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'New York Board of Aldermen
Declare Thursday a Legal j
'?*?*w~ Tork- October 31.? Officially
??W York will observe Thursday, so
far as possible, as % holblay. In honor
oi tho presence here <>f 100 United
Htates worehlps. the largest- assem?
blage of floating guns and armament
ever attempted by the United States
navy. The Board of Alderm' ir to-day
unanimously adopted, a rfsoiutlon re?
questing the heads of city do >artments
to allow employes a holiday T,hursduy.
when President Taft rovlew, the big
Large crowd., continue to pour In
from out-of-town points to-day. and
the warships were overrun by the
The Illumination" of the fleet was
repeated to-night, making the Hudson
River look from o distance ! ke an Im?
mense summer amusement park. Moro
than 160.00ft electric bulbs outlined the
towering millt.iry masts and the long
hulls. It |s estimated that more than
100,000 persons ? ltnossed the beau?
tiful sight.
Tho 24.000 officers find men to-day
put the Hhips In readiness for the In?
spection to-morrow, by/ Stjc etary of
the Navy Meyer, who reached the city
Mord Holcoml) Wins In II-ice With
Father"1!" .Locomotive.
Wlnsted, Conn..'October 2i.?Mount?
ed on a motorcycle, Lloyd Holcomh
yesterday raced his father, John Hol?
comh, Post-enger ?ng'.ncer 0:1 the Cen?
tral New England Hallway, from <"<>'.
llnsvtlle to Wlnsted, a distance of,
twelve miles. Th uoy won by a nar?
row margin, arrl\:iig at the local sta?
tion In time to dismount before the
train driven by his tither p illed In.
Toung Holcoml? .v h on hi" way here
from Hartford on his motorcycle when
he saw his father In the '.O. of the
nassenger train Ica- ing Colllnsvllle.
Train and motorcycle ?peede-i along?
side each other, fnd passengers wer?
soon aware that a race wrb In pro?
gress. After traveling nearl-- reck and
neck for about a mile and a half, father
and son parted company. The train
sped over two grade crossing! in the
town of Now Hertford, nhrad of the
cyclist, but wh 1 the tr^lr. stopped
there to discharge passengers young
Holcomh galne' n< much ground ?hat
his father could not overtake him In
the last six mile* ?et the Journey.
Men Arre?ted for Addressing Former Rirh
mnnil IVnmin.
(Special to T!.e Tlmei-Di5?e-ch ]
Philadelphia. October 31.?i'or throw
In^ hl? arm? around a woman, rhu an a
/ I t? jitranner to him. ant pushlni hei
und the baby ?n?- wa? carrying to the side?
walk, while reproarldns her be rauae he
raid he did not have enough to ?at, Lee
Money Back
Hyomei is Guaranteed to End the
Misery of Catarrh, Colds, Sore
Throat and Croup.
Get a HYOMEI (pronounce it Htgh-o
inc) outfit to-day.
I Pour a few drops from the bottle into
the little hard rubber pocket inhaler that
comes with each outfit, and breathe it
four or five times a day.
Immediately you will know thu HY
OME1 soothes and heals the it flamed
and irritated membrane.
But HYOMEI docs more than ^o&the
and heal.
It kills
the germs
tent pests
that arc
the root
of all ca
A complete HYOMF.I outfit, which in?
cludes an indestructible pocket inhaler,
i osts onlv $1.00. If you now ovn a
HYOMEI inhaler you can get an e\tra
bottle of HYOMEI for only 50 cenrs at
Tragic Co.'s and druggists everywhete.
:do< doc
Hermann Schmidt
504-506-508 East Broad.
Fine Groceries.
Select Wines.
it wont hurt ijou if ijou
! formjfecstion ~4
: A Liquid After Dinner Dlflcitanf
-?v.-, .
1 di??en Heavy Gold Plated ?JC
?afety pins . ?,OC
Wor..i three times the peice4 Mail
|>rdcrs. Stamps or coin.
Smith & Webster, Ine,
ll2 East Main. ? Richmond, Va.
