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j City county nftcr a short sJTw.th
relative? here.
Dr. Edward Leigh Pell, who has been
111 at ne Hygela Hospital. Is slowly
correct shape,
I and Miss Kate Lyon,
Miss Conklln, of New- !
Ind Miss Elizabeth Heed.
lite North.
Irs. George Nurney and ;
?rs. Miss Therese Nurney
inias Smyth, of this city,
fro Atlantic City for the '
They will also stop In ;
ffor a few days prior to
tl Virginia. Mr. and Mrs ,
tpend some time In New
later In the. summer, and ;
y go to Canada for several i
Mr, and Mrs. G. A Burcher, of Now.
port News, are visiting relatives In
l.hls city.
Mrs. Cloyd Kent and daughter have ?
gone to Wythevlllo, where they will I
spend the months of duly and August, j
Mr. and Mrs. Catesby Jones, who |
have been at the pollock cottage, at!
Virginia Beach, for a month, have re- j
turned to the c'ty. |
Walter Lefew will leave town Mon- I
day to spend several weeks In Mich- !
Igan and other Western States.
Mrs. J. Maury Priest, of this city, "s
the guest ?f Mrs, Priest at her home
in Norfolk.
Mrs. B. M Sherman and daughter,
Elizabeth, of Newport News, are the
guests of relatives here for several,
Mrs. John Harwood, Misses Marie
and Rosalie Harwood will spend part
of Ji/ly with Mrs Conrad Hutchinson
at Virginia Beach
<ton. F J. Gauntlett. Joseph
1 W H. Benson left New
yesterdaiy on a motor t/Ip j
ind and Washington. The
also tour the Shenandoah
pelting various summer re
thelr return home,
[viol W. Hobson, accompanied ,
her. Macon Hobson. of Bal- '
?will make the trip to "ML j
pe home of his parents. In ?
county, from Newport News '
Mr. and Mrs. Hobson are
ling a party of friends over :
frth at "Mt. Airy.'" Their guests I
Mr and Mrs Charles Ash- '
(and children, of Staunton. and
igenla Grlfhn, of Salem,
ib road.
!and Mr? Philip Colavita and j
Colavlta. Jr.. are now In New i
from which city they will sail
lornlng to spend some time j
James Pleasant* and Mrs. E.
(Itlock sailer! from New York this i
on the steamship Hamburg. They '
>c In Europe for several months. !
Nancy Almond, of Lynchburg. ?
er cousin. Miss Ashby. of Baltl
sail for Europe to-day on tho I
lishlp Princess Irene, of the North :
|ian L!o>d. for an extensive trip]
id, with a ?mall private party. I
? the direction of Dr. John H.
(er of Baltimore.
iu View House Party,
n enjoyable house party Is In pro- j
" thla week at Ocean View with
Ii. H. P. Wilson as hostess. In honor
Jher daughter. Miss Vivien Wilson.
|1 her guest. Miss Sahna Waples. of
ancock. Those In the party are
Iks Wilson. Miss Waples, Misses Ra
fel and Charlotte Robertson, Pearl
-e and Marie Lattlmer.
A very quiet wedding was celebrated
n Wednesday at 5 o'clock in the home
f Dr. and Mrs. Blckerton Lewis Phll
|ty-nlnth and Broad Streets,
aister. Miss Hallle Green
i. became the bride of Wal
of Jelllco. Tenn. The
[performed In the parlor.
Iarranged with quantl
wcr?, palms and ferns
|.M;ss Lummie Cun
wedding march
In Nevln during the
a tailored suit -
it and gloves of i
irried a bouquet of j
entered the parlor !
[if honor. Mrs. Blck- j
jr. Phillips acted as I
Slaughter of the lati I
Jr., and Mrs. Phil
Dam, and Is closely j
the Scotts. Lewises.
II, of Virginia. Mr. !
sing young business |
id Is prominently re
e and Kentucky,
three weeks on a
|r trip. Mr. and Mrs. j
lake their home in
)r, and Mrs. Phillips
linner on the evening
Idlng In honor of the i
Covers were laid for i
Ible decorations were
sweet peas and ferns,
from a distance werf
re Party.
