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Former Railway Cashier Seems Glad strain Is
Over?Outlines His Journey In Attempt to
Avoid Justice But Declines to Discuss
Crime of Which He Is Accused.
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Relieved from the agonizing sus- |
flense which every fugitive from jus?
tice knows, and In a much happl-rl
fra-jiio of mind than when he loft
Richmond on the night of May 20,
Louis L. Gregory, absconding cashier ;
of the Atlantic Coast Line Railway,
arrived with Captain T. ,1. McMnhon
over the Chesapeake und Ohio road
lrom the West at 2:45 o'clock yester?
day afternoon. The trip hud been un?
eventful, for a complete understand?
ing had been rnched between officer
Bnd prisoner, and both appeared glad
that the long journey was over. A
few personal friends and a brother
Were the only ones to meet Gregory
on his arrival.
Before reaching Richmond Gregory
was rather quiet and Inclined to look
melancholy. Rut as soon as the roofs
of the city were sighted his face
brlcrhtencd perceptibly, ami as Ufa
train drew into the station he smiled,
r-evornl of his friends pressed forward
with the salutation. "Hello, Louis.
I'm glad to gee you back." and there
was much shaking of hands. The meet?
ing- between the two brothers was
cordial and without restraint, and out?
sider.-- would never have guessed from
their appearance that one was on his
way to the City .tall, there to he until
his trial for grand larceny shall lie
called, or until he procures ball.
Did Xot Write to Wile.
On everything but the charges
r.gainst him. the reasons for his short?
age.-, his absconding and matters more
delicately personal. Gregory was Will?
ing to talk. Firs! of nil, he wanted
it denied that lie was with any woman
the night he left Richmond. He char?
acterized this feature of other stories
of his (light us absolutely false. He
denied, too, that he had written to
his wife from Denver. He admitted
that he had boon to Rlrmingham in
his wandering.- and that he had been
recognized there by a man named
Throxton. to whom he denied his iden?
tity, saying that his name was Hlan
ton. When asked by a reporter for
The Times-Dispatch, who met the
train a short distance out of town.
If he eared to say anything about the
charges against him or to make a
statement In his own behalf. Gregory !
replied that he had nothing further
to say, and drew from his nocket a
letter from his attorney. Robert Hi
Talley. who is being assisted by Harry!
M Smith, advising him not to talk.!
The letter had been handed to him in i
Denver by Captain MeMahon. \
Left Vis Seaboard.
Rut Gregory talked freely of the
events Immediately leading up to his
sudden tllghtVfVomjythe city. He said
that on th"' r.t'ftKt of May 20 lie took
a Broad and Main'Street car. on which
he was seen and recognised by Con?
ductor Whltmore, at First and Br??d
Streets, and got off at Eighth and
Broad, instead of solng to Eighteenth i
and Main Streets and transferring ]
to a Main Street car. as had been
Stated. From Eighth and Rroad lie
walked down to RUeger's Hotel, where
lie remained n short time, and then
went to the Commercial Hotel. From
"the Commercial, between R and 1
o'clock, lie said, he w^nt down to the
Old Dominion docks, where he i!e
posited the "suicide" letter and several ;
papers. He would not reply to the 1
ouestion whether he really contem?
plated committing suicide.
From the docks ho went to tie Main 1
Ftreei Station. Where, after waiting R
short while, he boarded the Seaboard 1
Air Line train for the South at 10:15
o'clock. He went straight to Savannah. '
Ca.. where he remained only between
trains. Thence he went to Blrmlng
ham, Als., where he remained a day,
and where he was recognized by the i
man Throxton He deotded to go fur?
ther, and went to Memphis, Tenn,
where he stayed three days. From
there he went to Kansas City, remain
log two days, and then he journeyed
to Denver, where', as he was prepar?
ing to begin life anew as a salesman
for automobile supplies, he was ar?
Gregory said that he will tight the
case through to the bitter end, and
ho appeared to be optimistic as to tlic
results. Then he said with a bright
"I'm glad to get bach Richmond
looks good to me" Evidently the
suspense incident to knowing that no
was being tracked the country over
was gone, and fa. In? things he knew
rather than dreading those he knew
not of brought some sort of calm to
his mind.
As his hand closed over ids broth?
er's he Inquired gently, "how are they
e?a .?- ?? " - ??'-?
Richmond, Va.
all nt home?" And the response, de?
livered Iii low tones, was reassuring:,
tor he smiled again. There wer.' many
In the station who knew him. und It
was almost like n recept'on. Captain
McAtah?n took hlin t" the Davis Hotel
for dinner. Gregory ate sparingly; and
talked a little more with his brother.
