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4? <?
This Home'Made Cough **
** Syrup Will Surprise You *\
? Stops Kven Whooping Coagb
X Quickly. A Family Supply
& at Small Coat.
*?;??;?? ? ?
Hero la a homc-mado romody that
takes hold of a cough Instantly and
?will usually euro the moBt stubborn
case In 24 hours. This recipe makes
a. pint.?enough for a whole family.
Tou couldn't buy as much or as good
roady made cough syrup for $2.50.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar
"with 14 pint of warm water, and atlr
2 minutes. Put ounces of Plnox
(fifty cents' worth) in a pint bottle,
end add the Sugar Syrup. This keeps
pcrfoctly and has a pleasant taste??
children like It. Braces up the appe?
tite and is slightly laxative, which,
helps end a cough.
Vou probably know the medical valuo
of pine In treuting asthma; bronchitio
and other throat troubles, sore lungs,
etc. There is nothing better. Plnox la
the most valuable concentrated com?
pound of VJorway whlto pine extract,
rich in gulaleol and all the natural
healing plno elements. Other prepara?
tions will not work in this formula.
The prompt rosultn from this inex?
pensive remedy have made friends for
4t in thousands of homes in the United
States and Canada, which explains why
the plan has been imitated often, but
never successfully.
A guaranty of absolute satisfaction,
or money promptly refunded, goe3 with
this recipe. Your druggist has Pinex
or will get It tor you. If not. send to
The Plncx Co.. Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Reforms lie Advoeutcd >*orv Re lug |
A ilopteil.
Boston. Mass.. Ma.'eh 7.?Declaring
riat It was a greater pleasure than
elhg President to sit back and see ?
the reform- he had advocated for years
being adopted by the Wont more
slowly accepted by the Fast aiij pub?
licly supported and proclaimed by
Colonel Roosevelt ami President Tan,
vYilllath Jennings Bryan to-night ad?
dressed l "f>'> members of the Boston
City Club. Including leading business
and professional men of the city.
Mr. Bryan upheld the Canadian re?
ciprocity measure, declaring that it
would be the end of the Republican
party and reciprocity principles if the
measure wert not finally adopted. The
popular election of United States Sen?
ators also rereived a share of Mr.
B: yah's attention.
in closing; Mr. Bryan said that he
would not again be a candidate for
t he presidency.
Governor Pops presided at the meet?
ing and Introduced Mr. Bryan.
More Hein for Sfnr%lng.
Washington; March 7.?To relieve the
starving multitudes of China, th*
Clifisllan Herald, of New York, to-day
Kent $10,000 to the Star.- Department
fbt- transmission to Shanghai. The
amount will be cabled to the American
ConsuliGchcral at Shanghai for distri?
bution to the famine sufferers
IliillilluR Permits.
A building permit was issued ?. ? --. <j
day to the ilaines^Jones-Cadbury ?'"m
pany, to repair und remodel stores I-I-IS
South Ninth Street, erecting new front,
to cost |200.
A permit was also issued to W C
Gayln to erect a detached frame stable
or. WilliuinKburc Avenue, between Ohio
enu Tenth Sil?-, is. Fulton- In cost Ifjufli
All Sections of State Report
Heavy and Long Con?
tinued Fall.
[Special to The Tlincs-1 ?isp? t? 7i I
Roanoke. Vti.. March 7 0h< ?>f the
lionvlost snow storm:, of tilc year visit?
ed this section, this morning, and a
driving snow has been fulling
slip-? steadily for hours. The warmth
ftf the ground has prevented the show
reaching any depth.
Five Iiii'iicn at nrhimrg.
fSpeeial to The Ti hi es - D Is pa tc 111
1 .? hchhiii \ a.. March 'i.--l.yin h
burg lorday experienced one of the
heaviest snow storms of the season,
when for eight hours (lie fall .va-s very j
heavy, amounting id five Inches.
Storm Ii Sewrc.
I Special to The Time- - Dispatch. I
? i,f ton Forge, Va., March 7.?This
it;.- and section was visited to-day
the severest show' storm of the Bfta
? ?ii. the snow fulling to Hie depth of
e Vera I Inches.
ifenvicMf Fall or Winter.