Is freely given by every
Steinway owner; in fact, bv
every one who knows the
The reason is plain.
Let us send you free cata?
Walter D.
Moses & Co.
103 E. Broad St.
Oldest Music House in
Va. and N. C.
Gardiner, who gave 6:9 North Eighth Street
as hla .iditrrii, wae h.ld without ball by
Majtfutrato Morris to-day until doctori muj
examine Into his mental condition.
The woman who tvnn* no roughly umd was
Mrs. t urtle W. Walker, of 21? Fifth Street
wife r.f a former pitcher on the Itlehtnond
baseball team. She refused to attend tho
hearing, but Policeman Oough had seen the
assoult and described It. Mrs. Walker, he
s*Id.was walking at Twenty-fourth and
! Huntingdon Streets when Gardiner wh Is
: about fifty years oid and well dressed, threw
his arms about her and she fell to the
?Idowalk. As he stood over her he shouted
teure a member of the salvation Army:
you re one of the people who won't g'vn
me enougli to cat."
incomplete He turn* Prom Election in
l.on \ngelra.
boa Aa^eles, Cal.. October 31.?In
eompleto returns from pr-.-;.,. ?? ,
out of :'43 give the following vote for
Mayor In to-day's municipal primary:
Job Harriman, Socialist, 9.703
George Alexander. Republican Good
Government, 9,-05.
The same precincts showed that the
entire Socialist ronncilmanlc ticket
was running 300 to ;oo votes ahead of
the Republican Good Government coal?
ition and unattached candidates.
So lallam was the one Issue. Job
Harriman. Socialist candidate for
Mayor, and one of the attorneys for
the defense in the McNamara nur.;.?
trial, was opposed by three candidates,
among them George Alexander, the
Republican Incumbent
Tl ose figures indicate that Mayor
George Alexander, nominee of the Re?
publican "CJood Government" forces,
and Jo!, Harriman. Socialist candidate,
will make the race for Mayor. Hoth
will fall far short of a majority on
account of the strong support given
W C, Mushel. A majority vote in the
primary would elect.
Case nf Distiller'* Daughter to He
Tsken Ip by Federal OOlclals.
Cincinnati, O.. October 31.?Federal
aul orltles here will prosecute u case
of white slavery. CMef of Police Jack?
son says, on e complaint made to him
to-day by Clettle Waddle, twenty,
against Mrs Mwttte Chestn.it. The girl
said her father Is a rich distiller, und
has u farm of 200 acres in Catntown,
! Ky. The Chestnut woman had lived
r*>) in Somerset, and after moving
here wrote to the girl, according to
her story, urging her to come on ft
visit Having accepted the Invitation,
she found herself captive.
Mrs. Chestnut made complete deni.il
of 'he girl's story. ;t? said she came
of her free will, and had never been
under restraint. Chief Jnck.-on says
he thinks the girl truthful, and as It
Is an Interstate affair, the Federal
proseoutor's will have opportunity to
make a nat'onal example of It.
"Blue and Graj Legion" of War'? Sur?
vivors May He Organised.
Chicago, October 31.?Veterans of tne
Northern and Southern armies are to
be linited In a "Blue and Gray Lesion"
1? .inn? of a number of survivors of
the war of fifty years ago meet with
success. ''. A' '
An Informal mer-tintr was held here
!.,-? night to discuss the advisability
nf forming such a union, which event
: |y if formed, will take In all the
organisations of sons and daughters
Of -he veterans and Spanish-American
War veterans.
\ committee was appointed to devise
a -^'.an of union to be presented later.
?Our object." said one at the meet?
ing "!? to smooth over whatever may
be left of the wounds of the Civil
W r." _
' Ma.,niter Convicted for Exhibiting Im?
proper Films.
Durham. N. C. October 31?T. K.
