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It Will Cost Nothing to Have Your
New Suit, Dress or Wrap, Cut and Fitted
Already a decided success from
every standpoint, this innovation
is but another evidence of the great
help the Miller & Rhoads store Is to the shopping public of Rich?
mond and Virginia.
In connection with the above, we are again offering the ser?
vice? of
one of the most skilled artists in her line, who has come to us with
PARIS and other fashion centres?a service which is ENTIRELY
FREE DURING SEPTEMBER to our patrons with all dress
materials purchased atiotir counters at 50c per yard and upwards.
Purchase your new autumn outfit now, as scores of
other ladies are doing, and have it cut and fitted before
the inevitable rush season sets In.
You not only can secure this service entirely without cost, but
also a guarantee from us that the work will be accurately done.
Remember, this service is free only during September.
If done in Sept. {
Commissioner of Revenue \ ol
untarily Retires Because of
Grinding Work.
Deputy to Fill Unexpired Term
on Recommendation of
His Chief.
Greatly to the surprise of the cltyj
in general. O. A. Hawkins, Commla
Bioner of the Revenue, yesterday I
morning tendered his resignation to |
Judge 8. B. Witt. ot the Hustings
Court. Mr. Hawkins recommended aa
his successor Henry 15. Tresnon. who
for a number of years has been his
sniff deputy. Judge Witt stated last!
night that the appointment1 for the un?
expired term would be according to
Mr. Hawkins's recommendation, ujid
that he would name Mr. Tresnon this
morning. The present term runs to
December 31, 1913.
Too Ilartl on Hla Health.
The only reason given by Mr, Haw?
kins was that his health was menaced
by the grind of the office There was,
and never had been, he said the slight
est friction between himself and the
members of his staff, or with any
nther city Officers. Since he was elect?
ed to the office on November 1, 1900.
vht business has steadily Increased,
and now has reached such proportions
that his health will not stand the
Since being elected to the office In
1900, Mr Hawkins has had no Opposi?
tion, having been appointed by Judge
Witt for the present tern!. Both in
his work for the city und State he hasi
always had the commendation of all J
Officers with whom he has had to deal,
and Is considered, pet haps, the most |
efficient and hard working commis?
sioner in the Stat*.
It has been his custom since first |
elected to the office to pass on every
tax bill and to deal personally with
every taxpayer. In this way greater
revenues have accrued to the State and
city, but has added much to the dur.es
of the ofHie". ? Th>.- people of Richmond,
he lays'. tTre" the best taxpayers In
the country.
Trnlnrd for the Work.
Mr. Tresnon. who will tuke. charge ofl
:he office immediately after his ap?
pointment this morning, al90 is well'
known throughout the city and has a
thorough knowledge of the oltlce. He
was appointed deputy when Mr. Haw
kins was first elected, and has held
the position continuously since that
time. Having been trained In the pres?
ent conduct of the oltlce, he doubtless
will carry out she successful methods
of his predecessor. So far as was
known last night there will be no other
<hanges In the offl.ee. except that it will
be necessary for Mr. Tresnon to ap?
point another deputy.
The ofhee, of Commissioner of the]
Revenue is one of the most lucrative!
in the city government, and when it
became known yesterday that Mr. Haw-1
kins had resigned there was consider?
able discussion. Many of those nofl
knowing the manner of selecting his
successor were nominating candidates
for the place, and several prominent!
name- were suggested.
Man] After thr Place,
The aspirations of would-be commie-)
sloners were knocked out, however, |
when Judge Witt announced that !>e
would be guided in his appointment
solely by the recommendation of Mr.
Hawkins It Is now certain that those
who would like to get Into the office
will have to wait .'or the expiration of
the juesent term.
Mr. Hawkins states that he has made!
ho arrangements for any future busi?
ness, except that ho will select some-!
thing less exacting than Commissioner ]
of the Revenue For the present ho ,
will take a much needed rest.
Mr. Rurajer Almoat Welt.
I <>5ls Rueger. who waa operated on |
for appendicitis several weeks apo at I
the Memorial Hospital, expects to re-!
turn home within the next few days ,
:.V..".; THE : .
' OF
, 11*7 e.tV?AIN ST.
Widowi and orphan
money fronr. estates will find
bank a auttabie depository pendl
investment. Call for it when yo?l
v-r.t It.
