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He Will Direct Baltimore's Pub
licity at Yearly Salary of
[Special lo The Times-Dispatch.]
BallNnore. Md., May X?Edwin L. QuarlcB,
>l Petersburg, has resigned hli position ua
secretary to th? Southern Commercial Con?
gress and lias accepted a similar position as
director or the Baltimore Publicity Bureau
at a salary of Sl'.'.QO'j per year. Chairman C.
II. Dickey, of this city, received a telegram
lrom Mr. Quirles to-day announcing that he
had relished his position with the Southern
Commercial Congress and would report for
duty hero on May 18.
The position was offered Mr. Quarles by
a committee of Baltimore merchants ap
p'ito secure an elflclent director of tho
publicity bureau hero.
Mr. Quarles la thirty years of age. married
and has one son. Ho has been engaged for
eom? time as the secretary <it the .Southern
Commercial Congress, with headquarters at
Washington. II? Is said to he especially
fitted for tho r.ffn-e 10 which he ban been
choaun from tho fact that ho la widely ac?
quainted with leading meichants and manu?
facturers throughout tho .South, lie Is also
a member of the Association of Commercial
Secretaries In the South.
Cannon and Peter* lleslgn.
The Richmond Virginian announced yester?
day that ftev. Juima Cannon, l>. D., and
llov. J. Sidney Peters have resigned as offi?
cers 0f the Virginian Company, Dr. Cannon
being succeeded by It. K. Harbour, of So-jah
Boston, ns president, while ?. B. W'ooritln
succeeds Mr. Pbleta ns secretary and treas?
urer. A further definite Btaiemoni was made
that tho Virginian would not lie published
as a morning paper.
(Continued From First Page.)
.nembcrs that has listened to larlrf
talk In days.
There were English as well ns Amer?
ican samples, and Mr. Week* under?
took to show that English-made shoe's
already are gaining a. standing in the
United States and tho'. the removal
or duty would Klve a largt part of
the Amorleah market to tlie English
Forcen?! 1 Vlrpiniu?Fair Tlnirsdar
and Friday; alovrly rladn? ?empernturc?;
light, variable "Inda.
.North CnrolInn?I'ulr In InteHor, tin
art tied on the const Thuradnyi Friday
fair ; light to moderate, vurlable wind*.
Wednesday midnight temperature 48
fi A. Mi temperature . 16
Hurniditv . IGi
Wind, direction .S. W.
Wind, velocity . ?I
Weather .Clear!
12 noon temperature ..
3 I*. M. temperature ...
Maximum temperature
P. M.
Minimum temperature up to !>
P. M .
Mean temperature .
Normil temperature .
Deficiency In temperature.
Deficiency in temperature since
March 1 .
Accum, deficiency in temperature
since .lanuury "l .
Deficiency In rainfall since March
13 j
Accum, deficiency In rainfall Hlnco
Janunvy 1 . 1. 4b j
(At g P. M. Eastern Standard Time )
Place. Thor. H. T. Weather
Allleno. ?S 74
Augusta . 60 CS
Asheville . 66 62
Atlanta . 62 61
Atlantic City- 50 .it
Boston . 12 4S
Buffalo . 3S 40
Charleston . 60 62
Chicago . 5C ">S
Calgary . ?2 ?S
Denver . 52 56
Duluth . 50 54
Oalveston . 66 6$
Huron . 66 CO
Havre . 70 in
Jacksonville .... 64 70
Kansas City. 46 50
Knoxvlllo . 6'.> 6*
Louisville . Bfi 6?
Memphis . 62 66
Mobile . 61 66
Montreal . 32 3S
New Orleans.... fit 64
New York. 4S 52
North Plntto- 38 40
Norfolk . 50 62
Oklahoma City.. 70 74
Plttsburg . IS 50
Raleigh . 56 64
Savannah . 55 61
Knn Francisco... 60 62
Spokane . 56 5S
St Paul . 58 60
Tampa . 74 86
Washington .... 64 80
Wilmington .... 5? 5S
Wytheville . 60 60
P. cloudy j
P. cloud*
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
P. cloudy
May 4, 1911.
Bnn rises- 5:13 HI OH TIDB.
