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of the Republican Insurgents and
possibly by soiuo of the Democrats,
but ho is eald to bo rjropared to defend
his course from every point of view.
At Peace With World.
Washington, D. C. March 21.?Dec?
laration of tho utterly paoltjo inten?
tions of the administration toward all
tho world, and a tribute to tho bray
pry and self-sacrifice of tho South, aro
the features of a letter addressed by
.Secretary of War J. M. Dickinson, him?
self a Southernccn, to an organization
of Confederate veterans In Fort
Worth, Tex., which offered Its service's
as infantry to "our common country."
The offer came under date of March
15 from the "Fort Worth Confederate
Grays,'' the letter stating that by
unanimous vote the organization had
directed Its officers to tender service
"for duty at; United States soldier* on
tho Mexican border, or in any other
capacity as volunteers In the present
crisis Involving the welfare of our
common country."
"You know what wc were In tho
sixties," the letter conclude*, "and wo
Me still Imbued with the same spirit."
Bocrotary Dickinson declares himself
happy tn know of ho reason for an?
ticipating that our country will In the
near future become Involved in hostil?
ities with any other country. "We
.'.re at peace with all the world," ho
yaysj. "Our record In the movement's
looking toward the maintenance of
pp.a< c with other nations, ami tho ad-!
Justment ??f International differences
by arbitration and similar tnothods
father than resort to arms. Is based
Upon a tlxed policy that will not, I
believe, be departed from. For us
lo become Involved in war there would
It Lye to be some unjustlflablo wrong
brought upon us by another nation."
The secretary says that even In such
event arbitration undoubtedly would
In invoke'!, adding that "the attitude
of tho President in regard to peace and
peace movements Is such that bo will
not permit, so far as ho can prevent,
pur government to become Involved In
hostilities with any other government."
The letter continues:
"It Ik urifortunato for our country
and for the peace of the world that
n disposition Is shown by those who
are reckless of the general welfare
of mankind to stimulate, by fal.^.; .state
men's and evil suggestions, distrust
und jealousies between nations. Such
thing:; have in former ttines brought
.in tiio war.", but I believe that there
Is a Stronger corrective now In public
opinion than has ever heretofore ex?
isted, and that they will be impotent
now where hitherto they might have
been effective.
'it Is, nevertheless, gratifying to
have this manifestation of patriotism
from Confederate veterans; This, how?
ever, wus not needed to convince me
that tho United States would have no
more loyal supporters than the people
of thp .South in any 'crisis Involving
the welfare of our common country.'
You gave an Illustration to the world
of the long and constant sacrifice ilia:
the people of the South were willing
to make In sustaining h cause to which
they gave tlnlr support. No adversi?
ties and no losses availed to make
them willing to abandon their cause.
The sacrifice of life, and property was 1
adopted without stint or reserve, am!
the end came early with complete ex?
haustion of resources. This will stand
ns ?ti Illustrious example to the peo?
ple of our country If a period of
ptorm an 1 stress should ever come, nn(]
v. Ill be pointed to to stimulate them
to meet every adversity and not be
constrained by pecuniary losses or dis?
turbances of business or destruction
of commerce to make a peace without
honor." i
No *lfrn?, of Pence.
Mexico City, Match "l.?Thirty-six
I ours after the arrival of Finance Min?
ister Llmantour, the man heralded as
the one that would l>rln*r peace to Mex
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Ico. tliero was evident no sign of any
cessation of hostilities.
Madoro's rebel forces in tho North
>vcro actively carrying on their cam?
paign and the War Department had not
rescinded any orders for quelling the
insurrection. Civil war exists to-day
as It did tlie day bcforo tho minister
arrived, and those who had hoped that
his coming would mean a speedy so?
lution of tho problem admit now that
tho minister meant Just what ho said
when he nt.'ited that he bore from the
rebels no terms of peace, and that
he himself had no definite plans for
bringing tho revolution to aai end.
Mmautour has had long conversa?
tions with tho President since his re?
turn, but no announcement of their
deliberations has been made.
