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Other Tariff Rev ision Rills Arc
Sidetracked to Give It
Then It fjocs to White House
to Receive Taft's
Washington, August 14.?The tariff
revisionists made considerable prog?
ress In Congress to-day. The House,
by a vote of 206 to 90. without a
Democrat breaking the party align?
ment, adopted the conference report
on the wool tariff revision bill and
rushed It over to the Senate, whore
it was hung up on the calendar for
p.sssigo probably to-morrow. For this
measure, which imposes a flat ad va?
lorem duty of 29 per cent, on all raw
wools with corresponding reduced
rates on woolen manufactures, tho
other two tariff measures will be side?
tracked, so that wool may have the
right of way to the Whlt% House
for the expected veto. On the veto
depends tho further program of tho
House Democrats and the Senate Dem.
OcratS and Progressive Republicans.
Including the formulation of plans for
e speedy adjournment.
Democratic Leader Underwood, of i
the House, In expressing the opinion 1
to-day that final adjournment will not
come before next week, said that he !
does not expect Congress to stay af- I
ter tho pending bills have been dls- j
posed of "unless tho Senate determines
to stay and act on tho cotton bill "
Debated Without Action.
That bill, which makes an average
cut of 21 per cent. In cotton duties,
was debnted without action In the
Renate to-day. It already has passed
the House. Mr. Underwood said tho
free list bill might reach the House
to-morrow for a vote, although It Is
not expected before Wednesday.
The free list bill which admits a va?
riety of product* duty free. Including
potton bagging, shoes, agricultural Im?
plements, flour, lumber, etc.. was put
In such shape that It could he con?
sidered In the Senate to-morrow as a
conference report If consideration tt
the wool >)111 should bo delayed. The
Conferees disagreed as to two vital
Amendments,?but these, according to
plans of the lenders, will he speedily
adjusted by the two Houses without
necessity of returning the hill to con?
The wool bill was pushed through
the House after a debate of forty min?
utes. Democratic Leader Underwood
checkmating the Republicans who re?
fused to accept a debate limit of less
than two hours.
Durlnir tne Senate debate on the
cotton bill. Mr. Cummins, of Iowa,
?peaking on the amendment which he
proposed to off?r. reducing the duties
on Iron and steel, declared that th?
war cry of the next campaign would
lie "Are we to have protection for the
I :,::'if.icturer and free trade for the
farmer" He declared the Republican
party would have to answer that ques?
tion to the country.
r,rrit l-'lgbt Over Platform.
"The great fight In the coming na?
tional convention." he predicted, "will
not be over a candidate, but over the
platform es to what protection Is."
He made light of the tariff board.
The Hardman
Piano Is
One of the
World's Greatest
Tested by time, tried In every
way. the Hardman is a great fa?
Catalog free.
Walter D. Moses & Co.
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in Va
and N. C.
declaring that he "could prove by evi?
dence far superior to the conclusions
of any tarilf board or any outside in
vest'gatlng body, that the reductions
lie proposed in the Iron and steel
schedule of the tariff law were rea?
Senator Dlxon, of Montana, expressed
the opinion that the H .publican party
would not be able to write another
tarlft law W hielt the people would ae
! cept. granting protection to one rart
of the nation and pleasing the other
I part on a free trade ba.-is
I CommlHBlnurr* Invcntlgotlng Accident ]
I and Industrial Innurnnce llualncna.
Detroit, Mich.. August 1 4. ? Insurance j
I commissioners, representing the States
of Michigan. Illinois. Massachusetts. |
j New York and Virginia, met here to
duy to report on the condition of in
j Burance companies v.-hlch d? an Indus- I
j trial and accident business Various
I companies which are engaged In this
class of work have corne under the |
scrutiny of the commissioners. and
I searching criticism ot the methods
employed in settlement of claims on,
uccldent policies ras made In the re
ports submitted. The Investigation of i
the industrial and nccident Insurance
now covers about fifteen companies. I
and reports are being prepared on
each company.
The committee of State representa?
tives has not completed |ts final re?
port, but discrepancies In the settle?
ments of various rollcles have been
discovered, These. In the opinion of
the commissioners, are the more ag?
gravated because the sufferers art
usually working men, who, it Is stated,
through ignorance cf their rights and
hampered by policy contracts of wordy
clauses, have apparently, in a number
of cases been at the mercy of calloused
claim adjusters.
