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Attorney-General Williams Tells
History of Brief Filed in
_ i
Virginia Official Defends His
Course in Opposition to Re?
organization Plan.
Reply to an editorial appearing In
The Tlmes-Dlspatch ycstordiy Is made
by Judge Samuel W. Williams, Attor?
ney-General of Virginia. It Is as fol?
To the Editor of The Tlmes-Dlspatch:
Sir.?in your Issue of to-<iay there
appears an editorial under the head?
line. "The Three Attorneys-General," In
which, amongst other things, you state
as follows:
"How did the Attorneys-General of
Virginia. North Carolina and South
Carolina get Into the American To?
bacco case? What authority have they
from their several States to become
parties to this affair? Who sent them
to New York to appear before tho
United States Circuit Court In the
huslness with which that tribunal has
beeil Intrusted by the Supreme Court
at Washington? What authority have
tht v for their most unusual and sur?
prising course? Who Is paying tho
expenses Of their venture, and why?
What special clients. If any. do they
represent, and what for? What par?
ticular African Is ensconced In this
f>artlcu!ar woodpile? What assistance,
f any. hive they had In the prepara?
tion of the petition they have submitted
to the court? And If they had any
ns-"s ?'i.e in this way, who rendered
]t. and why and what for?"
I am not unmindful of the discour?
tesy and evident injustice on your
par! of making my conduct In thin
matter the subject of editorial com
ti" ni. without firs' applying to me for
the tacts In the ease and mv self
respect and due regard for the dignity
61 the office which I have the honor
to red'!. might very well justify me In
declining to notice your editorial fur?
ther than to enter mv dental of all
of Its uncalled for and unfounded In
Hlnuatlons and Imputations of Improper
Conduct on my part.
will Answer Comments,
Hut for the benefit of the tobacco
(rowers '>f Virginia, in whose interest
my action was primarily taken. 1 will
?waive all personal considerations and
will answer fully all of your comments
On 'lie conduct of myself anil tho other
Attorneys-General, with whom I am
associated In this matter.
First. You ask how did the Attor?
neys; -General of Virginia. North Caro?
lina and South Carolina get Into the
t"bacro case? This Inquiry might be
answered In a general way, thnt we
were actuated by the same motives
which prompted ti.e Governors In their
recent conference in appointing a com?
mittee* to appear before the .Supreme
Court of the fnlted States to assert the
Tights of the State In regard to the
power to regulate Intrastate commerce,
which had been denied by the Judge
Of n United Suites district court, nnd
which strikes at the very root and
foundation the rights of the States
to enjoy loenl self-government. The
Attorneys-General concluded that the
more than fiOO.ooo tobacco growers In
i . three States, who produce over
262.000.000 pounds of loaf tobaooo, hud '
u right to be beard and to be repre- |
sented In a case which vitally affected ?
their Interest, and whloh case haa for I
Its objeot the destruction of a mo- .
nopoly In the tobacco trade which had !
for yours so grievously oppressed thai
tobacco growers of the three States. |
Heard From Blokett.
And speaking of myself personally.
I got Into the case In this way: On the
11th of October, 1911 I received the
following letter from the Honorable T. ,
W. Blckett, Attorney-General of North i
"Raleigh, October 0. 1911. I
"Hon. Samuel W. Williams, Attorney
General of Virginia, Richmond.'
Vs.: j
"Dear Sir,?To my mind It is per-;
fectly plain that the plan of reorgani?
zation submitted by the American To?
bacco Company will afford no relief
to the men who grow tobacco. I notice
that Mr. Brandcls, of Boston, has died
a protest against the adoption of this
plan on behalf of the Independent
cigar-makers. As you well know, the
tobacco growers have no one to speak
for them especially, and 1 am this day
writing to the Attornoy-Goneral of the
United States requesting his permission
to file a protest and brief in behalf
of the tob'icco growers of North Caro
Una. I earnestly Invite you to unite
with me in formulating a protest and
In preparing a brief, provided the At?
torney-General of tho United States
Krunls us the desired permission. I
have written him that I am taking
this matter up with the Attorneys
General of tho leaf tobacco States. If
this suggestion meets with your ap?
proval, please wire me ut once to tho
end that we may arrange a conference
In New York the latter part of this
week or the first part of next.
"Very truly yours,
(Signed) "T. \V. BICKETT.
To which I at once sent the following
letter by wire:
"Richmond, October 11. 1911.
"Hon. T, W. Blckett, Attorney-General,
Rnleisrh, North Carolina:
"Letter lust received. Am in hearty
aeoord with you in the objects set
forth In your letter. Glad to co-oper?
ate. Can meet tn Now York for con
ference latter part of this week or
latter part of next week. Previous en
gagemont prevents meeting first part
lO( next week. Answer.