Wi kerhon. manager of a local moving
p| urc establishment, was convicted
to- lay on the charge of exhibiting im
pr ?er pictures. He recently exhibited
et of nlins purporting to portray
events in the life of Ueulah Binford,
th< sevehteen-yoarrold "girl in the
. . - :" In the Bcattle murder trial in
Richmond. ' ... _
Judge Sykes, In the Police Court, de?
clined 10 have the pictures Introduced
,.- ? videncc bv the defense, holding that
tli, girl's life history could hold no
go ?! or moral lesson. Sentence was
retikns to iiis home.
De Gorroskl Tlllnki Detention in New York
Due to Mistaken Identity.
[Special to The THnes-DI?patch. ]
L nchburg, Vs., October ?l. ?Andre Oe
.t.i -oskl. the Russian, who "?? arrested
ti : days ago in New York <"iiy upon hla
relirn from Paris, presumably at the In
?tdiiA) Of Itussln. has return.,! here, and
la iow at hla home near New I.ondor
I A :i,|emv. where he owns an estate. Mr
' t>- OarrOskl believes his arrest wua a cast
' of mistaken Identity, but the thing he ru
: gr is more than any other phase of the
ti ib!o was the notoriety that -imc to him
nu r being detained In New York.
[Special to The Tlmea-Dlapatell.]
Danville, Va.. October ?1.?Charles o. }?'
'villa, of ltlchniond. grand chancellor of t
ki .id domain of Virginia, and J. W. Starke.
tts iclary oj lien! Mora Temple, D. O. O.
K., with George Q, Hooper, royal visier of
l! I). O. (i. K.. all of ltlchniond. paid n
v: to the locn! lodge of Pythlans here
tonight Bad addressed the meeting. This
Was the last session to be held in the old
lo<lge rooms, which are to be thoroughly
ri ...deled, and the gathering tb-nlght ?an
In ihr nature of a farewell meeting. Which
wits attended by a great number of l'yth
I la ....
Qimllllcatlon, lu Chancery.
?lohn O. Beatty and I ho Virginia Trust
Company qua.d yeitorday In the Chan
rerj court, as executors, d. h. n? or the
? ;: of Edward K. Kennoll. The estate is
valufjd .at f 19,311.1*. The umo parties, John
l> Beat ty< and thu Virginia Trust Com?
pany, ipiulllled as administrators of che
?-? i - et Maggie Ii. Fohnell. TI.stale la
VM : -,l nl 15,000, The Virginia Trust Cotn
uaiiy qnalliied as guardian ?f Hubert W
Nannie I* McCarthy qualified as adtnin
m ttlrlx of tho estate of Dannie JleCar
thy. The estate Is valued nt tl.JPO.
Mary K, A very qualified a-s administratrix
W James C. Avery, The aatatc is small
Tucson, Ariz.. October 31.? I-"or the
first time in history, nun In flight
across the continent will meet in the
air Wednesday. Tucson will mark tne
uerial ?'siding" for the aviators, Kobert
G. Fowler, who Is already here, and
c P. Rodgers. who Is in illght from
JJI Huso.
Repairs to Fowler's Hying machine,
damaged in landing yesterday, were
delayed b. ie Ho long thai bis plan ot
leaving for Benson artd Howie had to
be abundoned. lie wilt i-- ready to?
morrow, and when Rodgers is seen,
us a spech in the ether, fowler will
rise and bull him us the two puss in
the air.
ItodKero Passes over Uowie.
Bowie. Ariz.. October 31.?Traveling
at high si.i Aviator c. P. Rodgers
entered Arizona on the lust leg of Iiis
ocean-to-ocean flight, und passed over
Howie at 1:09 o'clock tills afternoon.
Ills altitude was aboUl 300 feet.
I.mill- lit Willed*.
Wlllcox, Ariz.. October 31.?Aviator
c. P. ItOdgera landed here :it 4:Ij
'o'clock this afternoon on his tmns
Icontinued iiiuht. having covered s.i^o
miles from New York.
Leaving IUI Paso, Tex., at 10:17
Io'clock this morning, Rodgers made a
brief stop at Deining, N. M., for lun?
cheon, landed at Lordburg, and covered
ihe i'l'L" miles from the Texas city to
Wlllcox In minutes flying tlm-.
