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Wake Forest Ends Satisfactory
Basketball Season?Practicing
for Baseball.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Wake Forest, N. C. February 2$.?
With tho game with the University ot
Virginia on Wednesday night the
basketball season came to a close. Tito
tienson has been noted not so much
for Its brilliant record in number ot
frames won. hut for its wonderful rec?
ord when it is considered what mate?
rial there was the first of the season.
.With not ia member of last year's team
present, Coach Cfozler, by excellent
coaching, developed a quint of which
the college may wi ll r eel proud. Under
the new eligibility rules, the require?
ments for wearing the "W." only live
men have that much-coveted honor.
Not a single substitute has the privi?
lege; Heretofore there have been about
nine men "who won the letter for bus-,
Jrcetball service. The new requirements
tire that a. man must play in half the
p.imes scheduled before he -will be i
planted the privilege W. C. Dowd.
.Sr.. of Charlotte, made a regular place
on the team, being the first freshjnan
in tho history of the college to have
that honor. Others have been substi?
tutes, but did not make a regular
berth. Phil Utley. of Fabduh. who Is
captain of both the football and bas?
ketball teams of this year, made; the
team, und Is thereby tho only student
in college) who has ihadc three ath?
letic teams. In I he last four years
there has been but one other student
to accomplish that fciit. Every man
on the team with the exception of Cap?
tain Holding, has made another team
The five members of the team are: R
I-. Jloldintr. of Wake Forest, centre:
Captain W. R. Holding, of Wake For?
est; right forward; Manager H. M
Beam, of Plttsylvahia, left forward:
Phil Utley. of Raleigh, right guard,
slid Carey Dowd.* of Charlotte, left
guard. Sam Turner, of Wake Forest,
lacked one game u
the games scheduled
>f McCutchen and Li L
other substitutes.
More than forty m<m are practicing
for the baseball team- It is impos
f-JMe at this early da;? to get a line
on the different plax-ers. The candi?
date's for pitcher and '-atelier have
*M>rn working for some time, and the
prospects on that line are pood. Utley,
Pointer, Underwood, Smith and Par?
ser and two left-handers, McClendon
and Hood, are the candidates for
pitchers. Watkins and Riddick, of last
year's team, and Beasely, a freshman,
."re working for catcher. The pros?
pects for the whole team look bright
Manager Tucker signed a contract this
week to play A. & M In Kalebvh oil
Easter Monday.
pla> big in half
G. M. Beam. R.
Buie w< re the
Preparing for Highlander*.
Athens, fia., February 27.?-Harry
Lee, trainer of the New York Ameri?
can League Baseball <"lnb, arrived in
Athens to-day to prepare for tho com?
ing of the team. Manager Hal Chase,
and the regulars, are scheduled to
reach here on March 1. The schedule
of games on their homeward trip the
last week in March includes Atlanta.
Cincinnati. Columbus. Indianapolis,
Wilkesbarro and Scran ton
Uniics {he feremosi siy]c
with the utmost wear.
Its hand-made -that's why |
tu ay, ..n-.o^
Two Cycle
y 4 Cylinders
Guaranteed Engine Service!
Price, 91,200 to gU.SOO.
Imperial Muter Car Co., Distributer?
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Reo "30" With Fore Doors
Price $1,350
Including wind shield; top extra,
South Boston. Va,
Tbc Richmond Iron Works Cofpor.i
tion is now delivering the
tafi, Motor
For 30 Tears the House of Quality
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
Distillers and Blenders ot
Fine Whiskies.
Its Long Record Proves Its Merit.
Touring Car, $700?Roadster. J&00.
1627-29 W. BROAD ST.
The buyer who knows the difference
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Jones Motor
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Auen Ave. and Broad Street.
The Wonh Auto Sales Co., 439-5?50
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World's Highest
Grade Piano
and a number of
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Write for beauti?
ful catalogue. It is
Walter D. Moses & Co.,
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Oldest Music House in Virginia
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Three Favorites and Two Second
Choices Win Leading
Jacksonville, Tin.. February 27.?A
well-balanced held and close llntsbes
featured the Moncrir-f card to-day.
