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Efforts to Exempt Certain Coun?
ties Voted Down?Rail?
road Incorporated.
Measure Requiring First Aid
Materials in Factories Favor?
ably Acted On.
, Raleigh, N. 0., February: 2 7.?The
House passed to-day, after long dis?
cussion and without material amend?
ment, tho legislative committee bill
creating a Stato Fish Commission, to
regulate tho commercial fisheries in?
terests. Efforts to exempt Curritiick,
Onslow and Cainden counties wero
voted down.
Among the bills favorably reported
to-day wero to Incorporate tho Dur?
ham and Danville Railroad Company,
to provide for Central State highway
Brown, of Stanly, offered a bill to
Incorporate the Raleigh, Charlotte and
Southern Railway Company.
In convening the House to-day.
Speaker Down warned the member**
f, that the most orderly proceedings were
necessary for the remaining days of
tho session. If there was to bo that
degree of dispatch that would bring
out a cleaning of the calendar by Sat?
urday night, when the session expires
by limitation. There are t<h". bills on
the calendar, in addition to great num?
bers from the Senate and In the hands
of the committees, and the introduction
of new bills Is not yet abated. He
pledged his best effort to dispatch the
business, and begged that no members
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get nervous over the outlook for their
The Senate tabled a 'oil) to creat a
State hoard of examiners 10 license
The bill requiring medicine and
medical surgical appliances to be kept
lp factorcs employing twenty-five or
more people passed, with an amend?
ment making the penalty for failure to
keep these first aid materials S'-'G in?
stead of |50.
The Senate received a great number
of new bills, among the most Import?
ant being by Bassett to protect per?
sons selling merchandise on approval",
by Cottiin, to provide for the appoint?
ment f>( directors of the State-:; prison,
as directors of other Statr- institutions
an- appointed
The bill readjusting the senatorial
apportionment for the General Assem?
bly under the last census returns is
expected to be introduced In the State
Senate within the next day or two, it
having been already threshed out and
settled In committee. The State will
retain the thirty-nine districts. Swain
county it< to r,e placed In the thirty
eighth; Moke is to be put. In a district
with Cumberland, and Avery is to get
in a district with Mitchell. F.dge
combe and Halifax are to be combined
In a district that will be given two
Senators. It In understood that these
arc- all the changes that will be made
The Board of Credits (Inc.), of Wil?
mington, received a charter to-day
with $2,000 capital, by L. B, Bogers
M. W. .lacobi. \V. B Cooper. H. Lacy
Hunt and a great number of the other
leading business men of the city, foi
the purpose of maintaining a rating
bureau for the protection of the mer?
chants and other business men main?
taining membership, and for other pur
The Raleigh Street Bailway Com
j nany began this morning the work of
putting down the vitrified brick pav?
ing between the double tracks on Fay
ettevllle Street, where the city has
paved tiie street with asphalt. The
work will require about two weeks.
The- roof Is being placed on the new
S3 2.=1,0'"""? municipal ami auditorium
building, at the corner of Fayettcville
and Davie Streets. The. building is to
bo completed and ready for occupancy
In the early fall. There Is in process
of enactment Additional legislation that
will enable the people of the city to
vote oh whether the old City Hall and
Market Building on Fayettcville Street
shall be retained, or whether It shall
be sold and a market building pro?
vided on a lot to be acquired on the
square back of the present building
on Wilmington .Street.
iTho appeals from the Fourth .Tudl
elal District will be called to-morrow
in th* Supreme Court, there being fif?
teen cases on the calendar?State vs.
I Lewis. Sandllng vs. Kearney, Person
vs. Person; Ex um vs. Railway Com
! pany. Steplienson vs. Bailey, "Sherrort
' vs. Battle, Walters vs. Sash and Blind
Company, Peanut Coihpany vs. Rail?
road. Roborson vs. Lumber Company
McCaskcy Register Company vs. Lewis
1 -Mercer vs. Railroad, Wyrin vs. Bui
lock, Sherrod vs. Dawson, Kearney vs.
Vann. Champion vs. Railway, Brant
ley vs. Morgan.
