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I The Steinway
of 50 Years Ago
? la often sold for more now than
many of 'tho new pianos of
other makos.
l' Tho Steinway la an inveot
| ment like bonds or real estate.
Catalogue free.
Walter D.
Moses & Co,
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in
Va. and N. C.
Vobably Meet With Mishap,
but So Far as Known Neither |
Is Injured.
Newport News, Va., October HO.?tin- j
?r almost perfect weather conditions
Id am Id tho cheers of several bun
ed spectators, the naval bydro-aeio
mc Triad, carrying Lieutenants!
icodore ?.;. Ullyson ana J. 11. Tower;,,
b daring naval aviators, nailed away
oni Old Point to-day from Annapolis,
d. The tug machine was soon lost
i sight, and a telegram received at I
Id Point early this alternoon from
loutenant Towers said that the ma- j
line had reached Annapolis at 12:*0 i
clock, but later reports from Annapo- !
i were that the machine had not ?
rived there. Instead a telegram was
.celved from the aviators asking that
? irta of the motor be pent to tho j
. uuth of York River. From that It !
* as taken t,o mean that the aviators j
id had a mishap and were forced to
ml at the mouth of the York River,
rehty miles from Old Point. So far '
i Is reported, neither of the officers
as Iniured. The nature of the accl- '
snt to the machine Is not known, aa
IS aviators could not be reached by j
lephone to-night.
at .Necraaury t? Srrure Something of ,
Ileurnt to fit Qullty of Forgery, j
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Washington, D. C. October 30.?The!
Tiled tjtatcs Supreme Court to-day
.versed and remanded the ruse of th>s i
tilted .States agnlnPt Conrad A. Plyor,
ought up on a writ Of error from
I? Western District of North Caro?
A few years ago Plyer. a citizen of
ixhaw, t.'nlou county, wanted to a.;-\
re a position In the. rural delivery
. rvlce. In making out hla papers and .
rig them with the Civil .Service Com
?avion, it la alleged that he forced
i names of R. U. Happ and Dr. V, . H. i
f?p ?oncernlng his character and
ysical condition. He wus Indicted i
d convicted. On trial he made the
TO that since he had obtained noth- I
< from the- government ho could I
t bo held guilty of forgery. The friu- J
.-me Court denied such a position and I
Id that it is not necessary to so-'I
re something of benefit to be guilty
forgery, saying, "It now must bit
garded us established that It la not
setitlnl to such a charge to provo |
i actual financial or property lo?s
make such a case under the stat- I
es." P. II. McO.
Police Find Ruffian Under Iron
Box With Knife in His
New York, Ootobor 30.?Those po
licomen of tbo Harlem stations woo,
during tbo laat throe years have pre?
dicted a sudden arm violent end ot the
career of Frank, otherwise known aa
"Chick" Monlaco, tasted the pleasures
of fulfilled prophecy yesterday, when
tho man was found dead under an
old Iron safe, with his arms pinned
beneath him and a ten-Inch knife In
hie heart.
Nollle Ijenere, twenty years old, In
a statement made to an assistant dis?
trict attorney last night, declared that
she had killed the man while he wm
attempting to rob the safe -vhlch be?
longed to her mo'her. He had pre?
viously cheated her out of $3S0, ehe
said, by representing himself as an
emissary of a man to whom she had
been married, and had beaten and
choked her yesterday before attempt?
ing to rifle the safe.
Monlaco was twenty-four years old,
and was known all through the foreign
quarter of Harlem as the survivor of
a triumvirate which had consisted of
himself and "Tough Tony" and "Black
Galluccl," both killed within a mouth,
oua In a wine snop and the other by
a policeman's bullet. .
Not Afraid of Itobber.
Wherever he was known he was |
feared, but Nellie Lenere snapped her
lingers In disdain last night when It
was suggested w her that terror |
rather than concern for her mother's |
money must have nerved her arm. 1
The girl went to the Eaet One Hun
dred and Fourth Ptreet Station yeB
torday afternoon, and In a voice that
was almost casual told Lieutenant
Lasky that a young man had "met
with an accident" at her home, '.*3?
hast One Hundred and Ninth Street,
and that he had. perhaps, better send
a policeman there with her.
Lieutenant Laeky listened until he
had ascertained that "Chick" Monlaco
was the person in need of succor, and
then ordered Policemen McDonough.
