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(Lieutenant Coulbournc Thrown
to Ground and Collarbone
I Broken.
Expresses His Admiration for
Conduct and Bearing of
[Special to The Tlmcs-DlBpatch.]
Cump Sale. Culpeper, Va., August 0.?
This afternoon, while at field drill,
the horse ridden by Lieutenant Chas.
B, Coulbo?rne, of Company F, First
Regiment, assigned to the Fourth Reg?
iment as acting adjutant of the Third
Battalion, bolted, throwing the ottlcer
and breaking his collarbone. Medical
attention was Immediately given by
Ute regimental . surgeon. Lieutenant
Coulbourne has attracted considerable
vorjSbie comment for Mb soldierly
aring, and sincere regret over his ac?
cident is expressUd throughout the
General and Mrs. Sale bade farn
well to the camp and returned by the
evening train to Richmond. Before
leaving General Sale expressed his ad?
miration of the camp and the great
pleasure it afforded hlin to bo present.
A complimentary german was given
to-night by the Culpeper Social Club
to the Offlceru of camp and it was
greatly enjoyed.
The conduct of the Fourth Regiment
is being favorable commented upon
Kot a single case of disorder has oc?
curred, and the soldierly bearing of tlift
officers und men Is winning for them a
host of friends.
The exercises of to-day consisted of
?quad In extended order ami advance
guard, under the instructions of Cap?
tain Baltxell. L\ S. A., and the regi?
ment conducted itself witli great tredlt.
The, evening exercUcs were devoted to
instructing the Held officers In mount?
ing and dismounting under the ?11
nervlBlon of Lieutenant White. L". S. A.
These exercises were followed by regi?
mental drill In close order. The reul
rner.t this afternoon was commanded by
Lieutenant-Colonel Salomonsky. The
parades and guard mount continue to
draw the greater portion of Culpeper's
Inquiry at the hospital develops the
fact that no case of sickness has yet
occurred. Mnjor-Surgeon Israel Brown
Teportlng the regiment In the best of
Captain R. Wllklns. Company C.
will be the ofllcer of the day to-mor?
row, while Lieutenant Vaiden will bo
officer of th<- guard.
Newspaper .Man Injured.
[Spertsl to The Tlmet-Dlapatrh/)
Danville, Va./Augiiit J.?About 10:20 o'clock
to-night S. Rutherford Harv!-. son of Dr.
L. K Ylarvle and city editor of the Register,
walked Into an open cellar In fiont of the
Clarke ?tore while handling a fire story and
sustained painful Injurie?, which may also
be serious. At a Ute h'.ur he had not re?
gained consciousness. It Ii hellend ihat hts
Injuries are not dar.gereuf.
First in
Tone Quality
First in
Case Beauty
First in
The Steinway
Is the Piano that never sug?
gests to the purchaser that
the price is too high.
Write for FREE catalog.
Walter D. Moses & Co.,
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in Va.
and N. C.
His Strength Is Revived and His
Spirits Are More
Rome, August D.?Pope Plus earlv
to-night enjoyed several hours of rest
in his new room on the third floor
of the Vatican, to which he was moved
to-day from his small bedchamher on
the fourth floor. The new room Is
more spacious and airy, and the change
seems to have revived the Pope's
strength somewhat und cheered his
When Drs. Petacci and Marchlafava
visited His Hollr.oes in tho early eve?
ning- his temperature was 101. but at
midnight, after ho had perspired pro?
fusely. It fell below 10?. TV; pains
in the knee also diminished, and His
Holiness was able to obtain some re?
freshing sleep.
The efforts of the physicians now
will be towsrd restoring fully the
strength of the Pope, fearing that
otherwise there may be a fresh com?
plication of the throat and bronchial
Bight years ago to-day great throngs
gathered at the Vatican to greet and
I venerate the newly-elected Pontiff at
the moment of h's coronation. To-day.
however, owing to the illness of the
Hope, only a few of the cardinals,
members of the diplomatic corps and
members of society were present in
the Slstlne chapel, whore a mass wan
sr.ifi in honor of the anniversary Pros?
trate on his bed of sickness, the Popi
Is reported to have said that though
absent he was there In spirit.
