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i "i im. 11, w \ i u r n.
f.\ RiiYiN L. ume,
Correspondence Column
Has Hern Visiting lief Aunt.
Pear Editor.?1 received the beiutlful
prlan tome time age, and really 1 am
it >tia in oil of myself for not tlinnklng you fer
It. but when you know my reason I am
euro you Will excuse me. t have been vis?
iting my aunt, and having auch a good
tun? Hint I didn't have lime to write.
Every day we would go In the llnpldan
!M\oi bathing, Dent Editor. I certainly
appreciate the lovely book, and 1 have been
longing for n julr.e Lovingly.
Fonifreel, Va.
With tiood Wiehe? to the Club.
Bear Editor.?I hope to ??? my Cttntrlbu
tlom which I have sent In on the page Bun
4a; I've bod two chills thu w?ok. See-in*
that malarial la to be with me all this
?uinmer. oa thla makes the second attack
I've had thla on' month. I'm Bending two
drawings, which t hope to liave published
On it"- page- Hope every one la having a
good time thla numnior. Harry Chadwick
certainly Is a faithful member. Ilopo abc
la not tick again tills summer. Oood wishes
from JOHN 8. TERRY.
' Kocklngham. N. C.
Und Pine Time nt Btickr?e Brach.
lirir Editor,- I was really glad to see my
work on tho page thia week, i certainly
think the page gets better every week. I
went to Buck roe. Reach Monday and had a
One 11in". I took several plcturea with my
new camera I went on Hi* ferrla wheel
several times. It is 300 feet high, and oh.
yOU can reo ?O fir when nt the top. I am
sure aoiiio if oui members were there Mon?
day, becausu there was an excursion from
Ulchmand. 1 am sending two drawings thla
week, and hope to aee at least one In print.
Dear Editor, when air you going to follow
Clarence Spencer's Huggcstien? l think it
a fine one. Your true member.
EVELYN e. dtke.
C'l.t Washington Avenue, Newport Nctt?.
Hrr first Attempt nt Browing- n Reading.
Pear Editor,?I received my badge all O.
K : tliimk you for It. I'm sending a head
ii-s tor July. Now, please don't laugh at
It and throw It In the horrible old want"
basl-et. Ifs my first attempt nt drawing a
bending. Bow many of the member llko
reading? I do, and do my part of It, too.
I've rend Bebtt'a "Ivanhoe" twice. I am I
very much Interested in tlio Stale Pair ex?
hibit. Am going to send something soon.
Papa laid my drawing won't be lit lo print.
I'm going to wall now and nee. Your new
member, FLORENCE Kb'PER.
Hui. Moved ? Block.
L'ear Editor,?Hope you'll not think hard!
of me for not writing sooner, but Hi have
Just mnud below on Hie lower block. Are
you going on a trip tills summer? If you
do I hope ynu will enjoy yoursoir. Hoping'
Mr. Waste Basket will not h|to me, 1 am
your old member. EDITH ALLEN,
tiaSVi VrnaVle Street, City.
Who In I he Bad Little Child?
Heir Editor,?! have written and am
s-ndtng lo you a little story that 1 have
often heard told As mv mother Is fond of
ti i it. perhaps you can guesa who w-as
the bad little child. I thank you very much
foi youi congratulations I had not thought
of the poaalblllty of vour s-eing that In the
paper. Very sincerely yours,
3117 East Grace Street, Itlchmond.
I More Beek tliictlnna Pcslrrd.
Dear Editor. -Thank you lor publishing
my contributions. I always get rewarded
urban 1 in them In Hie page, t am sending
a Letter picture than I had ia?t weck. 1
pni try.ng for a prlr.e. as I do not want
my correspondent, Miss Evelyn Phillips, to
get ahead of nie. I have only gotten Iwo
10 bei six 1 think Mis* Margaret llopp
writes ver'jr Interesting letters. Please print
some more book questions. I am reading
"81. Elmo'' now. Sincerely yours.
Ills Partie and bister's Pictures.
pem Kdiioi,?l am sending you n pu?.*i?
which I mad', and aluo'a picture Ihm inuv
little sluer' drew. | rural the wlntci in
Msryland, uid as wc don't often get The
Ttirios-DUpatCli there could not send you
anything. I nm very much obliged to you
foi til* prise vor aent the, Hoping that the
pussle and picture are good enough to go
In the paper. J remain, your member,
Walker's Kord. Va.
