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Alleged Murderer, Who Escaped
1 From Mob, Gives Him?
self Up.
Another Serious Charge Against
Negro Made by Young
? Woman.
[Special to The T?mes-Dlspatch.]
Tazcwcll. Va., March 27.---.John Mor?
gan, the negro who was reported to
have been lynched near Pounding Mill ;
on Saturday night, was brought to tho j
Tazewcl) jail under heavy guard this j
morning. The negro Is charged with
the murder of Grover Lambert, a I
white man. and watchman for Walton j
& Co., contractors, on the ludian Creek
Branch of the Norfolk and Western. >
The first reports that were received I
here, on Saturday night stated that the 1
negro had been hanged and his bod;/ j
riddled with bullets. The facts in the j
case were far different, however. The '
negro shortly after shooting Lambert j
w.ib captured in a -shanty" in one |
of the camps on Indian Creek by a (
mob that had been searching for him i
in the mountains. His whereabouts was
divulged by other negroes, who were '
present when he rushed into one of the |
'shanties" and hid himself. The leader
of the mob captured him and tied his
bands In front of him, and after I
marching him up and down In front of
the negro quarters of the construction
camp a suitable tree was located to
which he could be hanged. Prepara?
tions wore under way for the execu?
tion, the place being under a large
Walnut tree, with many strong limbs j
overhanging, and some members of \
the mob had climbed the tree and were |
affixing tho rope, when suddenly the J
negro made a dash for liberty down u '
forty-foot embankment and into the !
brush and thicket He disappeared. The
mob fired upon Itlm? hut tho bullets ;
went wild, and the negro was soon i
swallowed up In the mountains. Hit |
remained in the mountains the rest of j
Saturday and all day Sunday, and as ,
night approached Sunday he becanif
sick, hungry and tired, and under
' over Of darkness stole into tho can.p.
where he bad friends, and nsked to
be protected. <m account of^a wound
In his leg he was unable to prolong his
wanderings in the mountains.
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vengeance, took car* of tho negro
until after midnight Sunday, when h? ?
was quietly taken through the moun- I
tains to the hotel on the railroad,
where he war. heavily guarded until I
this morning, when he was brought I
to Tazewell- The negro strongly pro?
tests his Innocence of murder, giving i
as an excuse for his shooting Lambert
ihat Lambert and others had shot at ;
I im first, and that I-arnbert had shot j
hi hi while running fron? him.
The affair has caused a great deal !
>f r>r.ip>niont in this community, es?
pecially where the dead man is well
known, and a lynching would be no >
HentlfltMl by Ml?x riruee.
Miss lioxic Bruce, a pretty young ?
?lueficbl t'tenographcr, created qti'to a i
surprise and no little excitement here
tills afternoon, when she was positive
it her Identification of John Morgan
as the negro who handled her roughly I
In the office of Lacy Brothers. In 1
Blucflcld, oh last Tuesday. The negro ,
who was suspected of the crime, John ,
Cray, aliaa John Bull, was released. :
the young, woman stating positively j
that he was not. th?? man wanted.
In connection with the crime for;
murder for whlcli Morgan was brought
here this morning, this charge of !
?felony ur assault on a young g'rl -
seventeen years old. unprotected, will
almost surely land him In the electr'c j
t.'rcditoM of Itnnklng llouac or John
nod ,v Check Mr,Id Meeting.
Danville. Va? March 27.? A meeting
of the creditors of the banking housn j
of Johnson r1.- <'he<.k was held here to- I
day in tho office of the clerk of the i
United SUitt-S District Court. It was
the iirst me ing of the creditors, and ,
'fOO or more were in attendance. D I
Starling Thomas, referee in bank- I
ruptcy. from Martinsville, presided.
The most important business consid-j
cued to-day was proving claims and
appointing a trustee. Champ narks- !
dale was chosen trustee. The creditors i
will meet again to-morrow.
Danville Pnnlnr Howlgn*.
Danville, Vai; March 27.?Rev. G. C. !
Duncan; who for several years has .
been pHstor of Lee Strict Baptist |
Church here'j has tendered his resig?
nation to his congregation to accept a
call extended him in Rastern Virginia.
Mr. Duncan preached his farewell scr- ,
mon yesterday ,
nnngcrouM Wreck Oentroycd.
Washington. N. Ci. March 27.?Re
turning from a cruise over her district
the revenue cutter Seminole reports .
having destroyed, fifteen miles south bv ?
i-ast of Ocracoke. N. C;j th? wreck pre?
viously reported off the Carolina coast.]
and dangerous to naviRatioh.
MnrllnKbiirg Votes Drfr.
Winchester. V:i.. March 27.? Martins
burg. W. V.l.. voted dry to-day by a
inajoritv of 172 in a total rote of over
Warehouse Burned.
