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Liquor Dealers in Lynchburg
Likely to Pay $2,500 for
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.!
Lynchburg, V'u., March 7.?The Coun?
cil Committee on Finance will meet to?
morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, and dur?
ing that meeting, which will he the reg?
ular monthly session. I hi' question oi
llipior licenses lor /the coming yeut
wilt come up for..conalderatldili
The present license, or, rather, tho
charge made heforc tho saloons closed
? Ii .March, 1009, was $ I .r.on.- and this has.
he oh retained in the tux ordinance since
tho closing of the saloons; but it is
believed that this will be Increased.
Indeed, a member of the committee to?
day made the statement that the
liceUsqs for retailing liquor would
probably be put at $2,500, in order to
limit the number of places to about
twenty, a license of 52,500 would, it
is thought, accomplish this.
The impression prevails that the
committee will recommend to the Com?
mon Council Thursday-night that tho
cost of the license be increased, and It
would not be at all surprising to see
thl., either coupled with or followed by
an effort to require all saloons to do
busineaa without screens.'1,
Since Judge Christian disposed of the
contest the air has been full of ru?
mor. . ?; to who will get. licenses and
in what portions of the city they will
he granted. Some of these reports even
quote Judge Christian as saying that
he will limit the number of saloons to
twenty and that all of them will b<
< online'! to Main. Ninth and Twelfth
Streets. As far as Is known, there I?
no foundation for such reports, for
l>id?e Christian will make no statement
until the applications for licenses aro
brought before him In the Corporation
It Is leculloj, however, that Judge
Christian stated from the bench in 130S,
when tin.- licenses for that year were
granted, that he would grant no inoro
new licenses on Fifth Street, and that
If any of the licenses then being grant
' tl were ever allowed to lapse, that no
other:; would be given in their places.
It ts not known what Judge Christian1
will do witlt respect to the granting of
licenses on Fifth Street, but it is hard?
ly probable tha.1 he Wohld hohl the two
di e years" against the former dealers
who did business on that street, but It
is not probable that the licenses will be
^tven to any other dealers in that part
of the City.
It 's. generally believed that the sa?
loons will be con lined to the same ter- i
rltory they were in before the city
voted dry. but it would not be surpris?
ing if th.is is not contracted some when
all of the licenses shall have been
Under the Ryrd law It will be Impos?
sible for the dealers to get their
licenses until ?some time <n April, for ,
they must post notices of the fact that 1
they intend to apply for licenses fori
et least thirty days" before, the afrpb
c Alton is made. It was thought some
time ago that only ten days' notice was
required by law, but this is a mistake,
for the notice must be for thirty days.
it now seems quite certain that all
Is the Tuberculosis Crusade
Losing Ground?
Despite all the efforts being- made by i
advocates of fresh air and egg-aim
milk treatments, the number of now
cases has not been noticeably decreased.
Write to us and ask to be referred
to Clergymen. Priests, men and women
who took Eckroan's Alterative and are
to-day well antf* strong without a trace
of tuberculosis?pronounced so by phy?
sicians. Some of them took tho Al?
terative ten years ago when doctors
told they wo'.:!'I not live ten weeks.
Could-anything be fairer to yourself
and those who love you and would do
anything to restore you to health? If
you are skeptical?Investigate us. our
medicine, our advertised statements.
Wrllo to those who have sent In alti
davlta and testimonials lolling bow
Eck man's Alterative cured them. Hero
Is one:
r.22:: Glrdrd Ave.. Philadelphia, Pit.
Oenticmen: "In the winter of 11103 I
had an attack of Grippe, followed by
Pneumonia and later by Consumption.
1 grew steadily worse. In the winter
of 1904 I had cough, night sweats,
fever and raised Quantities of awful
looking stuff, and later I had many
hemorrhages: at one lime throe . in
three successive days. Milk and eggs
became' so .distasteful I could keep
nothing down. Three physicians treat?
ed me. 1 was ordered to the moun?
tains, but did not go. Eckman's Al?
terative was recommended by a friend;
After taking a small ((uantlty I had
the !lr?t rjiil.et night's sleep for weeks.
