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:BP:R 18,667
ake Norf o lk
fey Fight to State
Material Changes Shown in
ijorities Heretofore Reported.
Jesuit Leaves Political Situ?
ation Very Problematical.
Defeat of Rodman, Fu?
sionist, Unchallenged.
Jenkins Smuggling Case
Presents New Tangles
Day After Day.
will ta:
Millionaire Allen and Julius S
Bache May Be Asked to Tell
What They Know About
Scandal?C h i e f Feminine
Figure in Case Is Re?
pudiated by Her Sister.
Norfolk. Vs., June 'i'<?The official
canvass of the Norfolk county primary
rr-turns by the county executive com?
mittee to-day did not materially
change the unofficial returns Wil
lougnby Wilson's majority for clerk covered, the lawyi-rs fees, the missing
urt over C. W. Coleman was check, the golden-haired Yonkers wo
I Special to The 1'lmes-Dlspatch]
New York. June 30,?The case of the
gift, the smuggling, the robbery, the
restitution, the shortage tn jewels re
I of the court
! increased from two to nine. There were
j also slight changes In stfrno of the
i&vo. other majorities, some being increased
>out. I and others decreased. Sheriff Crom
wel's majority wat reduced from L'j?
adds i to 241, still leaving him wltj? the.
lid the ? largest majority ot all the Fusion can
|m men dldatos.
'qualify J About two hundred Stralghtouts and
Is ex
In the j eanvass, including attorneys represent
| ing both sides. Notice of contest and
man. the "past'- >f the cnief feminine
character? all still wheeled in raaztn
to-day except that It ^ as declared that
on the robbery piatter the district at?
torney uould call In Mrs. Helen Dwelle
?Jenkins, and ttfit she. and perhaps
Julius S. Bache, and Nathan Allen,
wouid be suir.mined to appear before
the Federal grand jury on July ? on
mltXt"witnessed the. ,ho ?niuggl'ng <nd.
Of the several, myrteries, one which
still persisted was how Mrs. Jenkins
<-ould remain In alleged straitened
appeal to the State Central Committee i.- ? .
was hied by attorneys for the Straight- circumstances when She had repos
outs. By agreement, the contestants! messed herself of at leas MpO.000
will he given until July S to file their worth jewels. Explanation Is that
statement of grounds for contest, after! r*'y T?" Mtt7?E? ?Z Vv* f rflndJ
which the contesteen will be given ln various ways four or five friends at I
ample time to make up their counter- |
There was the Fame vigorous deter?
mination displayed by both sides at j
the committee meeting to-day, but
there were no disputes
The meeting was an open session. Qr strata_,mUKBllnK. robbery
and character of Individuals?and both]
i the United states and the county
cay for Inland the appl.iv.dlng did not cease the com- r t - concern u certain o
a municipally- j mlttee would go Into executive scs- |
fight have ocean j slon. One policeman was observed in
a hotel cost o? ?13.000.
It was learped to-day that one of |
Mrs Jenkins's callers, one of "the fouri
Yale clubmen" who have been men?
tioned; wan a man living In Pennsyl?
vania named Charles Springer.
As the case thickens into throe main
held In the county courthouse,
man Sylvester once threatened that If
from the sea
felr passengers and
port of the Middle
fnm Small.
ded to Richmond by
II Small, of North
*r. of the Rivers and
' w>q knows how
secured, was ex
st tell Congress that
1500.000 a year as a
ct :? oomp'.e'K the
the James which
n planned by engl
by^ the government,
i modern terminal,
[unlclpallty. equal to
Great Likes,
money you
Ingress spend
imond won't
the room, and some of the Straight- |
outs asked at whose requ'-st he was
present. The officer said he had been
requested to attend the meeting by I
Mr Martin.
No Couteat by Fuatonlata.
No notice of contest In the Western :
Branch was [lied by the Fuslonlsts as 1
was expected. This leaves the defeat '
of Chairman John A. Codd. of the j
Eoard of Supervisors, by W. H. Rod- |
man, unrhallended
thorltles have concern
the fBCtP, other witnesses in New York,
Plttsburg, Chicago nnd elsewhere are I
likely to be subpoenaed
liofusea to 'Pulk.
