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Three Specials in
Women's Summer Gloves
SILK GLOVES, elbow lengths, heavy weight
pure silk, double tip fingers, black and white..
the exact chamois color, real Si.00 value.
SILK LISLE GLOVES, elbow length, black,
white and tan .
ble linger tips, guarantee with every pair: fan's
point back: black, while, tan and grey; 75c and
SI.00 value .. .'.: . ..
Annual Commencement Exer?
cises of Virginia Mechanics'
Richmond'* high school of kcchnol-i
ogy. the Virginia Mechanics" institute,
will hold Its annual commencement
exercises to-night at S^lo o'clock.
The public Is Invited. The program
will be rendered in the school audito?
rium, and will include the exhibit of
shops and lnborator>.
The program is as follows:
President W. .1. Whileliurstj presid-,
Introduction of the orator by .lame?
D. Crump, chairman of the school com?
Address by lion Richard Evelyn
Byrd, Speaker of the Ihmse of Dele?
gates of Virginia.
Delivery of diploma? anil certificates
by Superintendent Krank W. Duke.
Delivery of medals by Henry 1.. 1
(in exhibit will be furniture made in
the cnblhet-maklng' class during the
past session, some of tlte work In
blacksmith and forging and that of,
the plumbing classes. The chemical \
laboratories will illustrate the work of,
the year by showing the testing of Iron I
compounds, distillation, niaklng phos- j
phlne, properties of oxygen and neu-'
trailz?tt?ni lit the electrical laborato?
ries TV lit he shown wireless telegraphy
trnnsmittlng messages, motor genera?
tor sets furnishing electricity for pow- j
er and light, testing of small power
plants, etc.
The machine shop, patte/n shop and
blacksmith shop will be at work, ax
usual, during the regular session.
There will be music in the nutldtng
until late in the night.
Two Cti?rs Argued la Cnltvd Slates Circuit
Conn of Appeal?.
The Cnited Hinte? Circuit Court of Appeal*
will luouablj end it.? Mu> tirin this mter
n",ui or lo-inorroii ? The argument rlanrd.ir
?ss yonclurted yesterday, when the following
rhres were dlipond nl:
No, 1011?Clqre.hre A. knlgnt. plaintiff in
jrror. \? Kendall l.utnbei Company, defend?
ant hi ertui; la error to the Circuit t'ouri at
Baltimore, Md, Came .11 sued 1>> M. N.
Packard. o< Baltimore. Md;. for the plcintiff
In error, sr.d by R. T. Stmmti, of Cumber?
land; Md.. and Oilmor .-. Hamlll, of Oak?
land. Mi!., for the defendant In error, and
No. 103V-Clarence A Knijrht plaintiff in
prror, vs. John R. Mah and Gary L. Male. .
neterSa.-.tt in error; :n tror tn the Circuit
Court at Baltimore, Md. Cause- urcued hv
M. N. Parkard. of Baltimore, Md . for th'.
piaitr.irf in error, ard i>y It. T. Semmel, of
Cumberiantf. Md and Ittlihor ?. Hamlll. of
Oakland. Md . for -.he defendant! in error.
a,nd submitted.
Ghir.o: S. Hamlll, of ?-ikiar.d Md and R.
T. Serr.me?. of Cumberland, Md., were ?d
mlt'ed to prvi-*.
Tl:e next eenlon ,,f the ceun will open
on the f*eond TUf.vlay in .tun?.
But He Is Exected to Fight
Return to Virginia at Hear?
ing To-Day.
Expecting a Miff fight against re?
quisition on the part of l?r. Prank R.
Morse, the Sah i"iaricisco' chemist, who
it wantt'l here on four warrants,
charging him with obtaining more
than f 1.01)0 under false pretences from
the Radluih Spray Company of Vir?
ginia. Dettctlve Serceant Itsiley was
dispatched to Baltimore: Tuesday night
by Major Werner ami < upturn .Mr
Mahon, with orders to lonit after the
Richmond end and to bring MorKe bac'li'.
If possible.