I., nr.or. and Hauser to betake them
nelvcB to the house with all possible
The police found Monlaco lying on
I.Is back with a heavy iron safe across
his chest. He had been cut In six
places and had died from a final thrust
ot a long knife, the hilt of which
stood upright at his heart. Hla arms
were bent behind his head and were
pinned under him.
"I thrust them there." said the girl
quietly. "1 was afraid he would lift
the safe In his etrugg >*, for he was
very strong. But. as you see, the safe
was too heavy after al" and besides
I acted quickly."
Later to Assistent District Attorney
Strong Miss Innere dictated a state?
ment and signed It.
Hnd Itobheu Her of 9350.
The girl's story began with when
she was married to Oaetano Napdii
tano. In 1?09, at the City Hall. She
had expected a church ceremony after
the civil one. according to the custom
of her oountry, but Napolllano hed
gone away apd sho found herself a
laughing stock.
More than two years went by, and
one day last month Monlaco visited
her. He told her that her husband
was very 111 In a village near West
Chester, and desired to be married to
her by a priest before he died. She
would need to take 1 .."
She declared that she went to West,
Chester with Monlaco. who, after tak?
ing her money, locked her In a lonely
cottage and fled.
Monlaco rcapcared yesterday while
she was alone at the home of her
parents. He told her she must call off:
the police and then Fpylng the safe
ordered her to open It. She refused'
and he choked and beat her. Finally
she promised that If he would re
I lease her she would tell him the com?
bination of the safe.
"It was after I realized that 1 had |
I told him the right numbers that I dfe-|
elded to defend my mother's property,"]
! she said. "Wo struggled and the safe
| fell over on him."
j Then the girl pointed to her waist,
j which was In tatters and her face
j which was furrowed as though by a
. man's nails.
Fifty People Injured.
Albany, Gu., October 30.?Fifty peo?
ple were injured, none seriously, when
the regular southbound passenger tram
leaving hero at 5:10 this afternoon, was
wrecked two miles from the station, on
I the Georgia Northern. The train split
! a switch, the locomotive and two i
I coaches remaining on the main track,
which one coach was turned over and
i another had Its side ripped off by a
freight car._
A story in which the love of a girl, the alleged cowardice of the man she loved, and the heart-1
ings of the man she didn't love, are the chief characteristics, is that under the above title, by John
leming Wilson, to be found in Sunday's issue of the Illustrated Sunday Magazine of
The Sunday Timbs-Dispatch
.ove Affairs of the First Queen
Are you interested in the strange career of the woman who had the distinction of being first
en in history? Truly, Semiramis was a wonderful woman of the world, and the article by
,hler Welch, dealing with her love affairs, is one of the best things in next Sunday's issue of
llustrated Sunday Magazine.
lother New Ade Fable
?Ti 1911 Fable of the Women Who Were Opposed to Vivisection Except Within the Union"
title of the latest of George Ade's great 1911 Fables in Slang, and it is contained in this issue.
,v S Roy Norton Serial and Other Features
^th Wheels of Flame," the most Interesting novel of the year, by Roy Norton, will continue to
i__T>e readers of the Illustrated Sunday Magazine. Other clever literary features are: "The
acabre," by Eleanor Eaton; "The Man Who Will Not Wait," by Emily Raymond McBride;
I mortal Beetle," by Fannie Medbury Pendleton.
?- -
Great Fleet in New York Harbor Now Ready /or Review
I u. ? "?tr J? '"I HUK? S> ?"tert,?u?' commander of the Atlantic aquadron, now naaembled In Xrn Vork harbor.
hi- flaS.hlp, ?he Connecticut, the torpedo boat de.troyer Held -ud the battle.h.p North Dakota These "hin.
' W",NP"3rY1' {;r0m,nent pBrt lD <he rCTlc" "nd manoeuvre, tb.t ?111 mark the .uobllUatlou of the 102 Jar vea.eU
(Continued From First Page )
will he undertaken by the fleet, but
so far little light has b shed on
this feature of the mobilization by the
Navy Department. It is probable
however, that the manoeuvres of the
destroyers, torpedo bo..is and subma?
rines will be augmented by experi?
ments with the larger vessels.
Contrary to expectation, the football
championship of the- tleet could not be
decided to-day. The teams from the
Idaho and the Nebraska, which played
to a scoreless tie last Saturday, met
again to-day, but neither was able to
score. They will play again Wednes?
day, but as the fleet leaves on Thurs?
day the final game will have to be
played elsewhere. The North Carolina's
team, one of the four claimants, was
eliminated to-day by the battleship
Connecticut's eleven, which won by the
score of 26 to t>.
l.nnt Veasel Arrives.