Almost Settled In New Home.
Pear Editor. ?As I luive almost colon *et
ll*d ni my new home I will try to draw
something fur the T. P. ev t*. ] have not
won a prize In so long I mast be getting I
rarelrr.s. but no wonder, aa we liavo so Inany j
fine al lists now w ho ran easily win prises J
without iiny effort. Inclosed you will tlnd
?n oiiglnai picture of a girl In a boat.
Wishing ihr e'.nb mid Ha editor success, I
remain very truly yours,
Mebalne, N. C.
Her Bail l urk.
Pe.tr Edltor.?i have not written for a
lo'ng at - because 1 ,|id noi like to ion
joii about my bad luck, f ton my prettv
nsdgJ) von i.rnt me between Mllford and
t ieder|eliPbiirg on Apill when*wo were
going in Orange county to vlr.lt our Hunt I
iblnk my baby brother pulled It nut of the
fronl of my dreaa. Will you please send me
another, and 1 will try to be ,-arefut not to
lose It. Your friend. MAUDE MOTLEY
l'pper l'.lon, Carolin? count), Va.
Smt Blorj for Rlale Talr F.ehlhlt.
l)?ar Editor.?I aent a atory off yesterday
for the Stale Pair exhibit, hut It la very
long, ao I reckon It will go In tli? waste
basket. I am sending some drawings ami
tbe' Becond chapter of Edgai Allan Poe that !
was never pilnt'd. 1 hope you will print Iii
If von can, because t have the first chapter
Bllfl would like to have the second also I
ha\e everything of min? except iwo diaw
Ihg* that ha? been ptlnled In the T D. ?' ''
sln. e iMf, Mid. of pourse, I Illtr to have both i
? liapters ol my r(orl?s. 1 keep tliem all j
p-isted lo a romposllion book with 1 tie dales j
under nearly all of them 1 wonder If any
of the other members do? The Chadwick
? h?dren certainly do draw nicely. I ist-r.
lalnly would like the Rluidy children to
write more stories for our pate. They d>>
wrllc stielt interesting ones Yours Italy,
"Wal, I declalrl Vornder Is the ,.ie
cow done Bot looso ngln. Illnery, go
chase that crazy brute in ih? back?
yard ngln Thar she goes down the
alley, Chase her back, llluety"
"Ma.'' walled Henry "Thar Is glass
In the alley and I will cut my Icri "
"You bine go, to do |l, Illnery. Tho
baby won't gll no milk to-night, cjo.
em, I ray," and Mrs. ^etcher stamped
her foot In ii determined way,
henry fled from tho house He did
not want lo go nfter the row. hut
thinking of n hungrj baby at homo
he went nfter her S'ooti Ibe runaway
v bi safe In the yard
"Illnery, go straight down \? r\yt.
work' and ion n)n i,, rorfifl lo auppei
BttSp by Iii?- tr?cory r>tore and kH mo
Homo baron Ifrre |s ti), money Hurry
lip, now holly Ann. lia\e put th<>
bread In the stove?"
"Yep, m.i " answered a shrill voice
by the table.
"Pfllly AhtW I smell someihing biirn
fnc. ? said Mir reicher, sniffing,
Polly Ann went over to the stove,
Opi tied the ele,or and looked in.
"Noihlir In here." she announced
"Here It Is on top of the stove." %
"Ma. ma." called William, another
one of the famiiv "just look what
.lint ban got '?
Ma went '"il in the hackvard "Wh*t
in if W'h?r'i Jim?"
Ju-.t then Jim ranis around th?
I lionne on n real ||vo bo se.
".Wh?r <lld you git tbi.t." f.\,f: ,le.
"Rotight b'ni." w.i: the reply.
"James Fctche-ir, ?Ir yo? r'rnxy? How
tinirti did ? ii pay foi hint?'1
"'I'lli doll i r: ,'' he ntlgw ? ri r|
Glasgow, Va,
Last Summer Month Is at Hand?Ex?
hibit Content and I?? Ptltfl Brought
to Ihr Notice of Cluh Members.
