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Take Atlantic City by Storm.
Richmond Delegation
(Special to The Tlmcs-Dlspatch.]
Atlantic City, N. J., July 10.?Al?
though they had already taken the
town by atorm the thousands of Elks
for tholr annual reunion gathered In
the marine ball room on the Steel Pier
to-night, and permitted the people ol
Atlantic City to formally give them
the freedom of the city. Tho principal
address of welcome in the absence of
Governor Wood row Wilson, who had
expected to be here, was made by
Harry Bacharach, exalted ruler of tho
Atlantic " City lodge. August Herr?
mann, of Cincinnati, the grand ex?
alted ruler, responded. The tlrst busi?
ness session of the Grand Lodge will
be held to-morrow.
Members of the Richmond lodge
arrived here yesterday afternoon at 5
o'clock In their palatial special train,
and at once marched to the Hotel
Stanton. where they will make their
headquarters during their reunlon.
Thc delegations were met at the
station by a body of their local broth?
ers, with a brase band and escorted
to their hotel, where an Informal re?
ception was held. Virginia is well
represented here, and there are more
to arrive. Fifteen members of the
Danville Dodge, No. U27. and twenty
men from the Lynchburg lodge ar?
rived yesterday and to-day. The for?
mer expect ten more men late to?
night or to-morrow.
The visiting Elks aroec this morn?
ing to face one of the hottest days In
the history of tho local bureau. All
day long the sun beat down on th?
heuds of the devoted brothers and
made campaigning extremely uncom?
fortable and drove every one to the
surf. The famous slogan, "Hello. Bill,"
sank Into obscurity to give place to the
new one. "Take off your coat." This
morning It would have been difficult
to have found a man wearing this un?
necessary garment, and as a result
the pr ce of purple, shirts mounted to
a record figure. Ten of the Richmond
delegation, tempted by the fair sail?
ing breeze, from the southwest, for?
sook the great esplanade, and went fot
a sail outside. Unlike several other
parties from Western States, who have
ventured on the deep, none of the. men
was troubled with seasickness, and on
their return another party for Wed?
nesday was planned.
Some King and tlueen Student Will
Atteud Itlrbinond College.
Legal proceedings Just had In the
Circuit Court of King and Queen coun?
ty ratify and make a matter of public
record the establishment of the Sarah
'ar.e Baghy scholarship at Richmond
College. The nec?ssary sum of |l,000
has been donhted by Charles T. Btgby,
of Baltimore, in memory of his mother.
The appointment of a student to tike
advantage of the scholarship Is to
be made by the Circuit Court on nom?
ination by the School Board of Kln'r
i.nd Queen county, and preference Is
to be given to a young man who has
attended the Stevensvllle High School.
In event of the failure of the Schorl
Brard or the court to act. the. trus?
tees of the college may fill the vacan?
cy, giving the preference to a resi?
dent of the county named.
Fi\e Men Killed and Tito Seriously
Meyeradale, Pa . July 10. ?Five men
were killed and two seriously In?
jured when a traveling crane bearing
a fourteen-ton steel girder collapsed
to-day at a new viaduct h;>ns con?
structed by the Western Maryland
Railroad at Salisbury Junctlen, one
mile below here.
The dead:
Jobn Scott, McKeeaport, Pa.
Joseph Smith, Grove City, Pa.
J. H. Wblte, Richmond, Va.
C. If. Kennedy, \ev? River, Va.
K. Sounder, IJulIochsvllle, Ga.
The njured are A. K. Klutz, of Salis?
bury. N\ C, and L. G. Garner, of Bel
ton. S. C, both of whom may die.
The men were oil siruciural Iron
workers and were killed or Injured
by the fall. They were in the employ
of the McCltntic-Marshall Construc?
tion Company, of Pittsburg The heavy
girder was being conveyed to the west
bark of the Casselmar. River, when
?he crane toppled and crashed to the
JUst Heady to Poring- When Its Life
Was Crushed Out.
