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(Cuntlnucil P>rom First-Page.)
alike, rested tho solution of the ?IiIII
Rebel successes In tlio southern and
central parts of Mexico, where tho
resignation of President Diaz Is said to 1
bp preferred above all other demands
for political reform. It is known
caused General Mudero to lakn
the stand he did. He feared, it Is |
said, that his peace negotiations would
bo of little avail, no matter what for?
malities wero pursued, If tho main
Iskiju were disregarded.
General Mudero lo-n ght received
the following message from Mexico
City fr im Francisco Figuoron, chief of
the Insurgent forces In Guerrero:
"In personal conferenco to-day with
Minister Dlmantour and Ministor Gon?
zales Coslo. With tho eight thousand
men who compose my army I will un?
conditionally support the conditions
of peace being arranged by you."
Outlook Is Scrlou*.
New York. May 4.?Should the nego?
tiations for peace between Madero end
the Diaz administration fall "the coun?
try will be In n blaze of revolution
from one end to tho other as soon as
the news gets out." Thin wiis tho mes?
sage received here from Mexico to-day
by tho Bourd of Foreign Missions of
the Methodist Episcopal Church. In
letter written on April 2S by the Rev.
.lohn W. Ruller.
Conllrrntng the gravity of the situa?
tion in tlie clapltnl, there followed a
telegram from Dr. Butler, dated to-day,
reading: "Excitement exists. Outlook
Bcrlous. Circumstances have changed
for tho worse. ' Insurrection prevailing
throughout the field."
?Dr. Butler's letter In part says:
"Whllo negotiations for peace, are. ]
going on up In the Northeast, disturb?
ances in all parts of tho country seem
to be spreading. This Is particularly
so in the states of Guerrero and Pue
bla, and in the iatter state our work?
ers are being annoyed.
"Notwithstanding the victory which
the government forces won some days
ago in this district, near Atlixlo. a
largo part of the country seems to bo
in tho hnnda of the rebels. It Is to be
sincerely hoped that peace negotia?
tions will be pushed and will Include
not only the states where Madero
himself has been operating, but the
entire country. We are all hoping
much from these negotiations, but'
should they fall, the country will be
for you. That's why we want you
to take CASCARETS for liver and
bowels. It's not advertising talk? j
but merit?the ^reat, wonderful, j
lasting luerit of CASCARETS that
we want you to know by trial. Then !
you'll have faith?and join the mil- i
lions who keep well by CASCA- '
RETS alone.
CASCARETS loc a box for a week's
trcQlinrul, ?11 druL-gi*u. nlggrsl idler
in the -vorld. Milium boirt ? mouth.
^We'll Send for
Old Furniture
and make all needed re?
pairs. Completely equip?
ped shops for reuphols
tering, repairing and re
Finest work. Estimates fur?
nished on request.
Hopkins Furniture Co.,
7-9 W. Broad St.
Only Best
Fresh Fruit and Sugar
Home Made
69c quarts.
38c pints.
Hermann Schmidt,
Carry a large stock and fill orders,
big or little, promptly and at right
Mad. 4220. 500 West Main St
400,000 housekeepers.
Ryan, Smith & Co.
A. B. C. Capitol Wrapped Loaf
. "The beat bread you ever tasted."
Wrapped In wr.xed paper?not touch
lad by human hands until It Is served
on your table.
Sc. at Year Grocer's.
?, Si 10. tit fib Lcbzb SUeet.
The Demand Back of j
Good Liioki
Tells of its superiority more forcibly
than words. The voices of MILLIONS
[call for it at the grocery store.
Merit has made It the choice of the
people. No other Baking Powder
costing so little does so much.
The Southern
Manufacturing CoB, j
In a blaze of revolution from one end
to the other. Immediately after tho ;
news sets oui."
From the States farther north \irl-'?
vato mesrages were received hero of
disorders alone the Mexican line ol ,
the Southern Pacific. Word came that '
at Imurls, a small town to tho north
of Mazatlan, the wires had been cut,
after a band of revolutionism had lev?
ied assessments on the merchants and
made off again.