I Special to The Times-ulspatoh. i
Staunton, '.'a., Mart h 7.?Snow began
to fall rapidly at II o'clock this morn?
ing, and at " o'clock, when it practi?
cally <?)>?,. red, about eight inches had
fallen. It Is the heaviest fall of the
winter. The temperature is about 2f>
(?round In Covered.
I Spcela i t o The Times-1 ?isputch. J
Warsaw, Vj?? March 7.?A heavy
snow storm Is prevailing ami the
ground is covered to the depth <>f two
Storm In tlie Valley.
! S-pcclai to The Times-Dispatch !
Lexington, Va., March 7.? Heavy
snnv. storm aet in this morning
throughout this section of the loWoi
Vtillej and continues to rage. Thi
-now is now- eight Inches on level.
Hotel Im Horned.
(Special to Thi* T!trios-Dispatch 1
Monterey. Va . March 7.?The Burns
House, a summet hotel at Bolar Spring
?va.- destroyed by fire a* an early houi
'"M't'Iny. The" fire wan v>'ell undei
ivay when discovered. Mrs. Burns, thi
proprietor's wife, went to the uppei
Moor In .-in ?'(Tort tr> save some house- 1
hold effect's, and. finding it impossible
to return by Way of the stairwa'v
Jumped from a window' and was budfj
No estimate of the loss has been
given out. The building accommodated
some twenty-five visitors: during last
season, There was no insurance. The
hotel was the property of A. I. Mc
Clrlfflri, owhei <>f the Spring
)lnii?p< In I'roniotrd.
Philadelphia. Pa., March 7.?Robert
V Mhssc> formerly division engineer
of the New Vork division of the Penn?
sylvania Riiilrdadi was to-day appoint?
ed superintendent of thr S'rv: Vork.
Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad,
with h oadb.ua Her.? at Cape Charles^ Va.
He succeeds Bllsha Bee. recently ap?
pointed assistant to the general man
Every woman's heart thrills at tho
cooing and prattling of a baby, and
motherhood is her highest and purest
joy. Yet tho suffering incident to
this great consummation of her life'3
desire, robs the anticipation of sonic
of its sweetness. Most of this can
be avoided by tho use of Mother's
Friend. This great remedy prepares the expectant mother's system for the com?
ing event, and its use makes her comfortable during all the term. Mother's
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woman to the crisis in healthful
Mother'", Friend lessens the pain
when baby comes, and assures a
quick and natural recovery for tho
mother. For salo at drug stores.
Write for free book lor expectant
Atlanta, Ga.
physical condition. The regular use
Life Insurance Companies
Ihey Arc Closely Observing Public
Health Conditions.
Ali examining physician for one pi the
omiuciii Life Insurance Companies, in!
an interview oil the subject, made the
astonishing statement that the reason J
why so many applicants for iiisuranec are
rejected is because kidney trouble is so
coniiiioii to die American people, and the
large majority ol applicants do not even j
suspect thai they have the disease.
lie states that judging from his own
I experience and reports from druggists
who arc constantly in direct touch with j
! the public, there is one preparation that
has pr?bably been more successful in re-'
I licving and curing the.se diseases than auy '
I rehicdy known. The mild and healing i
influence of hi. Kilmer's Swaiiip-.Rool
is soon realized. It stands the highest
. for its remarkable retord of cures.
: Wo find that Swamp-Root i: strictly an j
herbal compound and we would advise
<>ut readesr who feel in need ol such a re- !
inedy l<j give it a trial. It is on -ale
at all drug stores hi bbttlesj of two -{/??
lilt y ttctlts ami one dollar.
However, if you wish first to test its
wonderful merits, send to Dr. Kilmer &
Co., Hinghampton, N. Y , for a sample .
1 buttle, absolutely free. When writing be
I sure and mention the Richmond Daily
I Tinies-Dispatch;
(Continued From First rage.)
initiated in a congressional investiga?