Thrsn favorites- and two second choices
accounted for the six races.
The feature race, a handicap at ;t
mile and a sixteenth, was won by Hob
Ii., which came from behind, and in
lite stretch outgamed Aylmer. after a
gruelling drive. Summaries:
First race?selling, two-year-olds,
six furlongs?Inland (11 to 5) first.
Arany (5 to 9) second. Senator Spurns
(9 tu 1) third. Time. 1:1$ 2-5. Terri?
ble Boy. Sauce. Chief also ran.
Second race?purse $100, three-year
j olds, maidens, five furlongs?Stickpin
I (30 to 1) llrst, Creole (5 to 2) second.
I Emma Stuart (4 to 5) third. Time.
I 1:01 4-5. Heat hcrbloom. Atubq Knight,
j Knight Thought. Myrtle Marlon, Bong
I of Rocks. Gavotte, Allan Dale Queen,
J Rampant. Molly IJo also ran.
I Third race?purse $."00. threc-year
j olds and up, six and a half furlongs?
j Mclvor (3 to It llrst. Blue Mouse (S to
jl) second, Ella Bryson, out, third.
Time, 1:21 l-r>. La U Mexican. Mlndin
ettc. Eagle Bird, Patrick S. Premier,
I Idlewelss also ran.
Fourth race?purse $000, handicap,
three-year-olds and up, mile and a six?
teenth?Bob IL (?. to 1) first. Aylmer
(t to 5) second, The Squire ('- to It
third. Time. 1:47 2-5. Fffendl. Des
comnctz", .lodge Moiick, Ta Nun Da
also ran.
Fifth race?soiling, four-year-olds
and upwards, five and a half furlongs?
! TT See It (3 to 1) first; Voltaire (15 to n
i second. Strike Out (13 to 5) third. Time.
1:0$. Mon Ami, Detroit, Hildas Sister.
I Camel. Lady Sybil, Congo Hughes.
I Tempter and Bat Masterson also ran.
Sixth race?purse S400, four-year
olds and up. selling, mile anil a six?
teenth?Shapcdale (S to 5) first, Hose
burg (12 to It second. Elizabethan
is to it third. Time, 1:49. Campaigner.
Don Dia;:. Ilibcrnica, Mlque O'Brien.
Radiation. Queen Marguerite, Royal
Onyx also ran.
Wells AN'his from "Welch. .
London, February 27.?Mott Wells
won a twenty-round fight to-night |
from Fred Welch for the lightweight j
championship of Great Britain and the
Lonsdale belt. The contest was helTl
at the National Sporting Club, and the!
l)lg crowd that gathered witnessed
twenty rounds of fast work. Although
the men appeared pretty evenly;
matched and there was little to choose '
between the-two. the fight was award-I
cd to Wells on points.
Heady for Spring Prnetlre. . . |
Alexandria, ha., February 27.?The!
tirst squad of tlie Cleveland American j
Ln:4g\ie baseball team arrived here to-?
day for spring practice.
It sure docs take .some people art j
awfully long time to be convinced of
tlie obvlouw.
Now there's that little matter of the
Tidewater League. When the idea was
first fathered in the enthusiastic brain
of our mutual friend. Billy Hannah,
every single soul who was even the j
tiniest bit acquainted with the laws:
which govern the National Association !
of Professional Baseball Leagues knew!
that the organization would be outlaw'
the moment It put a team in Norfolk !
or Portsmouth.
Not so some of the more earnest
brethren; They spouted and runted,
and fussed and fiddled; quoting this
man and that man to show that the
organization would be. perfectly legal
and legitimate.
It do bent all how some folks will
parade their ignorance so brazenly.
But. in the words of that eminent
philosopher. Colonel Bill Skllllt: "There
ain't going to be no Tidewater League,
The usual gathering was present
yesterday at the park, but tools bein?
absent, nothing was done but enjoy
the fresh air.