Unless the government agrees to.
provide for another national election
and agrees to permit the rebels to re?
tain their arms while carrying out ft
truce, there can bo nothing but a
continuation of the lighting, accord in e
to the rebels Many men entirely loyal
to the Federal government believe this
is true.
General Diaz has announced that he
contemplates a number of reforms, but
hot until after the close of the revo?
lution. Besides the subdivision ?f great
estates, the government has exhibited
a disposition to make changes in the
t ?nks of some of the governors. Tho
shifting of government officers, say the
rebels, Is not adequate; it Is the pro?
tection of the franchise, that underlies
the motives of the revolutionists.
Minister Llmantour's admonition to
"Bally around General Diaz." and his
warning that every day the revolt con?
tinued would bring nearer foreign In?
tervention, have not served tfc create
Less than a week ago both foreign
era and Mexicans believed that inter?
vention wan Imminent. Thin feeling of
anxiety was revived in a measure by
Id ma n't out's warning uttered yester?
President Taft's explanation of the
mobilization of troops, made to Am
h:,<ssndor d<- La Harra, and by h'.s com?
munication to Minister Creel in a mes?
sage received to;-day, allayed suspicion
r< gardtng the intention of the United
OfT for "IliUr" To-I)ny.
San Antonio, Texas, March 'Jl. ? Brig?
adier-General Smith will have wltn
him exactly 2j235 men and II* officers
when lie starts oh a brigade "hike" to
Deph Springs, the government's ma
no? ;vr>- grounds, to-morrow. No re?
cruits "or other Impediments," as the
general phrased It. will he in the col?
EJvery man In- a veteran regular.
They will take?rations, twenty rounds
of ball cartridges, blankets and shel?
ter tents. Two days will required
to make the march of twority-scven
miles. The tlrst night's camp will be |
made on a hill thirteen miles from ;
camp. A machine gun platoon, with
two Maxims, and a hospital train of :
twelve ambulances will form a section
of tho column.
Opinion Divided.
FA Pa so; Texas, March 21,?Opinion
among Mexican Insurrecto leaders to?
day over the Interview of Senor Jose
Yves Llmantour In Mexico ?'it\- was
about equally divided between keen
disappointment and hope that Senor
j Idmantour still may have plans which
he hay not been at liberty to make
t ?n one point the Insurrecto leaders
say they were unalterably determined,
namely, they would not lay down their
arms during peace negotiations. If
there were to be any truce, It* would
be ttn "armodtruce," This was the
v. iw of Gonzales C-arza. Insurrecto
Secretary of state; of Braullo Hdrhan
do, secretary of state of Chihuahua,
and. according to them, of Francisco
1. Madeto, the revolutionary president.
"Senor I,*.-nan tour contradicts him?
self," said Senor Garza. "In Paris h?
said he recognized the reasonableness
of the demands of his people, He
states inferenllally that we have no
reason on ot:r side nt all, and that pur
demands, such as the maintaining of
arrri3 witjlle pcaco plans aro considered,
aro an absurdity. It is obvious that
if wo laid flown our arms our leaders
would ko to Jail, and It would bo sad
to predict what would become of the
Customs ofllcers to-day receive,! word
from Washington that shipments of
amis and ammunition had been made
from various parts of the Urtltdd
States to border points in Texas and
Arizona, and instructions were given
to prevent their passage into Mexico.
Great activity was manifested among
the Mexican troops In Juarez to-day.
All the prisoners In .Jail were taken
OUt ami searched. Persons who crossed
from tho United States side were sub?
jected to moro than the ordinary
Texas Town Raided,
Alpine. Texas, March 21.? *Vord was
received here this afternoon from Dep?
uty Sheriff Lafarelle, at Chlshos, Texas,
that a. baud of Mexican revolutionist :
had raided that town and driven
horses, cattle and goats across the line
Into Mexico.