Not since the famous Schley.-Samp
eon > ontroversy and t uiir! of inquiry
after the Spanish war has oilicial
Washington been so torn Into fac?
tions as during the hearings in this
matter, which was universally spoken
? ?I >?.- ?'the Balliriger-Plnchot contro?
versy." Kven tiie committee Itself
couhi not get together on the subject
of Its report. The Democratic minor
it;, on the committee 'Stole a marcnV
on the Republicans and at Minneap?
olis met as a quorum of the commit?
tee anil adopted a report Unding
Secretary Balltnger guilty of the
charges against dim and demanding
his removal front office, Representa?
tive Madison, of Kansas, an Insurgent
Republican, also Issued a report hos?
tile t-; the secretary. Bator, the Re?
publican majority met at Chicago and
adopted a report, which was: signed
hy all the Republicans except Mr
Madison, which swcepjngly exoner?
ated the accused secretary, None of
the reports was acted upon in any
manner by Congress; to Which they
were submitted.
President Taft from the outset has
I been aggressive in the defense of Sec.
retary Bullinger, and Iiis faith in and
support of his Cabinet minister have
never wavered, it is doubtliij whether
on auy subject connected with his ad.
ministration he ha.? been more emphat?
ically Immovable. The attitude of his
111 ilid on tiie subject Is clearly shown
in the letter which he wrote to-day to
Mr. Balltnger, accepting his resigna?
tion IB- is unsparing in his denun?
ciation of both the methods and the
motives of those who have sought to
bring about the downfall, of Secretary
Taft'? Letter.
President Taft'g letter accepting Sec?
retary Bellinger's resignation, which
was written to-day, follows:
"Di'wr Mr. Secretaryt
?'I accept jour rrslmintlon with crrot
reluctance. 1 hn?. r had llic f?lle?! op?
portunity to knun you; to know your
stnndnrds of service to the tsovcrnnirnt
tind the public, to knon your motive*,
to knovt hi>v\ you lm\e mlnilnisterotl \
ytiur office antl to know (be motives of j
those who have nssnilcu you. I do not
hcidtate tu mh; that ?hu have been the
object of one of the uioM unscrupulous
cboMlllrneien for the defnmntlun ill
chnructrr tbat lilt?tory van show.
"1 tune deemed It ni>' dut? not tmb
to the government, but to society In
getierfll to lltthl out this hnttle tu the
end, eonlideut thut in the end your
fellow eltl/.enM would nee that the Im?
pressions of you um u man nnd us the
administrator of it high public office
were fnlsc and were the rcNiilt of n
malicious und unprincipled plan for
the line of the press to misrepresent
you and your nctlonn, and to torture
is very circumstance, however free from
detrimental slgnirleauee, into iiroof nt
corrupt motive.
"With the hypocritical pretense thnt
they did not neeuse you of corruption
In order to aviild the necessity that
even the ?.??orst criminal Is entitled in,
to-wlt, that of n dcliultcly formulHted
charge of some misconduct, they show?
ered you with suspicion* and by the
I'Oreeiist: For \ Irglnln? Hain on the
I const; rnln or snovt in interior Wed
n cad ay, uHrmrr, brisk nnd probably
j high northeast winds, hceonilng varia?
ble; Thursday genernliy fnir and
! wnrmer.
Kor North C'nrollna?Itnlii and warm?
er Wednemlny; Thursday generally fair;
j brisk northeast winds liecomlng vnrla
i hie.
conditions yk steh da y.
Midnight temperature . 34
S A. M. tempeiliture*. 29
Wind, direction .MY 13
Wind, velocity . 10
Weather .Snow
.?_ 84
. 31
up to
up to
l L' noon temperature ...
;; I'. M. temperature ...
Maximum tempcrat tire
P. M.
Minimum t etnperature
5 P. M.
Mean temperature .
Normal temperature .
Kxcess in temperature ....
F.XCCS8 in temperature
March 1 .
Accum, deficiency in temperature.
since January 1.
Fxcess in rainfall since March 1.
Accum, excess in rainfall since
January l .
1 A
! 3 (1
. 59
conditions in pip
(At X 1'. M. Ihtstorn
Place. Thor.