ACCOUNTS ? n-:^;
Tells What Highland Park Has
Done and Urges Strict
In his annual mes:-ase delivered last
night. Mayor K. M. McClure, of High?
land Park, reviewed the things accom- I
plished hy the town during the last
year, and made suggestions tor the
future. The cltlr.ens, he said, had
fallen in with plans laid last year]
and had accomplished more in tho way
of improvements than at that time j
could have been expected. The Mayor
asked that he be relieved of the super- |
Intendency of various work, according j
to recent action of the executive com?
mittee, saying that It exacted too much j
time from his private business.
Among tho improvements accom?
plished during the year, tho Mayor I
cited the establishment of a complete
water works at the cost of $5u,???, the. |
Installation of an electric lighting sys
tern and sewerage connections. Tne|
matter of additional sidewalks and
other street Improvements was, not]
completed, but lu now being pushed |
forward, as the money Is available.
Mr. McClure called particular attention
to the fact that two public service cor?
porations? the telephone company and
the street railway company?were oper
atlng in the town without franchises.
"These corporations," he said, "should
be required to secure the proper fran?
chises In the manner prescribed by law,
as they are now occupying the streets
or alleys with no right whatever."
As in his message of last year, he
advised that the citizens steer clear
of expenditures that make higher tax?
ation necessary. Puring the year just
passed, he said, it was necessary to
Incur much expense on account of tho
amount of work in progress. As most
of this now Is completed, he. advised
sorno retrenchment at an early date,
especially In the payrolls, which he
considered too high.
Marrlnse Ucanses.
The following marriage licenses w?re 1?.
fjed !n the clerk's office of the HuMlnrs
Court yesterday!
Lawre:.t<- n. nntt and Miss .Irnnie B.
Leyne. 1-avinrter A. tVallare and M'.st M&r
rareue L. MdOtltre.
I ^?inl'tee Merlins?.
Ti<:r*use f.! ..." primary to-morrow n'.ph!
<h* Council Committee on Grounds and
ViutM'.nirs will nieel to-n!jht at S o'clock
The i"orr.mlttee on Electricity will m?r: Ht
i the sun* time.
ILs itiecvou/niiw
I iGlorjtyi/itBiifkl/fi?, {I
Gordon Metal Co.,
Richmond, Va.
Supreme Court Will Construe
Important Section of
By-rd Law.
Appeal in Case Where Depositors
Were Not Allowed to
Whethor a wholesale dealer In li?
quors who establishes storage ware?
houses must pay a license tax under
the Byrd law In each town In which
he does business, or only where the
principal ofllce Is located, is to be de?
cided by the Supreme Court of Ap?
peals. A writ of error was allowed
yesterday In this court on the petl
i tl n of the Virginia Brewing Company
I in its sun ag.- inst tho Commonwealth
I for tho recovery of license taxes puld
in Lynchburs under protest.
The section of tho Byrd law cover?
ing the point says: "For tho privilege
of manufacturing malt liquors there,
shall be paid $.",<H>, and upon payment
of such specific sum the manufacturer
shall have the privilege of selling the
products of his brewing in quantities
of two dozen pints or more at any
place within the State of Virginia, ex?
cept where such manufactory is situ?
ated In any local option or n license
The Virginia Brewing Company is
located in RoanolCe, and pays this tax.
It desired to go into business in
Lynchburg when that city went wet.
but tho Judge of the Corporation Court
decided that it must pay the tax. which
it did. and now seeks to recover It.
The petition states that the judge con?
ceded the concern's right to sell in
Lynchburg on its rtoanoke license by
mail orders, by salesmen or by agents
who deTivur at the lime of sale, yet
ruled if deliveries" were made from a
storage warehouse, the tax must be
County Treasurer Appeals.
James E. Uerrtll. treasurer of Prince
William county, Is granted an appeal
from a decision by which he was or?
dered to pay to the county the sum of
(1,539.43, said to be due for interest
on unpaid tax bills and overcharges
on commissions on the school fund.
It is contended by the treasurer that
the Board of Supervisors as such did
not authorise the attorney tor the
Commonwealth to bring the suit, and
that therefore the Circuit Court was
without Jurisdiction. Tho petition
argues that if such practices are al?
lowed, the attorney might attack any
officer, i-nd then go to the board for
its approval afterwards. The pojnt is
irkely to prove an important one.
Depositors in the lute Traders' and
Truckers' Bank of Norfolk get another
chance for recovery from the officers
and directors by the action of the Su?
preme Court in allowing them an ap?
peal. The suit wan brought by tho
depositors to compel the directors to
account for and pay into court the
amount and value of assets which they
were alleged to have dissipated by
their negligence, misconduct. mis?
feasance and malfeasance.
