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Special Feature, of Day's Card Is
Race of Two Men, Two Horses
and Two Automobiles.
Match -I.?Mon
?cly lurgi enough
gathering that
i(ternoon to see
last Louies' l??
rite special feature
in which two men,
t W . I
Jacksonville, l la.,
crief Park was scar
to hold the ?ioa!
turned out this
pros rant of tii
the season,
war- the one
horses ami tw<> automobiles started
The men went 525 yards, the horses
#lx furlongs, one automobile one mlK
and another, driven by Hurman, em
mile and ?? sixteenth. Burman >v;ta
the winner, going his distance in
Raleigh P. D. was the winner of tue
Ladies' Day handicap, comini; In a
short nose ft read of the favorite, Van
First rare?selling maiden three- |
year-olds and up. mile and seventy j
yards?Barhey I go (even) first, Mason
<;t to 1) second, Ruby Knight (3 to
?? third. Time. 1:40 l-i;. Waltz, i'or.i
hank. Appasslonata, Fabersham, Chop
tank, Senator Hubble, Guns Bill Bake
and Glendora ran. j
Second race?selling, four-year-olds
? mi up, seven furlongs?.lacobltc t.' to
8) first. Aunt Kate (even) second. Dol
ly Bultman (even) third. Time, i j
I.ady Orimer. Mae Hamilton, Roseboijb,
0 K. Herndon. Aphrodite and May
Hole ran.
Third race?three-year-olds, six and
* half furlongs?Attentive (- to I) j
first. Scrimmage (3 to l) second, Judge
Monck (7 to 5) third. Time, 1:20 1-.").
Imprint, Messenger Boy, Cherokee, Kos-e I
find Dou'.dc Five ran.
Fourth race?special mule race.]
catch weights, mile?Bad Hill. II r
Simon, Slick, second; Mbllnj third. I
Time. 2:0S ?-5. Beck, Frank, Jack and]
1 eter ran.
Fifth race? Ladies' Day handicap |
three-year-olds and up, six furlongs?
Raleigh P. D. (0 to l) first. Vandcn
i . to 4) second. All Red (out) third.
Time, 1:12 3-5. Mcxoana and King
khlp ran
Sixth race?special handicap, novelty
race, purse $500?Automobile (Bur
man), running mile and a sixteenth;
standing star:, first; C. B. DoWling
(mail), running '?"?> yards, second;
Marie Hyde, 10:: (Hopkins), running
six furlongs, third Time. 1:064-5. It.
Williams (man), running 525 yards;
Bye Iiitc. 105 (Huffnagel), running I
tlx furlongs; automobile (C. Ilayeraf t);
one mile standing start, ran.
Seventh race?selling, four-year-olds J
und up, six furlongs?Aniorct (10 to '< i j
lust. ,i. B. Robinson (3 to l> second,
Voltaire 10 to 2) third. Time, i:13T-r>. |
Vat * ? .
cias, .ludge Lasslng, Graiidisslnib, L?ui
tse K., Congo, Dress Parade, .lohn
Marts ran.
Eighth race?selling, four-year-olds
and up. one and a sixteenth nilics-?
Golden Castle (7 to J > fu st. Henry
Uutcliiioh (? to 2) second: Mi.^s M.ir
.iorie. (C to 1> third, Time, 1:4S 1-5.
Mamie Algol, Starpvcr. Merman, John
Patterson. Roseburg Ii.. Doh bin?.; Guiu
Dust, Bli/.abeth Ann. Christian ran.
bear, Percy Taylor. Bail Field, j
Co.. Dr. Barkley. .1. 11. Barr, Mit- |
Despite Ragged Work. Lynch
burg Puts It Over j
[Special to The Tinie.c-1 ?ispatch ]
Lynchburg. Va.. Ma i on :>\ _Th~
Lynohurs V. M. c. A, hiisk'tbtil tearri
tO-night bested the Rbdnoko \ ?.
tioti here ir. d^/ilheh.bne-slde'd game !
the score bcin-g ;W5 4? , *L;. Although the
locals had the best of th,> game <-x
eepUng for a moment, the onlnte-i
showed lack of practice, for it has
had no work for nearly a month
The visitors attempted to sot 'the
pace in the first half, i.ut the locals
scored first, and for ten minutes five
score was 2 to 0. Then Roanokc score 1
on a foul ami followed it quickly l>v .-?
fii hj gonl, making the score ;; t,. '?>
In rhelr favor. Lynchburg did not re?
main hehiudj and when the locals took
the lead tiny maintained it. The first
half ended 14 to 7.