Some one did manage to get hold of
a hall which had seen better days
many, many years ago. and a few
were batted skyward so that S.*ra
cino and Whitllne could dri a little
Bats and balls will be on hand to?
Sullivan spent Sunday walking to
'Seven Pines and buck, which Is some
He was bach nl the park early yes?
terday, though, and doing a Marathon
around the diamond.
Baker and Pearce are expected in
to-morrow. The dub house has been
put hi shape for them. Hot water and
everything else will he ready.
And Sullivan Is clad. Yesterday lie
expected Walker and rtovetlo out at i
the park. Neither showed \tp. With
the coming of Baker and Pearce he
will have somebody to work out with
every day.
Remember that lo-morroiy will be
March 1, after which date all players
without contracts will be free agents.
Then watch for sonic things to happen.
TDuck Hooker has no contract from
Danville yet. and. confidentially, he Is
not anxious to gel one.
Frank Bigbio has a Raleigh contract. |
which lies him to that (dub, but he 1
remarked that he would not work'
there this season.
Stanley Bigbie allowed thai he
thought he would retire, as he hnd
inside enough money out of baseball.
That';: what a boy who behaves bim?
se'.-f usually can say.
Barfbol ;.id N< Ison worked oni in
goo I shape.
Xot,> thai A. If. Brady has been ofTl
irialh awarded to Danville by th? Na?
tional Association In its most recent
bulletin That ends everything, so far
as Pitcher Brady and Richmond are
Burke, left fielder with the locals
Lift year was sent his release to-day.
Manager diallings, of the Buffalo
? lub, has written to owner Brad lev
for a game here. n may be that he
will bij given April 13J No other data
is available
Leo Wise, who was out at the ball
park yesterday, snrung n ioke abour
Willie McCom&a .Baker) being a long
lost brother of Carroll McComasj flu
act! ess. who Is well known to '.oral
Watch out for something new from
now on every day: Things will begin
happening -oon. First game with New
York Americana, Mnr^h 25, exactly
twenty-live days hence.
Kd Handibbe, well known in the
Virginia League, has been given a
berth on the unudro staff of President
Chivington, In the American AsflOCia
i ion.
.Frank Chance |fi happy because Artie
Kofman ha- signed a eontraet. The
heavy hit fin ir fielder h'lps out the
Cups materially.
it looks as if the race'in the Na?
tional will be between the Giants th*
Cubs and Plttsburg.
Jesse Tanhehlll, who feels thai ho
can conn back. Is going to riot Springs
with the Cincinnati Rod* t,, Bd i,,
eliUon. Hero's hoping.
-Pop" Lanhlgtm,, physical dh color at
the university, has hit libon th* novo)
plan of starting his runners from un?
der a rope in ordor to get them to run
low. It looks like a good idea.
Now that the hack lots are filling
with the youngsters, put it in your
scrap hook that spring has arrived.
Ad Wolgast and Knockout Brown
will furnish the chief pugilistic event
of tho week when they get together
for a ten-round go In Now York Fri?
day night. Watch the fur fly if the
light is on the level, and there" is little
reason to helleve that it will not he.
for tho reason that Brown lias much
!?) gain by winning.
?lohnuy Coulon can now lay absolute
claim to tlie bantam championship
since ids clean-cut victory over
Frahkie Conlcy at New Orleans.
An ovor/.ealons inquirer wants to
know in which direction a batter bats
the ball. Authentic Information Is
lacking on the subject, but most hand?
books leave, the impression that he
bats it away from him.