Position of Directors.
Their bill was dismissed in the lower
court on the ground that the directors
were trustees for the bank and for
the stockholders and not for the depos?
itors, and that the latter had no power
In themselves tc bring the suit. This
point also Is one which Is likely to
prove of great moment to many people
In this State.
A writ of error was awarded In the
case of George Bonos against the Fer?
ries Company, for unlawful detainer.
This is one of the suits growing out
of the settlement of the old leaseholds
of the Norfolk county ferries.
An ancient contract for sale of land,
afterwards found to be short In acre?
age. Is Involved In the case of James
B. Mullen and C. T. Purks against Ca
len R- Smith and J- II Carpenter, from
Frederlcksbui g. An appeal was al?
lowed, making five such actions in this
court yesterday.
Institution nt Emporia Snld to Hove j
charged Kxeesslre Interest.
Suit for J2.'?i damages was tiled yester?
day In the office of tho clerk of the United
States Circuit Court for Eastern Virginia :
by (he B. F. Smith Fireproof Construction
Company fine.) against :he First National I
Bank of Emporla, Va. It Is alleged by I
the plaintiff that In discounting warrants
tor the county of Oreeneavllle, for which
It had dor.e work, the hank chnrged an ex- ]
cesslve amount of Interest?S per cent, it
Is claimed th?.t' $1 ,792 was collected In
tills mnnncr. and the plaintiff therefore
uns damaged to the extent of 12.0V?. !
O'Flahsrty & Knilton are counsel for tl.s
Supervisors Meet.
The monthly meeting of the Board o:
Supervisors of Henrlco county was heI4
yesterday at the ?ourthous*.
Distribute Ballots.
A meeting of the Henrlco countv Demo?
cratic Committee ?rill he held hi (ho eourl
liouse (o-rlny when ballots nnd poll-books
for to-morrow's primary will bo distri?
Tax Assessment on Steam Roads
Considered by Corporation
Few Petitions Made for Larger
or Smaller Valuations of
Little or nothing which seemed to
Indicate material changes In the pres?
ent assessments on the steain rnll
: ronds of Virginia was upparont In the
I annual tax hearings held yesterday by
I the State Corporation Commission "?t
I the Capitol. No questions were asked
the railway representatives present
which would scorn to look toward my
general Increase In the valuations, and
the time was taken up In discussion
of minor matters. The session -was
short. In this respect being In marked
I contracts with the lengthy hearings of
one year ago. I
One question may he a straw as
I to the assessment one one piece of
i property?the Hoanoke yards of the
! Norfolk and Western. Auditor Joseph
[ W. Coxo was nsked If he thought the
. present valuation of about $40,000 a
j mile, which Includes all side tracks,
j was high chough. He was rather ln
! cllned to think It wns.
The Louisville and Nashville, by C.
i O. Bradford, kicked on the price set
for taxation upon Its rolling stock,
and the commission will consider It.
Terminal Property.
A new concern, the Virginia Ter?
minal Company, composed of some of
J the railroads entering Norfolk,, filed
I a tax bill, covering some property on
\ which a union station will be erected.
This will he disposed of later.
It. Oordon Flnney represented the
county of Alexandria. He wanted
anything he could get for the coun?
ty, but particularly asked that 7..17
acres of land In the village of Rosslyn
be valued at J6.O00 an acre. Instead of
at S!5,000 for the whole piece. It be?
longs to the Rosslyn Connecting Rail?
road Company.
The city of Norfolk was represented
by Commissioner of the Revenue E. J.
Doran. He wanted an increase In
valuation on two pieces ef water front
property owned by the Norfolk and
Western. He will be notified later of
the result of his pleadings.
Beyond these minor points, the hear?
ings were unproductive. Most of the
railroads represented simply answered
when called, but had nothing to pre?
sent to the commission.
ItnadK Represented.
The following were present: Joseph
W. Coxe. auditor, and C. O. Rooney.
tax agent, Norfolk and Western; W.
