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sh.au go tho dinner into n breakfast if
It was necessary to pass the bill.
]u Support of Hill.
The final vote t>y which tho bill was
tassed was ;>s follows:
for the bill?Republicans: Alexan?
der, of New York; Anthony, Austin.
Uarohfeld, Barnard, Bartholdt, liing
\iam. Boutell. Burke, of Pennsylvania;
Butler, Caldcr, Cary, Cussldy, Cocks.
Cooper. of Pennsylvania; Cooper, of
Wisconsin; Crumpackcr, Den'oy, Doug?
las, Draper, Durey. Pish, Poss. Garner,
of Pennsylvania. Gillctte, Graff, Greene,
Gricst, Ile.ald, Henry, of Connecticut;
Hlggins. Hill, Hinshaw, llolllngswoiih,
liowlund, Hubbard, of Iowa; Kincnid,
of Nebraska; Know land. K ron miller.
Ivusterinann, Lufcah, Daw, l^awl'ericc,
Long worth. Mi fall. MoCrcary. Mc
Ct'edic, MeKlhlay, of California; Mc?
Kinley, of Illinois; AlcKinncyi Madden,
Madison. Mann. Massey, Miller. Of Kan?
sas, Miller, of Minnesota; Moon, of
Pennsylvania; Morehead. Need ha in, Nye,
Olmstead, Parker, Parsons. Polndox
ter, Roberts, Rodenberg, SI em p. Staf?
ford, Stevens. Stilloway. Taylor, of
Ohio; Tilsbn, Vrecland. Weeks. Wiley,
W il.-on. of Illinois; Voting, of Michigan;
and Young. 01 New York?Total. IS.
De moo ra ts-- A d a I r, Aduiiison; 'Aikeh,
Alexander, of Missouri; Anderson. Ans
ben'y, Ash brook. I tarn ha rd, Rartlett, of
Georgia; Bartlett, of Nevada: Beuil.
of Texas: Reil, ol Georgia; Roehne,"
Rooher, norland. Rowers, Hrantlvy.
Burgess, Burnett, Hyrd, Ryrns; Cun
dler. Cantrill, Carlln, Carter, Clark, bf
Florida; Clark, of Missouri; Clayton,
Cline. Collier, Coiiroy, Covliigtdu, Cox,
? u Indiana; Cox, of Ohio. Craig,
Cravens, Ctdloh, Dent, Deiner. Dick?
inson, Dickson, Dies. Dlxon, of Indi?
ana; Daniel a Driscon, Dupre, Ho?
wards, of Georgia: liJIlorbe; Fcrrlsi
Pi nicy. Fitzgerald, Flood, Floyd, Fos?
ter. 6f lilhiols: Gallagher. Garner, of
Texas. Garrett. Glllesple, Glass, God- j
win. Goldfoglo, Gordon, Graham, of
lilinoU; Cregg; llainlll- itnmlln. Hard-,
Avi.-k. Hardy, Harrison. Havens. Hay,
Ilollln, Heini, Henry, of Texas: Hitch?
cock; I lobson, Houston, Hugh, of
Georgia: Hughe?, of New Jersey:
Hull, or Tennessee: Humphreys, of
Mississippi Jahies v. Jamison,
Johnson. of Kentucky . Johnson,
of South Carolina; Jones, Kell her,
Kinkead, of New Jersey: Kliehlh,
Korblv, Lamb, Lntta. Lee, DeGaiCj
Lever, Lively; Lloyd. McDermott, Me?
li? rv. Ma on, Maguire, Martlivof Col?
orado: Mac.-. Mitchell. Moon, of Ten?
nessee; .Morrison. Moss. Nieholls.
t VOqnnoll. Oldfleld, Padgett. Page.
Criers. Poii. Rainey. Rauch. Reld,
Robinson. Roddenberry, Rucker. of
.Missouri; Snunders, Shuekelfbrd, Sharp.
- eppard. Shoiiey. Sherwood, Sims.
Slsson, Slayden. Small. Smith. of
Texas: Sparknian. Stanley; Stephens,
Tradol', of Alabama: Taylor, of Colo?
rado; Thomas, of Kentucky: Thomas,,
? ?: North Carolina: Ton Volle, Turn
bull. Pndcrwood. Watkins. Weisse and
WlcklllTc. Total 113?in all 221.
A gains! the Rill.
Those voting against the measure
Republican? ? Bonnet, of New York;
Bradley, Burke, of South Dakota; Bur
ley. Campbell, Chapman. Cole. Co wies.
? reager, Currier. Dal/.ell, Davidson,
Oavlsi Dawsoti, Dbdds. Dwitrht. Kllis.
Klvins, Ehglebiight. Esch, Falrchiltl,
Fasset t. Pocht. Fordney, Foster, of
Vermont; Fuller, Gullies. Gardner, of
Massachusetts; Gardner; of New Jer?
sey; Goebel, Good, Graham, of Penn?
sylvania ; Grant, Guernsey. Hamcr,
iianna. Hangen. Uawlcy, Hayes, Hull,
of Iowa; Humphrey. Of Washington; j
Kolter, Kendall. Kennedy, of Iowa.
Kennedy, of Ohio; Knapp. Koph. Lang
ham. Lenroot, Lindbergh. Loudenslager,
Louden. Lundin, McLuchlnn, .McLaugh?
lin. Malby, Martin, of South Dakota;
Monde!!, Moore, of Pennsylvania; Mor?
gan, of Missouri; Morgan, of Okla?
homa ; Morse, Moxley, Nelson. Norris,
Oleott. Picket t. Plumley. Pratt, Pray,
Prince. Reeder. Scott. Simmons. Smith,
of Iowa; Sun pp. Sonthwyek, Steoner
sbh, Steriing. Sway soy, Thist lewood,
Thomas, of Ohio; Volstead, Wanger,
Washburn, Wheeler, Woods, of Iowa ?