Rodgers plans to wl away curly to
; morrow for Tucson.
Town of Tbelran Practically Destroyed
mid T?vu I'erxnnH Hurt.
San Antonio, Tex., October ;il.?The
toWii of Thoima, eighteen miles soutn
of San Antonio, was practically de?
stroyed, two persons were hurt and
great damage, the amount of which
bus not been stated, has been done bj
u tornado yesterday, according to new
received here to-day. A number of
thrllllrrtr escapes are reported
Itrpnrt? tit Circulation Cause nunlnesfi
Much Inconvenience.
Washington. October 31.? Hundreds
j of Inquiries from all sections of the
I country are being received at the
Treasury Department from those per?
sons who have believed recent reports
that all nickels dated 1910 are counter?
feit. The reports were spread per?
sistently In the West and South, and
now are being circulated in the ICast.
occasioning banks and business much
I There are 30.000,1.00 nlckeU of 1910
I In circulation, and ?0 far ns the Treas
I ury knows all are genuine. Some of
'doctors advised
the hospital
Mrs. Herberger, Who Would Not
Consent to Go There, Finally
Relieved at Home.
St. Louis, Mo.?Mrs. Mary Herbergcr, j
ol this city, Bays: "I was sick in bed for
ten weeks with womanly troubles, and |
had four of the best doctors waiting on
Every one of them said 1 would have
to go to the hospital and have an opera?
tion, but 1 would not consent to that.
1 thought 1 would give Cardui a trial
When I began to take the hr-t bottle I
could not turn over in bed, but had to be
Before I finished the first bottle my
pains were leaving me slowly, and soon
I wa= out of bed and walking around.
My pains have not come back since.
I weigh 15 5 lbs. and feel fine. Cardui
sa\ed mc from an operation. I am going j
to keep it in the house, for I would not
be without it."
Cardui'? strengthening effects quickly
show themselves in many different ways.
This is because the ingredients from which ]
it i- made go to the source of the trouble,
and 1 y acting specifically on the cause,
relieve or cure and lulp bring back health
and strength.
In the past 50 years more than a mil?
lion women have been benefited by Car?
dui. Just try it.
N. B.?Write to Ladies' Advisory Dept.,
Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga,
Tenn., lor Special instruct ions and 64-page
book, "Home Treatment for Women,"
sent in plain wrapper Oil request.
Our Profit Sharing
A coupon given with a Sc shine will
be received as cash when presented in
payment for shoes and stockings
20 Good For .$1.00
Third and Broad.
J' PURf ..aa/11
Monroe 1801
See Our Great New Store
~-and New Stock.
Sydnor & Hundley
Seventh and Grace
l|llli*^J(?C?t Wr2S
Great Kidney Remedy Saves
Two Children In One Family
About one year ago two of mv children |
suffered badly from weak kidneys and
diabetes. They would have severe spells .
of dizziness and wore all run down in j
health. I was just about discouraged: i
I tried several remedies and finally a tloc- |
tor, but they diil not seem to improve. |
I knew of a friend who was taking Swamp- j
Root for kidney trouble with good rc- j
suits, and I decided tu get sollte for the,
children. I had noticed that there was
some improvement after they had taken
two large bottles, ami continued to give!
it to thetn until they had taken one-half
dozen bottles and were well on the road
tp recovery. I think Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root liar- done more for my children than '
an> other medicine I have trier), and
recommend it to any one having children
thai s.iffei as mine did.
Very truly yours,
Dothan, Ala,
Personally appeared before me. this
2d day of July, 1909. R. W. Lisenby, who
subscribed to the above statement and
tnadi oath that the .-ante is true in sub
stani e and fact.
Notary Public.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co..
Biiighunuon, N, Y.
, Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
j Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
I ton, N. Y., lor a sample bottle. It will
l convince arts- one. Yon will also receive
'a booklet of valuable information, telling
, all about the kidneys and bladder. When
t writing be sun- and mention the Rich
! mond Daily Times-Dispatch. Regular
1 fifty-cent and one-dollar size bottles for
-ale at all drug stores.
thetn were discolored In the minting
by fumes of sulphuric acidsw which
gives them an unu.--u.il app?nran.e.