Predicts Intervrutlou.
Washington. D. C May I.?Invasion
of Mexico within the Immediate future
was predicted In the House to-day by
?Representative Kocht, of Pennsylvania,
lie said an army olllcer Just returned
; from the border told him Intervention
j was Inevitable. Mr. Focht did not name
j the ollicer. lie said the officer, a young
j man associated with him, declared that
i the army was going over the Mexican
bolder "to stuy."
"1 would not think mat the President
would object. We have been absorbing
every thing they did not want in Eu?
rope for years and years. We have
taken as trade in slock what nobody
wanted In the Philippines?another
white man's burden. Wc added a little
morn down here In the West Indies.
Why couldn't we occupy something
that Is worth something, nnd where we
could be of some great ,. oo . to some?
"I am not a soldier of fortune. I do
not expect to be at the head of the
army, but we are called upon to dis?
cuss occasionally paramount ques
I Hons, and I believe this will be a
mighty Interesting ono before the
! House adjourns."
\ Sir. Focht contended that tho United
I .Stales wanted empire, and it was about
! to follow the "lure of gold and the
I call of adventure."
Hum Railroad Station.
Liredo. Texas. May 4.?Insnrrectos
to-day burned the railroad station at
El Knlndo, on the National Railways,
south of Sallillo, cut all telegraph
wires, and besan a march toward
"To-night." wired the telegraph op?
erator at .SaltUlo, "eighteen carloads
of rebels are encamped within ten
; miles of the city."
ijaliillo is a city of 30,000 Inhabi?
tants, capital of Coahulla. It Is 236
miles south of Laredo. The garrison I
l is said to number r.OO men. SaltUlo
j Is at present tho terminus of the Na
1 tion.il Railways telegraph lines.
I South of Monterey all the wires of
j the Federal Telegraph Company are
I out of commission to-night. Interrupt
; ing communication between Mexico
j City nnd Care-do.
Union and Confederate Veterans
May Meet Again at Bull
(Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Washington. D. C. May 4.?Plans for
a big fiftieth anniversary love feast, to
be attended by the Union and Con?
federate soldiers who fought each
other 'In the battle of Bull Run, are
being made in Washington. Tho pence
meeting Is to be held July 1, on the
same tleld where tho men met fifty
years ago to tako tho lives of one
another, and it is expected that sev
| oral hundred of the soldiers on each
side will attend. Considerable Impetus
wns given the project at a raising
of the Stars and Stripes on the battle?
field near Manassns, Va., and Washing?
ton veterans who wero In attendance
returned to th's city to-night en?
thusiastic over the plans.
Lieutenant George C. Roud, of tho
United States signal corps, in a speech
he made at the flag-raising, said that
the soldiers should abide by tho old
i Mosaic custom In which every one met
I nnd w'ped out their debts and griev?
ance once every fifty years. He Is in
Washington to further Interest the
veterans. The movement has received
tlio indorsement ot the Daughters of
tho American Revolution and the
United Daughters of the Confederacy.
P. II. McG.
It Had Nothing to Do With
Hill's Withdrawal From
Post at Berlin.
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
"Washington. D. C, May 4.?President
Taft to-day gave Representatives
Lover, of South Carolina, and Brantlcy,
of Georgia, his porsonal nnd emphatic
assurance that Dr. David Jayno Hill
had not resigned ns ambassador to
Germany on account of tho potash con?
troversy. As a result of this confer?
ence Mr. Lever promised tho Chief Ex
| ecutlve that 'he would withdraw tho
6txeet ?m Tattoo,
Mexican lnKtir?rcntn preparing lo
burn n rallrond bridge.
. .The 8Tun In the centre or the picture
I* the finiiijun "Blue "Whistler" used
by tlio Mexican Insurrectos In the
country nround Oituaea. >?
resolution which he presented In the
House the other day calling tor In?
formation as to the reasons why Dr.
Hill had left the diplomatic service.