It is a generally recognized fact
.hat medicines taken from the botan
cal kingdom are better adapted tc
.he delicate hitman system, and safet
in every way than those composed ol
?itroug mineral mixtures. Among
:he very best and safest of vegetable
preparations is S.S.S., a blood med
:iue made entirely of roots, herbs and
Darks, in such combination as to
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3. S. S. does not contain the least
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:me to use. While purifying the
olood, this great vegetable remedy
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is. ?S. S. eures Rheumatism, Catarrh,
Sores aud Ulcers, Skin Diseases,
Scrofula, Constitutional Blood Dis?
eases, and all impurities and morbid
conditions of the circulation. It is
perfectly reliable and safe for children; I
and little ones who have been weak-!
tried with scrofulous affections or1
jther inherited blood troubles, can
Luke this niild vegetable remedy with;
good results aud without the slightest
danger. S. S. S. is unequalled as a
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the system, and the healthy blood it I
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any derangement of the stomach j
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blood medicine you could do no better!
than to take S. S. S. It has been in
use for more than forty years and is
still recognized as the best. Book oil
the blood free to all who write.
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Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures and to
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Working Hard Himself and Will Make Men
Work Hard?Anxiously Awaiting Time
When Players Report for Practice and
Weeding Out Process.
Talking over the local baseball situa?
tion with Jimmic Sullivan is like tak?
ing a trip on tho loop the loop; start
wherever you want aud travel along
what paths you will, it's a cinch bet
that you are going to get back to
tho fact that Richmond will have a j
winner. That downtown-eignr-store
soda-water-fountain tinselled vaporing
would dissipate in about thirteen sec?
onds under the businesslike talk of
J nines \Y. Sullivan, Escp
It is not my Intention to pen a
panegyric upon the many good finali?
ties of Sullivan. Tie is a great big.
husky sort of a fellow, and Is able, to
take, care of himself. "I am in Rich?
mond because I liked the terms Owner
Bradley agreed to, and now that I
have accepted those terms 1 am going
to give Richmond a winner, if T can."
That's tho way he talks, and he looks
like he means it.
Sullivan a Hard Worker.
Some of you fellows who wrote the
game, and who can tell a baseball j
player as far as you can see with a j
telescope, just take a few minutes off.
go out to the ball park, and watch a
real man work. You know it's a mighty
good sign when you see a man doing
.Hist as much as he asks the men under
him to do. Sullivan not. only does as
much as any of the youngsters on the
lot, but he does more
lake every man who ever made his
living playing baseball, and made a
success of tho business. Sullivan is
taking no chances this early In the
season. He might'get on the diamond,
throw his arm off and make a few
sensational stops for the delectation of
the few knockers who are on hand,
not to find out how good a man is, but
to take advantage of everything ho
doesn't do. But Sullivan Is not running
a circus; he is at the business end of
a base-hall team which Is out for a
Believe* lie linn n Winner.
Since the first day hp scratched his j
name to a contract ho has been work- i
ing to get together a fast lot of
youngster.? who would lit in the much
smaller money bag which is being fur?
nished thois season. lie has scoured
the country. The recruits are coming
from every section, because Sullivan
lent his ear to every one who could
suggest the name of a ball playor. I
I Pretty nearly everybody in Richmond
knows almost by heart the names of
I the men who will report.
Cowan and Dobsoh and Verbout afid
Baker are known quantities. They have
been tried and they have made good; \
made good not only as ball players,
but as Individuals with the. fans. The I
other names on the list simply rep
resent names. Indeed, that is about all
they represent, to the manager of tho I
team. lie has their records, or as
much of tho records as could be ob?
tained, but most of the youngsters have
been playing ball such a short while
that there was little to glean.
Take Majcey and l.,od>so ami Dawson,
tho three boys who will be tried be?
hind the bat. While each of these boys
has a great reputation, with the pos?
sible exception of Lodge, who at one
time played on Richmond College, u<>
actual information is at hand. The
same holds true with the pitchers. Tho
result is that until the boys arrive and
t lie actual work of wooding them out
begins, any prediction is simply guess?
work, nnd any prejudgment an unfair
treatment of a lot of youngsters, who
may have tho potential abilities of a
'J*y Gobb or an ISddte Collins.
Leniency Should Me ISxtciided.