Los Angeles, October 30.?The last
warship of the Faclfic fleet arrived
hero to-day. This completes the list
of vessels that will take part In the
naval review scheduled for the next I
three days, and brings the total ton- !
nage of the twenty-four vessels of
wur up to 116.215, The fleet Includes
practically every vessel In the navy,
allde from those that will participate j
in the big review at New York.
The fleet, as well as the town, has
been hung with flags and bunting.
Thousands of visiting crafts, yachts
and commercial boats from all parts
of the Pacific coast cowd the bay !
for the review, livery craft callable
of carrying passengers has been re?
quisitioned, and seats on board water
craft for the day of the naval parade
are at a premium.
The police report the conduct of the
hundreds of sailors and marines who j
have been visiting Los Angeles on
shore leave as most orderly. The last
of these will be rounded up to-night
for duty on the battleships during the j
The twenty-four ships comprising
the Pacific fleet now lying off Los An?
geles are:
Battleship?Oregon, tonnage 10.288.
Armored cruisers?California, South
Dakota, Maryland, West Virginia and
Colorado. Total tonnage, 08,100.
Cruisors?Cincinnati und ltaleigh.
Total tonnage, 6,366.
Destroyers?Whipple, Hopkins, Hull,
Truxton, Paul Jones. 1'roble. Stewart
and Lawrence. Total tonnage 3,342.
Torpedo boats?Farrugue und Rowan.
Tonnage, 1S9.
Submarines?Grampus and Pike.
Tender?Fortune. Tonnage. 150,
Auxiliaries? Buffalo! transport).
Glacier (supply Mhtp), Prometheu
(collier). Total tonnage. 23,910.
.May I,one Second Place.
Washington. October 30.?Deduction I
made by those well versed in naval af?
fairs indicate that the naval mobiliza?
tions at New York and Los Angeles'
probably will be this lust assembly Of
warships that will show the United
States of America standing second on
the list of great maritime, powers. Ac?
cording to the present rate of develop?
ment, tho shipbuilding plans of the
powers will bring Germany into sec?
ond place in three years. Navy officials
state that- another mobilization, of a
magnitude to compare with the com?
ing ono, would probably not bo made
within that time.
It Is thought In oltlcial circles that
this fact will ploy a prominent part in
the "greaterr navy" advocates' cam?
paigns for more battleships at tho com?
ing session of Cpngrcss. To keep its
lead in the race for ranking placo on
must double the
worship construe
Only by removing the cause can
any chronic Ulcer or Old Sore be
cured. No one will question the
truthfulness of this statetueut. The
cause is alwa3-s from an inward source,
never an outward influence, and there?
fore the only possible way to get rid
of these places is to take internal
treatment. Pure blood is the one
unfailing cure for chronic ulcers;
just as long as the circulation is al?
lowed to remain in an impure condi?
tion the place will be kept open from
the constant discharge of impurities
into it from the blood. But pure
blood will change this condition and
[ the flesh tissues will be nourished
; and made healthy, and then nature
will prompt^- and permanently heat
i the tilcer. S. S. S. is recognized as
the greatest of all blood purifiers and
\ therein lies its power to cure old
i ulcers and sores. It goes into the
j circulation, and removes every trace
I of impurity or infectious matter, and
so euriches this vital fluid that it
I nourishes all flesh tissues instead of
irritating them with impurities.
When S. S. S. has cleansed the blood
and the place has healed over it is
not a surface cure, but the ulcer is
filled in with healthy flesh from the
bottom. Free book and any medical
advice will be sent to all sufferers who
will write us. S. S. S. is for sale at
drug stores.
Is as well known ut sea as our Wat .''he*
are on land. If you don't know about our
Watches you should \i.-it our store and
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A peep into an up-to-date bathroom u
only less refreshing than the bath itself
Wft have fitted several model bathroom*
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most sanitary fittings. Com? and sot
McGraw-Yarbrough Co.
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. QMkii^P^rde/.s.^ix?^oukkAv. ??
I the seas. Congress
present program of
! tlon.
It has been drawn to our attention
that a certain baker in Richmond is
supplying dealers with imitation TIP
?. .i
Upon investigation we find that some;
dealers are selling and representing the
same to be TIP-TOP BREAD. As these
loaves do not bear the Red, White and
Blue label they are not genuine.