New YSrk. August !>?Sam Langford won
from Jim Smith in the fifth round of a
scheduled ten-round bout at the Fairmont
Athletic club to-night, the referee topping
the bout after Smith hud gone to the floor
for the count of nine. Smith was practical?
ly out when the bout wan flopped. Smith
waa nn hl? ftet at the flollh, but waa itag
gering, and, to all appearance*, unable to
protect himself.
I.angford, who apparar.t'.y ou'.wr.eighcd his
opponent by fifteen pounds, took the lead
at the start. Smith's swings not landing.
WhUa Langford twice upper cut the N'eat
chester man and shoved him to the ropes.
The negro also got In some additional hatd
smashes, while one of Smith's swings to
'I.angford's hrad had r.o appreciable effect.
In the second round Smith clinched sev?
eral times at <.!nsc quarti-m and Langford
pounded him in the stomach, the white man
apparently being unable to protect himself.
Smith In the third round got to his adver?
sary's body. At lbs end of the round, how.
ever. Langford was still in tine trim, while
emith had a gash over the left eye, which
bled profusely.
in the fourth Smith sent a hard left to
tho body and a right to I.angford's head.
Langord then rushed him to the ropes and
pinlth. overborn by the. attack, was pum?
melled almost at Lango.-d's will. The round
was all I.angford's, and the bell found
Smith wobbling.
When the tilth started Smith came up
seemingly a'.l right but for h'.s bad eye. H?
swung rather wildly, but one of his blows
landed on Langford's head and another on
his body. This stung Langford, who went
? t Smith like a wild man. sending in rights
end lefts which staggered him. Then with
a left hook to the Jaw Langford put h!m
In the floor. Smith rolled over on his back,
but came up at tho count of nine. He
staggered to the ropes, and as I.angford
started to go, at him Referee Jon waved the
negro away and stopped the bout.
Smith's handlers Jumped Into the ring
and escorted hint to his corner.
Arrest? Yen<erdny.
Charles Gullett, sixteen years old,
was arrested yesterday by Detective
Sergeant Kellam on a charge of steal?
ing ?34 from F. E. Lucas, of Glen
Allen. It Is said that the boy helped
Mr. Lucas unload a wagon of wood
and stole the money from his pocket.
Joseph Blake, colored, was nrrosted
on a charge of stealing a watch from
?I. H. Mosby.
Edward Coles, a colored boy four?
teen years old, was arrested by Bl
cycle Policeman Traylor on a charge
of resisting arrest and throwing stones
at htm
Underwood and James Lose
Tempers, but Later With?
draw Remarks.
Washington, August !).?Demopratlc
harmony In the House was momen?
tarily ruffled to-day, when Democratic
Leader Underwood and Representative
Olllc James, .of Kentucky, who have
been close friends, became involved
In a heated exchange of words In
the discussion of a bill providing for
the improvement of Black Warrior
j River, in Mr. Underwood's district.
Both men withdrew their remarks, and
the Incident was amicably closed.
I The bill provided for the building
i of a dam to Improve navigation on
i the river. The construction of the dam
j would create a large amount of wa
terpower. the right to which uif?cr
the bill would be leased for fifty years
j to the Birmingham, Ala.. Light and
Power Company.
1 Mr. James and others opposed this
I provisions, asserting the term of the
lease was too long. Mr. Underwood,
declaring that he cared nothing about
the walorpower feature of the bill, but
was much interested In the navigation
feature, said that If the bill M>m held
up work on the Bluck Warrior would
go ahead as originally contemplated at
an expense of nearly $250,000 more
than the proposed darn would cost.