A nnc-stor\ warehouse of the Kentucky
Tobacco Cbni'pany. on Osnorne Turnpike,'
together vvitli Its contents, valued at $10tCOPi
was deitroyed l>y fire Sunday morning.!
Ab>>ut $1,600 insurance was carried. The City |
Fire Department r-->Fpon>'.c.ri tx, a rail for i
aid, though the conflagration was nut of the
city limits, lull on account of the distance
from a water plug was unable to be of any
service. The origin of the blaze Is un?
Porcrtiwt: Virginia ami North Caro?
lina?Generally fnlr nnd much colder
Tuesday; Wednesday fair; moderate to
brisk ?outlMvest to wetvt winds.
Monday midnight temperature... 62 |
S A. M. temperature . 54
Humidity . 03
Wind, direction . S. W
Wind, velocity . .-,
Weather .Cloudv
up to 5
up to 5
12 noon temperature. ..
:s P. M. temperature ...
Maximum temperature
P. M. . ..
Minimum temperature
P. M.
Mean temperature .
Normal temperature .,.
Kxcess in temperature .
Deficiency in temperature since
March 1 .'..
Accum. excess In temperature
since January 1 .
Deficiency in rainfall since March
1 .
Accum, deficiency In rainfall since
January 1 . 1.39
I At 8 P. M. Eastern
Place. Ther.
Abilene . 60
Ashevllle . 46
Augusta . 61
Atlanta . 54
Atlantic City .... 48
Boston . 50
Buffalo .34
Charleston .66
Chicago . 2S
Calgary .44
Denver . BR
Duluth . 20
Oalveston .64
Huron. 30
Havre .42
Jacksonville .... 68
Jupiter . 72
Kansas. City. 50
Knoxvllle . 50
Louisville . 46
Memphis . 56
Mobile . 6S
Montreal . 40
New Orleans.... 6$
Norfolk ..*. 56
North Platte_86
Oklahoma City.. 58
Pittsbttrg .34
Raleigh . 72
Savannah .68
San Francisco ... 62
Spokane .50
Spokane . 26
Tampa. . 72
Washington .... 60
Wilmington .... 62
Wytheville . 46
Standard Time.)
H. T. Weather.
P. cloudy
P. cloudv
March 28. 1911.
Sun rises. 6:03
Sun sets. 6:23
Attorneys for Complainant Say
Mis Accusations Have
Been Proven.
Says Errors Harmed No One.
Improved Conditions Will
Argument was fully heard yesterday
afternoon by the subcommittee whiten
has been investigatIng the charges of
Con trit^i or (-; Burton against the.
City Engineer's Department, 'Messrs.
O'lrlaherty and Fulton appearing for
Mr. Burton. James \V- 'Jordon made a
brief statement <m behalf of the family
of former First Assistant City En?
gineer Jarkson Bolton. and City En?
gineer Charles 15. Boiling submitted
a written statement in regard to some
of the matters at issue. The commit?
tee will meet to-morrow afternoon at 5
o'clock In executive session to begin
the formulation of a report to the
Committee on Streets.
Mr. O'Flaherty opened the argument
with a brief statement on behalf of
Burton, asserting that each specifica?
tion in Mr. Burton's letter to the Street
Committee had been fully met by the
evidence- Ills client, he asserted, had
done the city a service for which he
would probably never get thinks, as
the engineering department has al?
ready adopted suggestions as to giving j
approximate amounts and had had
printed new and corrected proposal
forms for bidders. He agreed that the
head of the department should he fflvcn
authority and that other reforms re?
commended by a former investigation
should be adopted.
Methods, Not Individuals.
Mr, Fulton followed. The charge.-, j
he asserted, wore impersonal?against
Certain methods, not against individ?
uals. A:: to there having bc^t. two
sets of specifications, bo said the evi?
dence amply shows It
"T do not have to depend on living
witnesses." he continued. "The con- |
tracts themselves show that the de?
partment entered into sixty contracts
for sewers after January, 1310. of which
forty-two required contractors to fur?
nish stone, and eighteen did not re?
quire stone: thirteen of these were ]
prior to March 4. 1910, and of these.)
five had Interlineations made two
months before the Street Committee j
authorized the dual method of bid- J
ding." Hater Mr. Fulton admitted that;
he was in error as to there having!
been Interlineations before the com - I
mittee authorized the change, tho er- I
ror having been due to a mistake in i
the stenographic record, the official j
ropy having "1310" where It should I
have read "1911."
"As to the forty-seven contracts ar- j
ter March 4. 1310." Mr. Fulton con?
tinued, "the record shows thirty-seven !
which required bidders to supply stone J
and ten which did not. Burton nnd |
Drlscol] bid to supply stone, and did I
furnish it, and won In competition [
with those who bid to furnish it. yet t
knew they would not have to supply
lt. C. O. Burton never got a contract !
in 1910. The first one he hid on after
eliminating the stone he won. Isn't
there loss to the city there?