The Investigation Is Intended not
only to bring out and Inform the
public as to the facts and compel
restitution where wrong has heen
done, but by finding the causes of
present conditions to suggest proper
nittnasre Dotie by Storm.
' Sp< slal to The Times-Dispatch.]
Woodstock. Va.. August H.?A storm
of very limited area worked havoc
Sunday afternoon several miles south
of here Much damage was done to'
growing corn
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau,
The Tlmes-EUspatch.
1020 Hull Street.
Phone Madison 175.
Residents of Washington Ward and
passengers on the Hull Street and
forest Hill car lines, have at different
times discussed among themselves* the
ijuestlon of fast automoblling over the
Free Bridge. Yesterday afternoon, the
attention of passengers on these lines
was again called to this question by a
r.ear-accident. when an nuto, contain?
ing four young people and going at a
fast clip, nearly went over the em?
bankment at the south end of the
bridge. This occurred at the curve at
that end, where contractors are filling
In with dirt a deep gully on the river
bank. The dirt Is loose at this point,
? nd the auto was within a few feft
of the fllled-ln tract. The car was
coming from the Richmond side, and
neveral passengers of the Hull Street
car. which happened to be passing, re?
marked that only a lucky swerve pre?
vented It from going Into the river.
Police Court rates.
Nearly all of the cases In the Po?
lice Court yesterday were those In?
volving colored persons. They were
numerous, hut were quickly disposed
of by Justice Maurice.
The most serious case, on the docket
was that of Kddle Robertson, colored,
who was charged with attempted
criminal assault upon Luelnda Thomas,
a fourteen-year-old colored girl. Rob?
ertson was sent to the grand jury.
Nelson Austin, colored, was also sent
to tho grand Jury, charged with
throwing carbolic acid Into the face
of his wife.
Willie Staples and Thomas Williams,
both colored, were fined $.*, each for
engaging Infa street fight. They were
brought to the court by Policeman
J. A. Bnugham.
Thomas C. Anron, colored, was fined
$5 nnd costs for beating and assault?
ing Maggie Dnndrldge.
Mack Jones, colored, was fined $2.50
nnd costs for being drunk and dis?
A. it. Thomas, colored, was sent to
Jan for thirty days for beating hlR
I board bill.
Albert Gray, colored, was drunk and
I pot thirty days.
1 James Somervllle, colored, wa.?
I drunk and became disorderly in a col
i ored movlnp-rdcture resort, and was
sent to Jail for thirty days.
3 F Hopkins, white, wns Judged to
J be a vagrant and was sent to Jail for
thirty days.
Viola Thornton, colored, was also
Judged to be a vagrant, and was sent
. to Jail for thirty days.
A case which Is baffling the police
of the Third District 1? that reported
to the station nt Swansboro by R. A.
Hughes, "Dir. Hull Street, who yester?
day reported that his store had been
entered and $120 stolen.
Funernl of Miss Hutches.
The funeral services of Miss Ida
Douglas Hughes, who was drowned on
Saturday in the James River, while
bathing, will be held from the, Second
Baptist Church this morning at '. 1
Miss Annie Talbott and Miss Cath
leen Williams left South Richmond on
Sunday fo.- a week's visit to Ocean
M^ss Margaret Brooks, who was
operated on nt Memorial Hospital last
Tuesday for appendicitis, is convalesc?
ing. She expects soon to return to
her home. 1112 Decatur Street. South
Mrs. C. A. Raines and son. Charlie,
of 927 Perry Street, and Miss Alice
Raines, of 2T.19 Clay Street, Richmond,
will leave ibis morning for a visit
of a month at Collingwood. Ontario,
Canada. Before returning home they
will visit Toronto, Niagara Falls and
L,eonla Heath, the nine months' old
Ibaby of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. J. Heath, died
at 30$ We3t fortieth Street, Swans?
boro, on Sunday at 10 A. M. The fu?
neral serv'ces were held yesterday at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Heath,
nnd were conducted by Rev. N. L
I.oflln. Interment was made In Maury
Store Bobbed.
Peraonnl Mention.
Death of Infant.
? Will not impair digestion i|
I Will not offend the palate |
Will please you and
all the f amily in every way |
Pure, Delicious a^^lean^^^
Mm. MorKnret ?. Aldrlcb. the f.raou. .uftVocctte. jrho I. nt the bead of the "aelf-flenlnl" movement now hold
OtfhtWw eq^l H?htaf? muttn**U*m !?>?????* to .even day, of aelf-ancrlflce that the monery saved may be used to
New York Suffragettes Enter
Upon Period of Self'Denial
That Treasury May Be Filled
for Coming Campaigns.