It was soon noised on the str-ets that
Gregory was Inside, nnd street gangs
gathered at the window to peer In. us
if at some world-renowned curiosity.
At length they were driven away by
order of captain McMahoh. Hut Greg?
ory seemed to have little resentment
against the curious crowds, and waved
his hand at them as they continued to
??||<re I nm," he said. "Rook away."
After the meal was ended a dosed
carriage was obtained, and, accom?
panied by captain McMahoh nnd two
newspaper men. Gregory was driven to
the city .lull.
Wants t? See Friends. *
. City Sergeant Sattorftcld was
awaiting the prisoner. Gregory recog?
nized him. but Sergeant Satterflcld
coiild not remember having met him
before. Finally his memory was Jogged
a little, and he remembered the man
who stood before him, Gregory was
still calm and contented. lie. asked
only that bis friends, of whom he said
there would be n number, be allowed
to see him. Mr. Satterflcld said he
would extend him all the usual cour?
tesies. Then he whs led nwny to be
?searched before the incarceration.
A room on the second floor, facing
south, was given him. It is not a cell,
such as convicted prisoners use. but a
steel-barred room, almost as good as
a hotel room. In which prisoners
awaiting trial nre confined. It wns
tittcd uji with the usual conveniences,
anil clean linen was on the little Iron
Saw Chicago I'nrnde.
Captain MeMahon and Gregory left
Chicngo nt 1 o'clock Tuesday after?
noon. They were In Chicago a day.
nnd on Michigan Avenue Grecory nnd
the ofilcer watched the big Fourth
of July parade. Before leaving Den?
ver Captain McMahoh put It up, as
they say. to Gregory, and a complete
understanding was reached. Dtirlntr
the day they traveled unconflncd, nnd
no one on the trains knew that one
wns officer, the other prisoner. At
night they slept together, each hand?
cuffed to the other. There was no
chance for escape, thpugh it Is clotihtflll
whether Gregory would hftvo attempt?
ed to escape If opportunity had of?
fered. On the first night out the hand?
cuffs were tlirhl and hurt him a little
"Can't you loosen up a little?" he
Inquired rather pathetically; after he
bad endured :he pn!n as long as he j
"Certainly," said Captain MeMahon.
?"Why didn't you speak before?" The
handcuffs were loosened, nnd there
was no more trouble.
Gregory said that he had been
treated with the utmost courtesy and
kindness by Captain MeMahon, and 1
be continued to express gratitude an I '
to praise the officer for his kindness.
Gregory loofced extremely well, bet
tor than he did before he left Rich,. ,
motid. He did not attempt to play a '
pan...but seemed his natural self, end
It was evident to nil who saw hlin
that he was glatl to cot bncfc to Rich- 1
moild, and in a sincerely happlei mood :
than before his sudden departure.
The reward offered for Gregory's tir
rcsi will !?? divided between officers of
the Richmond und Denver Police De?
Beck Charge'* Negro With Interfering With
Drptil) Whsrtnn,
Bul| ling Inspector H P, Ilr-ek swore out 1
ntvarrani yesterday before Magistrate Mr- i
Carthy charging Theodor? McLean, colored.]
with ??.?:?.i.tr abusing anil interfering with:
D*puly Building Inspector E. ?. Whartun in
the discharge of his oftli lal duties. The rase
will lie called In the Police Oourt this morn,
Mi !.<an live? at 8IS',4 south l.ombsray
Street ID- applied for permission to erect n
f.raine (table and shed on his lot. anil the
? ?<; .?? Inspector \v.is Instructed to look ever
the premises nnd report as to the charartr
rtl ml u.mine buildings and the desirability
of frame construction nt the point proposed,
whei Mr. Wharton reached the place he
rrtct i- McLean who. it is stntad.
curbed and abusod mid threatened hlin with
violence if he did not at once quit the prent
An ordinance is now penninc .before s
Council committee siting the Inspectors po
? atil t.. niaki .irrest? In surh enses
At present they have no such authority.
Short SeaTrips
New York and Boston
Richmond Transfer Co.
Washington and Lee
Summer Law School
l cxlngton, Va.