San Francisco... .">t
Spokane . 4S
Calgary . 30
Charlotte . :n
Washington .... 30
Wy the vi Be . 30
Jacksonville .... 72
.1 tiplter . 70
Charleston . M
Wilmington _ 40
Raleigh . 3 1
Norfolk- . 3 1
Ashevillc . 36
Tampa . ill
I latteras . 41
New Orleans.... 7ii
Atlanta . I I
Mobile. . fiS
Buffalo . 30
Chicago . 31
Denver . 62
Memphis . 7S
Kansas City. Ix
Oklahoma City. . B0
Abilene . 7s
Key ?West. 7a
Oalveston . ?0
riavre . 16
Savannah . 61
o ht a xt g1ti12s,
Standard Time.)
Ii T Weather.
58 Cloud v
4 S -Clear
im P. cloudy
43 Cloudy
.".4 P. cloudy
32 Snow
SO Clear
78 P. eloudv
56 (Toutlv
II P. cloudy
36 Clear
::x Cloudy
::x Cloudy
7S Clear
10 Cloudy
84 I". cloudy
56 P. eloudv
7 1 P. cloudy
3 1 P. cloudy
36 Clear
00 (Tear
SO Cloudy
011 i'I ear
so Clear
78 Clear
7 0 Clear "
?S Cloudy
56 P. cloudy
Sun rises,
bun seta- .
March S. 1011.
irit;11 tibi:.
6:33 Morning. ... 11:00
6:U'J Evening.... 11:15
I most i>?-111i'nui-,11)c methods exploited In
the public mutter ivuleli luul no rele?
vancy to flu- Issue of either corruption
oi- clllctcitcy In oilier, hut which pn"
rndetl before tin liyaterlenl boil? nl
henil-linc renders served to blacken
jour character noil in obscure tin
proper Issue of .vonr honesty unit *?(?
feotlveneWN ?s n public Nprvnnt.
Cruel 'I'rajscdy.
??Tile result bus lircti n erne) Irimrdy.
Xieu mill yuuro Ihm e lost lienltli iiikI
hhve been burdened flimiielnlly.,'1'lie eon
*plrutors, who hnvc not hcsltntcd in thcli
pursuit of you to renorl to the nicniieiit
of method*. Including; Ilie corruption
of your most coutldentlnl hihImhui,
plume themselves like the Pharisees of
olil, an tlie only pure member* uf no- I
elctj net tin teil l?j the spirit of nelf
?hcrlAee to their fcllowmeriV"
"Mvery fibre of my tint lire rebel*
against Miieli hypocrisy mul nerven im? j
in tight niieli it eoinliliititlbn mul Miieh
method* to tile bitter end, lent Kite
i-i-is lo tlilM Instance mny form n der
mornll'/.liits preecilcut.i lint personal
eonNiilrriitiou for joil mul your* makes
me frei Hint I hnve no rluhf to hAU >*???!
for further sacrifice. Of emirse. It has
been nindc evident thnt I wn* and <iu>
the ultimate object of die littncR; und
to Insist against your v*lll, on .10111- re
lull I ill up In oltlee ulth i lie pro? pee t of
further effort* against you, In selfishly
to InipoMe 011 you more of 11 hunirii
thnn I ought to Impose.
"Am 1 nay fnreivell to you let 111c
renew my expression* of nlVcetlnii und
Mini'crcMl rcHpeet for y on nml of my
profoiinil gratitude for your hnrd workj ?
your unvarying loyalty 11 nil your ef?
fective public service. I liope mid praj i
that success may attend you In your 1
profession and thai real happiness iyIII '
eoioe to you mid yours when you re- |
turn to thut community where you llw i
and nfaoxi' members knoii your worth j
nn mitn nml citizen, and who will re- I
eelvc you again with open arms.
"Sincerely yours,
??\V.M. II. TAKT."
Ilalllnger's I'nri Pleased.
Walter ijowrie Fisher was bbrii in
Wheeling, W. Va., July !. IS62. He was
a .student at Marietta College and at
Hanover. Ind.. at a college of which
Iiis father; a clergyman, was president,
lie ha? a private fortune and a large
family. Several of Iiis boys are at
At the beginning of President 'J'aft'si
term Ii" was c nsidered m connection
with a Cabinet place, and s'neo then
has been suggested for vacancies on
the Supreme bench
He was the Qrsi president of the
I Conservation League and one of its
organizers, and is now one of its vice:
presidents. His information on such
public rjuestions as reclamation. Irriga?
tion and waterpower sites is broad am!