Saved by Self-Denial
Entlmnteri aiuuunt that nlll be
saved by each \ew York suffragette
during "Nrlf-ilrulul ?erk."
Car fare CT. cent* a dayV...f l.BO
Sodll and lee err um Cja Cent?
a day) . 1.S0
Laundry for weclv. 2.00
One box of candy.ho
Daily shoe nblne.00
Megazlnca .?.?>
Flowers .BO
Glorea <-leuncd .30
Messenger hoya . 1.00
Dally papers.20
Lunches (?0 cents a day!. .1.1.0
Week-end trip* . ff.00
Incidental purehanrs . 3.00
New York. August 14.?Thirty-five
hundred suffragettes will arise this
morning, breakfast with tea and toast,
polish their own boots and snap a
large padlock, self-denial brand
upon their respective pocketbooks.
The cause of this procedure Is the be?
ginning of "self-denial week" In New
York suffragist circles?Its object, the
collection of "denial money" for the
furtherance of the "cause."
This week of collective penance has
been long and carefully planned, and
the preconcerted snap of the suffra
cist pocketbook will have n real and
well-defined effect upon that class of
trade purveying to the wants of wo?
men. It means that during this week
women of the suffragist pursuaslon
have pledged themselves to do their
own laundry work, abstain from the
absorption of ice-cream soda, walk in?
stead of using cars. ear. no candy, stay
In the city during the week-end, clean
their own shoes and gloves, eschew
then ti es and moving pictures, avoid
the manicurist, eat twenty-cent meals
und turn the money saved Into tho
coffers of the cause to be used in
the many energetic campaigns on
American suffragettes have long
been In search of methods and means
with which to push their campaign
for equal rights. They have considered
every campaign known to the desciples
of equal suffrage throughout the
world, from the battle-axe methods
of England to the docile remonstrance
of .lapnn. and have come to the con?
clusion that each and every one Is
unsutted to the American field. It
therefore behooved them to evolve
something new, and here It Is?a week
of self-denial with the cash saved do?
nated toward future campaigns. Said
campaigns to be conducted with the
methodical precision of a great po?
litical fight
In order to put the new idea into
effect. New York, because of its cen?
tral location and the wealth of Its
suffragists, was chosen ns the first
city In which to try the new scheme.
The enthusiasm with which the "de?
nial" proclamation was received by the
devotees of suffrage, at once Insured
Its popularity. The city was split up
into districts, leaders were appointed
for tho divisions made, and each lead?
er wss given authority to call meet?
ings among her sister suffrage en?
thusiasts, to receive pledges and to
distribute propaganda.
The success of this hus'ness-llke
way of doing things was at once evi?
dent. Thirty-five hundred names were
enrolled, nil of them accompanied by
Pledges covering nbstlnenca from all
but the bare necessities of life during
the sacred seven days. Estimations of
tho benefits to be secured from this
abstlnonco run Into tho thousands.
In discussing the plan, its objects
and advantages. Mrs. Margaret C. Ald
rlch, hesd of the New York suffra?
gettes In the absence of Mrs. Carrie
Chapman Oat, chairman of the Woman
Suffrage party, said:
"We are undertaking these seven
AtUI Sit Wtf-.4?nt?. XSJC two. WWODj,
^The most obvious one Is that we need
a lot of money to push the cause?
j not for buying voles, but for legiti?
mate campaign expenses, for educat
S ing the people to the importance of
equal rights. The campaign for equal
suffrage must be run on the same plan
as that of any other great political
"But even more Important. In a way,
I than the amount of money to be col
j leoted is the second motive for the
1 movement?the effort to inspire our
. women with the duty and the Joy of
I self-sacrtflce for the great work that
they have undertaken.
Must Endare Much,
i "There must be a great many stern
I er sacrifice weeks and months, and
'. maybe years, for our women to en
, dure before they win their right. But
j at boast they have the opportunity
now to make a beginning and to show
the world that the woman suffrage
party does not consist of a few lead
j era, but Is a great, big devoted de
1 n?ocracy.
j "All the women who have heard of
' the self-denial week are thoroughly
enthusiastic. Women who have almost
no money of their own, mothers of
large families on the, East Side, have
told us that they will go without the
i ______________________
Appeals to the bread bakers
in the home.
