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Sets the Standard
in Piano Values
For generations Sic in way
Pianos have been the inspir?
ation of all professional and
amateur players, and the de?
spair of other manufacturers
who cannot make pianos
with the Steinway quality.
Write us for FREE cata?
Walter D. Moses & Co.,
103 E. Broad St.,
Oldest Music House in Virginia
and North Carolina.
Several of ihc Northern Games
Cancelled for Trip to North
'* [Special to The Times Dispatch.]
Chariottosviiic. v.u. Fobruury 15.?
luanagor buiahoy. of the Virginia
basketball team, announced to-day that
the basketball team would play only
Georgetown and the Navy on the
Northern trip, the btiier throe games
having been cancelled. Instead, the
team will take a Sbuthorn trip; play
? \Vnke Foijest, Trinity, North t'aro
and Ouilfprd College!
March l a return name will be
jplayed with North. Carolina, and it is
verV probable that the Virginia Mili?
tary institute will play here March 3.
Thfs is the first time in several years
that Virginia has met the Tarheels in
The change in the line-up of shifting
3<earns fron, guard to forward, worked
?wonder.-. lie" is accurate at shooting
baskets, ami makes a good mate for
Jlikeyi The team has been going at a
:fast clip ever since and expects to win
the remaining games this season, Fol?
lowing is the schedule.
Abroad?February IT. Georgetown;
ilSth Navy; 22d, Wake Forest; 23d,
Trinity. 21th, North Carolina; 2 .Mb.
At home?.March 1. North Carolina:
Ed, Virginia Military Institute (prob?
at Idyl.
The DUncan Memorial Baseball Team
1^ very anxious to meet any amateur I
hall team in tin city of Richmond !
next Saturday afternoon at Byrd Park. J
The challenge is Issued so that a line j
may be hn(i on the worth of the team. |
So ball club is barred. The one and
?mly stipulation is that the Kante be?
gin at 2 o'clock. Any team desiring
to art . pt the challenge will notify The
Times-1 lispatch office.
k sPEcinc blood impurity
Catarrh is a decp-seated blood dis?
ease, one which no amount of local]
treatment will ever permanent!}' cure.
The bencfirini efleets of washes,!
sprays, inhalations, etc., are only,
temporary, and when left off the oldi
condition returns, because the blood
is infected with catarrhal matter and'
impurities. This impure condition
of the circulation irritates and iri-l
names the delicate mucous mem?
branes and tissues and produces the
well known ..symptoms of ringing'
noises in the head and ears, mucus in
the throat, headaches, watery eyes,
partial deafness, sore throat, genera'
impairment of health, etc. This con?
dition will .remain, growing worse as
long as the catarrhal matter is al?
lowed to remain in the blood. Being
a specific blood impurity, there is only
one way to cure Catarrh, and that is
to purify the blood. Nothing equals
S. S. S. for this purpose. It attacks
the disease at its head?in the circu?
lation?and by thorotighlj' renovating
the blood and
cleansing it of all
impure mattet,
makes a perma?
nent and lasting
cure of the dis?
ease. For forty
years S. ?S. S. has
been recognized
as the best blood
purifier, and the thousands of cases of
Catarrh it has cured is proof that it is
the very medicine needed by those
who suffer with this trouble. Boole on
L'atarrrh and any medical advice free
TKrl SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. Atlnnta, Ga."
New Method Gas Ranges
Pettit & Co.'??
'piano tuning
Repairing. -Voicing and General
IJtt us estimate for you.
Phone Madlaon 6f>06.
Firth and Graco Streets.
11 rook I rn
Kciir Vor!?',
( lllCHKO
>l. I .OH Ifl.
Ai-riJ 12, 18, M
May 26, 27. 29
Aug. ii. 12. 12, 11. 1
M.iv I. 5, s
?Inno 20; 21, 22
Sc in. 11, 12, 13, 11
April 15. 17. IS
April 19. 13
May 30. 30, 31
September 7, s, 9
May 13. 15. \>>. IT
July 20, 21. L'2, 22
August 28. 29, 30
May :>. 10, 11, 12
July li. 7, 8. in
August 21. 22, 23
May 23; 2 I, 25
July In, 17. IS. 19
August 1 6, it, ] s, I ;>
May I8. 1 20. 22
July 11, 12. 13. 14
August 21. 25, 20
IlrooUf rn.