Session opens July 1 and closes Septem?
ber l Foi (urthei particulars acMrcfii
DR. GLORGE II. DhNN'Y, Lexin?ton,
Promoter Tells Confused Story I
. of W ound at Boarding
Exhibited Worried Condition,
and May Have Attempted
Captain George Frederick Meakln,
thirty-four years old. who claims to
have be? n an aide on Lord Kitchener's
Stull t<r.U to have fcug.-.t through the
Boer War. was dangerously shot at
1:2(1 o'clock yesterday afternoon in the
home of At. J. Lawler. l'"> 1-2 Last Clay
.Street, and Is now l>lng in the City
tlOspltal In a ser'nu* condition. The
bullet passed through the body. Just ?
below the heart, and was picked out
jus I below the Mesh on his buck. Hoi
is expected to recover, if complications
do not set In.
Exactly how or by whom he was sho-.
Captain Meakln will not tell, ami D.O
tecllve Sergeants Wllev and Kellam. |
who have been conducting a thorough i
Investigation, have not yet been able I
to settle to their own tlsfaction whe?
ther Meakln shot himself accidentally. I
lor with suicidal Intent, or whether liel
I was shot by some one else. The only
) persons In the house when the Shoot
J in? took place were Meakln and Mrs.
i Lawler ami her two children, the old?
est o.f whom, .lames Edward; is thir
' teen years ol 1
Police Notified,
i It wns Mrs. Lawler who called the!
I City ambulance, and Hi Tarl.tr ami I
Chauffeur brake Immediately notified |
the police when tiny were unable to
learn how the shooting ojcurred. Bicy?
cle Pollcecinn Latham was rlespitrlied
to the house from .he Second Station,
and Sergeant Wiley was sent from po?
lice headquarters. They closely Inter?
rogated Mis Lawler, who was on the
I verge of hysteria. She told them that
she had been In the kitchen preparing
j dinner, and that she tvas going up the
'stairway to the second iloor when she
I heard the sound of a shot. Thinking
that It was only a distant llre- racker.
she paid no hoed to tue noise until she
reached the top of the stairway, when.
I she saw Captain Meakln leaning
; ag?lnst the door of a small hall bed
I room. She noticed him slipping along
' the wall to the floor. anC shrieked out.
j "What's the matter'."'
"I'm shot.'- he replied, and sank to
the Iloor. His clothing had boon set
j atir by. the powder chnrgw, and she ex?
tinguished the ilames with hot" bare
"o. what am I to do?" she walled in
I frantic terror, and the stricken man
1 whispered: "Promise r.ie you won't bury
me in the potter's Held. Place me in
I your section in Hollywood."
Hud Seen Hollywood Orave.
Mrs. Lawler explained that he had
on- e sccompnnled her to the grave of|
I her father, hurled In Hollywood, who
in year ago shot and killed himself In I
Washington. Recovering; herself. Mrs. I
Lawler sen! her son. .lames, to sum-'
mon the ambulance, and remained with
' the apparently dying man.
When Dr. Tarter arrived he tried to.
1 draw from the man how he had been
I shot.
"We were iust fooling." he said '
I Latjr lie declared that he had been ac?
cidentally shot. On his bed in the City
Hospital he reiterated to Dr. Tarter
land to Captain William Wesson, a close |
friend, thai he had not shot himself,
I and the last mention he made of It was j
I that the shooting was accidental. No;
I more could be obtained from him. and
? on account of his weakened condition
. they did not press him further.
Speaking to newspaper men last
I night. Mrs. Lawler said that she -had!
been told that her story was In con- j
flic: with that told by Meakln.
Rives Details.
Rut what I *aid Is true, no matter
What he snys," she declared, emphatl-1
1 cally. She was extremely nervous, and ;
j her r.nswors to questions were filled I
with the minutest and most uiiimpor
tant details, showing In what a nsr- '
Veils state of excitement she was la- '
boring. She said thai site had suffered'
from nervousness ever since the tragic'
death of her father and was under the :
constant care of a physician.
She said that her son, James, was In j
Meakln'a room .lust pre\lous to the ac
cident, nnd that Meakln was playfully!
Showing him how he used to shoot the
Roers nut i he boy went out, remark?
ing that someihiim might happen. He
went Into the bathroom adjoining, and I
then heard the shot lie rushed back,
and saw Meakln leaning up agaln.lt
the wall. The boy thought at first that
the man was playing, but soon realized
his condition,
There were two conflicting stories as]
to the pistol Mrs Lawler said it had j
been taken out of her room from un?
derneath the hureau. Meakln said he j
gol it out of the dresser In his room.
I though admitting that It was Mrs !
I-awler's pistol. It contained only one j
[cartridge, and is a revolver of thirty-I
two calibre.