Mr. .lames asked if It was fair to
argue that unless the House passed
the bill, giving a half-contury leas<?
to a corporation without limitation of
Its charges to consumers, certain work
would be done, costing the governmont
8^00,000 more than If the right were
given away.
"My friend from Kentucky." replied
Mr. Underwood, "has Just come out of
a successful campaign for Senator,
where a play to the gallery has pur?
chased votes, but I will say to him
that to claim that one company con?
trolling one waterpower Is a monop?
oly, to answer me with the propo?
sition that I am pleading for a mo?
nopoly, Is not fair to me."
Mr. James responded that he would
have expected* "a statement more con?
siderate of the people of Kentucky,
among whom the gentleman (Mr. Un?
derwood) was born."
Then Mr. I.'nderwood, explaining that
he spoke under provocation, withdrew
his remarks. Mr. James withdrew his,
The House adjourned without acting
on the hill.
To Take Part In fiermnn Army Drill by
Kaiser's Orders.
Hamburg. Germany, August 9.?In
accordance with the wish of Emperor
William, aeroplanes will participate for
the first time in the army manoeuvres
to bo held near Allans beginning Au?
gust 26.
After the failure of the military
dirigible, balloons to yield tangible re?
sults in the manoeuvres of 1910 His
Majesty determined to try out the
possibility of aeroplanes and expressed
a desire that as many German aviators
as possible volunteer for the ap?
proaching practice. Airmen Koenig,
Buechner, Wienczlers and Gorrlsen al?
ready have announced an intention lo
take part, and it Is expected that oth?
ers will follow their example.
Makes Food
Taste Better
notice now muck Defter food tastes
when well served and daintily garmske A?
The Beer of Quality
is a clean, fully aged Leer. It gives a keen
appetite for wkolesome food. In its
? kandsome package it adorns any
IIIJB) takle and it tastes even kefter
tkan it looks
Governor Mann Vtstts Soldiers in Camp Sale
Left to right?Sitting?Colonel Stern, Adjutant Sale, Coromnnder-ln-Ctalef Governor Mnnn, General Vnughnn,
Captain Daltzell, U. S. A., Captain Hopwood, I. S. A. Left to right?Stand lug?Major Wright, Major Pott?. Major
??r/luK, I.leutenantl'lilfer, I.teutennnt < on mil, I.teutenriJt White, V. S. A.
Sitting;?IUpjht to left?Colonel Xottinnhnm, Adjntant-Grnernl Sale, General Vauartaan, Colonel Jo Lane Stern
Standing;?.Majors Wright, Warring;, Potta.
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau,
The Tlmea-Dlspatch,
10:0 Hull Street.
Phone Madison 175.
Application will be made, by the police
authorities of South Richmond to-day to ]
Governor Mann for extradition papers In
the case of Charles Welch, who Is In North
Carolina, having gone there from South
Richmond some, time ago. apparently to
avoid arrest.
Citizen? of Washington Ward recall the
particulars at this case. It will be remem- |
bered that Welch waa at one time employed
by the Richmond Woodworking Company.
For some reason ho was discharged and
took It very much to heart, so much ao. In
fact, that he Injured. It Is charged, several
valuable articles of furniture which had
been newly varnished, by throwing pebbles
and sand upon them. The company at once
took out a warrant for his arrest, but
Welch fled, and it Is only during the past
two or three days that his whereabouts has
been known. The offense for which the
.arrant was lsued was committed on June
6. Welch !( now detained by the police,
authorities of WInston-Salem. N\ C, and
upon being brought to Virginia will be tried .
Magistrate Cheatham'a court. Welch ]
has shown a disposition to tight extradition,
but there is believed to be little doubt that
Forecast: Virginia?Fair Thursday,
except unsettled In southeast portion;
Krltluy probably fair; light, variable
winds. 1
North Carolina?Generally fair, ex?
cept prnbnhly scattered, local thunder |
showers Thursday and Friday; light,
variable winds.
