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This- jnonogram on the
yxzdiator stands Jbr att
you can ask in a motorcar
Long stroke motor?4#x5tf
Chalmers self-starter
Four-speed transmission
Demountable rims
36-inch by 4-inch tires
Bosch dual ignition
Ventilated fore-doors
Solar gas lamps, oil lamps
Prest-O-Lite tank
Lamps black enameled
Chalmers "30" Touring Car, 5-passenger, $1600.
Regular equipment: Magneto; gos lamps and oil lamps; Prest-O-Lite
tank; Chalmers mohair top; automatic windshield; ventilated fore
doors; full set of tools; horn, pump, jack and tire repair outfit.
Chalmers "30" Torpedo, 4-passenger, $1500.
Regular equipment: Same as "30" Touring Car.
Chalmers "30" Torpedo Runabout, 2-passenger, $1500.
Regular equipment: Magneto; gas lamps and oil lamps; Prest-O-Lite
tank; Chalmers moltair top; windshield; tire irons; tools, etc.
Chalmers "Thirty-six" Touring Car, 5-passenger, $1800.
Regular equipment: Chalmers self-starter; Continental demountable
rims; Bosch dual ignition system; Solar gas lamps?all lamps enameled
black; Prest-O-Lite tank; 36-inch by 4-inch tires; four forward speed
tfansmission; long stroke motor?4%-inch bore, 5%-inch stroke;
ventilated fore-doors; tire irons; tools, horn, pump, jack and tire
repair outfit. Top and glass front, $100.
Chalmers "Thirty-six" Torpedo, 4-passenger, $1800.
Equipment: Same as the Chalmers "Thirty-six" Touring Car.
Chalmers "Thirty-six" Berlin Limousine, $3250.
Including full equipment.
Chalmers "Thirty-six" Cab Side Limousine, $3000.
Including full equipment.
Chalmers "Forty" Touring Car, 7-passenger, $2750.
Regular equipment: Bosch dual ignition system; Solar gas lamps; oil
lamps?all lamps enameled black; Prest-O-Lite tank; auxiliary seats;
ventilated fore-doors; Chalmers mohair top; automatic windshield;
36-inch by 4-inch tires; tire irons; tools, horn, pump, jack and tire
repair outfit.
Chalmers "Forty" Torpedo, 4-passenger, $2750.
Regular equipment: Same as the Chalmers "Forty" Touring Car.
Chalmers "Forty" Detachable Pony Tonneau, 4-passenger, $2750.
Regular equipment: Same as the Chalmers "Forty" Touring Car.
HERE are the motor car pace makers
for 1912?the Chalmers "30," $1500
?the Chalmers "Thirty-six," $1800.
These cars win their way to your approval
by sheer merit. They set new standards of
motor car values.
When the Chalmers "30" was first an?
il1 nounced four years ago, the words "astound
' ing value" were used to describe it. It set
a new standard.
Each season since, by better factory methods,
by improvements and refinements, we have greatly
Increased the value of the car without increasing
the price. Each year the verdict on Chalmers
cars has been "best value at the price."
Our Astounding Values
And now for 1912 we say to you, the motor
buying public, with perfect assurance, that this
year more than ever before we offer you "astound?
ing values."
The "30" remains the leader among $1500 cars.
Ihe new "Thirty-six" at $1800 represents a
irther development along the lines of greater
ze and increased power. The reliable, standard
ed, beautiful, "Forty" is continued for those
quiring a car of unusual power and 7-passenger
pacity. -
In our plan of business, your interests and our
m are mutual. Utmost value at the price?