Citizens arc terrorized and ranch?
men and their families from the sur?
rounding rountry are flocking Into
Chishos. The officer In commah-l of
United states troops at. Marathon was
,'tsked for a guard, but he said he ? i '-^
spare no soldiers. The Alpine Bus'
ness Men's Club to-day wired tri San
Antonio for troops. "Chlshos is six
miles north of the Mexican border.
Troops to the Rescue.
Ran Antonio. Texas. March 21.?On
receipt of hews from Alpine, Texas, j
that Mexican' marauders had e'rps.I
the border near Chishos and driven ;
?away cattle. General Duncan, com- ;
ma tiding the Department of Texas,
Immediately ordered a troop of the
FdUrth Cavalry at 151 Paso and a troop
of the Third at Marathon to proceed
to Alpine;
The news came in a private tele- j
grain to J, D. Jackson. Mayor of "Al?
pine, who is here attending a cattle- .
men's convention. Mayor Jackson im?
mediately Informed United States Mar?
shal Nolle and General Duncan, and
the order to the troops followed.
The troops from Kl Paso probably
will detrain at Marfa. From there they
must use their horses for eighty miles
to the scene of trouble. The t roan's
from Marathon, a short distance from
Marfa. may march all the way from
their barracks, as the railroad would
I get them hut little nearer to their
There Is a warehouse at Chishos, in
which much dynamite \a stored. If
the raiders were revolutionists, it is
thought likely that the explosive was
tho real object of their Incursions.
Refugees Sturvlng.
Tecate, Lower California, March 21.
?Mexican refugees to the number of j
nearly l?? men. women and children
ore starving in the hills north of Te?
cate, on the United States side of the j
boundary; They fled from Tecate upon j
the'approach of rebels two weeks ago,
and have been living under trees,
agon covers and improvised tents
ever since.
Declares She Is Candidate for New
VnrU SeiiatorNlilp.
Albany. N. V., March 21.?Governor
Djx said to-night that efforts were be?
ing made to bring about a conference
of the Democratic members of the
Legislature on Thursday, with a view
to bringing about a settlement of the
senatorial deadlock, lie furthermore
expressed the hope that the confer?
ence might resolve itself into a caucus
to select a compromise candidate, Tin
call for the conference may come to?
morrow if the Governor's plans ma?
Dr. Mary Walker, during an argu?
ment bcforo an Assembly committee 1
this afternoon on her woman's rights
bill, declared herself a candidate for j
"I think you had better 'make nie
United States Senator," she said. "I am
eligible for the position, us l have, j
studied the Constitution;''
Pr, Ashley Killed by Disease lie Was
Nov.* York, March 21.?Dr. Edward '
F. Ashley, a bacteriologist, died on i
Swinburne Island. In New York Har- I
bor, tlils afternoon, ii martyr to his
fight against the entry at this port of ;
cerebro-splnal meningitis through In*
fected Greek immigrants. Inoculated
In handling the cases, he became 111
on Sunday, and though treated with i
serum at the hands of Dr. Simon Flex
ner, its discoverer, he died of tbp
disease which he combated, late this !
Dr. Ashley was a graduate of Yale \
and of the 'College of Physicians and
Surgeons, New York City*, lfe had been;
assisting Dr. A. H. Doty, health officer :
of the port; for about nine months;
and ris his chief said to-night, "No man
could have been more earnest ?ri his
work or faithful in his duties."
Wilson Forcea Heform Measure Through
the House.
Trenton. N. J.. March 21.?After u i
protracted and at times lively debate, j
the lower branch of the Legislature
this afternoon passed the Goran bill,]
which provides for sweeping election
? i forms in New Jersey, and which has
tho unnunllfietl support <>f Governor i
W ilson and the hostility of a majority
of the leaders of the State Democratic!
orguni/nt ton. The bill passed the
House by a vote of 24 to 2f>. three Re?
publicans voting for the hill and len
Democrats voting against it. \ num
ber of amendments were offered by
Democrats who opposed the measure,
ami by Republicans, but all werb voted
They Hum nig. Hum aud 15,000 Pounds
of Tobacco.