My improy.emnnt -was marked from the
first. 1 gained rtrrnglh and weight
and appetite. I never had another
hemorrhage and my rough gradually
lessened until entirely gone. I am
perfectly well. Everything- i say here
can be verified by my family and
(Signed affidavit)
Annie Floyd Loughr.m.
Fh'krrjan's Alterative cures bron?
chitis. Asthma, Hay Kever. Throat and
I.iificr Affections. For sale by Owens
<M- Minor Drug Co. and oth*r leading
druggists. Ask for booklet of eared
cases and write to Kektnan Labora?
tory. Philadelphia) Pa., for additional
of the saloons will begin their year with
the fiscal year beginning May 1.
(Special to The Times-Dlb-pntcii.]
Alexandria, Va., March 7.?The mar?
riage of Roy, .lohn M. Holmes, pastor
of the Methodist Protestant Church, of
this city, and. Miss E. Virginia Fer?
guson, the latter of Washington,' took
place In Washington yesterday after?
noon at |hr Berkshire Apartments. The
ceremony was {K-rformed by Rev. ?!
. M. Sheridan, presiding elder of tho
Maryland conference of the Metho?
dist Protestant Church. Rev. Mr. and
Mrs. Holmes will reside in this city,
where Mr. Holmes has been stationed
for several years.
.Joint Session Called.
President Itobort Wbittet, Jr., issued
a. call yesterday for a joint session <>i
the Comtiym Council and Board of Al?
dermen for next Tuesday night nt 7::'.')
o'clock, preceding the regular meeting
of the Board of Aldermen, to elect
three school trustees, The terms of
John Bagby, w. Floyd Reams ami F. C
Ebel expire April ". It Is expected
thai all three will succeed themselves.
McM Fireman Pound I>end.
r Special to The Times-Dispatch 1
Winchester, Va,. .March 7.? Calvin N.
Roberts, night fireman at the works
of the .Baker Lim.? Company. Bunker
Hill. Berkley county, was found dead
near a furnace last night by William
Henderson, a colored employe. Physi?
cian's stated that death was caused by
heart dlsea.se. ije was forty-one years
old, a native of Jefferson county, and \
leaves his wife and a large family con- J
Marriage License.
A marriage license was issued yes?
terday in the Hustings: Court to John
W. Brown and Sophia Edwards,
When a person has become discour-]
aged through yearB of failure to find a
cure, and finally, perhaps, gives up
trying?, it is small wonder that he bo
i omes skeptical And yet, to all who
have constipation, we would say, "Try
just one tiling more.''
Wc wish you would try Dr. Cald
Woll's Syrup" Pepsin, a, laxative tonic
;hat lias been used for a generation.
Thousands are using it; surely some
of your friends among the number.
Vou can buy it of any druggist at fifty
? ?riits and one dollar.a bottle, but bet?
ter still, send your name and address
to Dr. Caidwell for a free sample bot?
tle. He will send you enough to con?
vince you of its merits, and then if you
like it vou can buy it of your drug?
gist. Mr. J. J. Petty, of Unionville,
.Mo.. Mr. George \Y. Ximmermnn, of
Harrlsbnrg, Pa., and many others of I
both sexes and in all parts of the
country first used a sample bottle and
now have It regularly in the house.
Vou will learn to do away with salts,
waters and cathartics for these are but
temporary reliefs, while Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup ? Pepsin Is guaranteed to cure
permanently. It will train your stom?
ach and bowel muscles so that they
will do their work again naturally
without outside aid. Cast aside, your
skepticism and try Syrup Pepsin.
Dr. Caldwcll docs not feel that the
purchase of his remedy ends his obli?
gation. He has specialized in .stomach,
liver and bowel diseases for over forty
years, and will be pleased to give the
reader any advice, on the subject free
of charge. All are welcome to write
him. Whether for tlie medical advice
or tlie free sample address him Dr.
W. R. Caldicell, r. 11 Ca 1 dwell Building.
1 Montlcello, III.
Wvhy not write or call on us -when yon are in the market
for a
The Ames Engines and Boilers are a standard oi excellence
the world over.