; price to all?and service guaranteed?is our
Nc have been unable to find any brand of
?smanship equal to quality in the goods; or
r sort of advertising one-half so effective as
d words spoken by those who know the merit
Chalmers cars.
he temptation to make extravagant claims is
ng. But in our advertising we try to make
erstatements rather than overstatements. We
tyou to bef. this in mind in reading our 1912
"30" Fully Equipped $1500
e ask you to remember these facts: The
<mers "30" was the first genuine automobile
til at a medium price. No car of equal value
ehas sold for the same price or for less,
member that this is the car which was driven
2niles a day for one hundred days in succes
sjthat made the trip from Denver to Mexico
d that for two years won more contests in
1 tftion to the number entered than any other
chat has never been defeated by a car of its
jiiand power; that holds the world's light car
e,i{record; that won the hardest Qlidden Tour
*se remember further that this is the car with
tlost advanced design; the car that has been
mwidely copied than any other.
I Buy a Beautiful Car
imber this car has a grace of line and
b<al of finish which the costliest cars do not
edthat it has given satisfactory service to
lidowners, that it is backed by the Chalmers
Last year this car sold for $1750, equipped with
magneto, gas lamps, top and windshield.
Think of it this year?refined and improved in
every possible way, with thoroughly ventilated
fore-door bodies, inside control, magneto, gas
lamps, Prest-O-Lite tank, and including also
Chalmers mohair top and automatic windshield
?for $1500!
We think you will agree that "claims" are
unnecessary in view of such value at such a price.
The facts are eloquent and convincing.
You have your choice of four or five-passenger
bodies, and four color schemes. We ask you to
see these cars at our dealers. They are now on
show. Deliveries to customers begin at once.
New Model "Thirty-six" $1800
When we considered bringing out a new model,
the Chalmers "Thirty-six," we instructed our
engineers to build a four cylinder, five-passenger
car that would leave absolutely nothing to be
We said we would fix the price when the car was
ready. We think that in the Chalmers "Thirty
six" we are offering a car that leaves nothing to
be desired.
What more could you ask in a car than you are
able to get in this one?
More power, perhaps ? You really could not
use more than the splendid long stroke motor
will develop. With large cylinders and long stroke
x 5J4") t^e new motor is a great puller at
high speed; a wonderful hill-climber; and will
give you all the speed you want. Though called
a 36 it actually develops 40 h. p.
Four-Speed Transmission
Greater flexibility? The four forward speed
transmission?a feature until now found only on
the highest priced makes?gives a flexibility of
control hitherto unknown on medium priced cars.
Direct drive is on the fourth speed. A third
speed is provided which will carry you over the
hardest grades without loss of time. If a very
steep hill is encountered, you can still drop back
to second, which is powerful enough for the steep?
est grade and yet much faster than first speed of
an ordinary car.
Do you ask more room in the body ? This
body is as roomy as any five-paBsenger car built.
It is a big body. If it were any bigger, it would
become awkward and less comfortable.
More comfort? We honestly believe that it
is not possible to buy a more comfortable car at
any price. The big wheels and tires?36 x 4?
the ample wheel base, sturdy frame, %-elliptic
rear springs, tilted, luxuriously upholstered seats,
afford the passengers the acme of riding comforts.
Chalmers Self-starter
Greater convenience? The new Chalmers
compressed air self-starter does away with the
last of the original inconveniences of automobil
This starting device is built in the Chalmers
factory. It is not an accessory added to the car,
but an essential feature. With it there is no need of
cranking. Any woman can now drive a Chalmers
car. The compressed air of the self-starter can be
used for inflating tires.
Convenience has been considered in little things,
too. The control levers on both the fore-door
and torpedo bodies are located inside the body.
The battery will be carried in the tool box on
the running board, where it is readily accessible.
A dash adjustment enables the driver to adjust
the carburetor without leaving his seat.
Consider These Details
As fo details of finish, we ask you to compare
the "Thirty-six" with any car selling up to $4000.
Body fittings are of the luxurious type found on
high priced cars. Black enamel finish instead of
brass is used on metal parts, such as door handles,
coat rail, hinges, lamps, etc. An option of nickel
plating, at an extra cost of $50, is offered.
