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Visit Our Display Rooms!
And see the Draperies and Furniture that makes
the home comfortable in spring and summer.
Lounging in a cool wicker chair on a spacious piazza
or room, you can often laugh at the antics of the mercury
it) the little tube. Well chosen drapencs and reed furni?
ture so essential to one's summer comfort, and the new
llection of the typical summet kinds can bo found at
Miller & Rhoads' third floor.
Wc cordially invite you to come and sec our
rooms furnished and see all the other new draperies,
try the rockers and arm chairs for yourself. Among
them Reed Furniture, in brown, green or natural finish;
im; in price from side chairs with roll back and sides.
with magazine pockets, not upholstered, $2.39 up.
wards; or with .cretonne, cushions, $7.50; or cretonne
cushions and bitck, $9.50 to .$20.00.
Porch Furniture of white maple, very stronply made,
including lare,e arm rockers, or arm chairs, from $1.69 to
$2.00 each.
Beautiful display of new Cretonnes. Scrims,
Sateens, Silks, Swisses. Silkolines and nets. Come
expecting' to see what others arc not showing;
you'll find expectations more than realized; prices
?s low as 10c per yard or as high as you wish to pav.
Interesting Trial of Buckingham I
Prisoners Comes in Hust?
ings Court.
Preparations arc- being made for the
trial in the Hustings Court early in
the coining month of Ed. .lones and
Richard Perkins, charged with a hor?
rible murder in Buckingham county.
Under a recent decision of the4Supremc
Court, a change of venue was granted
from Buckingham county to Richmond,
and Judge S. B. Witt will preside.
The- two negroes, with a white man
named W. Dallas Wright, were con?
victed in Rurkinghnm of the murder i
of Edward and Tom Stuart, reputed
miser?, whose bodies were found one
morning in the smoking ruins of their 1
cabin A dream is paid to have led to
a confession by two other negroes, who
said they were forced by the other
three to accompany them to the scene
of the crime. All" of the three were
sentenced to death.
Criticised Court.
The decision of the Supreme Court
provoked bitter comment from Judge
George .1. Hundley, of the Buckingham
Circuit Court, who thought be had not
been treated with proper courtesy by
the State's highest tribunal when the
latter designated Richmond as the
place of trial.
Commonwealth's Attorney E. W
Hubard. of Buckingham. Is in Rich?
mond consulting with Commonwealth's
Attorney Minitree Folkes about the
esses Mr. Folkes has been asked to
v sir By klngham and get acquainted
-?? ? ifce scene of the crime and the
fend Mr. Hubard has been i
;.m ? : by Mr. Folkes? to assist in the I
"- v. ? negroes are- now in the City
fiul! wlhijft Wright is in the Henrlco I
Chiur.ty .tail a new trial was refused]
V ...j .- f. - technical reasons, but It is
? that be will not be resen
? Mi '-. ..fctJ! afterjlby; trial of his tv.'o
; tler.tii partners itr'cfIrnA*. as the evi
tietit? .' sll thr.Jje cases is identical.
i ?-.??? T-?r? issued by the State Corpora-i
?-?.:?? ?.-. yesterday as follows:
"?-..??!;.> Publishing Company (Inc.),
? i ? Vs. M. A. Hoffman, president;
' ""i : rj, E. Parks, eerretary, Trout
ej.t. Va ; J P. nr?>ar, treasure.!. Trout
if *. Va!; Capital: Maximum, |2jS0O; minl
zr.um. \\,Vf). Object!: Publishing bueines?.
The Athenian A:nu?^:n<sr.t '"orporatiin. .Vor
'?follc, O. c\ Chrlstopoulbs. president; George
SCaronleholas. secretary and treasurer:
G?^rs-? 7 Konstant uros?all of Norfolk: Ko?
?sr J. Kol!*.*, wheeling, v,'. Va. Capital;
Moxtmurr:. |&0.t<?; minimum, tIO.r-r-0. Objects':!
Amusement business.
W. B Pur.-eli. Jr., <'?. One). Richmond.!
TV. E PurceSI, .lt.. President; B. C. Ruppcr,
vice-president; A. A. Pizzlni. secretary Kiwi
Treasurer?all of Richmond. Capital: Maxi?
mum. 1*0,050: minimum, <DOo; Objects:
Real eviate business. i
Tour.K Men's Hebrew Association of Ports?
mouth. J. V. Goodman; president; Ritruuej
TJerrnan. vice-president; M. H . Gohlrilatt,
secretary?all or Portsmouth. Objects: Lit?
erary society.
Ar. amendment was Issued to the charter
??' Gre'eley & Mclnilrcj (Inc.); of Norfolk,
changing the classes of stock.* bui m'.klnc
r.o change in maximum or minimum Issue.
An amendment was issued to the charter
r' McRaln & Hys'lup (Inc.v. Roanoke,
< v: a r, slap the name to ihc George McBhlri
Company (inc.);
Dr. Strnton'* Sermon,
Another large audience hoard \\\\)\
the deepest Interest p?st nleht a ser?
mon by Rev. John Roach Straten.' 1).
T>. fit the First Baptist Church, from
the text "One Thing Thon lockest."