Don't laugh at such a sAntemcnt.
Every one of the big fellows who get
their names in the papers every day.
and who are mentioned over the foot?
lights by the big comedian, strayed
around the back lots and in the hushes
for a long time before they got to the
point where they drew salaries Instead
of mere, wages
So he lenient. Have confidence in
Sullivan. Don't knock at any stage of
tile game, but surely, if yon must
knock?and it's a habit with a lot of j
people I know?give every single soul |
a show before you begin wielding the. I
ldg stick. Richmond and good baseball
is the cry. Be just as good sports as
Hie fellows in the little towns. Forget
that there is such a thing an a salary
limit. Too much lias already been said
about a matter which is more or less
the private concern of the league,
.lodge the article of hall you receive
as an article of ball, and then make
just criticisms, always remembering
that Owner Bradley wants a winning
team just as badly as you do, and that i
ho has considerably more at stake.
Executive Committee Decides to
Jo.in Blues in Both Indoor
and Outdoor Events.
At a meeting of the executive com?
mittee of the Athletic Association of
Richmond College hehl Inst night It
was decided to join hands with the
Richmond Light Infantry Blues in the
dual indoor track meet to he held in
the Bines' Armory .March. 21. and also
in the big open air meet to he* held
at the hall park April 12.
Final arrangements will be made at
a joint mooting between the athletic
committee of the Blues a ltd a com?
mittee from the college to be held
to-night. No hitch in any of the ar?
rangements is expected, as both the
college, and the military organization
are heartily in favor of the move.
The indoor meet will doubtless prove
a great success, as practically all of
the local athletic organizations, the
grammar schools and the prep, schools
have signified their intention of taking
part in the many events and in the
relay races. An ofllelnl list of the
events will be published as soon as
they are arranged.
Itlelittrdsim Working on Hlur.s.
Chairman Richardson, who in also
acting as coach of the Blues track
squad, is getting his men out daily
i and putti.ng them around the boards^
I The work is beginning to tell and
some speed is being develop."^. Coach
Ifagnman was not out at the college
yesterday, but some of the boys jogged
around the track warming up. Sad?
ler was at work on the 12-pound shot
and his heaves are becoming more ef?
fective dally.
It looks like a good meet. The latest
organization to promise to have a team
I entered is Christ Vjhureh Association.
! Supervisor Hadeock announced to-day
that he would have men in each of the
This afternoon Coach Hagaman will
dbfinilciy decide on the men he will
take to Washington to lake part in
the 'teorgetown games next Saturday,
I The local team will race the Maryland
j Aggies, and. while the Maryland four
( has not been defeated this year, Uaga
I man thinks his men can turn the
Moinonvlllo AVIun Ten-Mile Handicap
In 10iU7t10.
New Orleans. La.. February 27-?The
; Mardi Gras speed carnival, which bo
; gati last Saturday, was brought to a
i close at the Fair Grounds to-day, when
A. .T. Maisonvlllc, in a Corbin car, won
tho ten-mile handicap, finishing Just
ahead of Louis Dlsbrow. In a National,
who started at the scratch; The Cor?
bin w.-js allowed a fortv-nve-seconds*
handicap. Time. 10:27.10
In the fifty-mile race. Ralph 11. Ire?
land, in a Midland, had a narrow es?
cape from serious Injury when a tire
went wrong, his car smashing a p&nei
out of the Inside of tin- fence and hurl
' Ing Ireland onto the turf. Ho landed
I lieadforomo: I, but outside of a- few
I serntohea lu> was unhurt.
But Owner Bradley Declares Star
First Sacker Will Return to
[.Special to The Timcs-vbispatch;]
Winston-Salem, X. C, February 27.?
The local association has made a deal
whereby five players of the Fayette
ville pennant-winning' team in the
Kastein Carolina League will be trans?
ferred to the Wlnst?n-Salem team for
coming season. These are Dobson,
first baseman; Calvin, catcher; O'lfalo
ran, second baseman; Mulllns, centre
fielder; Sbumaker, left beider. Con
Iracts have been forwarded to all mem?
bers of last year's local team, but it
is known that only a few will be. asked
to return.