Accompanied by Peteetlye Br.'idle'y.
who arroated Moi'^e for the Washing?
ton authorities on the eve of his w d
ding. Sergeant Bailey was taken t.. the
office of Oovernoi Austin I. Crother/,
where the re<|iilsltton papers wore sign
eri by the ? l.uf rx<.utivc of Mary?
Oclh llriirlni- 'l'ii.a?v
A hearing before .lusiice f'lannnn |
will be given t ? Morse this morning. .
?n<3 it is der-ined prdbnbli that the ,
Magistrate will dcllvei Ihr chemist to
Sergeant Bailey. Trouble 1? initicj
paled, however for Mfirst has em- j
ployed one of Baltimore's noted law- 1
yers, 10 aid in Iiis fleht against ex?
tradition 'O Virginia. Morse is de?
termined und the power of the courts
will be invoked by hid attorney.
What liaF become of the Washing?
ton case is hot known here. but. if
necessary. Morse could be sent to
Washington under gun I'd for trial
ther?. and then. !n tlit '-vent of ac?
quittal, he brought back to Virginia.
A telegram from Sergeant Bailey
was received at police headquarters
yesterday afternoon, saying thai he
had arrived !n Baltimore and had had
the requisition papers signed
Spcriul Meeting n( Supervisor?, i
A fpeiiMi meeting of the H?nni r.f huper. I
v!.?or? of Henrlco county will be n?kt i
Monday at noon In the rourthoujr.
^fiflmmer rtiito.V In EfToot .Tone 1st. ~ ,
For Information and-rates, apply to
Richmond Transfer Company
?09 East Main Street.
? Murpoy'E Hotel. Jefferson Hotel, ]
Veteran Northern Officers of
Loyal Legion in City?Has
Distinguished Members.
Severity-fivc members of Massachuj
setts Commander.v. Military Order of
the Loyal Legion of the I.'tilted States,
arrived In Richmond yesterday from
Washington, and nil! he here through
to-morrow to view the historic battle?
fields in this vicinity, scenes of .??:- j
nage upon which many of them met
their Confederate foes half a century j
The Northern veterans, immediately 1
after Th.-ir arriv al at the Richmond |
Hotel, where they are quartered, he- j
a tin their sightseeing nip. They were ;
?t.ikiii to numerous points of Interest'
yesterday afternoon under the guid?
ance of Captain John A. Curtif. one
if :he foremost authorities on hap?
penings during the War between the j
States in and around Richmond.
To-day the New linglish' visitors
will pay an official visit n Governor!
Mann, after which thev plan to go to)
Petersburg, where they will spend the
remainder "f the day in looking over
the wartime scenes.
Will Go Down Hlver,
To-morrow morning the delegation
will leave Richmond for r>ld Point,
where they will spend a coupln
days. Thev will make the trip down
the James River, in order to gel a
glimpse of Jamestown Island, the
?Cradle of the Nation."
The veterans, each of whom was an
officer In the Union Army, displayed
the keenest Interest in the many his?
toric things* found in the capital of the
Confederacy. The attraction of the
Confederato Museum, the White House
of the Confederacy, proved an excep?
tional attraction
"We are sorry." one of them laugh?
ingly remarked to a reporter last night,
"thai so mnny of the Confederate vet?
erans ha-ve gone to 1.It tie Kock: we
wanted to light the war all over again.
Rut still, wo have found sonic of them
here, and their charm of manner has
Siinply captivated us "
The delegation embraces many dis?
tinguished men. among them being
? ?oloiiel Howdoln S. Parker, treasurer
of tli,. city of Boston; General Mans?
field, Genera! Goodale. Colonel Liver
more and Major Charles 13. Amory.
Court Adjourns.
The Circuit Court of the citv of P.Ich
n-.ond adjourned yesterday as a niark
of rospeoL to the memory of MIS')
Mary B. Rpwellc. sister 6? Clerk R. M
Ronelle, who died on the previous
night, aft'-r a long illness. The fui
feral will be held to-,lav, and' the
court will not hs In session
Mnrrlnge License.
A marn.ico. license was issued ve?
lerdny in the Hustings i-ourf to WH
imin H. Lee and Irene Perkins
Appeal Allowed in Suit Over j
Property Located in Henrico
County. I
The Virginia. Supreme Court of Ap-|
partis yesterday granted an appeal in!
others agnliist Florence C. Seefried,
Hugo Seofrleii, Mary .lane Seefried and ?
