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Surplus Stock Sale of White Goods
Special Low Prices in Summer White Fabrics offers great
saving* here this week.
19c Lawn Flax, 38 inches wide.12} ic
19c Persian Lawn, extra fine.14c
25c and 35c Figured and Plaid Lawns.i9c
18c Mercerized Lingerie, 40 inches.15c
12:.c Linen Finished Suiting.10c
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35c Linen Lawn, 36 inches wide.25c
'- i
But Local Dealers Give First
Thought to Richmond, and
Thereby Avert Famine.
Ice shipped from Northern points
began to arrive in Richmond yesterday
consigned to local manufacturers
whose output for the past three days j
has been Insufficient to meet the dc- !
mand. However, there was no short?
age yesterday, it was said, and from
now on It Is not expected that further i
difficulty In this direction will be ex?
perienced In this city.
Managers of plants here were bc
? ieped yesterday morning and after?
noon by telephone and telegraph re?
quests from dealers In Norfolk. New-,
port News and Alexandria for Ice to
relieve the situation in those cities.
It was Impossible for the local con?
cerns to comply, every pound being
needed for Richmond consumers. It
was said by the manager of one of
the hlgsest plants here that since
Saturday he has had a rennest from
every large and many of the smaller
cities in the State for Ice.
In talking over the telephone yes?
terday with the head of a firm in
.'.lexandrla he learned that Washing
Ton and Baltimore are on the verge
of an ice famine Out-of-town de?
mands upon those two cities could
not be mot.
It was also learned that the past
three elays are the first In eleven years
that Richmond plants did not have a
t-urplus on hand after lilting all or?
Colored Orsrnulxntlnn t mine Members
to Keep \vcn> From Cities.
The first annual session of the Im?
proved Order Shepherds and Daugh?
ters of Bethlehem, a newly-formed ne?
uro organization, will be held in Sop
ten ber at Pamplln, Va. Two hundred
and twenty-six delegates from all
parts of the State will attend. .). I bos.
J-lewln Is president and B. F. Yancy is
One of the chief alms of the new
Organization IS to teach the members
the beauty of country life and pro?
mote interest In the "back to the soil"
movement It will endeavor to check
the increasing exodus of the colored
youth from the farms of Virginia to
the larger cities of the North and
At the first annual convention prsper
sanitation, gardening, the prevention
of tuberculosis and the improvement of
rural schools will be nmonw the prin?
cipal subjects discussed.
The Orand Lodge intends to p'ct as
a school of instruction for all its sub?
ordinate bodies. Bulletins on nvery
conceivable sublect will be distributed
nt the annual meeting and these wili
be passed out among the members at
large hy the delegates
ftouthrrn Loan and Trast Company In Hands
of Court Agents.
An order was entered by Judge Ingram la
the L'uv ?r.cH,E.>'.il:v Court yesterday in the
suit of Pv E,? CM fit A Company (Inc.).
egalnft the Pouirirrn Loan and Trust com
jvany. appointing R I- Taylor and r E
Clark, receivers, to take charge of the bus
Ire?* of :h* "outhern Loss and Trust Com
pany In Virginia *r.d report to the court a
eehedu'.e of assets and llihllltle? The re?
ceivers are instructed to tuke over the books
roa- id the harms of It. I.. Taylor * Com?
pany. Virginia agents of the defendant eor.
I>ora:l->n, and /.re required to give bond In
the turn of r V. ?
A?l>s His Friend* to Vote fur Ruche for
f ounty Cleric.
Garland B Taylor, deputy rlerk ot the
City Circuit court and secretary of the Hen
rlco Democratic Committee, announced \n
terday hi? withdrawal from the race for
clerk of Renrico county, for ?hieb he hid
announced his candidacy. At a conference
of Mr. Tavlor's friends it was held that since
he and ?r.e.th*r candidate; w K Bache,
came from the same section of the county
and would necessarily divide the vote. It
TV as desirable that one should retire, and
after conference! :i mi determined that Mr.
Taylor should drop out of the rare, leaving
Mr. Bache to Ash! It out at the polls with
the inaiml.fr.t clerk. Si P. Waddlll. who Is
stroking for re-election.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses ?..<:.? Issued yesterday in
the Hustlnsi Court to .le?.r Wlnsate, of
Pitt county. N r. ?ad Either (J, Talherl;
Benjamin William Weinfeit and Rosa v.
Green tree, and to OHIO William Lane and
Lillian May fjeil.