Dr. Straten will preach to-r.iplit on
"The Greatest Mistake in the World"
Rev. Gc-orge W. Mc Daniel. \y. ]... the
pastor, who was absent yesterday at?
tending a funeral, will be in the Service
?;;,<? y I j 77 : ] '?-I
Uli- store Iii'."- always been riisuh;
ffiitslicd f'ir the elegance and exclusive-'
nc=? of its wedding gift, selections
Broad and Second Streets
X? ' ii ?
Your Laundry Phone o
Send your bhirts, collars and cuff- lb
ut. They an not only done?but WKUL
done. .
i dhr.rn Heavy f;??l?l f'lntt'il ')Cp
Worth three times'the prim Stall
orders. Stamps or coin
Smith & Webster, Inc.
.lot* rlrrn,
un East Main, - - Iti'.'limond, Vr.
Resplendent in New Uniforms,
They Prepare to Arrest
All Lawbreakers.
Twenty-nine now policemen, with
new pistols, new civilis and very shiny
badges, sleuthed around the city last
night, holding criminals and near crim?
inals in dire dread. In. each case 'the
new man was accompanied by an old
ofiiccr, who instructed him In the ways
of the good policeman and pointed out
the skulking forms of persons who
would bear watching. These recent
acquisitions to Richmond's "finest"
were running over with enthusiasm,
and each one seemed ho,t to make a
big arrest on the start. Incidentally,
they aired sundry theories about the
apprehension of desperate characters.
The man In the blue uniform had been
through this. He listened, stalled and
continued to twirl his club.
For nearly two hours yesterday aft?
ernoon regular business at head?
quarters was almost suspended while
Secretary Pollock gale iut the new
paraphernalia. He had previously had
the foresight lo sort it* all out accord?
ing to numbers; otherwise he might
still be on the job. The youngsters
were like children with new toys, and
each article had to be carefully ex?
amined before its smiling recipient
would leave the ofhee.
The new oflicers will spend the next
two days learning the city and going
over their beats, and will go on as
full-fledged policemen ? on Saturday
night at 7 o'clock.
Thousand* of Visits Made by Ntir-.es Thronet?
Tag-Day Offering.
That .the only thine to prevent tho Visit?
ing Nurses' Association from realizing $?,Qtf)
from Tan Day next Monday will be lack of
Information of the people rs t > tho real \v.>rk
of the visiting nurses. Is tie; statement
given out yesterday by the women who have
this work In charge.
According to the records of the assoola- i
lion the ten visiting nurses in Its umploy j
pay thousands of \U:!ts during the course i
of a year, and enter homes where their In- I
Etructloh und attention prevents much need?
less suffering.
Indeed, the health authorities c-f the State
and city have frequently put themselves <n\
r< ir<J ts heartily In sympathy with the
? .->: of the nurses, which the;.- regard as ot j
; :;:;!? Importance in preventing disease, and
? ? State Antl-Tuberculosls Association, after I
t:.deliberation, recommends to all small
1 Virginia, which cannot make more
feinr^.- arrangements to provide visiting
nur?r>, modeled after those at work In Rich?
mond The association holds that this Is the j
most economical and oije of the most effec- :
tivc methods of preventing disease
Cotton Men Will Gather in Richmond in
Dein lit for the convention ot the American
f.'etjon Manufacturers' Association. which
will meet at the Jefferson Hotel on May 1*
and wer?, completed yesterday when
President I?. V. ?v.oj.er. of Henderson, X ?'..
and Secretary (.'. U. iiryan. of Charlotte; N
('.. \iere in the city.
This be the third time this organlza
t on let-" held its annual meeting in Rich
l moral.
M..-s't. iirynn and Coopor spent most of
tlie da. in tjonsuilatloil with W. T. Dabnoy.
j business m-innfrer it the. Chamber of Com
i nier.'<.
! Th.- meeting! it is expected, will be iargeij
I attended by both southern and Northern
j colt 6u . operators.
i Iii i;l Surs Stephen M??m for ?."i,t?on In
1)11 iiihhp?.
.- was flirrt yesterday {n the Law ami
Equity t.'e'iiri by James LlrtrtdRe McDonnell,
a ?. t-:i->r-otil chlUl, who sues through his
?halber, Mis. Myrtle McDonnell, aa next
friend, agu list Stephen Stagg for d.iinages
in ilif. sum <?t S'..t?:o.
I: if asserted mat on November *>. JfOO
tii, child u lighted from a street car at th<*
Intersection Of Laurel unrt Main .Streets and
i was struck by Mr. Siagg's automobile, which,
r Is ;. -s? r i ? ? rl. was pro.'ef ding along Lame!
? .Street :i t ;i ilarigeretiN and excessive rat,- of
V.pe'ed regardless of the cart- of passengers
iM?L-tii-in- from the car, Tlv boy's lev: was
I briilCrii unil Ii* was otherwise In.turcd, :oi<l
s seek? da hi ages In the sum of |5,0/OO
( lernen?-? fnr < nrn lrl> Who lifter Served
jlulf of Term.