Thomas Jelfersoh Seefried, the last two I
infants by .lohn H. Minor, their guar?
dian. The petitioners elaim to have,
!?? en aggrieved liy two decrees ren?
dered in tlie Circuit Court of Hohrlcol
county Jiilie 2<i, 19?9, ntul June 2."..
191(1, Hie -ult inv olving title to a farm '
in ilcrirloo county, about Iblrty-nlne
i.ri - lying In l-'alrtW-ld l?lsirlct.
The property originally stood in tlie
name of Mrs. Mary Jane Carter, who
died !< ivine a will making her hus?
band. Thomas .1. Carter, executor of
her estate. The will was probated
Man h ir.. inua, (he property going to
the husband to be divided among the
children according to his judgment;
The surviving children were Ida H. I
garter Mrs 1. .1. Clopton. Mrs. .1. B.
Mallory and Mrs. Hugo Seefried. far- !
tor continued to live mi the farm after
the death of ids wife, and hi? youngest
: daughter. Florence Seefried. staved
I with It I tu im April IS, 1907. he con
veyed toe house und about four-fifth;
1 ef toe farm to tills daughter, and soon
afterwards died Tbc other daughters
1 Instituted suli against their sinter, Mrs.
? Seefried, for an even share in their
I mother's property, claiming that the
\ fallier was mentally Incapacitated a:
1 the time of conveying tlie property.
I and that undue Influences Were brought
to bear. Mrs. Seefried lost In the lower
j court Th?* granting of her appeal
I means that the Si.premo Court will re
I view the record in the case.
Serie* l.rnilhic to liedion I Ion?.An?
nouncements' An- Msulr.
Rev. C. A Marks, former pastor of
Ihe i'lrst iCnbIivit Lutheran Church of
this city and now of Wnynefiboro, Va .
will presets in the new I'lrst Church
to-ntfrht at R o'clock,
A HcHes of service If In progress
this week, Icadlnc up to the dedication
exercises of next Sunday Hey. ,1. rj.
Soesers. of r.aston. Pa , win preach
i morrow nig lit itn "The MessaK* of
the Lutheran Churclt to the Twentieth
Engineer TrafTord Asks Instruc?
tion as to Employment of
.Men to Erect Poles.
Committee Avoids Issue?City
riant Operates 017 Arc
In his report to the Committee on
Electricity last night, Consulting En?
gineer Trattord, discussing tile erec- 1
tiou of pole lines for the municipal
plant, asked instructions from the
committee as to whether or not any
discrimination should be made in
hiring white or colored labor tor pul?
ling up Hie poles, lie said his expe?
rience iiad been that colored labor
in this clsss of work rendered the must
elHclent service for several reasons.
Asked fur a recommendation, he stated
that he preferred to leave the matter
entirely to the committee.
There was some discussion of the
question, in which members of the
committee were hoh-committal. Coun?
cilman Lynch, who had some time be?
fore relinquished the chair to Sub
Chairman Ijoii l.cavy, bridged over the
embarrassing situation by moving that
the consulting engineer be allowed to
advertise for bids on the pole lines,
for which the members voted with
avidity. There is no race legislation
among the contractors! and such a|
move relieves the committee of the
Other HiiHlueSa.
The subcommittee appointed for the
purpose of passing on sundry bids lor
ihe planti made only one award?that
lor the water wheel und governor,
which went to S. .Morgan Smith &
Company at $1,500. The full commit
Ki. approved the recommendation,
other contracts will be awarded later, '
,as thi. subcommittee reports.
A communU.Ulon from Chief Health!
Olli tier Levy was read, in which ho ]
asked tiiat the municipal cut l ent bo
placed In tlie rooms of Hie Health Oe-1
partmeul. The letter stated that rates
of til* Virginia Railway and Power ]
Company hud been found to be exces?
sive, and that the service had been '
discontinued about a month ago. it was
referred to the consulting engineer,
ihe City Electrician and trio Building
Inspector to be Incoropratfcd In the
report on wiring the entire City Hall
from the new plant.