Stuart Smitn, of 325
|eet. left yesterday eve
;hts\ille Beach, where
[ember of a very charm
given by Miss Florie
|r cottage In that 'place,
has planned a number
intertalnmerfts for her
'their stay at Wrights
rH informal bathing par?
es will be given In their
will remain with Miss
imost of this month.
ir city.
M. Gates, who has been a
of Miss Katherine Lacy
In Halifax county last
iurned to Richmond. Miss
Ito Halifax to attend the
nor Spottswood Burwell
f^ama, Fla., who has been
[.Misses Gates at their
|,\| Third Street, has gone
fcjlle. Misg Hickson will
|a,ne In Charlottesvllle as
rlends before returning
'n Florida
L'ddlng Trip,
lit Arthur D. Watson, who
|tly returned from their
Ilp, have Been visiting Mr.
irents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
at their country place,
." Mrs. Watson was for
Opal Harshbarger, of Mil
Mr. and Mrs. Watson will
home In Ashland, Ky., for
|c!d Chapter. United Dnugh
Confcderacy. will meet this
[at 4 o'clock at the residence
Haneocl: at Forest Hill,
frs of this organization arc
(lo present at the meeting,
fj and Out of Town,
tct Martin, of this city. Is
fcer aunt. Miss Celestlne Mar
Miss Helen Chlldrey, of this city, and :
Miss Helen Waiting, of Marshall, are
guests of J. V. Rice, in Farmvllle.
Mrs. John N. Pun til and son. Thorpe,]
have returned to the city, after visit- '.
ing relatives in Witllamsburg.
W. Henry Boley has returned to ,
his home In Lexington, after visiting
frlenda in Richmond for several days, j
Miss Jessie Lee.. Ham. of Richmond,
Is the house guest of Miss Eva Savage '
at her home, near Cape Charles, East-1
crn Shcre.
T. Garnett Tabb. who was operated
on for append'cltis ut St. Luko's Hot- 1
pltal Thursday. Is slightly improved I
I -
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Plnckney Bry- !
an sal! to-day for Antwerp on the j
steamship Finland.
General C C. Vaughan, of Franklin,
has been spending a few days here.
Mrs T. W. Wood, of Oakland. Forest
Hill Tark. and Miss Nellie Lyons, of
Richmond, left this morning for Atlan?
tic City. N. J.. for several weeks, after
which Mrs. Wood will iro to the moun?
tains of Virginia for 'he summer
$4 and $5 Shoes for
Patent and Cunmetal Ankle Strap
Buckle Pumps.
Sailor Ties. Velvet Pumps,
Growing Girls' Pumps,
Four-Strap Pumps,
Velvet Pumps, Patent Oxfords.
Dainty summer models of most fash?
ionable materials.
Third nnd nrond Street*.
Get Your New Refrigerator]
Sydner & Hundley, Inc.
709-11-13 E. Broad St.
Ask Grocers, Druggists Dealers for
i * Phone Monroe 1S61.
Entire Shoe Stock on
Sale at
5th and Broad
Dreyfus & Co.
Will close to-day and following
Saturday afternoons at 1 o'clock.
Other evenings at 6.
Easy terms. Stool and scarf.
Jirginla Talcott Is the guest
feter, Mrs. Truman A. Parker>
Itter's home In Leeshurg.
luclle T. Pelouze left yester
Jvirglnla Beach to spend some
Ithe Palrbourne cottage.
II Joseph Wtllard spent several
V,weok as the guest of friends
^npson and children
i'eek to spend the
121 East Broad Street.
400,000 housekeepers.
Ryan, Smith & Co.
"Mens $1.25"
In plain percale and
fancy madras;
sale price,
(Continued Projn First Page.)
T, Meloney, j. C. ll?mphill and J. O.
1 lorjey.
To W ipe Out Deficit.
The financial report showed a deftc't
of S1.13S.30. but it Is believed that
with the tentative program mapped
"ut tor the ensuing season thlB w*ll
be wiped out and a balance placed to
the credit of the club
Uppn motion of Captain A. B.
Gulgon, a rising vote of thanks was
tendered Mr. Corley for his efforts and
able management of the May festival,
which was. considered the most at?
tractive and successful ever given by
the club.