Estimates I<"hm ?* S4,S3B.
"The department discriminated in re?
quiring the performance of the con?
tract of Burton and Driscoll. when
Fletcher. Maynard and others with
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the same interlined specifications were
no so required, and never have been,
it is impossible now to arcertain the
loss. There is no evidence to show
how many sewer basins have been put
in complete. Vv"e know the city fur-I
nished stone for thirty.eight, costing
$665, when contractors had agreed to
furnish stone, and some of the basins
are not yet complcteo. though fully
paid for. Those thirty-eight basins
represent Hlx out of thirty-eight con?
?'On an average of six basins to the
contract on each of the forty-seven
Interlined contracts, there were re?
quired 2S'J basins, with stone at $17..",?)
per set, which the contractors wer?
under agreement to furnish, but did
not furnish, and which the city has
either furnished or must now supplj
to complete the work, making a cost
on this average of $4,S35. How long
this had been going on we do no*
"The mistakes of miscalculation
show a deplorable state of affairs
and involve large sums, and are ad?
mittedly due to having been made
hurriedly. There was an error of ?>0 in?
stead of 64 cents per cubic yard; an
entry of 102,000 bricks, instead of
10.200: an allowance for 4,200* house
connections, when there were &>ut
670. and a contract made up for $5,400
which was afterwards executed for
$1,91,7. Your employes should be care?
ful and competent men, and if the city
is not paying enough, or has not
enough men in the office, the condi?
tion should be altered. You will save
money in efficiency and in confidence
in the service rendered."
Holling'* Itoply.
Mr. Boiling, in reply, admitted that
the indictment was a serious one, but
thought that some parts of the evi?
dence had been greatly exaggerated
The investigation, -he thought, would
In some ways result in improved con?
ditions in the. office. It was admitted
that the errors had been made in the |
sewer which was finally awarded to!
Contractor Burton, to whom it be?
longed. The mistakes, whilo unfor
tunate. according to Mr. Boiling, had
harmed no one. No contract was exe- j
cute.l save the one to Mr. Burton. The
mistakes of calculation he hold were
due to great pressure of work, and he
repeated that they were first brought
to his attention by Mr. Stratton. of
the office, and that no claim of error
was brought to him, directly or Indi?
rectly, by Mr. Burton, or from any
source outside of his office, and that
no assistant reported any such outside
complaint to him, and bo did not. know
of Mr. Burton's complaint until sum?
moned to the Mayor's office.
"The street basins are a small part
of the whole work." said Mr. Boiling.
"All the contractors save the two Bur?
tons say they never bid to furnish,
stone, and if they had known they
would be required to supply it, they
would have Increased their bids for
brick stacks. The prices were reason- |
ahlc where the stone w?s not fur?
Confidence In Bolton. I
'As to why they were not required
to furnish stone, as called for in their
contracts. I cannot answer. Mr. Bol?
ton had entire charge of sewer work.
I believe h? dli what he thought wa?
right, and within his rights, but hi?
lips sre sealed. The contract says
that the engineer In charge shall be
ihe arbitrator in case of any dispute
between the city and contractor as to I
'.he interpretation of the contract. I j
believe Mr. Bolton thought he had full j
power to do what he considered right
jnd fair, and he may have decided It
not just to make them furnish stone
when It was evident they had not bid!
to supply It. from their prices. Mad he
come to me with such a report I would
have approved it and recommended it
*.o the Stroet Committee, in order to
make no hardship on a contractor who
has bid in good faith.
"Deducting the single item of stone,
in not a single instance last year was
CG. Burton the lowest bidder, and he
could not have lost contracts by reason
of Including the stone in hia bids. Ex?
amination of the books shows all but
$70.76 of what the city paid out last
year for stone accounted for, and I am
confident, if Mr. Bolton were living he
could explain even that $70.75. Mr.
Burton was never deprived of any con?
tract to which ho was entitled, and
has never furnished any stone, and
therefore no Injustice has been done
One Reform Already.
*"Tho discussion has brought one re?
form, however. 1 have directed that
hut one man hereafter handle specifi?
cations and issue proposal forms to
bidders. That duty has been assigned
to Mr. Bates. We want every one to
bid on the same terms and conditions,]
with no discrimination. If there has
been any on the part of any one in my
office, 1 don't know of it. Mr. Fulton's
estimate, based on but six sewers, is
not fair, as many sewers are. being
built in alleys where there are no street
Mr. Gordon asserted that the evi?
dence had clearly shown that certain
animadversions against Mr. Bolton
were not justified, and that statements
made prior to the investigation had
been largely corrected by the evidence.
