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Tin-; cul represents tin's G??t; it is
i very extraordinary Coat, with plaid
iniug, regular sleeves, high standing
collar, strap cuffs, cemented seams
and perforated arm holes. As a spe?
cial cflcr we offer this
Coat special for.
Women's Colored Silk Umbrellas,
Regular Price is $2.50, at
This lot of line quality Silk Um?
brellas are from .1 manufacturer
win ?111 wc do .1 large business with,
.nid as .1 special offer let us have this
small lot at a very low price. They
are 2<> inches, in colors green, navy,
red and brown; these never sell for
less titan S2.50; Oil sale to
morrow special.
Contractors Called to Testify asj
to Affairs in Engineer's
A call wir issued yesterday for hi
meeting et the subcommittee <>f the
Council Committee <".i Streets, nnp^Jiil
ed to Investigate certain charges
brought by Contractor C. ("J. Burton;
for this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the
City Hall The subcommittee consists ?if
Messrs. Vonderlelir, Guus) and Miller, i
There have been suhim'oncd to appear
City Attorney II It. Pollard and City
engineer Charles L\ B?lling to aid l|ie,
commit tee in its work, and the follow?
ing witnesses! A. \V. May nurd. 11. I..
Drlscoll, l. .?. Spilth; Thomas a. Barry,
James B. Cbewning. Fletcher & K el ley,
Hunter Bui ton. Luclon I.. Pass, Allen .1.
Saville, H, .1. Kecgan and .1. Taylor
The charges brought by Contractor
Hutten wen to have been investigated
on Monday afternoon last week, and
were postponed on account of the
Suicide of First Assistant City Kn
ginecr Jackson Hoi (on oil the morning
? ?f the hearing.
< 'hnrucM I)l?cn'nilii:ii Ion.
hi a letter to the Commit tee on
Street.*. Mr. Burton charged uruss dls
ciiminat ion in the award of sewer
contracts; errors in caleulationsj two
sets of specifications, of which lie was
furnished hut one. anil u n will I ngti ess
??Ii the part of assistant engineers to
give him information which would
> nable him to hid successfully. It is
ulleged that some contractors were
furnished w ith rttohc caps, while others
were required to supply them, and Air.
Burton claims that in more than one
instance the difference in this item
."?lohe was suflleienl to throw the lob
it) some other competitor.
It i- expected that tin- subcommittee
will also inquire into alleged over- |
payments through errors in vouchers!
drawn in the engineer's ofllce of about
$600 to i. .'. Smith & Company. It is
stated that Mr. Smith, of that firm, re?
ported that he had been overpaid, and j
gave the city credit for the amount.
Chicken* nnd Detectives.
When the Police Department learned
yesterday through the efforts of a
young aspirant alter news that three
of its best detectives were looking for
five stolen chicken- (he department
Like all other reports of stolen prop?
erty, the report of I he stolen fowls
was read put yesterday morning. Xo
detective wv.s" ? oriKTred to ihstfituio
search for ttrbm. That was left to the
patrolmen at the Second Station.
i nlr Weather Succeed* Itougnesf Snow
Storni of Winter,
Willi nearly three Inches of snow
already on the ground from Tuesday's
Mono, snow- continued to fall In scat
itrinp flakes all day yesterday. It was
after R o'clock when the clouds began
to break and In less than two hours
the sky was clear and sparkling with
Mars The wind, which had been blow?
ing a mild j?nle during the day, sub
Bided entirely, and the mercury climb?
ed slowly up the tube Except when
it was necessary to wade across the
?Tossings; the early half of the. night
was as good as one i-ould ask. espe?
cially of the month of March.
Director Bvans. of the Weather
Bureau, was very cheering in his prog?
nostications Then- was nothing in
sight In the way of a storm, he said,
i iit the tail end of the one that had
passed over. Everything f?r the pres?
ent, at H-ast. looked to liliii like clear
and warmer weather. Though the
snow 1= the heavies I of the winter, .Mr.
Fvahs says that there practically is
no dancer of aii appreciable rise in the
llcnrlco \ uthorlllfK Trying <?> Prcveiil
Nprcnd nl Smallpox;
Every precaution has been taken
by ihp Henylco count y health aiithorl
ilrs to prevent the spread of smallpox
which developed Monday hear the Na't
tjr.nal Cemetery, and for G. T. Collins,
who Is aiding ir. the Work, Faid last
nigltt that no new cases h;:d bei n re- I
ported. The two patents now in the
city pest house are reported to be do?
ing well and their recovery Is pre?
It will be about two weeks before !
the physicians will know Whether their
efforts to prevent the spread ol the
dreaded disease have been successful.