6un sets. 7:01 Morning.... R:49
Moon rises.. .12:00 Evening.... 9:39
After Typhoid
and Malaria
"Twenty years ago I was taken sick
with Typhoid and Malaria Fever, and
for a time was at the. point of death. As
soon as I turned a little toward the better
my physician prescribed Duffy's Pure
. Malt VVhiskcv, and it was just what I
! heeded to build me up. ! have also found \
it excellent for weak lungs and rltcuma- [
tisin. I am near the age of seventy, and
will always Contimit' to use it."?G. J.
Swanson, 5110 Michigan Ave., Chicago,
Ml. ,
Duffy Pure Malt Whiskey
not only serves to keep the bodily health
at the highest notch of -excellence, but in
typhoid and malaria, especially, when
tiiu bodily function:; arc at their lowest
ebb and death stems imminent. it is re?
tained by tho stomach when other agents
are rejected, and as a food and stimulant
sustains life until the crisis is passed.
While convalescing after fever it is the
greatest streiigtli-gtvef and body builder
I known to science. It is a wonderful rem?
edy in the prevention and cure of all luiig,
' throat and stomach troubles, and all wast?
ing and weakening conditions.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey is the
only whiskey that was taxed by the
Government as a medicine during the
Spanish-Amctican war.
by all druggists, grocers and dealers, or
direct, $1.00 a large bottle.
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N. Y.
Dir? While Scnnulniivlnun Arc An- I
plnuillnic Ills Gift of $100,000.
New Vork, May i ?Nets Poulson, the
cionator of u J100,000 fund to promote!
closer soc'al relationships among the
E>candlnuvlan peoples in tills country
and their native lands, died at his I
home In Brooklyn lo-diiy at the same!
time tho Scandinavian-American So?
ciety meeting in Baltimore was np-i
plauding the formal announcement of '
the girt befoj-e ihut body.
Mr. Poulson was born in Denmark'
sixty-seven years ago, and came to this t
country In IS01, finding employment as
draftsman In an iron foundry. lloj
lounded tin- liecla Iron "Works and be?
came one of tho best-known iron man-:
ufacturc-rs In this country. Mis $100,
Olio donation was made last yea.*,*, but I
was formally announced to the Scatidi- I
nnvlan Society to-day.
I V erdict In Ciise of P. C. Wnlklns. l
i Lhurgcd With Killing .lohn II. Buotln?. |
Ashevllle. N. C , May ?..?Th* Jury ir !
Hie case of P. C. Watkins, charged with]
tho killing of John Kill Bunting, ot
Wilmington, at Black Mountain, in Au
I gust. IDOS, to-day returned a verdict
I of manslaughter. Counsel for defense '
Immediately made a motion that tho
verdict he set aBlde and a new trial
ordered, on the ground that one ot |
the Jurors, J. \V. I.,. Arthur, hod ex-1
pressed an opinion after tho tragedy!
Iii the effoct that Walking was guilty ,
and should bo punished. Judge Webb
will announce his decision to-morrow
This was the- second trial of Wat
klns. the former one having resulted In
a Jury disagreement. The P.coused en?
tered a plea of self-defense, claiming
that he shot Bunting in the discharge
of his duties as an officer, when he
v. an called to quell a disturbance at the
hotel whore Bunting and a friend, P.Mil
Collins, were guests. Tho last named
was seriously wounded by Watkins
when Bunting was killed.
May Ask for Conference.
(Special to The Timcp-Dispateh.]
Alexandria. Va., May 3.?City Council
Isst night passed the new tax ordi?
nance by a vote of ? to 5, tixlug the
rale of S1.S0 on the $100, wltb dis?
counts ot I and 2 per cent . respective?
ly, if paid by July nnd September 1
Tho Board of Aldermen will take up
tho matter Tuesday. It is said, how-j
ever, that the higher board will not
i approve the discounts and a confer* I
I once coinmittec^wtll be asked for.
/^Jt, s, "Somelle'' _
(M) Anti- Skids (M)
Foster Motor Car Co., Inc.,
605-613 West Broad Street.
Evidence of Preliminary Nature:
Heard in Petersburg Bank ;
Cases. J
All Witnesses, Including Charles
H. Davis, Excluded Until
Times-Dispatch Bureau,
100 North Sycamore Street, I
Petersburg, Vt?, Slay G. j
At 10 o'clock this morning, the ease
of the Common-.veal th vs. Carler R.