The Virginia Hallway and Power
v'ompany suggested the purchase of an
electric vehicle for Ihe city lighting
department, making some argument as
to Its economy; Mr. Trafford favored
'.he purchase of a self-propelled ve?
hicle in his report. He reported, also,
that there are now In operation !i|?
fire lamps from tile city plant, and
that nearly all the Virginia Railway
and Power Company lights had been
discont inued.
Mr. Trafford called attention to the
fad i bat the must arms he had bean
authorized to purchase from tile Vir?
ginia Railway and Power Company at
is.50 each .were not worth that amount
to the city, und said that he could
plirchase the available material for
Ii.50. About thirty of these have been
used, so a resolution was passed limit?
ing the old arms to thirty-five in num?
ber, .and authorizing the engineer to
purchase ornamental mast arms, such
as are now In use in some parts of the
city, to the number of ?.'00. at ?B each.
New Jersey Volunteers I'rnreed lo Old Point
Kii Itonte Herne.
Afl*r a tour of the city, which embraced
ihe mo5! Important point* 0f historic Inter?
est, the Veteran Association of ihe Klfteentli
uim.wi, New Jersev Volunteers, which ar?
rived li-rt: Tuesday afternoon, left yesterday
nt 1:3? P. M. over the Chesapeake and Ohio
Itailnny on Its return trip, which will end at
Newark, N. J.', Saturday night. Tncs
nlsht was spent in Ihe Jefferson Hotel,
Where the visitors rrstnl from the Journey,
whirh was broken tor only a short while at
Washington and Fredcrlcksburg. The lour
of Richmond was made yesterday mo.rnl.rifi
on special trolley cars provided for the oc?
casion by the Virginia Railway and Power
Company. Immediately After luncheon at
:li'- JefferSon the party boarded its special
train for Old Tnini.
On ihn way down a short mop was made j
n WllllHmstnirc, where the members In?
serted the college und other places in the
ancient capital. The veterans will remain
it Old Point until lo.morrow niorniiiR.
Willie at Old Point they will be eupbIi; of
? he Cnamberliu iloiel. Efforts ?in he made
'.r, hove the troop* iftirrisoc.ed at the fort
to appeni In dress parade, nnd there proti
nbly will be a danc? at the Ohamberlln.
After leaving Old Point they visit Norfolk!
and i.'ope Henry, und returning leave Nor
folk to-morrow afternoon by boat for Wash?
I bis pi-ohahlv 1? the lau pilgrimage of Co.
association, and was designed to be Ihe
greniest of ?.him all. According to those
who were in the city v^stenpty th* promo
t' i's no- re than made fc-nod I heir promises.
Given Jail Sentencc^or Conduct?
ing Disorderly House on
Marshall Street.
Justice Crutchtield Says He Will
Not Expose Those Trying
to Reform.
Though two charges?one for steal?
ing a tliumonel ring, vulucel at S15U
trotn S. A. Covert, ami the other for
selling liquor without a license lit her [
come, 700 tlast Marshall Street, were
dismissed, Mrs. Helle Hughes was con?
victed yesterday on a charge of run- j
r.lng an objectionable resort, and was
sentenced to pay a lino of .5100 and to j
go to Jail for thirty days. The uttor- ]
ueys Tor the defense. Kdgar linglisll \
and HIrani Smith, Immediately noted an j
This Stan Tells.
The warrant against Mrs. Hughes 1
was issued by Justice Crutchtield upon
the testimony of Covert, who said he
know everything I hat was going on
in the house and knew that it was
under police surveillance. As to this
case the testimony of Covert was ex?
cluded by general agreement, as all '
he could say was that he had seen i
people congregate In the bouse and ]
knew only by interference the pur?
pose of their visits.
When I'oliceinan Johnson went on
tile s'.and lie was asked by Common?
wealth's Attorney Mlnltree Koikes as
to the general reputation of the house,
lie replied that It was bad. very bud.