< I a luted War ttccord.
Mrs. I.nwler knows only n little of
Meakln's personal history He nad
' told her that lie served through the
! Roer War and wa- Injured by a fall
' from his horse. He was pensioned in
r. lump sum by the English govern?
ment, and then came 10 America. He
spoke little of the war and rarely of
j his family, and seemed not to know
Whether his .father was living or dead.!
t He landed in New York, where he made |
I money in the brokerage business, and
I then went to Philadelphia. H? Inher
j Ited some money, he hnd said, from a
I rich uncle, manufacturer of ohlnaware.
but had lost It all. He hud been In
I Richmond a year or more, and had bet u
boarding with the Lnwlors the last few
moulds There he made himself at
home and was considered one of the
family, Mrs. Lawler ?nid lasT night
that he had appenred distraught lately
and was evidently laboring under some
trouble. She said that he was engaged
to some extent in the real estate bus?
iness and nl.?o as a salesman by the
Arg.is Cold Mine Company, of Flu
vannn, but had not been successful.
He wns born In Duhlln, Ireland.
Detectives will continue their Inves?
tigation of the shooting until the mys?
tery Is cleared up.
Lieutenant McCnne in Georgia.
First Lieutenant E. it \v MrCahe
sixthv Qavalry, United states Army
has been assigned to duty With the
siate troops of Georgia, with head
nuarters at Atlanta. Lieutenant Me
Cabe Is a son of Colonel nnd Mrs W
Cordon MoCab*.
Democratic Club Surrenders
Contention for Old Legis?
lative District.
A;- Predicted by Times-Dispatch,
Attorney-General Declines
U> Give Opinion.
With a ??!".'. ?:ty ll.nt lullcnlcs Ihe
sentiment of the *.?> lo Kou'.lialde, me
memberi <>f ihe Washington Ward
Democratic Club last night pissed a re?
solution concurring in the decision of
the City Democratic Committee In rul-!
ing thai Washington Ward should vote
with the city of Richmond in the com?
ing legislative primary and ensuing
election. This action practically settles
the question, and it Is believed no effort
will be made to change the decision of
voting with Richmond Instead of with
the legislative district, formerly com?
posed of Manchester, Chesterfield and I
Powhatan. I
This is further emphasized by the
announcement of D. Lv Toney of his]
candidacy for election ns one of tho
five members of the Mouse of Delegates'
from the city of Richmond. Mr. Toney|
has already represented the district fori
several terms. Since he is a resident]
Of trie new ward, he must now run j
from the allied cities or not at all.
Campbell Undecided,
The action ,,f the Washington Ward]
Democratic Club further complicates
the position of M. A. Campbell. of'
Twelfth and Bainbridge Streets, who]
hud been I'rjtcd by a committee of
Southslde Democrats to put up bis
name as an opponent to Mr. Toney in
the old district, but as It hns since been |
agreed that Washington Ward must 1
vote with Richmond. Mr. Campbell Is j
still hesitating. It was stated last
nicht after a meeting Of the Democra?
tic club that Mr. Campbell, will accept
or decline to-night the request to enter
the race.
It Is stated that In case Mr. Campbell
refuse's to enter, h "dark horse" will
send In his name Friday as a candidate
from Richmond. Just who he will be
was not divulged last night.
Club Adopts Resolution.
After reporting the decision of Judge
Ingram in ruling that the question of
Washington Ward's status in the legis?
lative primary wns beyond the Juris?
diction of his court, the club's le?al
committee reported the following reso?
lution and recommended its adoption:
"Resolved, that the Washington Want
Democratic Club Indorses the action of
the City Democratic Committee !n de
cidlnc that Washington Wnrd should
cast its vole for the members of the
General Assembly with the city of
Although a long and earnest arg?r
ment. In which practically every mem
ber present joined, was had over this]
resolution, It was finally adopted unan?
imously, ano a copy ordered sent to
ihe city Democratic Committee.
It wns officially stated last night that;
the Attorney-GeneraI had refused ah
opinion on the question put lip to the
court This nillntr on his part has been,
previously stated by The Times-Dls-|
patch, as there was no way to bring]
It officially before him. The legal com?
mittee, consisting of ex-Scnntor P. V
Cogblll, Willis C. Pullman, R. I.
