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Word In tho rcdtstrlctlng. Is made Into
? oouth Richmond Improvement IRb
tiicl." within the bounds of which all
the guoruntees of Improvements under
the annexation agreement aro to be
It Is hardly ontlclpated that the
Council will kq Into discussion of tho
ordinance and resolution on Monday
night, but It ir. thought they will be
deferred until a special meeting, when
they can be fully considered. The at?
tention of the Chamber of Commerce
and of Industrial, commercial nnd labor
organlzattone throughout the city will
be called to the proposed plun of re?
form, so that the Council may have as
fully as Is possible, tin expression of
the wishes of the people in voting on
the proposed changes.
Text of Amendment.
The full text of the proposed changes
in the city charter creating an ad?
ministrative board follows, the num?
bers of erring to the sections of the
existing Chart! r which arc revised or
"He it resolved: That the City At
loin*;- be and ho is hereby author
ised and directed to procure from th<.
in \t General Assembly of the State ol
virgin:;! an amendment to the char?
ier of the city ol Richmond which
provides as follows:
' 16 The City Council shall fix mo
pay it all officers, but when-such pay
- been fixed tho same shall not be
ncreaacd t-\ the CHy Council until
the propriety of such Increase has ;
been referred to the administrative j
hourd, considi red by them and re- '
oorted upon to the Council; provided,
lowevor, that the Council may dele
gate to the administrative board the
power to tix the pay of all officers
(Who i they are now or may be here- i
uft< r authorized to appoint), and pro- j
vided further that the pay of all em- j
ployes of the city shall ue fixed by !
i administrative hourd, and may, J
'torn time to lime, be Increased or
llminishod by said board."
Charter UtUcers.
. There shall be elected by the .
people one city Treasurer, one Com-]
missioncr of the Revenue and- live J
members of a board to be Known ?s j
administrative board, tho terms'
it all of whom shall be four yt-ait
from the ilrst day of January succed
their election, and there snull bet ;
appointed by the Council in Joint sc?- i
i"ii one olty dark, one clerk of Coun?
cil com mit tees, one Bergeant-at-armi
it the City Council, one City Attorney, I
Auditor, or.e Police Justice, one
clerk to the Police Justice, one sub?
stitute Police Jtistlc". five members
of the Board of Health, nine members
of the city School Board, one clerk
to the City Treasurer, one clerk lo
the City Auditor and one collector of
-?iinquent taxes, anil the Council may,
or may not, In their discretion, elect
one City Collector, and each branch
01 the Council s-liall be authorized to
appoint such officers and clerks as
may be d?rmed proper for the regu la?
ll n of its proceedings and for the
convenient transaction of their bus?
iness, the '.erms of which officers and
rks so to b. appointed shall be two I
! . ars from the first day of July sue- !
ceeding their appointment, except the
term c-: the Police Justice, whose term !
shall be four years..
Cremlon of OfHce.
"2t' The Council may creBte such ?
office? and clerkrr^rs as they may
. ;.-:;er. in addition lo those here- ,
In provided for, and define thcii
pow- ?? and prescribe their duties, and
rtquire Lords with sureties In propel
rrnalC*-.- payable to the city by Its
er.roorste name, with condition for thr
faithful ,- ? rrormanee of said duties
but no office or clerkship shall He
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created except on the recommendation
or the administrative hoard or until
the propriety of such appointment lyia
been referred to said board, consid?
ered by them and reported upon to Hie
Council, unless such report bus not
been made within thirty days aftet
tnev have been notified of a refcflcnc? ?
to ihetu by the Council. Any munlcl- j
pal officer appointed by the Councl j
may be removed from office at theli ;
pleasure. In case of vacancies OCCUrr ;
ins In any municipal office filled by
the Council they shall elect a oualltled
person to Illl such office during thv
unexplred term.
The Administrative Hoard.