In all the various, untoward and pe?
culiar Incidents which make up the
life of a police officer, it is not often
that one encounters a snake curled
up In the middle of the pavement
ready to spring on him without warn?
And yet that Is what happened to
Tollcemen Maloney and Green Satur
day night, as they met on the corner
of Bowe and Marshall Streets. ijno
noticed something colled up on the
pavement Just In front of him and
culled tho attention of tho other t'<
the object. They approached closer,
and wore startled to see a huge mo';
casln coiled up and upparently read?
to spring.
With stones, brickbats and sticks
they killed the snaKo, and thoro let
him lie, relieved that they had es
caped the peril of his bits, tor nice,
caslns arc among tho most poisonous
snakes known among tho roptllea In
the State
Olflcors have encounterod opossums, !
rabbits and other beasts and blrd6 of.
the air along their lonely n>ats, hut '
this Is the first t'lmc that any of
them have come across and killed a I
snake In the heart of tho city. Tho
reptile Is supposed to have out of
some nearby cellar, driven out proba?
bly by the excessive heat?too much
for even n snake to bear.
Manufacturers Accused of Restraining
Trade Enter Pleas of .Nut
Guilty. .
New York, July 10.?The eighty -
three wire manufacturers Indicted ,
June 29 under the anti-trust law on j
charges of restraining trade In wire
products began their fight against tho
government to-day by entering pleas
of not guilty and securing a delay
until September 1 to enable them to
tile demurrers. Each man's ball was
fixed at ?1,000.
Only thirty of those indicted made
appearances in the United States Cir
' cult Court to-day, but District Attor
I ney Wise said he had received assur
| ances that the attitude of all would be
practically uniform, and that the rest
would nie formal pleas in a day or
two and be Included under the action
of the court taken to-day. Neither
Herbert L. Satterlee, J. P. Morgan's
son-lr.-law, nor Frank J. Gould was
Mr. Satterlee entered a plea through
his attorney, but Mr. Gould was not
represented. The district attorney said
the cases could go to trial before the ;
end of the year.
Separate trials were asked In the
cases of Henry A. Hammond and j
Frank M. Potter. Jr., Indicted as mem- :
bera of the Fine Magnot Wire Asso
Candidate for House Shrinks From '
A ?kln it Public Support.
Quite the meekest and least self- :
assertive announcement of candldacy
for office seen In Virginia this year la
that of W. G. Hunt, who aspires tc ,
bo the member of the House of Dele
Bates from Northampton county. Mr. |
Hunt, in his published card, says that ,
he Ic an "unsolicited" aspirant, and j
adds that he shrinks from asking the
people of the county to support him
i for such a high honor. Howevar. he .
concludes, no one will question his
right so long as he makeB use of only '
lawful and honorable means.
It Is supposed that he will have as
his opponent the Incumbent, W Bui- i
litt Fltihugh. It remains to be eotn 1
if Mr. Fltzhugh will prove as meek i
as 1.1s rival.
Preliminary to Great Reunion and
Peace Jubilee.
Manassa-1. Va . July 10.?Exercises
preliminary to the reunion and peace
jubilee on the fiftieth anniversary of .
the first great battle of the Civil War '
on the battlefield of Bull Run on July ;
j 21 were held to-night. Till the clasp-j
Ing of hands by the blue and the gray ,
! In the presence of President Taft, .
I when the climax will have been
reached, exercises will be held. Much
Interest Is felt throughout the coun- j
I try in the success of this jubilee.
Robert Russell Is Seriously Injured, '?
und Is Taken to City Hospital. j
While walking across the railroad '
trestle at Seventh and Canal Streets!
early last night, Robert Russell, col- j
ored, of 10S West Duval Street, made
a misstep, and slipped through the
railroad ties, seriously Injuring hlm
Eelf. Although his fall was for only
? few feet, his 'njury was of such a
nature that Dr. Hulcher, of the city
ambulance corps, who was called to
attend him. took him to the City Hos
pltal. There his condition continued
serious for several hours, though It is
expected that he will recover.
Haltten Man-of-Wnr Is Reported tu ?
Dangerous Position.
