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Chsr^ber Secures Through' Ser
T5CJ Between Warrenton and
7".\r:zz. agreement effected by
".-.ir.-.ber ci Commerce with the
Cr';-;;:j;e and Ohio Hallway and the
f-r-'sihera Railway, the Southern will
r.?;.: Monday put on a special train,
rr.akinc two trips, dally except Sun
Ciy, between Warrenton and ? Gordons
v.i".e and connecting with the Choga
luake and Ohio trains there. By the
terms of the agreement, the new
Southern train has the use of tin
Chesapeake and Ohio (tracks from
prange to GorrtonsVlllo, tin;.* making
ir possible for people In Unit section
Ol the State to leave, their homes at
a convenient hour In the morning,
spend the better part of the day Iii
Richmond and return in lime for flip?
The need for such service as the
new train will give has long been felt,
and from time to time efforts have
been made to obtain it, but without
BUCcefs. Recently the matter was
taken up in- the Chamber of Com?
merce and the two railways, and the
p'rt jerii agreement. which, It Is
thought, will cover every need, was
reached, indications are that a great
civ il of the trade of that section will
bo diverted to this city.
Under the new arrangement pas?
sengers may leave this city at S:30
A. M.. transfer at Gordonsvllle and
Orange, going north on Southern train
No 10, The next train leaving here
I:; nt 11:30 P. M-, connecting at Gor?
donsvllle with the special train for
< range, Warrenton and intermediate
Leaving Warrenton at 5:40 A. M.,
the special train stops; at the prin
ripal stations, connecting at Gordons
vllle with the Cliesapenke and Ohio
i rain arriving here at ,P:F>0 A. M.
Southern train No. 9 connects at
C?ri'r.?e and GordonsvUle with Chesa?
peake and Ohio train arriving hore at
i* P. M. Passengers from points be?
tween Charlbttcsvllie and Orange,
using Southern Railway train No. 10.
ionnr<"t at Orange with this train.
Richmond Men Interested in
Southwestern Water Develop?
ment Enterprise.
A rharter was issued yesterday by
t:-.. S'ute Corporation Commission to I
the Appalachian Power Company, of
Richmond, with on authorized capi?
tal stock of {25,000,000 and a mini?
mum issue ot only $2.500. The pro
ijio'efs are New York and Chicago
mpltrUlfilsj who propose to develop
clciitrlc power in several counties In
Southwest Virginia. The towns of
Po ahontas a::d Graham, In Virginia,
and Bluefleld, Princeton and Uram
weli, In West Virginia, are among
Hid.se which It is proposed to serve
with current for electric lighting and
other purposes. The Incorpora tors
: ri H M Bylicsby, of Chicago, presi?
dent; M- A. v iel'-, r-f New York, vice
president; Elmer Dover, of Chicago,
secretary; R. J. Graf, of l.hiesgo,
treasurer; Robert !?:. Scott and Marl:
R. Lloyd; butb of Rl< limohd. The
ces a ; e>-.r,r.| of Instruction In !
loblie running In Richmond Tt.e
? i wj.s issued to the National
Schools Corporation, with prln- \
ofltce i: I;!' hmoncl, and a mail- .
.?spun! stock of $10.000; minimum, I
The Ihcnrporatbfs are; John
nfden. president ; W. M Jus tie, I
cf -preddent. and George A. Pul- j
seerjotary and treasurer, all of I
: n f 1. The object and purpose:
led In be i r> operate a sch' ol for
clion of people It; the operation
rpatr of automobiles
cense to do buRinefli In Virginia
s.?tj*rl to the Southern Lifo and
? Company, of North Carolina,
of attorney having been tiled
itlng Joseph Button, "'ommlr
of Ir.Furnr.ce, statutory agent
r gin la The maximum enpltai
-Ized hy the chartet \t $500,000.
?e object IS to er.at'e In the busl
>f life inrtirance.
Police Court Cn?e?,
iC'ilust John [.evil sir! wi'ili&ui
rg*d with as.tnultlr.K Georste
? continued yetterdny morning In
t, to May :?, fu was the cjore
r,h Wilbur, rh%ri?erl with knit.
Hernien AlnrrlaBe i.lreii!.r.
Mi.tRe lirienije wn? granted yesterdn
office /.f the clerk of lb* nenn.-,
Circuit Court to John T. Miller and
b Minn.ijur.j.