All popiis In the Pulton Hill School
have been vaccinated, but ? account
of the "scare'' the attendance there for
the past two days ha_s been fllghtly
What is "right" for gift-mstkitipi a visit
here: is necessary, l.ar^c. and abundant
stocks?reasonable prices?cpurtc'bus .-<??:
Hroad and Second Streets.
MAD. 418
Our facilities for" thoi? . I
cleansing and properly irdiiing
fhirts, collars and cuffs arc un?
Two Train Loads of Soldiers
Will Be in Richmond En
Route to Sea.
Two train loads of United States
troops bound for the manoeuvres or
war or whatever may be going on on
the Mexican border, will pass through
i Richmond this afternoon. The men and
I their nuns and equipment arc on the
i v. ay f> Newport News ami Old Point;
I where ships will be taken lor tians
j porta tion to Texan points.
The Hrst train will consist of a de
! taelimcnt of nine officers and ;S2U men
, (>f coitst artillery from Washington,
with i-.ii cars of guns and anununitIon.
It will lie handled over the Richmond.
Frederioksburg and Potomac, which
will deliver it to the Seaboard Air
1 Line at A ecu, just north of the city
The Scabbard will convey the train tu
' the Main Str.-et Station, where it will
1 arrive about l o'clock this afternoon,
and will there bo turned over to the
Chesapeake and Ohio 10 be hauled to
! i kid Point.
> About J o'clock is fixed for the time
; ol arrival of the second train, which
conies from Baltimore, loaded with In?
fantry; There will he about nine
coaches and a baggage car, bound for
New port News.
No doubl a great main- Richmond
people will assemble at the Main Street
; Station to see the troop trains.
d E M Am~ F OtTTIbR A RiE S
Many Application* Hein:; Received
Pro in Throughout the State.
The demand for traveling libraries
from the traveling library department!
oi the State Library during the past
two or three months has been very
? heavy. There arc now on (lie In the \
I department twenty applications from
public -schools In the State and seven !
from communities for libraries, which
Cannot be tilled owing to the lack of
books. One new library, h special col?
lection on art, has recently been pur- j
ehasod and forwarded to the Staun- j
ton Art Study Club. In addition to
I this, about Il.T> new books have been
ordered for use in the school libraries
and fifty books for the community
The following point? in the State
have been recently suppPed with
books: Bridges, Gloucester county,
Churchvllie, Augusta county, Eiriporia,
Greehsylllo county, Dlllwyii; Bucking?
ham county, Eassiter, Slate Farm,
Goorhl&nd county, Staunten Art Stud>
Club and Emory, Washington coun?
Increasing Interest in mrnier*' Insti?
tutes In Indicated.
Double the attendance over the saino
route a year ago was noted at the
farmers' Institutes held along lite lines
of the Chesapeake and Ohio. Comhils?
sloner of Agriculture K?lner, who was
hack at his ofHce yesterday from a
trip with the special train, was much
Struck with this fact, which augurs in?
creasing interest in the campaign for
progressive ideas in farming.
Two trains at a time were run on
Monday and Tuesday, but the route
over the Chesapeake and Ohio has been
completed. The Southern is now run?
ning its train between Danville and
tliis city.
Mntincrmrnl of MitiHhoilsc.
A subcommittee of the Council Com?
mittee oh Poor, having to do with c>r
tain details of management at th
Almshouse, will meet at the City Hall
this afternoon at 5 O'clock.
Police Commissioners Defer
Election of Additional De?
tective Sergeant.
As tho Board of Police Commission?
ers wams more time in which ti> con?
sider the needs <if (lie detective depart?
ment, an addition.il officer for head?
quarters was not elected in the meet?
ing of tin- hoard last night. That
matter and the policing of Washing
Con Waid were referred to the Coin
mltlcc eis Bulcs, itc'gulattonj; arid Dis?
cipline, composed of Commissioner*
I Manning, (Birdon and Thomas.
I The hoard adopted a strong resold
1 Clou indorsing the establishment of n
1 Juvenile court, and in the resolution
risks the City Attorney what legisla
! tloii it; necessary to put it into effect.
J Offenses against laws and tho rirdl
1 nances of the city are commit teed al
tnost daily by children, hot tho police
?r? powerless to prevent such viola?
tions The children arc too young to
?je arrested and taken to court, ami.
unless pan tits take them In hand,
which is Sothel lines nbj the case, only
, the letoimatoi y by way of Police
I Court l>; open.
I 'J he (iepartiuehi was commended for
the g*'tod ?>? <!? i preset \'cd iloriiig (he
last, mouth, only nine indbitineuts li.tv.