Other resolutions Of thanks were ex
tendered to Miss Jean Trlgg and to tho
Petersburg chorus directed by her. and
wMch rendered valuable assistance In
the choral work ot the club; the Jef?
ferson Hotel Company and Its man
.-ger. O. F. Wcl6igcr. for numerous
courtesies throughout the season; City
School Board for the use of the John
Marshall High School and its courtesy
and consideration during the past
The report of Mr. Corley follows:
Prrnlileut Corley's Report.
It ocrjrred to me that, perhaps. In
view of the changes made In the by?
laws at the last annual meeting of
the eluh. It would be of Interest to the
membcr.-hlp to prepare a report deal?
ing In a general way with the amend?
ments and the work of the board of
governors and committees, who were
elected at the last annual meeting to
conduct the work of the club.
The amended by-laws gave to sub?
scribing members the right to attend
and vote at all meetings of the club,
the privilege of attending the rehear?
sals, etc. In other words, the sub?
scribing members, by the amendments,
were given all privileges enjoyed by
the choral members. It Is quite ap?
parent that the action of the club In
this matter was fruitful in results,
since the enrolled subscribing mem?
bership reached 550 as against 250
the previous season, giving us a gain
of 300 subscribing members.
This additional subscription made it
possible for the board of governors
to contract with the Metropolitan
Opera Company for their orchestra and I
the. pick of their best artists. On every
hand the club has received praise for
their successful effort to raise the I
standard of their concerts. To raise !
and set a higher standard meant the
expenditure of a large sum of money. 1
and notwithstanding the Increased |
subscribing membership, doubts were j
entertained as to our ability to raise
a sufficient sum to meet expenses.
Beady to Make Sacrifice.
However, the board of governors
felt disposed to make any sacrifice
In order to curry out their plans for
the tra'ning of a splendid chorus,
and the engagement of a Treat or?
chestra anu grett artists, feeling that
the time had arrived when the Wed?
nesday Club, the oldest musical or?
ganization In the city, with a prestige
of e'ighteen years of educational work
I to its credit, should give and produce
concerts in keeping with the artistic
taste and demands of the people of
this community.
There was a deficit of about $1.000,
but the board of governors had suc?
ceeded in carrying out their one great
purpose: to give to the people of Rich?
mond concerts worthy of the efforts
of any musical organization. The
deficit was easily traced to the fact
[ that we were disposing of the D^i
1 seats in the house at 1 price below
j the cost of production, in order to
j obviate the possibility of a deticit in
1 the future, and also to make the con
I certs more attractive by a larger .
chorus and a larger number of artls.s,
the board of governors raised the sub?
scription fee for 1911-12 from $10 to
$15, which is about one-half the price
charged for similar concerts In other
cities. This action evidently is appre?
ciated, for we have already obtained to
this date 275 subscribing members at
$15 each.
In December Mme. Dlza I^ehman gave
a concert in the auditorium of the Jef- I
ferson Hotel, under the auspices of
the Wednesday Club. The membership
of the Wednesday Club was given
tickets at one-half the price charged
to the public. The concert wac a most
enjoyable one, hut coming nt the time
when the holiday festivities were at
hand we sustained a loss of about $100.
I feel hopeful, however, that the Wed?
nesday Club, for the entertainment of
its membership, can give each season
a midwinter concert, and now with a
larger membership. these concerts
I should be given without a finnnclal
Great Musical Centre.
j Richmond is fast becoming a musi?
cal centre, and there is no agency that
I has contributed more to this accom?
plishment than the educational work
that has been conducted by the Wed?
nesday Club for the past eighteen
years. Music in the public schools and
the work of other musical organiza?
tions have also contributed largely to
bringing Richmond to the front as a
musical centre.
I wish to express the hope that a
strong effort will be made to indue
the various choirs of this city to take
part In the chorus work of next
spring's festival, and thereby con?
tribute their part, through co-oper?
ation, to tho upbu'lding of a greater
musical community.
I nntlclpnte with Interest and pleas
u-e. and predict "That the time will
come when the Wednesday Club will
he in a finnnclal. position to employ at
least two good'ehorus directors, whose
work from the beginning to the ending
of each year shall be to form choruses
in the different parts of the city,
until the Wednesday Club can boast of
a chorus of five on six hundred mem?
I might with all propriety refer to
? the four concerts given In Atlanta the
week previous to our last festival.