(Soverhor Munt) jesterdny morning pardon?
ed N. H Newman, of Norfolk; .t. w. Thames,
of Slocklehbtirg county, artd Nonh ?'!;?rlj<. h
negro from Wise county. Newman wn? serv?
ing n three-year term nn<i ciark was sent
on f"i one year, They left the penitentiary j
Thames^ who was sentenced tu two years,
lias been on the Htato Kami, lie wlli report
here tii-day, and will !?? ui oni <? aent to M?
home. The mop ha<l serveil about half ,.r
their sentences,
fonfriKch to ?Iis Ttieft.
j Win Peirklna, twchty-tltfeo years old,
white, was arrested yctteidaj afternoon 'by'
Deputy sheriff W. W sydtjoi in llenrlro
count) on n warrant chavgliig tlio larceny
id $'.<$ from John Delling* :. IVrklns ron
feseed to tin- theft, and when *'-nroi<*.i no
of the stolen money \\n> found In Ills pock,
eta He win nkeiy ijt given a hearing ilili
Pawn brokers Object to Proposed
Ordinance Restricting
Reduction in Size <>f Council'
Not Likely to Come tip
I'awn brokers will be represented in!
force before Uie Council Committee on i
Ordinance. Charter and Reform to?
night, lylipti the proposed ordinance
regulating tho sale of firearms comes
up Cor a. second hearing. The measure
at present under consideration pro
nlbltq pawnbrokers from accepting for
pawn, purchasing, or offering for sale,
any pistol, dirk, slungshot or weapon
of similar character, and requires all
dealers, new and second-hand^ to se- j
cure permission of the Chief of Police j
before dealing in pistols or similar I
The ordinance was drawn as a result I
of a recent report of a grand jury. In
which attention was called to the
prevalent custom of a certain element
in going armed, the weapons being
mainly secured from the pawnbrokers'
establishments., The Connnonwealth's
Attorney, Chief of Police and members !
of the Police Hoard appeared before
the committee at a former sitting,
urging the adoption of the measure.
Restrictive Mensuro.
It was stated that reputable dealers
in sporting goods, arms and hardware
would have no difficulty in securing
the necessary permit from the Chief
of Police, it being merely intended to j
have n list at police headquarters of j
all persons licensed to sell arms, and .
to cut out the sale of pistols by see- |
ond-hand stores of the cheaper sort,}
which members of ? the committee
classed with the grade of pawnshops. I
The pawnbrokers had the matter re- j
committed in the Council on the ground [
that It was class legislation, and that >
they had not been given a full and fair |
: hearing.
Not Consider C'hnngc.
It is not expected that the Commit?
tee on Ordinance. Charter and Reform
I will take up the Ratcliffc ordinance
j reducing the membership of the Coun
jcil to-night. The matter will either go1
over to a special meeting next month. :
when citizens will he heard for nnd
against It. or it will bo returned to
the Council with the recommendation
that it be referred to the special com?
mittee on changes in the methods of
municipal management, wh'ch is bead
eel by Councilman Gilbert K. Pollock,
who is also a member of the Ordinance
The Council Committee on Grounds
and Ruildlngs will also meet to-night,
to take up the report of a subcommlt
j t*e on distribution of the park fund,
i ami to hear a report of a subcommittee
I on music in the parks. The report
; merely recommends that the full com?
mittee advertise for proposals, to be
j received ot a later date, for a band
of twenty-five musicians for ten weeks,
I more or less, the cost not to exceed
j Main Street Hunk to 10 \ tend Structure. |
Xew Insurance Ilulldttig.
i Ruild'ng atid repair permits were
issued yesterday as follows:
I M. R. Johns, to erect a two-st?ry
I brick dwelling on the west side of
I Thirty-fourth Street, between Rroad !
and Marshall Streets, to cost $5,000.
C. T. Friend, to erect a three-story
brick store 606 Hast Broad street, to
cost .$X,0OO. s
Richmond Rencficial Insurance Com?
pany, to erect a detechc-d three-story
brick office building on the west side
of Second Street, between Jackson and
Duviil Streets, to cost ?15,000.
Charles Clements, to erect a two
story frame dwelling 507 West Baker
Street, to cost $CHf>.
Mrs. .1. M. Jenkins, to repair a two
story frame dwelling, 2302 Floyd Ave?
nue, to cost $375.
Mrs. J. It. Adams, to repair a frame
dwelling. 2304 Floyd Aver.ue. to cost
Main Street Hank, V. Ilechler, chair?
man -to extend brick bank and office,
building on the north side of Main
Street, between Fourteenth and Fif?
teenth Streets, back forty feet along
fifteenth Street; to cost $S.?9o\
Ida Allen, to repair a frame dwell?
ing 1 1 West Duval Street, to cost
W. T. Torrence, to repair brick stores
1720-1720 West Carv Street, to c st
Nefrro Cnnght Cnrrying Mvp Package* of the
With five packages of cocaine,on hip per?
son Henry Holing, colored, was arrested last
night by Policemen Werner and Smith while
lie made his way along Mayo Street oblivious
of any danger. He had been tinder suspicion
for Rome time, and a marked ."0-rent piece*
ui'd the business.
When he saw, that he was cornered Holing
admitted that hi- was peddling the drug*, hut
would say nothing more. The police are In
possession of clews that lead to the belief
lhat he was the agent of some dealer who
h?s recently begun business here.
Mr. Hrnncli's Condition Unchanged.
Inquiry last night at the borne of
Carter W. Branch, ">''>(> West Franklin
Street, brought the information that
the condition of the well-known bank?
er and broker, who has been des?
perately ill from pneumonia, was not
Hnyes Mndu Chief Clerk.