Dear Boys and Olrls:
Do you realise thai we are about to
entor upon the Instgmonth of sum?
mer? It seems Just yesterday that
I Juno and vacation arrived. Now this
I is to be the llrst week of August, Then
September and sehool da\s again.
But between now and September you
have August, when the promise of
summer comes Into fullest fruition,
when fruits and flowers nro at Utelr
best and finest and the days?each ot
I hem?have a special value and delight.
I hope August will be a record mouth
for the cluh members In every way.
I hope that you may hegln tho work
you ore to send ni? for the exhibit.
Remember that tho best prizes for
tho year are offered in the contest
which thla cxhihit inaugurates, and
send In your contributions accordingly.
filarence A. Speaeer, Mobnnc. N. <*.
Ml?? Courtney Krllh Meade, Mnnnboro,
Amelia county.
Mian Marlnn Lee Motley. Upper '/.Ion,
Caroline county, Va.
Allen. Edith Motley. Maude
Bourne. Pauline Morris. Annie
Haln. Edward Motley. M. L.
Collins. Nellie Meade. C. K.
Cox. Essie T. Penlck, Elisabeth
Collins, lit; Phillips. Harry
Dyke. Evelyn E. Ranson, Lyra v.
Dunn. Mary Rldout, Abbot
Davis, J. li. Res. Beatrice
Davis, Grace 1 >. Spencer. C. A.
OoodC, Helen Seay, Maggie
Garland, Mary Smith, Virginia
Ullliam, Mary A. Terry, John S.
Hardwlckr, D. Walker, Louise
Hattorf. Alvltt Webb. Ruth E.
Ingram, T, J.. Jr. Walker. V. V.
JVickson, Blnnche Warflold, Edwin
Kupor, Florence Watson. Pauline
.lone;;; Betlle C. Whyto. J. II.
Wehsler. J H,
"John, really I Hoii'l think I can roa
elhly do without- you," William re?
marked sadly as ..ohn was returning
"Yes, Will"?sadly?"I certainly hate
lo leave school, but now that my
father (a dead I must return home l,
mother; and, besides, I have other Im?
portant mot tors to lend in for my
mother, wri'ch necesi itute my return."
and be turned despairingly from hin
The letter which had so startled
John was the had news that his father
had suddenly dropped elend, and de?
manded his Immediate return. This
shocking news, mid as the spring
morning was exceedingly warm, was
the cause of poor John fainting, but ho
soon recovered consciousness under the
?llliaont care of ope of the professors
of the school and W'lll'nm.
And now they were bidding each
other farewell that same spring day ?
the rich hoy not with the air of su?
periority, hut with a fenllng of the
porting with a brother?while deep
down In each hoy's heart there was
a feeling of sorrow akin to pain, which
generally follows tho farewell of two
dearly devoted friends A feeling, a
peculiar magnetic feeling, which unties
lb" friendships of those two hoyt?
inote closely top-other, fills both of
their souls
With tear;- In Ihe-lr eves the hoys
parted?only lo mod again under
such 'strange circumstances
John look n train going to Centre?
line, a small, progressive town. or.
vein might say. village, In Which lie
lived. The ii"\t goal lo John was oc?
cupied by a stout elderly man, wear?
ing large glasses very business-Ilk"
in bis miinnri- Mis hair was SB while
us cniintt the liiiie ho had. fm- he
was alutoftl completely bald--apd bis
small grav eyes I,linked merrily in the
hiigln rays of this warm spring nfter
liooti's ; mi This affable stranger soon
commenced a itotivet-aatioti, but ab John
Was In no talkative mood?tor be bad
.such troubles?ho only answered the
gentleman lit monosyllables, finally
the sinniger asked:
"Isn't your name Alston?"
"YeS, Mr." John replied "Why do
you ask?"
"i saw the far or from your father"
"Then >ou knew my father?" Iber?
was a Choking BOb as b? henid hin
father's name mentioned.
"Yes, i was weil acquainted. ?'?ii
him In old ein.;.. In fact, we played
together as ho\ \\ n grew up tei- ,
get her. anel Iben his rich father, Inj
Iiis wrath, turned htm out Into tho !
we.rid penniless." and then ih>- bid
gentleman stopped abruptly, for be
hae) seemingly 16M nmre than be In?
tended, hut he rpllckly added, sorrow -
Ingly, ' And now I (ust heard e.f h<i
Midden de>?lh. and I am on my w ay 10
his homo."