Now York, July 10.? The Hamburg
American Line steamship Allemania
brought news to-day that the Haitien
man-of-war Antlone Simon had gone
hard aground off Gonaives. thirty
miles from Port-au-Prince. The Simon
was recently known as the Consul
Grostuck, and on It ex-President Cas?
tro was supposed to have reached the
West Indies. On arrival at Haiti, the
Italian crew struck and the President
Simon was manned with a native,
crew and set sail. The cruiser soon
went ashora and the Allemnnla re?
ported it in a dangerous position.
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Carpet House
Arrested in Pennsylvania on
Warrant Alleging Theft of
Horse and Buggy.
According to a telegram received
yesterday afternoon by Captain Mc
Mahon. T. W. Jenkins, wanted here on
u warrant sworn out June 22, 1910.
charging him with the larceny of a
horse and buggy from N. J. Crull, has
been arrested in Harrisburg, Pu,., and
is there being held fur the Richmond
It is stated that Jenkins was arrest?
ed in the Pennsylvania town on a like
charge, and the authorities there tele- j
graphed here for Information concern- [
ing him. I
When here Jeukir.6 Is alleged to have
hired a horse and buggy from Crull
under the pretense that he was going
out to sell some goods. He failed to j
return with the horse and vehicle, and
a warrant was issued for his arrest.
Major Sylvester, head of the Wash?
ington Police Department, has also
sent out a circular ask'ng the police
to And a horse and buggy stolen in
that city recently, and it is thought
that Jenkins may also be the man
Captain McMahon telegraphed to the
Harrlsburg police, saying that he has
a warrant here for Jenkins's arrest.,
and asking that he be held for the
Richmond authorities.
Young Men'* Political Club.
An organization of young Demo?
crats has been formed in Augusta
county for the purpose of takiig nn
aggressive part in politics?whether
for the present campaign for the elec?
tion of a Legislature or permanently,
is not stated. The local press anys
that three objects are timed at in
chcoslng men for the General Assem?
bly?the legalization of primaries, the
abolition of the fee system and the
passage of a constitutional amend?
ment providing for the election of
t'nited States Senators by the peo?
School Superintendent IteslKII*.
[Special to The Tlmcrj-lMnpntch l
Bristol. Va., July 10.?\V. a. Ander?
son, superintendent of the public
schools of Bristol, Tenn.. to-night an?
nounced Iiis resignation, to iccept a
similar position at Alexandria, Va.
Forecast: For Ylritlnin and North
t nrollna?ticnernlly fair, except prob?
ably local thunder showers Tuesday
und Wednesday; moderate south winds.
Mor.day midnight temperature... s2
8 A. M. temperature. S2
Humidity . 62
Wind, direction .S. \V.
Wind, velocity . lo
Weather .Clei-.r
12 noon temperature . yj
3 P. M. temperature . 97
Maximum temperature up to 5
P. M. 97
Minimum temperature up to 5
P. M. 7J
Mean tempernture . Sf,
Normal temperature. T9
Excess in temperature . 0
Deficiency In temperature sine:
March 1 . 92
Accum. excess in temperature
since January 1 . M
DeAclehcy in ruinfall since March
1 . 6.3b'
Accum deficiency in rainfall since
January 1 . li 5.".
(Al C P. M. Kastern Standard Time.)
Place. Ther, Ii. T. Weather.