Attorneys for the defense wanted him
to he more speclllc. to give them names
of people in the neighborhood who
thought as he <lhl and to give names
uf those who were in the habit of con?
gregating in the Hughes house. They
pounded him hard, attempting to dis?
credit his evidence and to show that
he was prejudiced. He turned on them
With holds C.lrlV A'umcH.
' 1 won't give you any names unles-j
I am forced to do so." he said, bis
lace reddening. "But I'll tell you this.
Oirls came to me, and asked me for
Cod's sake not to make iheni go to
court. They told me they had done
wrong and that they were going to
do better. They seid If 1 brought them
Into court 1 might as well send them
to the dogs, und I'm not going to ex?
pose them-now, if I can help It."
"Why did they come to you?" ho
was asked.
'?Because they told me Mrs. Hughes
had been after them to get out of the
way; that I had their names."
"I never expose persons trying to
do better." Interposed Justice Crutch
Held. "That has been ihy rule always,
and 1 shall not disregard It now."
Has Itnd Kepiitutlon.
D'ctectlv'cj Klengel was also asked us
to the general reputation of the wo?
"I know the woman to be one of
the most dangerous characters in
town," he responded, and there was
no shaking him. "She has a had repu?
Major Werner wes then put on by
tlie prosecution. He said that com?
plaints from wives and mothers had
come to. hint In headquarters and that
I'ollce Cniiimissionprs had also mado
complaints. "She lias given us trouble
In every house she has lived In," he
* Justice Crutchfleld, after a short ar?
gument by both sides, announced his
verdict without delay.
Acquitted of Stealing.
Hardly less disgusting were the de.
tails brought out In the trial on the
charge of stealing S. A. Covert's ring,
testified to have been the property of
his wile, who was 111 in Mt. Clemens.
Midi., while the husband Is alleged to
have been dallying with Mrs. Hughes.
He said that Mrs. Hughes took the
ring from him; and that .when he tried
to recover It she said she had lost It.
Sh? testified that he gave her the
ring. He rented a room In the house,
and said he know what was going on
Inside, ft was brought out In the evi?
dence that he represented himself to
be either a widower or unmarried.'11e
denied that he had asked the woman
to go to Florida with him. but admitted
that he had given her $760 with which
to purchase furniture for her house,
expecting to get a deed of trust in
return. The deed was not forthcom?
"I he charge of selling liquor was
soon disposed of. the evidence falling
sheirt eif the mark.
Mrs. Hughes sat through the three
trials, lasting three hours, Imperturb?
able. Outside In the waiting-room Mrs.
Covert wept softly. The courtroom
had been too much for her.
Red Men Fleet Full Complement
of Officers for Coming
Mayor Welcomes Great Council
j to City?Session Likely to
End To-Day.
Frank J. K?rle, of lytanoke, Was
elected groat sachem of .tho Great
Council of Virginia, improved Order
of Red Men, at the sixty-fifth annual
session, which opened in Stnlthdeal
Hall yesterday: other officers chosen,
were its follows: George W. Whltley,
of Newport News, great senior saga?
more: Harry \V. Cuthrcil, or Ports?
mouth, great junior sagamore: Frank
B. Varncy. Lynchburg. groat prophet]
and representative' to the Great Coun?
cil of the United States; .lames T.
Kagebcln. Norfolk. great trustee;
Frank H. Couch. Hampton, great chief
of records: Richard W. Junes. Rich?
mond, great keeper of records.
The. election of officers took place
yestcrduy afternoon. The Red .Men
have disposed of the major portion nt
their work, and It Is understood that
tho meeting will come to an end this
One of tho features of the work yes?
terday was the adoption of a rcsolu
llon calling upon the Legislature of
Virginia to furnish the pupils of the
public schpols with all necessary books
at the expense of the State. The reso?
lution was offered by John L. Dogge,
of Norfolk, organizer of the Free Hook
Mayor Welcomes.
The first session of the Great Coun?
cil opened yesterday morning, when
the visitors were welcomed to Rich?
mond by Mayor D. C. Richardson.
After the initial exercises the dele?
gates, many of whom were accompa?
nied by wives and daughters, enjoyed
a sight-seeing automobile tour of the
city, visiting most of the points of
Last night wns given over to a meet?
ing of tho members of the degree of
PocnhontoF. who organized themselves
Into a State Council. The Installation
ceremonies were conducted by John
W. Cherry, of Norfolk, past great In?
eohoneo, and Charles Rurkert. of Rich?
mond, past great sachem.