The ventilated dash is covered on the inside
with leather. The tonneau floor is covered with
cocoa mat. The front foot board and the running
boards are covered with dark gray linoleum.
Other details of construction which show the
care expended on little things are: The beauti?
ful doors, two handles on each door, permitting
opening from the inside; scuff plate on the fender
where it joins the running board; large, completely
equipped tool box on the running board; smooth
finish of bonnet and fenders, all rivet heads being
entirely concealed; improved Mercedes type honey?
comb radiator such as you find on the high priced
cars. Many other exclusive features you will
note when you examine the car.
"Thirty-six" Already Proved
Do yoii ask greater reliability in a motor
car? Probably no new model has ever received
more thorough testing before being offered to the
Months ago?in November, 1910?we com?
pleted the first, three cars of the "Thirty-six" type.
One of these was sent to Uniontown, Pa., where
for four months we kept it going day in and day
out, up and down the celebrated Uniontown
Hill and other Pennsylvania hills. Motorists
know there is no severer hill-climbing test.
Tk? ?econd of these cars was sent to Florida,
wheid; for weeks, it was driven through heavy
sand.lr. the hottest weather.
The third car, driven through the Middle West,
averaged 200 miles a day for 8000 miles.
The motors for the new models were tested on
the block, running 1500 revolutions per minute,
24 hours a day for weeks at a time.
It seems almost incredible, but it is the abso?
lute truth, when we tell you that in all of our
testing of this car and its motors we have never
broken dov/n a single motor, transmission, or
other vital part.
We have tested not only one car but a number of
them; we have tested not only one motor, but
many; we have not driven a few hundred miles,
but tens of thousands of miles.
And we have done all this so that we might be
able to stand behind an absolute guarantee of all
parts of this car for one year and a further guaran?
tee of Chalmers service.
"30" Touring Car, S-Paetmngmr?St600
Including magneto. Prest-O-Lite tank,
gas lamps, til lamps. t?p. scindshield,
ventilated fere-doers, horn, ttel*
"30" Torpedo. 4-fjuenni?$ 1500
Including magneto. Prest-O-Lite tank,
gas lamps, til lamps, lap. windshield,
vmutated fere.dtors, h?rm, tools
"Thirty-nix" Torpedo. 4-Pa?tangtr,
Including self-starter. Continental de?
mountable rims, four-speed transmis?
sion. Bosch dual ignition, black enam?
eled Solar gas lamps and oil lamps,
Prest-O-Lite tank, ventilated /tie-doors
34xi-inck tiros, horn and toils
"Forty" Touring Car, 7-Paetengcr-$2750
Including Bosch dual ignition system,
black enameled Solar gas lamps and
oil lamps, Prest-O-Lite tank, auxiliary
scata. top, windshield, ventilated fore
doors, Sixi-tn. tires, tire irons, horn, tools
Chalmers Mohair Top.
1911 Our Best Year
The Chalmers Company finished, on June 15th,
the most successful year in its history. We
announced at the beginning of the 1911 season that
we would build 6250 cars. We built this number
and sold them. We could have sold more, but
adhered to our policy of putting quality ahead of
Our 1912 line represents the evolution 'of Chal?
mers experience. It is the achievement of a
highly trained organization guided by an ideal?
to build the highest class motor cars possible at a
medium price. We are proud to announce our
1912 cars as the best we have ever turned out.
Our Cars Fully Guaranteed
We guarantee Chalmers cars to be free from
defects in material and parts. For one year from
date of delivery we will replace free any defective
part, if returned to our factory for inspection.
The parts of Chalmers cars are made from the
best materials obtainable, and they are built, for
the most part, in our own factory. Hence we are
perfectly safe to guarantee them.
We really believe, whether you buy a Chalmers
or not, it is worth your while to look at the new
We invite you to come in and see the 1912
models. Early deliveries are assured.
(^ordonMotor Company

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