French nr.d Dr. F. T. Rucker. was given
a vote of thanks for Its services
The discussion of the legislative ttn
yle occupied almost the entire session
of the cluh. and hut little other busi?
ness was transacted. D. D. Toney's of?
fer of Fraternity Hall for six months
for the club's meeting piace was ac?
cepted with a vote of thanks by Ihe
cluh. The club adjourned about 10
o'clock to meet on the nicht of Fri?
day. July 14.
Teletxrapb manager Attain Fracture*
Sensitive Extremity.
For the fourth time within two
years, J T. O'Neill, assistant manager
of the Richmond otTtce of the Postal
Teletrraph and Cable Company, hns sus?
tained a broken kg. nnd Is now confin?
ed in St. Luke's Hospital
About twenty monihs ago the tele?
grapher broke a limb while alighting1
fron a car. A few days after the bone
hail knitted he broke the other leg In
the same mnnnt-r The third time he
Slipped and reli upon tne floor or his
home, aiialalnlpa another fracture, and
the fourth break recurred r.everal days
a^o. when he fell :o the ground while
attempting to hoard a street car.
The latest injury was snld last night
to be rapidly mending.
llneu From Honeymoon.
Mr and Mrs. M. F. Holmes passed
through the city yesterday en route
from New York, where they have been
spending their honeymoon. They were
married at noon on May 27, in Wash?
ington. D. C.
Mrs. Holmes was Miss Margaret S.
Switzer, formerly of this city, but later
of Washington. The groom Is a citi?
zen of Portsmouth. Vs., where he Is
connected with the Seaboard Air Line
Railroad. The couple will live at 404
Middle Street. Portsmouth.
Do to Frevh \lr f'nnip.
The second Instalment of forty per
sons, mothers and children, wan taker,
to the fresh air camp of the Salvation
Army In Chest -rflrld county yesterday.
Adjutant George N Wlgtrlns Is now
seeking contributions of provisions and
cash to aid in the maintenance of this
charitable insti-.utlon.
Proposal to Increase Charge on
"Free"' Structure May Have
This Effect.
council is disagreed
Conferees 'Will Consider Rate
Within Few Days?Former
Roth branches of the Council hav?
ing agreed to a conference over the
charge to be made the Virginia Rail?
way and Power Company for running
cars on the Free Bridge, a meeting
of the conferees to be named by the
presidents of the two branches will
probably be called within the next
few days. At present the street car
company Is paying $1,800 a year, the
rate fixed by the old .lames River
Rridge Commission, which operated the
bridge for the cities of Richmond and
Manchester. Recently Councilman
Cease proposed that this charge be In?
creased to $3,000 a year, and the Street
Committee so recommended.
The Finance Committee) on tho
other hand, recommended Hint the
charge remain as at present, giving
us Its reason that within a year a por?
tion of the street car traffic would no
doubt be diverted to the new Mayo's
Bridge, and that plans would then be
on foot for a new Ninth Street bridge,
The Common Council adopted the
$3,000 resolution, and the Board that
Ilxlng the charge at $1.S00, hence the
need for a conference committee be?
tween the two branches
free to Ml Others.
*1 he street car company represents
that It Is the largest single mx-payer
In the community, and that the bridge
Is free to all other citizens for un?
limited use. The company, however,
does not object to the $l.>0n charge,
as that amount, except In cases of
emergency, about finances Cio annual
repairs needed.
Discussion of the matter has revived
reports thnt the Virginia Railway nnd
Power Company may erect its own
brldce over .lames River, res-ting It
on the concrete abutments of the
power house dam. which st retches
p.-ross from the foot of Seventh Street
In Richmond to a point on the south
shore west of the Coast Dine tracks
and In line with Seventh Street, ex?
Ilrldce Once Considered.
When this- dam was constructed by
the Virginia Klectrlcal Railway and
Development Company, the idea of a
brldce for rapid transit between the
cities was suggested. After the Vir?
ginia Railway and Power Company
acquired the Petersburg line, it pro?
posed to erect the bridge nnd bring
those cars directly Into Richmond, and
application ?ns once ma le to the Man?
chester City Council for the necessary
rieht? on the Sauthside, where the
plan was opposed on the ground that
the street car company practically
maintained the old Free Rridge. and
If it erected a trestle of its own the
city of Manchester would have to In?
crease Its annual contribution to the
Officials of the street car oompa.r.y
state that there are no Immediate
plans on foot to erect such a bridge,
hut operating officials admit that they
would he glad to see the company en?
ter into anv arrangement which would ,
take the cars off the congested Free
Bridge and civo them a Straight, rapid
run over a private trestle, saving
much time between the cities.
Would Compel Trestle.