I Robert C. Morris, who was retained
? by Mrs. Jeiiklns after tlie robbery in
the Hotel Lorraine, and went with I
her to Chicago when it was announced
that her jewels might be recovered
there, absolutely declined to-day to
receive a reporter In relation to the i
Mr. Mon'ls was retained on recom- 1
? mendation of George S. Dougherty. !
Attorneys^reP'c??n_t_ln?'_ )??L... ,?J ...I i then head of the Plnkerton agency
and now deputy commissioner of po?
lice of New- York City.
In Pari* to-day The Times-Dispatch
correspondent called upon Julius S.
Bache, at whose banking house In New
York Mr!'- Jenkins said he was shown
a peari jiecklace. one of the Items of
Jewelry she declared Nathan Alien,
the leather trust man
outs are the ?urr.? that prosecuted the
the congressional primary Investiga?
tion last fall?James G. Martin. Bra
den Vandeventer, Lindsay Heard and
Lawrence Brooks. The attorneys for
the Fuslonlsts are George Plicher and
Captain John Haphcr.
The contested primary leaves the
political situation of Norfolk county
very problematical. No one disputes
Hine* Contradicts Testimony
Given to Committee by
Herman Hettler.
Could Not Be Mistaken in What
Senator Said About
Canvass of Situation tri Senate
Assuring to Friends of
Many Senators Count Upon
Vote Before This Month
Is Over.
Dougherty, j Musical Organization Plans to
Have Grea't lingers at Its I w"hl?*?<??- so?For uve
? . ? hours to-day Edward Hines, the
Next Festival. wealthy Chicago lumberman.
name has been connected with
Caruso. Tetrazzlnl. Scottl, Geraldlne ? alleged Lorimer election fund, under-j the measure. With not more than
Farrar. Mme Gluck. Homer or other! went cross-examination before the : dozen set speeches In prospect, and
Washington, D. C, June 30.?The Ca
nadlan reciprocity situation cleared t<
vhosc'* tnarK*j' degree to-day, and a canvass
\ of the situation In the Senate was In
every wa> assuring tu tile friends of
and ware- i that Alvah H. Martin, the Republican
upon her, and then neglected to pay
famous stars of the grand opera world j Senate Lorlmer committee as to his
"showered" j will visit Richmond next season. If! part In the election. When the com
[the growth
will be
fnterprlse of
to be un
i'nlf rany.
.s manner that the
id to Interest the
?.amber of Commerce
the project of an
along the Atlant!:
|els in th? coastwise
In safety, with a
and maintaining
for their barges,
led by the railroads
a'he Immediate Incen
}r was the approaeh
the Atlantic Deeper
|atlon. which will he
In October,
n, vice-president of
ilded. He presented
who In a few words
Iressman John Lamb,
icing the speakers,
dieted that the time
nake Richmond the
Main of , the South
Ia tribute to the late
hose portrait graced
torlum. He described
r Inland waterways
for the citizen of
s citizen of Boston
bd to hind the people
her for the common
mmon country. He
?ment to the West,
lood and the stout
reat brains of this
*r!-unes beyond the
these people began
doors of Congress,
trillions In deepening
the rivers of that
meantime the lands
f.lly as .capable of Im
yleid as those of
?JJJrad gene to waste, while
n spent its money for the
said, "we stood Idle while
faterways. were undeveloped,
"roads were pressed to the
freight stood stagnant
Ion platforms. One-fourth
of tho country comes
taxes, and 80 per cent.
,in at the four ports of
?York, Philadelphia and
jns were spent in the
the Mississippi and
?d yet that entire
tone-seventh of the
>elaware with only
' 'or James, for
i seeking help
that time got
?hc Columbia in
ecelved $13.