April 20. 21.
July 3, 4. 1.
September 1.
October ?*?
April 29
May 1. 2. 3
June 23, 2 1. 26,
October l. 5, 9
April 25. 2''-. 27.
June 20. 21. 22
September ?!, I,
October 7
May 23; 21. 25
July t?. 7. s. in
August 16, 17. is. 19
Mhv is. 1!'. 20, 2 2
July i>f). 21. 2 2
August 2S, 29, 30, 31
May 13, 15. 16, 17
July 11, 12. 13. 1 1
August 2 1. 25, 26
May 9. 1f>, 11, 12
July 15, t7. is. io
August 21, 22, 23
."Vcw Vork.
April 2D. 26, 27. 2S
Juno ,2S. 29. 30
July 1. S. pl. 1, 1
October 7
April 15. 17. IS, 19
.May 30. 30, 3.1
September 7. S, 9
October 12
April 12, 1.3; 1 1
May 2?. 27. 29
August 11. 12, 14,1!
October 6
May 1?. 19. 20, 22
July II, 12. 13; I t
August 21. 25, 26
May 23. 21. 25
.lulv 15. 17. 1S, 19
August !??, 17. IS, 19
May 9.
July lb
II. 1
. to
May 13. 15. J6. 17
.luly 21". 21, 22
August. 2*. 29, 30, 31
April 29
May 1. 2, 3
June 23, 24. .26
October 2, 9. l:
Mny 4. 5, 6> s
June 28, 29 30
July t
Sop tem bor 11, 12, 1:
April 20. 21. 22,
?luly 3, 4. 4. 5
September 1, 2
October 3
May 9. 10. 1 |. ] 2
July 15. 17, IS. 19
August 21, 22. 23
May 13. 15. 16, IT
July 11. 12. i.t, li
August 21., 25. 26
Mav is. 10, 20,
July 20, 21, 22
A ugust. 28, 29, :
May 23. 24. 25
July 6. 7. 8. 10
August 16, 17, IS. t:
Pitt ?b?rg.
.Inno 1.4, 15, 16. 17
July 2S. 29. 31
August I
September 20. 21. 2
June in, 12. Hi
.luly 2 1. 25. 26. 27
September 23, 25,26
Juno 1;. 7. s, 9
August 2. 3, 4. 5
Sept. 16, IS, Oct.
.tune 2. 3. 5
August 7. 8,
JSept. 27. 2S,
April 20, 21, 22
May 26. 27
-lime 26. 27, 28
September 4, 4.
April 28, 29, May |, 2
.May 30. 50. 31
June 2:',. 2 1
September 14. 15
May 3. 1. ,5 6. S
July 4. 4. 5
August 1 I. Sept.
October 12
June 2. :{. 4. r.
August r, N. 9
Sept. 2 7. 28, 30, Oct.
June ir,. u;, it. IS
lulv 2s. 29. 30. 31
Sept. 20. 21. Obi. 2
June 10. 11,
.luly 2 I. 25;
Sept. 22,. 2 1,
12. i:
26, 27
June 6. 7. 8, 9
August 2, 5. t
Sept. 16. 17. 18
April 12. 13, 14, II
May 7. 28
August 11. 12, i:
September 3
April 24. 25. 26. 27
June 2 9. ::o. July 1
Sept einher 2. 11. I.:
t it (ober 12
April 16. 17, is. 1:1
?Inno 21, 22, 2 1, 25
July 23
October 7, S
Ch b-nuo.