' "Attorney-General of Virginia."
Wlckeraham's Consent.
'.?n the 13th of October. 1911, I re
> . [Ve"d from the Attorney-General of
North Carolina the following letter:
?Raleigh. October 13, 1911.
"Hon. Sam'l L. Williams, Attorney
Gvieral, Richmond, Va.:
"Dear Sir,?Your wire received. As
soon us I heair from the other Attor?
neys-General I will advise you what
day we expect to meet In New York.
1 notice In the papers that there Is
to be a meeting on Thursday, the 19th;
01 the Intere?' opposed to the plan
'of the American Tobacco Company. It
might be well for us to attend that
meeting If arrangements can be made
to that effect. I hope to advise you
by wire definitely not later than Mon
day. In the meantime I send you copy
of letter received by me from the At?
torney-General of the United States. I
think the position of the government
tiiat those not Interested In the sub?
ject matter Bhould not be allowed to
Intervene technically, but should on
permitted to be heard either orally
or by brief or petition. Is correct. At
any rale, the letter Of the Attorney
General makes It possible for us to
a protest without being considered
, discourteous to him.
"Very truly vours.
'Slimed) "T. W. HICKETT."
The letter from A t torney-General
Wlckersham, referred to In the above
!< tier, Is as follows:
"Hon. T. \V. Blckett. Attorney-General
of North Carolina. Raleigh. N. C:
?| have yours of the 9th Instant.
The newspapers have not published
I anything like an accurate account .">f
the plan which. I understand, the Amer?
ican Tobacco Company is going to sub
That In conducted on different lines?aggressive methods, highest
standard of quality, lowest quotation of prloes. test of service. Com?
plete satisfaction that laede you to come avals and again, and to eend
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SV-GO up to 98.7S.
Reefers and Overcoats
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93.00 up to Q12.BO.
Main and Eighth Streets
mit. Wo have had, no conference on
tlie subject since September 28, and I
am dally expecting to receive their
final revised plan In the form In which
they have decided to submit It to the
court. I cannot say what my attitude,
with respect to It, will be until I see
the final form. When It Is filed you
will have so opportunity to study It,
and. If you desire to file a petition
of protest against lt. I will be very
glad, so fa* as the government Is con?
cerned, to consent to that being done.
I think the court will take the attitude,
and that will be the attitude of the
government, that It cannot be expected
to permit technical intervention of par
tits not having a direct Interest In the
subject matter, though interested In
the legal and economic question in?
volved, but that It will permit them
to bo heard either orally or by writ?
ten or printed briefs or petitions.
"Faithfully yours,
(Signed) "GEO. W. WICKKRSHAM."
Had Learned of i'lnn.
And on the Hth of October. 1911.
I received from the Attorney-General
of North Carolina, the following let?
Raleigh. October 14, 1911.
"'Hon. Samuel I? Williams, Attorney
General. Richmond. Va.:
"Dear Sir,?When I wrote you yes?
terday I confidently expected the
American Tobacco Company to file on
yesterday Its final plan of dissolution
vith the Circuit Court In New York.
The papers had said that this would
be done. No plan, however, was filed,
and. of course, we cannot make a pro?
test until the plan la submitted to
the court, and we know definitely what
It contains. I do not think It will be
different In real character from what
has appeared In the papers. I had
a conference with a gentleman last
night, who Is on the Inside, and he
confirms my views In this respect.
"I have made arrangements to se?
cure a copy of the plan ns soon as it
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DABNEY BROS. & CO. 6 East Broad Street
Is submitted to the court. We will
then arrange a date for a conference
In New York.
"You will observe that the Attorney
General of the United States says that
he has been dally expecting to receive
the final report of the tobacco com?
pany, but It seems for some reason
that they are holding up.
"Thanking you for your prompt at?
tention to my former correspondence,
and trusting that we may be able to
do something substantial for our to?
bacco growing constituents. I beg to
"Very truly yours.
(Signed) "T. W. BICKBTT,
The subsequent correspondence re?
lated alone to fixing the time for
meeting in New York. In the mean?
time, before going to New York, I
consulted with the Governor of Vir?
ginia, and many other citizens of the
State and sought their advice as to
what course I should take In the
premises. They all advised that tTTe
matter was of such Importance to the
people of this State, that they regard?
ed it as my duty to attend the con?
ference and take such steps as I might
find necessary to properly represent
-.ore the court, and to protect the
Interest of the tobacco growers of this
oecond. You ask what authority
have they from their several States
to be.-ome parties to this affair? This
has already been answered.