Total ST.
Democrat*? Broussardj Fstoplnnl.
I lammond, Pu.jo. Webb.?Total r.. in
all. !}2.
\riillir> O (Heers Appreciate A nine of
Last Mini mer's School.
In response to the letter sent him
by Adjutant-General Sale, Major T. M.
\\*ortham, commander of tl c Virginia
Field Artillery, has written to the oill
L'Crs of his command urging them to
Minke application at otice for detail to
httentl the school of instruction foi
artillery nlliccrs at Fort Riley in June
"The wbndcrfnl bcnciit." taiys M.ijoi
Wort ha nt In his hut er. '.'derived from
1 i.e llrst school :it Fort ill ley is loo well
known to lay stress on lere, and the
opportunities to he gained by this
course of Instruction are too valuable
jioi to take advantage of."
The War Department has expressed
?its pleasure at the results of the cor?
respondence school of instruction be
conducted in Virginia by Captain
Iciitiings C. Wise, the battalion adju?
tant. The marks reach more than
ninety in every Instance. The subjects
covered are hippology. topography,
an Ration ,??; >rd 11 :t u,c c, gunning, pre para
tion and- er-nriueA* of tire and all the
;? 1 essary mathematics.
Mrs Alice Lee's Life Saved, but She
Threaten* to Tr> Again.
Lr Harsiibargcrj of Cue City Ambu?
lant- Corps, was called last night to
attend Mrs Alice Lee, of 120 North
Twentieth Street; whd -was suffering
from the effects of laudanum poisoning.
The physician was met at the door by
1 he woman's husband, who said that
Mrs Lre hod taken only a small quan?
tity, Treatment was administered by
i'r llarshbarger, and Mrs:. Lee sonp re".
OV. ..1 from tlie effects of {he drug.
Rut slm said that she would take, jaiid
iniim again.
rn Person?, KnoWti to Mr Dead and
others Probnld? Hurled in Wreckage!.
Coiirvilie; France. Ff brtiary 11.
f" Pf rsons are known to he dead and
'thers are helieveil to he buried In tip)
'.',V' as ' '"-'il' of a rolli'sl??
. asch occiirrej. near here to-night on
n - wf-Tin section of the state RaRi
'VwT, '"''.T'""^ {"': ,,,,r!s 5,11,1
r ;V 'i ?-S i J-in-ultanciiusly into ;,
' 'In?' lv-blcli wa>? being nlde
,? ' wreok.|ge Immediately
fitudclutker Curporatlo. Max,. fn,?|.
till fcitoek "f 9-15,UliO,000.
Trenton. N'. .1., February 1 !. -Tne
SttidcbaVe:- Corjioration. N-it'.i an au
thbrizoil capital of ?15,oo6.0(iO; wa? in
: orporatf d In t he oillcc of uui:..Secre?
tary of Slate here- Ib-daM;
The corporation is formed id pur
ehase the proocrty ar.,i asfets id the
Studcbiiker Manufaettu ing (.roinpaiiy
of South Rend. Ind., ;, edncerii devoled
to the manufacturing of carriages, wn
MetsgerrFland'eri! Companv ^a'ii d^bto"
mobile concern of tietroit.
Little baflss, modi u m size
bags, large bags. For Shop?
ping, short trip or world-wido
jou nieys.
For little pooplr; and big
poople?men and women.
Time yet. to sup^ly your va?
cation needs from this big sale
of travelers' goods.
$5.00 Bafts dropped to. $3.50!
$6.00 Bafts dropped to. $4.00 |
$7.50 Bafts dropped to. $5.00
$9.00 Bafts dropped to. $6.00
$12.00 Bafts dropped to. $8.00
$14.00 Bafts dropped to.$10.00
$18.00 Bafts dropped to.$12.00
$20.00 Bafts dropped to.$14.00
$25.00 Bafts dropped to.$18.00
$30.00 Bafts dropped to.$22.00
$4.00 Suit Cases dropped to.. $2.75
$7.50 Suit Cases dropped to.. $5.00
$9.00 Suit Cases dropped to.. $6.00
$14.00 Suit Cases dropped to..$10.00
$15.00 Suit Cases dropped to. .Sil.00
$18.00 Suit Cases dropped to..$12.00
$20.00 Suit Cases dropped to. .$16.00
$22.00 Suit Cases dropped to. .$18.00
Trunks, too.
(Continue.! From First Page.)
miles west, which until recently has
been occupied by Federals, but now is
either undefended or garrisoned by a
very small force.
From Chihuahua conies a report that
the rebels have burned si bridge near
.Innre?., which had been recently re?
constructed by the repair train in
which General Navarre is proceeding
Northward; causing a further delay in I
the resumption of train service on the
north end of tic Mexican Central.
To Protect Important Work.
Washington, D. C, February 11.?
The .state Department has given per?
mission for the passage through
American territory of a body of Mexi?
can guards to protect the employes j
and materials along the dike, now be?
ing constructed to control the Colo- i
rado River. The guards will be gath- j
ei'C.d up in Lower California, and it is j
desired to send them across the line by
way of Vula, Arizona, re-entering
.Mexican territory in the neighborhood
of Mexicnli, which town Is reported
to he now in tlie hands of the insur?
gents. It is promised, however, that
the Mexican guards shall not bo used
offensively, bill .'imply to protect tho
river improvement \vorkfl which are
being prosecuted' In Srosico by Ameri?
can engineers.
Aonoem-? ltddlsh Tiny.
Illjoti?"Sis llopkliui."