Our prices are reasonable and deliveries prompt.
Write us for descriptive catalogue and price list, or, better
still, ask us to send our salesman.
a9 \
The South's Largest Supply and Machinery House,
Richmond, ------- Virginia.
But Pork
and Pure
In Pound
Boxes if
You Prefer
Widely Known Newspaper Man
Die> Suddenly in
Baltimore. ^
Remains Will Be Brought to Old
Petersburg Home for
I nterment.
Times-Dispatch Bureau,
/ 10'.' North Sycamore Street,
Petersburg, Ya., March 7.
.lohn T. Pleasants, eldest tion of Dr.
J. M. "Pleasants, of this city, died this
morning at 2:30 o'clock at his home in
Baltimore of heart trouble, following
a aeveru attack of pneuntonla. He had
almost recovered from the pneumonia
and had resumed his editorial duties,
when heart weakness developed, und
Iiis death came suddenly.
Mr. Pleusants was in his lifty-first
year, and had devoted hi? life to the
newspaper profession. He waa a native
of Petersburg, was educated in the pri?
vate and public schools of this city, and
was a graduate of McCabc's University
School, In connection with "W. S. Cope
land, he established and for some years
published the Dally Mail, an afternoon
pap'!, here. He subsequently became
associated with -.ho Wilmington (N. C-)
Messenger, and afterwards with the
Philadelphia F.vcning Telegram. For
Several years ho was a member of the
Petersburg Index-Appeal,' from which,
about fifteen years ago, he went on the
Baltimore Sun, and became one of the
ciii.-f editorial writers of that paper,
holding that position to the time of his
Mr. Pleasants was an able and bril?
liant writer, a man of broad culture
and wide information, and a close stu?
dent of current events. Ho had many
warm friends In Petersburg?school?
mates and associates of his early years
??who decplp regret his death. Ho Is
survived by his wife and two sons; by
iiis father, one brother, C. G. Pleasants,
uf this city, und one sister, Mrs. Irvin
King, of Philadelphia. The body will
I)" brought to Petersburg on Thursday
for burial In Blandford Cemetery.
Left for Atlnntn.
The Petersburg delegation to the
Southern Commercial Congress left for
Atlanta in ;i special car at 1:50 o'clock
tliis afternoon, via the Seaboard Air
Dine Railway. The delegation was not
as large as had bdeh expected, several
who had Intended going being prevent?
ed from doing so at the last moment.
The list of delegates was as follows:
C. II. Cuthbort, Nat. Harrison, Sidney
B. GUI. M. A. Finn. James M. Gallagher.
P. S. Pugh, E. C. Kent und L. H. Goul
Personal mid Otherwise.
William A. Fenn. the oldest book?
binder and printer in the city, and a
most estimable citizen, is critically ill
at his residence on Halifax Street.
The special board of directors of the]
Central State Hospital met this after-'
noon, audited all accounts for the past
month, and transacted routine business.1
There are between 1,31)0 and 1,100 in?
mates In tho hospital. The board also
examined plans for the new building to
be erected for the criminal insane.
Snow began falling here about 2
o'clock tills afternoon, and fell rapidly
all the afternoon and evening. It was
the heaviest fall of the season.
Though It has not yet been dedicate!,
serv'ces are being held in the new
Methodist Church at Carson, in Din
widdie county. Rev. J, W. Eure is the J
pastor. Next Sunday revival meetings
arc to be begun in the church.
The Police Justice has given warning !
that all parties found guilty of cruelty
to animals will be given the full limit
of the law.
Cheaper Gas In Prospect.
After conferring with officials in
Philadelphia, Manager Goudy. of the
Petersburg Gas Company, offers reduc?
tions in the price of gas which may
prove satisfactory. A reduction of
rents on the 1,000 feet on January 1
and another reduction of "> cents on
J July 1, 1912, and still further gradual
I reductions thereafter, on certain condi?
tions, are the propositions offered. The
conditions are for increased consump?
tion of gas and a contract for a portion
of tlie street lighting. This would
bring the price of gas next year down
to $1.15.