Washington and Lee
Summer Lau) School
J.cslngton, Va,
{??pyi i opens July 1 and ? U ses Septem*
br Fat Rirthcf rvtrti'iil-.tr? vHtc--.
),; (.: OR GR I!. DRN.NY. Lciinj I >ii,
Make it of the KNOWN kind -
G. M. Co.'s "Pearl" Roofing
Richmond. Va.
But Acquittal Is Expected To
Day in Case of Hines, Who
Killed Conway.
Evidence in the trial of Oscar T.
Uincs. a druggist, for the killing of
Charles Matthew Conway in front of
his store on December 24, having been
only partially given up to ' o'clock
last night, adjournment of the Hust?
ings Court was had to 10 o'clock this
morning, and It is likely that the case
Will go to the Jury early in the after?
noon. The prisoner wus balled in the
sum of $1,000, and left the court?
room unescorted, save for the pres?
ence of his children and several rela?
tives, who had accompanied him.
Though It is not usually the case
in a murder trial, the members of the
Jury were allowed to go to their
homi s, with the usual Instructions
about reading the papers und talking
to others concerning the case. They
win- allowed to do so on un agree?
ment reached between the prisoner
and the Commonwealth's Attorney, no
objection from either side being raised.
Friends of the accused take this as
.in Indication of the outcome, of tho
trial, and acquittal is generally ex
i tcted.
Much evidence ?lamaging to the
r?putation of the dead man wan Intro?
duced to show that he was regarded
ni a dangerous character when under
the Influence of intoxicants. It was
rlso brought oul by witnesses for the
defense that C ?nw.iy attempted to or?
tei Hlnes's drug store live times on
Christmas Eve arid was as frequently
warned to keep away. Owing to hiv
continual reappearance, tllnet, It was
stated, closed up earlier than he would
have done, and was In the net of clos?
ing when Conway came In again for
the last tline. Hines stated from the
stand that Conway hurled a vile
I epithet at him. and said, "Now I've
got you" It was then he seized the
wooden bar with which he closed his
door and struck Conway down. Conway
died within a short time, after both
Hines and ambulance physicians had
done all they could for him.
Hines Is being represented by At?
torneys Harry M. Smith and L> O.
Farm Hond Convicted for Stealing 5200
From Employer.
Jim Mtchnei was convicted yesterday of
the charge of robbing Jathea shiirm. a farm?
er, of more than i2"0 in the Henrlco county
Circuit court lie was sentenced to nn> year
in the penitentiary.
Michael was employed as ? farm hand by
Shiirm Left alone nt the latter's residence
he broke open a trunk and stele the mone>.
lie mads an attempt to t?<*api>. hut was
caught the same day In Frederlckaburg,
I'ollrr Court Onsea.
The cafe MRalnst D. D. .Heele. colored,
charged with emheiilinc a negotiable note
for 5'.7.> from the Miller Manufacturing
company iinr i, was continued yesterday in
Potte? Cour: io July IS.
RufUS Plunders, charged with assaulting
W. A. Turner with brass knu.-ks. was ills
:i-.:s s-<1
William BrlMow, charged with Meaiinjc a
watch from D. Koco, wan dismissed.
Anderson Rotate 8230.0410.
The Virginia Trust Company qualified y??
I terday in the Chancery Court as executor of
the estate of William Joseph Anderson The
estate Is valued at 1730,000, and is left to rel
I ntlves.
I A Randolph Tamm qualified as executor
of the will o' Edith Graeme Tatuni. The
futate is valued nt tlS.000
Richmond Advertising Club
Elects Officers and Gets Ready
for Work.
At a called meeting of the newly
formed Richmond Advertising Club
held in the Chamber of Commerce
rooms yesterdaj afternoon, the organ?
ization was perfected. Officers were
elected iiiiri plans were discussed for
attending the national convention of
Associated Advertising Clubs of Amer?
ica to be held in Boston August 1.
2. f. and I
Hamilton Fetid was chasen presi?
dent The other officers elected were
James Francis, flrisi vice-president:
A li Kelt haus, second vice-president.
C. E. Ivey, secretary and treasurer.
The board of directors Is composed
of Hudson Hoch, M. B. Fl?rsheim. J.
G Corley, Ruf US' 8. Freeman and
George \V, Hogers The board of di?
rectors will also act as the commit
. lee on membership.
Several new members were taken in
yesterday bringing the total up to 75.