Owner Bradley, when shown the
above, made the following statement:
"So far as I know, neither Fayette
ville nor Winston-Salem nor any one
else, except the Richmond Club, has
a particle of claim on the services of
Dobson. Ho was bought outright last
year from Fayottevillc by Richmond,
an.) belongs to us unreservedly. We
hnvo sent him his contract and know
that lie has rccolved It because we
hnvo been so .advised by the National
Commission,. I don't think that thoro
is any cause for alarm bocatiso of tbo
report, and I dm positive that Dobson
will bo back with Richmond this sea?
son." Owner Bradley Is usually pretty
well Informed as to his claims on a
player, and his statement will there?
fore bo assuring to a largo number
of fans who regard Dobson very
highly. >
Hogan and Wolgast Matched.
Now York, February 27.?Announce?
ment was made to-night by the man?
ager of "One-Round" Ilogan, the Cali?
fornia lightweight, that Ilogan and Ad
Wolgast, the lightweight champion,
had been matched to go ton rounds bo
fore the Madison Athletic Club hero
on Tuesday, April 18. Wolgast find
"Knockout" Brown, whom Ilogan
fought recently, will mcot here on
Friday night.
Episcopal XIIkIi School to Play Scrlew
** of Sixteen Gunicn.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Alexandria. Va? February 27?The
following schedule was announced
yesterday by Coach Carter for the
Episcopal High School:
March 25?Bliss Electrical School, of
April 1?Business High School, of
April 7.?William and Mary College.
April S?Open.
April 15?Central High School, of
April ir??Open.
April 22.?Cathedral nigh School, of
April 27?Gonzaza College, of Mary?
April 20.?Woodbcrry Forest School,
May 3?Western High School, of
^iay c?Central High School, of
May 8?Tome Institute, of Mary?
May 13.?Boy's Latin School. of
May 20?Woodbcrry Forest School.
May 07?Technical High Srhool, of
i June ?,?Baltimore Poly technical.
Y. M. C. A. Athletics
The South Atlantlcs are keeping up
their winning streak, and last night
won out. over the Life Insurance Com?
pany of Virginia by 9S pins. On Fri?
day night the Metropolitans, will try
conclusions with the Virginia Fire and
To-night there will he a meMins <>f
the captains ami members of the ten
pin league. Other members desiring
to join the league are Invited to be
Score? lnM ulghf,
South Atlantic Life Insurance Co.:
1 2 3
Sholttng . AS 104 65
O'Xeale . 1 10 82 108
McConnell ... tol 77 8]
Sharp -.... SI S2 7.".
Totals . 3?o 345 v:~ 1.062
Life insurance Cornpnnv of Virginia:
1 2 3
Luttr<ll . 75 S3 r.ri
Toone . so so 75
Bethel. S2 S3 104
Blair . 73 82 S3
Totals . 310 327 327 f??>-|
Indoor Uncrhnll.
The Busters put it over the Pilsners
in the Indoor Baseball League game
7 to 1. The victors secured nine lilts
I off Twininir. while Street held the op
; posing team to five scattered blngles.
i Hufty's clean hit. for a home run was
i the feature of the game, bringing in
I two runs with him.
Score by Innings: R. H.
' Busters .0 0 0 1 3 a 3?7 9
I Pushers .0 o l o o 0 x?l
Batteries: Street and Rice; Twining
and Bates. Struck out ? by Street. ?!;
I by Twining. 11. Two base hits?Bal?
lon. Rice. Home run?Rllfty.
The Volley Ball League games re?
sulted as follows: Shorts. 21- Lours,
15: Fats, 21; Leans. 11.
I The outdoor volley ball courts are
in shape, and members are using them
these tine days until dark.