Lubln?Vuudct lllc.
Uernhnrdt tin- KupeiMVnhuiu.
Some twenty years ago. in the idd
Richmond Theatre, appeared the mar
ilous Sarah Rernhardl, oven then
nearer fifty years of age than forty,
crowned v. -Ith the laurel of a world?
wide fame. Yesterday this wondnt
woman played again in Richmond, at
the Academy of Mmiic, thi,s tiinc nearer
to seventy than sixty, und surrounded
with the aura of an Incredible youth.
From the dreamy musings and un?
earthly visions ot the glorious Maid
of France, In her purity and exalta?
tion, lb the wild passion, hitter re?
nunciation pitiful death of the
laughter-ioving llglil woman of Pari.-,
this marvel played the s,calo of human
fueling and dramatic expression.
In the afternoon she appeared In
doublet ami liose, "a dauntless, brave,
Utile figure in gray," uplifted by an
fildding faith In her Heaven-sent inlsr
slop, defying her eneinIes, I higllsh and
Freitch. dUring torture by tin pincers
?and the ihumli-scroiv and going to
her death at the. ftake, condemned by
her merciless Inquisitor;-, and all with
a frlglttonoil feminity that went
straight to (he hoarl of even the vasi
j majority witp could only edich a word,
to p!ira:-o, here and there .\t night
j she wa- -she did not play, site v. a ? -
i Marguerite Ciaujicr. "Camille," a.- she
jis generally known, light; careless,
wicked, doubtles^. but bravo aid
. truthful ami loyal, ahd. again; going
1 to martyrdom f<-r the sake of what
she behoved to be right. And itlwavs,
n every situation, tit every point, she
was the consummate art 1st. the <n
spired :r-nius. the superlative act res?
ol the rigc What If *h,n did move with
! cart about the - t;.i;eV What if she
1 did linger near a table, a eotioh or a
! chair, or touch the hand or the urn:
j ot a man or wom.in na she Htepp^d"
P.very gesture of he;- fnolle htind'
> very look from her s htm I irons fees
eyrv inflection of her voice, .- very line
of her exuuisiie omuiolnOom obnveveti
I the at po slide off eel .... ihr- ihiit.P
j and liearlj uf (hose who sat and mac
Hut chough of i hapsodv; Mnie
Rernhardt \vah ttot only great in her
pwn matchurs art. but srieat in tint
j ttluniph oi a great actor's magnanlmitv
Tkea*e ist,
Th&i S&
to QuSnSi
Always remember the lull name Look
ior Ulla ligoatuifl od every box 2b6.
?the generosity that, persuaded her to
engage with her tuen arid women of tlie
j highest order of ability. In ' The. Trial
'of Joan of Are'- M. Tellogcn began to
prove hi? power. He played tho Duke
of Bedford, harassed, miserable and sut
fering. torn between his superstitious
, fear and his dawning love for the
I dauntless mahlen, with a restrained
[strength that prepared tlie uudlCHCO
! tor his wonderful performance as Ar?
mand Duval in "Camille."
And wonderful la not too strong a
word for AI. Tcllegcri's powerful por?
trayal or that famous part. It Is not
likely that he will be forgotten by the
present generation of theatre-goers,
who will roe.111 the scene when Margin -
rite leaves htm, the vicious. Latin-like,
spurning of the wretched woman when
ho throws the money in her face, ami
the deep, shaking sobs that wrung his
very soul as slit; lay dying. A young
I man of striking physique, of simple
I ease and great force, he should go iar.
j M. Maxudhin. as the Archbishop of
I itouen In the afternoon and as Ar
j maud's lather in the evening, gave a
j finished performance of both parts.
Messieurs Con tier, (Jan toy, Denen
! btfurg. Barry, Dlooh, Kaviere? and flbv
I oral others who appeared In both pcr-i
forma noes deserve special mention, al?
though every minor part, without sin
i exception, was played most skilfully
and artistically, notably, those of tho
I rector of the university, of Cardinal
Winchester and of the Kurl of War?
wick. The* young King, too, bv "the
little Bacon," and Catherine, by Mine.
I MacLcan, were perfect; but the curtain
did not ring down until nearly mid?
night, and it Is utterly impossible to
go into detail concerning tho individual
ability of every member of tills re?
markable company.
Silfllcc It to say that no one with an j
'ordinary school and college grounding
j in French, coupled with the extraordi?
nary facilities provided by the man?
agement In tho form of "ponies." or
I translations, could fall Id appreciate
the beauties of these performances by;
I Mine. Bernhardt, that . supor-woirianj |
ami her superb conipanyX
j W. D. G.
Yiddish Piny To-Night.
A special oxtruordlnury engagement
will be played in this city at th<
Academy to-night, when the fa motu;
All-Star Yiddish Company, which comes
direct froni the Third Street Theatre,
New York City, will give one per?
formance, presenting the latest and
greatest, success, "Kol Sll?fer." This
company is headed by the well known
and popular Yiddish star and player.
Max Gabel, who will be supported by an
excellent cast of players. Tlie play
is being presented at tin; Third Street
Theatre, New York City, tor the past
three months, where it played to ca?
pacity only.
Makes Hin First Speech on llehnlf of
His Candidacy for sonnte.
Buffalo. N. \\, February l l.-Wm.
F. Sheohan's tirst public speech on be?
half of his candidacy for the United
States scnatorshlp was made here to?
night in the homo city of two of the
Insurgent Democrats. Mr. Sheehan
wus given a cordial welcome, ami
many Democrats from nearby towns'
joined in the demonstration. One spe?
cial train brought a delegation of 250;
They wore ribbon streamers bearing
the inscription:
"For William F. Sheehan. No com
I promise." *t
! The Buffalo Board or Aldermen sig?
nalized the arrival of Mr. Sheehan by
adopting resolutions indorsing his '
candidacy, jp his speech Mr. Sheehan :
expressed great regret that two of j
the three Democratic Senators from!