This number will be doubled, it Is
. said, by the next meeting in August
Meetings will be held at the Cham?
ber of Commerce until permanent
quarters are secured.
I Although the club is still In its In
I fancy. Just born in fact. It has nl
I ready allied Itself with the Associated
Advertising Ciliba of America, the
national organization.
The delegates to the national con?
vention at Boston will be named by
the president tlic- latter part of the
Protest Entered Against Bidding
Material on High?
Builder* May Be Required to.
Secure Permit?Officers
for Fire Board.
Vigorous protests against the indls- |
criminate blocking of streets by Btof- !
age of building material was entered |
by the Board of Fire Commissioners ;
last night, a letter being directed to
Major Louis Werner. Chief of Police, ;
seating that the apparatus of the Fire \
Department had been seriously ham- j
pered in reaching tires by blockades [
at many points. It is stated that at
some places piles of brick extend more j
than half way across the street, and ;
that ut others where old structures
have been torn down and no Immediate
plans made for a new building, the '
streets have been used as a brick yard
lor the storage and sale of old mate- :
The Common Council was In session
while the Fire Board was debating
the matter, and Mr. Hlrsch'eerg offered i
and had referred to the Committee on i
Ordinance, Charter and Beform a \
general ordinance requiring builders
to secure permission for placing ma?
terial In the streets, and pu-.ii?; the !
regulation Of same under supervision,
of the Building Inspctor.
Sufficient Lam If enforced.
In the Fire Board it was stated that'
there wns sufficient law on the subject
at present, and that the police depart?
ment was negligent In its enforce?
ment. The letter addressed to the
-."blef of Police reads a> follows:
Major Louis Werner. Chief of Police.
Dear Sir?The Board of Fire Com- I
missioners of the city of Richmond :
most respectfully desire to call to your;
attention the existing condition of a'
number of the streets of our city that |
are obstructed by building material.- i
and refuse from buildings being torn \
down, and others that are being erect?
ed. This condition at some points ex- ]
tends more than half way across the j
streets, and seriously affects the pro- j
grcss to fire of our lire apparatus, and ;
Is a constant danger, liable to cause I
< eelients and damage.
Our Fire Department has recently i
been retarded and suffered damage by |
the ronditlnos complained of, and with
the increase of building activities this |
nuisance is multiplying: therefore w?
take this means of placing ourselves j
on record in asking that you will take
the necessary action to remedy these
Increasing obstructions of the streets.
Trusting that you will give this
matter your prompt and careful con?
sideration, I am,
Yours very truly.
(Signed) CHAS F. TAYLOR.
President Bonrd of Fire Commission?
j OfflcerN elected.
I The Board of Fire Commissioners
j held Its annual election of officers lnst
night, with the following result, the
I elections In each case being unanl
j mous. all ejf the members of the board
j being present: Charles F. Taylor, pres
ildent; L. C. Jenkins, vice-president:
I Rohert Lecky. Jr.; to act as vlcc
j president In the absence of both presl
l dent anil vice-president; L s. Jones.
Proposals for furnishing the vari?
ous engine houses of the department
with anthracite coal for one year were
opened and the contract awarded to
E. P. Murphy A Son.
11. K Childless was appointed SUb
, stltute on probation In Fngine Com
' pnny No. 1. The following substitutes
I having served satisfactorily for thre?*
niohtllS were- placed on the eligible
list: C. A. Merrlman, Frank Berniechi.
O. W. Warriner. .1 II Bowman. A.
! Tingle, .lames Johnson and W. C. Bols
i span. The folle.wlng resignations were
received and accepted: fi. W. Wels
and II. A. Rudd, substitutes. The semi?
annual report of tho board was adopted
and forwarded to the City Council.
Chief Joy ties was nuthorlzed to have
his buggy repaired and repainted and
i was granted a furlough.
' Many Dwelling.. In Re F.reeted in Different
Parts of City,
i Building and repair permit! were issued
, yerterrlay as follows:
W. W. Lotsey, to erect a detached two
! story frame dwelling on the west side of
I Onrrison Street between Cnwardln and Can.
1 epa Streets, to cost 51.soft
' W. T. Bryant, to er?ct a detached two
I story brich dwelling, !I3) Stuart Avenue, to
cost 13,750.
I Mrs .1. I.. Kline, to erect a detached two
story frame dwelling ,>n the west side of
. Twenty-seventh Str.?t between U and V
Street-, to ,-ost $1,460.