The Red Men will'resume their work
this morning at !> o'clock.
Officers An- \nmctl.
ttracers chosen were as follows:
Mrs. Jnnie Lovensohn. Richmond,
great Pocahontas; Mrs. W. H. Hettrlck.
Roanoko. great Wenonah; Mrs. R. H.
Carper, Norfolk, great Minnehaha; Mrs.
Delia 11. Reeves. Portsmouth, great
keeper of records; Mrs. Dora Glenn.
Richmond, great keeper of wampum:
Mrs. Bessie Varncy, Lynchburg. great
prophetess. Miss M. c. Edwards, Pe- j
tersburg'. great first scout; Mrs. Mag- I
gle Amlck, Winchester, great second
scout; Mrs. Kminii Washington, South j
Roston. great guard of tepee, and Mrs. j
Klla Feddorman, Chlncotcogue, great
guard of forest.
Hoard of Appeals?Mrs. Martin, Roa
noke; Mrs. M. K. Jennings, Richmond,
and Mrs. .1. K. Howell. Danville,
Finance Committee?Mrs. S. Duke.
Richmond; Mrs. Blanche E. Cork ran.
Crlttenden, and Mrs. C. Throckmorton.
Judiciary Committee?Mrs. M.1 Car
dona. Richmond; Mrs. S. Ball. Rich?
mond, and Mrs. Estelle Sutton, Rich?
The new great council emhracos
eighteen tribes, with a total member?
ship of 1.232.
Past Great Sachem Burkeri was ap?
pointed State organizer for the new
council. ?
Moses LnwMnn, Colored. Acquitted of
ChllrKC of .-)t?>re-l!rcnking.
Mose.s Lnwson. alias James Day, col?
ored, was acquitted yesterday In the
Hustings Court of the charge of break?
ing Into the. store of William Siinms
and stealing therefrom $71 worth of
William Branch, alias "MolHe," col?
ored, was uontenced to twelve months
in iail and to pay a line of ono cent
on a charge of unlawfully wounding
William Allen:
(tool Hunt Ion h In Chancery.
Frank A. Cosily qualified yesterday
In the Chancery Court as admlnlstrauor
of the estate of Lucenla V. Jones. The
estate is small.
Wllllnm Howard Stringfellow quali?
fied as adminislrntor of the estate of
Molllc T. Stringfellow. The estate
is valued at $6,000.
Sliri?n Solomon for Sheriff.
Simon Solomon, former Sheriff of
Henrlco county, but who was de?
feated for re-clecllon at the lust Dem?
ocratic primary by I.. H. Kemp, in?
cumbent, lias again entered (he race
for this office. This, places Sheriff
Kemp, W. W. Tiller and Mr. Solomon
In Ihc present contest.
Has Removed from the
and announces to his patrons and the public generally that h
is now ready and fully equipped to serve them as usual.
Headquarters For Big Men
We make a specialty of catering to very .large men. Everything you
may need in Suits?Extra Trousers?Shirts?Underwear?and Hats. Sizes
you cannot get elsewhere you will be sure to find here.
Old QuarterB on East Franklin
to Be Given Up to-Night.
Will Have Parade.
To make way tor the march of com?
mercial progress, the Young Women's
Christian Association will' to-day sur?
render Us headquarters, 70a Hast
Franklin Street, which, It Is under?
stood, will be converted into a business
house, and move the dormitories for
members to Olnter Park and the execu?
tive headquarters to Fifth and Grace
Preparations have been made to
make the event a memorable one. For
the last lime the members will as?
semble at ihelr old headquarters at S
o'clock to-nlghi. At this hour. It Is
planned, u parade will start. The
young women and thoce who are in?
terested in the association's welfare
will be seated In wagons which have
been procured for the occasion. They
will be appropriately decorated for the
occasion. The line of march will be
from Highth and Franklin to Seventh,
to Grace, to Fifth, thence to the V. W.
C. A. gymnasium. Fourth and Cary
Rrcnll PnM Cvcnta.