Jainerson's work oxcelled for Lynch
bnrg; while Fhgleby blayed the best
r.all ior RoanokOi The same teams nl.iv
ln Roanokc Saturday night:
The line-up;
Bynchhurg?Campbell and Jphicrscui
forwards; Manios. centre! Adams anil
Off terdlnger, gun i ds.
Rpanoke?Bnglesbv and Reeves for?
wards; Davis, echt Vie; Citritoh and
C^arltoh. guards.
Summary; Field goals?Cain nbiiil (\{)
JarnerEon (S). .Tamos (i), Off(erdiiigei
(IV; Englcby (2), Crirltoh (2), l:. Carb
ton (1). Goals from fouls - <'ample I
(31, Offterdinger n>. Bngiebv c:
T im", 20-niinute halve.-. Referee, Wat
tlfohi of Lynchburg. Fmpire, Tfue.v ..
[1 rooks In the fold.
:pre|al lo The Times-DJs pat eh.]
Lynch burg, Va., March 21.- livrvov
Brooks; the star iwlrtc.r of the Wil?
mington* Bastevh Carolina League, last
year, having been farmed there bv
Lynchburg, who ban linen holding but,
.?'?tu hi.1 signed contract iri '<->-.luv and
writes that be will repot I Wedhe fl'ax
Brooks pitched two no-hit gambs In si
pi-ison. and bis coming i- tt bdfin to
Manager Stoeksdnie.
The Worth Auto Sales Co.. 439-50SU
W Main St. Phone MadisM 710
Touring Car, t700--Itoadstcr. 5600.
1627-29 W. BROAD ST.
Mil". Tllte"
Reo "30" With Fore Doors
Price $1,350
Including wind shield; top extra.
South Boaton, Va.
"Two collars wandered
into my place one day last week.
"One wns cracked and broken
at the ends. The oilier wasn't.
"Said the latter: 'What hap?
pened io you r'
1 'Usual thing.' answered the
broken one ; 'and this is only
my second f rip to the laundry !'
"'Great collar buttons!' ex?
claimed the other; 'this is my
ninth, and look at inc. No
cracks. No broken ends. I
tell you, you started wrong.
Now, f was made especially to
stand the racket ?that's why i,
and all other Corliss-Coon Col?
lars, can beat you al! out in the
number of trips to the laundry.'''
Salary Increase Would Prove j
Hardship to Many of
the Clubs.
?V Iii US MAl.lW.ltT.
it snems hardly1 hecepeery to further
discuss Hig league meeting helil here
Monday, When It comes down to the
real fnots In the case all of tho uues
tiofi? noted upon wore largely hob
demic The matter of Increasing the
salary limit was n foregone conclu?
sion, (Sack of the teams In tho league
wns fully conversant with conditions |
when Ihn (1,200 limit was ngreed upon
lust fall. Why the question of ln
i.;>..:;l!iK the sal dry limit was raised j
al nil Is it matter >.'f wonder to many,!
That Richmond can afford to pay iuor?
money for ball players it; a known
liut. But >:an Richmond afford to
place a burden on the rest of thu
civil? In the circuit?
The drawing power of the several
teams now composing the Virginia
State League Is no secret. Whether
one Ik connected financially with a
baseball club or not matters Utile
The. crows toll the t?te?, and any on*
who lias visited the ball paries around
i!u circuit can come pretty nearly
telling how much money is being col?
lected at the gate.
Let's yet away from all of llieaa
grandstand plays. The Virginia League
I? now on a road to success. The clubs
are operating under a tlx cd expense;
which will give them a chalice to at
leat-t split even. To raise the salary
limit would be- to place a burden on
t'us then who ai*: putting up the
Itphnniiid Satisfied
W. b\ Bradley, owner of the Rich - }?
cloud citib, ieftjii! :o be satisfied: At
lea.f. Is making no strenuous kicks.
He v. c:.'. into the meeting knowing j
that other interests were aligned]
fcgiir..-t hirn. *.r.4 he was game enough!
to i'.arri b'j de iHbns of the league. .
It will rernain ioz the reason to dlsf
close A lit their the action taken at the j
tr-i:'.'..: _? uh wist not. !
.'.?. to .1"; schedule, it is good. Not:
slr.ee 1 have had the opportunity to j
investisit* schedules III the Virginiai
League have I found one which Is sol
ecj?it?bie. or which so nearly conformed
to the desires of the several teams.
Takln? everything imo consideration,
It is not goliiK too far to say thai,
the meeting \yafc a success; Much lotsi
n?ss was transacted, and it was trans?
acted in a manner which left no cause
for untoward comnVciit. The league is
on the eve of a prosperous season, and;
it would bo well if every one weubi j
rtfailzi? that fact right now.