Tlie matter is in the hands of the
Gas and Light Committee of the Coun?
cil, which is making investigations as
to the feasibility of establishing a mu?
nicipal light plant.
IJnseMull Notes.
The first exhibition game of baseball
here will be played by tlie Petersbdrg
club and tlie New York Americans on
Marcli 27, by which time the new park
i will be in readiness. Manager Dusch
has pretty well signed tip Hie players
of tlie local team, embracing some eight
or ten pitchers, three or four catchers
and a number of Inflelders and outfield?
ers, all of whom are expected to report
during the month.
Suspeeted Deserters.
Two young men, giving their names
as Frank Hays and Charles Robertson,
of Brooklyn, N. Y., suspected of being
deserters from the ITnited States Navy,
were arrested here to-day and are be?
ing held until, tlie naval authorities can
be heard from.
Miss Jean Trigg. of this city, is
training a class of fifty or more young
men and women to assist the Richmond
chorus in the coming May festival.
By So Doinu; He Keeps Owners From
Desecrating Sabbath
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Alexandria, Va., March 7.?Because
ho. found a man painting a boat on
Sunday, Rev. John Cavanaugh, pastor
of the Free Methodist Church, offered
to do tlie work free of cost if the man
would desist In Iiis work. The boat
owner acquiesced, and to-day Rev. Mr.
Cavanaugh was busily engaged in
wclldlng tlie brush, and before tite end
of tlie day lie had completed his task,
and thereby saved the man froni fur?
ther desecriiting tlie Sabbath.
Mr, Cavanaugh is a one-armed
preacher, and before he entered the
ministry ho served ills time as a
painter, and although haying but one
unit lie handles the brush dexter?
Last Sunday morning, while the
church bells throughout ihc city were
pealing. Mr. Cavanaugh\ wandered out
into the highways and d?yways', and
finally reached the river Shore, whore
ho found the work in prVgress, and
a number of men of no partltmlnr creed
basking in the sunshine. A.ftfir having
had the work stopped he proceeded
to preach an exhaustive sermon, which
was listened to with close attention
by the rivermon. /
Rev. Mr. Cavanaugh frequently
preaches on the street corners\ before
largo audiences. At ono time lie lived
In Richmond. \
No Politics Enters Into Appointment to Tariff
Commission, but He Is Selected by Taft
From Standpoint of Ability.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.] ,
Washington* D. C? March i.?in?
quiry at the "White House to-day as
to why Dr. Thomas Walker 1'age, of
the University of Virginia, had been
named as one of lite tarllf commis?
sioners, brought out the brief reply
tlmt "he was the best man for the |
Upon being asked further as to oth?
er motives which might have Influ?
enced President Taft in making th?
selection of Dril Page for this place,
Secretary Norton said:
"There was: absolutely nothing of a
political kind in the appointment ol
Dr. Page. It was made purely on a|
scientilic basis, and for the reason
just given?that he was the best I
man for the place. No political influ-j
ence whatever was used to secure the|
appointment, although it is true that
many scientists and persons well
posted on the tariff quoEtion suggested
Dr. Page."
A Notable Career.
(Special to The Tlrnes-Dispatch. 1
Charlottesville, Vu? March V.?Or.
Thomas Walker Page, whom President
Taft has appointed one of the live
Real French
Drip Coffee can
not be made1
unless the cof
S Jjf fee itself is .pre?
pared, blended
and roasted ac?
cording to the
famous French
method, Use
For all-]|
family ml
use 2$
gfejHE Reily Taylor a
New Orleans, us. a.
Special Suit
and Fur Values
Co.'s, ;
"207 East Broad
1429 E. Main St. 117 W. Broad St.
It is better not to be without
Butter Not Bread
Drink Panacea Mineral
Spring Water
Kvery bottle, cork and trap sterilised
before fillipR.
Richmond. Va.
Feel Stronger and Bstter
Gentlemen: I think your ".Mitam" la a
grand medicine, t feel Btronger and better,
moro active and ablo to utand up undor
my work, my digestion has improved and
my cycslKlu Boein? t<> havo shared In tho
general improvement.