They are genuine, none the jegl
Murray Pledac? (.'o-?pcratloii to C lear?
ing Iloiiae Associations.
Waahlngton, < 'ctober 31.?The move
? ment of clearing house associations to
! appoint examiners to Inquire into the
condition of the banks composing
them, which Is spreading over the
country, received the Indorsement of
Comptroller of the Currency Murray :
"In my opinion. It Is a splen.eid
movement, and I am for It earnestly," ?.
he said.
For the successful working of the
scheme, the comptroller advocated !
these two conditions as essentials:
First, a comoetent examiner, with
the confidence o7 every bank; and, sec- ;
ondly, an efficient clearing house com?
mit:-"- to take prompt action when
unsafe or dangerous conditions are
reported. Mr. Murray pledged his co?
operation to these committees.
Awaiting Arrival of .Mechanician With
Ncv> Ilutterlca.
Newport News. Va., October 31.?
Lieutenants Ellyson and rawer, the j
naval aviators, who yestcrda.' attempt- !
etl a return flight from Old Point to
Annapolis in their hydro-aeroplane,
and who wire forced to descend at1
Crab Neck, near the mouth of York
I River, after covering about twenty
miles, are st.11 stranded. The young
naval officers were awaiting the ur
hrTVal Of :?. mechanician from Annapolis
with new batteries for their engine
! at the latest report, and It Is thought
they will likely not be ready to re?
sume the return flight until to-mor?
row afternoon. Frojn a York River
fisherman It was learned to-day thrt
he batteries <>n the engine of the air
rait burned out [yesterday shortly
I ;:fter leaving Old Point, and it was
I for this reason that the aviators were
forced to land.
Stenm Turned Into Pipe Lending From
I p-to-Ilutc Hennery.
Wlnsted, Conn., October 31.?E. B.
-Moore, of this place, claims to have
the most up-to-date h-nhouse in the
world. The framework of the build?
ing is of pipes, which are filled with
st-um. and automatically keep the
house at an even temperature and act
ns a brooder. The yjives empty Into
11 storage tank, from which the water
Is piped to a trough automatically reg?
An alarm clock in a room over the I
hennery releases a lever at feeding
time and allows sufficient grain for j
Forecasti Virginia?Ituiu Wednesday,
slightly colder forth und ivesi portions|
'I liurhtlu> colder and generally fair;
uortn ?lud?, Increasing, probably be?
coming variable! on .in cuust,
\ nein Carolina?Kuiu \S eduenday,
(-older ?est portions; hrixU to high
north winds; Thursday tulr, colder.
Special Local Data lor Yesterday.
12 noon temperature .
3 P. M. temperature . 61
Maximum temperature up to S
P. M. G5
Minimum temperature up to s
P. M.
Mean temperature .
.Normal temperature .
Excess In temperature.
Deilcicricy In temperature since
March 1 . 10
Accum, excess in temperature
since January 1 . 8S
Rainfall la%i twenty-four hours..
Dcficlericy in rainfall since March
1 . 7.27
Accum. tleilcii iK-y lu rainfall since
January l . 7.54
Loeul Observation s I*. vi. Yesterday
Temperature . 60
Humidity .
Wind?direction .N.
Weather .Cloudy
Unlnfall last twelve hours . U0
(At s P. M. Eastern Standard Time.)
Place. Thor.' H. T. KT. Weather.