The Corpora tion Commission heard
to-day the arguments for and against
the efforts on foot to have the Sea?
board Air bine to operate a Ralelgh
\ Hamlet shoo-tly, and require the Ra
} leigh-NojUna shoo-fly to continue Its
j daily runs to Woldon. What is really
i wanted Is an order from the commtfi
} sion for the shoo-fly to start each
; morning from Wcldon and run through
i to Hamlet; and return each day, in
I stead of at present having only a shoo
I Jly service from Norllna to Rnleigh
1 and return.
j The State School for the Blind here
Observed "Hill Nyc Day" and raised
a contribution for the Bill Nye Bulld
I ihg at the Stonewall Jackson Training
j School, representing a real sacrllico
i by the children for this undertaking.
in tin- package of coin raised by the
j children ami the faculty there Were
ninety-four pennies, thirty-one nickels,
nine dimes-, seven quarters, one half
dollar, and one dollar piece.
.Mrs. Jr-.Tin, of Washington, Thrown
From Spirited Animal mid She
Sustains Fractured Skull.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Winchester, Va., February 'J7.?Mrs
Trwin, wife of Commander M. E. Irwin,
t'nlted States Navy, whose home is in
Washington, is in a precarious condi?
tion at. the Winchester Memorial Hos?
pital, suffering from a fractured skull,
left arm broken abovo the elbow, and
two broken rtbs, as the result of hav?
ing been thrown from a spirited horse
which she was riding near Stephona
City, this county. Mrs. Irwin was ac?
companied by Captain Karth, of tha
United States Army, and she intended
to buy the horse. The animal was
being tried out, when a passing auto?
mobile frightened it. Mrs. Irwin was
burled against a telephone polo with
groat force. She was rushed to the
hospital in an automobile, and physi?
cians are in constant attendance. Her
mother. Mrs. Norrls, of Washington, is
with her daughter.
fJrccr?-Pendlet on.
(Special to The. Times-Dispatch.J
Spotsylvania, Va., February 27.?Rev
Thomas S. Orecr, of Potwin. Kan., and
Miss Carrie Pendleton. of Spotsylvania,
Va., wcro married on February 22. at
the homo of Rev. und Mrs. Times D,
Harris, in Wichita, Kan. The cere?
mony was performed by Rev, Innes D.
Harris, tho brother-in-law of tho
bride, assisted Ivy Rev. Mr. Lbright.
of tho Wichita M. R. Conference. After
tho marriage the brldo and groom loft
over the. Missouri Pacific Railroad for
an extended bridal trip. Tho bride is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
A. pendleton. o? Spotaylvanla county.
Patrons Disapprove Certain Text
Book Used in Roanoke
Judge Moffitt Instructs His
Daughter Not to Attend
I Special to The Times-Disp?tch. I
Ronnukci Va.. February ^7. ? A Storni
oi disapproval is gathering at Kbanokc
College, cause?! by tho use in the. his?
tory class by Professor ?. J. Thor
Menburg ?is a text book of a "History
of the ("nlte<i .states of America" by
it. W. Klson.
Colonel W. II. Terrlll, of Salem, baa
a nephew attending the college, and
ho accidentally had his attention call
ed to some ot the contents of tho his?
tory which Iii? nephew was studying
Colonel Terrill showed the book to
neighbors and friends, and was high?
ly indignant,
W. Hi Tlnsley, of Salem, Informed
a Rouuoke newspaper of the condition,
and It is said that he has written to
ptlier newspapers. The matter will be
taken up by William Watts Camp of
Confederate Veterans in this city.
.Many extremely objectionable fea?
tures to all Southern people are pointy]
ed out, ami these are regarded as ab?
solutely hi conflict with the facts of
history, and likely to give Southern
students perverted ideas of their own
section and ancestry, and of the Con?
federate cause, in the armies of which
practically all of them bad relatives
The history deals with the Johr
Brown raid, and with the war. which
it attributes to slavery. The historlar
further besmirches the name of Robert
E. Lee in tho discussion of the dos?
Of the war.
It has been learned that Judge W
W. Moffitt, ot Salem, in December
learned of the teaching of the his?
Judgo IJIncussed Matter.
Judge Moffitt directed the attention
of President Morehead to some of the
objectionable features. Tho judge was
i-ret t ed to Professor Thorstenburg,
and wrote to him. The correspond?
ence seems to have been unsatis?
factory to him. He, however. oc?
cupied the dual relation of a trustee
of the ?-.-dletr.- and a patron, having
a daughter in attendance there, and
she was a member of the history class
Ho was very anxious, as a trustee, to
avoid Injury to the college, and as a
judge and a patron to show the most
absolute respect to tho collego dls- |
cipllne and laws. At the same time
li> resented Intensely the thought of |
having his own daughter taught what
he regarded as abominable and slan?
derous falsehood against her own peo?
ple. State and country. He said .to?
day that he preferred not giving out
the correspondence with Professor
Thorstehburgi and was reluctant to
discuss the publication. It Is known,
however, that a? a final resort, having
been unable to secure any redress ot
satisfactory answer, either from Presi?
dent Morehead or the orofessor of his
tory, he reluctantly Instructed his
daughter to refrain from attending th?j
history class. Thir, may bring about
a decisive issue.