L Stanley, claim agent. and ? Kppa
IJunton. Jr., counsel. Seaboard Air
Line; (..'. O. Bradford, Louisville and
Nashville; W. D. Duke, assistant to the
president, and A. C, Braxton, counsel,
Richmond, Fredcrlcksburg and Poto?
mac. Wushlngton-Southern and the
I connection line: M. S. Havrltins, secre
! tary, Norfolk-Southern; Jt.?ge Thomas
j ... WlllcOX, counsel. New York Phil- |
I adelphln and Norfolk and Norfolk and |
j Portsmouth Bell Line; F. C. Uhlman,
auditor, and Walter H. Taylor, coun- ,
sei, Virginian Railway and Virglnlua
[Terminal Company: Mr. Coulter, as-,
j slstnnt to W. B. Mcllwaine, counsel,
Atlantic Coast Line.
The Carolina. Cltnchfleld and Ohio
did not nppr.\r. P. J. Glffert. tax agent
of the Baltimore at?i Ohio subsidiary
I companies, called at the offices of the
j commission, but did not appear when ,
! his road was called at the hearing.
In Bankruptcy.
Virgil Mosey, a clerk and salesman, yes?
terday filed a petition in ? voluntary bank?
ruptcy In the office of the clerk of the
Cnlted States District Court- His debts
' nmoiir.; to J^.iS. while he has no assets. O.
! K. Pollack Is counsel for the petitioner.
I A similar petition war. also riled by O.
I 1?. Sprndlan. un Insurance solicitor, through
his attorney. L. T. w. Marys. His Hablll- <
i ties ncxregale 1713.?9. while assets of f:U ,
[ are claimed.
Beturna at Courthouse.
I For the convenience of citizens of Hen
. rlco county returns from to-morrow's pri
I mary will be made after the close of the
polls at the offi'-e of tho clerk at the
courthouse. All Judges and clerks have
been requested to furnish the returns from
I their precincts as soon as possible.
Polle? Hoard To-Nlght.
The Board of Police Commissioners will
meet to-night at S o"clock.
Man Claiming t,, Ue New York Druggist
Twice Arrested.
( Charles Williams, who says he Is a drug?
gist of New York City, was arrested last
night and taken to the First Police Station
for Intoxication. Williams was released
from custody yesterday morning In Police
Court upon his promise of better behavior
In the. future. Ho attracted attention Mon?
day night when tnken to the Plrst Station
for drunkenness His condition was such
that It was necessary to summon medical
aid. and Dr. tVntts. of the City Hospital,
was called. It ;s alleged that h,? has been
i buying drugs of some description, and un
i effort will be made by the police to rtnd the
Dr. < all-, h Returns.
Dr. Kdward N. f'allsch and Mrs. Callsch
returned to the city yesterday from a trip
Address at International Confer?
ence Read by Delegate in
His Absence.
Winnipeg Assessor Says Delay
Is Worst Fate That Measure
Can Meet.
Abandonment of the "eye for an eyo J
and tooth for a tooth" principle In
the framing of State laws, and. moro
harmonious and equitable legislation
on matters affecting more than ono
Stute, were the ideas most strongly
emphasized In Governor Dix's paper
on "State Comity and Taxation," read
yesterday at the opening session of
the fifth annual Conference on State
and Local Taxation, by Lawson Purdy,
president of the New York tax de
, partment. Dulles Incident to the re?
convening of tho Now York State Leg
is laiure prevented Governor Dlx from
being present at the conference, and
made necessary the reading of his ad?
dress by his specially appointed delo
"1 have no sympathy with tho theory
of taxation which finds expression in
[retaliatory legislation." said tho Gov
' ernor. "Because some sister Slalo
S Imposes unjust ihxbs upon our clt
1 iKens doing business there. Is no rca
| son, to my mind, why New York should
: Impose unjust taxes upon the citizens
I of that State doing business In Now
"Taxation is art 'element In business
cost. If taxes are increused unduly,
unjustly and unequally anywhere, all
! business, not only the business most
. Intimately connected with the tVln?
j taxed, but all business, will bo affected
j to some degree.
Cnfalr Taxullon of Biinluesa.
I "Real estate, In the nulure of things,
, must bear the chief burden of local
governmont. But real estate does not
j boar all the taxes, either State "?r
I local. In addition to real estate taxes,
! there arc two great groups of taxes;
' that Is, taxes on business and tau??