Preceding the parade, however, there
will be farewell exercises in the old
home. Miss Rebecca Norwood and Mrs.
Charles O. Savlllo wijl review the work
of Ihe association. Others who will
speak will Include Miss Bva Perkins
und .Miss Constance McCorkle, general
Following the visit to the gymna?
sium, the parade will return lo Frank?
lin Street nnd move out Brook Road
to the new bonrdlng-house in Olnter
Park. Here a reception will end the
exercises of the evening.
It Is planned by the association to
maintain the boarding-house in Ginter
Park during the summer, while In tho
winter It will be moved into the resi?
dence section of the city.
(.'barters were Issued by the State
Corporation Commission yesterday as
Frantz Auto Corporation. Roanoke.
Incorporators: J. H. Frantz. preuident;
T. K. Frnntz. secretary and treasurer:
.1. W. C. Miller, vice-president, nil of
Richmond. Capital stork: Maximum.
$5.000; minimum. $600. Objects and pur?
poses; Automobile business.
Capital Advertising Company. Incor?
porated. Incorporators: H. S. Walcott.
president. Washington. D. C.; S. H.
Rosenthal, vice-president. Washington,
D. C; .1. L,eo Kolb, secretary and treas?
urer. Washington, D. C. Capital stoCk:
Maximum. $50.000; minimum. $25,000.
Objects and purposes: Advertising
The Dixie Company. Incorporated. St.
Elmo. Va. Incorporators: S. A. Gatti,
president: Milton .Strasburger, treas?
urer, hoth of Washington, D. C.; Alan
P. Hume, secretary, St. Elmo. Va. Cap
Hal stock: Maximum. $100.000: mini?
mum, $50.000. Objects and purposes:
Grocery business.
justice Crutchfield Fines Poker
Players Caught at
Declaring that ho would not allow
hotels to be turned over to gamblers,
Justice Crutchfield yesterday afternoon
fined M. Southward, J. H. Miller and
It. W. Kennolds $30 each on n charge
of gumbllng in a room in Murphy's
Motel Annex. Later the Justice released
the men on nominal bail, and gave
Ihem thirty days In which lo raise the
fines. Tills saves them from Jail. Samuel
Hampton und J. IMnchcfsky were dis?
missed, it being shown that they did
not participate In the shuffling.
The hotel clerk wns put on the stand
to prove that the room was rented by
Southward, and the hotel watchman
testified to hearing the money rattle
on the table. Policeman Mitchell stat?
ed that Miller and Rennolds admitted
that they had been playing, and he was
almost sure that Pinchcfsky made the
same admission. He and Policeman
Tinsley grabbed up $23.75 from the
table. The game, he testified, was
draw poker, with a 25-cent limit. The
last pot wns won by the officers; but
who the other winners were, or the
other winner was, was not brought
Attorney Gilbert Pollock, for the de?
fense, fought hard for his clients, at?
tempting to prove that there had been
no violation of any statute. But Jus?
tice Crutchfield wns adamant. His
mind was made up. he said, und he was
not going to allow the hotels to he
turned over to gamblers. There would
be no telling where it would end.
All the men are strangers In Rich?
mond. Justice Crutchfield asked them
If they wanted to appeal, hut the
spokesman said It was no use.
Committees for Meeting Here,
Tho National Municipal Lcaguo has ap?
pointed the following committee* in connec?
tion with its annual meeting to be held tn
Richmond November 18 to 17:
Commltteo on Program?Prof. Albert Bush
noil Hart. Harvard University, Cambridge;
A. Loo Well, president, Votoro' Civic Leai;uo
of ritteburg; John Stewart Bryan, Rich?
mond News Loader; J. W. S. Peters. Kansas
City, Mo., and Clinton Hogers Woodruff,
Committee on Nominations?Camlllus G.
Klrider, Orange, N. J.; I.. McKenzie Judklns,
Richmond; Charles W. Andrews. Syracuse;
Hr. E. M. Salt, Columbia University; John
Rilde?- ??crotari- liojijujoc Aasocia
Slate Health Officers Assigned
Work in Coming
In order that Virginia may conduct
the light on typhoid fever In the most
effectual manner during the coming
summer. Commissioner Williams has
organized ills lighting force and an?
nounces that every epidemic of typhoid
fever In the State will be Investigated
by his experts. If prompt notice of the
outbreak Is reported.