At S::;o to-night the graded gvm
nastuni class will meet. The last prac?
tice work before the exhibition on
Saturday night will take place during j
I to-night's session. Complimentary
j tickets for senior members and their
I friends may bo obtained at the coun
; ter.
The swimming club will hold forth
i the pool on Wednesday night.
Captain Gill, of the Richmond Col?
lege baseball team, and a few of the
taithful were out on the campus ve
tcrday afternoon getting in a little
preliminary work. It will take a few
days to get a lino rut all of the appli?
cants for positions on the team. As
a matter of fact. little will be done
until after the arrival of Coach Lone
about March 15.
Captain GUI will he behind the men
all of the time, however, drilling them
In such work as will not tax th?ir
strength too much. All that Is needed
Is a little more of the warm weather
.which has prevailed for the past three
days for the boys to get rid of th"
stiffness Incident to the early days
of training. Prospects are bright for
a winning team at college this year,
as most of the men on last year's team
are back. A good schedule has been
Insures the utmost pleasure and
utility from Chalmers cars. At the
factory is maintained a department
of technical experts, who are always
at the command of Chalmers own
The Service Division will help
you get the most out of your car.
And If you should have any trouble,
the Service Division will help you
You buy Chalmers service when
you buy a Chalmers car?and it
costs you nothing extra.
Qordon jyfotor(\>., |nc
"Cars of Character"
Extra Five Minutes of Play Re?
quired for Christian College
to Win.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
I Lynchburg, Va.,' February 27.?The
j Virginia Christian College to-night
1 outplayed the. University of North
j Carolina in a hotly contested, though
rather loosely played gume of basket?
ball, but the score was a tic?III to
; 31?at the close Of the second halt
After five minutes of playing, Stick
ley, by a pretty piece of aggressive
WOrtk, shot the goal, which gave th?
Christiana a hard earned victory, mak?
ing the score 33 to 31.
The score at the end of the tlrsl
halt was 17 to 12, In favop of the Car?
olinians, but In the last half the Col
legians came back strong, and outplay?
ed the varsity at every stage of the
half. Hotter passing and more team
work tolls the story of the victory
for the college quint, which set a rapid
pace i ii the lust half. Carolina lost
the game, on a point awarded the
Christians for slugging, when the, last
half was about half finished. Tin
game was contested at every point,
but It was clean, and the victory was
* richly deserved by the preparatory
school, which was expected to lose at
least to two to one.
V. C. C. Position. Carolina.
Shown .forward. Tlllett
Stlckley .forward. Smith
Mehofee .centre. Rlteb
Chabot .guard. Hayncj
McCorkle .guard. Don?
Summary: Goals?Stlckley. Showe.
:;; McCorkle. Lj Chabot. I; Mcnefeo, t;
Tlllett, 2; Smith. 3; Hitch. 2; Hay no*.
2 Dong. 2. Goals from fouls?Mcnefeo.
4; Hitch, 7. Time of halves, twenty
minutes. Referees?Cardwell, of North
Carolina, first half; Warden, of Lynch
burg, second
I.vneiibtirc SHI* ScTton.
1 [Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
Lynchb?rg, Va.. February 27.?Tin
[ Ideal base-ball association to-night an
pounced the sale of John Sexton, who
was a star with the Lynchburg- team
last year. Sexton did sreat work for
A. and M. College of North Carolina
before coming to Lynchbnrg. and he
I is designed for major league work.
The decreased salary limit caused his
? sale, sexton was sold to Birmingham,
in the Southern League.
Match 7th
Prices 50c toJ$2._??_
? The Laughing Musical Success of the
"My Cinderella Girr"
"In Old Kentucky." ^
New Vaudeville Monday and Thurs?
day. New Pictures every other day
Features to please everybody.
Prof. Hermann S. Hering, C. S. B. of Concord, N. H.
Member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship of The
First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass.
This Lecture is given under the auspices of First Church of
Christ, Scientist, Richmond, Va.
Admission Free. The Public is Cordially Invited to Attend

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