He asked the committee in Its report
to absolvo Mr. Bolton's memory from
any intentional wrongdoing, saying he
was sure, if he were present, he could
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explain every Item; that he was a man
of high Integrity and Intelligence, and
If he made certain small allowances or
concessions to contractors, there must]
have been somo good reason for it
The committee then rose to meet, to?
morrow afternoon to begin the formu?
lation of Its report
Season Will Open April IS nml Clone
September 0, Providing for 120 Games.
Director* Meel In Norfolk.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. I
Norfolk, Va., March 27.?Adopting a
schedule that calls for the opening ?f
the season on April 18, throughout the
circuit, and closing on September t),
the Tldewator Leaguo directors, in
their meeting held this afternoon, took
another step toward showing the base?
ball fans that their organization moana
The schedule as presented by tin
commltteo wa3 accepted without a
dissenting voice, excopt that It was
agreed that teams having Saturdays
with Suffolk, three In all. could trans?
fer the same, the Nanaemond county
city not doslrlng to play at home on
Both Norfolk' and Portsmouth are
well treated In the schedule, as to the
number of holidays and Saturdays at
home. This was made possible owing
to the fact that Suffolk did not desire
Saturdays, and Elizabeth City doe*
not desire them.
The schedulo calls for 128 ga.mea.
Norfolk and Portsmouth plffy seventy
games at home, and fifty-six abroad
Elizabeth City and Suffolk play fifty
six games at home and seventy abroad;
Nowport News and Old Point, as neat
as possible, play an equal number of
games at home and abroaxl. Norfolk
Is given seventeen Saturdays at home.
Portsmouth is given fifteen Satur?
days at homo. Newport News and Old
Point get about an equal division of
Saturdays at home, and abroad. Eliza?
beth City and Suffolk aro given only
two or throo apiece, and will probably
transfer these, to other points, which
it was agreed should he permitted.
Norfolk and Portsmouth meet on the
holidays, morning games In Portsmouth
and afternoon games In Norfolk. Suf?
folk and Elizabeth City will divide
the holidays, while Newport News and
Old Point will do the same thing. The
receipts are to bo pooled and equally
divided between the clubs on all four
H. G. Kramer, of Elizabeth City, was
unanimously elected treasurer. Tho j
following directors were officially an?
nounced as composing the board. G. B
A. Booker, Newport Newa; J. T. With?
ers. Suffolk; Dr. A. I,. Pe.ndleton,
Elizabeth City; T. T. Van-Patten. Ports
month; Charles A. .funken, of Old
Point, and Win. Hannan. Jr.. of Nor?
Fand of WOO Secured for Work?Con?
struction of Rlchniond-Xcwpoit New? j
Road to Begin Next Week.
[Rnecial to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Williamsburg, Va.. March 2,.?Thn
James City county Board of Supervrs
ors, in session here to-day. made an |
appropriation of $100 to meet a slm- |
ilar sum from York county, for tho
organization of a boys' corn club, to
be" conducted jointly by the two coun?
ties. The State will supplement this
with $100, while another $100 comes
from the Rockefeller fund, making a
total of $400 for the work. A demon?
strator will bo in charge of the work
donff In these counties, and Professor |
J. W. Ritchie, of William and Mary
College, will assist in the work
through his department.. It was
through' Professor Ritchie's efforts j
that York and James City united on
the organization of a club.
Li. B. Manvllle, of Newport Now?, |
who will superintend the building of
the Richmond-Newport News sand-clay
road for the Virginia Peninsula Good
Roads Association, wan here to-day,
going over a portion of the proposed
route and getting ready to begin I
work. Mr. Manville announced that!
Actual work would begin in James |
City next Tuesday at Blow's Mill, near)
She Warwick lino, with W. S. Hitch-|
ens in charge of the gang. Mr. Man-!
vllle will have five gangs at work !
until the line la completed. Carter j
Cowles will begin work at Toano Wed?
nesday of next week, and on tho same I
day work will begin at Barhamsville, J
In. New Kent county. Other gangs
will be started as soon as contracts
can be made.
The largest early Irish potato crop,
In tho history of James City county
will bo planted this season. There aru
fewer small truckers this season, but
the more extensive ones have increased
their acreage.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Washington, N. C, March 27.?Cor?
nelius Lucas, the eighteen-year-old
son of James Lucas, a colored olty
drayman, suddenly lost hla reason and
became insane last night. He and his
father were attending church, and
during the service Cornelius lost his
mind, became very boisterous and un?
ruly, for some time interrupting tho
service, and he had to bo taken out
by main force. Arriving at his home,
he proceeded to break the windows
and demolish the property, and had to
ho taken to the city jail and be locked
up by tho police. Lucas was a quiet,
well-behaved negro, and in the em?
ploy of W. If. Baker. Efforts will bo
made to get him In tho colored asylum
at. Goldsboro, N. C.
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