While tho President did not confide
to the two representatives the reason
of Dr. Hill's resignation, ho made It
perfectly plain that the njnbassador
had not decided to leavo Berlin be?
cause of the apparent failure of the
potash negotiations.
As ho left the White House, Mr.
Lover said that he was wholly satis?
fied v.Ith the statement made by tho
President, and that he would not press
bis resolution. Thl3 leaves the potash
matter as far from a solution as ever.
P. T. McG.
niockadc Distillery Seized.
( Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Danville, Va., May 1.?A well
equipped blockade whiskey distillery
was found nnd destroyed by United
States Officers Gray and Hanakor,
about two miles west of Sycamore,
this county, to-riuy. 'On hand 100 gal?
lons was found .but no worm whiskey
had ben left by the distillers. No
one was at the sttll when found, and
no arrests have been made.
Trunks and
Northwest Cor. Third and Broad
No one_ feature in the construction of
a house is so unsatisfactory as cheap
Plumbing. The modern high-grade
Plumbing is a source of comfort, pleasure
and Health to the entire household.
McGraw-Yarbrougli Co.
122 S. Eighth St., - Richmond, Va.
Out-of-town orders shipped quickly.
Ask Grocers, Druggists Dealers for
-_???- II I 1
^lexicon ttiMirrectos ?crnmbllnt; for orangen throivii Into (lie Hlo Grande
(rum the Aiiierlcnu wide.
(Copyright, American Press Ass'n.)
Nineteen Are Against Labor Leader and His
Brother, Charging Murder, and Two Against
MciVJanigal, the Informer.
Los Angeles. Cel., May 4.?Twenty
one new Indictments, according to good
authority, were vote,d late to-day by
the grand Jury against the accused
dynamite conspirators, James B. and
John J. McNamara and Ortie K. Mc
Nineteen of the indictments, it Is
Eald, are against the McNamaras alone,
and charge them with murder In con?
nection with the blowing up of the Los
Angeles Times newspaper plant on
New Oaloams, May 4.?Following un?
qualified charges of unjust discrimi?
nation by the railroads against the
.South In the matter of stopover privi?
leges, the board of directors of the
New Orleans Progressive Union issued
p. call to-day to Southern commercial
nnd civic bodies and railroad com?
panies to partloipato in a conference
to bo held in New Orleans in August
this year, to be known as tho South?
ern States transportation conference.
In the resolutions adopted tho fact
is noted that the wonderful develop?
ment of the West Is largely duo to
the almost unlimited stopover privi?
leges granted by the. transcontinental
railroads, and It was declared that
these privileges are withheld from the.
South without reason. Tf tho South
is Plaecl on an equality with the West
and Fast In tho matter of stopovers,
the belief is oxpressed that a large
per cent, of transcontinental travel
which passes through the Northern
gateway will be diverted to Southern
railway lines, and will have a great
educational effect in directing tho at?
tention of the nation to the undevel?
oped resources rond possibilities of the
Sohth. ,
It was declared to bo the mutual In?
terest of Sou thorn California and the
South that visitors to tho Pacific coast
expositions *n 1315 should be. Induced
either to go or return through the
It was at tho suggestion of Colonel
Collier, director-general of the Pan?
ama-California. Kxposltlon, to bo held
at San Diego, that the Progressive
Union took this action. Tho Southern
Commercial Congress has Joined with
Colonel Collier In inaugurating this
Grosvenor Dawe, managing director
of tho Southern Commercial Congress,
and Colonel Collier will dovote much
of their tlmo during tho next three
months to this worlt, and the latter
predicted to-night that-the transporta?
tion "onferoJtce to be hold In New Or?
leans in August would be one of tho
most profitable meetings held In tho
South in recent years.
flcta Ifydc's Plnce.
New York. May -1.?Robert B. Moore,
who ran for Comptroller on the same
ticket with Mayor Ciaynor. was to-day
appolntod city chamberlain,- to succeed
Charles II. Hyde, now tinder indict?
ment, charged with brlbory, who ro
elgned yesterday.