Big Countryman Smith Shows)
Excellent Form on
iSpeeial !?? 'Pin- Times-1 ?ispn teil. | ,
! Wake l 'ot e: t. Va., .March "L - - Wake i
! Forest had a comparatively busy time
j iti defeating Trinity Rar It School this
; afternoon by the score of ?". lb 0. Smith,
Hie !dg ttix^fuol countryman. was on
j tiio mound for Willie K?rest; and had
j 'he ? preps'" nt Iiis hici'oy at all stages
Jo! the game. Only three hits were
i uiudo off. hiin hud none of them caui?
'in the srbitie mnifiu. IL was pd.rt leu -
hirly droug with men bit bases, though
J at times Was ivlld. lie gave eight iiien
Hee t'iipii to first and besides pitching
? an excellenl giilhc lit made three lilts
i out of lour times at the hat. Turnet
, caught a superb game and featured
i" j?ojth batting and holding; I'ltz
gerald. the rhiH-li-her;iided pitcher of
.the "preps." was relieved of nine
Mingles, ami Lowe, who is to receive
a try out with the Baltimore team or
i ? Lastern League ihi.c spring, failed
j to show any excellent form. Biiltlmoro
''also has an option on IMiy.ge.rhld as
spon as h?: IliiifiVies schon'. Resides the
o. oil; of the battery lid: only ph.j int,
Tor Wake Korest thai deserves, pimci.il
; mention is tie- hiding and iteidtiigj
j Cntjleiio. Uoraett tit first played
Steady game tor Trinity Park.
Score .no Innings; R 11, i;
; Wake Koro! t . .0 2 0 i a o o ,", ? - t; ;i
j Trinity Park .> .0 0 0('6 0 0i':f)0 0? ?
Summary: Struck out ?by Smith, s
I'iugoraH. ,. Hit j.iy pitched Lnlls
, Smith, I . KR:;gera5.l, 1. Rase on |,al).?
cmilth. -i; KR/gerabl i, stolen i. e . -.
Wal;,. K?rest, Trinity Park. '>\ s>,c
? r I lice hits Wah, Lore hi ... Trinlf
Putk, i. Umplie, (Joddcll.
!:i >: u hW-i Hi
liKhusi I,.ill
.!? t ? . ? i'o? ">' lidviit*
y. ' :.i tho WOrldi
?? more Iviselmll
an Any Inlleldci
lr? hal
La pi-ui'u
IV\y ita:;
IlljdctO |>
ttd Weigh* imt
\Ut and all.
?vi tu ill'1 i>ii.-t
that lie hasn't
>:tl! shoos. Tho
[trine arc neue,
tOfC h ? ulll bu
Blues and College Read}' for \
Championship Races to De?
cide City Championship.
Both the Biuc.s and the College track
tea ins are being put in the b< ist pos- ?
slide condition for (he indoor track I
meet beheld in the Blues' Armory
"it I'riday night. <?lin Richardson, i
f.oai h lor ilus Blues, and Captain Tay- I
'or, who has been looking after the
Collegians, pending the absence front
iliii city Of Coach Jlagamah, are satis- !
led with the way tho candidates have
been acting.
It is going to bo a great meet, and I
jiie of the largest crowds of tlie yeai
?vill be on hand to watch the miiitin
nu m and ibe college squad battle for
; ipreinacy un the track. The mile race
Hll be a feature, and so will the re- j
lay race between tho College and the
ctliiOS. Another event of interest will j
the relay races between the gram
tnt'-r seiiool::.
Plans for the* open-air meet at the
>ark on April 12 hiive been completed,
ami it is expected that the largest list
of entties ever attracted to a meet in
Richmond will participate In the!
games. Truck athletics have become
popular in Richmond, and interest in j
the meets has increased at a wonderful '?
va to.
Take One Hour to Transact
Business, in Contrast to
Virginia League.
A meeting of tin Richmond Amateur
Basehall League was held in the odices
of The Times Dlspa tch lust night.
Present at the meeting were represen?
tatives of Christ Church Association,
l iighla Uders, Brooklands, Virgin Iii ns,
Skreemcrs, Athletics^ Aleos and Battle
Axes. After sonic discussion It was
decided that only five diamonds are
to t>e used in the iiiiamidonship games.
A coihritittee was appointed, composed
of Messrs. YYileok. Hooper and NVestoni
to rearrange the schedule so as to
conform to this five-park scheme. This
schedule is to be published as soon as
arranged and adopted, it was further
decided that the managers of each of
the winning team: be n publicity com?
mittee to furnish box scores to each of
the newspapers after the games. All
gan es are to begin at 4 ::so P. M.