Abilene . 92 91 Clotriy
Augusta . 82 90 Cloudy
Ashoville . 7') S6 Cloudy
Atlanta . 7s S2 Cloudy
Atlantic City ... SO S6 P. cloudy
Boston . 90 !?s Clear
Buffalo . SO 82 Clouiv
Charleston . 80 88 P. cloudy
Chicago . KS 90 Clear
Cnlgary. 61 tie p cloudy
Denver .SO 92 P. cloudy
nullith . 76 S2 Clear
Galveston . S2 S6 Clear
Huron . 88 8$ Clear
Uavre . 72 71 Clear
Jacksonville ... so 90 Clear
Kansas City. ... 92 94 Clear
Knoxviiic .So S6 Cloudy
Louisville . 7S 92 Cloudy
Memphis . 82 9n Cloudv
Mobile . 82 SS Rain
New Orleans. ... so 90 Cloudy
New York...... SS 96 Cloudy
North Platte.... SS 92 Clear
Norfolk . fO 96 Clear
Oklahoma City.. SI SS P. cloudy
Pltlsburg . 76 no Cloudy
Raleigh . SS 91 Clear
Savannah . SO 90 P. cloudy
San Francisco... 56 60 p. cloudy
St. Paul . 80 86 Clear
Spokane . 7? 76 Clear
Tampa . 78. 92 Ruin
Washington .... SS 96 Clear
Wilmington .... 80 90 Clear
Wytheville . 70 S4 Cloudy
July 11, 1911.
Sun rises.... 4:59 Morning_ 4:24
Sun sets. 7:31 Evening.... 6:04
Financier, Trbone condition Im regarded n? very nerlnua.
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau, i
The Times-Dlspatch.
1010 Hull Street.
'Phor.c Madison ITS. I
After a r?d hot session of i-lKht hours,
01 ltd with heated arguments and 1 rosa nrgu- j
meats, to say nothing et several rather
?harp personal brushe*. the special meet- I
In* ot the Board ot Supervisors, held yeatcr
day at the Chester Courthouse, adjourned
without anything definite having been sc- j
rompltshcd. The special station, called for
the purpose of giving the Oak Grove better
school committee a hearing, was one of the
litest Interesting suasions the county hoard ?
ever held.
Seldom has a meeting of the supervisors j
drawn such n crowd as was present at <*!ies. 1
ter yesterd.iy. Members of teh school
hoard, advocates of the proposed Increased j
school taxation and Just as many opponents)
and private citizens came to look on. the]
supervisors therr.selvef nv.vir.e up In a rous- J
mg wrangle over the proposition advanced'
by the Oak Grove delegation. The Surprise
of the meeting was the strength mustered '
by the opponents of the Increased taxation.
S.i stro.-ig was the protest by this side that'
I no vote was taken by the supervisors on the ]
I motion to Increase the school lax 10 cents ,
j on the tlCV
! A similar t?te wa? meted out to the pro. j
! position of Dr. Charles Hasen, county super- I
Intendent of schools. 10 have the 10.cent In
ciease apply to the whole county, and a
. rUt refusal was given to the request of the
Oak drove district that the county bu> ih<s|
Drewrv'l Mans,on ptoperiv to house t!:.' j
Oak C.rove School. This action on the part |
of tho supervisor* came ?s a crent surprise.:
as previous Indication- had he,n :!ini It |
met with full svprobstlon from the ho.nd I
So strong was the plea tor a bitter school. ?
however, :*iat I". Is a'ruost cerr?la same r?
j lief will tie glvei the district by the super?
visors before the opening of th< next srhiol
Bellwood Sent Card*.
The sensation of the ineetlh'X was the ad?
mission by lames Bel I wood, p.-rhap.* thf,
largest single tax-paye- In the district and
the leade- of the opposition. t*(SI he n.id
sent out T'^o postal-cards to the voters of
tho county urging their presence at yester?
day's nieeilne to oppose the proposed in?
crease. Mr. Bellwood't admission was the
result of a raiher caustic reference by W. i
W Friend to the sender of the cards. Mr. ;
Bt-Ilwood was on his feet In nn Instant to |
say that although no name had been ap?
pended to the cards, he was the author. !
The lr.tertseness of '.he meeting was re- 1
llevert for one momont when Mr. Davie. an
opponent of th* proposed measure, gave the
Assembled people a chs.nce to laugh by the
serious motion that the city of Richmond
be made a gracious present of Oak Grove.