October 1. and the consequent deaths
of twenty-one persons. The other two
are said to be against McManlgal as
principal and the McNamnra- brothers
as accomplices .in the Llewellyn Iron
Works explosion on Christmas Day.
In which no one was killed.
The inquisitors completed their work
at dusk, and iho true bills ordered
will not be filed in court until to-mor?
row. The prisoners will be arraigned
to-morrow afternoon, and n date then
will be set for them to plond
McMatiigal was the principal wit?
ness heard by the grand Jurors. He
was examined for more than two
hours. Immediately afterward the
grand jury adjourned.
District Attorney Fredericks said
that the indictments ordered wore so
numerous that fhey could not be
drafted in time for presentation In
court to-day.
No ono connected with Uie dofense
of the labor leader ,-vnd his brother |
had official Information to-night that
the defendants would be arraigned to?
morrow. Attorney Deo Rnppaport said
he had not been so advised by tho dis?
trict attorney.
Tho grand jury heard several wit?
nesses besides McManigal. Among
them were employes and officers of
I tho Llewellyn Iron Works and Paul
Stuperlch, proprietor of a hotel at
Sausnllnc, Col., which the alleged dy?
namiter, known as J. B. Bryco, visited
before tho wrecking of tho' Times
Auother witness was Douglas Bur?
rows, partner of Howard Baxter In
the ownership of the launch Pastime,
which, according to detectives, was
used to transport the dynamite pur?
chased by the alleged conspirators.
Stuperlch and Burrows wont into
the jail to-day, accompanied by thc
distrlct attornoy anu a stenographer.
Mrs. Stuperlch' and her two daughters
went with them. James McNamara
was taken before them. it is as?
sorted that Stuperich nnd his wife and
Burrows all identified him as tho man
they had known In Oakland nnd I
Sausalino ,ns James B. Bryce.
Tnrk Will Alternat? With Mouroo?Three.
New riayitroundH.
Protest nf the people of the Orojjon Hit!
section and beyond led to reconsideration
In the (irouml9 and lJutldlngg Commute*
last night of tho vote by which tho sched?
ule of parks fer summor music was deter?
mined, nnd a motion was then adopted In?
cluding Rlvorsido l'ark- In tho Hat. River
sldo will alternate with Monroo Park, con?
certs to be held In ono park or tho other
each Tnesdny night during the summer.
All bids for erection of band stands wore
reject od as excessive.
On report of a subeommltuw an ordinance
wan sent to tho Council asking an additional
appropriation to provide for throe extra
playgrounds this summor. ono each In
South Richmond nnd Madison Ward, and
ono on tho Seabrook Warehouse lot, holnnjr
Inir to the city, nnd now standing Idle.
Court Adjourns for Term.
The Jury In the Law nnd Equity
Court was adjourned yesterday for tho
term. The noxt term of tho court will
open on Mondny nt 11 o'clock.
Stennicr ' Frees IIcr?olf.
Aberdeen. Wnsh., May i.?The stenm
cr Clnrcmont, which went ashorn in
Wlllapn Harbor late yestnrdoy. freed
herself during the night and proceed?
ed to-dny on her voyago to San Fran
I Cisco.
News of South Richmond
SuulIi Richmond Bureau.
Tho Times-Dispatch. I
10JO Hull Street.
,, . 'Phono Madison 175. I
1 aimers begin thlq morning tho llnlshlng i
ami, painting Of (he Interior ?t Iho now I
-Manchester post-office, which has been In i
use Dow more than a year. No pronounced '
color* have been chosen for t|10 inierior I
work, and I lie whole finishing will be carried
out In the artistic stylo that characi-jrlzcs |
the building U!i It stunde.
The lobby. a most handsome and linpres- i
?IV? hallway of marble, nnd nuirtercd oak.
will have walls of a ease green, while tbu
celling and cornices will be. painted a
cream color. TTic basement, .post-olfh o I
workroom and reK;stry division work?
room will be llnlshcd In bulf. Tho walls
of the postmaster's nrflec will be u straw
color, with celling .ind cornices of cream.