All eight of tie- teams composing
the league were represented
meeting; ami deposited the
quired under the constitution
William 11. Rarker, treasurer
lie gub. Owing to the inability
Gregory, Jr., to serve as seer
of i:
t he
. N.
. .1.
R Hooper; dr., was elected to that
office with Harry Simpson, formerly
secretary of the Sunday School League,
as Ids assistant.
On motion of Walter Calvin, a com?
mittee of thr.e was appointed, com?
posed of Messrs, Calvin, Dunn and
Parker, to arrange for a street parade
or: the day decided upon for the open
ma ? >: tin league. President Baton pre?
Much enthusiasm was evinced, and
... meeting of the ? ma tour baseball fcb'nir
mission will be held shortly for the
purpose of determlnhg what players
are eligible for cht ranee to the league.
In to rest In the good roads con f eis
em c to he Vo id at Louisa on Saturday,
it which Ho supervisors of roads, the
Mayors of Louisa and Oordohsyille.
no tubers of the Heuern I Assembly and
St the press will be present, is increas?
ing. The problem of improving road
:dhditions Iii Virginia is now reeog- .
nixed by farmer and city dweller alike, j
iind it is no longer felt that the nctlvl- j
ties on the part of the nuiontobilts are
The meeting promises to he a great
success; ami it i. believed that the re?
sult of the conference will be to have
tin- roadway from Richmond to fjor
donsvllio In good shape before the
summer Is over
Motor Cars
Reliable - Dependable Durable j
'1 he buyer who knows the diffefenci
n automobiles will own ?
0^s?m * Jones Motor
JHP" Car Co
Aueu Avc. and Uroati Streit.
For 30 Y.:ars the House of duality.
Straus, Gunst & Co.,
Distillers and Blender/ ot
rint? Whtaklen.
Brink Old Henry
Its hong Record I'rovus Its Merit.
i wo Cycle
4 Cylinders
? HK ('AK t MAT 11.%? X? VALVES.
Guaranteed engine Service
Trice, $1,-00 lo $2,500,
Imprrlnl tlninr Car Co., Distributer;
IlrOIIlt St. 1'tlOllf Mom. f 2 lit.
what .i h&ii iiiu'ycr it will by whon be
Is .?. hi.'* host:
Buck Hooker pftj'ht yo?teida> smiling.
Ma: tin, on.- 0f t|H> locniit?, who was li<
BJ'Ori Hold yesterday, In some h?ll player.
.?>>??.-iKtoiilul like n liend, throws likn
'*'" looks where, ho |'s tlilowing und hits ull
pVOr the let.
K-a:i. "Tt-bok" llvan. ho who is known
'.ii over the woii.l or baseball, icportod yes?
terday, lie win jduy Hist huso.
MoCubCi a 1?Ik boy, aspirant for outfield
honors, was also an ?frivol and will ba u
One of the lost look I tic voongstefs en the
ift i.? si,i. i.e.tpo. He is a catcher, nod he
Knows bow. It h.- koops up his tail lie Is
destined for better society;
As Walt?': OalVlii utild ye?tcrduy, It Is so?
las to he a hard Job to pick a leuiii out of
tlie bunch.
Just exactly twenty arc oh liand, and they
include all of the varieties of ball playors.
Pitchers predominate, with ton (lingers
(Clements and Rossel have not arrived as
?'tutis Walker was In the bos for a while
yesterday; and lie got them over like the
fourth ef duly.
?Mauser on third and Pfahler a; second
aide a hit with the 300 fans nut te see the
A dark spot to tho east of the dluuiblld j
made much noire yesterday. It was tho :
ddyaiico guard ef the 10-cent brigade. 1
Hole's tho way they answur at present! |
'?Truck" F.gan. 1
"Buzs'l Martin.
"Country" Piere?;
"Bo" McCabe.
Jinunle Sullivan.'
"Lefty" Boyce.
Jack Pin hi or.
Sid. Lodgo.
"'Midget" Baker.
Ralph Mattls.
Harry clause:-.
''Chubby',' Witt.
(lArti-gr. Cowan.
Johnny Wayhiack;
Johnny, Vorbei! t.
Snell, Hainmerslcy. IIa lb Want and Ro
Mattis is another of the stickers. He liitrt
'cm whore they ain't, and doesn't core
whether it's rigid or left Held.