June 10. 11, 12. 13
July 2 1. 25, 26. 27
September 23, 2 1, 25
.Inno 7, s, 9
August 2. 3. 5, 6
September HI, 17, 1;
June 2. 3. 4. 5
August 7. 8. 9
Sopt. 2 7, 2.8, 30; Oct. I
.luno 15. 16, 17, ir
July 2S. 29. 30, 31
September 20. 21. 2:
April U'., 17. IS. 30
June 20. 21. 22. 25
October 7, 8, 9
May 8. 4. 5. 6
? inly 2. I. 1
September 7. S, 9. 1 0
April 12. 13; 14, 15
Mav 7
August I I, 12. 12,
September 2, 1, 1
St. I.ouln.
June r,. s, 9
August 2. :t. 5. 6
September 16, 17, is
June 2. 8. 4, 5
August 7. 8, 9
Sept. 27, 2S, 20, Oct. 1
Juno ir.. \*. 17, 18
July 28. 2*?. :i0, 31
September 20, 21, ai
June 111, 11. 12. i::
July 2 1. 25, 26, 27
Septombor 2:',, 21, 21
April 2 I, 25, 26
June 2!>, 30, July 1. 2
September 7, S. 9. 10
Apr. 2S. 29. 30. Mav l
May 29, 30, 30, 31
June 1
September 14, 15
April 20. 21, 22
May 27. 28
Juno 27. 2S
October 2. 2, 4
Forget ting all past grievances,
haven't you come to the conclusion'
that there it going to be mighty good
baseball in the Virginia League this
s< ason ?
Because if you have not. it is about
time that you were convinced.
There is going to bo pood baseball.
Baseball of tho serious, gd-get-'em
hind. With every man young arid
anxious and fighting every minute to
win games.
Don't forgot that there is a real man
at the head of the league to carry out
ail of the laws.
Also realist, that making the teams
live up to the law? is largely the es?
sence of successful baseball.
Heretofore the league has been
largely automatic. Fach team was a
power unto itself, and did the things
which the management of thai partic- |
nlar team deemed wise to make the I
team popular.
This season it will be slightly dif?
ferent. The league will bo run not as
individuals might want, but with it
view tn the bust interests of the or?
ganization as a winde.
It might be ha I'd on some for a
little whllo, hUt it will not take the.
magnates long to learn that that Is the
only way to run a baseball league.
1 can picture in my mind's eye sev?
eral lights which the president will
have on his hands because of his de?
sire to make tho Virginia Dengue stack
up with the best in tho United Suites
But. 1 can also picture Iiis victory after
the owners have come to the conclu?
sion that what is best for one must
be best for all.
! Now as to salary limit. Words are
I easy to find, it takes not a genius to
I frame a story about the salary limit
I being raised. But it does take a
I genius to make a beer pocket hook lit.
I a wlno appetite.
If the salary limit i- raised then f
will be perfectly willing to step out
in front of the grandstand it t Broad
Streit Park and confess that 1 am
everything which some of my kind
friends have Insinuated that r am.
Teslordny was a blessing to .limmle
Sullivan, lie found a house just across
from the hall park. Now the fans may
be content. Mrs. Sullivan, who hap?
pens to be tin- general in the Sullivan
army, is satisfied;
She has a pet chafing dish which
mils presented to bei- by an ardent ail
trilrer of lor husband?sex. male ?
Which she wanted to try out. It was
against the law of the holed to do any
cooking in the rooms, ami that's why
sh? was mi anxious for a place of her
owii. where, site could go as far as she
Here's where 1 qualify for the Car
net:!, hero medal fund, f have agreed
t,. take a hit of the first product from
the eliaflngdlsh. A Utile information
I for u>y friends.
Deb Wise looked at the show last
night in his playhouse. You know Den
is a fighter, bill he balks at lighting
hid. Lyons, another tichtcr. and it
friend of Ai-e Atteli's, also an admirer
of Ad. Wr-igast. is sore at me tor call?
ing thri Michigan wonder a dub. He
I thinks Ad has it on all of too other
hoys at his weight, and that he can
whip 'em as fast as they stand up. If
von know Fd. Lyons you can take this
Startling, bill true Jimiiiie has not
I bought any bats. Also he Is acquaint?
ed v Ith a man who is acquainted with
the in an who makes a certain brand of
i bats', i must acknowledge that I got
it Is Information from a contemporary.