Bishop, former cashier of the Appo
inattox Trust Company, against whom
are pending various Indictnienl-:,
charging the making of false entries
on the books of the bank, by means of
which money was unlawfully obtalneo,
was called to trial in the Hustings
Court. Willeox Willcox appeared
as counsel for the defendant.
The special indictment on which 'Mr
Bishop is being tried Is thut known
us No. 2, in which It Is alleged that
a false entry of $20,685 was made
on October 5. 1008. To this indictment,
on arraignment yesterday afternoon,
the defendant pleaded not guilty.
Kirnt Jurors Chosen.
It had been expected that much diffi?
culty would be encountered in secur?
ing a jury, on account of the wide pub?
licity and discussion of the case for
many months, but out of the venire of
twenty men summoned to totirt, ten
were nccepted by the -court as satis?
factory Jurors before 12 o'clock. To
several of these, however, the defense
excepted. Others of the venire were
excused for various reasons.
At 12 o'clock tlie court ordered an?
other venire of twenty men to be sum?
moned and took a recess until 1
o'clock. Tho questioning ol venire
men was very rigid. Not only were
they asked the usual questions by
the court whether or not they had
lormed or expressed an opinion as to
the guilt or Innocence of the prisoner,
whether tney were prejudiced for or
against him. whether they could give
him a fair and impartial trial, but they
were questioned closely by counsel
for the defense as to any relation or
association with the bank and Its ofll
cers and directors; whether they or
their relatives owned any stock in lite
bank, or had lost any money by It;
whether they had discussed the affairs
of the bank and formed any Impres?
sion one way or the oilier about it, or
had formed Impressions that It would
require evidence to remove. The ease
with which the llrst ten jurors were
secured was a surprise to botli sides.
Jury Empanelled.
The court met at 1 o'clock, and out
of the second venire soon a full jury
WD3 empanelled and sworn, as follows:
T. Et.ton Adkins, \V. A. Brockwell.
Krank T. Plummer. Charles II. Codsey,
Kenneth Ledbetler. Joseph D. Mann.
James D. McKcnney. Ro. E. Rrunot,
John B. Hubbard, John J. Nclins, James j
E, Goodrich, 13. A. Hain.
The Jury is considered a first-class
one in intelligence. All of the Jurors I
are men of high standing, and many ol
them merchant.*.
The defendant stood while the long
indictment, to which he had pleaded
not guilty yesterday afternoon, was
rend to the jury. The court stated to
counsel on both sides that they Jiad
tl>6 right to make an opening state?
ment to the Jury, but each side waived
the right.
Counsel for the defendunt asked that
the jury be kept together, which re?
quest the court took under considera?
tion. Indicating, however, that It was
not disposed to do so.
The court adjourned to 1 o'clock,
when the pros-icntlon began its evi?
The court reconvened at 4 o'clock
and proceeded at once to the hearing
of the case. Counsel for the defense
withdrew their request to have the
Jury kept together during the trial, as
It was learned that the trial would last
longer than had been anticipated. Wit?
nesses for the prosecution, to the num?
ber of fifteen or eighteen, were called
and sworn, and at the request of the
defense were excluded from the room
until they should be called to testify.
Tills was made applicable ulyu to wit?
nesses for the defense, and among the
witnesses for the defense is Charles
Hall Davis. Jointly indicted with Bishop
for false entry.
Protents AcnlnM Exelllnloii.
John R. Lee, counsel for Mr. Davis,
protested against his exclusion, con?
tending that, though not a defendant
In this particular proceeding, lie was
deeply Interested in It as a Joint de?
fendant, and as such should be allowed
to remain. Commonwealth's Attorney
Mann held that Davis was a stranger
to this proceeding, and the rule of ex
elusion should apply to him as to other
wl i nesses.