A number of tlie fair ses wf.ro out to
watch the work. v
Altogether, the youhgatefs look good:
Richmond Is sure t0 have a winner, and thai
Owner Bradley was pleased to death, and
so were the others who were on hand.
.lust one pessimist noted In the crowd,
and he left because it l>e< aihe unpleasant.
Congratulates Captain Gill Upon
Manner of Handling Candi?
dates for Ball Team.
Coach Long has arrived. Yesterday,
after the regulars had finished work
at Broad ?Street Park, ho took tho
Richmond College baseball squad out
to the ball park on a run and nut
them through about an hour's work
One of the tirst things which the coach
did was to congratulate Captain CiL
upon the excellent manner in which
he had handled the men up to the
present time.
Long is of the opinion that the
college will have a v.inninc: team this
season. Me is not afraid of the hard?
est kind of a schedule. Though his
time with the men has been limited,
he has had opportunity to size up Iii?
material and iready to make predic?
tions as to what will be done.
The schedule is not as bard as it has
been in previous years, but tho stand- ]
iny of the schools to be met compares
favorably with what has been done
heretofore. It is hoped that the colic- j
giatc championship for Lastern Vir?
ginia will be won l>y the college. Prac?
tice will tontintn' dilly up to the day
of the first game.
Augusta; On., March 21.?The Boston
Nationals defeated the ToUrlsls of the
South Atlantic League here this nftor
riocn in a one-sided game. The ."core
was 1!? to o.
both hit ball hard
Mot Springs. Ark. Ma rch .'.'I ?The
Pittsburg Regulars and Yahivlgans both
lilt the ball to-day in their exhibition
game, but the former bunched theirs
.Mid won. 12 to 8.
Carolina Soeoiidx Win;
[Special to Tlu- Times-Dispatch. 1
Chupel Hill. N. '" . March 21.?By
heavy stick work the Carolina'?, second
string of players won from Ca law b a
College to-day. l,". to ,2.
Hot Springs. Ark., March 21.?While
endeavoring to score in n practice
game this afternoon, Sevcrold, of the
Cincinnati Nationals, ran into Catcher
T. Clark, of tlo- second team, with t he
result thru Clark is in a hospital :?>
nigbl suffering with concussion of tho
brain. His attending physician is
nliriod to believe Clark's injuries
a re
not serious
Iforco-riacluR Dead.
N'eiv Vork, March :i. -Horuoji-aelng is dead
in New Vorlt' State for this "year at least.
Tlifi Jocko; Cltib iHSvicd a statement to-night
?a.Uii,? that 1.ausp ef adverse legislation It
had beeit decided to nuke no application for
dates. This news came out almost simulta?
neously with reporta iiuin New Orleans; that
librae owners bc-lle.\i the sport beyond re?
vival tloro.
May Sell Plants. /'
Xciv Oilcans. I.a.. March id;?When the ,
dir*??tors of Die New Orleans Jockey Club
inyel next T|iurs'day it Ik reported thoV Will
>:!< ? rdaii to dls.nosc of the ''ity Park
??..??i. phi tu p. It Is said the owners do not
bejlove that in cine can be revived in this
lixeitlnu (Snme Tied.
Atlanta, On., March 21.-?Two teams
of the Washington, American League,
the "Regulafs" itnd the "Shamrocks,"
tied in ,tn ex'citiiiE, nine-inning game
here to-day, the contest ending with
:? core of ,\ i., ,, Walter Johnson. Ilm
pfetnRr ?? Irlei of the Senators,.pitched
foi the Shuiiirbcki ami fanned eleven
? hleaun tub* Win.
Mobile, Ala., March 2L~The Chicago
Ctibs took thi..ml game of the so
r:?from the Mobile Southern league
club ibis afternoon in r< ohe-sitied con?
test, the. score being pi to I.
wins its first game
UoitMon, Texas March 21.--The
11 oil .a Texuin t...?trii<- team won its
lli'sl un. of (hi enson to-day in the
???M?? erioL defeating Muskogec, of
the sycBtern Association, 7 to o.
Of all Hie varying forms of
satisfaction one ^ets in the pur?
chase of a 11 a rd man? none is
greater titan the certainty which
lies behind Ute hl a rd man name.
Write us fbi li ce catalogue.
103 East Broad Street,
Oldest Music House in Virginia and
North Carolina.
Annapolis. Md.. March 21.?Midship
man R. A. Byrd, class of 1012. a son
of R. Evelyh Byrd; Speaker of the
Virginia Mouse of l?elcKu.tcs. whose
home Js in Winchester. Va? to-night
was elected captain of next year's
gymnasium team.
fSpecial toTao Times-Dispatch.]