I T 0 n.iilev. to erect two detached two
story frame dwelling, I012-10H Perry Street.
I Washington Ward, to cost jl.v.0.
P. P. Tnlley and others, trustees of the
! First Presbyterian Church, lo erect a de
j lached one-story frame ? hiir?j building, for
the Kalrmeunt Presbyterian Church, on the
1 eist side of Twenty-third Street between
! S ami T Streets, to cost Sl.fiCiO.
I W. W. Kldltr. to repair n frame dwelling,
: HI! North Twenty-third Street, to cost $125,
11 Metsger, to repair a brick store. 6
So-Ith Fourteenth street, to cost $200.
l> K LSpr'ade, to repair a frame dwell
I inc. 10'. Kast Eighteenth Street. Washing
| ton Ward, to cost 1400.
Cleveland Barhn Dismissed.
I The charge of horse.stealing against
, Clevelaad f-ucho was (Iismissed yesterday in
; Benrlce county by Magistrate R. A. Smith.
' Kacho was arrested Saturday on a warrant
sworn out two years ago by Mrs Julith K.
- Qaylord, who is now sv.d to be in Callfor
Goes This Time to 97 Degrees,
and Shows Xo Desire to
Come on Down.
Weather Bureau Gives Up Job
of Guessing What Day W ill
Bring Forth.
The maximum temperature recorder!
at the oftlce of the local Weather
Bureau yesterday was 97 degrees, three
degrees higher than the top mark on
Sunday, The bureau predicts no im?
mediate relief from the present heat
wave, which has held the city (n Its
grasp since the first of the month.
"Not much change 1:1 the temper?
ature." was the prediction 'ssued yes?
terday morning for to-day, but last
last night the government experts re?
fused to guess.
The present heat wave for July is
without a parallel In the history of
the local Weather Bureau. The near?
est approach to the high mark of 100
degrees on July 7. was In July. 1900,
when the mercury climbed to 99.4.
Everything In Wilted.
Lawns throughout the c ly are be?
ginning to show the effects ot the con?
tinued torrid spell. Grass Is dying out
for luck of rain, and other vegetation
presents a drooping appearance.
Not one drop of rain lias fallen this
month, and as n result there Is n bis
shortage In precipitation.
The Ice famine, which struck the ]
city Saturday us a result of the con- i
tinned hot weather, has been prac?
tically relieved, and from present n
dtcations there will be no further
shortage in the Ice supply.
Official maximum figures for the,
month are as follows:
July t, 30; July 2, !>.'.; July 3. 9S: July
4. 91: July 5. 95: July <i. 93; July 7. 100: j
July R, 93; July 9. 91. July 10. 97.
Alumni Inspection.
The nnnunl Inspection of St An?
drew's Commandery, No. 13, Knights
Templar, will take place September n
on the campus of Richmond CollegO.
Officers of the Grand Commander)' of
Virginia nre expected to be here for
the occasion, and to make it a larger
affair it Is likely that Richmond Com?
mander}*, No. 2. may join In the cele?
bration, (elaborate preparations are
: being made for the occasion. The
Templars, in full regalia, will .?retede
the Inspection with a parade.
Hit by Street Car in Southside
While Taking Prisoner
Struck by street car No. 39. of the
Forest Hill line, at the other end of
the Free Bridge, the police automo?
bile patrol was last night so badly
damaged that It had to be towed back
t6 the Second Station by a truck
loaned by the Gordon Motor Company,
and Chauffeur Wilson, who wns in
charge of the car, was slightly hurt
by being violently hurled against h..l
steering wheel. .
The patrol had been called to the
box on Seventh Street, at the far end
of tho bridge, to take Willie Shep
person. a prisoner charged With curs?
ing and abusing Mrs. H. S. Rudder.
! to the Third Station. The automobile,
, Mr. Wilson stated last night. had
I passed the street car on Its way over.
, and was standing on the street car
I tracks waiting for the prisoner to be
I placed Inside when the street car
I struck It with full force from be
| hind.
M. J. W. Robertson and .7. B. Wool
I ridge were in charge of the car. rt
! is said that the motorman crossed the
I bridge at a speed approaching flf
! teen miles and hour, the law proyld
i ing that the limit shall be not more
' than eight. It Is also alleged that the
' watchman nt this point, seeing the
1 collision, waved the motorman down.