.000 tons of
clerk of the county. Is the backbone I
of the Fuslonlsts. The nominee for j
clerk of the court Is recognized as I
a straw candidate In his behalf. Now |
the talk of the Stralghtouta is that if
the State Committee sustains the nom- [
inatlon of Mr. Wilson they will get |
behind him and endeavor to secure his j
election over Mr. Martin, who has al?
ready announced his candidacy as an
Anothr/' line of talk Is that Mr. Mar?
tin will organize a Republican party
to take the place of the Fuslonlsts.
and endeavor to hold his grip on coun?
ty affairs.
His friends claim he la powerful
enough to bring practically every one
of the Fuslonlsts Into a Stralghtout Re?
publican party, and at the same time
form the nucleus of an organization
that will he expected to put Mr. Mar?
tin In Congress from the Second Dis?
trict next year.
Mr. Martin was urged to run for Con?
gress last year, but he declined. He
and Mr. Buche
pay the plans of the Wednesday Club, Vir- mittce adjourned until to-morrow the
de- ! ginlas oldest and foremost musical so-1
the customs duty
rlared- clety. discussed last night at the elgh-j wl,neKS wns ,ol<1 thiU nls two-day
"I kn.'?' absolutely nothing regard- I teenth annual meeting, held In the Jef- | ordoil> was ended,
ing the-^e evaslor.s of customs accu- ! ferson Hotel, are carried out. Rich-I Both Senator Lorlmer'I friends and
sations. I am awaiting information,! mond is fast developing Into a leading! ?PP?nents expressed sat'sfactlon with
and will give yen all particulars when! musical centre, and in the future as in i 0 result of the cross-examination.
the past it is the purpose, of the wed- i Attorne>' Iohn H. Marble, who con
ncsdav Club to lend Its aid In further! d,iCt*d u f?r the committee, announced
extending educational work In th-s durlng the oay that he would follow
direction. I ? . leads which had been suggested to
I rerelVfc them.
Slfcter Repudiate* Her.
(Special to Th-? Times-Dispatch.]
Chic-'go. June 30.?"Some day soon,
if Hel'n ke*p.? in talking as she has
been ??lhg In New York lately, I
probai'iy Will have to say something
to prctect my own good name," said
Mrs. Charles A. Turnell, wife of
Charles A. Turnell, connected with the
legal departm?nt of the Chicago and
Northwestern Raliway, to-day. Mrs.
Turn.'ll is ? sister of the mysterious
Helet' Dwelle Field Jenkins, of Chi?
cago and New York.
"I am Rorry to see that In the printed
Interview Helen has seen tit to drag
my i-iame Inio this unsavory case," said
Mrs. Turnell. "For what reason she
has done sr. Is more than I can under
wlth eight-hour sessions of the Senate
on the program to hasten action, many
of the Senators count upon a vote be?
fore the end or July, and Senator Smoot
holds to his original prediction of an
adjournment of Congress by that daie.
When the Senate adjourned to-day,
after three hours of antl-reclproclty
specchmaklng by Senators Ganihle'and
lAimmlns. there was an understanding
that there would be no further effort
at legislation until after July 4, and
that when business Is resumed there
Those present last night displayed i
the keenest enthusiasm tn hearing the
report of President J, G. Corley, anu
were so well satisfied with what had
been accomplished under his adminis?
tration that he was re-elected as head
of the club. Henry T. -leloney was
chosen vice-president.
him. always with a view of getting j will be no cessation until final adjourn
(Continued on Eighth Page.)
(Continued on Eighth Pnge.)
Crashing Into Obstruction Placed on Track, It Is Met With Volley
of Bullets From Bandits, Who Had Been Concealed Behind
Trees?Mail and Express Cars Looted, and Three
of Crew Badly Injured?One Man Thrown
Over 300-Foot Embankment. .
at the truth and not to persecute any
Contradicts Hettler.
To the list of those whose testimony
Mr. Hines contradicted yesterday he
to-day added the names of Herman H.
Hettler. president of a blK competing
Other officers''of" the organization! lumber company. glvinB his name, who
1 testified at Springfield. The witness i
claimed thai a reporter of the Chi- '
cago lnt?r-Oce.in. which, he said, was |
generally friendly lo him. misquoted!
him on two or three points. C. H. !