Sent by No One.
Third. You ask who sent them to
New York to appear before the United
States circuit Court In the business
with which that tribunal has been
Intrusted by the Supreme Court at
Washington? This query has also
already been answered. As far as I
am concerned, no one sent me. I went
myself In the discharge of what I
conceived to be my duty to the to
baci 0 growers of the State of Vlr
> glnia.
Fourth. What authority have they
' for their most unusual and surprising
I course? I have given you the au
| thorlty. I do not regard the course
pursued by myself and* the other At?
torneys-General as being unusual or
surprising. The very object of the Sher?
man anti-trust law was to potect the
public nga'nst the oppressions of crim?
inal monopoly. The Supreme Court of
the United States solemnly adjudi?
cated that the American Tobacco Com?
pany was a criminal conspiracy, and
had also solemnly decided that no
plan of reorganization should be adopt?
ed by the American Tobacco Company
which did rot restore actual working
competition, and I do not regard It
as being either unusual or surpris?
ing that the le;jal representative of
the State of Virginia should be will?
ing to do all in his power to protect
the legal rights of the tobacco grow?
ers of this State and to render such
a.d as he could towards carrying out
the derision of the court. Not only
was the letter received from the At
torr.ev-General copied above, but the
Attorneys-General of Virginia. North
Carolina and South Carolina filed a I
Petition boforo tho United States court |
In Now York, setting forth the facts
above) stated and askod permission of
that court to appear and file a brief I
by way of objection to the plan of re?
organisation proposed by the Amor- I
lean Tobaoco Company. This leave .
was granted by the court, und this
should silence all criticisms as to our
Aa to BxBeBMa.
Hfth. You next ask the following
question: Who Is paying the expenses
of their venture, and why? If you
mean to Insinuate by this question
that any person, corporation or pri?
vate interest la paying, directly or
indirectly, any expenses of the At?
torneys-General, then so far as I am
concerned, and as I honestly believe,
so far as the Attorneys-General of
N.rth Carolina and South Carolina, are
concerned, this Insinuation Is not only
unworthy of a creat leading dally
newspaper, and o-.' the man who wrote
this editorial, but Is without any
foundation In fact, whatover. As far
as my expenses are concerned, i con?
sulted with the Governor of this State,
and with many other citizens of this
State, for whose opinions I have the
highest regard, and told them that I
thought that this was a case In which
1 T should tmo enough of the contingent
fund of this office to pay my actual
expenses to New York to look Into
, this matter. I stating at the time that
I if there was any reason why I should
; not do this, then my interest in the
I tobacco growers of this State was
!such that I would pay the expenses
I out of my own pocket. All of these
I gentlemen whom I consulted expressed
the opinion that I would be lustllled
I In paying the expenses out of my con
I tlngont fund. I have not as yet drawn
on the contingent fund for these ex?
penses, and if you or any other tax?
payer can point out to me any reason
. why I ehould not do so, then I will
pay the expenses out of my pocket.
Sixth. You next a:<k what special
clients do they represent and what for.
and also. In th? same connection, you
ask, what particular African Is en
>conced In this particular woodpile?
In reply, I do not represent any spe?
cial clients, and I do not believe that
either the Attorney-General of North
Carolina ur South Carolina reprenents
any special clients. I represent, and I
believe they renresent, alone whit we
believe to r.e the best Interests of the
toiling masses of the three States, who
are engaged in the cultivation of to?
bacco: and as for the reference to the
negro In the woodpile, fhU carries with
it a veiled Insinuation which It as false
as it is contemptible, and one which
no fair-minded man should he willing
to make, and which no reputable news?
paper should print.
Prepared Petition.
Seventh You next ask. what assist?
ance. If any. they have had In the
preparation "of the petition they have
submitted so the court? And. if they
had any assistance In this way. who
rendered It, and why. and what for?
In reply, when we reached New York
we succeeded In getting hold of printed
copies of the plan of reorganisation
proposed by the American Tobacco
Company. After carefully going over
and studying this plan, we consulted
with cert-Oi Independent tobacco man?
ufacturers, who were there present In
New York, and with their attorneys,
and we got information from them and
all other sources available fo us as to
the Vuc meaning and probable effect
upon the tobacco growers of the plan
of reorganization proposed by the
American Tobacco Company, and we,
the Attorneys-Genqral of the States of
Virginia, North Carolina and South
Carolina, went earefully over the whole
; matter and discussed It, made full
I notes, and agreed upon our objections,
I or petition, as you call It. and after
this wajs~done It was agreed that the
Hon. T. W.' Blckett, Attornry-General
of North Gr.rollna, acting for us, should
throw the petition in form, which he
1 did, and after having been thrown In
I form, wa? adopted and signed by all
1 of us. and acting upon the leave given
I by the court, was Hied, a copy of which,
i 1 "presume is In your possession. This
I paper represents the work of all three
of us, and it was Inspired by us alone,
and this Is a full and complete answer
to the suggestions and covert Insinua?
tions contained In this last question.