Ihg been returned by the last grand
jury. Tl.rderllness of the city, it
was BtateO, wax lie',, r better,
I Dead Man Was Xot Stockholder
in Street Railway and Has
No Record There.
I Police Department Will Give ?p
Hunt for Identity of
bt ranger.
Despite the claims of an amateur
detective, who. with kindred spirits,
sleuthed around for several days and
sought inspiration in the very all-, tht
identity of Eno Whytehall, who died 6t>
the stieit about two months ago, is us
much a mystery as ever. Major Wer
air yesterday received a letter from
the attorney to the Crown, in Hain?
an rg. Germany, where Wliytehall
claimed that he was :i stockholder in
'.he street railway system of that city,
saying that lie was never known there
and that his name does not appear In
any of the departments of the registra?
tion systi in.
The German registration system
complete In every detail. Besides i
births, deaths, marriages, the names oi
all who come and go must even bt
Registered. Und if Wliytehall had evci
lived in Germany uniler that name he
?vould have known, and ?...urination I
us to his past life could have beeil i
gained. Major Werner dispatched a
photograph also of the dead man. but '
even by that means nothing could ho j
learned of ?? man who kicked up si
much fuss in the minds of the amateurs.
In his simple passing.
Did Not Know Dim.
The letter from the Crown attorney
stated that Wliytehall was not a stock?
holder in the street railway syst ein of
i ihinburg, ,nor was he ever an em?
ploye of that system, in ttic saute en
cel one camo also a communication
from G Xeldllhgci", whom Whytehall
.-aid was his friend, stating thai he 1
knew nothing of the man of mystery. J
Thus the nail iiids where it started,
and Eno Whytehall ha.s never bc'eh
identified. Dis body rests in Diver- I
view Cemetery, m his going hither he |
caused more sensation than in all the j
years oi his apparently long lue. lie i
wps a crook of gigantic proportions in
the mind of tin- a unit cur who sought so
earnestly and so Ion- to learn his
(Identity, and from whom cainc forth
daily such voluble explanations that
at last he was on the right clue.
As lino sleeps contentedly and no
one has come forward to claim friend?
ship or kinship, Major Werner will let I
the matter drop The hiatetir must,
perforce, give up further sleuthing.
Serie?? of Tnlks Xcxt Week l?j Mtulm
fera of Different Denominations.
The special meetings to be hold at
Cnlvary church next week promise to
he exceptionally Interesting to < liurch
workers, not only on account of the
unusual character of the series, hut .
' a)sp because of the number of able
I speakers of different denominations
! taking part. The --cries will beg'n
j Monday evening, and meetings will be
j held five successive evenings at s
o'clock. I
i The following is the list of subjects ?
I and speakers for each night:
Monday?"Preparation for Service,"'
Rev. I I. I >. C Macluchlan, D. D., pos- !
i tor of Seventh Street Ghrlst'an Church,
: Tuesday?-"Prevailing Prayer,' Rev.
' .1 N. Latham, D. i>.. pastor Centenary
i Methodist < Ihiirch.
Wednesday?? Power Prom on High."
Rev. Thomas Semmes, D. !>., rectoi Si
Andrew's Episcopal Church.
Thursday?"Privilege of Influence."
Rev. William II. Smith, 1 >. D.. editorial
secretary Baptist Fore'gn Mission
Friday?-"Personal Work." Rev. 1?.
i.C. Lilly. D, D., pastor of Grace Street
Presbyterian Church.
There will be special music each
night by the Wake Forest quar?
tet. This quartet will also sing at
the regular services next Sunday morn
ing and evening.
The members of nil denominations
and algd those who are noi meirbers
of any church will id' cordially, wel?
comed at these meetings.
To Elect Rlcven Firemen.
A special meeting of the Hoard of
Cire Commissioners has been called
for Mar li ;i to elect eleven men to
lill vacancies in the Fire Department,
including members of the force of
Engiut Compahy No. 13, stationed in
Washington Ward.
^mnllpnx nt Lcntlier^vond.
Reports were made to the State De?
partment of Health yesterday of tiic
existence of smnllpox" at Leather wood.
In Henry county. Steps have beep
taken to isolate the patient and vac
[clnate thoso who have been exposed
j to the disease.
Judgment Entered.
Judgment was entered yesterday In
the Law and Faulty Court in tho cose
of the 1'nited States Radiator Corpo?
ration against .1. .1. Tignor for $,193.39.
Writ of Brror Granted.
The Supretn* Court of Appeals .ves- !
tcrdSy allowed a writ of error in tho
case of .k A 1 lalsllp and wifo against
.lames E, Ilaislip, from the Circuit I
Court of Fairfax county. The lltlga- I
tion Involves a 200-aere tract of land I
deeded with certain conditions.