They, of all others, know
a good bread when they see
It's much easier to have
our bread served on your
table daily than to bake ii
yourself or have some one
else bake it for you, with the
result in both cases of an
overheated kitchen.
Besides, that, bread baked
at home is NOT ALWAYS
up to your standard of ex?
Bronim's Bread NEVER
516 East Marshall Street,
501 West Broad Street.
j A peep Into an up-to-date bathroom h
' only Ices refreshing than the bath itself,
i |Wc have fitted several model bathroomi
at our salesrooms, showing the late;* and
most sanitary fittings. Come and eat
McGraw-Yarbrough Co.
Plumbers' Supplies
7 S. Eighth St., - Richmond, V*.
Out-of-town orders shipped citiicldy. _
Are sold only by
121 Boat D*oad Strcot.
occasional car ride and the penny
sodas, which arc their only solace In
this torrid weather. In tfrtler to give
the few cents saved to the cause.
"We will have a great many thou?
sand dollars In our treasury as a re?
sult of this self-denial, and will have
set an example to womankind that
will be of Inestimable benefit. How
well off we would be If every woman
Joined ub In our week of self-denlaT!'*
Ll'MDElt I'LANT iii U.M.i).
Loan to Wuaklngtou Concern In 835,000,
With 914,700 loaurunee.
Washington. N. C, August 14.?Tills
city was visited by a destructive fire
early this morning, when the large
lumber manufacturing plant of "the
Kureka Lumber Company was totally
destroyed. The fire broke out In the
boiler room and before the alarm was
given had gained great headway. The
boiler room, engine room and main
building were totally destroyed. The I
large dry kilns and lumber shed were
i saved ufter a hard right. The loss, ns
j nearly as can bo ascertained nt this
i time, is about $35,000, with $14,700 'n
' surance.
I _,_
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Buckingham, Va., August 14.?It Is
? only about three weeks to the time
! when the Democrats will hold a prl
! miry In this county. Senator Martin's
I majority Is likely to exceed that ha
j received In his contest against Monta?
gue. For the offices of Treasurer,
Sheriff and County Clerk the incum
I bents have no opposition. C. C. Cam
j den. Commissioner In District No. 2.
I is opposed by M. L. A. Moseley and
! Kdmtind Dunnavant. M- C. Elcan,
j Commissioner in District No. 1. will |
; not stand for the position again, but!
, there are three candidates?Gordon !
! F.lcan. fi. A. Hall and W. T. Snoddy. I
; K. W, Hubaril, who has so long served ;
! the people of this county as attorney ;
j for the Commonwealth, Is opposed by I
John B Boalwrlght for tho Demo- ]
' crntlc nomination. Mr. Hubnrd has j
! never been defeated os a candidate?
j for this office, although he has been
opposed by fellow-Democrats In the j
I primaries nnd by Republicans nt the,
regular election. Mr. Boatwrlght Is
fiulte a young man. Ho Is a brother '
of Professor Boatwrlght. of Richmond. ;
and a brother-in-law of Senator Sands j
Ofllcer? Unable to Find Men Who Bent
Woman nnd Stole Money.
[Special to The Tlm-s-Dlspatch.] *
Washington. D. C, August 14.?Be- I
cause of the Inability of Mrs. John Mc- ;
Cllntock to furnish the police author
Ittes of Falrfnx county any sort Of n j
description of the two men who en- I
tered her home at Annnndnle. about ,
eight miles from Alexandria, Va., early !
yesterday morning and stole her sav- \
ings, amounting to $700, after brutally j
beating her. It is doubtful if her as- I
snllants ever will be captured. AI-1
though she believes that the two rob- ;
bers were dark-skinned men. Mrs. Mc- j
Cllntock Is unable to say wltitther the\ i
were white or colored. ' I
Constnble D. W. Foster, of Falrfnx,
Still Is hard at work on the case, but,
he acknowledges that there Is but a
slight chance, of capturlt.g the two
Mrs. McClintock Is still in a serious!
condition and is constantly attended by!
R physician. She was reported to ho
Improved to-night, although suffering
greatly as the result of the rough
handling she received at the hands of
her assailants.
nuchnnan Republican* Nnme Man for
Senatorial Nomination.