Weihe. Mr Hlnes's brother-in-law, i
and secretary of the Edward Hines'
Lumber Company, was stated to have)
misundersrood a conversation when a j
discrepancy between the witness' tes-1
ttmony of Mr. Wlehe's at the recent!
Helm investigation at Springfield was
r'.'rlctlon of competition Is declared to
have been the prime object of tho
organizers of the United States Stee"
Corporation, which, capitalized at $1,
? inj.ooo.ooo, had tangible property
worth only $6S2,000,000. The corpora?
tion, having concentrated Its efforts
to secure \>re properties, now owns
75 per cent of the lake ores, upon
which the present steel Industry ts
based. These are some of the conclu?
sions reached In the long expected
leport of Commissioner of Corpoj*
tlons Herbert Knox Smith on th
steel Industry, part one of which wa
submitted to the President to-day.
Averted Overnight.
DlFcusslng In detail how "the tm-j
pending struggle of the giants" waij
averted almost overnight by the for?
mation of the great combination ofl
combinations, taking In 2.">0 subsidiary]
companies, controlling SO per cent, of]
the total crude and finished steel pro- I
ductlon of the country, the reportj
"Cntll 1S9S the bulk of the business!
was distributed among a very conr
Blderable number of concerns. The|
was sharp competition modified
frequent pools of greater or le?3 duj
tlon and effectiveness."
Then came ari era of great combf
tlons. the report continues, with
talizations rangfjig from J30.ooo.0j
$10",ono,000, mergers of many sr
companies, whlcraL 'nstead of ellr
Ing compelhMonr^Vjrcatcned
price .-??ttiysr on a Ul^er sc
ever before. In 1809-lT
three grent companies!
Company, Federal Siee|
Steel?dominating the
crude and acml-finlshed
six concerns?the AmerlJ
Wire, American Tin Plal
Steel Hoop. American Ohe
tional Tube and American
trolling the lighter finished
This was the period .wbe.j
gle of the giants" was Inl
when the formation of the |
Steel Corporation was "ci
brought about. All nine
panies named were combine!
the Cnlon Steel Company,
ton Steel Company, and ll
Tenne-.see Coal, Iron and Rail
pany .-ere taken over. Thel
syndicate putting the deaf
netted 162,500,000 In cash.
Big Annual ProAta.'
During the ten years of Its
the report says, the steel trusj
average annual profits of 12
on the money Invested. In thlj
tlon attention Is called to the
a considerable part of the lnl
Is In undeveloped or unworkedl
ties, showing that dividends tri
Ing properties must be muchf
than the average would lndlcatl
slating upon computing profit!
a tangible property valyij
port ?av*s
In defending^
j doubtedly woil
will be selected by the board of gov
ernors. composed of the following
George W. Stevens. Meade T. Splcer,
Arthur Scrlvenor, W. C. .Mercer, Jeter
Jones. Moses Thalhlmer. A. B. Gulgon,
Conwny H. Gordon W. H. Dunn. Nor?
man Call, John Stewart Bryan, Henry
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
ment. however long that may be post?
poned. Thete will be a brief session of
both houses to-morrow, but only for
the purpose of meeting the constitu?
tional Inhibition against either body
adjourning for more than three days
ut a time without the other's consent.
The recess will continue until July 5.
With reciprocity disposed of. It isla "merger val
not believed that the session will be! mlssloner say
greatly prolonged- The stand-pat Re- i "It is prob?
publicans are disposed to concede a
vote on the wool and free list bills,
and the House Is not solid In its de?
sire to stay "until snow files" In order
to get more general revision.
SntlHfied With Roll Call.