I comprehensive. In politics be is a Re?
publican, of strong convictions, but in?
dependent action.
He was one of the organizers 01" the
Municipal Voters' League in Chicago.'
wliloh finally brought about an adjudi?
cation of the gn at traction light which
had disturbed that city for more than
ten years.
It was Mr, Fisher who devised the
plan under which a full settlement of I
this question was reached?a settle?
ment under which full protection was.
given t0 the bondholders, and which
assures the city of Chicago 55 per cent.
01 the net profits. It was this settle?
ment In which Attorney-General VVIck
crsham. representing the stockholders,
participated and which Mr. Wicker-]
.sham, on his return from Alaska, sug?
gested might be adopted as an equita?
ble basis for the settlement of the
Alaskan coal claims
Lender of lillnolH liar.
As special counsel of the city of ChL
Every one sees your collar.
Select it with care.
2#? hith 2' bi?b
Two excellent examples
?f the popular closed-front style.
Clnett, Fftabody <t Cemr&nT. Troy. New Tor*
There is nothing more pleasing to a
fcou&ewife's eye than to have her kitchen
equipped with the most up-to-date
Plumbing. Let us give you our figures
along this line.
McGraw-Yarbrough Co.
Plumbers* Supplies
J32 S. Eighth St., - Richmond, Va.
Out-of-town orders shipped quickly.
For All Occasions.
5 W. Broad Street.
W. Fred, Richardson,
FU.ni5hai, 1)111 ectoh 4M)
F.Mfl.A I.MKTt,
Main nin! Belvlilere Streets.
Phonos. Madison 8-13. day; Monroe
S42, night.
" Lucca Olive Oil "
Mad. 4220.
500 West Main St.
tb? amewcam Am^mxma ?vcuvw
I _ IIIIIIII1I^iii|"hiiiii.!
'"jpHE Laundry Bag says:
"I know collars that can
j take as much punishment as a
' punching bag.
"They're built that way.
I "Have the edges of the inter
j lining bound with an 'overcast
i stitch' to keep it from raveling.
: Prevents cracking.
' "Have'a 'gutter seam.' Pre
i vents 'saw' edges.
"Have the interlining cut away
at the ends of the fold. Prevents
! "No wonder Corliss-Coon Col
! lars hold the record for trips to
j the laundry!"
! Corliss -Coon
uVdt Collars
7 for 15*
'? cago in the traction cases Mr. Fisher,
who is one of the leading attorneys of
Hi'o Illinois bar. received a salary ol
$10,00.0 per annum, lie is a member of
one of the leading law firms of Chi?
cago, Mat7.. Fisher ?S.- Boyden. He also
is a member of the Railroad Securities
Mr. Fisher has always; taken a deep
and active interest in cOnservatlonyarid
has been identified with the so-called
j reform wing of the Republican party.
He was Instrumental In the formation
! of the Municipal Voters' League of
Chicago, and was its president in 1006.
I The league is generally credited with
j milch of the progress made in the last
i llftech years in the purification of lb
leal politics.
Member of Securities Commission.
Recently Mr. Fisher was appointed a
! member of President Taft's commission
to investigate the feasibility of regu?
lation of stock and bond issues of rail?
roads. He is said to be at New York
to-day to attend it meeting of the eom
. mission.
I Mr. Fisher is vice-president of the
I National Municipal League and a mem?
ber of the following clubs: Cnlverslty.
City, Chicago, Literary. Cliff Dwellers,
?'?nwontsla and Skokle Country. He he
It huts also to the chieago Historical
In lS01 Mr. Fisher, who will be forty
nine years of age July t of this year,
was married to Miss Mabel Taylor, of
Boston. Three years previously to this
he had been admitted to practice before
the courts of Illinois
IMeaslag fo IMncltot Friend*.
j At the offices of the National Conser?
vation Association much gra.t itica t hut
Was expressed at the selection of Mr.