James M. Haves, fur several years an fis
sistanl clerk In the office of the Sccrctarj
of the Commonwealth, has been appointed
. I,ief clerk to succeed J. r;. Hanklns. rc'ign
? d. Mr. Iiar.klns retires after many years In
the office to become editor of the Virginia
Masonic Journal.
Ketlrei from Staff.
The. I.oval Guar*!, ti fraternal beneficiary j
order of FUh't. Mich., has notified Insurance
Commissioner Tint ton that it would with?
draw from business In this State, the small ;
amount of business done here not justifying
age notes.
.Mr. Johnson Promoted.
i" <'. Johnson, superintendent of equipment
and purchasing ngcnt ??.f the Virginia Rail*
wa> and i'owei Company, lias been promoted
to th'i office of assistant Superintendent <?'
railway-. He will retain the place of pur- j
chasing agent. ,
May fipvtire Grand l.o"ge.
Odd-Kellows of Itlohmond ho[ie. to send aj
d< egatldn to t.ynehburg on May f> to'
attend ! .:?? annual meeting of the Orand >
Lodge of Virginia. The local members of i
this order will malte n strong effort to itecurc j
the next annual session of the Grand Lodge!
fbi Richmond; j
I 'hied for Stealing Coal,
l)ahne> Kliiney and William Oauney, both
i >lored, were yesterday nncd $r. mid cocts
paid) i.y a magistrate in Ifonrito county for
stealing coal from (h* Seventeenth Street
)aid.< ,,r On- Chesapealt,. and Ohio Ha Du ay.
i n life that count." Your pennies
aved tn-day mean dollars to-morrow.
A dollat Mart? you.
v ?M17 Em Main sjrecu :?
More Money Sent
' to Save Chinese
Contributions) for the Chinese re
llor fund continue to coiuc lu to The
Tlmes-IMspnteli, although it was
announced ou Tnt>silny mnruluK
Hint thin paper's presentation of Hie
eusc would be discontinued. Of
course, nil contributions will be hi?
knowlodgcd nud forwarded for the
relief of the famine suiVcrers, who
nre siturvilic by t Ii<m.su 11 tls tind mil?
lions. The receipt-"? yesterday wore
9115.10, ns fofiowsi
H. I,. Baylor, l.orcttn, Vn...S 5.00
.1. C. Dell, Biichunnn. Va... 2.00
Cash . 2.00 j
K. Vi Jones, TttbsCUtt, Vll. . LOW
NN'. J. Jordan. Ttihscott, Vri.i ?iU
l.ittlc lllmii Jones, Tiibscoit,
Va. .r.o
.Mrn. L. J. Robertson's Sun
dny School Juutor Class,
Crcnc, A'n. ?"?.50
Epsilon Baptist Sunday
School, X Kuinls, Va. ".00
M. M. M.; Kcucpls, Va. 1.00
Hertrnud iluilunil . 1.00
lleth Car. Baptist Sunday
Seliool, HoiiNton Va. 7.50
Muster Unite Flt/.geriild,
Chatham, Vn. 5.00
Cash . .50
J. S. Slinokletoii, Mchcrrln,
Vn. 2.00
K. i). ii. 2.00
S. Oiuohtnnlro. Gibson, .V. Cm LOO
<;. \V. Jones, Gibson, .V. C.. 1.0?
.1. It. Loving, Gibson, N. C. 1.00
.Mrs. C. b. Lewis, 'Millers
Tavern. 1.00
M. D. Goodwin, Scottsville.. 1.25
Itnektlsh Ilible Class, Nellys
Ford . 5.12
t'lish .'. . 5.00
Cnsli . 1.00
'V. ilnrgcn, Wyllleshurjr,
Vn. 1.00
Dr. NV. T. Dodd, WylllcH
burg. Vn. 1.00
.). NVulnii Hull, NVj-lllosbiirg,
Vn. 1.00 !
Mr. und M rs. It. II. Sweet.
F.tnn Willis, Vn. 2.00 |
Master Henley Sweet, Ftnn
Mil Im, Vn. .25
C. I.. S., Fine Creek Mills.. I.0O
Gladstone Siinduy Seliool.
Gladstouc, Vn. . . :?.00
Sunday School of Suteni
Baptist Church. Spnrtn.
Vn. 5.00
Collected by MIm* Mabel
Key, Spnrtn. Vll.-. ?0.57
Collected hy Miss Hernlee
.Ionian. Spnrtn. Vn. 12.21
Cash . 2.50
Yesterday's totnl .? 115.40
Previously reported . I,HI Oats
Total to dnte.fl,450.08
Dr. A. G. Hoen, Director of Rich?
mond Pasteur Institute,
Is Dead.
In the death yesterday evening at
T:.{0 In Baltimore of Dr. Adolph G.
Hoen. of Richmond, the medical pro?
fession In this city and in the nation
sustains a recognized and definite loss.
Dr. Hoen had been ill for several
months, ami his death was not unex?
pected. The burial will be In Balti?
Since ihe year 1901 he resided in
this city, and conducted the Pasteur
Institute of Virginia, which he estab?
lished. As its director he did much
original and valuable microscopic
work, his contribution to science along
this line being well recognized by the
modtcal profession. Previous to his
residence in this city he had been as?
sociated with Dr. Paul Gibler In con?
ducting the Pasteur Institute of New
Vork. the first to be established in the j
United .States. ?