Wednesday midnight temperature "0
S P. M. temperature . 72
Humidity . S6
Wind, direction .S. W.
Wind, velocity. 2
Weather .Threatening
Rainfall .Trace
12 noon temperature. 01
13 P. M. temperature. 73
i Maximum temperature up to S
I P. M.I. 03
Minimum temperature up to 8
P. M. 70
Mean temperature . 82
Normal temperature . 79
Excess In temperature . 3
Deficiency in temperature since
March 1 . 128
Accum, excess In temperature
since January 1 . 21
Deficiency In rainfall since March
1 . 9.04
Accum, deficiency in rainfall since
January l .,. 8.32
(At 8 P. M. F.astern Standard Time.)
Place. Ther. H.T. L.T. Weather.
Asheville .... TS 88 68 Clear
Atlanta . SO 96 78 P. cloudy
Atlantic City. . 76 80 76 P.cloudy
Boston . 76 80 70 Clear
Buffalo . 72 76 66 Clear
Calgary . 60 61 40 P. cloudy
Charleston ... 82 S6 80 P. cloud*
Chicago . 78 88 74 Clear
Denver . 78 88 64 P. cloudy I
Duluth . 66 72 B8 Clear
Galveston ... S8 92 80 Cloudy
Hatteras _ 78 86 SO Clear
Havre . 58 58 46 Cloudy
Jacksonville.. 82 88 78 Clear
Kansas City.. 96 104 82 Clear
Louisville ... 90 96 74 P. cloudv
Montgomery. 78 96 80 P. cloudy
New Orleans.. 78 98 84 Rain
New York... 78 82 72 P. cloudy
Norfolk . 74 90 76 Rain
Oklahoma ... 96 102 74 Clear
Pittsburg ... 82 86 70 Clear
Raleigh . 72 9*. 76 Cloudy
St. Louis. 84 96 76 Cloudy
St. Paul. 70 76 66 P. cloudy |
San Fronclsoo 56 56 52 Cloudy
Savannah ... 8ft 88 78 Cloudy
Spokane . 76 78 54 p. cloudy
Tampa. 76 90 76 P. cloudy
Washington.. 84 92 78 Gi^ar
Winnlpog ... 66 72 52 Clear
Wythevllle .. 80 90 72 Clear
August 10, 1011.
hioh tide.
[Sun rises.... 5:22 Morning.... 4:34
ISua flats...... 7:08 Evening..,. 6:0a1
the paper! will be Issued by Governor
Mann to-day.
Trouble In Family.
A real, old-fashioned m.ither-ln-law cane
will come up before Justlee Maurice this
morning when B. Novey. who keeps a store
at 2000 Hull Street, appears against hla
wife's mother. Novey claims that undue
Influence over hla business affp.lrs haa been
exercised by his mother-in-law for some
time past, until now It has become a ques?
tion as to whether he or she Is conducting
the store. Tho question will be settled by
the Justice^ this morning.
Boys In Catting Affray.
Another "white hope" was cut up yester?
day, when Horace Bell, a white boy, came
into contact with the knife of Burley Bai?
ley, colored. Bailey claims that at noon,
when he takes his father's dinner to him at
the railroad shops, several white noys are
In the habit of waylaying him and pelting
him with rocks. He says that yesterday at
the usual hour he was met by the usual crowd
and cut Bell In self-defense. Bailey was
arrested and brought to the Police Court
and was balled last evening by Lee Carter,
colored. In the sum 0t tiPO. Mrs. F. L. Bell
and Carlton Odell were summoned as wit?
nesses for the Commonwealth to appear at
the trial this morning.
Democratic League lo Meet.