Honestly believing that the protec?
tion of the rights of the tobacco grow?
ers of the State of Virginia demands
at my hands as full and thorough rep?
resentation of their interests before
the court "as I am able to give, I shall,
unless prevented by unforeseen causes,
go to New York and be present at the
hearing on the 30th Instant, and do
whatever is In my power to secure for
the tobacco growers in this State the
full benefit of the decision already ren?
dered In the suit of the United States
against the American Tobacco Com?
pany, and which demands that compe?
tition In fact, and not In name, shall
r>e restored in the tobacco trade so far
n-< It Is In the power of the law to
restore It Yours truly,
Attorney-General of Virginia.
News of South Richmon d
South Richmond Bureau. i
Tha Tlmes-Dlspatch,
1020 Hull Street.
Phone Madison KS.
Damages amounting to lino whs awarded
to the plain.ff? in the suit of the Worth
Electric Vehicle Company against I*. Pi
Lips iltlb which eras ru-:ird b<-foro Judge
Welli In Hustings Court. Part -'? So elliei
cases will lie heard this week. On Monday
another damage suit against the Vlrslnla
Railway and Power Company will be tried. I
All cases set for tbis term will be flnlkhod i
on scheduled time, it is thought, as throe
have been settled out of court and the
tun? withdrawn when called.
School Contract Not l^et.
i ontrt.'j to expectations the members of
the ten aol board of Manchester district.
OhfStei-neld county, at their meeting yes
terdcj ?1 r.-.?.- office of 'Squire Cheatham
raited ti make the award of the contract I
for the construction of the new Jioo-oj
school building, whirh will he erected on
the Midlothian Turnpike/ between Bwsns
bcro and Forest Hill. This action of the]
beard '?' ooinplrte surprise, as the I in- .
pri-sslon had prevailed that the meeting .
wss merely a formality, and that the con?
tract woiic! go t" .1 A. Ciriis. of Warwick j
counte the lowest bidder. As a result very
few outsiders were present.
Alt members o: the board were on hand, .
and nft"r the meeting n visit to tli- site
of tlie proposed structure was made The
location is regarded as Ideal. It Is In the
heart of the district, and in the centre of
th? Inerfarlnq population of Woodland
He'thts und Porest ?tili. At the present
lime nearly IN children are attending the. ?
swtnfbor,, School, find many more are sent,
to the city because, of the small facilities, i
Oi?k firnre Ciim-m.
To.day In the Oak Grove Court 'Sqiilre :
L. W. Chcr.tr-nm will hear n case which |
hn.s arous-d much Interest in the county. '
An action In deilnue Is hrocght against i
'Seorge Faiimul to compel the delivery to
ihr complainant of a quantity of wood
alleged to hsv. been taken from hin prop
I erty without his consent by the defendant. '
I It Is claimed that this has been happening
j for a considerable period. James Ford, ex
errlclng a power of attorney, appears as
! the ermDio'.n-.nt.
I About a tlosen small elvll cases will also
h.- ^-card
?am Talle)*; holder of the championship
L bolt and ^ title of.. "Chesterfield Orounri
I Stuffier." and Tom Brown, a contender for
; thn honor, will answer to the 'squire this
j morning for disturbing the peace by en
i g.-ging In a little iot-to last Baturday. Pini
; and Tom. while rivals with the flats, were .
I good friends until they got on opposite .
[Sides In tho rtenttle case. Sam supported
[the Conimcnwealth and Tom took occasion
I to r? on the s'.rnd and cast doubt on th?
accuracy of n ?.'?ttnuni made under oath
I by ?tm. A threat was then and there 1
nude, which, coming to the ears oi Judge
[Vntsnn. eaueed Knin !o get a severe lec?
ture. Had feeling resulted and ended In
la fight, which showed class unili'broken up
' by the ruthlasa hand of the law,
i Convicted for Nonaiipport.
In Police Court. Part J, H., W. Osntry.
la young white man. aesrooly' twenty-one, .
was s?nt?nrod to sorvu twelve months on j
the, roads yesterday morning by Justloe. I
I Maurice. The charge against the boy wa*
nonaupport of his wife. Hit plea was Phy- '
I slcal Inability. It In said he left his wife
Thursday nlgnt after a quarrel. The wife
late yesterday tried to withdraw the war?
rant, but the damage had been done.