He was a member of the faculty of i
the University College of Medicine, of!
the Academy of Medicine of Richmond,
and of the Virginia State Medical So?
Dr. Hoen Is survived hy his widow,
three sons and one daughter. He leaves
two brothers, one Of whom. EJ A. Hoen.
is a member of the firm of A. Hoen &
Co.. of this city.
Dr. Hoen was a pioneer in micro?
scopic histology, and was well-known
throughout the country. He was sixty
one years old.
Discuss Railroad Plan.
A meeting of the chairmen of the Cham- I
her of Commerce committees now canvass- j
Ing for stock subscription" to the Rlchmnnd
N'orthcrn Neck Railroad will meet In tha i
assembly hall of the chamber this afternoon
a- .". o'clock. Reports of progress will bo
made and plaria for future work discussed.
This probably will be the last meeting In
the bid assembly hall.
Lyons-Miller Suit on Trial.
The trial of the suit of John IT. Lyons
against Miller <fc Company continued yester?
day In the City Circuit <"->urt. Tt will prob?
ably be submitted to tie jury to-day.
Suit Instituted.
Suit was fii.-d yesterday In the Law and ;
ICqulty Court by the Montague Manufnciur- !
Iiik Company against Lercy S. Cohen for!
damages lu the sum of I.I.CQO.
Appellate Judges Confer.
Four appellate bulges of the ITnited States i
court are expected In Richmond to-day to
confer on cases argued at the last term. i
Marriage blcpntve.
A marriage license was issued yesterday In j
the Henrleo county Circuit Court to J. A. ,
Sadler and Cnrrlo I.. I.ucnsi
IT NDS i'or high school.
Movement Inaugurated for Institution at
fSpecial to The i .m.-s-Dlepatch.l
Reu la lull I.e. Va.. ,March 23.?At a public
meeting held in the Roulah Baptist Church
on yesterday a movement was Inaugurated I
for the establishment of a high school In j
this section of Kins: William county. Miss
Kliza belli Rylnnd. president of the Beulah
vlllc School League, worked up the meeting,
and she was assisted by P.. W*. Fox and Miss
Lily Fox and othei teachers of the commu?
nity. The meeting was attended hy some
of tli" leading citizens of this section.
A. I.. Terrell, iniperlnterident of schools,
presided: prayer was offered by P.ev. \V. n.
Carter, and addresses wcro made, by Prof.
J. H, Blnfotd. oi Richmond; T, C. Comm|-t
..f llie county Board of Supervisors; ft. \V.
Fes end others.
A committee to solicit subscription!* was j
appoint,d, consisting rd tin. following well
known citizens: Dr. William CJwitlimey.
chairman: T. is Whltt. T. NV. Gamete
Luther Mitchell and ):. L. Hyland: The
committee obtained I'iOO In subscription be?
fore the meeting adjourned, and It Is ex?
pected that ?1.SC0 w;u ),( subscribed. It Is
proposed p> have the high school in opera -
! (Ion by October of thlft year.
1ARMKR l.OSJ'.s PINK cattlb
fh6.ni srnvf iimnk poisoning
f Special to Tlie Tlines-blspatch.1
! Harrlsnriburg,' Va., Marc It CO.?Six fine cat?
tle .Hid from supposed strychnine poisoning
yesterday on the farm of 1,1, V. Andes, north
i of .Tlinbei vllle. Rocklnghorn county. During
I the afternoon Mr, Andes was doctoring on n
sbl: (ow.'vvlieii KUO'ienly n heifer near by
j'.wris seized with convulsions .and ff-H over
dead. Before night lift If a dozen fine cattle
wore seized In the ?nme way, and nil wer?
A local veterinarian made an examination
but found nr. 1 t a. . - ,,f pot?Oti, though he
believes strychnin* was given the animals
by some inlsi'i ,<anl.
Mr. Ar.den In., t. ri a ehed to the Bureau
of Ahhnsl lltixbandr) nr WnMhlnKion. and
hlso to the State .( t.Tlr.ariun In Richmond,
reriucstipjt" lliftl 'bi. ,-ittii be In vest Ignte.d.
Six oilier animals in tho tamo barnyard
utti; put affected, ?? ?-' -?
Corporation Commission Enters
Order in Newport News
Company Is Working to Repair
Property and Restore
Acting on n report of Electrical En?
gineer E. W. Trafford, the State Cor?
poration Commission yesterday Issued
an order directing the Newport News
and Old Point Hallway and Electric
Company to put its establishment in
repair within' thirty days, and that its
entire plant be completely renovated
within four months; The action .was
taken on application of Mary us Jones.
.Mayor of No.wport News, and others,
who m?de forma] complaint to the
commission of the service being ren?
Tiie commission retained Engineer
Trallortl to make ii critical examina?
tion o|| tHo plant for the State, and
his Report was filod yesterday morning.
Tlte report sot? forth that the entire
plant Is In need of repairs, and that
the 'public service rendered as a cor?
poration chartered for traction and
lighting purposes Is Inadequate. Mr.
Trafiord expresses the view that the
condition, has been largely brought
ab.ut by the Newport News and Old
Point Railway Company having used
salt water in its boilers without d's
t Illation.
Trnfrnrd'a Conclusion*.
Mr. Ti afford reported In writing the
following conclusions:
??1 That the present condition of the
Plant Is unsatisfactory, and that this
condition has been brought about by
the company's lack of* foresight, care
and attention.