The Interior n: tn, building li now a net?
work of scaffolding, preparatory to begin- !
nlng work this morning. The successful 1
coutrnctur won the award with a bid of '
about {too. .Postmaster .Smith hopes to see'
the work finished within a few weeks. Sonn, j
doubt Is expressed nj t0 the advisability of
planting Just hi thin time of lite year" the1
California privet hedges and' tho box bushes I
ordered by the department for the post- '
office grounds, but tho postmaster will mnko !
tho attempt. This work will bo undertaken
as soon its the Treasury Department cm I
confirm awards of the contracts.
Court CliHiiges Srene.
Tho dally session of the P<jllca Court. Part '
2, held for so many, many years by Mayor
Maurice, ami others heforo him, In the dingy
police station In the old market hulldlns In
the Courthouse .square, win be conducted
this morning for ihe nrst time !n tho new
end imposing Tnlrd Polles .Stu.Mon-Ifouso at
Uio corner of Fourteenth and Stockton
Streets. The mov* %, as effected yesterday
afternoon, and by supper time the. time-worn
Manchester police station was fntsnken and
the fourteen members of the Third District
squad of the Richmond Police Department
Installed In nil their glory In the new ,|ii.ir
tcrs. "Bob'1 Maurice, f.'aptuln Alec. Wright,
Sergeant Llpscomb nnd the other officers
who have .spent years of pollen duty in the
old market station; confessed to a senti?
mental turn of feeling wt.tn they .saw tho
old doors, which for years upon ' yeara havu
never been shut, locked tight, not to be
opened until tho contractors besln demolish?
ing tho building to make room for Washing?
ton Park.
To .lurllus Lee. white, giay-hnlred and
sixty years old, drunk and penniless, fell tho
distinction of "christening" tho new station
house. Ho was arrested yesterday afternoon
on the charge of being drunk and a vac
rant. His case will b*. ihe first called for
trial In the new court-room.
Something In the nature of a reception was
held yesterday afternoon by Captain Wright
and Ids men In th? new building, when
crowds of visitors flocked to tee tho Interior
of tho remodeled and improved Jail. A great
many women were among the callers at the
station house yestcrdny as well as a num?
ber of men. while 10,000 aids looked In
through the windows. Whilo the telephone
connections have been iiistollcd, tho elcetil
cal connection has not been fixed, and until
that Is attended to sever.il oil lamps will
light the homo of Manchester's "coppers."
Honor ltoll for Oak Grove School,
Seventh 11 Grade?Hugh Winston, rtubv
Sixth A Grade?Virginia Bailey. Elsie
Schminke and John Latham.
Fifth A Grade?Loin Chentham, Vor i Red
ford, Cara Borryman, Prince Chcathnm.
Fourth B ?rune? Alma Burlier.
First B Grade?Florence Caudle, Mary
nines, linlph Andrews.
Second A Grade?7E.irb.ira Pierce. Oscar
Good. Lawrence Maya.
Second B Grade?Hazel Chcathnm, Mar?
garet Etrirlugc. Harold Payne, Eugene Itudd,
Edward Bedford.
Fourth A Grade?Bernard Traylor.
Third B Grade?Edna Payne, OHh Andrew?.
Third A Grade? Slicltun l.ifsey. Virginia
Rcamr, Tom Harris.
Property Is Fold.
By virtue of n deed of bargain and sale,
recorded yesterday In the clerk's office of
the Hustings Court, Part 1 the lot on ihn
northeast corner of Thirteenth and McDon
ough Streets becomes the property of
Charles B. Itlchardaon. The lot, fronting
l$t feet on MeDoaongli riircet and 1JJ on
Thirteenth, sold for 1J.G30, which Is consid?
ered a remarkably good figure for resident?
ial property. The land was owned by Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. McHae nnd otheres.
A great many deeds for residential sites
are being recorded In the Hustings Court,
Part 2, showing unusual activity In. that
class of real estate In Washington Ward.