Woodberry Forest, v'a., March 21.?
Woodbbrry Forest lost to tlie Tome
Schoo), et Baltimore, in ha sc. null this
afte.riioon. in a one-sided game. Wood
berry ina.de oho run. three .hits and
fo ii errors. Tome made nine runs.
von hits and three errors. Tome has
one of tio- i.e.-: school teams ever seen
here, and will give the University of
\ Irginhi a good game to-morrow. The
hits of the visitors were generally for
extra bases; but after Stacy was sub?
stituted in the tilth inning thoy wore
kept guessing.
Chattanooga. Tcnn.. March ?L?The 1^. ais
this afternoon defeated Toledo bv a vcoirc o'
10 to 0
Nashville, Tenh , NJazeh 2!.?Bv battttn;
''.iv- hard in the sixth and seventh U rob It
lyn easily took the punto from the local
tram ef ib.. Pout horn League this afternoon
by the score uf J to L
Kondon's purity (in rubes),
nnd its pleasnnt and Instantly
relieving..".3 wed as curative
qualities stops snoezlnn
and hay fever sufferings Ht
coco. Write us a postal
today lor
Free Sample
Kondon's contains
no cocaine or harm?
ful drugs. At your
druggist's in conven?
ient, sanitary U5c and
50c tubes, or write
now tor free, sample.
is a pure, straight, fine Bour?
bon, seven years old.
$i.oo bottle.
Hermann Schmidt,
504-6-8 East Broad Street.
Mail orders solicited.
successfully maintained our su?
premacy in the adjustment of Eye
Glasses and Spectacles for a quar?
ter of n century past, and our un
equaled facilities for rendering the
best optical service obtainable keep
pa?-,e with modern and advanced
Prescription Work our Specialty
Optical Co.
i Kodak Headquarters
Lara and Talma Slain in Brawl]
Started by Sol?
Forces Nad Failed to Disarm,
According to Agree?
I eguclgalpri, Honduras, March 21.?
Gollern! Um*. a veteran of the
n juraguan revolution, and General
Patina, both of whom commanded ni
tMsRVis Of lifo ll?nd?run government
H oops in i ho recent rinlnir in this
country, wore Killed in ;1 not at
< olnayuguolu, a suburb of Tegucigalpa,
on Sun.lay. The riot dually bceamo a
pitched battle, arid it in estimated that
not less tlian fortv followers of the
two generals were killed and about
titty others. including several women
spectators, wounded; Among the dead
is a eon of General Dionteo Gultorreic.
rne riot started about I o'clock in
the afternoon. The respective forces of
Generals l*ara and Palma, who had
.Men brought tip to ausist in the de?
fense of Tegucigalpa against the
rebels, had occupied the suburbs of
Comayaguola. They had not yet dis?
armed, according to the agreement en?
tered into by the government ami the
revolutionary leaders with the peace
conferees; who met at Puerto Cortes:
and nrranged a temporary settlement
of the troubles, and after the first
collision they were quick to draw their,
nreuriris and machetes. Generals Lara !
arid Palma took pan In the fighting; i
which lasted for more than an hour,
with th*? result that l.otb were shot.
Great crowds of spectators gathered i
at points of vantage to watch the on
gugoment, and many of them found i
escape shut off when the men came to
close quarters Forces under General
Matuty, another veteran of the Nica?
ragua!) revolution, were hastily dls
patnhed to *top the battle; and suc?
ceeded In separating the combatants.
A Ktrotm guard was left in charge to
prevent further trouble Most of the I
dead were burled yesterday.
Slltmtlnn I nder Control.
Washington! l >. C. March 21.?A
brawl between drunken soldiers at
Tegucigalpa* Honduras, last Sunday
resulted In the (baths of Generals
Una arid Palma, and the killing or
wounding of twenty-live others, ac
:ordlng to a telegram received by the
Statu Departihcnt to-day from Amer?
ican Minister McCreery, at Tegucigalpa,
Mr. McCreery also reported that the
disbanding of the troop.-. In accordance
with the peace agreement between the
government am! revolutionary fortes,
continues. General Rafael Rope?
GUllerrczi tin- corilmaridcr of the army.
hirTs the situation tinder control, the
minister .add:'.
Unlay Chain filrU Selected.
Ppughkeepsle, N V.. March 31.?The
Daisy Chain g'rls ?l V'assar were an?
nounced to-night by Miss Lucy Penni
man. of Asheville, N president of
?.he sophomore class. The twenty-four
girls selected this year because they
hie the prettiest glrlS in class, include
bitt one from the South?Carl ta Anna
Louise Poggott. Jacksonville, Flu.