The court regretted that the motion
to exclude Mr. Davis had been made,
but having been made; he uiust be ex?
cluded, though not a defendant in the
Common w"calth's-At torney Mann Introduced
In evidence the act grunting the charter of
the Petersburg Development and Loan Com
p.-iny. the predecessor of the Appomaltox
Trust Company, the certificate of the change
of name of llie Development and Loan Com?
pany to Unit of the 'Appomaltox Trust
Company, filed fn the office of tho Secretary
of the Commonwealth In January, 1502. This
wag established and corroborated hy the. first
witness. William A. Worth, the secretary of
the Appomattox Trust Company since Its or?
ganization to lost May. Mr. Worth, as sec?
retary, kept the record books df- the cor?
poration and the proceedings of tho stock?
holders' meeting*, lie testified to the chango
of name and the acceptance of the change
by the Development and Loan Company; to
various entries In the record honk, to tho
election of officers and directors?among
them Charles Bali Davis. He did not give
any testimony relative to overdrafts or al?
leged false entries. His evidonce was main?
ly preliminary, the value of which will ap?
pear later In the trial.
Rank Kmployr. Testifies.
John L. Oraves, nn employe of the Appo?
mattox Trust Company, was the second wit?
ness. He was irr jt'PJ the Individual book?
keeper, and his duly was to keep arcounL of
deposits on the chocking system. He kept
the Individual ledgor "B." in which Mr.
Dnvis's account was kept. He testified that
on October 5, 130S, there was an entry of a
check for 110,655 t0 Mr. Davls's credit, and j
that on the morning of that day Mr. Davis j
was overdrawn In his account $2",0.1f?. Tho I
deposit sljb for this doposlt was exhibited!
and put In ovldenc*.
A. L. Hawse, of Richmond, who was a
dlreotor of the bank In IOCS, waa put on the'
stand, but he knew nothing of any over- i
din ft? or alleged wrongful acts, and was
To-day's proceedings were comparatively
unimportant as compared with what the
proceedings will be to-morrow, when many
witnesses of prominence. Including directors
of the bank, will be put nn the stand and
matters of Interest developed.
History of Case.
The old Appomattox Trust Company wont
out of business about a year ngo and was
succeeded by tho American Bank and Trust
Company, which' took over Ita fairs und
QHstimod Its liabilities. Tho nOairs of the
bank caused wldo discussion, and'Anally In
January the. matter wbb brought to tho
grand Jury, which, aftor several weeks "of
Investigation, brought In a number tif in?
dictments ngalnat Charles Hall Davis and
I Carter R. Blahop, the president and cashier
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Hardman Pianos
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begin with, seems to grow
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or by mail brings a free
Hardman catalog.
, Walter D. Moses & Co.,
103 E. Broad St. >
I Oldest Music House in Va.
.and N. G.
of thn hank, alleging'various wrongful acts.
Subsequently, in March thn cane was given
to another grand jury, resulting In the find?
ing of twenty-three indictments against
Bishop and Davis, whereupon all of tho
former Indictments were nol prossed. Of tha
new scries, twelve were against Bishop In- \
riivldua'ly lor making as cashier false re- j
ports to tho Corporation Commission of the '
financial condition of the bank, and ?lavan
worn agnlnM lllshop and Davis Jointly for
larceny and of false entries. Th? false report
Indictments were all continued to await tho
decision of the Supreme Court In tho Thoru
ton case. Involving the same principles.
The Indictments against Davis have been
continued to the May term, as Bishop had
elected to be tried separately on the Joint
Justice Declnrox Charge tguliiM Hint
"In Without Foundation."
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Farmvllle, Va., May 3.?C. J. .lehne,
?whj was arrested in Blchmond last
nlgnt on a warrant In Farmville charge
tng him with the larceny of J50 from
the Buckingham Oil and Gas Company,
was before Justice Spencer to-day. The
Commonwealth was reprcfetyed by
Judge Asa D. Watkins, and after a I
thorough examination Jehue was hon?
orably acquitted and discharged. The
justice stated that he was satisfied
the charge was without foundation. j
[Special to The Ttmes-Dlspntoh.J
Washington. D. C. May 3.?Warren
Jefferson Davis, of Front Royal. Va..
to-night was awarded a medal at
George Washington University in a
contest between the schools of "science,
diplomacy and arts and sciences of
that institution. The contestants wore
Mr. Davis, whose subject was "A Plea
for Direct Primaries": Kenneth Max
cey and Paul W. Taylor, both of this
city. The debate is held annually, and
one speaker from caclt of the schools
Is declared the host speaker and enti?
tled to the medal.