There are also rumors of several large deals
In manufacturing sites, but no continuation
of these reports can bo obtained.
News of Courts.
The 11.000 damage suit of Powell ngnlnat
the. city of Richmond is scheduled for hear?
ing this morning before the. Jury of the
Hustings Court, pun 2. This case Is of In?
terest becnuso of the fact that Powell
charges the city with criminal uoglcct he
eausc of a defective sidewalk, costing htm
a painful fall.
Judge Wells was engaged yesterday 1n the
consideration of chancery matters.
The regular weekly session of the Oak
Grove magistrate's court will hn called this
morning at in o'clock by Magistrate Cheat
ham In the Oak Grove Courthouse. A long
civil docket Is scheduled for hearing, but
scarcely anv crlmlr.nl matters will be tried.
Child Is Dead.
Algle W'ado. only child of Mrs. W. T.
Peters, of 117 West Fifth Street, died yester
dny metallic at 2 o'clock In the homo of
his mother. He was firteen years old at the
time of Ills death.
The funeral will be conducted this morn
Washington, D. C, May 4.?One hun?
dred and fifty boys from all sections
of tho country have successfully passed
the mental examination for entry into
the Naval Academy ns midshipmen.
The physical examinations will be held
later. Tho suoccssful candidates from
Southern States follow:
Florida?Newcomb Barres, Forest J.
Hyde, Jr.
North Carolina?L M. Bourne, Jr.,
Citrlyle Cralg, H. A. Fishor, Norwood
U. Calvort.
Virginia?Chaplin E. Evans, Archer
E. King, Jr., James B. Kyle. Tully
Georgia? Bobert O. Glover, William
H. Snelliug.
Alabama?Walter A. lllclts, John A.
Louisiana?Ebb T. Lrnmklu, Jr.
Mississippi?Joseph E. Wheeler.
South Carolina?Boon B. Scott.
Tennessee?Elijah O. Arnold. Wtl
llam D. Thomas, Leon Truesdalo. Jr.
Arkansas?Hurold D. Barton, Hugh
E. Woodward.
Texas?John II. Campman, Solomon
F. Clark, Dalas D. Dupre, James 3S>
Kentucky?Jonathan D. Lee, Ralph ft.
Oklahoma?L. G. F.ssley, Finncry 11
West. Virginia?Elmer B. Hough,
Karl N. Watlcins.
Bclnforoed Concrete Structure to ?<pnn
Po Illver Will Be Built.
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
Spotsylvnnln. Vn., May 4,?State En?
gineer Snead, of ? the State Highway
Commission, yesterday, under the su?
pervision of tho Improved Public. Bond
Commission of this county, made a sur?
vey of tho ground and stream at Snell.
with a view to building a stool struc?
tural and reinforced concrete bridge
over the Po Biver. This will bo one
of the largest bridges In the county,
and bids will bo immediately adver?
tised for and submitted to tho Public
Bond Commissioners. Tho Citizens gen?
erally favor macadamizing tlio public
highway from this bridge to tho county
sett, a distance of two miles or more,
and the impression prevails Hint this
cuui lie accomplished onslly, as an jib tin
danco of black granite lips near to
lilt*, roadbed for thrco-foitrths of tho
lug at i:V> Troin the residence of Mrj. Peters.
Rev. Ci. T. Forrester will conduct tho ser?
vices, and ttio remains will bo taken to
"lover, Vii., for Interment.
Funeral To-Ooly.
The funoral of .Mrs. Sarah Francis l.iiKoon,
who filed Wednesday morning In the resi?
dence of her daughter. Mrs. W. II. Jen
nlnas. will be conducted this afternoon at I
o'clock from Ihn Cowardln Avenue Christian
t.liurch. The Interment will be In Maury
Cemetery. Mrs. f.nfroon. who was tin\ wars
old. was a widow, and leaves six children,
nurlcd Yesterday.