I on Investments. Business, however. 13
) not so fixed. Buslneso can move, and
j business Is always watching tor a
! chance to improve conditions and re
j duce cost. i atural advantages wo
cannot ulter, and natural advantages
will always attract business. But tax?
ation, unless It be even, just and
equal. Is a hindrance which business
1 will do Its best to escape. And slneo
?? business no longer confines Itself to
: one locality, but extends over many
: States, there surely Is n, call for State
j comity In taxation. The call N>r Fed?
eral Interference In business Is rea'.'v
: n cry for relief from clasTuup; State
attempts ut unfair nnd unjust taxti
Mon of business. itiiu Is why tho
effect of each is\ measure outside of
the State should b> a? turefiilly con?
sidered as Its effect within the State.
Many States Represented.
Tax experts, repTesentlng twentv
seven States, a comber of large Amer?
ican universities and colleges, and ans
Canadian province, were In attendance
I at the opening session of the conference
I yesterday afternoon. President Allen
j R. Foote, of the International Tax
1 Association, opened the convention 'it
2:30 o'clock by calling to the Chat?
as temporary chairman, Mayor D. C
i Rlchnrdson. who welcomed the visitors.
[ Governor Mann cordially Indorsed him.
Goveriuir? K.nrnk-.
Governor Lee Cruce, of Oklahoma,
was first of those to respond on behnlf
of the delegates. He had come from
the baby State of the ^.nion, he sala.
to absorb from the wise men of the
oldest Rtatas, tho best thought on the
1 most difficult prnlili>m of human trov
! ernment?that of taxation. Governor
F. F. Noel, of Mississippi, followpd
with a quaint hit of family history,
which related that his paternal grand?
father emigrated from tho Virginia
seventy-seven Year* ago to Mlxslss!npl,
on tho strength of which, the Governor
claimed to be a "near-Virginian." The
best governed State, he thought, wen
the best taxed State. To devise the
best scheme of taxation, based either ?
on benefits received or ability to pay.
or both, he declared to be tho purpose i
of tho present conference,
j Lieutenant-Governor L. p. slack, of |
Vermont, spoko for the delegates from !
tho Now England KtBtes. ::nd brought
the greetings of the Governor of his
State to the conference.
Cnnndinn on Reciprocity,
"The worst fate that the roclproclty
measure can meet, at the aptiroachlmr
Canadian election, is dotoy, it will
1 eventually he passed without chansre."
j declared J, W. Harris, city asessor
I of the city of Winnipeg, in a short
! speech replying for the Dominion to
j Governor I.innn's 'velcome. ""The e]er>
1 t|on which, as everybody knows, is
based on the much discussed recipro?
city pnVt. comes off the 21st of this
j month, nnl It Is thf. opinion of most
i Canadians thet it will result In a vlc
\ lory for tho supporters of the meas?
ure." He CBUcr'nt tho s?ombly with tho
declaration that as Jr." as he personal?
ly was concerned ho had begun tho
practice of reciprocity n number of
years ago when he crossed the border
1 to the State of Iowa nnd appropriated
a wife.
Secretary A. C. C. Pleydell, of tl>o
association, made the second addfor.il
of the session, reviewing In a com?
prehensive manner the. tax legislation
passed by tho different States since tho
last conference, nnd the part played
by conference resolutions _ tn their
enactment. Arizona. California nnd
New York have .iurlnpr the past year
pusesd tax laws bafed upon, or direct?
ly traceable to, the reeommsndatlon of
the association.
To Repair Ensjine-ltniis*.
j A permit was Issued In the offjee of
Building Inspector Re.-k yesterday, repalr
I Ins the old enprlne-house on th? south skis
I of Main Street between Twentieth and
Twci?ty-(lr?t Street. The repairs. which
are to cost 5200, will Include mnvtnff the
j present sslrwny and Installing nn elevator.
When the work Is completed the building
will be used for a machine shop Instead of
the one now operated at Laurel Street.
For tickets. haKsnre and Taxl-Cab Strvlcs
The Richmond Transfer Co.
809 East Main St
Richmond* Va.
Results Accomplished
The results attained by this institution speak more
for the character of its management and its methods
than anything else which might be said.
Our officers have spent their lives in the business,
and are fully alive to their responsibilities and duties.
Our increasing business is the best indication that
the public appreciates
Security and Service
as rendered by the
American National Bank
of Richmond, Virginia.
Reception Clothes
Just the right things in evening clothes, full dress
suits, white vests, silk hats, shirts, gloves, neckwear,
etc., all ready at a moment's notice.
Gans-Rady Company
Torchlight Procession In Motor t'nrti Over
Town To-Nlght.