All this narrative the men had been
telling was strange. nd apparently
InipOSS ble lo John, for Ihl? was th?*
tlrst lime be had over heard that til?
father whs ot ri.-ii parentage; In fact,
bin fa.lbev had never spoken of his
parents; lie had generally n voided
men conversations
ir.iin was aboul in n.-k more njties
Ileitis. I.ul thf-y were now nt C*en<ie
vlllo. and _-.itInc. o.ii they walked t"
celltei- Inwards the Alston cottage
rr<> he continued.)
? '?imposed by
l 11 A Mil -TON WHYTE
I t W ??,.-! t-'lsy Street. City
We bad :. great lime one night
alionrd the steamboat Senator, going
11 om Smi Francisco to Sacramento
?? lien ?? mudti life miserable for some
Herman musicians nhoord, Ed w;ih the
ringleader that night. H happened
that then Dutchmen had managed to
get all of the cabins, and thnt meant
? hat the rent of us had to sit up on
deck all night. Bo no made dp our
minds that those Dutchmen In the
hunks would not have any sleep that
night. Kd told the Rreatesl siring of
storlon 1 over listened to. and after
every one wo would laugh and shout
as loud as we could One ptory was
like: "Why does a chicken oross the
road? To get to the her side!" IIa! j
ha! ha!" we nil yelled, and wo kept
that up the whole night. Every few
minutes the Dutchmen would peep out
of the windows and *ay: "I vlsh you
fcllos vould glff us a chance lo
And then we u-oiild laugh again as
If It were a great Joke. It was a great
night for us, but I don't believe those
Dutchmen got n wink of sleep.
1216 West Cary Street. City.
Poe went to his aunt's In Baltimore,
where he lived until his marriage lo
Virginia Clcmtn, who war. then .tust
thirteen. They went to New York,
where Toe wrote with some success,
and where. In l r t r.. he reached his
highest point of success.
Poe's young wife was taken ill with
consumption and they went lo Ford
ham, near New York, for fresher air.
Mrs Poe did not ll"e long, dying Jan?
uary 30. 1K47. at the ago of twenty
five, In a state of dir* poverty.
Dater Poe went lo Richmond, whfre
he met a lady to whom h? had been
engaged to years before. He beenme
engaged to her again, and went to
Baltimore I? Invite Mrs. Cloinm to the
wedding. When he reached Baltimore
the election was going on. A friend
looking for him found him In an old
house In a state of stupefaction. Ho
was taken to a hospital, but never
regained consciousness, lie died Oc?
tober 7, 1 S4t>. For s quarter of n cen?
tury no monument marked bis grave,
but on November 17. i^Tc. h monument
wnn erected In the presence of many
Poc wrote many poems. nmong
which "The Raven.'' "The Bells" ami
"Annabel Lee" are well known. In
"Annabel Lee," written In isia. Pne
tells of his sorrow at the loss of l,i3
child wlfo:
I was a child and she was a, child,
In a kingdom by Ibc sea;
But we loved with n love that was
more than 11 love,
I and my Annabel 1,0.0;
With n lo>. e thnt the winged ecraphr,
of heaven
Coveted her and me.
And Ibis was the reason that long ?gn
In this kingdom by the sea.
A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
My hen ut if til Annabel Dee:
So that her high-horn klngsman came
And bore her away from me,
To shut her up In 11 sepulchre
In this kingdom by the sea.
"The Fall of the House of I'sher."
"The Unparalleled Adventures of Itsha
pfaal," "MS8. Found In a Bottle." "The
tiold Bug" mid lite "Narrative of At
"thur Cordon Pym" are well known
stories of F.dgsr Allan Poc.
The End.
iftfi south Jefferson Street, Petersburg,
Hans and Oretel were Utile Dutch
children, who lived very, very far from
us. They had live soft, white, pretty
bunnies, of which they were very
proud. They fed them with cahhage
leaves, etc., and I'm sure the bunnies
were glad to see Hans and Grete! coin?
ing with the cabbage. But one nigh!