The fuiteral Of Mrs. Ida Blanche William*,
Wlfo of Willlnm T. Williams, who died Wed?
nesday morning In tier home. I9CS nuln
bridge Street.was conducted yesterday after?
noon at r.:J0 o'clock from the residence. Tim
Interment was In Maury Cemetery. A dele?
gation from tlio Daughters 0r Liberty at
lellded the funeral.
PersonaI und tirurral.
Mrs. .r. It. Wilson, of West Twentieth
Street. Is in nt her home.
Dorothy Paxn Gilbert, who has been
operated on iii tho Memorial Hospital. Is
Improving rapidly.
This home of Miss olive Andrews. "IS
Stockton Street, was the scene last night
of an attractive entertainment given for
the benefit of the Uccatur Street Methodist
Church. Refreshments wore served and n,
silver offering lakn at the door.
A most successful series of laymen's meet?
ing* In preparation for the iwo weeks' r?
clvll meeting that are to begin Sunday
morning art being conducted every night
this week In the Central Methodist Church.
Tho laymen are turning out In large num?
bers if. take part la these preparatory meet-,
lugs. The revival services. which begin
next Sunday, will ho conducted by the pas?
tor of the church. Rev, Henry f\ Prclffer.
I'misuully good music is promised for Ilm
revival meetings.
I.nrgo congregations uro gotog nightly to
hear the revival sermons bring preached In
the West Klld Church ny rtcv. .T. M. Row?
land. The attendance is unusually ibiOj, and
I lie sermons most stirring. A cordial luvlta
HutiS is extendvo to the pulillc.
A report of tho ror.oni membership rnni
paign contest between the Red and Blue
Irmas ot, Henderson I.?.Ige. Independent Or?
der of Odd-Fellows was made at the reg?
ular weekly meeting of tne lodge held last
night at S o'clock lu Tovcy*a Hall. Tlio
! Rlue team was a winner by a small margin,
; and by tho terms of tho contest will bf?
I given a ?..nucr liy the losers, lite Red loam.
! The keenest Interest was taken In this race,
land many new Odd-Fellows wcro added to
? the roll of this lodge.
I llesita Conclave, Improved Order of Rep
tnsophs, held Its birnonth.y meeting' last
I night at o'clock In Ce.sley's Rait. Swans
\ Maple Camp. Wctijiinn of the World, will
i meet to-night at * o'clock In Fraternity
I Halt.
j Select Council. Daughters of Liberty, will
? hold its regular weekly mc'-tlng to-night at
S o'clock In Toney's ltnll.
: Washington Camp. No. a:. Patriotic Order
; Sens of America, will meet to-night at S
o'clock in Ccrslcy's Hall, Swanshoro.
i New South Council. Junior Order of United
I A merlin 11 Mechanics, will mcr-t to-night at
[S o'clock In tho Od.1-'?'>llows' Hall, South
i Richmond
j London. May I.?Tho long-promised scheme
I of State Insurance against unemployment,
j sickness and Invalidity. Introduced In tho
j House ol Commons to-day by David Lloyd
? George, chancellor of the exchequer, was re
I eclved with extraordinary approval by all
parties in Parliament.
J The government's supporters ball tho in?
surance measure as the, most comprehensive
plan of constructive legislation over Intro?
duced in I'arllamont, fnr exceeding lu grasp
1 ami completeness anything anticipated. Ai
> strong notxof criticism Is already cmannl
j nig from the groat manufacturers, who are
j certain to be heavily burdened. In brief, tho
situation appears to be that even if the up
| position dislike tho measure as socialistic
j it will not dare oppose It.
The plan proposed Is that every worker
I whose earnings full below tho income tax
i level, f 160. be compulsorlly Insured against
[sickness, the workor himself contributing
i niio-lialf nnd tho bolus, .? to be paid Jointly
I by employer nnd stuto. Mr. Goorge esti?
mated thai iuu expenditure Incurred would
be J3?.0O0.O00 In 1312-13, rising to JICO.MO.000 In
J91G-K. Tho unemployment Insurance, under
the plan, would apply first only to engineer-.