Finals of Medical College o?
Virginia on Next Tuesday
Programs arc out for the severity
1 hIr<l ~ annual commencement of tho
Mod Lai College of Virginia. Begin?
ning Sunday morning with the bacca?
laureate sermon by R#V; Louis Bacon
Warren nt tho Second Baptist Church,
the exercises will end on Tuesday
In addition to the baccalaureate
sermon, the program Is (is follows:
Monday, May 23?in A. M. to 1 P. M..
medical clinics, symposium on syphi?
lis; l to 3 P. Mit luncheon tendered by
Memorial Hospital; 2 to 4 P. M . surgi?
cal clinics; 8:30 P. M.i musical enter?
tainment by students; 0:30 P. M.. ad?
junct faculty smoker.
Tuesday, May 30?10 A. M.. business
session of Alumni Society; 11:30 A. M..
scientific session of Alumni Society;
address by Colonel Walter 77). McC'aw.
M l>.. United States Army: 3 P. M..
luncheon, pathological laboratory: ?:???>
P. M? commencement exercises at the
City Auditorium.
The final orator will be Richard
Evelyn Byrd. Speaker of Iho House of
Delegates of Virginia. The olnss re?
union supper will be held nt 1? o'clock,
following the commencement.
List ?f Oraduntes,
The class roll of graduates is as
Doctors of Medicine?Thomas Wash?
ington Blanrhard, Gilden, X. C: .lames
Pun*ear Bowles, Johnson Springs, Va.;
Frank Pierce Brammer. Floyd. Vn.; Ar?
thur Sumner Brlnkle.y, Cypress Chapel,
Vn.; Thomas Nash Broaddns, Millers
Tavern. Vn.; William Raby Calfce. Al
llsnnia. Vn.; Clarence Campbell, En
field. Va ; Royu.ll Graves Cannnday,
Salem. Va.; Charles Hyattc Clicrry.
Lancaster. S. C.: Grover Cleveland Cor
der. Flcmington, W. Va.: Jesse Hill
Crouch, Richmond; William Banbury
Crowgey. Wytlievlllc, Va.; Henry Evan
Davis, Reaver Dam, Va.; Richard Hen?
ry Eanes. Richmond; Meide Castleton
Edmunds. Champe, Va.; Thomas Rns
coin Ely, Jonesvllle. Va.. George Gcd
dy Hanklns. Tonne, Va.; Harold Ed?
ward Harlan. Charlottesvlllo. Va.: Her?
bert Harlan Harris. Anderson. S. C;
Horace Taylor Hawkins. Richmond;
Aubrey Alnhln Hotiser. Rocky P.iint.
Va.: William Edward Kncwtep. Hamp?
ton. Va.; Bernard Hewitt Kyle. Buf?
falo Station, Vn.: Henry Irving Land.
Creeds. A'a.; Herbert Frederick Mont,
Petersburg. Va.: Turner Ashby Mon
cure. Rectory, Va.; George Everett
Nance. Jtoxbury. Va.; Jobn James Nel?
son. Jr.. ColumMit. Vn : Richard Esk
redge Parker, Suffolk. VR.; Henry Hu?
bert Powell. Auburn, N. C : Hallle Mayo
P.atllff. Maxwefl, Va.; Clyde Hutcheson
c=cott. Mason town, W. Va.; David Pat
teson Scott, Monroe, Va.; Maurice Sil
bcrmann. New York. N. Y.j Henrv Clay
Smith. Crew*. Va.; Willie Strother
Snead. Buckner. Vn. Joseph Strauhln
sky. Norfolk. Va.; John Tlrla?glJ Rath
mullen Sweeney. El Peso. Texas; Elberl
?Berkley Talbot. Lyn'chburg, Vn. Her?
man Gose Tarter. Wythevllle, Va
Loma,\ Hater Tayloe. Orange.' Va ?
Herman Marshall Taylor. Now York]
N. Y. William Nelson Thomas Box
horo. N. C ; Albert Updvke V.he
Mecluinlcsb-.i.-g. Va.. Achilles Douglas
Tyre*. jr Monroe. Va.; John Belling
a'wT' ?*w Kfn'' Va.: Francis
Aloysius Wade. Palerson. N .1 Ran
dolph Edwin Wntts, Pleasant ' View
\a;; Don Creed Will?. Arringiori Va '
wfm" ,:frJ"H/t-, Vlnfleld. Itlchmoni
Vj.'lliam Meredith Wlnn. Jr., Skipwltii
Va, ' ?