First) Trlennlnl Session i?f .Vorth Caro?
lina Camp Held In Ralelfih.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.j
Raleigh. N\ C, May 3.?The ilrsl tri- j
ennial session of the North Carolina
Camp. Modern Woodmen of America,
was hold here to-day. There Ar<< 130
1? cal camps, and 3,000 Woodmen in
North Carolina. They will meet In
Charlotte In 1914.
As delegates to the general "*amp at
Buffalo. W. M. Tyo. of Ch.irlotlo, and
Rev. W. I.. Swape, of Tx-mlsburg. were
chosen, with E. T.. AVull. of Winston
Salom.' and C. D. Shaw, of Ashovllln,
as alternates. A. I.. Slevon-son, of
Winston-Salom, was chosen Slate con?
sul, and Harry Page, of Charlnlte.
State secretary. At a social s-.-sslon
to-night, a silver loving cup was pre?
sented to State Deputy TV. II. Of/.nr.
of Raleigh.
Gives Fp Career its Missionary.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
I.ynohburg, .Va.. May 3.?Miss F.lslo
Gilliam. a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.
W. Gilliam. of this city, who went to
Shnnghai, China, last September, ex?
pecting to spend at least five years
there as a missionary^ tinder the direc?
tion of the Southern Baptist Church,
sailed to-day from Shanghai on her
way homo. Miss Gilliam lias decided
to give up her career on account of the
111 health of her mother.
Nelson-? fin ti Id I a.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Danville, Va., May 3.?The First
Presbyterian Church was the scene of
a beautiful wedding here this eve?
ning at 0 o'clock, when Miss Hnttle
Bou'ldln, daughter of E. E. Houldlu, be?
came the bride of Philip Nelson, of
West Virginia. Following the cere?
mony a reception wns held at the
homo of tho. bride on Itolbrouk Avenue,
to which several hundred were invited
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson left on the New
Orleans and New York llmUed for an
extended Northern trip, after which
they will ho nt home in West Virginia.
BATTF.?Died, at tho residence of her
daughter, Mrs. Eliza B. Friend. IH
West Grace Street. !}IR?-?F.M1L.Y
GORPON BA TT 10, widow of Robert
Henry Balte, at 1:30 P.VM. She leaves
three' grandchildren?Emily Gordon
Friend, Koblc "Friend and Thomas
Southern Intercollegiate Oratori?
cal Contest Held at Char
(Special In The Times-Dispatch.]
Charlottesvllle. Vu.. May H.?Five
Southern universities were represented !
in the Southern Intercollegiate, orator!- :
cal contest, held to-night In C:'.hell \
Hall, at the University of. Virginia: '
Vandcrbllt University, University of j
-\lal>ama. University of South Cnro
llna, Transylvania University and the
University of Virginia. The Unlvcr- |
slty of the South, a member of the I
association, did not send up u rcpre- !
scuta live.
The judges?II. n. Moflwaine, of'
Richmond: Arthur Kyle Davis, of re- |
tersburg. and \V. T. Rnnkln, of Kes- J
vick?awarded the decision to A. M.
Freeman, of Vanderbllt; and the second
prize to Allan .lohnstone, Jr.. of South
Carolina University.
The speakers ami their subjects:
"Lawlessness"?C. R". Vann, Univer?
sity of Alabama.
'?The Brother of the Ox"?Allnn
Johnsloiie, Jr., University of South
"The South: Our Heritage and Op?
portunity"?J. T. Watson. Transyl?
vania University. ,
"The Enduring Triple Alliance"?
A. M. Freeman, Vanderbllt University.
"Universal Pence"?O. R. Warthcn.
University of Virginia.
A business meeting of the association
was held at I o'clock this afternoon,
and at the conclusion of to-night's;
program tho representatives and
judges were tendered a dinner by the
Delta" Sigma Rho Fraternity at the
Commons. The association meets here
only once In six years.
Inlured h.v tili? ExnloMo".
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.l
Alexandria. Va.. May 3.?As the re?
sult of an explosion of a eras drip at
the city gas works: last night. It. Court?
ney Reeves, thirty-four year? old. an
eniplove. was sferlouuly burned on the
face, arms and neck. He -sas stand?
ing nearby when the explosion oc?
curred, and was hurled a distance of
ten feet. The Ignition of the gas
caused the burns. Reeves, while sc
rlouslv burned. Is not In a critical con?
Dies nt the A Cr of to I Venn?.