The Democratic Senators have said I ?ratlon made possible hy the com
from the beginning that they would be | t,on of sllch properties under s
undoubtedly tend
true that thei
properties acquired by the StJ
poratlon, taken together witw
ganlsation of this company as a gol
concern, do have a value In execssj
the sum of their values as separ
entitles. The co-ordination and ii
dwelt "noon "Time and"" a-aTiT"7..," t? ' sa-.lslled with a roll call on the two Pon,rdl unaouoieaiy u
?hWeehourP?of aSurnmen?wuU.I tariff bills, and there are indication, r^* *? ? X?'$t
was asked if he might not have been I th?M will let these So to vote "" *" '?
mistaken about Senator Aldrlch hav- ( without much debate. In view of the ,hlr " r?r i?Vh
ipg told him that President Taft I threatened presidential veto of ?oth!
would do anything possible to assist b,n9 and of the fact that In any event | ,r]' * '. '' "mu r
Mr. Lorimer's election. I the real battle must be fought out nt K
"Were Senator Aldrich's words SO I the regular session next December,
plain that you could not be mistaken?"! Deiriorratlc protests against the 1m
insisted Mr. Marble. t mediate vote on the Cummins amend
F?rther, so far as the conc^
pi.wer over prl
may result ln|
ing powt
??it was impossible for me to have ! rhents to the Canadian reciprocity bill j ThVa'^lnvd.
been mistaken, because I put the sub- j featured to-day's debate in the Senate.' o( *i
r.tance of what he said In a telegram! Sena tor Cummins, who has had '''p[an0w
Which 1 have." replied the witness. Ho I floor during pans of the last three i rurel. th^'biilw10'1?7"""' T
said he never had seen a deninl of his! dny'a, announced that he would con- ? ,.t f ?,'??,! ? n g ?
testimony from the White Ho use. after : elude his attack on the bill next Wed-! ?,;/,"" wh- h ,m*r*er va,l
his testimony at Sprlngtield. nesday and that he would like to have j there'fora a ut> ^
testimony between ! his series of amendments,enlarging the | nuhll'e ?mu,, T'^tlon
gfleld, and the wit-| list or Canadian products, voted upon I RO arrived at' an re*a*
Thursday, July 6. ' s
Mr. Cummins said .?. ??..- ? 80ning !n a. 0,r
ountry to Understand that quosllo? l8 w,^th;r
were not j selves, used t? deteri
Erie, Pa., June 30.?A foat mall nnd
pnasenger train on the Philadelphia and
Erie Railroad wan held up to-night five
miles from this eltj- by a ba:\d of a'
?k_ I
dozen masked men. The mull ntid ex
presa rnra were rifled, nnd three of the"
rreiv?P. H. Block, of Erie, mnll clerk i
II, n. Booney, of Krle, conductor, and
C. F. Bemlsa, brukemnu?vrere Injure^
Block nn? shot In the right aide and
was taken to a hospital In n dying i oi>
ditldn- Booney received serious Inju?
ries when he wnn lilt with n ato^>e
thrown by one of the robbern. Brmil**
wan ?bot In tbe arm.
The train ivan due In this city j at
iO:io o'clock to-night. A few minuses
before 10 o'clock, ?Inn the trnln Via
making a Inrgc curve, the engineer i)?n
an obatruotlon nhead. lie ntopped'/the
trnln ?Ith all pnaalblr apceil, but j not
before It rrnahed Into the lira ?? Jtel
cgrliPh_ pnlra thnt had h*?Cj"
acriiHn the track. /
V,?hen the train hit the rtibstr?
A J i
It fl^t warn believed hy the pusarngrrs was from this point that all of them
thnt there bnd heeu n collision with
another trnln. The next moment the
crook of revolvers neciunlnted them
with the real cause of the trnln'* stop?
ping. Aa the (cutenme tn n atnnd
made their appearance when the train
came to a stand. Almost before the
train had reached tne obstruction the
maskfd band bad taken up thflr posi?
tion-, at practically every entrance to
it Springfield
The conflict in
Mr Wiehe, at Springt!
ness came out In connection with Mr
Hlnes's sending Mr. Wiehe tu a hotel
In Chicago to get W. II Cook to ,-tnp
talking about the famous telephone
conversation Mr. Hines held from Mr.
Cook's room. In which Mr. Cook saio ; iproclty bill
Mr. Hines i-poke about taking mom
to Sprlngileld to
bis tight for the senatorship)
Wanted Talk Stopped.