Erie count}', who recently declared
sentiment in the district was against
his candidacy, had not attended the
meeting, as he believed tlie gathering
would have shown that they had mis?
judged the popular feeling. He then
devoted himself at some length to
describing the. kind of man who ought
to by sent to the Senate. He declared
that public men should have the cour?
age, unselfishness and patriotism to :
lead tlie people along the lines of
broadest and most intelligent develop?
"i am against tlie public servant who
is constantly keeping Ills car to the
ground." he said "f admire the pub?
lic servant who, regardless of con?
sequences, lit tempts to lead the people
away from tlie approval of ill-consid?
ered action. Stich men arc becoming I
more npcessary every day. as specious |
and false doctrines are being dlsscmi-]
Mr. Sheehah defended the support
given his candidacy by Tammany.
?Strong denial of the. charge that he
i:- the candidate of "The Interests'" was |
also made.
In concluding, he said, that when he
was nominated by tlie caucus he ceased
I to be tlie Issue, and it is now (he
I party's fight. He closed by urging
that the Democratic doc tri no that the
majority .should rule he carried into
Following Mr. Sheohan's address,
resolutions were adopted urging Ceo.
B. Burd and Frank M. t.ootnis, the
Krlc Senators, who have refused to
vote for him, to support ihe caucus
nominee in future balloting
Miller ?V Mhond-; Aid AHMoelat|oti Elects
Ollloors for Year.
The Miller & Hhoads Kmplpyes' Aldi
Association's annual banquet and en-!
lertalament, hell on ih< second floor "f
the store last night, was- dei hired by all]
present to have been one of the best
affairs they had enjoyed. There wore
about. 150 present around the tables,
which were beautifully decorated in;
palms', ferns and em flowers, After'
j the fc-aai the flowers were boxed up
j to be sent to ssek member:- of the. as.so
j elation, Tlie ox'onihg wound up w ith a
most pleasing program; consisting of
) music and i ecjtat ions.
Tin- entertainment was preceded by
j tlie business meeting, In which the of?
ficers of the year were elected. They
.are a.-- follows: Fail Miller, president;
Jit; i:. Henry, vice-president: l:. I.. Cole.-.
j man. secretary: F, T. Mates. Jr., treas?
urer': YV. S. Kho.tds. Mis. IL I.. King.
jOllh T. Otto, Miss Nellie Pinan. j:. W.
stearr.es and \Y. c. Ohcnuult, directors.
Tho following wen recommended to be
I the committee on eiitiiriainment: C. C.
j U''i-" .r .airman, an.) Mi:' Theresa
Coindli, Miss ?'.. i - Lucas, i: i; Carney
I and l: A. Lewis.
j Th<- financial report wa road and
j showed ti:-':!. after all disbursements,
ja large balanCO romaine! in tiiti treas?
i !
Colored VVontnii Xriincil Wood forte Had
Mceii MHrdiic, ami police Idvom! i gute.
', An old colored wdniap named Wobei
! fork was found dci.I last night in her
j i 'mm .1 at ir?.1<) Flair Si roej People liv?
ing downs fairs leloplioqcd t.. (he Firs I
Station, snyiiig that tin old woman'-*1
.')??? r y,';?t| locked aim that she bad not
? been seen IncO Thursday;
t Polif? Ofi'.cers Krug ?ml lennings
\Y.eri.i to -he hoii?e. and, lue,iking open
? ihe door; round liei: deatl in bed. Cor
j onci Ta> lot Clewed the body.
(Hlleer* I'.b ctcd.
I ?-'i---ej.il to The TlinoH-Dlspiitch, |
Itoajvoke. \'a? Fohi'Uai'j M.--TI10 Be?
fall Merchants' Association to-njg'hi
- eeied the following o'llccrsj Chal'lc-i
Jbrlningfi. president, p. p. Angill. vlc
Piosid. at ; W. L,::Shield*, .?e.retarv; I-:.
P. < 'Hielt. 1 reasnrer.
ieipilHed' of ltol,i,orv.
? clai 10 i !i. Tinh ^Dispatch. I
icpanblt.c, \ a. ifehruary 11.?John
' . f?. 1' I',1 n< in.I .Inures Penile: -
i- ' ' ' ? ?' tiled hero to-dav for hold*
I '"" ???? ? ob SY, |f. Martin in the
! "' '" riri'l \\ . itcTn 1 '.< I'kJ and ?'(in
We're glad the public
appreciate the new pol?
icy of our Sheet Music
Department?t h e re?
duction of the price of
all Popular Music,
Vocul andJnstrumental
lo 10c a copy.
Remember, 10c is our standard
1 price for Popular Music, vocal and
Operatic and Classic Sheet Music.
Also Music Books at lowest prices.
We are showing several of the finest
VIGTROLAS ever turned out by the |
Victor factory. Conic and hear the t
Reil Seal Records.
213 East Broad Street.
Around the Hotels
Delegates to the Grand Camp of
Masoha thronged the hotels last night.
The body contains a number of promi?
nent Citizens of the State, known wide?
ly in business or professional political
circles. The latter, however, lor tho
most part, are more inclined to discuss
good roads than United States senatur
Senator Roland E. Chase, of uicken
s?h, is sanguine over the outlook for
splendid highways in the Southwest,
lie believes that if Russell und Tazc
well vott" for hig bond issues, his coun?
ty will fall imo line next autumn, and
that wltliih a couple of years good
roads, will make their way among the ,
mountains and "continuous wobas" of I
the now isolated county. Senator
Chase is in Richmond iu argue the
case of Blfchett and others against tho
United Stales of America, bet?re the
t rifled States Circuit Court of Appeals
lie is. not seeking ronomluation, and
says hi dues not propose to do any
canvassing, but wilt probably accept if
the nomination is tendered to him.