(ttllVA 11. 1). aUKRUANT.
D?nvlll*, V*., Au?. 13, 1910.
members of the tariff, board, is a na"s
live of Albemarle county, born neat
Cobham forty-four years ago. lie re?
ceived bis early education in literature
and the classic? under the tuition of
his father, by whom he was prepared
for college. After grduaatintg from
Randolph-Macon College he attended
lectures in law at the University of
Virginia, where his forbears for two
generations have been educated. He
then went to Germany, and In IS'JG
received the degree of Ph. D., summa
cum laude, from the University of Uelp
slc. He spent some time in Paris
and at Oxford, and on his return he,
assisted for a year in organizing the
recently founded Woman's College in
I.ynchburg. In 1SD7 he went as a lec?
turer to the University of Chicago, and
the next year to the University ol"
California, to which he had been called
as professor of economic, history, in
t 1001 he became dean of the College
of Commerce. For a year and a half,
i falling between the time of the closeN
of his term us professor of economics
and his call to the deanahlp of the
University of California, he was head
of the joint departments of economics
and political setence at the University
I of Texas. He was called from the
I dcanshlp in California to be the first
! independent professor of economics In
i the university of his native State.
This was in 1906, since which lime
his work has been felt for good In
the institution that commands the
unalterublc devotion of loyal Virgin?
Dr.; Page is the author of many
monographs and papers on the vise of
the laboring classes, which have been
published In the technical journals of
I political economy and by the American
I Fconomic Association. His Lelpslc
! monograph, written in German, has
been translated into Russian, French
and English, and Is used In tlic courses
on economic, history at Harvard, ?:c
I ford and other leading universities ot
lite world. '
.Venn of Ashland.
I special to The Times-Dispatch. |
Ashland, Va., .March 7.?Mrs. Thomas
i Warren, who has been the guest of j
Mrs. Rice Warren, will leave to-mor?
row for her home in Harrisonburg, Va.,
accompanied by Mrs. Warren, who will
pay her a visit of several weeks.
Miss Mary Bettle has returned to j
her home at Tunstalls, Va., after a d*3- !
lightful visit to Misa Marvelle Eilet I. j
Frank Vaughan left Tuesday f(?r his
home in Lexington, Ky.
Edgar H el weg was the week-end
guest of D. R. Mldyette.
f Master Charles Donoon, of Richmond
spent .Sunday with his aunt, Mrs. Mor?
gan Shepherd.
Mrs. Trent Miller has returned from
a pleasant visit to Fredor icksburg.
Mrs. C- E. Potts spent the week-end
with her daughter. Miss Virginia
Potts, at the Southern Seminary, in
David Bridges was the guest of
Charles Bridges Sunday.
R. H. Davis, Jr., R. W. Wilson, of
Petersburg; Thomas McAdams, of Rich?
mond; Daird Conrad, of Harrisonburg,
were week-end guests of friends on
; the Randolph-Macon campus.
Mrs. Henry Bogue will return to
her homo in Baltimore on Friday, after
being the guest of Mrs. A. C. Wight
J; Pinckney Wightman and Miss Mar.
guerite Wightman, who are having a
delightful visit to relativo8 in Charles?
ton. S. C. will return home, next week.
Miss Katherine Kent will visit
friends in Richmond this woek.
Dr. Fisher, of Kmmerton. was the
guest of his sister. Miss Marlon Fisher,
on Sunday.
Mrs. Shnckleford was the recent
guest of her daughter. Mrs. It. 1!.
Smit hey.
Miss Elizabeth Tliurstoh, of the Ash?
land High School, left, this morning
for her home in Baltimore, for a visit
of two weeks, withers Hoofnngle will
till Miss Tlmrston's place.
Mrs. 1. N. Viiughah and Messrs.
Vaughan, who have been guests at the
Henry (May Inn for the winter, will
have this week to open their country
home, 'tPasscdlna,'' were entertained
very informally by the guests of the
Inn on Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moore .Jones
have, returned from a visit to Douisu.
where they were guests of Miss Mary
Hankins, who giivo ;l large reception
in their honor.