' and the latter entirely disregarded his
warning signal
Fri"? si Thompson, who has charge
of nil thp police mechanical apparatus,
and Bicycle Policeman Reld were In
the r>atrol wagon at the time They
Jumped as they saw that a collision
was Inevitable, and waved to the on?
coming car Chauffeur Wilson stink
to his seat. His machine wns struck
with heavy force, and Is said to have
hi en hurled ninety feet from the point
ot which II was standing.
I The street nt this point is very nar
I row, with a steep embankment on
j one side ,at?l there Is not ro?m enough
I on either side for the automobile to
j stand, and it was. therefore, compelled
. to rest on the street car tracks.
The automobile was badly smashed
I up, but it was impossible last night
[ for Chauffeur Wilson to estimate the
Colored Baseball.
The Richmond Independents defeated
I the Ashland Giants yesterday at Pr >nd
I Street Park by the score of 10 to S.
. To-day they will play the Petersburg
i Athletics of Petersburg. The Inde?
pendents are one of the strongest col
; ot ed tentns In the State, not having
i lest a game this season. Gam ? called
I 1:30 P. M.
Why Doesn't It Rain?
This question is on every tongue, but we, as well
as the weather prophets, are unable to answer. We
can tell you one thing, however, to your great advan?
tage. The
acts as a great reservoir in which to store your surplus,
to be drawn therefror-^ to your comfort and satisfac?
tion, whether it rains or not, and you have 3 per cent,
added when you conic for it.
Shubridge Watch Found in Jail
Just After Grand Jury Had
Judge Scott's Attention Called
to Conditions There in
After engaging- the attention of a
magistrate's court, followed by a grand
Jury investigation, which terminale.!
yesterday with a report to the llen
rlco county Circuit Court, the case
of the missing watch, chain and money,
owned by William Shubridge, came
to a climax, when the lost articles
were found less than un hour after
the grand jury had completed its work
and submitted its Undings to the upurt.
Shu bridge's property was found in
the vault in the ottlce of the sheriff
by Deputy Sheriff Qarnell, who was
atftiortlng the various articles placed '11
there for safekeeping.
The recovery of the watch and
chain and cash completely and thor- ?
oughly exonerates Krank B. Traylor,
former deputy aherlff, and Special Of?
ficer C. \V, Pemberton from the charge
Of Shubridge that they took his prop?
erty from him while he was in an In?
toxicated condition and refused to re?
turn It I
Iteport by (irnurt Jury.
Hut before the recovery of the lost
articles the grand Jury submitted the
following report in the matter to Judge i
It. Carter Scott:
"We. the grand Jury, in the matter |
of the loss of a watch and chain and
money sustained by William Shu?
bridge, have gone Into the case very
carefully and report as follows:
"C. W. Pemberton, a special officer
on duty at the Fair Grounds last Oc?
tober, stated that he took charge of
Mr. Shubridge, who was then In a
drunken condition, and that under lh"0
direction of F. Bi Traylor. who was
in charge of the police force at that
place and time, removed from the i)er
, son of Shubridge one gold watch and
chain nntl 65 cents in currency, which
i he then and there delivered to Mr.
Traylor in person. Since then he has
not seen the articles.
"Mr. Traylor staled that he was not
present at that time; that he did not I
receive the articles nor has he ever
seen them.
"Rotiert Kidwell stated that he was
, present at the time the articles were i
! removed by Mr. Pemberton and that
j Mr. Traylor wus not present at that i
time. The lust time the articles were |
i seen by Mr. Kidwell they were in the
I possession of Mr. Pemberton.
"Foreman "
Police System Mounted.
In connection with this matter the
I grand Jury also submitted the follow
', ing report, sharply criticizing the work
' of the county polte? during the Stnte '
l Fair last year;
"In connection with the mutter of
watch an<l chain and money taken from
William Shvibridge. October 5, 1910, and
the testimony secured by your grand
Jury in this case:
"We. your grand jury, desire to rail
the court's attention to the exceeding
' ly loose condition of the county police
I force at the time of the last State
1 Fair and to the had management of I
} the entire force. There appears an
I utter absence of system, form, orders, i
hours and records, without which your
I jury cannot ascertain facts, nor. In
j our opinion, can the criminal element j
j be properly controlled. |
Concerning the criticism of the work
of his men last year, Sheriff 1- H 1
I Kemp when seen declared that at the |
j conclusion of the State Fair the- offl-i
] cers of the Fair Association forwarded
I him a letter thanking him for the effi
? clent work of the police.