Tazcwcll. Va.. August 14.?The Buch?
anan county Republicans, in conven?
tion yesterday at Grundy, Instructed
their delegates to the Rlchlands Sena?
torial Convention, to be held on Sat?
urday, to enst their votes for J. Powell,
Boyall, of Tastewell, for the nomina?
tion from this senatorial district. The
district embrnces the counties of Tnzo
woll. Russell. Dickinson and Buchanan.
Buchanan nnd Tnzewell will" vote for
Roynll, this being three, more votes
than Is necessary to secure him the
nomination. Rolnnd F.. Chaee, tho In?
cumbent. Is a candidate, hut It is not
thought that he will stand a show In
tijc c9nven\J.4D.
Compliments of
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of The Times-Dispatch will te eq ml in value to TEN
will be honored if presented on the date named on the
coupon, for one FREE RIDE on the MERRY-GO-ROUND
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The Times-Dispatch has arranged with the management of
Beautiful Forest Hill Park for an unlimited number of Free
Rides to all who present the coupons which will appear in the
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1 Compliments of "I |S
No One Contestant Cast an Unusually Large
Number, but Three Hundred of Them Make
a Big Total?Interest Increases Daily.
A week of the pony contest has passed,
and means Just that much less
time in which to get busy. Every day j
holds possibilities, and the contestants'
who do not let them pass without ac?
complishing something are the ones
who will he on top at the close of the
Yesterday was the busiest day that!
the contest has so far seen. Ballots
and subscriptions poured in all day
Jong. More votes were cast than In
the entire first week of the contest, i
Subscriptions were received from Nowl
York City. California, Brazil and,
Turkey, with requests that they be,
credited to various contestants. Near- I
ly every reader of The Times-Disptitch j
Is interested In the pony contest and
has a favorite In the race.
Children from every corner of the1
State of Virginia and several frojji
North Carolina have entered the. rafa,
i and more are entering every day. Oc- f
crvionally the question Is asked as to
whether or not entries can still be 5
made. Boys and girls under eighteen
years of age are eligible to enter at
any time, and nil that Is r.eeessnry to!
enter the oontust is to clip the nomi- ]
nation blank, which counts l.OOO votes.
A number of contestants have not
understood the nomination blank, and
have sent In several nominations and
expected credit for them. A contestant
can be nominated once only, and .ill
nornlnat'ons after the first arc de?
Contestants are fast realizing the
secret to a large vote Is securing
subscriptions. Any child with an
ounce of energy can ijoon havo sev?
eral thousand votes to his credit by
going after them. The subscriber gjn
bis full money's worth In The Times
Mlspatch, and the contestant gets the
votes. Any contestants who are not
already supplied with receipt hooks
should Immediately call at or write
to this office for one, and then get
There Is not a single contestant In
the entire list who cannot, with .1 few
days' work on subscriptions, take tho
lead, if he real'y wants to and Is
willing to go after things with the
winning spirit. Sit down and ilgure
It out for yourselves, you conte.itunts.,
who have so far not done much. Fig?
ure how many subscriptions it will
take to put you In the load. You ?111
he surprised to And out how few It
will take, and you will be still morA
surprlsod to find out how easy It will
be to secure that needed number, when
you really make up your rnlnd to get
^ Nothing worth having wojs eve? had
without some effort, nor are the pony
outlits and othe/ valuable prizes go?
ing to parties who are afraid to ex?
ert themselves u little. There is go?
ing to be an exciting race from now
on, and it rests entirely with you con?
testants as to who is going to win out
if you are willing to let some ons
else do whut you might have done
and then sit by ami see them carry off
the honors, It la up to you. And If
you want to be among the victorious
ones, yon should make up your mind
right now, to go atter it with every,
ounce, of energy that you are capable
of putting forth.
The pony outfits are ready to be
seen. They art driven about the
streets of Richmond nearly every day.
Any contestant wt.nting to see them
should call up The Tlmes-Pispntch by
telephone and make an engagement.
We will be glad to snow you whnt
beautiful and valuable outfits wo are
going to give away.
The list of standings will be pub?
lished Thursday. ,
? ?'
Free candy with every two-time
Want Ad. In The Times-Dispatch pali
for In advance at counter. Get it t<~<
I Dreyfus & Co.
? .1 re holding im portaxl sales in all
I departments. SaiHngs the grea
I csl in years.
arc sold only by
Rothert & Co.,
New Method Gas Ranges
I AT . ': 'V'Sf^f
Pettit & Co/a?

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