Mr Cease states frankly that the
object of his resolution raising the
rate of charge is to force the company
off the Free Rrldtre. nnd to compel it
to erect Its own trestle across the
river. The Free Rrldge. he says, wns
not desiened for street ,-nr traffic, and
should not be subjected to such a ;
strain. He added that he would wel?
come any arrangements that would
bring the Petersburg Interurban cars j
Into old Richmond.
Other members of the Council have
expressed the view that the city j
should take no pay from the street car '
company for the rieht to run cars over
the Free Rridge. arsrulng thnt with
all the propping thnt has been done,
the old bridge is none too sa.fe. and
that were a serious accident to occur
the car company would escape dam
nges in the courts by holding the city
responsible for the safety of the bridge
over which It rents a right of way.
bandmaster leaves
Paris f handlers Sucreeded In Blues
Hand liy .1. C. KcHMiilch.
Recause of 111 health. Paris Cham
hers, for several men t hi conductor
of the Richmond l.inhs Infantry Blu SB'
Rand, has been forced to surrender
thnt position, and lias been succeeded
by Professor Joseph c. Kessnich. a
WCll-kh?wn locnl musician. Professor
Kessnich directed the concert la.-t
night at Gamble's Hill Park.
Professor Chambers, it was said last
night, will return to New York.
wouI'd'chlangeH-O 0 p
Supervisors Consider Cur Proposition nt
At the requesi of the Virginia Railway and
Power Company the n^arrt of Supervisor?
of Henrlco county yesterday again deferred
hearinc the application of Richmond Collejte
to have the railway make certain changes
in the loop at Wcsthnmpton. and set aside
nex't Wednesday to hear the matter. The
power company Is apparently willing to
make ihe desired changes, provided the col?
lege will pay the cost.
An order will be published asking nil In?
terested to appenr at next Wednesday*
Nothing Is Impossible To Industry
This is just another way of saying "Where there is
a will there is a way." To the man who is industrious,
wide-awake and enterprising the Way to Success is
open. This man crowns his industry by careful sav?
ing and protection of his financial interests. Come
to the
American National Bank
and let us help to clear away your obstacles and re?
move those seeming impossibilities from your way.
We offer
$16.50 For Latest Suits Worth Up to $28.00 1
The sale will end Saturday night. In order to show a good
assortment of patterns and sizes until then we have included
some of our own high-class suits.
All sizes for ;ill shapes.
Gans-Rady Company
State Charities Board Not Aware
of Probation Official
When Hip Board of Police Commis?
sioners meets to-night it will not he
? ailed on to accept the resignation
of Captain George W. Kpps, of the
Second District, and It will not elect a
man to succeed him, nor fill vacancies
among the sergeantclea caused by the
promotion, nor elect :i man to IUI the
vacancy among tho privates. This
program had been mapped out In
some wise, but all the mapping hss
been obliterated by the fact that
Judge Witt ltj not to appoint another
probation officer, as has been stated
several times.
It stems that the State Hoard of
Charities, from whom application for
an additional probation officer should
legally come, bus not only taken no
move In the matter hut was not even
aware that such u move wns In con?
templation. It seems further thut
whoever orlirlna ten the request for
another probation oitieer did so with?
out due authority, and at this time
shother probation officer will not be
Rev, .Joseph T. Mastin Is secretary
of the .State Hoard of Charities and
Corrections, and It Is slated that ho
knew nothing of the fact that It had
been decided to Increase the probatloh
force, and that it had been practically
decided In conference that Captain
Kpps was to receive the new office
Captain Kpps had not resigned his
present position, but was ready to do
so. It Is understood, upon omriul con?
firmation that the office wits to be
How and whore the muddle orls
Inated could not he learned last night,
but there was evidently a sad mistake
Governor Mann Says Remarks at Fredericks
burs Have Hreii Misconstrued,
Governor William H. Mann returned to hli
off lie at the Capitol yesterday after spend?
ing- the Fourth at Fr?derlc.k?burg. where he j
made an address In connection with laying j
the corner-stone of the administration build- j
Ing of the new State Normal School. In !
speaking of his nddr<ss the Governor slid I
that It had b?on a rather strained or forced
assumption to Infer from his remarks that
he had any reference to the l.quor question;
in fort, he said in preparlns and delivering
his address it was without reference to tho
liquor prrnlrm. The Governor look occasion
of the Independence Day anniversary to
mike * strong: appeal for representative
government as opposed to the Initiative, j
referendum and reeall. He stated plainly j
that In his view, if the people would but'
elect the proper representatives, they would j
have proper laws and proper administration ,
of the government.