Want No Stiuday Work.
I Special to Tin- Times-Dispatch, l
Alexandria, Va., March 7.?The letter
carriers of this city, following the pre?
cedent set by carrier^ in many other
'cities throughout the country, also
want to be excused from reporting to
the office'on Sunday morning and dis?
tributing from their windows mail to
their patrons. With the purpose of
getting a rest on the Sabbath they
have In circulation petitions request?
ing ll:o postmaster to discontinue the
service, which are being numerously
?Why Suffer?
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Minneapolis, Mian.
J. Wilmer Welfley Accused of
Defrauding Southern Railway
' Company Out of $5,000.
ISpeclal to The Tlmos-Dlspatch.1
Manassas, Ya.. March 7.?.). Wilmer]
Welfley, who recently moved to this
county from Front Koyal, was arrested
at Iiis farm, near^Bristow, this county,
last night by the sheriff of Warren
county on the charge of defrauding
the Southern Rallawy Company out of
$5,000 by forging the company'?
agent's name to hills of lading to that
It is alleged that Welfley, who until
very recently conducted a large llour
Ing mill at Front Royal, several months
I ago became very heavily involved
financially, and that he, in .some way,
contrived to get Into ids possession
bills of luding with sight drafts at?
tached. To these bills of lading he
I forged tiie signature 01" the agent of
the railway company and received
shipments made to him without paying
the drafts. It is claimed.
Wolfloy was supposed to be wealthy
until when he failed and a receiver
was appointed to take charge of his
business, ft was then ascertained that
ho had sold all of the Hour and wheat
out of his mill at Front Royal, and
that he had practically nothing with
which to pay his creditor?, whom he
owes about ?tiu.000.
Several months ago M. T/. Welfley, of
Prince William county, conveyed his
valuable property near Pristow to .1.
WUmer Wellley. it is said that he
I i>aif) his uncle. M. L. Welfley, $30,001)^
I for the property.
Creditors of M D Welfley have at.-.;
, taohed tho conveyance as being fraud
I nient. and this valuable estate is now
! in litigation.
j The accused man was taken to Front
! 1 loyal this morning by the sheriff of
Warron county. Tt is understood that
I ho will make immediate application
; for bail.
Will Build N'ctt School.
ISpecial to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Orange, Va., March 7.?The trustees
I of the school board and the Orango
j Business Men's Association are clrcu
I latlng a subscription to bnild a new
schooihouse at this point, and have
already secured a sufficient amount to
erect "a $20,000 building, with State
aid, on the lot they recently purchased
from "Wl W. Harper. The plans -wero
about decided on yesterday, and tho
building will bo completed In tlmo for
next year's session with a 3taff oC
eight teachers. This amount, with tho
j 530.000 spent for the new water sys?
tem, shows a new civic pride In tho
old town of Orange, which has suf?
fered !m> severely from fires in tho
past three years.
Will He Kept as ncllc.
I.Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Alexandria, Va., March 7-?Whilo
workmen to-day were engaged in re?
modeling the First Baptist Church a.
pair of druggists' scales were found
under the steps leading to the bap
I tistry. It is believed that they were
deposited there during the Civil War,
when the church was used as a hos?
pital. They are in an excellent state
of preservation, and will be kept us
a relic by the church.
Children Cry
Read What the District Sup't of Weights
and Measures Says About It.
Commissioners of the District
of Columbia,
Department of Weights and
Washington, Dec, 22, 1910.
The Pompciari Co.,
Washington, D. C.
This is to certify that this
office has tested the measure of
Pompeiah Olive Oil put up in
cans with the measure stamped
plainly thereon, and found the
same to contain the true and
full net measure as represented.
Very respectfully,
Superintendent of Weights,
Measures and Markets, D.
Distributed by
[Owens & Minor
CLEAR?Not Clarified
<- PURE-Not Purified
No Pumping
No Coagulation
No Tanking
No Stagnation
Guaranteed*by Holly l.itnu Spring? ?"o.. Inc.. Richmond. Va.; und? Pure Food 4*1
Dmx Act, June 30, IWft. Serial No. 30,5.U

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