Doctors of Dental Surgcryr-Ernesl
Lee Ulankenbaker. Madison, Va Fredi
erlck DcShletds Brent. Heathsvhie. Va
Na.j Maurice Edward Egglestdh Rich
m*nd| Charles Brown Pearson, Pbhio"
^.. Leonard Ray Temple; I ,!.= ? rsi,,v,'
Va y-i,':*'"x. ,. '?nli;:" Turner, X...:,!,
Wflit/.i u,.r.'..'. r,-.. U'."'T:' ' ?'??'?nds. \'a ;
Herbert Goiwlri Cobb F
Charles Milton ci?rk?' vi
Tracey Allen cGrry Flo
Vn Cornwflj FO.-rrian Dir
t 'x ft*' .1? H.,r'v.Hk
Ordinance Committee Recom?
mends That Probation System
Be Introduced.
Salaries Are Fixed for Deputies
in OfTice of City
As n substitute for tin ordinance re?
ferred providing for holding a special
term of the Police Court In the after?
noon twice a wooRT for the trial of
Juvenile offenders, the Council Com?
mittee on Ordinance, Charter and Re?
form last night recommended an lordln
ance prepurod by C. V. Meredith, and
^strongly recommended by the Juvenile
Protective Association and several
other societies, which conforms to
State laws recently enacted with re?
gard to delinquent children- The first
clause provides for the appointment of
n special probation ofllccr. preferably
n woman, though the ordinance does
not eo stale, the salary being placed j
at 51.200. 1
The second clause provides that the
judge of the Hustings Court may de?
signate- three police officers for spe?
cial service as probation officers In
carrying cut the work outlined, this
power having nlrendy been given to
the Judge of the Hustings Court by
State law. The third clause provides
that In order thai no child under
seventeen years of age, when arrested
for any offense, shall be confined In
Jail previous to trinl. the Finance Com?
mittee is empowered to enter Into a
contract on n per dlom basis, for the
detention and care of such chlld/on.
previous to trial, with some approved
home of detention or charitable society
having such powers under Its charter.
The fourth clause provides that the
Police Justice of the city of Richmond
shnll hold a special session of his
court every day at noon, whenever
necessary, for the hearing of Juvenile
and non-support cases. j
City ,\oiv Breaking I/aw.
Mr. .Meredith explained that the
ordinance was carefully drawn in com?
pliance with State law, which the city
was Itself breaking In sending a. child
under seventeen to Jail or police sta?
tion; In falling to hold a separate
court tor trial of children's cases, and
in not supplying probation oiliccrs.
Such officers have been supplied by
private churitablc organizations. Dr.
.lames Buchanan, superintendent of the
Associated Charities, and Mrs. Buch?
anan have acted for several years past,
while the Police Board, unwilling to
send children to Jail, has committed
them without compensation to the As?
sociated Charities building. Dr. Buch?
anan spoke on the ordinance, oaylng
that he had at his institution last
night three girls who had ran away ]
from home In oiher cities, been arrest- |
c-d, and were being held for their par- j
en is.
A number of others spoke on the
provisions of the ordinance, represen?
tatives of the Instructive Visiting
Nurses' Association, which has done ?
large work among the poor, calling at?
tention to tho Importance of having
one trained probation officer, prefer?
ably a won an, who could do work
that police ofllcera, whether in uni?
form or not, could not undertake. The
measure was strongly Indorsed by Po?
lice Commissioner Manning, speaking
for the Police Board.
_\o Stable In ItcHldentlal Section!
The application of Walton & Epps
for permission to operate a public
stable on North Thirty-second Street
was .rejected on protest of the neigh?
bors. The proposition of Increasing ;
the pay of the two bill clerks In the
Water Department, which provoked
such a storm at the last meeting of
tho common Council, wns sent back
w;th recommendation that it go first
to the Water Committee.
The committee unanimously recom?
mended that the office of City Collec?
tor be kept on a salary basis until iL
can be aboliJribd by legislative enact?
ment, as has already been recommend?
ed by this committee. The committee
recommended the following scale of
salaries: Collector, J.I.BOO per annum;
deputy, Jl.r.OO; deputy In Washington
Ward, $1.200; clerk hire, $1,200. The
lfist Item leaves It optional with the
Collector to employ a number of men
In the busy seasons.