Hans was awakened hy a great noise
out In the rabbit yard. He woke Grefel
and I hey both went out to see what
whs Ibc matter What was their bor?
row lo see a great black dog. who had
killed two of their bunnies. Gretel
cried and cried, and nans felt like It.
Th?lr mother wanted lo make rabbit
pie. but the children said "No." ami
made 1 wo Utile graves and burled
1 hem The owner of the dog, an Eng?
lishman, came over lo s*o them Ihe
next day. hhd brought them Iwo pretty
bunnies, even pintil'-r than the first
Iwo. and he stuck up a sign, wh'ch
Two little bunnies lie hurled her?,
O! stranger stop and shed a far.
And whisper low, with weeping eye.
'Oh! fIk d'd these bunnler- have to
Alfred rennysOn was born on the
?th of August, 1 son. in'a quiet, rectory,
standing on the Mope of a hill In i.'n
eolnrhlie. Iiis father, i'lenrce Clay?
ton Tcnnvf.nn. was the rector of Snm
e.rsbv H>- was >< tall. Impressive ap?
pearing man. with a noble character,
high temper and line Intellect The
sonfi Inherited their po?t|e gift from
Alfred uas t ? 1 r third son In 1* family
of twelve children ills ? ext older
brother wan bis special friend and com?
panion His name was Charles, After
her husband's ?le^th Mrs. Tennyson
still lived at the rectory, while the
children one hy one left home for
PChbol < ?baric..- nntl Alfj'Cd attended
the grammar school ot l.outh for ?
few years, and liter passed through
Trinity1 College, Cambridge, from which!
their cldeal brother. Frederick, had
IVordSworth died on the D.ld of Au
ausl. IS?.0, and In the same year
Tennycon was appointed poet laureate
Mil family sp*n( their Hummers at
Aldwovth. on the summit of a high
bin in s'iri.ey, near London The house.
|fl hUlll of White stone, with broad
windows and ;i long terrace, where]
Ivies and roses are trained over a I
para pel of stone Here, after stvcrsl
years of declining iic-:.ltii. Mr Tcnny 1
son died Di?, Rid ,>f October, lSfll.l
ni I he age ..f clghty*three )enr.i and
two months,
It was the hour of nun!"1!,
The eky was gnMcn roil.
Trio weary Kim sank gently
In Its soft and creamy bed;
The tinted clouds stole softly ?
To hid him n sweet good night.
They Uhgored a few short moment!",
Thou vitnlshcd from our sight.
We were nlono In the garden,
I and my Plstcr EMI?.
Wo were taking one last look
Of the homo we loved so well.
For noon we'd have to leave It.
And sail for a distant shore;
We'd nee the dear old gateway
And the vino-clad porch no more.
The dear old trees In the orchard.
Where we both had loved to play,
Would shelter hp no longer
Through the long, hot, summer day;
In the loving arms we'd alt no more
And list to the blrdHngs sing.
Other feet than otll'S would trend
The well-worn path to the swing.
As wo sal there in the shadow
And thought of the last pad years
The lender memory of days gon? by
Stirred our hrok?n hearts to tears;
And nt last we rose and parted.
Bach *o our own little room.
The rooms we'd loved since childhood
In the home no longer home.
Compotod by
Mannboro. Amelia county, V?
A ladv sat quietly rocking her rtab>"
hoy, when a Utile ?Irl of two tin. Into
jihe room, calling: 'More tak". mamma;
more tnk? "
"Why. what am you talking about.
fJIrlle?" asked her mother; "what do
you moan by 'lake?' "
"More take, more take." Innlf.ted the
Ii11lo girl.
"If you me:in cake. I haven't snv."
her mother was replying, when she
suddenly though) of |h? cake Phe hart
made for the church sociable lo be
given (hat night
The Hille girl ran out, hut Imme?
diately came back, saying "More take, j
more l/ke. mnnnna. lake Is good"
The lady laid the sleeping baby!
down and went lo Investigate She
felt horrified when ? ho caught sight
of the cake robbed of more than half
Its Icing, while the little s|rl stood by,
saying; "take is good mamma: more
"Girlie." said the lady, "tell mo you
are sorry you ale my cake before I
whip you "
"I not! I not! take In snort," repented
the child.
Although she was whipped she would
never say she was sorry, but. Insisted
that the cake was good.