Ashevillo .... 56 tiu 51 p. cloudy
Atlanta . 5.6 62 56 Itnln
Atlantic City-, 60 62 5S Cloudy
lloslmi . ?0 tiu 5S Kuiu
Buffalo . lu 50 10 Itain
Calgary . 22 21 22 Cloudy
Charleston ... 62 6s 62 Ruin
Chicago . 42 is 12 p. cloudy
Denver . 46 50 :ti Cloudy
Duluth . 26 :;i 22 Cloudy
CAlveston ... 7.0 72 61 Clear
llntteraa .... 64\ ?s o i Cloudy
Havre . 20 2s 20 Clear
Jacknonville.. 66 74 ?6 Cloudy
Kansas City.. 42 GO 3S Ruin
Louisville ... 52 54 r.2 Cloudy
Montgomery.. 64 7n 62 Pain
N'.-w Orjeiinn.. 72 80 66 clear
Now York.... 60 so :,< ttuln
Norfolk . 62 66 60 itnln
Oklahomti ... 50 r.6 its Clear
I'ittPbiirg ... f* :.s 02 Cloudy
l-iulelgh 60 66 54 Rain
si. Louis ... .? is f>0 11 Clear
K?- Paul . 36 ss 22 Cloudy
s.mi Francisco 64 r.6 Clear
Savannah ... ?2 66 62 Cloudy
Spokane . an f.2 26 Clear
Tampa . 76 7s 71 Cloudy
Washington., t'.n >\ ;,- Itnln
W.,n.V,pXIF. ?2 2U ? ? ?'lotidy
\\ yih. vllle .. 6|| ui go p, cluu,
fXlATLltn . A Ml AC.
fNovember 1, 19?;
. g.,
ono feeding to descend through a pipe
Into the reeding basins. In the bottom
of each nest Is Uli opening with it trap
door, through which the eggs, as thoy
uro luld, drop into a pipe leading into
-Moores hem..- .\a they puss down from
tills pipe they are automatically rub?
ber stamped with the date.
At breakfast time each morning
steam is turned into the pipe anil the.
eggs are cooked as they puss from 111?
hennery to the house.
Hudson Valley. Xeiv York, Visited by
I. n lit; III Auto.
Poughkeep8le, N". Y., October 31.?A
band of burglars in a big automobile
has been spreading terror in the Hud?
son Valley, and because of the many
robberies which have oeon reported In
the last ten days, the authorities of
many villages have additional deputy
sheriffs on duty every night. Three
robberies In as many nights is the
? record in Dutchesfc county, following
a series of robberies by the same band,
lit Is believed, in Columbia county. Tue
burglars arc paying particular atten?
tion to railway stations, post-offices
I und jewelry stores.
At fthlnecllff, Pleasant Valley and
I J.lttle Rest the robbers entered as
I many as ten places. At Pleasant Val
: ley Lola Hoc tor, daughter of the pro?
prietor of Hoctor's Hotel, heard the
' burglars at work. but. fearing that
j they might kill any one who Inter
f'red. she waited until they had run
! out of the back door and iTNappeared
in their machine before she gave the
alarm. At the Central New England
Railway station at Pleasant Valley the
robbers got away with several hun?
dred dollars in money.
A?hlnnri News Notes.
Ashland. Vn . October 31.?Mrs, A. C.
Wishtman hat returned from a delightful
visit to friends in Cincinnati, Lexington,
Ky , u|id r/lnrlottesvllle, Vs.
Mis* Constanc; Nourse, of Casanora, It
the guest of Misses Goodwin.
Mr. and Mrs. William lludd and Mise
Brandon Rudd, of Richmond, were week?
end guests of relatives here.
1'rof. M?rr!tt <;. Nolley. who spent a few
days here this week, has returned to his
home at Afion.
Mies Florence Chapln and Master William
K. Chapin, were week-end guests of Misses
Hart and Master Maeoti Hart.
Mrs. C, K. I'e.ndleton returned to-day
from Washington, where she visited rcla
Killottc Jordai.. of Florence, S. C, was
!,.>re Monday.
Miss Emily Ilarrell. 0f Norfolk, is the
Cuest of Miss Clark Hoofnaglt.
Miss Margie Chlsolm, of Hlchmond, is
visiting Miss Annie Ma<-un I'otts.