The committee adjourned to Friday
nitrhl of next week, when the much
debuted W.csthampton Street car
schedule will he the special order.
Sixty Engines Will Be Built by
Richmond Plant?Other
Orders Expected.
After having been practically dosed
down for Several weeks past the iiuh
luohd Branch of the American Locomo?
tive Works will :-isumo, shop by .'hop.
' having booked for sixty
engines tor finrnediatu delivery; .Men
will i ..? taken o'ii in Ihe various shops
an fast as the drawings ?an be. pre
pared It Is estimated that within
liiiily days the works will bo run
t in jit with fully half its complete force.
..- . in nt J.OOU men, while n other mv
?'tin rotui in during th-- summer, the
? ii. may go back 10 full tune opera
'I r.< orders t-ftlenwl yosierday were
f : twenty l'iiel?e l>'|ie engines for
?:. Southern itt'.ilway; ten Ptieilh: type
i tin Heabpfcrd Air Line Railway; and
eohsidlila teil engines for the
vVi -em Maryland,
? '? the beginning of t'H.i ir.bnth
Hi. '.ry^ hive i f.m practically closed
'?' " i. A few Wen have been u..rl<ln;.
r'? I ;> 11 J-)bfl, and In 'l"itil'i.j up the
;Vr.t'!x and nr<? finr>?ii? for expedited ?.*r
ib rx |i Is r,ov.- believed thai from
ti men will I-: nt work
I , ? ? i IddJo of .I tine.
ollicl.tls 'nope that I ho new or
???? :,.<? bill an Indication of \vliul
<.> ?? '.n.ir.g. ns when put in full blast
lh< wbrka can deliver two engines
?Married In Wii>llliitfioii.
'' Myrtli 'I iM.ii. nineteen yearn old,
??<?.- ti! >?'.:*. <!. <!. Mircdilh, of Itlffh
:? i>, if?j P.'illiiiil .ler.kihii. twenty-two
1 ' ii i ? <-n,ir. tit the ?fnerlc?n To
?.?-.r.v r-loped yeuterday to Wniih
I, <? wheic they were married. The
:-. i,: ivit * t'ir;>tli?- lo trie young bride's
Ibcugji it,( h?<l r.o objection to the
Judge Grinnan Confirms Sale,
but Appeal Is Taken to
S.upreme Court.
If Supersedeas Issues, Deal Mag
Not Be Closed for
a Year.
Should an appeal noted yesterday In
the Chancery Court he granted by tho
Supremo Court of Appeals, of Virginia,
tho sale to the city ot Richmond of
the Ford property opposlle tho City
Hall will be tied up Indefinitely, until
such time as the' highest court shall |
have given a final Judgment in the
matter. Tho objoction Is on the part
of one of the heirs as to the price
ivhich is to be paid.
A decree was entered yesterday In
the Chancery Court by Judge Daniel
Grlnnan, confirming the snle to the
city of the p'roperty. at the option
price fixed by the former decree, the
City Council having consented to the
purchase. Thereupon Richard Evelyn
Byrd. attorney for Mrs. Bennett, one
of the Ford heirs, filed notice of pro?
test at the price, and asked for a sus?
pending order that he might lake an
appeal to the Supreme Court. Tho ord?
er was issued.
Some, time will necessarily be con?
sumed in preparing the record In the
cr.se, and this with the petition of Mr.
Byrd will be presented to the court.
The granting of an appeal and super
sedeas would delay the consummation
of the sale until tho court hears and
decides the matter, which would prob?
ably not be possible before next March.
Majority of Automobile Owners to Bo Sum?
moned I? Tollre Court.
Considerably less than one-half of the au?
tomobile owners In Richmond have obtained
tho necessary permits from the Chief of Po?
lice, and summonses will be served on fifty j
of the delinquents for their appearance In I
Police Court to show cause why they should |
not he lined for Iholr neglect.
The permits should have been obtained on
January 1, at the time new licenses were i
(Sailed from the office ot the Secretary of Iho i
1 ominonwealth. It was noticed that appli?
cation for permits from the 1'ollce Depart- 1
ment did not come up to the number of au- \
lomoblle owners In the city, nnd an Investi?
gation of the records of the Secretary of the
Commonwealth was madr by Bicycle Police?
man Thurman on the order of Major Wer?