We mean to protect our customers
against any infringement upon the TIP-i
TOP label in any manner whatsoever.
In order to secure the genuine TIP?
TOP BREAD, insist upon the Red,
White and Blue label being attached tq
the loaf.
TIP-TOP BREAD retails everywhere!
5 cents a loaf
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Obedience to Sherman Law
Will Produce Era of Pros?
perity. He Says.
"Our Greatest Lawyer Presi?
dent" by Firm Steps Called
llradicator of Monopoly.
Philadelphia. Pa.. October 30.?Ad?
dressing a company of newspaper men,
John Wanamaker predicted that the
large business Interests of the coun?
try would adjust themselves to the re
oulremonts of the Sherman antitrust
law as Interpreted by the Supreme
Court, anil that this adjustment would
be followed by an era of prosperous
business conditions. In an Impromptu
speech. Mr. Wanamaker paid a tribute
to President Tuft as "our greatest
lawver President." svho, he said, was
applying the law with reasonableness
und Justice. Iler< are some extracts
from Mr. Wanamaker's address:
"May 1 add a few words about busi?
ness conditions'." The Bible did not
make the deVil: the Ilible simply inter?
preted the devil. The Sherman act
against trusts came along because
trusts existed and were multiprylng.
"Our busy, unsuspecting people were
not aware of the power and hardships
possible to monopolistic corporations,
and the continual advance In the cost
Of living, raiment an.' all building im?
provements awakened the people dur?
ing Mr. Roosevelt's term, and he rallied
them around him by his outspoken
views as their deliverer from oppres?
sions, deceits ami dishonesties. Presi?
dent Roosevelt practically Initiated
proceedings against certain trusts that
restrained trade, controlled production
and hold prices In some hastances for
enormous dl> 'donds.
"A dav had come when llie people
all over the United Statt.s would get
behind their Senators and Representa?
tives. Judges, writers and the news?
paper world generally and demand re?
lief That day had to come or an
anarchy would have been produced.
"That day of relief has arrived. It
has come with ilrm steps but kindly,
with the resonableness and Justice of
our greatest lawyer ['resident and the
moderation and wisdom of the Supreme
"Now. with a little patience, time
nn<1 fairness, all the great trusts will i
conform to -aws on the statute books!
as undHrstorrd and Interpreted by the!
highest tribunal of the government of J
the United States.
"1 do not believe that Mr. Morgan,
Mr. Frlck or Mr. Gray will care to de?
fend any organization which by in?
advertence expresses In Its organiza?
tion anything contrary to their . own
lifelong characters of uprightness. Af?
ter all, organizations at top and bot?
tom and centre arc men.
"It la written, 'As a man thinketh,
so Is he.' and so are his companies and
businesses. 1 am sure the day Is at
hand when any mon or set or men
doing business oontrary to existing
Statutes, when such Is proved to them,
i without animosity or unnecessary haste
or heedless expenses will set their
houses In proper order. For this rea?
son I believe w? are on the eve of a .
better. safer. steadier. prosperous ??
business decade.
"America can square itself to war
when It has to be. and yet more easily 4
to permanent peace. So it can and
will square Itself In the regulation of
tariffs, trusts and stock markets."
! I>u/./lr<l Chauffeur Loaca Control and
Four Are Ilndly Hart.
Stamford, Conn.. October 30.?Danc?
ing; sunbeams reflected from the hood
of his machine caused a serious auto?
mobile accident shortly after 7 o'clock
yesterday morning, when John Mc
Anltffe was temporarily blinded by the
I flash, and. losing control of his touring
car. it left the road, climbed over ?
I curb. and. skidding Into a clump ol
j trees. Wedged tight. The trees saved
' It from pitching over a wail four feet
I high.
Three domestics from the home of
j G. A. Stafford, who were In the car.
j on their way to early mass, and the
chauffeur were thrown out and badly
j hurt. Jennie O Trlen's skull was frac
; lured, and only a speedy operation
i saved her life. She Is still In a pre
; carious condition. All the others are
In the Stamford Hospital, where they
j were taken by a passing auto. Mc
? Aullffe's machine was a total wreck.
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Brazing of Cast Iron
Richmond, Machine Works, Inc
Successors to
Mad. 1186. 2404 K. Main 3t
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DUt?ler? and Blenders ot
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Drink Old Henry.
lta l<ong Record Provas Its Merit **?

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