Politics, Says Kemp.
"I have never before had any intl- .
I mation that the work of the police
at the Fair Grounds was negligent or
otherwise unsatisfactory," he said.
"The whole thing Is a political
trick." said Traylor when Deputy Gar?
net! unearthed Shtibridge's lost prop?
erty, "and has been done tor the pur?
pose of defeating Sheriff Ktmp for
re-election. I am going to have a
whole lot to say in a few days about :
this matter."
The wate't and chain and cash. 6R
cents, according to a datf written in
pencil upon the envelope, were brought
to the sheriff's ofllce on October 7.
! 1910. and delivered to Deputy Sher'ff
i W. W. Sydnor, who at that time was
In charge of the jail. The inscription
purports it to h^ve been left there
by Mr. Traylor. Deputy Sydnor ad?
mitted receiving the watch, because
1 his handwriting Is upon the envelope.
1 but said lie did not recall the instance
! nor did he remember who delivered
. It to him. Mr. Traylor denies that:
he did so. Mr. Pemberton Is still tlrm
In his contention that he gave the]
:? property to Traylor.
It Is believed, however, that the
. watch was taken to the sheriff's office
* by the late Magistrate Kidwell, who j
' presided in cases at the Fa'r Grounds. I
In view of the fact thnt Mr. Traylor
j was in charge of the police there, it
j is thought that Mr. Kidwell gave the
watch to Deputy Sydnor with Instruct.
Hons that it had been sent in by Mr.
Acting .Mayor Approves Appropriations and
1 Ordinances.
j Acting Mayor Robert Whittet. Jr.. affixed
his sii-nature to several official papers yes
I'tevday, returning to city Cleric Ben T. Au
I gust with till approval the following:
Resolution appropriating 51.500 to the
Committee on Relief of the Toor for pur?
chase of an additional automobile aml.u
! lance.
Resolution appropriating JMJ In payment
for damages by grading alleys north ami
south of Monument Avenue from the Hotile
| vnrd to the Bheppard ostnte property.
Ordinance requiring use of wide tires on
nil wagons carrying, or designed to carrv
leads exceeding 2.000 pounds, to take effect
from January |, 1312.
Short SeaTrips
New York and Boston
Richmond Transfer Co.
For Men, Women and Children in Cotton-Lisle
Thread and Silk.
Every pair guaranteed.
^Gans-Rady Company
Blake Offers Resolution Calling for Cost on
Municipal Plant and Assails Dealers Now in
the Market?Other Matters.
Municipal ownership of an ice man?
ufacturing plant as a check upon the
grasp of an allege! Ice trust which
was described as having Richmond by
Its throat was seriously proposed In
a resolution offered In the Common
Council last night by Councilman
tieorgc McD. Blake, the resolution in?
structing the Finance Committee to
report the cost at which an ice fac?
tory could be erected and operated.
In speaking to the resolution. Mr. .
Blake explained that he was not. as a
rule, in favor of municipal ownership
of private enterprises, but that In view
of conditions, this seemed an excep?
tion. The people of Richmond, he
said, wer?- utterly under the dominion
of an Iron-bound Ice trust, which con?
trols both prices and terms of deliv?
ery to a degree which he had never
seen equaled.
Closed Factories to Keep L'p Brlce,
He asserted that the trust had de?
liberately closed four or ilv0 Ice fac?
tories, which were to-day standing
Idle, In order to keep up prices. The
trust, he said, was paying a high rate
Of interest, and meanwhile the people
were sweltering In the heat and dying
tor lack of a necessity of life that the
trust refused to supply, save on its
own exorbitant terms. Mr. Blake.?
thought it the duty of the Council
under the circumstances to protect its
citizens from such a monopoly, and
that the Investment would be a good
one. as he said he was reliably in?
formed that Ice could be made and de?
livered at a talr profit at less than
one-half of the prices prevailing In
Rich mond.
The romhln" here be described as a
"bona-tble, live, working trust." and
as proof of Its operations, he told
that on Sunday 600 people had stormed
the doors of n brewery and prevailed
upon the owners to let them have ice
from Its private plant.
Rescued ??>? llrruer>.
"While those people were pounding
at the gates of a private Ice plant,
where were the officers of the Ice
trust?" he demanded. "Where were i
the men who teach us morals In Sun- 1
I day schools and rob poor devils of ,
their money for ice in such weather as
, this?"