While he has no personal interest in
a light between Democrats, he is in?
clined to the opinion that Martin and
Swanson will carry Dlekensoib
.1. Gullen Currlngt?n. clerk of the
Circuit Court of Charlotte county, is
another' visitor. He ulso talks much
ot good roads and the work of the
convicts thereon. He likewise believes
thai Mat tin will carry Charlotte by a
good majority, and, although the coun?
ty is in .Mr. Glass's district, he believed
Senator Swansea's majority will be
larger there than Senator Martin's:.
Paul McRae, who Is n candidate to
succeed .lohn J. Owen in tho Senate,
l. in the city attending the Grand
Dodge, stopping at the Park Hotel. H<j
I feels that his chances in the district
' are good.
.lames D. Kemper, one of the mem
! bers of the House ol Delegates from
Aiigutsu county, is also hen-. Asked
about politics, lie said that Augusta bus
perhaps the best roads in inn Statv
He has heard nothing said about the
son a tors hips, but is firmly convinced
that the road sentiment has outgrown
construction, and that the people are
complaining that, the present methods
of highway building are entirely too
slow t'j suit the citizens, who are Im?
patient lor better things.
Berkley D. Adams, mem her of the
Hons..- from Charlotte, is in the city.
Virginians nt the Hotel.**.
Ljcxingtoii?H. w. Stephenson, Suf?
folk; .1. W. Moore. Hexlngton: K. S.
'French, Narrow-:; II. 12. Echols and
son, Glasgow; P.. U Aijclsfoyd, Front
Royal: Arthur G. Lewis. Norfolk, W
T. Reeves, South Boston; 12. ,1 Strick?
land. South Boston; .vir. and Mrs. R. S.
Woods. Crozet: Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Br.l
larrt, Crozet; Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Pear?
son, Jarrntt; Mr. and Mrs. II. P. M?hl
hark. Virginia; Mr. and Mrs. .1. L< Pins,
Arvonla; Mr. and Mrs. P. S. 1I.
Dbvbrell. Norfolk; M. B. Wright. Buf?
falo Lithia Springs; 12. E. Council, Eiri
poi'ia-.iJ. F. Mills, Louisa; E. P.. Booker,
Old Church; A. D. Parker, Danyllle;
R. B. Burton. Culpcper; J. M. Harris,
Culpbpor; Ji M. Barker, Jr., Axiom,
I porry Good, Wayhesborb.
Davis?G. G. .loynes. Onancock; Mr.
and Mrs. \V. E. Stuff lcbcam, South
I laveri.
Murphy's?W. M. Ingrain. Nottoway
ebtiiity; Dec A. Arthur, Deesvllle; C. A
Rybitrn. 12. Ryburn, Glade Spring;
\y. L. Gehman, Roanoke; E. 1. Turner,
Martinsvillc: L. overall, Farmvillc;
Mrs. II. E. Wall; R. W. Wall. Fiirm
vlllc; w. N. Key, Bueria Vista: W. L.
Graham. Norfolk: W. .J. Hohb. Norfolk:
W. A. Hawks. Norfolk; C. W. Walker.
Jr.. Ports mouth; Vlrglrilus Rutt, ports
mouth; R. II Cobb. Franklin; T. N.
Sch?ller. Franklin; J. A. Weens.
Franklin; E. s. Hlantbn, Newport News;
E T. Ford, Newport News: C. H. Cul?
peper. Norfolk; N. F. Nehlen. Mid?
lothian; VV. W. Lee, Norfolk; G. T. Man
kin. Falls Church. .1. L. Savage, Fred -
erlcksburg; .1. II. Benchboard, On ley;
Mr. and Mrs. G- K. Foster. St a tin ton:
'?12. II. Stewart. Troiitvllle: C. 12. Geohe
J garij Chase City; M. E. Warner. Olarc
mon't: W. G. Williams. Charlotte Court?
house; Edwlii s. Reid, Chatham: W. P.
Coles. Chatham .1. H. Wbrnnek, Chat?
ham ; James W. Thorn, South Boston;
V,'. (.'. Carrlngton. Charlotte Court
i house: C. A. NesbRti South Boston;
j Charles T. Reckes. Boydtb'n; .lohn D.
Bassett. Bassel!: II. Jeter Hnydon. Fr
bnnna; L P. Hooper, Urbunno: T. J.
Downing. ILancaster: R. E. Robinson,
("lifton Forge; Henry Rubin. C har?
lot tesvllle: r. H. Chewnlng, l> P.
Chewning. Caroline county: J. it.
Mi rtIn, Charlottesvllic: W. J. Jones,
[Cliaribttesvlllo; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
T. Dclp\l 121k ' reek: .1. S. Wilroy. Bca
rhan; W. N. Clark, Maunssns: G. Walker
Merchant, Mana.-Mis; G. E. Hood, Bar
bbtirsvllle; W. B. Gilllani, Barbours
rille; Booton Hiidsoii, Ba rhoursville; j
IT. ?'. Sheet/.. Who bester: IL M. Baker.!
Winchester: William II even er. Mont-.;
erey; A. i; l.hihney, Siaupton: J. c j
Smith; Slaunto'ti: T. O. Gllllnin, Orange; |
12. Levy, Orange .Rimes R. Kemper, i
? Sta untoiiu. H. "'. Llttle.lohn, Dcesbtirg:
in, I;. Steward, Prederlckshiirg; J. S.