Plants Are l)r>><roiril.
Valdostti, Gii., March IM.? Fire start
tn;; from the furnace of the Render
Lumber Company's dry bllri to-night
destroyed that plant, as well as the
plants of the V?ld?sta Foundry and
Machine Company and the Thomas
Grate Rar Company. The loss Is esti?
mated at about $".".000, with little In?
Washington. March 21 ?In the pres?
ence of many spectators, who crowded
every part of the big riding hull at
Fort Myer, Va , the military horse show
op. ned. as for as the public was con?
cerned, at l o'clock this afternoon:
Tim 160 fine horses entered in tlie va?
rious classes were Judged for confor?
mation yesterday afternoon, when onl\
Hie judges, a few horsemen ami arm*
officers wcro present
The uniforms of tin- army men, the
even brighter cost tun es of the women
and the general military air that per?
vaded the big hall made the show
unique in this part of the country.
President Taft, Mis. Taft and Miss
Helen Taft were among the interest...!
spectators, as wcro Secretary nf \Var
Dickinson and other members of the
Cabinet. A number of the military at?
taches of the various embassies and
legations hero also watched the exhi?
bition of horses and horsemanship with
much Interest.
Test of Army H?rnen.
Th^ military horse .- how. beside? he?
ilig an event of interest to sportsmen
ami society folk, Is a test of the horses
provided for officers and men in the
United States Army, and the govern?
ment hopes to derive much henetlt from
the exhibition. Army officers are giv?
ing much attention to tlie breeding of
horses for army use, and their effort
is to get the most efficient type of
The first class shown to-day was
that for remounts. There were fifteen
entries, and tlie horses presented a
good appearance and went through
their places well. The Fort Myer Band
was playing a martial air when ?Jr""
horses entered the ring. Tlie riding of
army officers and men was under In?
spection, as well as the horses, ami
the skill ami daring of the riders
III rilled the crowd of spectators.
The winners in the class tor re?
mounts were: First, Reynolds, ridden
by Private Carson, of the War Col?
lege detachment; second. Adventure,
ridden by Corporal Cooley, Troop A.
Fifteenth Cavalry, and third. Wilkes.
ridden by Corporal Campbell, Troop U,
Fifteenth Cavalry.
other cliiHifcs Judged.
The other classes Ridged this after?
noon were: class or eleven pairs <?f
lumpers, eb'ss of nineteen jumpers,
class of thirteen polo ponies, elas:; pi
nine officers' chargers, class of eigh?
teen military jumpers and class ot lli
teen military Jumpers.
The fudges of the various events
were Major D. S. Stanley, quartermas:
tor's' depart merit: Captain Guy V. ilen
iv Twelfth United States Cavalry
Lieutenant-Colonel K. St. J Gielde,
general staff, and MaJ. Henry-I. Allen,
general staff.
In the elimination trials yesterday
Cfternoon the class of nineteen officers'
chargers was reduced to nine. Those
elimina ted were .Tncquln, Lieutenant -
Colonel Charier, G. Treat: Kitten. Colo?
nel Joseph Garrard: Lou. Colonel Gar?
ir.rd; Nino of Diamonds. Lieutenant V.
S Foster; Gray Boy. Captain Warren
l?cnn; Rabbit. Lieutenant C. P. Bur?
nett: Katharine. Captain' C. W. Kirk
pat rick: ChiCO, Lieutenant W. YV. Over?
toil: Kim, Lieutenant C S. McNeill;
Mary. Cuplain If. c. sniither; Molltc.
Captain II. IL BiMcy: Mr. Ronmicks.
Lieutenant A. R. Chaffee, and Scott.
Captain V?'. W. Whitoside.
Academy?"The Jtouud-Up," inntlnec
and iilsrht.
11 Ron??Miraautark."
1,11 bin?Vniide* lllci
A large and I once listened w'iih de?
light last night to tlie concert given
by tin Richmond Philharmonie Asso?
ciation at the City Auditorium, This
JJlla monogram on tho MdiatOt
it and a for mil you can oak
In ? motor car
The Technical Department
at the Chalmers factory
stands ready to advise Chal?
mers Owners in every
The company's technical
experts send put, from time
to time, letters telling Own?
ers how to get the utmost
service and pleasure out of
their cars.
And yon do not have to
experiment with unknown
accessories, lubricants and
so forth?the Chalmers
Technical Department does
it for you.
Think what you gain in
comfort and satisfaction?
what yon save in time and
Chalmers "30," $1,500?
'?Forty/' $2,750.
