committee made its report lust night.
Tlie executive committee is hereafter
to be composed of twelve members,
tlv*> of whom are tho principal olllcers.
It is 10 meet not less than four times
a year, and pfteuer when occasion re?
Hlg Secession Ony Mrctlng.
It Is planned to have a rousing
meeting on April 17. when the memo?
ries of the men who freight for tho
Confederacy will be honored. The
spirit of lant night's meeting was that
the camp ?hall in yearH to come ho ti
largo hotly, keeping green the memo?
ries of their fathers when the latter
are no more.
Hoher! I.eeky, Jr., proposed an addi?
tional article to the by-laws, provid?
ing for keeping the records of the eamp
and itv merhbers in a'fireproof place,
Oils being accepted j,v the committee.
The adoption of a new constitution
having vacated ail offices, the ramp elect
i cd (he following to nerve until April
17 next. only. J. Singleton Walker,
! commander; Goorge B. Keesce, first
i lieu tenant-commander; George D. Mor
. gan. second lieutenant-commander: I.
? M. Warren, secretary. R. P. ''ox.
treasurer; P. P. Rennlo, chaplain; Kxe
(cutlve Committee?five principal otll
' c.-rs and B. it. .Morgan. John B. Light
' foot, Jr.. A. B. Gulgon, J. B. Robb, R.
1 Leslie Spenco, Jr., John Latnlstroet and
j Uobert Lccky, Jr.
! Corporations Munt Report on I'nrnlucx \
to Government.
j Two weeks remain for the corpora."
j 11ort^ or Virginia to make a report of
their groHR and net earnings to the
I United States Internal Revenue Depart-?
, mont, otherwise they will tif. subjected
j to a severe penalty. This la necessary
j in order that they may be asssed for
' the corporation tax. which is due. be- |
? fore July |.
The law provides that all concerns!
which com? under the tax which have ,
i not filed tlieir report before March 1 I
; with the ofTiro of their respective col-I
lection districts, will he subjected to
a fine of $10,000. This tremendous fine
is looked upon by many as absurd; but
! nevertheless it is the punishment pre-,
i scribed by Congress for all dolih
| quehclcs.
j It was said yesterday that the re
j port? ttave not been coming in as
I inptdly as had ho?n hoped This moans
i iliat there will be a great Infi tlx of
I reports from corporations throughout
I the Second Virginia Collection District
i during the next two weeks. It will
mean much overtime work for the de
? puties in tite office of Collector M. K.
Lb wry.
Annual Reception.
i The annual roccpl'pn of the congre
I gatlon of the Church of the Moly
; Trinity will be held in the parish house
on Wednesday, February 1"., from S
to 10:30 P. M.
The object of these gatherings is to
bring the merqbers in closer touch with
each other and to advance the best in?
terests of the church work In the
parish. A pleasant evening Is promised
to all who attend.
Ward Plans to Construct Line to I
Northern Neck if Rich?
mond Will Aid.
In reply to a letter written by Vice
president T. M. Carrington. of the
Chamber of Commerce, asking if the
City Council could legally appropriate
j a sum of money to the proposed stand?
ard gauge railroad from Wicomlco, In
Northumberland county, to Doswell. a
few miles out of the city at the Junc?
tion of the Richmond, Frederlcksburg
and Potomac Railway and the Chesa?
peake and Ohio Railway. Mayor Rich?
ardson yesterday enclosed an opinion
of the City Attorney to the effect
that auch an appropriation would not
be legal and that the money would
have to be secured through subscrip?
tions. The amount asked from the city
by C. M. Ward, who is promoting the
venture, is $150.000, and the estimated
cost of the entire road Is 31,500.000.
Tn hin lettor to the Mayor, Mr. Car?
rington gave the. route and called at?
tention to the fact that. It would open
for this city a territory from which
there now comes little trade, hut which
contains nearly 100,000 inhabitants.
Mr. Ward several times appeared be?
fore committees of the chamber, and
has explained that should an amount
of money bo appropriated to his pro?
ject it was his desire that it be placed
In the hands of competent trustees
and not to bo used until the road was
completed and in operation. The fund
would be used in part to pay the in- I
forest on tho cost of tho road for the
first two years, as during that time il
is not expected to bo solf-sustalning.
Though ruling that the city could
not contribute to tho road according
to the. terms of the charter, the Mayor
stated that both he and City Attorney
Pollard 'heartily approved of opening
up the new country, and that Mr. Pol?
lard would agree to subscribe $500. lie
was of tho opinion that the amount
could be readily procured through pub?
lic-spirited citizens. Up to this lime
Mr. Carrington lias not made-any ar?
rangements to raise the money, but the
matter probably will he taken up by
him and Mr. Ward through tho Cham?
ber of Commerce.