It is understood that under the col?
lege rules a student refusinc to attend
classes is subject to expulsion. Should
this action be taken In the case of
Miss Moffitt; it is safe to say that her
father will make a very distinct Issue.
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snd fight it to a serious finish. It ia
not impossible that other students will
be forbidden by their parents to at?
tend Professor Thorstenburg's class
while the objectionable, book is used.
The professor is from Kansas,' and
it is understood that the author of
the history book was his classmate In
college, it is said that Lho Confeder?
ate veterans will take official notice
of tho matter and protest. The veter?
ans generally are stirred deeply.
Leads Plumbers to Well-Earned
Victory Over Times-Dispatch
The Times-Dispatch team fell a vic?
tim to tho Plumbers last night on th?
Newport Alleys, after three exciting
games, losing two and winning one.
Roy. captain of the Plumbers, was
high individual and high total score,
with Whitman, of The Times-Dispatch,
a close second, but five pins 'separat?
ing the two. Davis and Hulcher, of
the newspaper crowd, failed to roll
up to their usual form, and thereby
hangs the tale of defeat.
Following will be found the score
and standing of the teams:
1 2 3 Total ;
Bailey (captain) ISO ioi lf.s non
Whitman . .. 102 2.12 156 500
Deasy . 182 13.". 107 :.u
Davis . 1G3 153 150 471
Hulcher . 147 11S 143 405
$63 7S5 SI 4 2,462
1 2 3 Total
Roy (captain).. 172 21" l so :.t;:.
Beck _. 10 4 129 184 477
Smith . 100 159 101 fi49
Hooker . 170 lf.fi 150 470
Blair . 150 1SK 202 5 JO
$55 S45 007 2,007
Standing of Club*.
Clubs. Played. W.
Jewelers . 30 IS
Brigravars . so is
Times-Dispatch 33 17
Mea>t Packers.. 30 15
Plumbers . 3 3 Hi
A. I* Co . 30 0
1 ti
1 5
. r. no
.4 SS
Veoln Lee Kills Negro, and Then Stir
renders to Police.
rSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.1
Roanoke. Va., February 27.?Robert
Trice, colored, was murdered here this
afternoon by Veoln Lee, colored, who
walked tip on hi? victim and tired two
dhots with a shotgun, both taking el"
feet. Trice fell dead in his tracks.
Lee entered a saloon, it Is alleged
and. seeing Trice, standing at the bar
dred, the first, shot striking Trice in
the lower part of the back. The negro
turned as he fell, and Lee let him hav<
the load from the otnor barrel. Tric-v
dropped to the floor dead, the second
shot blowing off tho side of his face.
Xa, soon as this was done Lee handed
the gun to the. bartender and went t<
police headquarters and gave himself
up. Lee says he wns afraid of Trice
and thought, ho would get him, so Ik
killed Trice.
Fire Caused by Mice.
[Special to The Times - Dl snatch. I
Kenbrblgo, Va., February 27.?R. A.
.Tones, a prominent farmer of .Tohes
boro. had tW8 misfortune to lose his
house by tire last night. Mr. Jones's
loss is heavy, as ho did not save any
furnituro or clothing. The origin of
the fire. Is unknown, but It is thought
that mice are responsible. Mr, Jon..-,
carried no Insurance.
?Special to The Times-Dispatch. |
Hnrrlsoiiuurg, February 27.?While
plowing to-day near Port Republic,
James Miller, white, aged twonty-threu
yearn, stopped to rest his horses, and
in a. spirit of fun began boxing Moses
Smith, colored, aged fifteen. The negro
hoy attempted an upper-cut In the
ribs, but missed bis aim, and struck
Miller in the face, breaking his left
Jawbone- Miller, who is a brother of
Dr. .1. F. Miller, of Goode Mills, was
badly Injured. He was rushed to Uni?
versity Hospital, Charlottesville, for
How Many Women
Destroy Their Hair?
(From the London Saturday Review.)