I! I would mention names but advertising
a brand e.f bats belongs strictly to the
advertising department
T rniist admit that It is peculiar that
bats are beucht for a baseball team,
seeing as how balls are always
batted with a bat.
.lumping ilighatlcus! Fid M^Coy has
! mastered auto hypnosis, lie j? mire
I lhat nnder the. Influence of the science
j which be paid real mom y to learn, he
I I can go Into the ring and win all o.ham
1 plonthips in the middleweight class.
I Kid Is a wonder. Yon can't aet
j away from It. Ills Idea now Is to get
1 l.ik into the squared circle and
? hynoil/e himself. Then, according to
ti e McCoy theory, he will not feel the
? j blows rained upon birr..
Ife will simply stand in the ring, let
? . othftr f' Uow wear himself out using
l ? ? McCoy brand of punchlng-bag, am1,
after the would-be champion is ex?
hausted. 10, and behold. * i will [Mil
wer a light tap and walk homo with
t;.e . hangt .
The Flip pi es I thing in the world. Now
? l AOjt't l&MKlii <Kl<i ia a,Uout Uxan, lin
hasn't been very dirty for a long time.
Me needed a little publicity to get peo?
ple to do his wet goods emporium in
New York, no he Wt town for a few
days, watched the hubbies come up in
a certain brand of water, and then
hiked hack to Utile old Gotham town,
and sprung the auto hypnosis thing.
Wonder what college professor lvid
stacked up against.
Even if the matchmakers do not fall
for the come-back gag, they must ad?
mire the language. Auto?yon find It
way dbwii in the "A's", and the "Q" is
silent as in llsh.
11 is reported that sixty-three pounds
of dog died at tin: dog show at Madison
Square Garden, New York. (Children,
tell me. how touch regulation sausage
will sixty-three pounds of dog make,
remembering that the dog in question
had a pedigree?
Poor old Bob Ginslio. dean of the
umpire staff in the National League, !
has been dropped to the position of a |
sub, and .lack Doyle, formerly a mem?
ber of the Giants as a player, has
been selected as his successor. With
from a merchant: whose goods
have been models o purity
for years. And remember
that with my experience I
am in a position id buy the
best from the Uni ed States
and foreign distiller es. Mail
orders a specialty. We pay
the express.
Importer and Dealer in
Pure Distillates,
2041 East Main Street,
Richmond, Va.
Phone Monroe 882 883.
Two Cycle
4 Cylinders
Guaranteed LOnglne Service,
frier. *l,'JOO to SU.'.OI).
Imperial Motor Oir Co., lllHtrlbuters
a 1031 Wi llrond St. Phone Mon. 1313. *
For -to Y?sars the House of Quality.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
Distillers and Blenders ot
IPine WhUklea.
Drink Old Henry
Its Long Itccoid Proves Its Mem,
The Worth Aura Sales Co., 439-501
W Main Si. Phone Madison 7060
skr THFj
Reo "30" With Fore Doors
Price $1,350
Including wind shield; top eVIra.
kiouih UpEton^ y.a.
Wolsey bo can say that he has sounded
all thq shoals and depths of honor. The
trouble is that lie lias finally landed on
tli" shoals.
Connie Mack was the hero nnd Pop
Shil>o the angel at a banquet given
in Chicago to the American League
magnates. Everybody left able to tell
whore they were living.
Reputation of Sprinters Will De?
pend on Result of George?
town Race.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.!
Chariottesvllle, Va., February 15.?
The relay race with Georgetown and.
incidentally, the chances --f winning
tlie point tr?pliy In Washington on!
March I are the two subjects that are. J
holding the immediate attention of
Trainer Lannigan and the members and
followers of the Virginia track squad.
Until a week beforo the first race the
relay team has always been an un?
known quantity to almost everybody,
perhaps to Trainer Lannigan himself,
and this is particularly truo this year.
"Whatever the team may consist of. it
will have to show its best work against.
Georgetown, as til is is the only
race scheduled at present, and tho rep?
utation of the team will rest With the
result. Although it could not bo
learned to-day when tho tryouts will
bo run, it is probable they will be held
to-mororw or next day on the Madison
Hall outdoor track.