Paris, Ky., March 21.?Night riders,
who struck tenor to tho hearts of t>>
baceo growers dtiring tho big tobace
war of four years ago, reappeared last
night near here, burning it big tobacco
barn and destroying I,",Out) pounds of
lobs ceo.
The victim of their visit was ,T. ?'.
Keller, a wealthy farmer, who has op?
posed the movement for an elimination
01 the White Burley crop Mils year.
nulluni >!. Hubs.
Raleigh. N. C.i March 22.-William M;
Buss, ox-clerk of the court of Wake
county and ex-Mayor of Raleigh, died
suddenly here this morning a* 12:1 S
t 'clock. H'u was Mayor for four years
and clerk of (hp court for Iweive vonrs.
Cablnrt Meeting; Postponed.
Washington, D. ('.. Match 21.?The
regular Catilnet meeting scheduled for
to-day was postponed by President
Th ft until lo-niorr?w, owing to the
absence from the city of several Cabi?
net members.
Hoy Held for Forgery,
I Special to The Times-Dispatch, j
Lynchburg, Va.. March 2.1..Alexan?
der Green, a fourteen-year-old white
boy, was arrested here to-day and
taken to Farinville, where he Is
charged with forgery.
Camorrists Will Attempt to
Show Conspiracy on Part
of Carbineers.
Vitorho, Italy, March 21.?The prob?
able defense of the Camorrists on trial
here was made apparent to-day. When
Giuseppe Sal vi. one of the six aliened
assassins of Cuoccolo and the hitter's
wife, was confronted with a ring which
had belonged to Cuoccolo. and which
the authorities had found hidden in
the mattress of a bed at the- home of
a woman known as u friend of the
accused, he declared that It had been
placed in the bed in a deliberate ef?
fort to make evidence against the
Camorrists by the Legion of Carbineers
of Naples, who. while accomplishing
the apprehension uf the defendants,
sought to discredit the police of Naples
and make the latter appear to be' hand
in glove with the criminal organiza?
During the day Professor Ottolcnghl.
of the faculty of medicine at tu? Uni?
versity of Home, arrived here to ex?
amine the Informer, Gehnaro Abbate
maggio. He has been retained by the
defense, which will attempt to prove
that Abbatemagglo Is mentally irre?
sponsible, when the prisoner was told
that he was to be examined he re?
marked, calmly: "Professor, you are
losing your time."
From First Page.)
00 for
leged that
his work.
Men Are Indicted.
Ir was not until several months aco |
that the alleged*? fraud was discovered j
and brought to the attention of Dr. H. i
w. Campbell, president of the state ,
Hoard of Dentifl Examiner's. He laid
the matter he fore hin confreres, and .
then the matter was brought to the)
notice of Commonwealth's Attorney
Mini tree Koikes, who had a secret in?
dictment drawn up against, the two '
young dentists.
Dr. Speer Is married, and has five'
children. Dr. Greear Is single. Dr. I
Si.eer was in It's office when Sergeant
Wiley walked in and Informed him i
that he had a warrant for his arrest, j
There was an affecting scene between ?
the dentist and his wife, but no ob?
stacle vvas placed in the path of the
detective, and he arrived with the 1
prisoner the next day.
Dr. Greear was seated at the break-!
last table In a hotel when informed by
the "colonel'' (the Chief of police) that
a man was outside waiting to sec him.
This proved to be the detective. Dr.
Greear, too, came willingly, and was
admitted to bail soon alter his arrival
In Richmond;
Whether the case will be settled to
dhy was not definitely known last
night, though one .?t the lawyers .en?
gaged in t!ie case said that he thought
it would probably be concluded in the
Huntings Court tills morning.
Attorneys of George fl. Cnx RrlnK 1
Technicalities Into Piny.
Cincinnati, <>., March ^1.?Attorneys
for George B. Cox to-day gained a
twenty-four-hour respite in their en?
deavor to prevent Common Pleas Judge
Gorman froth sitting in the trial of the
Cincinnati political leader on a charge
of perjury.