I C C. Jones announces that a meeting of
the Washington Ward Democratic League
will be held at the courthouse on Friday
evening at S o'clock. Matters of Importance
will be discussed, and a full attendance Is
Speaking for Congressmen Glass and
?tones will be had on Monday at the court?
house. A speaker will bo provided by the
Virginia Democratic League, pursuant to a
plan ?formulated some time ago. In the per?
son of II. L. Gordon, of Louisa.
Mrs. W. E. Newman Dead.
Mrs. TV. E. Newman, wife of Policeman
Newman, of the South Richmond police
force, died early yesterday morning at her
home. 1717 West Main Street. About a week
syo Mrs. Newman wns taken with a stroke
of paralysis, but at that time It was thought
that she would recover. She leaves two
daughters and nne son. besides her husband.
The daughters are Mrs. C, S. Hanks and
Mrs. TV. C. Summers, of Norfolk, and the
son Is Howard A. Newman, of Memphis.
Many of the brother officers of Pollcemnn
Newman will attend the funeral, whlrh will
take place this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock
from the Pine Street Baptist Church.
Personal and General.
Mrs. M. H. Lancaster has gone for a visit
of three weeks with relatives In Norfolk.
A large party of young men left South
Richmond Saturday morning on the launch
of C. T. Peters to spend ten days at Ocean
View and Buckroe Beach. Among them
were Norman Mnddrea. Johnnie Bosrher, C.
T. Peters. John Peters. George Talley and
Thomas progglns.
Rev. X \V. Durham yesterday morning
united In mnrrlag* Charles R. Prlddy and
Miss Dora Starke at the parsonage of the
Balnhrlrtge Street Baptist Church. \029 Por?
ter Street. The bride and groom left on an
early morning train to visit friends at Lov
Ingston, Va.
Reglnnlng the third Sunday In August
there will he held at the Mount Hermon
Church a series of meetings to last one
week. The pastor of the church. Rev. X
W. Durham, will he assisted at these, ser?
vices by Rev. R. H. TVInfroo.
Mrs. Lnrus, of Chestnut Hill. Is visiting
Mrs. Charles W. Morrlsette at Midlothian. '
MIfs Eamllv Peasley. of West Twelfth I
Street, Is visiting friends in Lvnchburg.
Just a Few Minutes
to Shampoo This Way
"To-day fewer women than ever be- I
fore depend on tho halr-dresser for
shampooing." writes Mrs. Mae Mar
tyn.' In the Los Angeles News. "The
reason for this," she' continues, "Is |
because of the almost general use of
canthrpx for cleansing scalp and hair.
"A teaspoonful of canthrox dis?
solved In a cup of hot water Is enough
for a good shampoo. This should be
poured on the head slowly and the
scalp rubbed briskly. The rich lather
neutralizes the oil and loosens dust
and dandruff. Aftpr rinsing, the scalp
Is sweet and clenn, while the hair
dries verv quickly and Is left glossy,
fluffy and easy to do up. So little
time and labor Is required with can?
throx that shampooing Is a positive
will be presented with a box of Chocolate Bonbons.
Cash advertisements for Board, Rooms for Rent, Real
Estate, Situations Wanted, e tc.?in fact, every classification of
Want Ads. This is the time to advertise in the Exchange
Columns. You may have some article about the house that
you do not want, but that somebody else would be glad to have
in exchange for the very thing you have been looking for.
For every Classified Ad. run two times, paid for at the
counter in advance, you will be presented with a box of Choco?
[Special tn The Tlmcs-Dlspatch. ]
New York. August Considerable specu?
lation Is Indulged in here as 10 the backers
of the two New york men. who twice dur
I lng the past week have endeavored to pur
| chase the Jersey Cltv Baseball Club's fran?
chise and team for the avowed purpose of
; moving It to another city. Hints have been
j made that Richmond or Norfolk were aft?r
j the franchise, and, again. Wheeling. W. Va.
The South Richmond branch of the Wo?
men* Christian Temperance Union will hold
I Its regular me eting at the home of Mrs. S
I B. DuVai. or Cowardin Avenue, this after?
noon at 4:.10 o'clock.
m?is STILL
(Continued From First Tage.)