?"J. That by the exercise of ordinary
skill the company could have known
for a period of at least six months
prior to rl:e present time that their
plant was becoming inefficient and In
need of repairs, ns evidenced by tbo
increased nuariut.v of ftiel rcefulrod per
hour of output, as shown by their own
"3 That by reason of their failure
to maintain their plant In an efficient
and reliable condition, the company
has been subjected to very heavy loss
in the Increased cost of operation, loss
of revenue; and repairs of their nlant.
and the public has been inconvenienced
and annoyed by defective service.
"I. That the plant equipment of th*
company as a whole is of satisfactory
grade and capacity for its present bus?
iness, and if properly repaired and
maintained is sufficient to meet the
public demand.
"5. That at the time of inspection
the company was proceeding energeti?
cally with the work of repairs. ?Ith
as large a force as could be effectively
"t>. 1 am of the opinion that It Is
beyond human power to place this
plant immediately In condition to ren?
der the whole of the service required
of Hie company in a reliable manner,
but by the exercise of due Intelligence
and skill 1 believe that within a pe?
riod of thirty days it may be placed
In condition of reasonable reliability,
and that the whole nlant may be com
pletolv and thoroughly repaired within
a period of four months*"
Order of Commission.
Council for the company briefly ar?
gued the case, admitting the main I
points of Mr. Tra'(ford's specifications,
whereupon the commission entered the
following order:
"The petitioner, the Commonwealth
Of Virginia, at the relation of Maryus
Jones. Mayor of the city of Newport
News, having heretofore filed its pe- j
titlon, and the defendant, the Newport
News and Old Point Railway and Elec?
tric Company, having waived notice
and having this day tiled Its answer to
the petition, whereupon came the par?
ties by their attorneys, and. by consent,
the evidence having been submitted and
the argument of counsel heard, it is
considered by the commission:
"1. That the defendant company pro?
ceed forthwith to put its plant in stu b
??i condition of repair , as that within
thirty days from this date, by the ex?
orcise of due diligence and skill, the
whole of the service required of the
company may be performed in a re?
liable manner.
"2. That within four months from,
this date. Its entire plant be complete?
ly and thoroughly repaired so as to
give assurance that nil of its public
dt'tles will be promptly and fully per?
"All other questions are' reserve^."
Negro Slayer I? Held?fined As Result of
l'o-st Driving.
Thomas Harris, colored, charged with tho
murder of Leslie Yarbrough, hIbo colored, on
March 23, was sent to the grand Jury from
the police Court yesterday morning.
Annie' Booker, colored, was sent on to the
grand jury for assaulting Mary Saddler with
a paying stone. Mary was still suffering from
the effects of the encounter, and had to be
treated by a physician during the progress
of the trial.
' T. J. Hoffman, while on a Joy ride early
yesterday morning, ran Into the bakery
wagon of Roniin & Orazcek on North Seven?
teenth Street. He was rlned ?S0 and placed
under security for $100 for sixty days. Po?
lice Officers Kuhn and Botto had noticed
I the machine some time hefore the accident,
! and testified that It was then running In ex?
cess of the speed limit, hut they could not
stop It until after the accident. Besides
, Hoffman there were four women In the car.
C. S. Oliver was fined $IG for working n
', mule With n sore back, and Charles Oasser
paid the same amount for torturing a dis
j based horse.
I Daughters to tifve Knfertalnmont for Benefit
of Relief Fund.
Preparations are being made for an enter?
tainment to l*c given'on the evening of F"rl
I day. May 12, at the City Auditorium by
Richmond Chapter, t'nlted Daughters of the
. Confederacy. The affair will be for the re
; lief fund of the Virginia Division. U. P. C?
j which means for the Confederate widows.
I Polk Miller has tendered his services for
I this occasion, and Tom Booker, of Amelia.
I the widely known banjolst, will furnish en
I lertolnment. Both these are veterans. ,\
i negro minstrel quartet will he on hand. The
I Richmond bight Infantry Elites' rtand has
I volunteered to play for the entertainment.
? Institute to Be HehrTo-Morrow In Highland
Park School.
Superintendent of Public Instruction .T, D.
I Kgglcston will !>?? the principal speaker at
la meeting of >il|o Ifenrieb County Teuchels'
Institute to bn held all day to-morrow- in the
Highland Balk School. A. B. ("handler, dis?
trict examiner, and Ailss I.uln <>. Anderson,
of I lie State Female Normal School, Farm
yil|e, will also speak. County Superintendent
A. D. Wright Is in charge of the meeting.
Numerous matters of Importance will be
taken tip at this time._
IS_! -L-?'.'-l.V-HLJ-.-J-?
ifeoNCH!AL Troches
for coughs and voice have been used for over*
I half a century by prominent singers, clergymen,
and all public speakers. Universally recognized
as lhabcaton tho market. Absolutely harmless.
Price, 25c, 50c and $1.00. Sample free
Jahn j. Brown AJ5on_^ B o? ton. jVjcii,
Spring Suits Which Sold Up to $25, at $12.85
Spring Suits Which Sola Up to $18, at $ 9.85
It's all of last season's stock reduced in price for quick
If you arc going to wear guaranteed hosiery buy the orig?
inal and best?and that's HOLEPROOF. We're agents.