1 Wood-. Fredericksburg; W\ S. Tint.
Frederick) burg S \V. Pitt?, Alcx
jnndrla; George W. '/.achary. Alexandria;
Charles li. Callahnri, Alexandria; j. r.
j Thompson; Lvneh Station: J. w. Chaf-j
II?, Crystal Hill: .1. S. Nowbill. Seotts
biirg: Alis. Joseph stobbins, South Bos
'ion; Churles li. sei.rell. Bmpbri'aj^bsE. I
Everett. Emporin; Airs. J. D. Fry. nurse
and baby. Miss Mamie Fry. South Bos?
ton: Mrs. .1. 12. Moyler. Franklin; Mr.
and Mrs. Janus P.. Sebl'Cll. Miss I;. F.
1 Sebrell. f'oiirilnnd; Mr. and Mrs. B. 11.
'Fredoilcksoii, Bhiekstbnb: A. B. Carr.
I Norfolk; B. R. Murphy, Virginia;
Georg. M. Muse. Roanoke; I. 12. Can?
non. Manassas: Mr. and . Mrs T. 12.
1 Dultch. Cnpe Charles; L. A. Deans,
(Thtiniilnmij J. a. Nichols, OhurcWlniVd;
? I';-i ke < >. Deans, Windsor; W. J. Rhodes;
i V Indsor; \\*. .1. LlV v, Windsor: James
I 1*11.1255 < I Kill) IN (I TO I I n.VI N.
j Yonr drtiKslEt ivil! refund money U PA5CO
o|\:tmi:.\t folm to rare Itching, Blind,
J 1; oAdiaa %xi rrotrudinfi PlijCB.Vii 6-11 <3aj*. vOc.
A. Johnson, Windsor; Sir. und Mrs. R.
b. Travis, Bowling Green; George C.
llntton. I lull wood; T. N- Mussoy, Mount
Holly; Henry K. Field. Alexandria; Dr.
and Mrs. A. W: Terrell, Lynchburg; T.
K. DuVal. Gloucester; Mr. and Mrs. W.
S. Fust wood. West Point; Mr. and Mrs.
.1.*!}. Dray, Wukoma; J. D. Jacob, On
ley; H. A. l.aJane. . Buchanan; J. l.
Walker, Nus.sawaddox; J. T. Mears,
Woahaproaguo; O. T. Stiles. Wacha-.
prcHgue; u. F. Sturgis. WaehapreagUo;
T. T. Bloxom, Wuchupreaguc; II. 13.
Feery, Cores; Charles S- Dodd, Broad?
way; Mcrrltt Reoi Portsmouth; Carey
J. Hall, .jr.. Portsmouth; Robert F. J.
Hamilton, Portsmouth; J. G. Sadler.
Portsmouth; J. D. Baumgardncr. Bris?
tol; Henry B. Wexler. Bristol; Miss
Lena Chase, Miss Emma Chase,
Miss Policy Rush, Miss Cora Treyitt,
Miss Leslie Chtldrcss, Miss Stella
Smith, Poland 10. Chase. .1. C.
Smith, Clintwood; Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Emswilor, Bonne's Mill; J nines ti.
Hawkins. Tnzcwoll; Bowen Groover,
Tazowell; Jack Pendlet on. Tazcwoll;
W. G. O'Brien. Tazewell; W. J. Price.
Jr.. Blacksburg; W. l. Busch. Black
Park?Paul McRnc, Cumberland; W.
A. Payne, Virginia Beach; It. C. Land;
Fmporla; G. W. Butt. Norfolk: W. G.
Bernard; Vasritl; J. Grlftln; Lynchburg.
Richmond?J. F. Watson, Sallyille;
W. II. Payne. Koanoke; Oscar Graves.
Koanoke; th II. llerrlhgdon, Koanoke;
. W. .1. DeLong, Koanoke; Mr. and Mrs.
.1. II. Barrott, Bast Rad Cord; Dr. W. 13.
Uosser, Rustburg; 1". II. Tucker, Koa?
noke; R. J. Watson, Koanoke; T- 13.
Murrcll, Lynchburg; Harry C. Brown.
Lyticliburg; s. R. Weigaiid, Lyhchlmrg;
W. II. Bell, West Point: .1. R. Carpen?
ter, Virginia; Hai ry T. Cummins. Palls;
J. K. Waterman, Norfolk; John Motite
liore, Newport News; A. l Kvans, New?
port News: J. G. ilargis, Newport
News; 1-3. Adelsheim. Slhltlillcld; V. W.
?loyner, SmltlifVold; Samuel A. Rlddiok.
M. D., SihlthllOld; St. George R. Fltz-;
hngh, Fredericksburg; Mrs. J. M. Ma-;
thews, Virginia; R. Hoyden, Danville;'
W; S. Battle. Jr., Koanoke; l^uclan II. '
Cockc, Koanoke: Mrs. 15. D. McLean; !
Virginia; W. l. Davis, Portsmouth; 1'.
L DeMott, Lynchburg; Gilbert B. Mc
Alplno. Newport News; Charles M. ?
Cray, Norfolk; M. M. Cheney, Norfolk:
R. 13. Summers, Norfolk.
Gilbert?-C. M. L'akin. New Castle; !
Mis. Mubo] Cole, Norfolk; George W. i
Taylor, Norfolk: Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
Martin, Pulaski; Eflua Studcwroth, Pu- !
luskl; Rqb?rt W. Gait, Wllliainsburg; |
?'. T. rjzzcll, Zunl; J. W. Bowden, Zuni; j
11. LL Trowbrldge, Chula; R. T. Harham,
Capron; R. a. Pope. Drowryville; .1. A.