Free Hospital, Which Has Been
Operated for 23 Years, to
Observe Anniversary.
Tn oommemorn tlon of the Iwohty
thlrd anniversary] of tho foundation < ?
the Sheltering Arm? Hospital, appro?
priate exorcises will take, plnro at thai!
institution to-morrow noon, when th?
annual mooting- takes place. Proparu
tlom have been made for elaborate ex?
ercises. Tho hospital will h<; open for
tin inspection by tho public.
Rev. William Mcailo Clark, r?. P. Rev
James V. Fair, P I>. f?r. E. N". Callsch.
K6v. .'. Rylahd Knight. P. D? and Pr.
Slovens ! 11 participate in the core
j monies. Music will ho under the dlrec
I lion of Mrs. Conway florrion. Tho eho't
I of St. James Rpiscopal Church will
I ?ing.
I Twenty-throe years ago to-day Mrs.
j Rebckah Dulanoy Pelerkln founded the
.Sheltering Arms. Sltict that time this
? Institution has ear eil only for patients
j who were unable to pay physicians*
1 fees ami for hospital treatment. This
j hospital is the only one of its kind in
I the State. So money whatsoever is
I accepted from any patient. Cm ae
j count of If. aim and object, It is bocom
: Ing widely known Many distressing
cases of men and women, almost deatl
j tute and tmahle to pay doctors, ha va
j been successfully treated;
>>*?) Putlentn llnve to Pay;
No charge u th,\iie for anything.
Physicians who practice liiere are not
permitted to acecpt any money front
the patlr.nts. TI0-. wno wlah ?o h?
I paid for their professional services srt
nor permitted ?0 brhur their patients la
tin Sheltering Arm?. Mi nosers of th?
hospital can always ?fruro \).? service's
of the best doctors for patients who
I a re unable to secure them for Ihcm?
I selves.
1 Last year lit Rlehtnor.d rtieni*r<er.? ,lt
tlie medley) fraternity practiced there
Tlie patients tcoated numbered 3r<&. Tin
actual number of day's treat ment given
wns ?.'IC<R. There arc forty beds in tho
j various room". At prenont there are
i ten private rooms and six wards. Every
hod Is now filled, aii<i there are numer?
ous applicants oh tho waiting list for
ad mit taneo.
1 The cos I of maintaining this ? heri?
table Institution last year was approxi?
mately JS.OOO. The most stringent
economy is practiced, although '-very
order looking towards the welfare of
an inmate |? faithfully fulfilled.
The King's Daughters form the nu?
cleus to the work, and the Interest and
Influence of the members of this organ?
ization is the main support of the work.
The addition of a raw win?. al n cost
of about $20,000, lust year, placed th?t
Sheltering Arms in the ranks of the
best hospitals In Virginia. The hoard
of managers is highly grntifted and en
cotiraged over th" success of the pa^t
twelve months.
Miss Mary Proaddus Is superintend?
ent She Is in charge of eleven nurses
In the senior. Intermediate and junior
Hodv lln-i *Vot Yet Deehled on Moving
to Mrniorlnl institute.
Preparation of working drawings for
the Confederate Memorial Institute in
now in progress. Kae.h final detail hat
not as yet been worked mil, anil this
Will consume a good deal of time.
Lee Camp of Confederate Veterans,
for instance, has nol as yet acted on
the request of tlie executive committee)
of lite Confederate Memorial Associa?
tion regarding the placing of Its por?
trait gallery in the new building, If
this Is to be done, It is desired to make
arrangements In the beginning.
The camp has aho been Invited to
have a permanent mooting place in the
Institute, which must be drafted In tho
nines' Officers* School.
Officers" school was taught at ths
Rlue' Armory last night by Major P.
W. Howies, all the officers of the bat?
talion being present. Map tending,
which Is so prominently to the fore
now In War Department work, Is helng
especially considered at the monthly
officers' schools of Instruction.
Arrives for Prisoners.
.1 R. Rice, an officer o'f Iron ton. O..
arrived here yesterday with requisition
papers for Charles Johnson and L, J.
Clarke, who were arrested here some
days ago on suspicion of having a lot
of stolen clothes in their possession.
M'ho property was identified by P>etee
tlvo Sergeant Wiley on his recent trip
to West Virginia an having been stolen
from a leading store in Ironton
G. ML Co.'s
Gordon Metal Co.?
Richmond, Va.
Every kind of Uimber wanted bf

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