Douglas, sub-pitcher on tho varsity
nine, nnd Todd, quarter back on the
football team, will b?> looked lb as
the nucleus of the new team. Both of
thorn ran on the relay last year and
are fast men. Todd. running from
scratch, finished fourth in the quartcr
mile at the Johns Hopkins meet Sat?
urday night. Berkeley seems to be thoj
most promising man after the two men-I
Honed, lie has done excellent work
in the two indoor meets, winning sec-1
bud place in the quarter-mile, both in
Wash In igt on nnd Haiti more. At the1
latter place he was only three yards
ahead of the scratch man, Todd, at
the start. Willianis, Plunkett, McMor
rles and Caldwell will make somebody
work hard to hold a place on the team.
It now semes probable that "Larry"
Martin will be able to enter the
Georgetown meet, hut if ho does so at
the last minute he will be far from I
condition, for he will not have had
any practice at all. He has water on
the knee, and has been under treat?
ment lor the past month. The ban?
dages are still on, and he can hardly
walk, much loss run. He is extremely
anxious to participate in the Hlue find
Gray meet, ami will enter in the hur?
dles if he can possibly do so.
i Spec ta 1 i o Tin Times-His pa tch.j
West Raleigh, N, <:.. February t.r._?
I Manager I)avls, of the Agricultural
ami Mechanical basketball team, has
j announced that two games have been
arranged with Wake Forest. College,
? one to lie played in Wake. Forest Thurs?
day night, ami tie, second one to bo
j played .at Agricultural and Mechanic
cal in Pullen Hall tho following Mon
j day night.
i In anticipation of two very hard
i K?mos. Coach Freeman is putting his
squad through hard practice every af?
ternoon. Tho squad from whom the
team will be pit kod !s as follows: For
ebec, Robertson, LcGrnnd, Cool. Cham
bets, Mercer, Seifert. Small. Phillips.
Grperii Knox. Kenhart, and others. The
, probable line-up \* as follows: At cen?
tre, either Fcrebbe or Robertson: for?
wards, Cool and Chambers; guards,
! either Small, LcGrnnd, Seifort, or Phil
| Hps.
In the game Thursday night A. <v M.
I will meet Wake Forest for the Aral
time In basketball, and c-oach Free?
man is confident that the Red and
V\hlte quint will e,ive a good account
Of Itself
Owing to the fact that the basket?
ball team is under the auspices of the
college r, m ,? A ? representative
schedule eotthl not be arranged this
year, owing to financial difficulties, it
la probable, however, that before an?
other Reason the 1.asketball team will
bp taken over by ihn Athletic Associa?
tion and put on the samo footing as
A4kU tue uu.cr. learnt
National League Enters Into
Twenty-Year Contract for
Bonus of $500,000.
Now York, February 15.?For a
bonus, said on good authority to be
|500,000, the National League of Pro?
fessional Baseball Clubs, in session
hero to-day. made a twenty-year con?
tract with a prominent sporting goods
firm to use a basoball of its manu?
facture for the official league ball, it
is the same ball that has been used
by the National League, for the last
sixteen years, and in adopting it ae.aln
the magnates rejected an offer of a
Cincinnati firm, said to have been
$335,000 in twenty annual instalments
of $16,250, of which half was to be In
cash and half In baseballs supplied.
Heretofore it has been commonly
supposed, even among the players, that
the big leagues paid about 97 cents
apiece for balls which sell at retail at
$1.25. But the developments of to-day
show that they not only pay nothing,
but receive all the halls they use free,
and a very considerable sum of cash
besides. The ball in question is made
in Chicago, and the contract com?
mences with the reason of 191'J.
The league schedule was adopted to?
day without change, and the schedule
already prepared ami sent out stands
for tho season. This shows that all of
the clubs will travel a gran,| total of
f.9,7.13 miles during tiie season.
Wins Three Straights From
Alcos and Now Ready to
Capture Cup.