No arr-sts. were made yesterday, but
three men men?H. F. Orlnkard. R. A.
Rrown and a Mr. nowden?were reported
for violating an ordinance requiring a li?
cense numtur to he displayed on vehicles.
Special Service, lit Ahhury.
At Asbiirj Methodist Rplscopal rhurch
Sunday the pa>-."i. lu-v. W. O. Burch, will I
preach at til* morning service, taking for
his theme "Pvliglon In Business and Busi?
ness In Religion." The evening service will
be under the charge of the Epworth
League, Song servlr.. from 7 to T:W. K.
T. Bates, fmin t'nion Station Methodist
Episcopal Church, Richmond, will delivrr
on add res?. The pastor VIII Inat.tfl tjje
newly-elected officers of the Bpuurth
I.- ac re.
,v py>r>.prla?e uiuslr has }>?en prepared
with a i>e;n. "The Sinner Miii the Sons." by
Wilbur East Selections from the Asbvry
mixed quartet will also be rendered. All
ere cordially In-. Ited to bp present.
Accident ar Klha.
According to a report made to the
police yesterday afternoon, a taxlc.ib.
in charge of R. M. Hughes, chauffeur,
backed into and considerably damaged
a carriage . belonging to Joseph Cole
mnn, 312 North M.idlson Street. A cir
rlsgc belonging t" James Winston, was
also run Into and damaged, according
to the report The accident occurred
et Elba Station.
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tions ? Certainly not, if your j
doctor approves. Let him de?
cide about Ayer's Hair Vigor
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Will not color the hair, nor
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Brazing of Cast Iron
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Successors to
Mad. 118?. V40t B, Main St.
T&i AMhWOVI .MT.>?tAH>?~-..~., *?>?
Uneeda Biscuit
never disappoint!
You have never
heard anyone say?
"The Uneeda Biscuit
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You have never said
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It is quite another
thing to make them
so that they are not
only always better
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one of them?means
that if a million
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could choose any
one of them, con?
fident that every
soda cracker in that
package would be
as good as the 1best
Uneeda Biscuit ever
5c a package?never
sold in bulk.
New York, October 21.?Conditional
appropriations, aggregating $033,000
were granted to si\ colleges and uni?
versities by tlie board of trustees ot
the .Jolin p. Rockefeller fund for edu
caton?the general education hoard?
this ufternoon.
Applications from twenty-four In?
stitutions were presented From tills
list the board Helected six, among
wtfilc. Is distributed conditionally the
av,.ilahle funds.
Among the six institutions wer-. To
Furman University, Greenville, S. C.
$20.000 towards $100,000, and to South?
ern Methodist University. Dallas, Tex.,
1200,.00 towards Sl.ono.oOO.
During the meotlng, attention was
called to the fact that since Mr. Rock
efller made his first contribution to
the hoard for the promotion of higher
education In lO^fl, contributions have
hoen made to ninety-one Institutions
to an aggregato amount of $7,f,2fi,orfl
towards a total of $33,009,512.
Fifty-one In.irltutlons to which the
board has runde conditional contri?
butions, have completed the subscrip?
tions for the Htlpplothontnl turns re?
quired,' und t? those institutions the
bnnrd has already paid $3,300,000 In
It was pointed out that as a result
of the campaigns made by these fifty
one institutions, their assets have hoer.
Increased over $15,000,000, the student
body Increased 2,017; I S3 new pro?
fessors have been employed, and tho
annual payment to professors In theso
..-iy-one Institutions has been In?
creased $431,713.
In addition to this. It was shown
that the board Is now paying the sal?
ary and traveling: expenses at twelve
of the State universities of the South?
ern States of professors of secondary
education, engaged In promoting- the
establishment of public hig-h schools.
Since t'-e beginning of this work nvo
years ago 9! 2 new public high schools
hi been established In the Southern
States; S2t teachers have been added
to the sohools that were already In
existence, rtcfi new public high school
buildings have been constructed, at a
cost of $9,000,000, and the. fund for
the annual support of high schools
I has been Increase,] by $..SR?.g9|.
The hoarl hs.t contributed lietween
1400,000 and ?700.000 to forty-one
nchrols for ntp-ste. It hag also been
flghtlni.' the boll weevil through farm
ricmonstrnlion In Southern States, hav?
ing contributed $400,000 for this pur
pnse. The salarlos and expenses of
219 agents are paid by the hoard
I These men are conducting domonstrm
! tlons on JO.000 ftvrrr.s.

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