[Special to Tbc Tlincs-Olspatch. 1
NVinston-Salem. N. C. May Rhen- |
czer Hull, aged one hundred and one
years, died on his farm nenr Kerners
vllle, last night, after two days' Ill?
ness. Ho1 was born nenr where he
died. January 5, ISln, and had always
resided In that section. One son, who
lived with his father, Is the only nenr
relative surviving.
Particularly the Ladies.
Not only pleasant and refreshing tc
the taste, but gently cleansing and sweeU
ening to the system, Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna is particularly adapted
to ladies and children, and beneficial in
all case:, in which a wholesome, strength?
ening and effective laxative should be
used. It is perfectly safe at all times and
dispels colds, headaches and the pain:
caused by indigestion and constipation so
promptly and effectively that it is the one
perfect family laxative which gives satis?
faction to all and is recommended by
millions of families who have used it and
who have personal knowledge of its ex?
Its wonderful popularity, however, has
led unscrupulous dealers to offer imita?
tions which act unsatisfactorily. There?
fore, when buying, to get its beneficial
effects, always note the full name of the
Company?California Fig Syrup Co.?
plainly printed on the front of every
package of the genuine Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna.
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50 cents per bottle.
f ?"N
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Cnstoria is ft harailcss substitute for Castor OU, Pare?
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
suhstnnce. It destroys Worms and allays Pevorisiuiess.
It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colie. It relieves Teeth?
ing Trouhlcs and cures Constipation, It regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep,
The Children's Panacea?The Mother's Friend.
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
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In Use For Over 30 Years.
Mrs. Wiley, Head of Holston
Orphanage Officially
[Special to Tile Times-Dispatch.]
Bristol. Va., .May 3.?The executive
committee of the hoard of trustees of
the fireonevlllo (Tenn.) Orphanage of
the Holston Conference of the Meth?
odist Episcopal Church. South, has
officially exonerated Mrs. IS. K. Wiley,
the venerable head of the institution,
agulnst whom a warrant was issued
some weeks ago, charging the cruel
whipping of a hoy Inmate. Tho report
of misappropriation of funds Is shown
to bo absurd. Sentiment is very largn
ly in favor of Mrs. Wiley, and the re?
port of Hie committee is a source
of gratification to her friends.
Tho executive committee of the
board of directors of the orphanage
met 1 nspccial session at Knoxvlllc,
April 12, 1911, to consider widespread
rumors concerning matters at the or?
phanage. While the. committee did
not have an expert accountant to go
Into a detailed examination of ac?
counts, books, vouchers, etc.. they
found nothing In the case to Justify
even a suspicion that there had been
any misappropriation of funds. Such
talk was declared to be libelous and
During seventeen years of service, without
a dollar of salary, Mrs. Wiley mot urgent
accounts out of her own private funds to tho
amount of 11.000.
"Concerning alleged cruel treotmont. of
children It is only right," the committee de?
clares, "that the public should know that
Mrs. Wiley's provocation was very great, and
that the is?pplng administered to a boy
twelve years old did not break his skin.
Putting two boys In Jail over night was
herola treatment, and may possibly have
been extreme, but the case was desperate,
and ordinary corrective measures had been
In conclusion the committee says: "The
Holston Orphanage was born In Mrs. Wlloy's
brain and heart. Through seventeen years
ehe has taught and tr&totod and planned
and worked and prayed and sacrificed In Its
behalf. She hos put her vory life Into this
work of faith and labor of love. She merits
tin1 gratitude and lovo of our people?not
tlits cruul standee The executive committee
wishes publicly to express Its confidence la
her as a noble Christian woman."
Senator Kern and Several Contrressnien
Deliver AddrcsseH.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Alexandria. Va., May 3.? Before an
audience which tilled the Opera House
to-night to Its capacity an enthusiastic
rally was held under tho auspices of
the Central Trades and Labor Assem?
bly of this city. A big delegation of
members of tho International Associa?
tion of Machinists and members of
oilier trade crafts carrje over to Alex?
andria to participate In the meeting.
Martin Lollo, chairman of tho com?
mittee of arrangements, presided and
Introduced the -speakers. Sixty hon?
orary chairmen occupied scats on tho
stage, among tbom being ollicers of
the various labor organizations here,
officers of tho Chamber of Commerce,
several ministers and othors.