Hull.Ilm; Permits.
Building nnd repair permits were Issued
yesterday as follows:
V. \V. Shrecngost, to erect five detached
>wo-story frame dwellings on the north sldo
of Louisiana Street between Marshall and |
Ollllnm Streets, to cost SS.?00.
Asbury Place Methodist Church, South,
to erect a two-story brltlt and stone church
on the south side of Park Avenue between
Alien Avenue and Park Street, to cost J.'.O.
City Attorney Renders Opinion
1 Which May Result in Court
In an opinion rendered by City At?
torney Pollard to the City Engineer,
there Is established the true lines of
an alley between Grace and Broad
Streets, west of Seventh Street, just
In rear of the Young Men's Christian
Association building. At present the
alley?a blind one?Is twenty feet
wide. The Keppler estate, owner of
property at Seventh and Broad Streets,
at the last meeting of the Street Com?
mittee, filed a petition setting forth
that eight feet of the alley belonged
to Its lot, and was private property on
which It had merely permitted public
use for the convenience of its own ten- .
ants. Proposing to build on Seventh
Street beside the alley, the Keppler
estate asked that it be given the true
linos and Kindes, so that It. might built
over Its eight-feet of the alley, leaving!
It but twelve feet wide. The Street
Committee Instructed the City Engineer
to ascertain the true lines of the al
ley and issue a certificate according?
The opinion of the. City Attorney,
rendered to Mr. Boiling, Is adverse to
the Keppler contention. Mr. Pollard
holds that the whole of the twenty-foot'
alley Is a public thoroughfare, and may
not be enclosed. It Is probable that
the mnttcr will be tested In the courts,
as the Keppler estate mnlntalns Its
titln to the disputed eight feet of
frontage on North Seventh Street, now
having a considerable cash value, and
it was t'cporV-d nt the City Hall yes?
terday that an application would he
made for a innndamus to compel the
City Hngineer to give u certificate of
line, including the debatable strip. f
Such action would throw the whole
question of title to the strip into
court, and secure a flnnl determination
of the true ownership.
Missing Railroad Cashier Is
Charged With Theft
of $5,000.
Full Descriptions Sent; Out.
Attachment Against His
Sufficiently satisfied now, after an
exhaustive examination of his accounts,
that Ixntls I/. Gregory, the missing
cashier of the Atlantic Const Lino Rail?
road, has absconded, Ernest Polndex
ter, special attorney for the American
Surety Company, which went upon
Gregory's bond for $30.noo. yesterday
swore out n warrant for the former
cashier's arrest, charging hin? with
the theft of J5.000 from the railroad
The warrant was Issued after a con?
ference between Mr. Polndexter and
Captain McMahon, at which were pres?
ent II. L, King, freight agent of the
Atlantic Const Eine Railroad. In whose
department Gregory was employed: \V.
G. Farmer, chief traveling auditor for
the company, with hendqunrters in
Wilmington. N*. C. and H. T. Fisher,
traveling auditor, with headquarters
at Rocky Mount. N. C. The three men
were named on the warrant ns wit?
nesses ngalnst Gregory. The one war?
rant Is sufllclent In itself to cause the;
arrest of Gregory anywhere In the
United States or Canada, but It Is ex?
pected that other warrants wIlL be
sworn out. as the shortage which
Gregory knew would be discovered, j
and which led to his sudden departure, j
will amount to $ ] .",.000 or US.000. and;
possibly considerably more.
I Dot pot I vc.i nt Work.
The warrant was Immediately placed
In the hands of Captain McMabon, who
to-day will Siegln the sending of tele
grams and circulars to every point .'*t
! the 1,'nlted States, describing the miss?
ing man and ashing for his arrest on
sight. The detective department,
which previously had been quietly at
work on the case on its own volition,
knowing that a warrant would he
issued sooner or later, will now take
active charge of the case. Detectives
.were specifically assigned yesterday to
run down all clues as to - Gregory's
destination when he left the city?for
no one believes in the suicide theory?
and to discover all they could con?
cerning his movements here before his
departure, it la definitely known th.-i
Gregory was here until lit Ions'
o'clock Saturday night, for he was In
the company of a woman In the enst
erri part of the city between !) and 11
o'clock that night. Phe stated posi?
tively that he had been with her. and
that he left her about 11 o'clock.