Some of those pres?nt construed this attl- I
tude on broad problems of government to ;
m?an that the Governor would prefer to ;
hive ;!i" liquor question settled hy the Leg- !
Islature. without reference to a popular <
State-Wide election, hut the Governor said i
yesterday that his remarks on the broid j
principles of government were prepared and
delivered entirely without reference to the I
liquor question.
Ambulance Phynlclnn Trent? Colored
Heul Victims.
Dr TarD-r. of the city ambulance,
wns called to attend three hf-3l pros?
trations yesterday. Louise Robinson,
of mi; North Seventeenth Street, nnd
Hertha Hilton, of 1820 Accommodation
Street, both colored, were overcame In
the Seventh Street stemmery of the
American Tobacco Company yesterday
ir.orr.lnt-. Their condition was not se?
rious, nnd. after beins fronted, they
were sent h?i?"
Ftohort .Johnson, colored, of lfiO.' Clal
borne Street, was p.rostratod while
workinc yesterday afternoon over a
lime box on Park Avenue. His condi?
tion was found to be not serious, end
he was taken home.
Robberies Reported.
Several reports of ronberles were received
at police headquarters yesterday. Wolf Ma?
zer, a merchant, of -120;, We6t I.elgh Street,
complained that his store had beer, entered
from the rear and the cash register rifled
of .?17.
Thieves also entered and ransacked the
residence of Moneure Perkins. I0> West
Franklin Street, but nothing was found to
be missing
Mrs. F.. G. Kldd complained that her fnc
tory at Uowe and Marahall Streets had been
entered, but nothing was taken away.
Police Court Cases.
The rase against Theodore VfcDsne, col?
ored, charged with assaulting John Ilobln
son, was continued In Police Court yester?
day mot nine to to-morrow. He was balled
In the sum of $300.
Nannie Hilton and John Aahton. colored,
charred with assaulting William Hilton, tho
formers husband, with a card receiver,
were dismissed.
Hold InqurM In-Day,
An Inquest Into the death of Robert Ben- i
.lanitn I.urk. who was killed at f>:in o'clock ?
Tuesday night by s Richmond, Frcderl.-ks
burg .nnd Potomac Railway iraln at KIha ,
Station, will be conducted by Coroner Taylor
at 10 o'clock this morning.
It Is now the supposition that I.urk was
killed while attempting to hoard the engine
as It moved out of the station.
Superintendents' Conference.
Division superintendents of schools
In Virginia will attend a three-day
conference nt the Farmvllle Normal
School beginning on July 31. While
there will be no set program, the con?
ference will be held to discuss irrn
eral matter.- relating to the public
school system of the State. A num?
ber Of well known educators will be
In nttendnneo.
Hull.lim,' Permits;
A building permit was Issued yesterday to
E. Cohen, to erect n two-story br?ck storo
and dwelling at 9 North Seventeenth Street,
on the site of n building which recently foil
in after having been condemned.
A permit was also Issued to A. D. Spren?
kle, to errct two tivo-alory detached frame
dwellings on the south side of Main Street i
between Auburn and Dnoley Streets, to cost I
John Mann, Jr.. Qualifies.
John Mar.n., Jr.. qualified yesterday before
City (Merit ften August as Fire Commission?
er from Marshall Ward.
I-enve? Finite to Chureh Home,
.lohn A. I.nmb qualified .yesterday In Chan?
cery Court as executor of Ihe wilt of Mary
I.lgh'foot Christian. The estate Is valued
at {570. The will directs that ?fter the pay- i
ment of funernl expenses nnd debis the real
due of the estate Is to go to the Protestant
Episcopal Churcb Home of Richmond.
Trip to Country Home for
Mother's Consent Preceded
Wedding Ceremony.
Accompanied by August Scslor, her
husband-to-be, Elizabeth Besnyodt, a
pretty Hungarian girl, walked Into
the Hubtlngs Court yesterday morning
1 aiiii announced to Deputy Clerk Broe
I den that she was willing and noxious
I to swear loyally to the man at hcj;
I side and to love, honor and obey him
until death them do part.
I Mr. Breeden made delicate inquiry
! as to her age. She confessed to only
eighteen bright summers. lie informed
the loye-strlcken pair that the law
would not allow him to Issue a mar?
riage' license to such a young girt,
pretty as she was, unless she. n.id her
parents' consent.