Mr. nines had already said he
wanted the talk stopped because it
rrlved at as JustlfvL
u . , .u - .under these conditions ??*?]
he wanted the Sen- 80n|ng ,? a? Jrcle b??l
ate nnd the country to urn'
the Insurgent Republlcai
trying to delay the progress of the rcc- I z,lt|on, were reas
enatora Simmons, of.
North Carolina, and Shlvely, ot Indiana. | Since tho
sisi Mr Lorlmer In I Democrats, protested, however, thnt | reeling its
there had been no opportunity thus far j acquiring a
for any one to discuss the Cummins tiol over
amendments excopl the Iowa Senator: a j.,? ?f prq
himself. Mr. Cummins finally withdrew' against CO
his rennest for a vote, and the debate limshed pro
was thus asaln left open. . i report, the corp
Chairman Penrbse, of the Finance j much over po
.Committee. In charge of the bill, an-i conclusively the
assorlate. Mr. O'Brien, while Mr Hines J nounced that next week the Senate, of strong and incr'
i would be embarrassing to have the
atlll several of the passengera alighted! the cars. | state's attorney get hold -of the con
to nscertaln the trouble. Their pros- i When the passengers began pouring j vcrsa'ion. Mr. Wiehe testified that
enoe drew the fire of the band of \ from the train, there were a few sharp h? w"s to so? boln Mr' Cook [",,, ????
I ? I as sc
masked men, and there wbh a stampede I cries from the men to get hack into I sa|d
to re-ontor tho onra. the cars. When a number of the ex
An unknown passenger, who. braver Kited passengers failed to take this!
than the rest, caught hold of one of ?avlce the bandits opened fire. 'I hey
th-? robbers, was picked up bodily and sno' a,on* ,hp si<lrs of lhe ca". level \ that hP was nol ln chi. go In
thrown over a 300-foot emhankment. w,th tn* windows, and this effectively I that month, which was about ih< tlm
His condition is serious The man's nut an enfl 10 the curlo'slty of the pns-j^
I ternntlo'nnj Harvester Company. Jo I Watrous. secretary of the American I hlne'a tangible
have called on Funk to refresh Funk'S | Civic Association of Washington, a ho ji.l^T.oon.uno' as
memory of the famous Union League", was one of the speakers at the second j outstanding secur
to-day he wjf merely to see Mr.
1 Cook. I
ton during last February were lntr>
duced by Mr. Hines to show, IT possl
WOUld observe longer hours than in! production,
the past, for the purpose of hastening However, the comrl
consideration of the measure competition,
-?- cerned, has bar]
HOLDS FALLS SACRED "f "^-operatioj
h-ind, face and body were badly cut J s<>n8p^,
and his clothing torn from his back. ? Punic In Cars,
He was taken to a hospital in an un-j Within tho earn there was a panic.
I onsclous condition. A number of women fainted, while tho
The api-t selected by the rohbers was j wrtlmt from others caused much con?
Tim train arrived In this City- about
midnight. The passengers were dazed
"Gory dinners
? ... TT . . has been said,
he Is alleged. In testimony of , 1?vnoe ] ?"^^-"at' y^n***1"" >^ >"v.s?ga.;
S. Funk, general manager of the fn-| Kewark, N. J.. June ,10.?Richard B.' Tne Present
ideal for their work. On one side of;
the railroad is n large
: .other side Is a del
conversation between the two men ? Jl-^ session ^ '\'^?t3
On cross-exnmlnatlon, Mr. Hines said |Jor ,ht, prevention c.f Smoke, ninde a " ? 'l,,?,u t6?-0OJ
he wns nt New York, Philadelphia and protest against what bo termed the ,n capitalization^
Baltimore during the period ho had desecration of Niagara Falls t?> obtain Reviewing
'Continued op Second Page.)
n room In Washington, and H> 1 th<
I bill would not show If he had K
Chicago. Mr. Hines Insisted. how<
(Continued on Third Pag
electric power. position In t\
"There Is plenty of wnte.rpoiver in gays that *i
he country without destroying natural |,,..,,,inn hJ
ififrnlc beau'tv, e national asset." n* d?" l ciPai 'rivals

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