A delightful Hallowe'en dance was given
in the Ashland auditorium on Tuesday
night. The hall was attractively decorated
with autumn leaves and Jaek-o'lnr.ter:ss,
aad with the wolrd costuin-s produced a
very effective scene. A hlchmond orches?
tra furnished the music, and the dancers
were Misseb i'onsiincc Nourse. Emily
Harrell, Sura Cardwell, Annie Macon I'cifs,
Elise Cardwell. May Baldwin. Imogenu
Rlddlck, Margret Turktr. l'age Kbton, Em?
ma Lee i'rlddy. Ida slmrns, Cond? Bridges.
Katharine Marsh. Julia Welliger, Augusta
Nixon. Ann Hunter, Ellso Drowning, Ethel
Howard. Margie I'hlsolm: Messrs Hatcher
Willis. Trant Dane, Marlon Howlson, beltch
Wright. Walter Pydnor, Charles Lebbs,
George Weed. Russell Scott. Lynn Walton,
Wllllo Cardwell, Campbell Tuck.r. Frank
ex. ltot>. Hunter, Child?. John Kleids. J.
W. Wa.-e. Calum Jones. Richard Carr.
Rives Woisham. Daws/n. Dane, l'ope. Th?
chaperons were Mesdames Clifford Drldges,
-lames Hunter. John Addison. C. E. Potts,
T?te Chenery, McDowell, Carr, Cardweil,
lloufnacle, Chenery.
Mohn Wins from I'apkr.
Boston, October 31. ?Bob Moha. of Mil?
waukee, won a decisive victory over Billy
Papke. the Illinois thunderbolt. In twelve
rounds of a one-sided bout, ai the Armory
Athletic Association to-night. Papkc show?
ed from the start that he was In no form
to fight. He was on the defensive from the
first gong, and Moha pur.imoled him all
over the ring. After the seventh round
there were Continus: cries tu tuke Papka
from the ring.
[Good C/00I5.T
T7ie fjforn & ot^*
It is also the home of
Good Luck Baking Pow?
der. This Powder has be?
come the favorite of Cook
dom. Hundreds of thou?
sands of housewives will
use no other kind.
You can Ret
it at your gro?
For list of val?
uable Free Pre?
miums see illus?
trated booklet in
each can.
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loading gentry are classed as moder?
ates, while the musses are extremists.
The same condition prevails In the
provinces of flu-Nun, Hu-Peh, llonan,
Shan-Si. Kiang-SI and Sze-Chuen. Nat?
urally Manchuria and Chili remain loy- |
allst. Shantung, Klang-Su, Anhwcl,
? 'hekiang, Fuklen, Kdel Chow and I'un
nan are apparently haif-hearted. tTiso
where Incipient rebellion la spreau
An important question for the north
IE vt hether Oenoral Chang, leader of
the Lan-Cluu soldiers. Is acting inde?
pendently or In collusion with other
rebels, if the edicts satisfy Ute north?
ern soldiers, tne control of North
China will not be seriously imperilled,
but concerted action on the part of
i Uenoral Chang and the southerners
, would probably result in the lllglit of
; the court to Jc-hol.
I It Is reported that -Cie garrisons at
Tsl Nan Fu. ChanChttng, I'ao Ting Fu
and Tehchow have declared In favor of |
the revolutionist.-, and that Kwai-Feng
Is expected tc> revolt shortly. A revolt!
at Fao Ting Fu would lie of great Im- |
portance, as it would result in cutting
Yin Tcnang"3 communications com- ;
i General Vln Tchang has sent back i
home all the H?nau troops suspected of !
disloyalty. His army at Sin Yang Chau
Is deplorably provisioned, one division
being without food for two days.
It is stated In some quarters that
. Yuan Shi Kal has been appointed pre?
mier. It Is added that the government
Intends to accede to every demand
made by the Lan Chau soldlers und
other disaffected troops, and that It Is
expected that the ministry will resign
Rebels Without Frnr.
Hankow, October -'P. via Wu Hu.
October 31,?The revolutionists have
rallied and reorganized their forces
and are furiously contesting the Impe?
rialist advance on Han Yang. The in
surgents still hold a section of the city
which separates the foreign conces?
sions from the native city.