Through the on-operatlon, Uberalit
and s> mpaj?FBM,nfl People
1*<1 J
J. G. CQilLEY. '
ly 110,000. Now, I believe what can
be done In Atlanta can be done Just
i little better In Richmond.
Seeks nigger Stars.
I believe that the people of Rich?
mond will Buppori earnestly the ef?
forts of the club In bringing here next
season the best orchestra that can ho
procured, and the most famous artist:
obtainable, and I propose to use my
best efforts to induce the hoard of gov?
ernors to consider several of the fol?
lowing artists: Caruso. Tetrazzlnl. Scot
ti. Ueraldine Farrar. Mme. Gluck, Hom?
er, and several others. Before a con?
tract of this kind can be made, how?
ever. It will be necessary- for you to
have In hand a sufficient number of
subscriptions, and I wish to urge upon
all who are Interested that they Im?
mediately sign subscription cards for
the concerts of next season, for, after
all, the character of the concerts de?
pend? entirely upon the number of sub?
scribing members obtained.
1 cannot close my report without
giving the highest praise to the mem?
bers of the board of governors and
committees, who labored so faithfully
for the success of the festival, and to
emphasize the fact that to the music
committee we are indebted for the se?
lection of the superb orchestra, great
artists and the program, which. In the
judgment of many, was the most de?
lightful ever attempted by the club,
the Tuesday evening's receipts for the
"Faust" concert showing the popularity
for opera In concert form.
I have only two recommendations to
make, and that Is that the by-laws be
amended as follows: Strike out section
3. which provides for the appointment
of a finance committee, and In lieu
thereof the appointment of three mem-1
hers from the board of governors, who,
with the president and the vice-presi?
dent, shall constitute an executive
I also recommend that the music
committee be increased from three to
five members.
Respectfully submitted.
Subscriber* for 1011 and 1?12.
Aren?. Grace E. (2) Addison. E. B.
Anderton. Mri. J. T. Andersen. An-hcr
Axtel. Dccatur A'dalr. Lewis C.
Anderson. B. M. (21 Alfr'.end. Otis M
Alien. Miss Sarah A. Atkinson, Thos.
Armlstead. Thos. B.
Boiling. Chas. E.
Rroaddus, W. B.
Hoyd, James N.
Blankcnshtp, Mr
Bislr. Lewis H.
Brnckonbrough. Ben
BryRn. Trios. P.
Backer. A. C.
Boiling. Thoi., Jr.
Raughman, E. A.
Brerden. Ed. V.
Bryan. John Stewart
Hrander. R. M.
Branch. John P.
Cole Julien T.
runts. J. T. W.
('all, Manfred
Call. Norman
Crafts. A. J.
? 'handler. .1. A. C.
Christian. Mrs. Gro. I
Christian. Walter
caskie. James
?'?shell. H. L.
Clarke. Harvey
Clarke. S. L.
Crump. Mrs. B. T.
Cannon. Geo. n.
Dill. Mrs. Adolph (2>
Donahue. Jas. K.
Ebel, F. C.
Elam. Jas. B.
Kpes. Mr*. R. A.
Freeman. D. 8.
Forbes. \V. S.
(iwathmey. Richard
Cordon. James W*.
(Iwathmey. B. M.
Good now. Mric E. N.
Grsentrop, Meyer
Gordon, Wm. S.
Gulgon, A. B.
Oaloskl. s.
Wans. Jacob
Hazard. H. W.
Hawes. S. H.
Hnfhelmer, M. L.
Hill, A. H.
Hanktna. J. G.
Haw. John S.
Hufty. Frank R.
ilunton. Kppa. Jr.
Haase. Henrv R.
Harris. Alfred T.. Jr
Hall, Cunningham
.lahnke. A.. F.. Jr
JonesofT. J. H.
Johnston. Miss Mary
Jacobs. Aaron
Jenkins. L. H.
Johnsen, Mra. P. E
Koblenzer. Dr. MaurlceKohler. Fred
Remiss. E. L.
llosher, Mrs. Robt. L
Baghy. John
MBolllng. Blair
Bryan, George
Bosher. Lewis C.
Boiling. Stanhope
Braxton. A. Caperton
Ball. James M.
Bowles, J. W.
Bnrkervlllc. H. M.
Bradley. C. W.
Bryan. J. Si. George
rarneal A Johnson
Cohen. Mrs. Sam
Cutchtna. Jno. A.