The paper was referred to the Com- ,
I mitte* on Finance. ?
Under resolution offered by Mr.
Brown n leave of absence was grant
j od for fifteen days to H. A. Maurice.
; Justice of Police Court. Part 2.
The Council completed Its routine
monthlv docket, notwithstanding in?
tense heat In the Council chamber. A
large number of allegations for grad?
ing and paving sidewalks and alleys
at the expense of abutting property
owners were approved.
Gaa By-Protlucta Sold,
On recommendation of the Commit- ;
' tee on Right awarel of contract for the
sale of tar. a by-product of the Gas
! Works, was awarded to the Armitage
Manufacturing Company for two years.
, The Council, however, refused to ap
j prove a similar resolution awarding
i contract for the sale of ammonia) al
liquor, another gas by-product, to C. '
C. Bailey, for live years, several mem?
bers objecting to a contract for as
much as five years.
The Richmond, Fredericksburg and
? Potomac Railroad was allowed to con?
struct certain spur tracks in Lorn
i hardy Street, north of Leigh. There
I was some de-bate on an ordinance al
| lowing E'. A. Saunders to close a ton
foot allev west of Lombordy Street,
between Park and Mounment Avenues.
; the ordinance failing to receive a two
1 thirds vote, and being declared reject
; ed 24 to 4. It wns later reconsidered
and tabled, the noes being Messrs.
Mills. Rogers. Selph and Richards.
Mr. Mills wanted to know why no tax
! or rental was charged for public prop?
erty so used by private individuals.
AVniild Extend Tunnel.
The Street Committee recommended
an appropriation of (24.000 to extend
the Chesapeake and Ohio tunnel east
( wardly In order to open Graco Street
i through to Chlmhorazo Park The
paper went to the Committee on
Finance. j
A number of minor approprlat'ons
were made for payment of damages by
reason of grading streets. Mr. Bollard
asked why It was that In two in?
stances recently the Street Committee]
I had recommended payment of dam
ages to parties who had signed re
leases, Mr. Pollock, of the street Com- |
mit tee, said that somebody must have
been asleep at the switch when It hap?
A resolution was adopted approving
award of contract to W. P. Veltch for
grading Cary Street from the Boule?
vard to the new corporation line, at
an estimated cost of 18.870. A largo \
number of service sewers In all sec?
tions of the city were authorized,
mainly the branches of large trunk
.?ewers now- nearlng completion, the
total cost of the list, all of which is
provided from bone! issue, being $!fi2.-l
841.2-.'. Bids will he invited on the
separate sewers by streets.
Widere BoKeiieatti Itnnd.
On recommendation of the Finance
Committee the Auditor was Instructed
to mark satisfied certain taxes stand?
ing in the iitme of the. Alumni Asso?
ciation of the University of Virginia. ;
The Finance Committee also reported
a reualutlon appropriating $1,000 for
purchase of gravel for streets, which
was odopted, the resolution authorizing ,
a contract for gravel from the Burke j
beds, on Thirty-ninth 'Street, and also i
authorizing a contract with the Rich- !
mond. Frede.rlckshurg and Potomaa |
Railroad for . ravel from the ACCtl
bank at $3.50 per cubic yard. A reso- ,
lutlon was adopted directing the City ?
Attorney to acquire by glfti purchase
e?r condemnation, land to widen Rose- i
neath Road to a uniform width of I
eighty feet from Broad lo Grove Ave?
nue. An ugo)?uotit was approved *f/,{
which the city offers to lay gutter,
curb and sidewalk on the Boulev. rd
from Beverly to Cary Street, in ex?
change for certain land donated by the
property owners. An appropriation < f
$1,000 was made for extra help in
the oflice of the Building Inspector.
The plan for operating a training
school for nurses at the City Home
Hospital was approved, as was an
agreement with St. Andrew's Associa?
tion by which $5.00o donated by that
association is placed to the credit of
the School Board for furnishing the
new Arents School at Tine and Chln:i
Streets, and a resolution directing lh<
City Attorney to acquire forty feet ol
land on buchanan Street for school
Marshall House Trnu?ferred.
An additional appropriation of 1500
was made for playgrounds, and thu
formal ordinance transferring the John
Marshall residence to the Association
for the Preservation of Virginia Anti?
quities was approved, after BeVrfVal
Councllmen had expressed the desire
that the organization which desire*
the perpetual preservation of the Mar?
shall house would remove It from in
I front of the High School building,
I where many regard it as an eye sore
j Mr. Pollard- said he would contribute
$100 toward a fund for Its removal to
: some oilier location.