Elect onieerM To-.Mghf.
Officers will be elected and installed
to-night at a meeting of Highland j
Chapter. Order of the Eastern Star. !
to he held at 7:?.0 this evening at
Xorthside Hall.
Llndney Mulled.
W. 'I'. Lindscy, who shot W. T.
I Woody, bis wife's 1 rother-ln-law. Mon?
day night, was admitted to hail yes?
terday by Judge Witt, bond being fixed
at $1.000,
Dr. 'I'urman, of the city ambulance;
who attended Woody, stilted that he
'HI not think the Injuries would re?
sult seriously, though 127 bird.shot en?
ter"! Woody's back and arm.
Gain In Gaming*.
The gross earnings of the .Seaboard
Air Line Railway for the month of
January amounted to $1,838,1 AO, against
f,l;6S3,541 in the same month of EGO.
an increase of $154,509. Tho operating
expenses and taxes increased from $L?
199,050 to $1,333.493, or $E{.0..S42. 'J'ho
net earnings were therefore $504,657.
against ?is:;.Sf.] in 1910, a gain of
Mnjnr lllnc to Spenk.
'Modeln Orgahisuitioh'' will be the
subject of an address to bo delivered
before I he Railroad Cltib of Richmond
to-morrow night by Major Charles
Hine, a West Point graduate, mid a
former United States Army officer,
Major Eine ts n native of Fauotiicr
count:-, lie knows a good rleal about
railroads aside from soldiering. The
meeting will be held as usual in the
assembly hall of Murphy's Hotel.
Sent to (irniiil Jury.
Frank Scott, the negro charged with
tabbing Charles Mason, also ccloroo,
In the back i-lgrLt times last Sunday
afternoon, wa? given n preliminary
hearing yesterday before Magistrate
Lewis, in lleiirico counly. and sent to
tin grand I dry ,,f 'he Circuit Court,
Lawyer Smith was fined $25 and
costs by Magistrate Pnryear on a
charge of assaulting Minerva Jones,
lie took an appeal,
Commissioner Cabell Presents
Tentative Plan, Which Plants
?May Adopt.
Claim Their Removal Would
Mean Doing Business at
a 1 .oss.
Commissioner Royal E. Cabell. <>r the
United states Internal Revenue Depart?
ment; is endeavoring', It is understood,
t" restore amicable relations between
Richmond distillers and the office of
Collecto! m. k. Lowry, Second Vir?
ginia District. Several of ihn local
whiskey manufacturing plants sus?
pended operations several wcoks ago;
when an order requiring the removal
Of all l'ipe lines wont into effect. The
owikis declared that they could not
afford t<> lake out the pipes, which,
they said, were necessary to the suc?
cessful operation of their plants. So
f?n-- ,.f (hem Hied papers of suspen?
The mattet was taken up w'th Com?
missioner Cabell by attorneys tor the
distillers in an effort to have the or?
der rescinded or modified.
Proposes Sv'W t'luti.
Commissioner Cabell ban submitted
a tentative plan, slightly different from
the lirsti. to the liquor men, and it
i- now up to the latter t^?ccepl or rc
.ieet it From what can be learned,
they are Ukely lb accept and resume
op. ra t ions.
?lust what the hew plan is has not
been made public
The pipe lines were ordered out be?
cause the department was of Ho- opin?
ion that dishonest manufacturers would
i>e afforded an opportunity of using
them as conduits for transporting
blockade spirits from distilleries to
rectifying plants. The distillers supply
water to their plants by the use of
jdpes leading to tanks-. To remove the
pipes, tho;. say. would handicap them
and make the manufacture of whiskey
proiUlesj-;. Some of them are now buy?
ing liquor from Western houses and re?
selling it here.
Itetiucfttn for llcnlth Depnrtincnl llul
letln Received l-'runi >lni)j 1. 11 e a 1111 r .1.
Ti'.e Health Almanac, just issued by
tin State Department of Health, prom?
ises to he the most popular of all the
publications of the department, if tho
re'quesMs received during the last few
diiys arc an indication. The announce?
ment that the almanac was ready for
distribution and would be sent upon
request has brought a flood of replies
from every part of the State, and has
swelled the mail of the department to
unusual proportions.
As rapidly as possible the almanacs
win be sent but; though it is probable
that requests' received during the rush
of the last few days will not ho
reached until about the end of the
Itnllrond Put* In Sfntlaii for \eeonimo
? Intlnn of I'htlchln nntl \ IsltprS.