Cooke, L. H.
Crump, James D.
Co-icy. J. G.
I. Crews. J. w.
Chambcrlayne. Jno. H.
Call. J. B.
Cary. T. H.
cardoza, B. Pollard
Cosby. Frank
Catlin. E. A.
Clarke. O. Harvey
Durrett. D. W.
Dean, Mrs. Claude M.
Fetes. P. H.
Ellyson. Mrs. J. Taylor
Fleming, Rives
Gordon. Conway W.
QrlmmeU. Wm.
Grimme!!. C. F.
Gordon. R. Douglas
Green. Wm. A.
Oover. A. M.
tirundy. Barton H.
Gibson, Robert A.
Holindav. Waller
Hab?sion. W. M.
Harrison. Mrs. J. W.
Hotchklss.E. D., Jr.
Ilnichklss. Mrs. B, D.
Hanson. G. A.
Hatzier, A. B.
Hagnn. John C,
Hopkins. W. D.. Dr.
Hume. Bryce Stewart
llawc?, G. Percy
Jelllson. B. T.
Jones.ntrs. H. W.
Jennings. J. C.
Johnston, deo. Bon
Jefferson Hotel
Johnson. C. I.
Lorraine. G. B.
I.evenson Cigar Co.
La Bonta, W. F.
Lackland. C. E.
Leahey, Thos. J.
Leigh. Egbert G.
McDonald. Dudley
Morris, W. S.
Mercer. J. Herbert
Moore. Thos. L.
Mann. Mrs. W. H.
Murphy. Col. John
l.umsden. D. E
Levy. Frank
Levy, Dr. E. C.
Levy .Arthur
Leonard. Jos. F.
Labenberg. Dr. C. A.
Mlllhiser. Gus
Meloney. H. T.
Moseley, IS. J? Jr.
Meek. Sam W.
Martcnateln. A. W.
Mrllwaln. H. R.
Meredith. Wyndham RMsnn A Brown
Marcuse, I. J.
Moncurc. Jas. A.
Myers. MlSurn T.
Murphy's Hotel line. I
Miller. Henry R.
Noltlng. Mrs. O. E.
Powers. Robt. Lee
Priest, S. Murray
Powers. W, F.
l'arrish.J. n.
Page. Legh R.
Parrish. Mrs. J. Scott
Preston. Mrs. Wm. C.
ltoot. Harry M.
Hchleder, M. E.
Robinson, Cha?. M.
Rady, Oeo. W.
Jloblnron. PoltlauX
MrGuIrt?. Mrs Hunter
Miller, li. O.
Moses. Walter D. A Co.
Mastie. W, R
Mercer. Walter C.
Ptzzlni. Wm, B.
Powers. P. S.
Pollard. H. R.. Jr.
PasJ.halV Jr. f?.
Powers, Mr?. R. W.
Pitt. R. H. (2)
Poatleihw.nltc. C. E.
ltuskell. Geo. C
RutrllnV & Tanner
Rothert. J. W.
Relnach, Minnie Jb
Robins, Dr.-TTTsi R.
Tanner, A. S.
Tanner, W, E.
Taylor, Henry
Tlllar. W. T.
Turner, Mrs. W. P.
Tucker, R. L,ynn
Taylor. W. P., jr.
Swarthout, .Ino. B.
Starke, Thos. H.
Steens. Miss Helen
Surber, Wm. H.
Sale. J. O.. Jr.
Smith. H. S.
Swann, Miss Mary W
Tanner, Jno. F.
Travers, 6. W.
Taylor, Hush M.
Thornton, M?f. R. G.
Thalhlmer, Moses,
fancy. Mrs.^O. F.
Traflerl. Chaste
?cnmldt, Edw.
-rtieff. (.'has. M.
=ari5i_-nt, J. W.
maunders. E. A., Jr.
?lmon, A. Son
rfrlmarischlld Bros,
-tumpf. Hotel
Sydnortf: Hundley <lnc-avllle, Allen J.
Smith. R. O.
Stewart, Miss E. H.
itewart. Miss L.
Stewart. Miss A. C.
StoKea, Thos. D. 12)
Snepherd. U. K.
rpiccr Meacle T.
?tovens, Gco. W.
?iouthall, Jno. H.
-avlllc. Chas. O.