I The Wutcr Committee recommended
rejection of the claim of W. A. Chci
terman for refund of the cost of a
i water main run to the Hanover Apart
1 nu'tits. The paper went to the finance
Committee. An ordinance iixing the
dally hours of the general office of
the Water Department was adoptedi
The c.ounds and Buildings Commlttea
recommended that old Ford's Hot-l
building be sold for removal, and the
site converted temporarily Into a play?
ground, but In view of litigation over
the title, the paper went to the Com?
mittee on Finance The City Attorney
was Instructed to acquire from A. R.
Green and otherr. certain lots for en
I largement of Riverside Park, to cost
I $3,100.
Want '\vn Market llouee,
' The Ordinance. Charter and Reform
1 Committee reported an ordinance fix?
ing the salary of the City Collector
and his deputies In lieu of all fees,
which was referred to the Finance
The Committee on Markets asked
JMS f.O for screening the new Second
Market, which went to the Committee
on Finance, as did Its request for
140,000 for erection of a new market
house or. the Seabrook Warehouse lot.
at Eighteenth and Grace Streets, to
replace the tdd First Market.
Assessor of Damages A. W. Harmon
submitted his first report, showing the
damage to .ibuttinir property by rea?
son of the proposed grading of Me
IU ke The paper troal
to the Committee on Finance.
Pullnrd Uphold* Peter?'? Ruling.
City Attorney Pollard submitted a
written opinion upholding the. ruling
of President Peters In regard to the
bond Issue matter, saving that no con?
ference could properly be asked for
under the procedure adopted, as shown
by the record.. Mr Pollard said that
under the rules of the Council, should
the lower branch refuse to concur In
i fi Roard amendment to the bond ordl
' nance originally passed by the lower
branch, the Council might them re?
quest a conference, but that the reso?
lution adopted by the Board request?
ing a conference, under the circum?
stances, was a ''nullity and of no force
and effect." Mr. Poilard also stated
that he wta clearly of the opinion that
the action of the Board of AlJe.rmen
In attempting to amend the bond or?
dinance by adding a rider of $1.000.000
for grading and paving streets was not
legal, as not In conformity with sec?
tion 1014 or the Code of Virginia, the
Roard having attempted to appropriate
$1,000,000 on the night the matter
was introduced, and without reference
to the Committee on rin.ir.ee.
The following charters were Issued yester?
day hy the {"tale Corporation Commission:
! Hampton Roads-Rewell's Point Corpora
| tlon. Norfolk. Va. Thomas H. Wlll.-ox. pres.
jldent; It. r>. Cooko, vice-president: Thomas
: H. Wlllcox, Jr.. secretary and treasurer?all
of Norfolk. Va. Capital: Maximum. t.1o.wvv
minimum $100. ObKcts: Real estate busi?
Olney Place Corpontion. Norfolk. Va. W.
H. White. Jr.. president: George T. Banks,
vice-president; T. P. Thompson, secretary;
Breden Vandc\enter, t reasurer?all of Nor?
folk. Va. capital: Maximum. $16,000; min?
imum. $10,000, Objects: Real estnte business.
West Point Ciys'icr Company (Inc.,. Wtl
liamsinirs, Va. F. TV. Mavnard, president;
D. R. Norment, vice-president, both of Ma.
(?ruder. Va.; L. tv. Lane. Pr.. secretary and
treasurer. WlKlamshurs. Va. Capital. Max?
imum. $lt,0M>; minimum, $2.000. Objects:
Packing and dealing In oysters.
Insurance Agents (Inc p. Norfolk. Va. L.
H. Swan, president; George l.amphler. sec?
retary and treasurer; Q. M. Wonvcott. vlcc
pies.dent?all of Norfolk. Va. Capital: Max?
imum. JI.CO0; minimum. $100. Objects: In?
surance agents and brokers.
Church Hill .Medical Society.
j The Church Hill Medical .Society will meat
[at the Railroad V. M. C. A. to-morrow night
I at 8:30 o'clock. Papers will he read by Drs.
IR. C. Bryan and J. R. Blair.
What great comfort there. Is ivheii |
on have n little money laid aside
ud can take your family to a cool
ml delightful spot in this hot weath
l.oans. made on real estate on '
Ibora] terms.

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