Accuser, Securing Timepiece,
Refuses to Prosecute and
Is Held.
Ab he wna in the net of pawning a
watch and chain. Clarence 13, Barfoot
was arrested last night by Detective
Wiley and Policeman Napier, on com?
plaint of N. F. Green, who told the
Officers that the timepiece had been
stolen from him. Barfoot said that
he came by the watch as the result
of a hot, and it was with some effort
that the oflicers were able to get It
away from him He watt sent to tho
Second Station.
When he found that his watch was
In safe hands. Green, who was uudct
tho Influence of liquor, refused to get I
but a warrant. So In order th^t the
oflicers might see the case out, he also
was sent to the station. Temporarily.
Barfoot \h charged with being a sus?
picious character, suspected of larceny.!
while his accuser, on the charge of
being drunk, will be held as a wit?
ness in the Police Court to-day.
According- to the story told last
night, Barfoot and Green met In a
bar and a bet was placed In which
Green's watch and chain went no
against $1 from Barfoot. Witnesses
say that the latter was betting on
n certainty. Anyway, he claimed the
right to "soak" the watch, but the
officers, after hearing from Green, took
another view of the case.
placed in arrest
Confesses and Implicates An?
other, the Latter Denying
Any Guilt.
Walter Locket*, a young colored man.
was arrested yesterday afternoon bv
Detective Sergeant Wiley and Police?
man Napier on the charge of breaking
into show cases of Woodall & Quurles
and A. Lovenstcln'e. Sons, on Broad
Street. From the first named place a
suit of clothes was taken, and from
the hitter two high-priced hats and
two caps arc missing.
bocket t admitted robbing the two
stores, and It is expected that he will
be connected with other robberies on
Broad Street. He was caught In tho
act of pawning some of the stolen
On Information furnished by Lockett,
Richard Berkley was arrested lust
night. He disclaims any knowledge of
the robberies in spite of Lockott's as?
sertion that ho accompanied him.
Clnlmnntn Sny They WIM Sue City, ntt
No (lourn in Appears.
- The Council Committee on Printing
and Claims for the third consecutive
time missed a quorum last night. Sev?
eral claimants, having failed to get a
hearing from the Council committee,
indicated their purpose of securing an
attorney and entering suit .against
the city.
The Council Committee on I.mal As-,
sessmehts held a brief session, assess?
ing the cost of certain sidewalks to
abutting property owners. A subcom?
mittee of the Council Committee on
Grounds ami Buildings considered sev?
eral salary Increase matters, and will
report to the full committee to-night.'
Tried to Trace Miscreant, but Trial Was
An unidentified man early yesterday morn?
ing entered the home of Llnwood Tiller on
the. Mechanlcsvllle Turnpike, Heurleo county,
hut was frightened off hy Mrs. Tiller, who
was alone nt tho tlmj. The woman tired at
the Invader with a shotgun, but her alfn
was not true and the men made his escape.
The county authorities were notified and
Deputy Sheriff W. W. Sydnor attempted to
trace the would-be burglar with the aid of
the recently-acquired bloodhounds. They
were useless, however, because, many prcple
had hurried to the Tiller home, having
heard the report of the gun, anil having
walked over the ground so much that the
dogs were unable to pick up the scent.
Sues for Commissions.
Trial began yesterday In the Law, and
Equity Court of the suits of F. IT. P.r.bm
against the Imperial Furniture Company
for 15.006, and F. 11. Kahm <v Son against
the Imperial Furniture Manufacturing Com?
pany for $8.000. The amounts are claimed for
commissions on the sale of furniture deliv?
ered In territory claimed to have been ex?
clusively allotted to the rtahms.
Masons Celebrate. To-Nlgbt.
Northslde Lodge. No. 132, A. F. and A. M.,
will eelebrnte Its fourt.i anniversary to
filght at S:S0 o'clock with an entertainment
In the Northslde Hall. Highland Park. Elab
oraie preparation!! havo been made for tho
event by the following committee: IT. M.
Starke. F. E. Anderson, James C. Bowman,
S. <;. Meredith. . .
Another Distillery Seized.
Following the seizure of a quantity of Illic?
it spirits the plant of tho Pocahontas Dis?
tilling Company, near Petersburg, has been
seized by the United Suites revenue authori?
ties following a thorough Investigation,
which has lead the. department to believe
that the place has not been operator! in ac?
cordance with the laws.
Is Tennessee Bank.
The Citizen?' Bank of Bristol, which wa3
on Tuesday placed in the bands of a re?
ceiver, is a' Tennessee corporation, being sit?
uated south of the State line in the dual
city. It is therefore not amendable to the
Virginia banking laws, and the State Bank
Examiner has no jurisdiction.
Spent .Money on Convicts.
Frnnk II. Fitzgerald, awaiting Indictment
for grand larceny, has conllrmcd the con?
clusion pursued In The Times-Dispatch
three wc.-ks ago to the effect that he spent
a large, part of the money ho embezzled on
convicts released from the State Peniten?
tiary. He seems to think this Justifies his
Olce Club Concert.
?The Olee and Mandolin Club of Klchmorid
College will give a concert at the Thomas
Art Hall to-morrow night. The club has
been steadily rehearsing, and a highly suc?
cessful performance la expected.
Gets Good Position.