Then her stepfather, who had ac?
companied them, stepped forward and
offered his consent, pressing on the
clerk that he was more than willing
thnt the young couple should soon
learn the Joys of matrimony. But the
stepfather wouldn't do. Then It wae
suggested that Judge Ingram, of the
Law and Equity Court, Judge Witt
bring away, should appoint the stop
father guardian, but Judge Ingram
] preferred having the mother's con
| sent.
tint Mother's Consent?
"But she's not here, and she can't
I write, anyway," sabi the ?Irl, tapping
j her foot Impatiently. Another lnspirt?>
I tlon penetrated through the deputy
! > lerk's brain He suggested that the
! mother be called on ami that some
one be engaged to do the writing for
her, she to put her mark to the docu?
ment The suggestion was adopted.
An automobile was procured, and a.
hurried trip to Lorraine, where th?
young people live, was made, and In
' a short time they had returned with
the necessary papers, duly slgnen
with the mother's mark. C'.?rk Brno,
den smilingly handed over the license,
nnd "Purson" Mike Macon performed
the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs- Sesler, happy as. two
young people could be. then went out
and look a train for a honeymoon
somewhere In the North.
A marriage llcen.-e was also Issued
to Emmctt L Jewett and Ca 1 lie F.
Miller JV Co. Secure Appeal I" Soil Brought
by ,l?.hu II. Lyon?.
A writ of error has been granted by the
Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals In th?)
rare of John K. Lyons against Mt'.ler tit Co..
from the Circuit Court of the city of Rich?
mond. Mr. Lyons brought ?ult ?Rains? tin
?tr,ck broking firm some months ago. alleg?
ing that the brokers had sold certain Stocka
ef his without his order. and at a time when
the market was not favorable, .mtalmg a
large loss The Arm contended that ."Ir.
Lyons was tiading on u margin, and that
when the market fell !t had no option to
protect Itself hut to put his stork on tha
market after the margin posted had been
wiped out A supersedes*, band of 19.o'/O
was required to be filed before the writ bo.
comes operative.
Governors Invited to Vnnte Deleitntrsv
to Itlcliniond Convention.
Governor William H. Mann has Is?
sued invitations to the Governors of
the various States to send delegates to
the Fifth Annual Conference on State
and Local Taxation, to be held in
Richmond, September 5-S. The meet?
ings will be held at the Jefferson.
Hotel, ard each Governor Is requested
to name three delegates to represent
his State. Invitations are also being
sent to the Governors of the prov?
inces In Canada.
The opening session will he held on
Tuesday. September 5. at 1:30 o'clock,
a. hen Governor Mann and Mayor Rich?
ardson will welcome the visitors. That
night the Governor and Mrs. Mann
will give a reception to the delegates
at the Executive Mansion.
County Police Cases.
Charles White and William Shackelford.
hr.th colored, were each fined S>'> and costs
yesterday by Magistrate Lewis In Henrlco
county, b-fore whom they were tried on a
charge of carrying concealed weapons.
rtlchnrd Day, colored, was fined 510 and
costs for wlfe-bcatlng.
The ense of C.eorge Pryor, colored, charged
with cutting and seriously wounding Emms
Dabney. also colored, was continued for a
second time because the woman had not re?
covered sufficiently to appear In court. It
will bo railed ngnln Saturday ;
Charges Konsnpport.
Thomas C. Burgess was arrested yesterday
,? Officer Eubank in Henrlco county on a
arrant alleging nonsupport of his wife,
e will be given e hearing this morning.
Officers liefere Grand Jury'.
Frank B. Tray lor, former deputy sheriff,
nnd Officer Pemberton have been summoned
to uppear before the grand Jury of the Hon
rlco county Circuit Court this morning to
answer charges brought by W. H. Shu
brldge. alleging that they removed a watch
from his clothing and failed to return It.
Rond Hi I- Rejected.
The Roard of Supervisors of Henrlco coun?
ty at the monthly meeting yesterday reject?
ed all bids for Improvements to the New?
market Rond. it being decided that the fig?
ures submitted In all proposals were too
M. V. Morris was Instructed to make im?
provements In the Cralghton Ro^il
ArrcatH Veslerdny.
Peter Lewis, colored, wns arrested
yesterday on a charge of assaulting
.L. hn Robinson
Theresa Alford. colored, was arrest?
ed on a charge of stealing clothing
from W O. Finch
'?'-.'"..' .'"'.THE a ' .."
?.:.:: j 117 . E.?? AiKf st, 4>:

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