Dr. Allen w. Freeman, director of
rural sanitation, will lie In Immediate
charge of the typhoid work and will
Investigate special epldomlcB of a gen?
eral character. Ho will be assisted in
water-borne epidemics by Richard
Mcssr, the sanitary engineer of the de?
portment, while Dr. R. K. Flannagan
will at once begin a general sanitary
Inspection of the small towns of the
State, whore much of tho typhoid fever
occurs. In addition the department
expects to keep an expert employed In
an Investigation of typhoid in rural
"Not every epidemic of typhoid fever
Can-be stopped at once," said Health
Commissioner Williams In making his
announcement yesterday, "nut almost,
all of them can be reduced and
many can bo effectually stopped If
prompt report Is madn and the Investi?
gation is begun without delay. We
have no law In the State which gives
us an Immediate report of every sus?
picious outhreak of typhoid fever, and
ore forced to rely on the physicians
nnd on strong public sentiment. We
can do nothing more than state/ the
facts to the people and urge them to
inform the department of every epi?
demic as Eoon as possible. Of course,
we cannot investigate Individual cases,
but we can and will study community
outbreaks as soon as they are reported.
It Is not too much to say that we may
expect a notable reduction In the num.
ber of typhoid cases in tho State If
work on these epidemics can he start?
ed early In their course. I cannot too
strongly urge upon health officers,
town authorities and the public fton
etaly. to keep us advised of the typhoid
situation In their locality. Without
co-operation, the forces of the depart?
ment cannot perform their best pub?
lic service."
W hltlock l>1n?c Ohjoel? to Itrmnvnl
of >lonttcrllo Hull.
R. Ferrandlni. owner of Montleelto
Hull. 613-61S-,C17 Kant Hroad Street. Is
tn a dilemma: The hall has been con?
demned and ordered down. The Whlt
lock estate, ownintr adjoining properly,
has applied for an Injunction to pre?
vent the removal ol a parly wall,
claiming that It would Injure Its prop?
-Mr. Ferrandlni had made plans to
erect a four-story hrlck store on the
property: has already leased It to tho
Globe Clothing Company, and expected
to begin clearing the site at once. The
c.-.se will be heard In the Chnncerv
Court on Friday, when argument will
be advanced by each side. The de?
cision of the court will be of Import?
ance as settling certain party wall
rights In cnaes wheru one of the ad?
joining buildings Is condemned and
ordered removed.
Dr. Williams Says Richmond'
Presents Most Signal Triumph
in State.
Public congratulations were tendered
yesterday by the State Health Depart?
ment to Chief Health Officer E. C. Levy,
of this city, upon the fact that to-day,
for the first time in its history, so
far as the official records show, thero
is not a single case of typhoid fever in
Following the announcement of this
condition in Thc Times-Dispatch yes?
terday. State Health Commissioner En
nion C. Williams gave out thc follow?
ing interview:
"'Dr. Levy's achievement." he said,
"may very properly be regarded as the
most signal triumph of health work
In the Slate. Our records and the.
records of the old board of health dis?
close nothing like It. This great vic?
tory, for better health and Increased
happiness has been gained as a result
of long continued and exacting effort,
und It is to be primarily attributed. I
think, (o tho extension of the city's
sewerage system and to the care taken
in providing sanitary outbuildings In
those parts of the city which have not
been sewered.
"In addition, the city's care In in?
specting every case of typhoid as soon
as it Is reported, and in Instructing thc
family in the proper precautions, has
undoubtedly prevented the ? spread of
the disease.
"What Richmond has achieved Is a.
splendid Rd verllsement for the city,
nnd should incite every city and town
of Ihe Commonwealth to like efforts
In extending Its sewers nnd watching
every case of typhoid fever. Th0 city
cannot, of course, hope to prevent the
coming of persons to the city who will
develop typhoid, but It has a splendid
opportunity in establishing a new
record in American public health."
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