Lester, Midlothian; Mr. and Mr.-. .1. W.
Whlto. Lynchbilrg; Charles 111 Id red,
Norfolk; .1. II. Purker, Dendron; U W.
Jones. Dendron; J. J. Sllvey, Warren
ton; R. Fee Taylor. Sptirigvlllc
Stumpfs ?K. G. Jones. Petersburg:
John w. East, Norfolk; L c. Terwil
liger, Norfolk: B. C. Vaiden. Newport
News; W. C. Webb, M. D.. Ben son vi lie;
Alexander Livesay, Brandon; R. 6. Su
ter, Dayton; John H. Carter. Iveysville;
C. C. Chancy, Pace's; J. T. Lester,
Pace's; w. 11. Croswell. Gloucester
Point; C. B. Wilkinson, Orange; \\\ T.
La rkin, Petersburg.
(Continued From First Pago.)
Upder rule 32 tlie question of music
in tlie purks cannot ayain be consid- |
ered during the life of the present,
Pnpcrs Concurred In.
Without objection tho board concur?
red In tlie following papers from the
Common Council:
Ordinance allowing the encroach?
ments of the Richmond Building Cor?
poration to remain.
Resolution authorizing the construc?
tion of a sewer in Fioyd Avenue, from
the Boulevard to the corporation line,
and in Main Street, from Deep Run to
i West Street, to cost JS.xfiO; and In
I Blaker Street, from Oak wood Avenue
j to Dickerson Street, and In Dlekcrsbn
I Street, from Cowardlri Avenue to 1*
Street, to cost ?i. 100.
Resolut io norderlng A. C. Hnrmnn,
Assessor of Damages, to appraise dam?
ages for grading Mechanlcsyille Turn?
pike from C Street to corporation line,
Beverly, West Cary, North Seventh,
Leonard and other streets.
Resolution approving award of con?
tract to the Sltterdirig. Carneal. Davis
Company for vi trilled (lay sewer pipe.
Resolution adopting grades, charts,
maps and profiles of about -eventy-live
streets in Washington Ward.
IncrrnHcn Police Force
Resolution authorizing an increase
in the police force by thirty patrolmen.
Resolution allowing one additional
laborer at Riverside Park.
Appropriating $ti0 to pay expenses
if Electrica! Inspector Speights in at?
tending a convention.
Resolution directing the Street Clean?
ing Department to clean fountains and
watering troughs periodically.
Authorizing a deed to Gebhart B?ch?
er for property at Lltllepagc and Stew?
art Streets, formerly used for public
school purposes, recently .sold at pub?
lic auction for ?t".?0.
. Granting police authority to toll
takers ami watchmen on the viaduct
of the Richmond and Henrich Railway
Jltnitor Ordinance.
The resolution placing City Hill
janitors under the direct supi rvlslon .
and control of the Building Inspector
as custodian of the City Hall was eon- i
curred in unanimously, after Mr. Don'
Lonvy had stated that the Grounds and i
Buildings Committee had been misun?
derstood in the matter; thai that com?
mittee had first recommended the ordl- j
nance, notwithstanding statements that
c?itimilteerhen -stand in fear of the po?
litical influence of janitor.-. The cus?
todian, not tho committee, hr asserted,
has reinstated Janitor S. J. B. Wright,
but the cuinmittec had recommended
his payment during time lost. Later
the Board concurred in an appropria?
tion of $2f>.Si3 to pay Wright for time
lost in January on account of illness,
Iiis regular pay having gone to a sub?
Permits to e.rect stables were grant?
ed as follows:
S. P. Clay, brick stable on the south
side of Nineteenth Street, extended.
W. ('. Gaylo, one-story frame stable,
op tin- south side of Oiiio Street, be?
tween Williamsburg Avenue and
Seventh Street. Fulton.
13 in nut nuel ivers'on. to erect a frame
stable in rear of 1 105 1-2 Brown Street.
Allcghany Box Company, to erect a
brick stable, 010-011 Arch Street.
Form of Government.
The Pollock resolution providing for
the appointment of a committee of. two
Aldermen and three Oouncllmon to in
j vestlgatc the present method-; of gov
I eminent in the light of modern methods
I and experience and to recommend such
I changes aa will off eel economy of ad?
ministration and dispatch of business
was concurred in unanimously.
I The Street Committee recommended
i (i substitute ordinance allowing the
I stumpf Hotel to encroach eighteen
inches on the alley in rear, and to thut
extern closing tho alley, and also al
I lowing W. Brydon Tcnnnnl and Chas.
I F. Williams, trustees for adjoining
property, also to encroach on the alley
eighteen Inches, whenever they shol'j
move, back to the street line in front, |
The Board of police Commissioner,
foiMViirded a. communication in reply tc
a resolution offered by Alderman Don
a hoc as to retiring Policeman W. J
Perkinsoh, now incapacitated from ac?
tive duly, on full pay. The resolution
requested the. board to reinstate him
and continue his pay as an active mem?
ber, and if his health improved, as?
sign him to such special light duties as
he might be capable of performing. On
! the ground that - II would ectahlhdi a
l precedent, the Police Board returned
! tho resolution without Its approvaI, and
i he papers wore riceived and died.
Mr. Pal ram offered and had referred
to the street Committee a proposition
to widen Seventh Street, Washington
Wa rd.
Mr, Bliloy offered a resolution ex?
empting all churches and religious so?
cieties from special assessments for
sidewalk paving. The paper was re?
ferred to th' Committee on [jOcitl As?
sessments. Several other minor papers
word Introduced and referred.
Effective Daily March 10 to April /(?, 1911
To Points in Western Montana, Idaho
Washington, Oregon, British Columbia
S25 from St. Paul. Minneapolis. Duluth. Superior. S.U from Chicago from
St Louir.. $25 from Kansas City ami Omaha - -.