Gordon MotorCompany
Richmond, Va.
was the third of the scries of the 6ea
Son, arid fullv upheld the high stand?
ard i>ot by this association, which la
doing so much for music In this city.
The program wan as follows:
Overt uro, "'King Solomon." orchestra.
Cornet solo, "Lost Chord" (Sulli?
van) W. I*J. Chambers and orchestra
Aria, -11 Ifl Knotigh;" from "Klljah'
(Mendelssohn). W. Douglas Gordon .tri')
orehrM ra.
Spanish dunces (M?sk? wskt), or?
1 htermlsslon.
March from Leonore Symphony
f Raff?. orchestra.
Aria. "Flower Song." from "Kaust"
(Gounod;, Miss Lillian West and or?
Piano concerto fGrieg), Miss Minnie
Derby and orchestra.
W edding procession, "Foinourt" (Ru
bc-nateln?, orchestra.
A flelahin Comedy.
Miss Blllle L?tke -.v 1)1 be the attrac?
tion at the Academy of Music on Fri?
day nnd Saturday and Saturday mati?
nee. Miss, Burkr's Play this t,ea?.on is
"Sttr.ahhc/' isald to be one of the first
Belgian comedies ever written, and .
certainly the first ever produced In
this country.
?'Le Ma ringe de Mile. Beulemanfc"?
ihm Was the title the play had In tin
original French ? show.-; un the moral*
arid manner." of the inhabitant, of
Brussels in a most entertaining v ?
The heroin', who is a real Bllile Rurk<
girl, even if t,he is Belgiaiij Is railed
upon to choose between two men. Pili
of them her parents -have picked out
f.?r her. hut she doesn't love him. Tip
other one?well, she Just love a hint
It Isn't very hard to guess which
she chooses. How she gets bei
rents to consent ? that':- the diiiicjiR
part, and It furnishes the plot for
"ThnU" at .Met ropolitna.
"Scones of enthusiasm and excite?
ment resembling those of the opening
of an opera season," said the Now York
Herald of January -3, 1911, ''attended
lftst night's performance at the Met?
ropolitan of M?ns. Julei Massenet's
opera, "Thah ' It was the first perform?
ance given in New York by the Phil?
adelphia-Chicago Opera Company; It
was the first time 'Thais' lias been
sung at that house, and it was th<
llrst time that Miss Mary Garden sang
at the Metropolitan. The auditorium
was crowded as on gala, nights.
"Every seat was taken, and manv
stood, and when Miss Garden appeared,
dancing on the stage and strewing
icd roses about, the applause drowncn
tin.- music Interest was keener about
h< r than any of tho others, for she has
been ill from grip for several day-,
and there was some doubt about her
recovery In time to sing lust night.
But rs a matter of fact, she appeared
111 high spirits, and sang as well as
She ever did at the Manhattan.
"Her Thais Is a familiar figure, and
ihst niglit she brought out Its artistic
points effectively. She was rewarded
for it all In the amount and sincerity
of applause, and In the quantities "f
bouquets that were placed at her feet,
to nay nothing of the towering baskets
of flowers that were ranged about her
as she appeared in answer to curtain
Mbs Garden will sing at the City
Auditorium dh April r. for the bench!
of the Tuberculosis Camp Society of
Tctm* Lciiirucr? Lose.
San Antonio, Texas. March 21.?The
Chicago Americans to-day defeated the
San Antonio Texas League team 11
to 2. _v
More Property Destroyed
In tho south every year by rats, mice,
roaches and other vermin than can be
calculated. It would mean millions ol
dollars to tho people of the southern
states if every one of these pests could
be removed. The most efficient remedy
Is demanded. Our famous rat poison,
on the market 62 years, nover falls. It
attracts rats and other vermin by Its
odor. Drives them outside to die. It is
Maurer's Hat and Roach Paste. Certain
3oath for rats, mice, roaches. 10 and
15 cents a box. All druggists. Insist on
Maurer's. There is no substitute.
Matinee To-Mot*ow and Saturday.
The Most Brilliant Theatrical Kvent
of the Season,
Nr.vt Week?"TUB THIEF."
"ACADEMY?To-Day. k
Popular Matinee. Best Seats $1.00.
it in w st isriapgos-a oiffantic :rroaucoon,,
Night Prices: f>?c to $l.r>0.
will slug at the. City Auditorium on the
evening of April 5, for the benefit of
the Tuberculosis Camp Society. Seats
are now on sale at the Cable Piano Co.
Two excellent vaudeville hills thlg
Changes Monday nnd Thursday,
New. pictures every, ot,h,or da? /

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