SwantborO, Woodland Heights end the ad
jaeeltt territory. His motion received no
! The prospect of the eventual accession to
1 Oak Grove's demands Is heightened by the
1 re?:~natlon yesterday of ,T. V.. Clary. a
j member of the County School Board, as
1 O.tk Grove will have an opportunity to fill
i hit place with one of that district'* cltl
: zens. After a c inference last night 'Squirt
! Cheathnrn consented to have his name pro?
posed 10 Judge Watten for appointment to
[ the position made vacant by Mr. Clary's
j resignation. It Is almost certain that Judge
; Watson will Appoint tlie 'squire, and so
I (rive Oak Grove a voice In the county heard.
[ Chief among those to present Oak Grove's j
! esse yesterday were R. O, l.owman. R. P.
Plfert and W; W. Friend. Among those who
spoke in opposition 10 the measure were
'.times Re'.lwood. .1. C, Snellings and Mr.'
j Davit, it is understood that the question
will he unearthed again at the next meet
! ins of the supervisors on .Inly SI.
Death of nn Infant.
Ora Xoley Elizabeth Smith. the ihree
montht-Olrl daughter of Lieutenant Walter.
Smith, of Engine Company Mb. II, died yes
ttrdty evening at SlW o'clock In the home
of Its parents. The funeral will he conduct
led to-day at in o'clock from the home. ?.',
I Kast Tenth Street The interment will he
I mad? in Mtury Cemetery.
Death of .Mrs. Randerson.
Mrs. Pos? .lane Sanderson. thirty nine
years old. died yesterday afternoon at .V30
' o'clock at the home of her mother. Mrs.
I Laura Reams, St 511 W est Fourteenth street.
I after A Ions Illness. The funeral will he
conducted this after.innn at .", o'clock from :
the A?biir> Methodist church, the Interment !
to he made In Maury Cemetery. Mrs. San- \
derson leeves 11 husband and one seven
vear-old daughter.
Girl Hurl by Fall.
In Ihe art of sUshllng from the S o'elock ]
Petershur^ ear yesterday afternoon at the!
corner of Cowardin Avenue and Hull Streets;
Lily l.owman. the eleven-venr-nld daughter .
of R. 1?. Lovvmen, Of Oak Grove, was thrown !
to the ground und painfully hurl. It Is said
by spectator* that the accident was caused '
hi the starting of the car before the girl
had reached the ground, I
She was suffering: considerably flora her 1
bruiser when taken Into a neighboring store. |
hut sh? liter recovered sufficiently to he j
carried to her home, where she was resting \
quietly latt night Her Injuries, while ?
pllnfu!, me not serious.
In Police Court.
Although there was a long and. for Ihe
e|ty treasury, a lucsaTlw. docket await?
ing Justice Maurice yesterday morning !
In the police court. Part most of the j
sinners came under one category?crap- |
shooting. The eleven colored bono rollers, j
raptured In a cleverly executed raid Sun- I
day morning by Captain Wright and Pa
trolmen Waymack and Manning, were each ;
fined t3 and costs. 1
Moses Jefferson, who broke up the family
furniture Saturday night, was fined and j
Lottie Taylor, colored, charged with as?
saulting Lulu McCretry, nl?o colored, was
Oned 1?.50 and coals. She retaliated by
?wearing 0111 a warrant for assault against
Lulu, and the latter dame was treated to a
?2 50 line by Justice Maurice.
Gtcnrge Roans, colored. charged with
cursing And threatening to shoot R. E. Dal
too, was fined 110 and costs
"Clrunk" Carter, colored, charged with
assaulting wish Moseby, was asso-sed ;c
on'J costs.
its First March.
The reorganized South Richmond Corps of
the Bove' Brigade took Its first march last
night through tho streets o! the city, and
In unite of the fact that the youthful
soldiers wen- not equipped with uniform* am'
the greater number were minus guns, a
most favorable impression was made in th?
apertatora along the line of march. Attei
nutting the boys through n hard session
of drilling and showing them some new
stunts in the manual of arms the officer*
announced that a march through the cltj
would be undertaken, and the two compa?
nies were suited on the hike.