I Fisher. President Clifford Plnehot. It
Was explained, is now en route to New
York, from Akron. O. He will doubt?
less spend a day or so a.s the guest of
his brother. Amos Plnehot. and he has
planned then to take a steamer fbl
Former Associate Forester Overton
Price, who was removed from the For?
estry Bureau at the same time ;is his
chief. Mr. Pinchot. went out, was juhl
l int over the appointment, "it is slm- j
ply fine," ho said, "and It makes ua '
aiound here feel mighty good."
Mr. Fisher recently appeared before
tlio interstate Commorce Commission
as attorney for the Western Boot and
Shoe Dealers' Association In the rate
cases. He an?t at the side of Bouis D. j
Urandels and many times during the >
Iharlng he was pitted against the most'
brilliant ra.ilrdad counsel in the coun?
try, with the result that he invariably j
came o-:t with flyimv colors In the ar- ?
guihcnls on various points of the law :
?*XhM Merry War liegln*."
Now Vork. March 7.?The first inti- \
mitt ion the new Secretary of the In?
terior had that his appointment had
been made public came to him this
afternoon, when be bought a new
pit per. lie left Washington t BI = after-;
'.Vow the hicrrj war bcKins. I sup?
pose.'' In' said, when the reporters
found him.
Then, after four preliminary drafts.
.Mr. Fisher give out the following
written statement, which is the only
I quo tut ton he would allow:
I "I have no statement to make ex>
{ cept that l have accepted this position
: with a deep appreciation of Its obii
? Ration and of its opportunities to ac- I
comtdlsh ; practical and constructive
I work."
'? Wednesday night or Thursday morn-!
i Iiiu .\ir. Fisher p to go to Wash?
ington, where he will remain long,
enough to perfect Iiis plans tor taking
oflloe, and then continue to Chicago'
to wind iip his personal affairs. lie
wished it understood that his appoint-i
ment grew out of no technical ac- i
nu.nintuncc with forestry, but rather!
from ills long service as counsel In
civic matters involving adjustment be-1
Uveen warring private and public in-:
Mr. Fisher is still a member of the1
Committee appointed hy the President
to report on Federal regulation of rail- j
road securities, now in session in this |
I'lty. His friends expect to see him
retain his committee membership,
which pays no salary, along with his i
new d 11 tie;.-.
Come* "Am Welcome New'M.'' j
Boston, Mass.. March 7.?"The resig?
nation of Mr. Baliinger will come as
welcome news to the vast majority
of the people of the United States,"
said Bouis D. Brandeis. of this city,
to- day.
Mr. Brandeis was counsel for L, R.
CJlavis In the congressional investiga?
tion. He said further:
"The conviction that Mr. Ballinger
was unlit to he the trustee of the peo?
ple has been held generally through?
out the country. The long investiga?
tion into his conduct of the Interior
Department made It clear that while
I lie was: at Its head the people's Inter-,
Iests were not in safe hands."
Regarding the appointment of V> al?
ter B. Fisher to fill the vacancy, Mr.
. Brand eis safd:
"No better appointment could have
fheeri made."
I'lnehnt In Plennrd.
New Vork. March 7.?When Gifford
Plnchdl, former chief forester of the
United States, whose charges against
the Balllnger administration led to
his deposition, was seen here to-night,
there was no mistaking the satisfac?
tion with which he regarded the news
I of Secretary BaJllngcr's resiimatlon.
"Ballinger's resignation xvas inevi?
table," he said, "and will he received
with general satisfaction. It is a wel?
come concession to the growing de?
termination of the country to be repre?
sented by public servants In whose
hands the public Interests are safe.
"The appointment of Walter Fisher
Is admirable, in his new post as Sec?
retary of the Interior, he will, i J"eel
sure, continue the conservation of our
natural resources as closely tis we have
done In the past. His entrance into
the government service will unques?
tionably moot with strong public ap?
The former chief forester intends to
sail to-morrow for a tour of the
Medltcrranean countries.
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau.
The Times-Dispatch.
1020 Hull Street.
I'hone Madison lT?.
Kither real or imaginary signs of
Hydrophobia in a dog- belonging to a
resident of Woodland Heights has kept
ihat section of the city in a turmoil
A'hieh whs quieten only when the ani?
mal was killed yesterday, along with
Others which had been bitten.