. Friends o.f Senator Thomas S. Martin have
completed arrangements for an automobile ?
torchlight parade in his honor to-night, j
Torches and red light will supplied by the <
lommlttee. |
Starting from the <"lty Hall at * o'clock
the procession will move up Hroad Street i
to Harrison, thence on Harrison to Frank?
lin, on Franklin to Seventh. Seventh to ;
Froe Bridge and the Bouthslde, then hack ;
to Main Street down through Fulton, then !
to Church 111)1 and back tn the City Hall
by way of the .low viaduct.
The committee Is composed as follows:
ilrorgc M. Cease. Henrv s. Honliklss. Field
Will,on. Ft. M. lirander. Lee A. Folgrr. W.
Douglas tiordon. Nathnti Hellstem. John
Hirschberg. William F. Onrdon. Morgan K.
Mlils. W. s Seamans. J. H. Crenshaw and
John Alsop.
rSpeclal to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Charlottesvllle. Va., Sep'tcmber B.?
.lohn Payne, formerly of Buckingham
county, but now a resident of Albe
marle, and ^Mlss Oeorgetta Nicholas,
of Augusta county, were married at 6
o'clock last evening at the parsonage
of the Hintin Avenue Methodist
Church, the Rev. R. p. Lumpkin per?
forming the ceremony.
A Ill-Red Negro Car Thieves and Man
Who nought Loot Given Hearing.
Walter Brown and J. C. Franklin. Uio
negroes alleged to have robbed many
cars of the various roads entering
Richmond, were given a preliminary
hearing yesterday morning in PoHco
Court and hound over to tho grand
Jury. These men are said to hav.?
stolen large quantities of tobacco, and
on charges of buying it from the Al?
leged thieves, !?. Alfredo, nllas Toka
tMam, H. Bagdasslan and M. Ballcglon
were also held for the grand Jury.
Ballcglon furnished $500 ball for his
appearance In the Hustings Court on
October 2. The others wore commit?
ted to Jail In default.
Willie und David Brown, colored,
who were believed to be Implicated In
the matter, wero dismissed.
Kays He Wouldn't Support ITer.
Upon the complaint of hb> wife that he
refused to support her, Etta Davis, colored,
last night the arrest of her husband.
Edward Davis, who was taken to the Klrse
Police Station. He will be given a hearing
this morning In Police Court on a charge
of nonsupport.'
It is here!
We want you to see the New Maxwell Messenger?
the successor of the famous Model AB Runabout
that is known everywhere?-7;? * uioly as the name
*"THIS wonderful little car
is used by 14,500 physi?
cians who demand of it the
most exacting service?who
declare that it is the most
remarkable car in the world
21*000 of these little cars
are in daily use?five years'
service has failed to develop
a single weakness ? not a
single mechanical change
has been necessary in that
It is so simple anyone
can understand it?so easy
to drive anyone can handle
it. That's why it's so pop?
ular as a ladies' car. We
guarantee you can learn to
drive it in a day. If you
fail?we will take it back.
The sturdiest, trimmest,
prettiest, most useful and
economical car made.
With improvements in fin?
ish it sells again at (fcCftft
incrnding magneto, ?pOUU
top, three oil lamps, two
gas lamps and generator.
Sold with the optional
color scheme?either dark
blue body with light-blue
wheels or blue body with
cream-colored wheels.
We'll gladly demonstrate
its qualities if you'll call on
United Motor Washington Co.
1625 West Broad Street
Branch of gTATCS ftjOTQB, pPMPAJfT
H. L. Hulce
To the Citizens of Richmond
I have been connected with the City Collector's office for
the past eleven (11) years, serving in the capacity of First
Deputy for about six (6) years.
Owing to the pressure of my work and duties at this particu?
lar time of the year, I have not been able to see as many of the
voters as I naturally desired to see with reference to my candi?
dacy. Hence this card.
Having by universal consent faithfully discharged the duties
of the office entrusted to me by the unanimous vote of the City
Council in joint session, and being now fully acquainted with all
of the duties of the office, I feel that I am competent to fill the
place efficiently.
I have been recently endorsed by the City Council as one
who is qualified to discharge the duties of the office and worthy
of it, I therefore feel justified in soliciting YOUR vote and
YOUR influence in the coming Primary Election, and your
kind consideration will be gratefully appreciated.
Very respectfully, etc.,
Herbert L. Hulce
City Collector Pro Tern.
We, the undersigned, deputies in the office of the City
Collector, endorse the above and will appreciate the vote and
influence of our friends. Thanking you in advance, we are,
Yours respectfully,
5R? I

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