Interesting talks on the labor ques?
tion were mado by tho following in
their respective order: Representative
C. C. Carlln, of this city; Representa?
tive William B. Wilson, chairman o(
tho House. Committee on Labor, of
Pennsylvania; Representative Honry
Ocorge, Jr., of New York, and Senator
John Worth Korn. formor condlduto i
for Vlce-Prcsideni, of Indiana.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Martinsville, Va., May 3.?At a meet?
ing of the Board of Trade of Martins?
ville. held horo a fow days ago, a com?
mittee cotnposod of .1. T. Ponn, J. D.
Sparrow, O. B. Dudley and R. B. Sem
ple was nppointod to take up with
Virginia Senators and Representatives
In Congress, the matter of a reduction
of the tax on manufactured tobacco.
Resolutions were adopted sotting
forth the fact that the tax of S cents
,per pound was equal to the. avernge
price received by tho farmers for their
raw material, and that, though paid
by tho consumer, it was a burden?
some tax upon tho business, and that
as It was homo only by cltlcens of the
United States, it wus unjust. The
representatives wero asked to enlist
their most earnest efforts In securing
a reduction ot the tax.
The committee will also take tho
matter up with the noards of Trade
of othor cities In Virginia and North
Carolina, which tiro Interested in the
tobacco business, and endeavor to se?
cure their co-operation In getting a
reduction of tho tax.
Death of'Mrs. Robert Henry Ilntte.
Mrs. F.mlly Gordon Bntlo, widow of
Robert Henry Batto, died yesterday af?
ternoon al the rostdonco of her {laugh?
ter. Mrs. Eliza n. Friend. IH West
Grace Street. She leaves throe grand?
children?Miss Emily Gordon Friend.
Miss Reble Friend and Thomas Friend
Henry Clews Will Deliver Address at
Virginia ChrbUtnn College,
f Special to The Timos-Dlspatoh.1
Lynehburg, Va., May 3.?Rev..George
A. Mlllor, pastor of tha Ninth Street
Christian Cnurc.h, at Washington.' has
accepted the Invitation of the Virginia
Christian College to deliver tr.o bac?
calaureate sermon during the ccm
mencement, which sermon ?vlll be de-?;
I Scored on SundAy, May 23. in the col-,
logo chapel.
Henry Clews, the noted New Yorlev
hanker, who some time ago uceepletlj.
President 'Willis's Invitation to dtlltcr'-'
the literary address during.' the com-']'
monecment. will make this addrts?
cither on May 27 or May 30. It 1?
probable that the .late will be May 27r,
In which case Mr. Clows will make aril
address before tne hankers of Dynrh-\
burg that night.
Cltl/.cnH' Ticket Nominated. b
(Spoclnl to The Times-Dispatch.]
Buchanan, Vn.. May 3.?At a maas-<t
meeting of citizens Monday night aft,
the Town Hall a ticket was named foifl
the coming municipal election.
Hi A. Datano was named for Mayor,-,
and the following Councllmen: B. 'MJ
Pnlne. J. C. Dill. H. J- Stinnett. Dr. OV
Ti. Crawford. II. M. Fwartz. L. M. Ro-/(
denlzer. Both i>ollticnl parties are rep-i
resented, the ticket being strictly ail;
citizens' ticket. Irrespective of politics...
Is one where health abounds.
With impure blood there can?
not be good health.
With a disordered LIVER there
cannot be good blood.
revivify thetorptd LIVER and restore
Its natural action.
A healthy LIVER means pure
Pure blood means health.
Health means happiness.
Take no Substitute. AH Druggists:
For Greater
Convenience the
Virginia Railway
& Power Company
Now Issues
Regular Tickets in Books
of 120. Price $5
Seventh and Main Sts., Richmond.
Seventh and Perry, South Rich?
If you cover your buildings with-/
G. M. Co.'s
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Gordon Metal Co.
Fourteenth and Dock Streets^
Richmond, Va.
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2 cukes 25c.
T. A. Miller Company
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Mad. 3199. Hourly Dellverie.-?
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Mndlsnn 357S
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Office and Residence, 400 Kn5t Main St^.
Richmond, Vn.
Dressed Lumber, Flooring, Ceiling,:
Weather Boarding, Moulding, etc.
One piece or carloads

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