-.aussure Do. Wm. r.
Simpson. E. S.
Slfdd. Jluntor Cc.
?M-.oll. Fred W.
f-'inllh. Mrs. C. R.
S? ink. A. O.
Valentine. Mr hl Edd. P Valentine. Fred S.
Valentine. G. G.
Wtlllarns. Enlon O. Wood. Henry W.
Whlllock, Mrs Ell*. B. VValford, C.
Whlttet, James
Wellford. J. McD.
Williams. Miss M. L,
Warren. Geo. tV.
Whltehcad. Dr. R. H.
Watt. Gco. W.
White. Dr. J. A.
Wright. P.. II.
Wilson. D. R.
Wyatt.Wm. H.. Jr.
Williams. John l,.
Wcyhurn. E. G.
Williams. E. V.
Wort ham. C'oleman.
Williams. J. Skelton
Williams. I.angliurn? M
Williams, E. Randolph
Wilson. Wins F.
White. Wm. H.
Wallerstein. Leon
Walker.C. C.
Winch. Mrs. Geo. F.
With three Iron quoits tied securely
uround his neck. John Huddleston, sev?
enty-five years old, an Inmate of the
Soldiers* Home, committed suicide ear?
ly yesterday morning by drowning
himself in the lake at Idlewood Park, ;
The old soldier left the Home, about
I o'clock Thursday afternoon, but his
absence whs not particularly noted
until a note addressed to W. L. Saund
ers. one of Ills comrades, was found.
The note simply stated that HudtU/>ston
was going to use Saunders's quoits,
and that if the latter did not get thein
he was to be paid by whoever searched
his trunk.
The first clue as to the suicide was
the finding of his gray coat and hat
hanging on the top of a lead pipe near
the boathouse landing at the lake yes?
terday. Both the citv and county "po?
lice wero notitled. and Detective Ser?
geant Wllev was detailed to search
for the body. After dragging less then
an hour, the detective and W. 3. Per?
kins, an employe In the park, found
the bodv at the bottom of the l.ikt
near the boathouse. and it was hnuled
Coroner Taylor was notified and
viewed the body. He decided that an
Inouest was unnecessary. It being
clearlv a case of suicide. No reason
for the act is known, as tho old man
had never mentioned suicide, and was
always quiet.
Hp entered the Soldiers' Homo on
September 17. 1896. coming from Ches?
terfield county, where he had earned
a llvlnc by farming. He was u prlvato
In Company K. Twelfth Regiment of
Virginia Inf.-.ntry. und had an excel?
lent military record.
Entertainment by Hibernian*).
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Alexandria, Va.. June 3ft.?James .1.
Regan. national president of the
Anc'ent Order of Hibernians, was in
this city to-day. nnd to-night he was
tendered a reception by Alexandria
Division. No. 1. Ancient- Order of Hl
oernlans. He delivered an address on
the work being accomplished by the
order, as did several members of the
order who were from Washington.
Court Will Convene To-Dny.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Alexandria. Va.. June 30.?The July
term of the United States Court for
the Kastern District of Virginia, Judge
ICdmund Waddlll presiding, will con?
vene in this city to-morrow morning.
A number of cases are slated to be
considered at this term, among them
several for violations of the internal
revenue laws.
We do only first-class
Second and Broad S
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Bristol, Va., Juno 30.?Although
yet no definite action has been taker
to perfect tho contemplated compro-j
mlso botween the city school board antf
Superintendent S. Rhea McChesney, oj
the local schools, It |e believed thai
the prolonged warfare between thfl
board and the superintendent Is near
ing an end. It was thought that thl
matter of a comproir.lse with the au|
permtendent would >o reached at
meeting held this w?ek, but nothing
whatever was said. 3ut the fact thai
Chairman C. 11. Coope* and Clerk j. F|
Howell, who have teen among the
most strenuous against Mr. McChesney,!
preventing him from receiving anyj
salary for the past 'ear, have, re?
signed their respectiv? positions on
the board, would indicate that they see.
the handwriting on the wall, and that
a majority of the memlors will vote
for the proposed compronlse, probably
at the next meeting.
The following charters wei*e Issue
yesterday by the State Corporatl
Home Plot Land Company, Incot
porated, Lynchbure. Va. Incorporator.