One of the best: known hairdressers in
London?much patronized by royalty?
has the following to say: "Frequent wash?
ing of the head with soap and water or
prepared shampoos makes the hair brittle
and causes it to lose its color and split at
the ends.
"Any person desiring abundant, lus?
trous hair should use a dry shampoo frc
quentlj'. Mix 4 ounces of orris root with
4 ounces of thcrox. Sprinkle a table
spoonful of this mixture evenly upon the
head; then brush the powder thoroughly
through the hair.
"Thcrox and orris root keep the hair
light and fluffy, and beautifully lustrous
it heightens but does not change the natu?
ral color of the hair. Therox is the only
thing I know that will produce a growth
of hair."
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Amateur League Affairs
The schedule committee of the Rich?
mond Amateur Rnsoball League fulled
I to complete Its work last night, and
! another meeting will be held this nt
ternooii. at which all of the details of
the schedules will r>e completed. It is
expected that a. meeting of the com?
mittee on by-laws and constitution
\y.lll got together to-morrow night.
Just as soon as the work of tho com?
mittees is completed a special meeting
Of the hoard of directors, together with
the. board of arbitration, will he held,
when all arrangements will he com?
pleted and the affairs of the league
put In such shape that the heglnnlng
of the league season will llnd every?
thing attended to.
A matter of much importance to the
league Is the question of a uniform
contract for the players. It is under?
stood that sex-eral of the managers are
requiting their players to sign up con?
tracts. Such action is undoubtedly de?
sirable, and It. Is thought that inas?
much as some of tho players were
compelled to sign such a contract, It
might be well to adopt a uniform con- !
tract for all of the players to sign. j
Drinks Sulphuric Acid and Die* In j
(?rent Agony.
{Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Hamilton, Va!, February 27.?Frede?
rick Jova, a Cuban, member of thu
year's graduating class in the agrl
cultural dopartmont. at the Hampton
Normal School, committed suicide or
tho school grounds this morning b^
drinking a quantity of sulphuric acid
Jove, took the drug, and then walked
to the school hospital, where he calm?
ly Informed the nurses that he would
soon be dead, as he had taken poison?
ous acids. Tho nurses and physicians
attempted to force a glass of milk into
Jova. but ho stubbornly fought them
ond finally died In the greatest agony
Ho wfta.^twenty-slx years old, and had
been a 'student at the normal schdoj
for three years. Ill health and de
spondency over the denth of his rather
which occurred recently, are given as
the cause for the rash act.
(Special to Tho Timos-DIspa teh. I
Williamsburg, Va., February J7.- j
Miss Mamie Griffin and John Grady, of j
j West Virginia, were married last night I
at 7:30 o'clock In the home of Hie
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. K.
Griffin. The ceremony was performed
by the Rev. 15. K. Odeel. pastor of the ,
Methodist Church. Mr and Mrs. Bra<|.V j
will reside In this State for the pres?
ent, Mr. Brady being nn employe of
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Com?
Episcopal Rector lleslgun.
rspeclal toTh?Times-Dispatch 1 ;
Clifton Forge, Va., February JT.
Rev, Ivan M. Green, who has been till I
rector In charge of the Episcopal (
churches at this place and Ragle Rock_;
has resigned on account of ill health
He will leave to-morrow for Stafford
county, where he will spend some time
with friends and relatives.
Sent On to Grand .lury.
I Special Id Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch 1
Rpanoko, Va., February 27.- C. A j
Freedes was sent on to the grand jury j
to-day from Police Court for having
forged the. name of W. M. Halrsto? '
of Ma rt insvillo. to two checks?one fot 1
$3f> and another for $20. Freedos for- i
merly lived In Martinsvllle, and ho tes?
tified that he had signed tho checks j
having been authorized to do so by i
Hairston. to whom ho had given j
the total amount of the chocks.
Found Head In fled.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. I
Bristol. Va., February 27,?Will la iv
K. Rees, who was prominent in busi?
ness In Johnson City, Tonu., having foj
vicars represented Rastern commission
merchants, was found dead in his bed
this morning.
Presented to County.
[Special to The Timos-Dlspatch. I
SaunjtOn. Va., February 27.?An oil
portrait of tho late' lion. John \V
Churchman, for many years and at
itis death member of the Virginia
I louse of Delegates, was presented to?
day to the Board of Super visors by his
family, through Colonel 11. 11. Wayt.
of the Staun ton bar. Commonwealth's j
Attorney R. S. Iyer accepted it, on be- ,
half of. tho auucrviaoii
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