House and gained his permission For
the expert of the steel committee to
have access to the Information as yet
not made public, gathered by the Bu?
reau of Corporations regarding the
Steel Corporation. Herbert Knox
Smith, Commissioner of Corporations,
will co-operate with the committee
representatives, and If he finds nny
thlng of Interest to the committee
which he thinks should not be dis?
closed the President will act as ar?
biter as to Its release. This was an?
nounced by Chairman Stanley at the
hearing this afternoon.
Representative Bcall then led Mr.
Perkins again Into the financial pnnlc
and the Tennessee Coal and Iron deal,
bringing up eventually tho bond con?
version transaction made by the Steel
In the course of the panic Investi?
gation Mrs. Beall asked Mr. Perkins
if he rememhered an Interview In the
New York Times. In which he wns
quoated as having said that tho "chief
sore spot" In the panic was the Trust
Company of America. Mr. Perknns did
not recall having given such an In?
terview, but he said he had talked con?
stantly o newspaper men during that
Mr. Beall asked if ho had ever talk?
ed to Melville E. Stone, general man?
ager of the Associated Press, about
that Interview, and If he had not at?
tempted to Justify the Interview by
explaining that "unless interest was
centered upon the Knickerbocker
Trust Company and the Trust Com?
pany of America, all the banks would
b? Involved."
Mr. Perkins said that he tnlked to
Mr. Stone frequently during the panic,
but that he had attempted to justify
anything that he had not done, ho said
was impossible.
Money Wns Needed.
When Mr. Beall questioned Mr. Per?
kins again concerning the bond con-i
versatlon plan whereby 1200,000.000 of
preferred stock was converted into
$250.000,000 of second mortgage 5 per
cent, bonds, the witness produced a
statement he had prepared on that
subject. He. explained thnt money wa.<
needed, shortly after organization of
the corporation to carry on Improve?
ments of tho subsidiary companies,
and that it was Impossible to use. money
out of the surplus for this purpose.
Mr. Perkins will appear again be?
fore the committee to-morrow.
Omaha. Neb., August ?.?To-day's
matches In the National Clay Court
Tennis chaniplonsh'p tournament at
the Omaha Field Club, brought to?
gether cracks from almost every sec?
tion o fthe country, and when they
were over Chicago. Plttsburg. Norfolk.
Va., and Texas players were loft to
divido honors In the semi-final round
in singles to-morrow.
In the singles Renduil and Stverd,
the Plttsburg players, were successful,
as .were, "Gravy" Hayes, ^of Chicago,
and J. H. Winston, of Norfolk, Va.
In the semi-nnal round to-omorrow
forenoon Rendall and Hayes will com?
pete and Winston will play Stverd.
In the doubles Winston and White
head won from Adou and Shelton. the
Texas players, in four sets. Hoerr
and Jones, the St. Louis team, won
from Balloy. and Armstrong The Mc
Quiston brothers, another Southern
team, defeated Branson and Barton, of
South Dakota.
Slvertl and Rendall. of Plttsburg,
won the last match of the day from
Harry Koch, of Omaha, and McKay, of
Indianapolis. The first set went !)-!l
and wore down the latter pai rto such
ah extent that the lp,st two s,ets were
and Syracuse have been mentioned. None,
however, has vouchsafed a solution.
President .lames J. I.lllls received the pro.
posals through a well known baseball writer,
and he admitted that the prices named were
far In excess of the amount he paid for the
franchise and team, but said he was certain
the Jersey City baseball fans would mako
his Investment protltahie if they wore given
a winning team.
comparatively easy for the plttsburg
The semi-finals In Single and dou?
bles will he played to-morrow.
you can
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A Liquid After DinnerDl?c&tarrf
a palatable beverage,
Hermann Schmidt
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