The Times-Dispatch team won three
straights from the Alcos on the New?
port Alleys last night In one of the
most interesting series of games played
during the tournament series of the
Richmond Bowling Association. Cap?
tain Bailey and Whitman, for the Ink
slingers, rolled a star same, Whitman
capturing high score, and high aver?
age by his consist cut work.
Blair, Williams, Bliley and Whitman,
of The Times-Dispatch* team, which
will go to Buffalo for the bowling
tournament to be held in tho Lake City,
were on the alleys yesterday after?
noon getting limbered tip. Koine good
scores were made, Blair topping tho
crowd with 2no.
The Times-Dispatch team is now tied
with the Jewelers and Meat Packers
for first place In the clip race. Follow?
ing will be found the score and stand?
ing of the. teams:
American Locomotive Company.
C.lnzp . . .
O'Brien .
Midget. ..
1 If>
1 *; 4
1 .".7
1 as
3d. Total.
158 5o2
ir.s 481
145 4 6 ?
153 4G2
IS? ?19 5
799 7S7 S09
The TiniCN-Dlntiairb.
1st. 2d. 3d.
Bailey . 170 190 199
Iliilchcr . 117 17K Ml
Deasy . 21S 155 19C,
Da vis . 129 177 1^2
Whitman . 203 190 201
SIR 890
Fmpires ? Harvey and
Standing of the Chilis.
Clubs. Played. Won. Dost
875 2,601
Jriwolors . 2
Times-Dispatch . 24
Plumbers . 21
Mea t Packers... 27
A. 11. C.27
1 1
1 4
P. C.
[Special to The Times Dispatch. 1
Chariot tesvi. - Vri,. February 15-?
Minor Carson Kilo, of tb-. medical de?
partment, baa been elected assistant
manager or the Virginia football team,
bv the General Athletic. Association.
This is Mr. Idle" third year at the
unrvorsitv, and during his college term
be has peon prominent In student life,
lie has played on the baseball team,
winning his "V laat. year at fir: base,
and having the second highest bat?
ting average for the season. He Is tho
son of Dean W. M Dile. of the law tic
|p.artmeu,t of. the university..
seball squad
out for practice
Bright Prospects at Washington
and Lee for Winning
[Special to The Timos-Di.?pntrh. ]
Lexington, Va., February 15.?In re?
sponse to Captain Smith's order for all
baseball men to turn out. the campus
is dotted with groups of players,
among the candidates being a large
number of freshmen who have pro?
yiously done pood work on prep
school teams. Hunting, hitting and
Holding practice Is going on. while the
batteries are being tried out at the
skating rink.
The prospects of a winning team are
exceedingly bright. Mnran, Washing?
ton and 1.\s undefeated pitcher, who
lias recently declined a number of very
attractive offers from tin- big leagues,
will pitch for the university again this
year. Gwathmcy, who 'pitched in 100$
ami 1910, and Paredes. of the joe
team; will also occupy the pltcher!s
box. Ball, formerly of the University
of Wisconsin, who bar) a bad arm last
year, is also a candidate.
Among the new men who are out to
have a try for the pitcher's mound are
Thompson, of Georgia Tech; Hamilton,
of Culver Military Academy; Moore
and Hill Bed doe, sub on the HMO team,
is out for the catcher's position. An?
other promising candidate in Donahue,
star catcher for Mereerxburg lasl year.
Hereford, of Kpworth University, Okla?
homa, and Harmon, of Randolph-Macon
Academy, will also handle the mit.
on track squad
Men Willing and Anxious to
Make a Record for
The Richmond College track team
was out again yesterday afternoon, ami
Coach IIagaman hari them going over
the hurdles and around the track. The
Improvement which the candidates for
the various positions aro making is
very gratifying to the coach. A large
crowd Is out daily to watch the work
of the men.
This interest on the part of the col?
lege students is tilling the athletes
with a desire to win, and this desire
to win is proving of inestimable value
to the coach in the work which lie is
doing. It is now believed that bet?re
the great open-air meet, which will
be held tit the ball park on April -,
takes placo, Richmond College win
have a team of track athletes com?
parable to any team in the South.