Aa the South Richmond corps Is lu po?.
session of only a few- guns only the llrst
two squads were provided with them, white
the rest of the boys trailed along empty
handed. Following the lino of action de?
termined upon at the reorganization meet?
ing .Sunday afternoon the officers put tb<
boys through the hardest drilling of the
year last night, und made It evident from
the outset that no fooling win be counten?
In the hope of ?raising the much-needed
money for arms and equipment for the
brigade a thorough canvass of South Rich?
mond w-as begun yesterday, ami before It IB
I completed e\ory business man In the South?
side will ha\e had a chance to contribute
Death of Edgar J, Do?bln?.
Edgar J. Dobbins died Sunday hi his home
In Oak Grove, on the Petersburg Turnpike
He was thirty-five year* old. The remain!
wne taken to 913 Well Main Street, from
which place the funeral will be conducted.
Overcome by Hem.
Another heat victim was added to south
Richmond's record yesterday when n man
l>y the name of Horndon. a resident bf Dan?
ville, was overcome at the corner ol sev?
enth and Perry Streets and had to !?? work?
ed over for some time before being able
to proceed on his way.
Mr. Herndon, who is a rather heavy man.
first :-'.i the effects Of tn? intense heal w hen
near the corner of Ninth and Porter Streets
and stepped into Tignor's store on that
corner to ask lor water. After drinking a
' glass and resting a few minutes he pro?
ceeded on down the street ?inly to topple
'over when on the outside of the Terminal
tumbling of the Virginia Hallway and I'owei
j Company.
Personal and Genera).
I Mlii Ethel Smith, who has been visiting
I friends In Raleigh, N. Ci has returned to
I her home at Twelfth and Porter Streets
I Mrs. JT. T. W'lllard and children have left
' the city for Me. klenburg county, from which
Pine- they will go to Danville and Greens?
Mrs. A. P. Chlsholm and Miss Bessie <'Ins?
heim are the guetfts of friends In Wilming?
ton Del, After being joined by A. P. Chi?
I holm they will visit Philadelphia. Atlantic
j i'lty and other points h?fore returning lo
' the Souths.de.
The annual excursion and outing of the
employes of the Southern Railway shops,
the great event of the season In the (hops,
will be run this year on Saturday. July '-'-.
The shop workers are planning to make a
: lug dav of it at West Point., and are os
i peeling to carry down a large crowd ol
, friends.
1 The success of holding Sunday nUhl ser?
vice oh the church lawn was so pronounced
last Sunday thin the IteK. J. J. pastor
' o< the Porter Street Presbyterian Churtbi
: l as announced that hereto! word during the
! warm weather Sunday evening services o.
, this church will be conducted In the open
I The regular weekly meeting bf Lily Coun?
cil. Daughters of Liberty, will he held to?
night at s o'clock In Fraternity Hall, hveri
member Is urged to be present.
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FacS'uviilc Signature of
Thirty Years
n company, mw tour crrr.
Dr. McDaniel Expresses His
Views on Forms of Amuse?
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Norfolk. Va.. July 10.?The fourth
season of the Virginia baptist en?
campment, which was formally open?
ed at Virginia Reach this evening. I
marks n now era tu the history of the
progress of the Baptist Church In th<
Addresses by Dr. Sparks W. Melton
or Norfolk. Rev. tltorge W. Mtv
Daniel, D. D., of Richmond, and a lec?
ture on ?"Happiness." by the Rev. Ed
win M. Potent, 1?. I?.. president o!
l-'urman University^ Grenvllle, s. t'.,
gave the large audience which at?
tended the opening session of the en?
campment an Idea of what It might
expect from an oratorical standpoint
Dr. W W. Hamilton presided, and
introduced Dr. Melton, who welcomed
the visitors during their stay in tills
i>i McDaniel responded in behalf ol
the visiting Baptists. He discussed
the progress of Baptists in Virginia,
and lotd of the great good the annual I
encampments have resulted in for the |
church; providing a delightful outing
under religious auspices, and creating
a social atmosphere that is helpful.