That the Cutdwba Sanatorium, with I
It;- large quota of patients and its |
many visitors, is a force to be reckoned i
with in transportation, is shown by the j
action of the Norfolk and Western
authorities in ordering a station to be
erected at Catawba road crossing for
i he accommodation of those who .are
en route to i h?=- sanatorium The sta?
tion to he erected will be of the stand?
ard type in usf> by the Catawba flail
road, and will make the saridtorlum
much easier of access than heretofore.
In addition, the railroad company
has put on an extra tralii on Tues?
days ami Fridays, which will meet
the regular trains of the Norfolk and
Western and carry patients to Catawba
Crosslnir without delay.
Four Vcnr.h for .Toliniton.
Walter; alias "Skin." Johnson,
charged with burglary, pleaded guilty
in (he Hustings Court yesterday, and
was sentenced bv the court to four
years in tho penitentiary.
After the crime Johnson escaped to
West Virginia, where ho was found a
short time later.
tiovrrnor May "Mnke Aililrcm.
Governor Mann has under consid?
eration an invitation to address a body
of citizens at Urbahhn to-morrow In
the interests of the proposed new rail?
way line through the Northern Neck.
If he accepts he will leave Richmond
this afternoon. ft had not been defi?
nitely- determined last night, but on
account of the weather and condition
of the roads it was suggested that tho
meeting be postponed.
James River Committee Recom?
mends Award to Raymond Con?
crete Pile Company.
At a meeting held yesterday at noon
in the olllce of President Robert Whit
let, Jr.. of the Board of Aldermen, the
Committee on Improvement of the
James River again recommended to the
I Council the award of contract to the
Raymond Concrete Pile Company, of
Baltimore', for the erection of a rein?
forced concrete bulkhead wharf along
James River on property owned by the
city, to cost TS?. The committee
also awarded a contract to the P. San
ford Ross Company, of New Jersey;
at its bid of $ii per cubic yard, for
the removal of the rock ledge In James
River between the proposed wharf and
the main channel, the cost of removal I
of the material being estimated at |
A resolution making the necessary
appropriation to cover both contracts
was also recommended, no provision
for erecting a wharf having been made
in the annual budget.
The question of building the wharf
was Hilly discussed. President. Peters,
who had opposed confirmation of Hie
contract in the Council; stated his ob?
jections to going into the work with?
out knowing what the removal of Ihe
rock ledge would cost, but professed
himself as satisfied when the proposi?
tions were separated and provision
made in the wharf contract that work
was not to proceed to a point where
it might be damaged by blasting until
after the removal of the rock.
The Bat kins resolution looking into
the advisability and cost of conduct?
ing free excursions down the river on
summer afternoons on city barges
lowed by the city tug, was referred
lo n subcommittee consisting of Messrs.
Bat kins. Ellington and Donohoe.
Dollars Are Like Seod?
ii never grow until they arc planted.
11 Start, your account now. Increase
your savings by a 3 per cent, compounq
1117 East Main-Street*
Collector Is Arrested on Charge
of Trying to Shoot the
Butcher Says Agent Persuaded
Mini to Be Married by
Court Officer.
Shortly after Louis Hornstein, a
butcher In the Second Market, had
complained to Sergeant Kcr.se at the
Scccnd Police Station last night that
he was being blackmailed by M. Brown,
manager of the Southern Law and Col?
lection Company; lli? East Main
Street. Blown was arrested on a charge
of threatening to shoot Hornstein and
also on a charge of carrying a con?
cealed weapon. He declared that ho
had a permit to carry concealed
weapons, hot In view of the fact that
he failed to show the permit, anil be?
cause of th<- alleged threat to kill
Hornstein, the second charge was pre?
ferred against him by the officer.
Brown, it seems, claim's a fee for pro?
moting Hornsteins marriage.
Holnstein, displaying a hue:- signed I
by Brown, appeared at the station in j
great excitement and trepidation. The
letter demanded payment of $.'.r>. tho
services for which It was being de?
manded hot being named. In another
communication Brown stated that ho
lind a claim against Hornslein in favor
of Sain Cantor for J t?..?0. and that un?
less it Is paid within live day.* suit
uill bo brought.
Rente* l.lnblill.v.
Hornstein Jrieolared that he owes
neither man a Cent; that Cantor
worked for him three years and re?
ceived his wage* every week, and that
tiie whole scheme is simply one of
extort ion.
The strangest part of Hornstein'?
story is that when he wanted to bo
married by Hebrew ceremony Brown,
in order to extort money, prevailed
on him that It was necessary to bo
married by a court officer, and that
lie and Miss Sophia Fields, who 1* but !
sixteen years old. were married by
"I'ar.-on" Mike MacOn In a privat.- of
flee of the Hustings four, on February !