I The scare originated Monday, when
the. dog which was shot yesterday wa.?
j acen to bo acting curiously, teaming
<4t the mouth and exhibiting the other
best-known marks of |/yifrophobia
The "mad dog" was seen by a nuhibei
of people, and those gave him a widfl
berth. Not so the dog.s lie came in con?
tact with, however, as these showed
fight. A number of dogs and several
cats belonging to residents of Wood?
land Heights were bitten, and it wan
deemed advisable by their, owners to
I kill them immediately and avoid dan?
gerous consequences. A hunt was In?
stituted yesterday morning for the
1 "mad dog."
I There is a belief among the morn
[skeptical of. the neighborhood-now
that the hysterical stage has been
passed?that the "mad dbg'' was suffer?
ing more from the effects of a lit than
ft urn a real case of bydrophobia.
Politics Picking Up.
Simultaneously with the opening of
I campaign headquarters of the four
candidates for the United States Sen?
ate in Richmond, the local Democratic
leaders are beginning to .stir them?
selves in the Southside and feel hov.'
the political pulse of the section is
beating.. So far activity in .State poli?
tics has been confined to the leader*
and personal friends of the several
candidates, but the unusual amount u|
political talk heard on the street cor?
ners indicates a particularly warm
battle in South Richmond.
Couhty politics is suffering slightly
among the SoiithSide residents as a re?
sult of the greater interest in the sena?
torial tight, but it seems probable that
as. the time of the election draws near
Interest in local politics will revive.
With five candidates for the office of
County Treasurer, each of them with
a strong following, and two popular
men struggling for the office of Com?
monwealth's Attorney, the coming
county election promises to be keen.
Trying Ills Whigs.
The recently appointed special coun?
ty officer for Oak Grove. A. .1. Traylor,
has been trying his wings for the last
week with a result that promises good
protection to the citizens of his dis?
As n consequence of a rather suc?
cessful attempt t.? "rougliltou.se" the
premises of Sarah Craves. colored,
Saturday night. Abraham Gibson; col
rred, is now reposing In I he City Jail,
where he was carried by Oflitter Tray?
lor. He will be given a heating Fri?
da) morning before Magistrat?
Chacathani In the Oak Grove court!
John Harris, colored, was also run in
by Officer Traylor for skipping his
board bill, and will be called to render
an account before Magistrate Chcathain
A Special session of the Oak Grove
court will be called ibis afternoon In
Swan shore for the purpose of trying
the cases of W. II. Ward, agent for the
(.;ate|>- and Fitzgerald Company* of
Philadelphia, and the Saundcrs broth?
ers, all charged with peddling in the
Southside without a. license. Hiram
Smith has been retained as counsel for
Ill I.oca! ColirtN.
For the theft of SI.'lO from the per?
son of l.i/.a Locket, colored, Robert
Winglleld. colored, was yesterday
morning sentenced to serve ninety
days In iail by Justice Maurice In the
Police court. Pail IT.
Judge Wells, of the Hustings Court.
Part IT,, was engaged yesterday In
looking over the bills of exception lin?
ing drawn up by the defendants hi
the ease of A. J. Childrc.v against I ho
Southern Railway Company, and Iho
case of the city of Richmond itgillns
the Bumpkin estate. Thr railway- coin
Inrihy is appealing from the decision of
til-' Hustings jury in allowing Childrcy
$0,000 damages for Injuries received
?while working n defective brake on a
freight car, and Assistant City Attor?
ney George Wayne Anderson is carry?
ing the question of the amount of
money to be allowed the Bumpkin es?
tate in the condemnation proceedings
to the higher court.
The jury of the Hustings Court. Par!
II . will convene this morning to at.
tempt to straighten out the tangle In
the ease legally styled "The Common?
wealth against George Robinson, col?
ored, charged with attempted assault
upon BD.zlc Ross, colored."
Molds Slate Debt Monds.
1 Tho knowledge that $T>00 worth of
bonds in the Virginia-West Virginia
debt ease are held hy South Richmond
people came to light yesterday. The
beneficiaries in the ease are the heirs
of Nancy C. Mayo, who ivljj. if the
proceedings result as is anticipated,
receive fifty years' interest on the
bond in addition to the face value.