Ing and tho building trudes, and tho govern-'
inenl's share of expense wodld be $3,7CO,0CO
Sawmill Operative 1m Victim of SeH.
oils Injury.
[Special to The Tluies-Dlspntch. J
ISmporln, Vn., May 4.?William B.
Powell, a sawmllle operative, whoso
plant is located at Freeman, Bruns?
wick county, suffered the loss of his
right arm yesterday by having it
drawn into an "edger" machine:
Mr. Powell was adjusting a bolt on
the machine when it began to rapidly
rovolve. Ills arm was caught by one
of the circular saws and ground Into
a pulp.
Owing to the extreme condtlon of
the wound an amputation was done by
Dr. Luden Lofton, of IDmporla, and
Drs. Lewis and Mallory, of Lawrenco
vllle, early Wednesday night.
It was thought that Mr. Powell
could not survive the operation, but
to-day ho Is reported as doing well.
Stilciii Policeman Rndly Injured While
Trying to linke Arrcats.
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
Wlnston-Salem, N'. C. May 4? Po?
liceman Swain, of Salem, In attempt?
ing to nrrest two negro chicken thlevo-i
early this niormlng, was assaulted,
knocked down and badly beaten. Af?
ter making tho officer look Into tho
inuzzle of a pistol, one negro grabbed
Swain's b'.'let, and with It pounded him
over the head, inflicting serious In?
juries. The policeman fired a'ter they
left him, supposod to be helpless. In
a sack carried by the thieves was
found eight chickens and one turkey.
Death of Mrs. Mnry D. Royall.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Malvern Hill. Va., May 4.?Mrs. Mari?
Donthat Roynll, widow of John P.
Royall, of Chnrles City county, died at
the homo of her son-in-law. W. .T.
Ilognn, on Wcdnesdny. Mrs. Roynll
was born In Buchanan. Botetourl coun
tv. lS?rV She was married to J. P.
Rovall In ls?i.
Tivo children survive. Miss Alleo D.
Roynll and Mr.". Ida R. Horran. Threo
brothers nnd throe sisters also sur?
vive?Misses: Sue H. and Annlo P.
Oouthnt. of Rofetotlrt r.ntotv Arn K.
C LueU. Bedford OOUtitv. Chnrles T..
Donthat. Wost Point. Vrk.t welter ft.
VDonlhnt. Hlcrhinnd. Cnl.: Fielding T;.
poiithal. of Washington,
The fuiornl tooV t-lf? freni th?i
home of W. J. Hns-nn on Thursday.
'tie Storn-'e w?>-?.hA,,?r ??? Henderson
11?^rovpit KT F're.
f<!r>eetnt to Tl.? eo . n) ? c|, 1
Ttee^eronn X" C . V-v t ?One nf tn{j
-loc* rHfo?rrnll= 0-oe t h -i t b?? been -reft _
-ncnri here In v?"? occurred In Sonlh
"-nderoon lost tltoh* Obeli I ft o'eloeV.
1*bo brcA ofr.rir-v r"H-*tinini? ef fh^
e'orollnn rtne-fln.r >r?nu fortn-ln<? r-r,^,.
"-?ne ,,-nc r.nl*i.?l>. consumed with 1?^
'">nl?tl|?, ?ntnlHntr n to., of tTAOdO.
1 rinut frvo venr- p l*0 tVr, oernc ermj
m?l ii-lth o .cln'tti- rpli'nrfiine. wb?n
"?i looa wits tin flOfl Fortune f?1v. Vit*
Mronuoit? ofYorf?! ?ho mnnnfietitrlhp'
den.-irfment n-^o a-,.?d 1oq| nleht.
r-ule'n T?oti^v !t^?p**?re
(-.?ninlil P ?' rtille.-. o? rttc*rton M.'..
who ha* |ie?n 111 In tne Mumorl?? Iloirittst
fron? typhoid fever, left lb"! Institution y*.tV
Itrday and returned to his home.

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