While that is a broad assertion, and
while it may appear to some as
stretching the facts, Coach Jlagaman
nevertheless feels that way about it,
find when the man who is training
j the. loam Is willing to make Much a
statement the mere outsider must be
I willing to accopt it until it Is dls
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.|
Blacks burg, Va., February 15.?Tho
Virginia Polytechnic Institute basket?
ball team won its fourth .straight vic?
tory of the season hero to-day, defeat?
ing the University of Tennessee by a
score of 54 to 10. This has been re?
garded as the biggest game of tho
year, and was fast and snappy, al?
though the Techs had things their way
much of the time.
These are the keynotes of th?
Chalmers policy for 1911. In
Chalmers cars?"30" horsepower
at Si500; "Forty" horsepower at
$2750?we strive to give the great?
est possible automobile value at
j the prices.
We have made many minor im
orovements in Chalmers cars for
11911 ? all making for greater
values. Yet the prices remain
the same as last year.
Let us show you how much
automobile you can buy
for $1500.
Gordon Motor
Company, Inc.
"Car* of Character"
Richmond. Virginia
?jul. _?; ' . m?r? -*
Sir John Johnson Is Victorious in
His First Race at
Jacksonville, Fin.. February 15.?Sie
John Johnson, making his first appear*
iirico at Moncrlof this afternoon, de.
rented a field of. fair splinters in the
third race, and Lite book akcrs S?D
Cored by his victory, his price being
forced down from 'J to l. to 7 to ?',
i.-t'-k Pnrkeri the 7 to 10 favorite,
captured the feature event, the Key
West selling stake, valued at $1,30
by it neck, troi? star lilue. Only two
favorites were successful. Summaries:
First ra<.purse $100, t woTyoarr'blds,
four furlongs?Walter s.ott <~ to 1 >,
tirst: Day May (5 to 1 ?, second; Naughty
Rose t! to 2), third. Time, :ip 2-5.
Second rar.?purse ihreo-year
o)ds and up, live and a half furlongs
Fort Carroll (12 to 1), first: Old Hoy
(to 2), second; spin (2 to l). third;
Time. I iOS 1-5.
Third raci?three-year-olds and up;
six furlongs?Sir John Johnson ?7
I 5), first) Premier < 7 to 10), second;
The Squire (out), third. Time, Li 13 ?!-?">.
; Fourth rare?.selling, $1.300, three
I year-olds and up, sdx furlongs?Jack
j Parker (7 to )">. first: Star Mine t7 to
Io>. second; Wrap font), third; Time,
1:12 n-:..
Fifth rare?purse $ 100, fbur-year-olda
and Up. one mile and seventy yards
Cioleonda (3 to 1?. tlr^t: Dixie Knight
HI to :. 1, second; judge Walton in to
5), third. Time, 1 :<??
Sixth rare?purse $100. four*year-olds
and up, selling, one mile and a six?
teenth- Edwin I. (fl ;o 2). first: Shah
dale <)?; to 5), second; Third; Rail (
to .">?. third. Time. 1ST 1 -r,.
ITouring Car, $700?Road-tor, $600.
1627-29 W. BROAD ST.
j The Richmond Iron Works Corpora
tlon is now delivering the
The buyer who knows the diftcrcca
n autoinobi es will own a
Jones Motor
Car Co.
Ancn Avc. and Broad Street.
Presenting Her leitest Comedy Hit
Prices, .".0e. to $2,
New Vaudeville
To-night the Old Dominion
Minstrels will add to their fun.
Thursday, Kciiriinry'JO. Si30 I*. M,
New York Vocalist;
Poston Pianist.
Reneflt Sheltering Arm? Hospital.
Tiekets on sale at Cable Piano Co.
C?ty Auditorium, Saturday, February 18th.
Entire Balcony. 25c
Ent|rc First Floor. 50c
NICHT-;--?:30 O'CLOCK?
Entire Balcony. 50c
Entire First Floor.'.$1.00
Complete Change of Programs
Seats on sale, beginning Tuesday, at the Cable Piano Company,
213 East Broad.

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