The people at the church had to he
satlstled with a baker's cake, while
Glrllc and her father feasted on ''more
lake" than was "good."
-'?17 East Oracc Stree', Richmond. \ a
Ml riRST TRIP T?? fit CK nil
It Wal! 111* Bfith of .tune wh?n we
left Main street depot for Ruck roe
Beach Thai day was very pteasahl
After a while wo tame lo Newport
News Then hcjtl came Buck roe B&actv
After we got oft Ihe train at Ruckroe
Reach we wenl to ihe pavilion and
lesled Then wo weitl down to Ihe
bathing house and walked up and
down Hie shore picking up sh'Us. Then
my two cousins and mi self went In
wadlhg My nunt said we could go
In bathing after dinner. So w'o went
bach lo the pavilion and walked
around lo see the souvenirs, and had
ICO crealn. After a while It was time
for dlnn"r, and after dinner we wont
to the bathing house after our bat I', tug
suits. My two cousins and myself
wont In bathing wh'le h)y aunt
watched us from Ihe bathing h?ljpe
After a long While she called us, from
the bathing house and said It v. us time
for II? to come out. so we came out
and drossed and walked back to the
pavilion and ate supper. Alter we at?
supper our train wnn there ready for
us lo co back lo Richmond. So that
?,. . ,.|| l could see of Riirkroe Beach.
RUTH ::. wEBB,
I ?Mppor.e everybody bar. heard some,
thine about Ihe C"'oa.t philosopher, So
(istr'-. btti I am going to write a lltti?
about him for our page.
Boi rates wtls licensed of leaching
young men bjd habits, which was not
pi id was carried before the imlr:e:<
and tried They did pol lind anything
Wrong With, but were le;id by the
prejudice, or the people to sentence
him to death.
When l.e was nuked about the. cods,
he said he did rot believe in them,
but believed in ope Supreme Being.
Whop he was asked hy bin friends
why he did no' try lo save himself by
his eloquence, he replied: "My life and
teaching la mv best defense."
Hn <vas sentenced io go on the ar?
rival or tiic ship sent on an annual
voyage to t ike offering:- to the shrine
of Apollo, on the Isle ,,f Dclon
Ills bands of pupils wotlld go md so.,
him every day, and one day ihey
bribed the jailors sq as Socrates ,-ould
escape, and wlnn they told hltn that
ho could escape, ho replied. "That
would be ugnlhsl ihe law. which T
hove never dlftOheyod." Then t'rlto.
one of hi* pupils hojralj to cry. and
said. ''Master, w|? you' ilien remain
here and die Innocent'.'"
"Of ionise." be replied. "Would you
rather i should dli guilty?"
Then ne began a heart (o heart talk
about life ,md death, and Immortality
of the soul.
While ho wn.t t.tlkinq the nhj|) ar
lived Tlje lallet with H Clip of pOlfiOn
hemlock, handed ii id Socrates lie
drank it. thus ending bin life.
After It was loo laic. Greece re-og
nlzed lo r inn.lake and crectetl ii moun.j
iitetii of Socrates, placing It in I ho
niltldle Of Athens. the capital oft
Greece. . j
Puzzle Department
What Tnree Haiden Tool?t
J IT DAVIS, jn .
1218 West City Street, City.
Beheading* and Curtailings.
1. Behead to strike and leave A pro?
2. Behead and curtail knowing and
leave to be.
3 Triply curtail strict uprightness
and leave exactly.
4. Behead and curtail an ornametft
and leave a preposition
6. Doubly behead covered with
grease and lesvo not dllTicult.
fi. Curtail part of the foot and leave
a preposition.
7. Doubly curtail first and leave
8. Behead and cui.ail food for hol-fes
and leave an indefinite article.
9. Doubly curtail a farewell and
leave not cv'l
10 Doubly behead to dwell and leave
a tendency toward a custom.
11 Curtail and behead a covering
and leave a prcposll'on.
12. Curtail and behead opposite of
night and leave an Indefinite article.
13. Curtail to tell and leave not,
14. Behead not here and leave single
When all the words have been be?
headed and curtailed tho remaining
words set down one after another will
form a well known quotation.
Mannboro, Amelia county. Va.
Hidden Hooka.
1 They wer* married beside the.
bonny briar bush.