??30.a. That at the general election
to be held on Tuesday after the lirsi
Monday In November, isi?, un election
shall be hau by the ?luulintu voters of
the city of Richmond of live persons ;
qualified to hold olllcc under the Con?
stitution and laws vi this State, to
constitute an administrative board for
th.- city of Richmond, the term of of- j
. . of whom shall be four (i) years,
except that those rtrs'. elected to of- !
lice shall he elected to serve as fol- ?
l'ws: Two for a period of two years,
two for a period of three years ar.d :
one for a period of four years. The
rtspectlve length of the- terms of each
of the five members so eleuted shall
br determlnd by lot by the Commis?
sioners of Election, who shall, in pur?
suance of lau, iu the presence of the
candidate* or some representative,
snoul.l they make known their desire
to be present, canvass the vote o: sucl
election, and thereafter at the genera:
elections on Tuesday after tho Hr?l
. onday In November preceding th*
expiration of the terms of said officers
an election shull tie held to fill) the
said terms as aforesaid.
Kach member o: said hoard shall
qualify in the mode prescribed by law
before the City Clerk, .vnd shall execut?
a bond with some trust company as ]
surety satisfactory to the City Attor?
ney in the penalty of |5,000, conditioned ,
'. ?- th- :?.:.-.2u: ?!!!??.nsirg. of Isis duti' -
j2 a member of said board; thev *hall
de-.ot< sit of their t(me to the di.-<
charge of their duties and shall receive
out of the city treasury r.n annual sal?
ary c-f not less than $1.000. to be fiv.-J
by the Cay Counc-M. payable as the sal?
ary ol other city officers are paid. Hut
should any member of the Administra?
tiv?. f>.srd become a candidate for an)
nrtu-??Federal, State or municipal- ?
Shall, ipso facto, vacate his office as a
member of said board, and whehcvci
any member of raid board is named as
an applicant or candidate, or as pro-x-i i
'? -uppo.-t.-d as a candidate for ans
ctfi.;... <?: h proper person to receive
such; office, the Mayor or chairman of i
mid bosrd shall, or any member .if i
Mild board may. notify him that his'
name It mentioned in connection with I
euch olhc-, and it said member does
not, within ten days after the receipt!
of such notice, flic with the board i
Ms statement Irl w.-itins that he ls
neither a candidate nor an applicant
for such office, and likewise certifying
that he will not accept nor serve ft I
elected or appointed to such office, thei j
said board eh*ll declare his place va- >
cant. All vacancies in membership upon i
*aic board ahull bo tilled in the man?
ner prescribed by law for the nillng
of otbei vacancies in municipal office,
[elective by the people.
Terms of Office.
30-b The terms of office of the sale
members of the .'aid Administrative
?oa.-d shall commence on the first day
January, 1913, and the member!
elected at the preceding election as
Hereinbefore provided shall meet and
proceed to organize by electing '
of thi-ir number as -hairnwn and an?
other as subchairmsn, and In like man
j ner organize after evorv election ol '
Hew rm-mners t?. the hoa'nl for a full'
lerin and appoint such clerk or olorka I
j .-".-id other employes as may be nee- I
ei try in their judgment for the care ;
1 ru| keeping of the records and uc- 1
counts concerning the performance of
?helr duiles, and for the preservation I
I of the books and papers In the ofllCi
"i offices k-pt by I hem, and tlx th
compensation of such clerks and em-1
i loves Three members of the sai l j
i"urd shall constitute a quorum for tin.
transaction oi business. Kach mem- i
uer shall be entitled to one vote, and
all votes on all questions com-ldt-rel
by the board .-hall be recorded In their!
proceedings The said board shall k<-?
,un accurate and careful record of ji<
..f their proceedings. In the absence
of th* chairman of the hoard the *ub
halrman shall serve in his place.
Olli ten of Hot, Ml.