The bond in question was issued July
I. IS7I. to Christopher C. Mayo, ex?
ecutor for Nancy C. Mayo, and was
tiled April *J1. ISU2; The heirs of Nancy
C. Mayo have died the bonds in the
clerk's office of the Hustings Court,
Part ll.
firemen Elected.
The first stop in the direction of af?
fording; South Richmond better tire
protection was taken Monday night
wheu the Board of Fire Commissioners
elected John Jennings and George
Dowdy station then of Bnglno No 13.
in the Southslde. These men were for?
merly call men of the station and have
shown their ability as lire-fighters on
many occasions.
If tho plans of the lire chief and th?J.
Board of Fire Commissioners are suc?
cessfully carried out, th.- Washington
I Ward engine house will have the larg?
est station squail of any company in
the city. It is the desire >>f the men
at the Bend of Richmond's tire-fight ing j
force to initiate in this ward a scheme
which is believed will b ad to more ef- j
fectual work on the nari of the de?
partment. Bleven station men are
called for in the plan of the board!
tor lOngim- Co in pa m No. i;t, which will
mctin the clojng uwhy with any call
men In the future.
Funeral A niioiineenieuts.
The- funeral of Bvelyn Carroll, in?
fant daughter of Mrs J. T Carroll,
who died Monday- afternoon at l O'clock
in the home of her mother, was con-'
diated yesterday afternoon at 1:30
o'clock by the Rev. J M. Rowland
The funeral of Mrs. Kuima Bass, wi
died Sunday morning ai her residence
fj, oak Grove, was conducted yester?
day afi' inoon at 3130 o'clock from the
pecatur Street Methodist Church. The
interment was math' in Maurv Conic
Tho funeral of Clyde well Kathleen
Francis* infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Adde Francis^ who died Sunda\
M the homo of her parents near Oak
drove, was conducted yesterday after?
noon at. ;i o'clock from the residence
The Interment was made .in Maurv
Personal nnd Beiirrnl.
The condition of Patrick Moore, who
was stricken with -jaralysls Monday
afternoon, Is very much improved and
hopes of his eventual recovery arc. cn
1 tcrtalnod.
The Rev. W. If. A twill's lecture on
I "Love, Courtship and Marriage" drew
Jn large crowd last night in the Central
Methodist Church. The lecture, was
j given under the auspices of the Wes?
ley Bible class of thai church,
j Robert S. Jllves. a former resident
of South Richmond, is a candidate f6jj
the position of Commonwealth's. Attor?
ney of Gloucosler county,
Several candidates for admission
Into tho mysteries of membership were
initiated last night at an Important
mooting of Dixie Aerie. No. 13s2. of
Bugles, hold in Fraternity ITnll, cor
tner of* Eleventh and Hull Streets.
The Demand Back of
Tells of its superiority more forcibly
than words. The voices of MILLIONS
call for it at the grocery store.
Merit has made it the choice of the
people. No other Baking Powdcx
costing so little does so much.
Democrat* Arc Slinplnu I p Work for
Coming Session.
Washington, March 7.?The Demo?
cratic members of the House Commit?
tee on Ways and Means made some
progress to-day In their work of con?
sidering tariff procedure and consider?
ing coming chairmanships, but after
two session? they had no announce?
ment to make as to concrete results
Much of the tinto was spent going over
the relative merits and tltness of the
various men who expect to become
heads of the committees.
There were various reports in cir?
culation about what the committee
had done so far. Including a vote o|
seven for Fitzgerald, of New York, and
six for Burleson. of Texas, with one
member wobbling, for the chairman?
ship of the powerful Appropriations
Committee, but members of the com?
mittee declared that n" final vote had
hecn taken. Mr. Flt?.c:erald Is general?
ly expected to land the chairmanship of
the committee. There has been some,
talk that Mr. Burleson might bo pla?
cated with the chairmanship of the
Committee on Agriculture, hut he stat?
ed to-day that he would not take It
If offered hlni. The choice for the
Agricultural Committee Is expected to
rest between I,ever, of South Carolina,
and Reil, of Texas.
It was stated that the committee has
reached no conclusion a; to the tariff
procedure, and that nothing definite
is to lie expected until after all the
Democratic members of the Ways and
Means" Committee ret urn here on Mon?
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