Tlo- Richmond divine, who represent.,
the newer type of Baptist pastor, :
thoroughly expressed his views on I
various forms of amusement which j
Iho younger generation favor. Claim- 1
Ing that it is useless to prohibit, but
advising that saner forms of diver?
sion be or'ovlded as a remedy.
Kiev. Russia, July in?Prikodko. -
I step-father of Vlishchinsky, a boy 1
i whose body, horribly mutilated, was
I found in a cave near i;;re on February I
? 28, was arrested to-day.
The authorities hate confiscated In1
i various towns pamphlets In which the j
wilier.- sought to Inflame racial feel- j
Ing by ascribing the murder to f.inatl- '
clsm. ,
The case of VtlShchlnsky was used
I by tile "'Black Hundred" to arous*
j hostility, to the Jews, and a Jewish j
[massacre at Kiev was feared in con- i
sequence. It w.v- intimated at the i
time that the hoy's step-father, who
was an .uiti-Scmlte. was responsible
for the crime.
Kills Chilli and ?elf.
Parkersburg, W. Va.. July 10.?W, H.
Allen killed his two-year-old child
with a shotgun t?-daj as it slept in
its carriage on the. porch, and rather
i than be taken by the police, he emp?
tied the other harre] of the gun into
! hi.- own breast. ^
Triple Murder at Christening.
?dena, O., July I0.?Three men are
dead as the result of stabs received
In a fight Curing a 'christening last
night In the mining settlement her? !
Walter Cronsky, Peter Cronsky and)
Joseph Vollnsky died this morning, and j
? Sam and John Volinsky are held on
j the charge of murder.
Hoi Weather t':i:i>.-s Poor IttiMlneaa In
llronritt n> Restaurant?.
j New York. July 10. Strange ns It
; may seem, the coolest places in the
city during New York's recnt hot
scourge?the largest restaurants in and
mound Broadway?are said to have j
lost more money than any other gen-I
oral business. The managers estimate
thai more than fl,250,000, which or- i
dlrtarlly would have been taken Irl at |
Broadway restaurants during tin- nvt i
or six days, was diverted into other]
in one hotel, which can' actioinmo-1
dote SO" to 1.000 persons at tables,
there were fifteen guests at dinner liist
Tuesday oven ing, yet the management i
had to pay hundreds of wallers and'
other employes. The next ev ening nine I
ti Ides were occupied.
The automobile. Ins htavod a Strong-]
ei parl this year than ever hefort in'
the depletion of th<- summer re.uan
latus revenue. Through the re.duc'-1
tlo'n in the price and rontai rates of,
good cars, hundreds of persons have I
leen enabled to spend the hoHdoyt,
Sundays and week-ends on tov.rs to
I seashore or country.
r.alttmoro, Md.. July 10.?Unable to
resume their aeroplane flight to Wash?
ington this ev^nlntr. because of unfn
v'oruble weather oincilltons, Harry N.
Atwood stated thnt he and his com
p.- nton, Charles K. Hiimtlton, would
try to set away at 4 A M to-morrow.
He added that they would stop at Col?
ic se I'ark, Md . where the army avia?
tion school nf instruction Is located.
Atwcod announced this decision about
7 :m> o'clock this evening, af;er two
futile attempts had been made at a
fllprht from the Held where the tr.a
Chlnc descended this morning, after a
remarkable anc! norve-raeltlns aerlil
Journey which began r.t Atlantic City,
N .1.. a few minutes after . A. M., and
ended at 8:23 o'clock, a half-mile from
the Pennsylvania Hallroa-1 station at
Stemmers Run, approximately IIS
miles from the starting point.
The MiBlit had to !>?.- discontinued 0.1
a.cunt of the Intense heat and hljrh
humidity will- h mod.: i: almost If not
liiii-.e Impossible for aeroplanes to
attain a sufficient altitude. The same
ntmospherii conditions prevailed this
evening and forced the postponement
until the morning.
PAnnO / Instantly Relieve
iLAUc. &/and raPidIy Curei
" 1 Gout, Rheuma-'
tism, Rheumatic
(Gout, Sciatica,
Lumbago, and all
pains in the head,
face and limbs.
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