30-C, That ali of the dulltt of an ex-!
scutlvi i.- administrative: eharaotet
now exercised by any of the several
commlttoea of the Council of the city
of Richmond under any law or ordl
nanci now in force are hereby express?
iv conferred upoii and required to bt
exclusively exercised by the said Ad?
ministrative Hoard and the manage?
ment and control of an str-r-ts and al?
leys, Including sidewalks and publh
ways whatsoever; uil public bridges
with their foundatloiiH, approaches lte,;
?i hutment.-, all public Squares and
parks all public building*! all juv-n
drains and waterways; all wat<-<-'
, works, gas works, electric works or
. plants now owned by tho city or which
may hereafter.be acquired or construct?
ed, together with all mains, pipes, wires
poles, conduits and other works, stru<".
lares and buiidinirs of any nature
j whatsoever connected therewith' nil
I public cemeteries, markets, almsho'uses
[crematories and all property both real
and personal used in connection witn
tin- said bevi ral works of public Im?
provement or ownership, and general
ly the control, management am) u
llS'lictlon over any and all department,
'of the city government other than Ih.t
Polle?,. Firs md Health Depurlmi
and over all other public utilities
works an'" Improvements bi-ionuim- to
? r controlled by the city not h.-reit,
specially enumerated, and such ?? |?ny
.hereafter be acquired by the citv and
?l-o the gauging. Inspection. meliiMi
,iilg, wvelghlng and metering r,< a|> -,r
? tlcki of commerce or trafiic. arc acre
by expressly placed under the manage?
ment und control of the anld Adminis?
trative Board, and coneimlnn such
management und control the said board
may make ami proinulgato rules und
regulations lor tin; government of all
otttciTs and employes lu charge of the
departments Under* thoir control and
enforce a compliance with the same by
the imposition of penalty.
Lump hum Appropriated.
SO-d. Appropriation*, as far us prac?
ticable, to the extent of the fairly an?
ticipated revenues for each ensuing
year, shall be made In lump sums In
the annuhj budget ordinance, for the
1 maintenance of each department, but
i the Council may from time to time
make additional appropriations, upon
the recommendation of the Admlnlstra
I live Hoard, or. without such recom?
mendation, after the proposed ordi
I nnnce or resolution malting the uppro
I prlutlon shull have been referred to
' the hoard for their consideration and
I report lit the premises, and after the
I return of such report, or they shall 1
have failed to report thorcon to the!
I next regular meeting of either branch
Of, the Council, but thr Council may. In
! nny cose of emergency, muko any ap?
propriation without such reference;
provided, however, that nothing here?
in shall be so construed as to curtail
or impair the powers and authority of
the Council of the city of Richmond \
of a legislative character, under the i
Constitution, charter of the city of
Itlchmond or otlu r statutes of the Slate
oi Virginia.
Report to Mayor.
30-e. The said Administrative Board!
i-i-i:i 11 annually, on or before the lathi
day i\f February, in the year mid, and]
thereafter annually on the Uth day of!
l-'ebruury of ouch year, forward to the I
Mayor a report of lifo business trans- ',
ttcted by tnem during the preceding I
calendar year, together with such rec?
ommendations as they deem desirable
tor the better management and iuir
piovement of the business methods in
uny of tue several at pnrtments of the
city government, and for the better
performance of the duties imposed on
ir.eill OS un Administrative board, and
they sitall from time to time make
sttcii reports and recommendations to
the Uayor of the city of Richmond |
as they may deem desirable, which re- i
port so mud.- the alayor snail, togcthel j
with his recommendations concerning I
such report, send to the next rcgului
meeting ol either brunch of the Coun- |
ell of the city of Richmond, or. v. hero
he deems it necessary, to a called '.
meeting of cither branch, which he is
hereny expressly authorized to call. '
"And the administrative board snull ]
from time to nice make such reports |
in..I furnish such data, to the Counci."
oi the city of Richmond, or to eithet
bran a thereof, as may be required oi
tin in by said Council, or by elthdl
branch thereof:
Award of Contracts.