?. He went lo too hla friend, Luke
3. They lived In the old stone house.
4. The girl vlslttd her friends In old
:?. The greatest thing in the world In
6. King Georg? V. was crowned In
WoBtmlnr.tr.-r Abbey.
Esre.v COUnty, Va Age 10.
What country will break If j"u drop
What country will put a spot on
What country is g<-,o.i to eat?
601 Amlstend Avenue, Hampton, Va
Nome* of Battle* In I- teure*.
1. 23. I', 20. 5. 18. 12, lf>. 15
t. I?, I. 18, 1. 20. 1.1. 7, 1.
3. 13, 1. I?. I, 20. S, 15. 14.
4. 17. 21. 6, 2. &. 3.
.V 20. 18. 5. 14. 20. I!.. 14
it. 2. 1, 12. I, 11. 12. 1. 22. 1.
I; is. 3, 5. 12. l.
8. 3. S. I. 14. 3. 6. 12. 15. IS. 15, 22.
9. 12. 12. f?.
9. 2. 12. b, 14, 8. 9. 5. 13.
10. 0. Ii. II. 20. 5. 14, 1!>. 25.
It, 21. 12. 12. 15. 4. &. 11.
12. 13. 15. 19, 3. 15. 23.
Walker Ford, Va.
(.Irl*' XnntCH In Figure*.
1 Ii'. I. 12. 12. ?, 5.
2. 1. 21. 7. 21. I?. 20. 9. 14, 5.
it. 2. l>, le, 4, 0. 5.
4 15. 12. 7. 1.
8. 19. 11. 15. 23.
C 1$. 15. 19, 6, 2. 21. 4.
7. 11. 1. H, II. P. 5.
8. 2. 5, IS. SO, 8, 1.
9 4. 15. 15. 18. 9, 19.
10. 5. 21. II. 9. 3. 5.
11. 5. 12. 19. 9. 5.
12. 13. 1. ?1. 4.
Milker's Tavern, F.i-sex county. Va.
( nnundruius.
1 When Is It easy to read In the
2. Which is the largest room In the
3. What is the centre of gravity?
I What la the difference between
a duck that hft> one wing and one that
has two?
.. Why is a washerwoman the great?
est traveler en record?
Barboursvllle. Orange, county, Va.
filrla' \ame* lu Figures.
I m. 31. 4. 19. II.
2. 12. 5. 23. 9. 19.
3. 12. 21. 18. 12. 9, 14. f..
I 12, I, 21. 18. I.
5. 2, 5, 19. 19. 9, 5
Farmvltle, Va., Third street.
Jumbled Statra.
Ainlgrx '.
Rainlynda. ^
II Igciina n
On g ore
Gtonhinaaw. **
Pussle AnanerB.
To River Puzzle, by C. K. Wyalt:
Shake River
Some queer naitlea for people, by
Lillian Spencer:
f. Rob'-i-t y, Lee.
2. Zactiary Taylor.
3. George Washington.
4 Abraham Lincoln
6. Abraham Lincoln,
fi Andrew Jackson.
Hidden gills' hfilnes, bv Margaret
I Kale. '?'? Bell. 3 Daisy. 4.
5 May. i'< Berla.
Girls' nanie.i In figures, by Viola
I. Esther. ? Mary. ft, Llzil*.
t Frances ?'? 1 eto t. Annie. 7. Lena
8. Kale.
To river puzzle, by C K Wyalt:
Snake River
To l|iieer names, by Lillian Spencer:
"lincte Robert,' -General Robert E
"Old Rough and Ready"?Znchary
?Falh'-r of lllr, Country"?George
"Honest Ahe"-- Abraham Lincoln.
?The Rall-Spliuer"?Abraham Lin?
"Hero of New Oreiana"?Andrew
Girls' names In AguroS:
I Ester. 2. Mary :t Llsxle, .?
Frances. Ctsfo. 6 Annie ; T,?na. 8.
Hoys' names in ngurcs:
1 -. 2. Theodore x Curtis. 4.
John. 5. Paul 8 Clyde. 7. Howard S.
Answered by LYRA W RANSO.N
?j. h. davis, ^ ,j
alv1n hattorf,
rem.If, collins. ".TJ
edith allen. F7J
harry phillips.
blanche J.u lv.r-.on. _S?0-t.

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