Throue'1 Colonist ticket? from ull Middle West Eastern and Southern point*
on sale At rates bated on these lares
Operates electric-lighted, leather-upholstered tourist sleeping cars
daily from Chicago. St. Paul, Minneapolis, and from St Louis, Kan
sas City. St. Joseph, to the North Pacific Coast. A la carte dintntj
car service ? . . ,
A?k for descriptive liter
? tare about free Govern?
ment homesteads, farm-'
ing or fruit lond, or land
under irrigation proiect.s
in the country along the
"Scenic Highway " Tell
us what locality you ure
interested in A.M-?-t?
Dist. Pnsa'r A?ent,
711 Chestnut St.,
fhlludclphbi. I'h.
Get a home in the Fertile
Northwest this spring
Raise fruits, vegetables,
grains, grosses, cattle,
hogs, poultry. The rapid
ly growing cities offer
great opportunities.loo
book tells about them
General Immigration Afil
Si. Paul. Minn.
Out* extensive Greenhouses enable us to handle
floral decorations for balls, dinners, receptions and
other functions in a superior manner.
We also call attention to our fa?
cilities for delivering fresh flowers
anywhere in the L'. S. the same daj.
Tel. Madison 630.
109 Ei Broad St.
But Pork
and Pure
Kingan's "Reliable"
In Pound
Boxes if
You Prefer
yf?T/> ava cvac s^czy.
Former Alderman Carries Both j
Branches on First
Contrary to the expectations f,r n
largo crowd which had gathered id
witness a r-tfff contest, former Alder?
man .lohn Mann, Jr., won over Joseph j
K. Sorg oh the first ballot in the race
for the position on the Hoard of Fire
Commissioners made vacant by the
death of Captain G. Wall Taylor. A
join I sesion of the Hoard of Aldermen
and common Council wfts held for the
election preceding the meeting of the
Hoard of Aldermen last night. A com?
munication from the Fire Hoard for?
mally notified the Council of the dcuth
of Captain Taylor, on January i"-, and
stated that tin- term would expire June
no. ion.
Alderman Nelson, of Marshall Ward,
nominated former Alderman Mann.
Councilman Rogers, \>f the same ward,
on behalf of six out of the seven mem?
bers of the delegation, nominated Jo?
seph 13; Sots. Mr. Richards, who is In
Cuba, liad ex prosed no preference. .Mr.
Rogers said his candidate was the
choice of six-sevenths of the delega?
tion; and he believed of 1*5 per cent,
of the people of the ward; The votes
had nearly all been pledged in advance,
so seconding speeches were eliminated,
and the- balloting began, the only roll
call resulting as follows:
I'or Mr. Mann:
Aldermen?Adams. Don Leavy, Oil?
man, Gruridy. Gunst, llobson, Kain. Mel?
ton. Mitchell. Moneure, Moore. Nelson.
Rat ram, Perdue, Powers and Whlt
I tet?16.
i'oiini-ilinen- -Pat kins. P.lake. How
""'""'""J"rr""*t ****'?*?-a-;-'
mnn. Bradley, Gill. Ii'r?chbcr--r, H?bson,
f lti?)er. Lynch. Miller, i"ollttrd, Pollock,
John T. Powers. Rcadc; Richardson,
Seeton, Umlauf. Workman arid Peters
For Mr. mm (.:
Aldermen?Atkliwmn, Bennett. Bit ley
Riitlei*, Coward In, Ouh&hoc, ?5rlines?"i
Council men?Boschon, Butler, Cease
Davis, Ferguason, Lumsdon, Mills, Jef
ferson C. Powers, Ratclitfc, Rogers
Saundcrs. H?llivan and Wiltshire ? 12
Abseht; Alderman Rcnriolds and
? ouneilmen Brown, Burke. Fuller.
?Ion,-;-. Powell, Richards, jSelph and
V onderlehrr?9.
Seeing thai there was a majority in
lietii branches, Messrs RatclKfe,
Besehen, Donajioc. Bennett, Wiltshire
atpl fr'aundcrs changed from Sorg td
Maun, and the final vote was announced
as fid lows:
Total votp. 51; Mann. lb Aldermei
and 22 Co tin ell men: >"rs;. 5 Aldermen
and '* Cotincilinen. Huvlnpc received
a clear majority in both branches.-.Mr.
Mann was declared elected for the uii
plred term.
For Infants and Children.
I Thj Kind You Have Always Bought
Rears tho
Signature of
I Successful Advertisers
depend on the advice and service of
trained exports. Our agency fuimishes
these. Correspondence sollcitod. Free
j plan.-.
Freeman Advertising Agency,
Mutual Building.
Richmond, - Virginia.
_suits of System
Monthly Savings Deposits
* l.OO .
2.0? .
r,.oo .
t.oo .
Veil r.
7.00 . 8r?.no
S.00 . 97.X*
n.oo . j 00.75
- Vearii.
* 24.75
no. oi
i ns.ort
beeh our pleasant fortune to ausist many along the
^v. Cut nut this table of Agures above ami let II serve
minder to lay nshle a portion of your earning* regufarfyi
One dollar will start an account hero, by mail or [..
for booklet. "Banking by Mall."
Pavings Department, Twelfth and Main Sts., Richmond, Va.
Cp-.~i.tal, $300,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $1,300,000.00
12.00 .
13.00 .
J4.0O .
10. OO
li ha:
prospetl * y
11)5.1 JPJ
? 37.07
4 A'enro.
9 51.00
5 Y?nr*.
9 04.73
road to
as a re
pcrson. Wrlto

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