At 7 o'clock on the same night he
transferred from a Broad and Main
Street car to an castbound Main Street
car at Eighteenth and Main Streets.
It Is supposed that he went down to
the Old Dominion dorku, deposited that
"farewell" note, and then returned up?
town, where he cashed one or more
checks, and then went out for a last
fling. But the detective department is
little interested In Gregory's move?
ments here except as they may lead
to some Information as to his destina?
tion when he left Richmond.
niver th Drugged.
Dragging for a supposed bqdy in
the river progrosfed yesterday, at the
request of the family; but. of course,
no one. not even the men employed at
the expense of the city, expect to find
the remains of Gregory In the turbid
tide of the James River. The search
Is being conducted purely as a formal?
ity, for It Is argued that It is hardly
reasonable to suppose that Gregory
would leave his note on the river hank,
return uptown to cash checks for large
sums of money, go out In the com?
pany of women, and then wind up by
throwing himself Int.) the river. And
In the extremely hot weather of' the
past week a body would have risen to
the surface by this time and have been
found. I
No further clues were received yes?
terday as to the Baltimore end of the
case, though even before the warrant
was issued the police departments of
Baltimore, Washington and Philadel?
phia were asked to look out for Greg?
ory and hold him until papers could bo i
forwarded. But the defaulter has had ,
four days' start, and may be half-way,
across the continent by this time.
Automobile Attached.
It seems that Gregory loft some:
debts behind him, and yesterday the'
Poster Motor Company, claiming u
debt of $207. caused an attachment to
bo isr.ued hy the clerk of the Henrlco:
county Circuit Court against one of the j
automobiles owned by him.
The warrant issued against Gregory
yesterday charges that the money wns:
stolon within the past six months, dm-,
Ing which most of the peculation Is be-'
llevod to have been committed. This,
sum was paid into the hands of Greg
ore as freight chnrges by a tobacco,
company. U was not credited on the,
books until sulllclcnt other funds to
cover the deficit had been received. As
other moneys came In, all preceding
deficits wore covered up. and thus
Gregory managed to keep ahead of the!
gnnie until the nuditors began their,
An editorial in The Times-Dispatch yesterday began
with the sentence, "Why is it that men arc so foolish?"
This might sound like an idle question, but in
reality there is a great deal of food for thought be?
hind it.
No one can tell "why men are so foolish," but we
all deplore the fact that some of them are.
Our idea of a foolish man is a man who doesn't
take advantage of the opportunities that are before
not only points out these opportunities through the
press every day, but offers him new ones in the place
of those he has neglected. If you have not used these
The Popularity of the
New English Suitings
Warrants special mention. The soft rolling front and the
narrow waist effect appeals especially to the young men.
Will Receive Free Service Over
Wires of Southern Bell
Through an arrangement perfected
between the United States Weather
Bureau and the Southern Bell Tele?
phone Company, more than 25.00U
Southern farmers will receive the ilally
weather reports by telephone, begin?
ning June 1. The announcement ttl this
effect was made yesterday.
The dally weather reports will be
furnished the telephone company by
the Weather Bureau, and the report
will be read to the farmers by tele- 1
phono operators. At a given Hour each
day a 'general alarm will be soundeiL
calling every farmer ^to the telephone.
When they are all assembled the re?
port will be read. Any farmer who Is
not able to answer the signal and hear1
the report has the privilege of call-1
Ing the operator and securing the. In- I
Almost every farmer's telephone llnei
connected with the Bell system has st.\
or more subscribers, and by reading
the report to each line the work can
be speedily accomplished.
This is the first comprehensive and
systematic effort to furnish this In?
formation without cost to the fanners
of the South. The spread of the tele?
phone In the rural districts In the past
few years ha3 made It possible to reach
such n largo number of farmers through
the Bell system, and the dissemina?
tion of weather news by telephone Is
one of the many practical uses for the|
telephone on the farm.
The territory of the Southern Bell
Company covers the States of North I
and South Carolina, Georgia. Florida.!
Alabama. Virginia and the southern
half of West Virginia.
Supply Liens Amounting" to
$292,700.14 Are Ordered
Paid by Court
A decree was Issued yesterday by.
Judge Orlnnan, In the Chancery Court,
distributing $2?2,700.14 to creditors of.
the William R. Trlgg 'Co. The money
Is now on deposit In the National Bank
of Virginia, subject to the order of the
court, aud checks will bo issued as
soon as they cau be prepared In con?
formity with the decree, making the
?Ilm rlbutlon. The money represents
the nmnunts rocovercd from tho United
Slates government on the Oalvcston
und Mohawk claims.