20. lie declares that Brown approach?
ed Mrs. Sarah . elds, mother of the i
bride, saying that ii was necessary for
her to bo accompanied by .1. witness
when a marriage license was applied
for. and that Brown did accompany
Mrs. Fields, the I.ride a;\i Hornstein
to the Hustings Court, and then es?
corted them to the marriage ofiV<\
where the manager of the collection
cbmpahy; lie says, collected J3 from
Mrs. Fields for his services.
Will Mr Married Agnln.
Since then bride and bridegroom
have come to a realization that su<-h
procedure was not required by law,
and they have made arrangements tobe
wedded according to the Hebrew cere?
mony on Sunday. .Brown was Invited
to he .1 guest at the festivities.
But yesterday there eanie to Mrs.
Fields a letter from Brown expressing
bis regrets that he would not be aide
to be pi'.fpnt at the ceremony.
Not for you or your daughter's
sake." he writes, "but only for your
intended son-in-law, as he has not
done as promised to do in procuring
him a good, honorable, little girl whh li
my contract with him was to pay me
$??; and I have witness to the effect."
Then he weites that he didn't care for
the money that had been promised
him. as he wanted at that time only to
help him; as he had been to much !
trouble In behalf of Hornstein.
"Ho has ignored me." continues
Brown in the loiter exhibited, "and
spoke evil of me, which 1 thought was
improper for a gentleman to do.
Would Donate Fee.
*1 have written him about ten days
ago, arid did not receive a reply, so
1 had to warrant him to get paid for
my service, which money, if I ever
recover any, 1 shall donate to the He?
brew Orphan Asylum." He concludes
by saying that he would be glad to
help Mrs. Fields without charge for
Ids services, and that he hopes she
may not he angry at the steps he had
ta ken.
During Iloriisteiu's courtship. he
said last night. Brown approached him
on the street one day, and said that he
had been saying n'ce things about him.
Hornstein. Hornstein is wondering if
the money Brown demands is for the
nice tilings he said.
Sergeant Kersc could take no action
in the matter, and advised-the young
man to lay the matter before Com?
monwealth's Attorney Minitree Folk'es.
Within a few minutes after he left
the station, Hornstein rushed back in
great excitement, declaring that Brown
had threatened to shoot him. Then he
was advised to swear out a warrant,
and Brown was shortly afterwards
arrested py Bicycle Policeman Helton.
Officer* Will Be Chnnen For Antl-Sn
looil League To-Dn.v.
For the purpose of electing a set of
executive officers for the Anti-Saloon
League of Virginia for the coming
year, tho executive committee will hold
a meeting in this city to-day. It is
anticipated that Rev. 13. T. Wellford, of
Newport News, who was elected pres?
ident at the recent annual session, will
11ml that he i3 unable to accept, in
which event a president will be chosen
by the committee. The names of Pro.
fessor C. T. Jordan, of Stauntori; Rev.
i I. II. Bennett, of Lynchburg, and
others are mentioned In this connec?
A new State superintendent will.be
chosen, and there seems little doubt
that it will be Rev, -I. D. McAlister.
the present secretary. Hereafter If
salary will be attached to the office
of superintendent. In case Mr. Mc?
Alister is chosen, there it'll! be a new
secretary, It is presumed, to be. elect
I cd.
I In addition, there will be elected tlie
I district superintendents. The presump?
tion is that Rev. 10. .1. Richardson and
Rev. David Hepburn will be re-elected.
It has already been announced that
Rev. .1. H. night will he made super?
intendent of publications, for the pur?
pose largely of starting a State organ
for the league In the shape of a weekly
l.oulnn Citlr.cn Met Confidence Man on
VUlt to Richmond.
P. ,1. Giles, a farmer of Louisa coun?
ty, met a new friend Tuesday after?
noon, and, incidentally, parted with
flL'S at the same time he parted from,
his new-found friend.
The two had been together only a
dav. Giles came here to'sell his tobacco,
and then thev look in the sights. Each
gained the confidence of tho other, and
the stranger thought ho would like to
go to Louisa and invest some money.
Oiles was delighted. They repaired to
the Main Street Station, where the
stranger bought two tickets. Giles lost
his. ami the stranger searched Giles's
clothes lo llnd the ticket.
The pasteboard could not be found,
and Giles was hustled to the ticket
window lo buy another. His companion
disappeared. He and the money arc
still missing.
The police secured a description or
the stranger, and telegrams have been
sent to numerous cities asking that
the man bo arrested on sl^ht,,
Are in this general reduction sale of ours. Even if I
you have no immediate wants buying now for next
season will be a good investment.