Francis Coats, Jr., or thin city, hos been
appointed official examiner for the. clearing?
house of the city of Cleveland, O. Mr. Coates
Is now In Cleveland, but will return to nich
niond Hie latter part of this week. He. Is a
well known accountant, and was formerly
u national bauk examiner.
Executive Reiterates Determina?
tion to Prevent Gambling
at Norfolk.
Governor Mann has received many
letters of Indorsement from Norfolk
nnd elsewhere as to Ills position with
regard to Bumbling at the coming
meet of the Jamestown Jockey Club.
The meet opens on Monday, Vlrglnlu
now having one of tho ihrco tracKs
cast of the Mississippi on which thor?
oughbreds are raced, Lexington, Ky.,
und Plmllco, Md.. being the others.
The Governor relteratcyl his former
statement that In the coming meet he
would tolerate no violation of the antl
gdiublliig laws of the Stale. He ha*
already been In communication with
the Commonwealths Attorney ami
judge of the Circuit Court of Norfolk
county, nnd reminded them that from
current report, the track at the l??t
Jamestown meet was practically wide
open. The Governor said yesterday
that without exception his mail con?
tained letters of approval of the stand
he had taken, commending his lut*>n
lion to suppress gambling and book
Manager Bob Levy, of tho James?
town track, having Issued :i statement
to the effect that the meet would be
pulled off as announced without viola?
tion of any Virginia statute, the Gov?
ernor said:
Will Enforce Laws,
"I do not know Mr. Levy, but t am
fairly well informed as to the statu?
lory laws of the State, and If Mr.
Levy thinks he can override the law.*
of this Commonwealth In the matter
of horse racing. Iben he is a bigger
man than thu Governoi of the Stat;:.
He will have to prove himself a big?
ger man than I take him to be. Tho
anti-gambling laws of Virginia will
be enforced."
The Governor said he had assurances
from both Judge Lawless, of the Cir?
cuit Court of Norfolk county, and It.
C. Marshall, CoTnmonwealth'n Attorney
that they would see that the law was
promptly and vigorously enforced. The
Governor"alslo reiterated his Intention
of visiting the track personally If he
should find such a step necessary for
t the enforcement of the law.
Itoth l'nrtir? Namr Candidates for Countv
[>peclal to The T:i\cs-Dlspatch.]
I 'IIntwood, Va.. March 20.?The Republican*
of plckcnson county ma hero Saturday an<l
selected the county candidate! us follows:
For Clerk; Emery B. Chase, the Incumbent;
for Sheriff, G. 1". Ktser, of Miliare; for
Treasurer, Elvons Tiller, the prescht tre.is
uter; for Attorney for the Commonwealth,
S. II. Sutherland, a former member of the
House of Delegates for Wise nnd Dlckenson
counties; (?>; Commissioner of the Revenue,
Western District. W. F. Mullins. Foraker;
Kastern District, \V. II. McCoy, ,.f Herald.
The meeting was harmonious and the se?
lections appeared to give general satisfac?
tion. There, was no serious contest over the
candidates for any of the offices excepting
the two commissioners of the revenue. There
were three candidates for each of these Vi?
deos, the candidates for the Western Dis?
trict being W. F. Mullins. Kd. Beverly and
Iru Hoggs, and for the Eastern District, \V
H. McCoy, D.v-k Martin ?.nd J. Walker
The Democrats selected their candidates
for the county offices .some week or ten days
ago. their candidates being: For Clerk,
Prof. M. W. Remlues; for Sheriff. C, I'.
Fleming; for Treasurer, B. D. .Sutherland:
for Commissioners of the Revenue. Western
District, Franklin Stanley, and Eastern Dis?
trict, Rev, Jolm C. Smith.
They made no selection for Common?
wealth's al.orney. and Prof. Ram Ines, tho
candidate for clerk, has not up to this time
decided whether he will accept or not.
Rumor Current That Capital of Amur
I'rovlnee I? Ilcing Attacked.
St. Petersburg, March 20.?A rumor
was current to-night that the Chinese
had surrounded and were attacking
Blagovieschtschensk, capital of the
Amur province, on the Amur River, In
Asiatic Russia. The rumor Is without
conn rotation.
Blagpyleschtchensk is situated close
to Manchuria. It is cholera-Infected,
and .some trouble has arisen between
the Russians and Chinese over the epi?
demic and quarantine measures. This
town was unsuccessfully attacked by
tho CJiincsc in 1900 during the Boxer
Dr. Berfrnnd Heroinen Chief Executive
(if Honduras.
Washington, March 2D.?Dr. Fran?
cisco Bertrand is now provisional
President of Honduras, in accordance
with the peace agreement recently
negotiated by the government and
revolutionary forces of the republic.
The ceremonies of his inauguration
yesterday, according to a telegram re?
ceived by tlie State Department to-day
from American Minister McCreery, at
Tegucigalpa, were conducted in the
presence of the diplomatic corps and
the national Congress. General Davlla,
the retiring President, delivered a cor?
dial address, and his successor re
sponded in a similar vein._
G.RL Co.'s "PEARL"
Is the crowning glory of your
Richmond, Va.
:7 days, $85 and upward?!,
April 1, 1011.
Havana, 57 hours; Snn Juan, 21 hours;
Bermuda, 55 hours.
800 13a.5t Jflfcln Street,. *

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