When the shlp-bulldlng ?company,
failed, these vessels wore uncompleted.
The government took them over and
finished them on Us own account, filing
bond to reimburse the receivers of the
Trlgg Co. should the courts hold that
Iii their uncompleted state they were
the property of the builders rather
than tho property of trne government.
The litigation went on for years, final?
ly reaching: the Supreme Court of tho
United States, where tho supply Hen
creditors won, and the money waB paid
by tho government to the credit of
the Chancery Court. In the main It
goes to firms which 'had supplied ma?
terial and appliances for the equipment
of these and other vessels under con?
struction at the time of the receiver?
There are still other claims In dis?
pute and a further distribution to the
creditors of the shlp-bulldlng company
Is anticipated before the account Is
closed. The suit retains ItB original
styl*, of S H. Ifnweti & Co., against tho
William R. Trlgg Co. Tho reports of
the masters In chancery In the case
comprise several volumes.
1'lual EYerclse'n of University College of
Mt-dlrlne Tn-XIght.
Commencement exercises of the University
College of Medicine will take place to-night
a: !:30 o'clock In the Academy of Mu?lc,
?hon medical, dental and pharmacy degrees
will he conferred upon successful student'.
The annual address will be made by Prof.
John C. Metealf, M. a., o'i lllehmond Col
lege, while Dr. Htunrt McGuirr-, president of
the Medical College, will also speak. :
Last night it ir.ncttng ot the alumni asso?
ciation took iilaic tn the amphitheatre of j
the Virginia Hospital. This was followed by
.1 reception at the home of Ut. McClulre,
Sixth und Hrace Streets.
This afternoon at 1' o'clock a luncheon at
the Hermitage ?-Jolf (,'Iub will be n feature
of the excrclrea. whin- the concluding event
will be a r*r>ptl?>n at the Westmoreland
Clus at lp;3C o'clock to-night.
Price I? Hxccsslvr, So City Institute! t'on
tlrmmitlun I'r>< iliug-. |
Condemnation proceedings were Instituted
yesterday by City Attorney II, 11. Pollard in
the Henrlco Circuit Court for the ncn,util
tlon nf about sixty-five, acres, wanted >y the
city for purpose of enlarging Oakwood
Cemetery. The properly belongs to Adam
Ke'itls and others. Negotiations for Its
purchase were unsuccessful, the prit.'e ul
which it was held being several tlmtf what
the City Is w/iing to pay.* It lies in the
county well beyond the corporate line on
the side of the cemetery away from the
i ity.
MI? .Myrtle lloyles, of Lynchburg, Found
Here, Held for Her Mother.
Miss Myrtle Doyles, reported ns missing
from her home In bynebburg, was found
here Tuesday night In Jefferson Park by a
young man. who took her Inio the home of
Isaac Harrison. 2361 Jefferson Avenue. Stie
was later turned over to the police and was
taken to the Associated Charities.
The girl said she was lured away from
home by a woman who told her she could
earn her living In Richmond. The woman
suggested an evil life to the girl, but the
latter refused. Mator Werner has a letter
from the girl's mother, and she will bo held
until the arrival of her parent.
Murrlngu License.
A marriage license was Issued yesterday In
the Hustings court to Verier O. .Barden anil
iCaiie l? Putzy._
hau Francisco Chemist I? Turned Over to
t ulted State? Marsbul.
Dr. F, Ii. Morse, the S?n Francisco chern
lit, who Is wanted here on a chaiie of ob
tuning more thun It.oGO under false pre?
tenses from the Hiuifum Cproy Coinpuny, of
Virginia, appeared yesttrduy before Ju.lge
Dobltr. of the lialtlmure City Court, and
was remanded to the United States marshal
for delivery to the Federal authorities uf
the District of Columbia.
Attorney James I., siislton, representing
the Richmond company, was pr.teni at iha
hearing and put In evidence the Virginia
requisition papers. Auer the dmpusal ui t:.c
Washington case, in which a like charfc it
preferred against Morse. Richmond will put
in a cluim to have him extradited to Vir?
State Association llrglns Ann i.i. Session In
Tbl? City.