Gans-Rady Company
Disease in Various Forms
Scattered Throughout
Smallpox has been reported in eleven
counties of the State, according to j
statements received by the Stute De?
partment of Health during the ia.S'. fcv.'
days, .ind there is every reason to be?
lieve that there are unrecognized cases
or the disease in other counties and
.Most of the smallpox which has de?
veloped during the present winter is
said by health authorities to be of a
mild type, but cases which have re?
cently been reported from Ilenrico
count} are of a more advanced type of
the disease, approaching the dreaded
eon 11 ucn t smallpox
As an indication of the prevalence
of smallpox a; this lime, tho Health
Department reports that la rue supplies
of vaccine virus are being order.ej bv
local hoards of health and are being
use! in localities where the disease
has appeared.
Health Comthlssionci Williams, in
announcing the counties in which
smallpox Is now reported, declared yes?
terday that the general situation was
unchanged. "We are having the usual
number of cases," he said, "of the usual
type. Some are milder than others:
some arc- more severe', but tveRcah
never hope to effectually rid the .state
of .?mall pox until our people realize
that vaccination, universally protected. I
is the sure and only method ot" pul- !
ting ah end to it. Smallpox annually
costs tne counties of the State a vast
deal of worry and several thousand
dollars. All of this could be saved if
our people wore to begirt general vac7
The following are the counties in
which smallpox has been recently re?
ported: Fairfax. Fauquler, Frederick.
Gulpeper. Dlhwlddie, ilenrico, l<uncn
hurt:. Dec, N'ansemond, Southampton
and Koanokc.
F?rl llnMliign to He Tried in Accotuac
< nunty.
Governor Mann yesterday issued a
reqtiis'tlon on the Governor of Penn?
sylvania for the de?very of Karl Hast?
ings, now in Jail In Philadelphia, to
Sheriff G T. Kellam, o{ Accomac coun?
ty. Hastings hay been ;-. fugitive from
justice for several months. He is
charged wUh having committed an
offense against Hetty Wessels, the thir?
teen-year-old sister o( his wife, and
on account of the g'ri's age the of?
fense. If proved, is a felony punish?
able by death There Is ^ald to have*
been much indignation in Accomac
county at no time the crime was dls
1 covered.
Sheriff Kellam left for Philadelphia
! last night, and will return with his
: prisoner to Accomac as soon the
j necessary papers have been approved
' at ilarrisburg.
Ilenrico ( nndldateM Invited to .licet
County Committee.
Secretary Garland H. Taylor Issued
! notices yesterday for a meeting of the
Ilenrico County Democratic Committee.
I to meet at the county courthouse on
i Saturday at 1 o'clock. All candidates
for county offices are Invited to ap?
pear before the committee at 1:30
O'Clo'clt for a discussion of tho date of
the coming primary and other matters
1 relating to the race. From present
jappearanc.es there will be a strong
line-up of candidates, as there is every
promise of a historic campaign in the
old county during the spring and sum?
mer for several lucrative offices.
Ilonnoke .Mnn Appointed.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Washington, D. C. March S.?Stacey
S Storer, of Roanoko, has been ap?
pointed an engineer draftsman in the
Treasury Department at a salary of
(2,000 ii year.
Hohlim Protected In County.
Game Warden W. J. Lynham, of ilen?
rico county, has received many re?
quests for information concerning the
open season for robins. These birds arc
protected at all times in Ilenrico, and
any one convicted of shooting them
will he severely punished.
Charged With Awaull.
dames Burnett was arrested in Ilen?
rico county yesterday on a charge of
assaulting C. V. Landrum. lie was
bailed for his appearance before a
magistrate to-day.
Quallftc? to Prncttce. ?
Moe Dew, dji attorney of Norfont.
' qualified yesterday to practice, in the
City Circuit Court.
Richmond Government Employes
Found Not Guilty of
"Vou didn't do anything but don't
do it again." was the. gist of letters
received by local employes of Uncle
Sam, who were reported to the United
States Civil Service Commission for
alleged pernicious political activity. Jn
each letter to the men under investi?
gation was inclosed a copy of tho
civil service regulations forbidding
"polltlcatlng." Their attention was
called to the act and they were in?
structed to study it carefully and be
more discreet of their actions In the
Charges against the civil service em?
ployes were made several months ago
to the department at Washington. Sec?
retary Fisher was dispatched to Rich?
mond to make n thorough investigation
into the allegations.