Legal technicalities were brought
Into play during the two hours of court
sessions this morning,*'tile next result
being thai .fudge Peter Swing took
tinder advisement a motion of Cox's
attorneys for a mandatory injunction
to compel Judge Gorman to postpone
action on the ease until It be deter?
mined whether Presiding Judge Hunt,
of the Common ideas Court, has power
to try the case after the filing of an
affidavit charging Judge Gorman with
"bias and prejudice'.."
? lames Shelby Thoruns Made Commis?
sioner of Kdueatlon,
Washington, March 21.?Jnmes Shel?
by Thomas, dean of the Virginia Chris?
tian College; of Lynchburg. Va.. will
become Commissioner of Education of
the Southern Commercial Congress on
jiine l Mr. Thomas was from 100.c> to
19.03 state Superintendent of Rural
Schools for Vlrglnlaii and in that time
raised, by private subscription, S500.
000 for school linnrovemont.
Confers With Officials.
Nathan Bedford Forrest, of Memphis.
Adjutant-General of the United Sons of
Confederate Veterans, is in Washington
to confer with officials of the- Southern
Commercial Congress regarding his
permanent association with the work
of the congress subsequent to the Con- I
federate reunion, to be held in Little
Lock, in May of this year. j
Fifteen of the leading advertising
agents of the South will hold a ioiut
confierence to-morrow in this city with |
officials of the Southern Commercial l
Congress in order to devise ways and
means of showing the real estate j
agents and commercial organizations'
of the South the present opportunity '?
for advertising the advantages of thoj
South. I
Hurt In Runaway,
[Special to The Ti mes-Dlspat f h. ]
Winchester. Vit.. March 21.?Dr. Arch?
ibald !'? Osborne, a prominent (Marke)
county physician, is confined to his i
home* tit Berry vi He. suffering from in?
juries sustained last evening when his |
horse ran off as lie was gottins into
the buggy in front of John W. Calls!e's !
home. The horse dashed across the j
road, dragging Dr. Osborne. and leap- j
od a, stone fence, leaving the physician'
badly cut ate! bruised about the head
and limbs.
The present high cost o{ living should
make us stop and think.
ONE spoonful of
Good Lurk goes as
far as TWO of ordi?
nary Baking Powder.
Only one teaspo?nful
to a quart of dour.
Its purity is guar
ant cod under the
Pure Food and Drills
Act, Juno .it), 1906.
Serial No. 13026.
At your grocer's.
The Southern
Richmond, Va.
Swift & Company invite
you to see how they handle
Packing House Products
in Richmond
This new branch house, located at 109, 111, 113
Union Street, will be open to the trade and the gen?
eral public, WEDNESDAY, MARCH, 22nd, from
9 A. M. to 10 P. M.
In the three stories and basement of this new
building you will find as complete a modern equip?
ment as is to be found in any building of this class
in the country. The building has its own mechani?
cal refrigerating plant, smoke house, sausage factory,
and other departments that insure to the people of
Richmond meat products of highest quality.
THE HOUSEWIVES of Richmond will be interested to see
these several features and in seeing what care Swift & Company
take in handling fresh meat, provisions and poultry, intended for
use in the homes of Richmond, and in inspecting the many Swift
6k Company food and soap products that will be on display.
THE TRADE will be interested in seeing the completeness
and convenience of this new wholesale market and the increased
capacity designed for carrying a stock large enough to meet their
every requirement.
THE GENERAL PUBLIC will find something to interest them
whether they come for information or out of curiosity.
Swift 6k Company want everybody in Richmond who sells or
eats meat to see the preparation they have made for the careful,
scientific and sanitary handling of this most important food product
Remember the date and come. You will enjoy it and feel
well repaid for the time spent.
Swift & Company
109, 111, 113 Union Street, Richmond, Va.