Toe. Virginia Funeral Dircc'.crt;' Associa?
tion convened in annual s:-bsion a-, the Rich?
mond Hotel yesterday, wit_n u. large attend?
ance. Practically tior.e of the regular busi?
ness 01 the convention was transacted, the
time Oeing mostly takes up with work pre?
liminary to thu sessions to-day and to-mor?
row. There will be a series of lectures per?
taining to the business.
Prof. A; l'.enuuard, of New York, wilt de?
liver u lecture to-day before the convention.
He 1? considered one of the leading teacher*
oi the c?iunir>. Officers for the ensuing year
probably will bs elected this afternoon.
Parker Norwood 1? the First Victim of tho
While- bathlils in the river at the foot of
Twenty-llfth Street Parker Norwood, a col?
ored youth, nineteen years old, of 1317 East
Main .Street. wa.? drowned at 7:80 o'clock last
night. Several compuiilons were with him,
but they became frightened and ran away.
Several white buys attempted a rescue, but
were unuble to reach hlin before he sank
lor teh last time. The body was recovered
several houra later, Mid was turned over to
an undertaker by Coroner Tsylor. Norwood
is the first victim of the season.
Murrled In Ualtlmore.
John C Reinhardt, a musician, and Mrs. 3.
H Parker, of this city, were married In
Ualtlmore on Sunday last. Mr. Reinhardt
is o teacher of music. _'_
Men of Fifteenth Virginia Went
Into Service Fifty Years Ago j
Sixty survivors of the Fifteenth Vir?
ginia Regiment held the seml-ccnton
nlnl celebration of their entry inlcf the
Confederate service at Wllllnmsburg
yesterday, leaving the city on an early
tinlnlng and returning at U:::0 over the
CheKiiponke nnd Ohio.
Besides the veterans a number of
their relatives nnd friends went down
on the excursion. The number was
estimated at a little more than 100 peo?
Of nil that gallant bnnd, which was
mustered into service on May 2-1, ISO).
In the city of Richmond, who Joined,
Johnston nt \Vllllam3burg In the 1'enln-'
silla campaign on May 21. only sixty
answered to roll call lit yesterday's rc
vnlon. Head?iUiirters were pitched nt
the Colonial Inn, around which the
"boys" rallied to talk over the days
that tried men's souls.
In the afternoon a meeting was held
on the court green, near the veranda
of the Inn. President R. It. Griffin pre?
siding. SUrlng addresses were made
by .1. S. Moore. P. P. Winston nnd Goo.
I-\ h'nesoo,' following which was the
election of officers for the ensuing year,
nil being chosen by acclamation.
Those who were chosen officers whrc:
A. .1. Wray, president: R. R. Tiller, vice
president: Colonel .lohn Murphy, treas?
urer; ,T. S. Moore, secretary.
The veterans wore shown every at?
tention by the Willinmsbiirg chnpttr.
Daughters of the Confederacy.
Henrlco Property Sold,
A deed, conveying propony 111 the south?
west comer of Rellcyue Avenue and I ho Her
milage Ttnnd. vnlued at about flS.000, to P.
I.. Conquest, Sr.. was filed yesterday |n the
office of the clerk of the Henrlco county
Circuit Court by Agatha P. Maloncy.
Chooses Brother of Late Hus?
band for Next Venture in
To wed his brother's widow, E. H.
Crlttenden. u well-to-do farmer of
Vni'lna District, yesterday procured a
marriage license from Deputy Clerk
Fletcher In the Henrlco County Circuit
Accompanied by his Intended bride,
.Mrs. Annie l.ee Crlttenden, Mr.' Crlt?
tenden entered the olllce of the clerk
piloted by Constable "Cyclone" Sam?
uels who swore to the age of the cou?
The groom, who Is a widower, gavo
his age as fifty-lie years, while that
of his future w,'"e was entered In the
license as thirty .-three.
William Crlttenden, husband of the
woman who will n?w marry his broth?
er, was also a wealthy farmer. He died
only three months ago. Despite her
widow's weeks, Mr, Crlttenden, No. 2,
lost no time In his courtship; he woo?
ed and won quickly
The ceremony will be performed to?
night In the Central Baptist Church
in the Dnrbylown Bond. Only a few
relatives and intimate friends will be
Special Rate to Europe
from Chllndclphln. .Tune and July,
Richmond Transfer Co.
800 E. Main Street*

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