The visit of Mr. Fisher caused a flur?
ry at the Federal building. Ho rc
niained here for a week, and took depo?
sitions from those who were supposed
to be participating In the gamo of
He returned to Washington and filed
a voluminous report with the commis?
sion. After due consideration, the
powers that be decided that the ac?
tivity of the Richmond Republicans
u.'ts not sufficient to call for punish,
hient, but In his letters Chairman
Black, of the commission, took occa?
sion to warn those under charges
against participating in politics in the
General Grant's Aide Mucti
Pleased With Battery and
Its Equipment.
Faultlessly dad In Hie regulation!
olive drab Held service uniform, slxty
elght of the severity-four members oC
the Richmond Howitzers, Rattery A,
Field Artillery, Virginia Volunteers,
last night were given a rigid inspec?
tion by Lloutcnant M. W. llowzc, Third
Battalion. Field Artillery. United
.States Army, detailed for duty at Gov?
ernor's Island, N. V, as atde-de-cumo
I to Genera] Frederich Dent Grant, com?
mander of tin' Department of the Fast.
I At the conclusion of his work Llcuten
j ant liowze pronounced the local artll
| lcrytrien ? splendid body of men. and
the Inspection last night is looked
j upon by Captain William M. Myers, his
j bfllocrs and men as one of the most
I successful in tlie history of this fa
I tub us hat tery.
The Inspcctlrig officer carefully ex?
amined the equipment of each man.
I sVnd was able, to find but few fault?.
The number of Dion present is looked
upon as remarkable; there were only,
-ix absentees, and most of theso were
Rast night's inspection was witness?
ed by many friends of tho soldiers, who
thronged tho gallery almost to Its ca?
pacity. Members of the fair sex wer'j
pr?scn t i-i large numbers and wero
open in their admiration arid apprecia?
tion of tho civilian-soldiers.
I a-?ricei inn *sntlufnetory.
Major T. M Wortham. commanding;
Virginia's Held artillery: Car>t?ln Jen?
nings c Wise, battalion adjutant: Cap
din Alexander Brown, Jr.. Medical
Corps, and Serge?nt-M?jor W, W. La
Prado were present; and each express?
ed much satisfaction over the ln"->ec
tlon. "Virginia has the best Held artil?
lery hattaljon of any State In tho
Union," emphatically declared Major
Wortham "i am s-atiafled that our.
ratine by the War Department will bo
all that can be expected.'?
All of yesterday morning and after?
noon Lieutenant Hpwze spent In exam
ing the ordnance .md other property
of the battery, which he pronounced
to be in lino condition.
The spring ordnance inspection of
the government, which in the past has
been 'lone in the Did Dominion bv
Captalii <> H MRehaui, in the future
win be dispensed with. The idea of
the department is to combine the In?
spections of ordnance und personnel in
one. This was dote yesterday.
Lieutenant llowzc 'will leave this
morning for Norfolk, where he will
Inspect Rattery P. Norfolk Light Artil?
lery Blurs. To-morrow he will visit
Battery C. Crimea's, Battery, in Ports?
.Major Wortham hatt detailed Captain
Wise to accompany the inspector.
Will Appenr In Concert for Ilrncfit of
Plur 'PuberculonlN I'nmp.
For the benellt of Pine Camp, the
tuberculosis sanatorium near the city.
Mary Garden will sing in concert at
the City Auditorium on the evening of
April 5. The camp is badly In need
of funds, for it is undertaking to care
for the victims of consumption who
have not the means to seok relief
elsewhere, in addition. It is voluntarily
taking advanced cases, so as to prolong
lives and to remove nests of possible
Infection from the public.
Tbc directors of the camp are much
pleased to have secured Mary Garden
for this purpose. Further announce?
ments regarding the affair will be mada
later. ?
Thlrie? farrr Safe into Hack Yard,
But Gel Little. Reward.
Thievea some lime Tuesday night
broke into the Virginia l-aundvy,
Fourth and Main Streets, and into the
j Crystal Laundry, at 1523 West Cary
S| rr.et.
They were unable conveniently to
crack the safe of the Virginia Laundry
inside the building, and thej took It
into the backya.rd. where, they hurst!
It open with an axe. They got about
Sin. From the Crystal Laundry they got
about $5 in money and $10 worth of
stamped envelope-1'.
We Know Ail About
Can make 'cm?and so wc are entirely
able to be your Watch Physician. We'll
gain your confidence on the first trial.
Smith & Webster
Time Specialists, - - 612 East Main.
Three Weeks of
Twin Screw Steamer?11,000 Tons.
0*1 OC A APcr Person
^I?t>?UU and Upwards.
March 18, 1911.
Richmond Transfer Co.
809 East Main Street,
Richmond, Va.

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