W. H. ford, president: James R. For
vice-president, R. C. Blakford, trea:
urer; R jr. Hughes, secretary, all
Lynchburg. Va. Capital stock: Max!
mum. $1(1.000. minimum, $1.000 Object
and purposes: Real estate business.
Danville Water Power Company, In
corporated, Danville, Va. Incorpora
tors: R. A. James, president: .)'. F
Risen, vice-president; II. S. Lanier
secretary and treasurer; R. V. Booth
all or Danville. Va. Cupltal stock.
Maximum, $3U,O0O; minimum, $20.000.
Objects and purposes: Water power
developing company.
Good Roads. Incorporated. Richmond,
lncorporators; Nat Tyler, Jr.. pres?
ident. Short Hills. N. J.; M. Brooke
Tyler, vice-president. New York; Edith
L. Bllgh, secretary and treasurer. New
York; David Meade White. 12. H
Courtney, Arden IIowcll. ull
Richmond. Cupital stock: Maximum
$5.000; minimum, $300. Objects an<
purposes: Manufacturing and dealln
In machinery for roadj-maklng.
Ocean View Amuseiient Operatin
Company, lncorporatefl. Norfolk,
lncorporators; -Otto vAells, ^rirofd^
Hi S. Fischer, vico-prcsiuen'.; Moe L
a'.l of Norfolk." Capital stock: M'
mum, $15.000; minimum, $2.000. Obj
and purposes: Amusement buslncs'
Aronhlme Liquor Company, Inc
porated, Roanoke, Va. lncorporato
M- F. Aronhlme, president, Roanoke;
Goodman, vice-president, Lynchbu
P. B. Aronhlme, secretary and Tre
urer, Roanoke. Capital stock: Ma'
mum. $9.000; minimum, $9,000. Objec
and purposes: Liquor business.
A merger was Issued to the Norton
and Atlantic Terminal Company, cor
solldatlng It with the Norfolk
Portsmouth Traction Company, makln
tho maximum und minimum capita
stock $6.000.000, and the shares ofl
$100 par value.
An amendment was issued to the
charter of the Broad Rock Mineral
Springs Company (Inc.), of Richmond,
decreasing the capital stock fror
$250,000 to $125,000. also creating
1,referred stock of $125.000.
f rora,
Farmvllla. Va., June 30.?A pre!
home wedding was celebrated here
on Wednesday, when Miss Maidle
Byerley became the bride of Clifton
Hill, of Cary. Miss.
The ceremony was performed at 4
o'clock by Rev. W. R. Proctor, of tho
Methodist Church. The parlor;
prettily decorated for tho
The bride and groom stood be
r.rch of running cedar and fe
which was the monogram
gold. Just before the ccrem
Janle Wllktns, of Tubervill
?Beloved, It Is Morn." Mis
Rugg played Mendelssohn's Ma
"Call Me Thine Own." The mi
honor was Miss Mollle Byerley,
ter of the bride, and tho best ma
was A. C. Hill. The bride, was given
away by her father. Mr. and Mrs.
Hill left on the east-going train for
New York, and from thence they wll)
go to New Orleans by steamer. The'
will be at home, Cary, Miss., uftc
July 10.
.'.Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Lancaster, Va., June 30.?Old Mo
lico Baptist Church, near Kilmar
was the scene of a beautiful rat;
wedding Tuesday evening. wh?tv*Td
Chnrlottc Temple Clayhrook bee"
the bride of Dr. Bunyon B. Edmo
The church was beautifully decora
The ushers were Joseph Turner, V
land Edmonds. Wolby Bonner,
Eubank and Roy Simmons, and
oridesmaids were MisBes Annie I Cox,
Knld Eubank, Julia Eubank, Kathleen
White, Muriel Currell and Margaret
Carter. Little Marian Evans whh
flower girl, and Henry Jeter Edmonda
ringhearer. Dr. Jeter Kdmonds, brotl}-.
er of the groom, was heft man, a'nd
Miss Elizabeth Clay-brook, sister of
the bride, was maid of honor. Tho
bride entered the church with her
hrother. Dew Clayhrook, who gave her
away, and the ceremony was per?
formed by the bride s father, the Rev.
Frederick William Clayhrook. -Miss
Genevleve Eubank presided
After the ceremony
elegant reception
bride's parents, at i<

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