The Red Cross doctors estimate that
1,000 revolutionists have been killed
and between 2,000 and 3.000 wounded
during the lighting of the past three
days. Of a rebel battalion which faced
the Imperialist machine guns with In?
trepid tenacity, only two or threo es?
caped. The others were mowed down.
The loyalists lost from 200 to 300
At daybreak Saturday 5,000 rovolu- ;
tlonlsta attacked the imperialists im
inedlately westward of the concessions.
A vigorous engagement ensued, and
the rebels recaptured the ma'n railway
station, which, however, is of no value
The imperialists retired to the race
course. Mennwhilo tho Wu Chang
forts and the battery to the north 1
llred upon the gunboats, forcing them
to descend tho river. Tho Imperialist
lighting line was reinforced by 3.ooo
men. These advanced and threatened :
to outflank the revolutionists. Hun- \
\ dreds were killed or wounded on both :
I sides.
j Tho rebels showed reckless courage,
which Is their main asset They
charged cheering, In close formation,
and faced the deadly Maxims tin
: ftlnchlngly. They probably sacrificed
ten men to the Imperialists' one. They
were untrained coolies and boys.
; They advanced, disregarding cover,
and tired wildly. The imperialists,
utilizing shelter, llred to kill They
did not waste ammunition.
The one Idea Of the rebels seemed
to be to go forward at any cost. Tho
loyalists, ott the contrary, with mi
ehlne-llke discipline, obeyed the orders
given by bugles and whistles. They
employed the deadly time fuse shrap?
nel ng.iinst the rebels' percussion
A few Chinese In the concessions
were killed or wotihded, I.tiler In the
day the Imperialists recaptured tho
Admiral gait's fleet, after a bom?
bardment of an hour, failed, to Silence
the battery to the north of Wu Chang.
The ships then withdrew without seri?
ous damage.
Admiral Sah hat? notified the for?
eign residents thai he will not hom
bard Wu Chnng tint 11 Hankow hail
been taken. All the stroots III the con->
cessions are strongly barricaded, and
volunteers and bluejackcta are guard?
ing them continuously.
Ilankoti Reported Taken.
San Francisco, October 31.?A dis?
patch reporting the capture of Hankow
bv thb rebels was received here to?
day from Shanghai by the Chinese
Free press. According to the message'
the rebel army from Ran Yang moved
against the Imperial forces and stir-1
rounded the city. The royalists were
compelled to withdraw after two of i
their regiments bad h'--ri captured. i
The reported victory of tb& rehela |
lit ttankov. iso.rv.ii-ni.il In pay by the ?
Chung Sal Yat l'o In a ciiivl; frunP
Shanghai to-day. The aulhtSBwatlvo
news is given oil! that FachlmOfV. the |
first railway station outside oVi the ,
city and a point of great Strategic Im?
portance, has been captured by dm
rebels in a battle und is being strongly
fill tilled.
Canton is repotted In n critical stnLe
bi cause of tie- Impending Conflict be?
tween the rebels and the'Munchus. Tin
people are leaving the city in all di?
The imperial lon.v at Chin Shau.
near Canton, have rebelled. The vice?
roy there has fortified his city against,
a rebel attack.
Police Court Cases.
John Freetnnn. colored, charged with
stealing a coat from VV, T. Woody, was
sentenced to thirty days !n Jail from Poll, o
Court yesterday morning.
Chester Lee, colored, appeared In court
on a charge of stealing a can of tob?'- d,
valued at '.0 cents, from the R, A. Patter?
son Tebneco Company, but tho hearing was
continued to this morning.
Nelson Henry and Elsie Scott, colored,
charged with flichtlng it US PuIIIani Street.
w-ere lined $5 apiece.
Arthur Jackson, colored, wae flnod J:.'~>
and placed under |!00 security for slv
months for firing a pistol in the street.
In In Hospital.
'.Mrs. T. L. West, of Salem, a 'daughter of
Commissioner of Agriculture r?r\! Mrs.
George W. K?lner, Is in Ihn Hygela Hos?
pital for treatment. .
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