Telephones: Madison 709 Monroe 2503
Told That Good Fleet Is impos?
sible With Voevodsky as
Minister of Marine.
St. Petersburg. March ?b?M; St?jy
pi 11 this n ftp moon handed over t lie
presidency of the council of ministers !
to. M. Kokovsoff, iitui notices for the
next meeting of the council, to i>e hold
March were sent out in the name
of M. Kokovsoff. w ho Is now acting us
p rentier.
('Punt I rend rl It off to-dny vi-It cd M.
Ktolvpln in in half of the Kmporor, At
his final audience with 11trt Majesty
the former premier discussed affairs of
slate, and among other things told the
I'huperor thai Russia would noynr have
a good fleet as long as Admiral V.
vodsky was minister of marine. The
h'mpcror showed great concern i ,or
this declaration. '
The council of the empire to-nay ]
rejected the proposal to confer tho
franchise on women. The rumor?? of
ftn attempt against the life of M. Ko-j
rostovoTi, the Russian minister at !
Peking, have proved to he untrue.
\mniior Murder Marked I p to Hall?ay
Cincinnati, <>. March 21;- Violence
In connection with dbe strike of white
Ilreipen on (ho C incinnati, New Orleans
and Tdxa? Paul fie itallroud broke ".-in
again iu-ilir, ivlien Oscar Spaeth, of
Chicago, a detective employed In
guarding strlko.-brerikers, was shot
ami killed near Danville. Ky.
Spaeth was on a freight train, which
was fired at from Hie roadside. Sheriff
Fox and deputies left Danville later to
search for the murderers.
Probes Proposed Kxeluslon of American
.\ cgroe*.
Washington. [>. c. March 21;?In re?
sponse to a complaint that Inimigration I
ofllcera at Winnipeg intended prevent?
ing the entry at Kmerson, on the Man
itoha border, or 165 Okln.homa negroos.
Who desire.I to settle in tlie ('amidlan
Northwest, tin. state Deparfmont ask?
ed United states Consul l-'oator, at Ot?
tawa, whether under Canadian law nnv
American citizens as a class could be
excluded on account of their color.
To-day llio department received a reply
from Mr. Konter stating that there
were no Canadian Immigration regula
i lions specifically relating to colored
I immigrants, if not in prohibited classes.
I ami eaeli possessor of cash ami
' transportation was entitled to udmis?
sion This Information will lie tele?
graphed to American Consul .l.'Ucs at
I Winnipeg.
I I.as Angeles Will ifSlve IIIfti t'.uiliust
nstle Iteeeptlon.
IiOS Angeles. Cal . March i\. An en
| Ihnstnstle reception will be given
Theodore Uoosevell during the ijrst of
his twoVdttys' slay In Los Angeles.
During the day the colonel delivered
1 two set ?Peches liefere large audiences.
modo an hour's informal tnlk at a lun
> ? "ii in Itis honor, and to-night ad?
dressed an assemblage in Pasadena on
1 is experiences in Africa.
Mrs Roosevelt and Miss Ethel were
guests to-night ut a dinner given by
Mrs .lames A. Gnrftold, widow of the.
former President, In her Pasadena
home. <i>
Colonel Roosevelt's scientific lecture'
to-night wan given on a tennis court.
\' rich had been converted Into a Sta?
Marriage License*.
Marriage licenses were Issued yester?
day in the Hustings Court t-> Benjamin
11. Lewis and Molllc Brover. tarnest S:
Myer and Stella M. Chandler, arid to
Claude U flite and Nora C. Snoddy.
Children ory
Do Your Eyes or
Nerves Trouble You
or have yon other chronic ailments?
Gall on l>P. FORTN'HSV, Neurologist.
Oil K. Broad Street, for free, consult.i
llon. Wonderful cureB through neu?
rological methods._
W. Fred. Richardson,
I'l .Miit.u. niRrccTon and
KMHAl.M Bit,
Main nnd Hetvldere Streets.
Phon,-.... Madison st:;. day; Monroe
Si:, night.

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