"30-f. The fcuid hoard shall have
tlie exclusive control of the letting
to contract, the doing of all work tOI
the city, and the furnishing of all sup?
plies and materials for the use of any
dep.i. .ihent of tlie city under their
rontr- 1 In accordance with the ordi?
nance and resolutions of the city, but
all purchases for anv department shall
always be made by the said board ]
under proper requisitions therefor, by
the head of the deourtment. under
rules and regulations established by
i..C said board, and oniy ufter an or
dlnance or resolution making the ap?
propriation therefor, except In cases
of emergency, where great loss or
damage to the city would ensue, and
in such cases the head of tlie depart?
ment in which such emergency exists
shall tile With the board n certificate
showing the nature of such emer?
gency and the necessity for the ex
!? udlture. All contructs for work oi
maierlnl shall only be let after du?
advertisement atal bidding, where
practicable, and the snld board shall
have the power to reject any and all ]
bids ?nd order new bidding, or. In i
their discretion, let the contract with- |
out further bidding- And the said
board Is hereby authorized an.d re- 1
quired to make and promulgate rules \
and regulations as to the advertise- .
ment. bidding and letting to contract
of work to he done or materials to j
be : rnished for the city. |
Auditing of Account!!,
?-g. The t&id board shall audit all I
bills against the city for work done I
for the city and for all materials fur- ;
lushed under any contract for the city |
which they are authorized to make, ,
and no bill for such work or supplies
shall be paid by the Auditor unless j
the same has been so audited and ccr- .
titled by the board as correct.
Appolnt? tlflleers and Employes.
t'SO-h. The said board Is hereby
vested with authority to appoint all
officer other than those whose ap?
pointment Is expressly provided for
by the charter of the citv of Rich?
mond, and also all other officers now
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authorized to be appointed, and all
employee and subordinates now em?
ployed by any committee of the Coun?
cil or authorized to be employed under
any ordinance or resolution now in
loVco or hereafter passed, other than
thoso appointed by the Board of Po;
lice Commissioners. Board of Fire
Commissioners, City School Board,
Board of Health. City Attorney and
the Committee on Finance. The terms
of ofilcu of nny person appointed by
said administrative board shall be two
years, und until Iiis successor' is duly
chosen und nuallilod, unless sooner
removod by tho said bo&rd, und any
person employed shall continue in such
employment during the pleasure of
said board: and tho power is hereby
expressly conferred on the adminis?
trative board to abolish any office
which they uro authorized to All, or
combine the duties appertaining to
two or more olllces In one ofiicor and
designate the of lie er to execute tho
combined duties, and tho person whoso
ouiye Is ubollshcd, and who has not
been elected to perform the duties that
ore discontinued, shall have no right
to uvinand or receive any ualury or
compensation thereafter.
Itemovol for Cause.
"30-1. Tho said board shall have
pnvcr to prefer charges against any
olty officer not appointed bl* them, and
f-rwaid the sumo to tho Mayor, who
shall take such action thereon as pro?
vided for by law, and the said board
may suspond any other ofllcer for n
period sufflcent for charges to bo pre?
ferred ugnlnst him and hoard by them,
and In the meantime direct the first
asslstunt of the department to dis?
charge the duties of the officer bo hub
ponded, and after hearing of charges,
which shall be reduced to writing und
served on the officers so suspended at
least ten days before the hearing, re?
move such offlcor' und appoint son-.,
other. I
80-j. The City Attorney shall act j
as counsel and attorney for the ad?
ministrative board.
Election of Auditor.
"31. The city Auditor s.iuil be elect?
ed by the council or the city of Rich?
mond. He snull be elected by lite
Council ol the city of Hichmonu. He
snull Hold his otttce tor the term ol
two years, u:?d unlil hit, successor be
elected und quality, unless sooner re?
movod. He shah hold his olllcc in
a~.h place as may be designated and
prescribed by thu City Council. Ho
snull give bond with surottos to thu
a ..bunt of not less than *.*o,o?o, which
shall duierminod by the City Coun?
cil before he enters upon the duties
of his otlice; said bond to bo approved
by the City Attorney and tiled in the
office of the City Clerk. The said Audi- j
tor ahull open and keep lu u neat and
methodical manner a complete set ol i
books, in accordance with such systoui
as the Council may adopt on the I
recommendation of the Mayor, wherein '
shall be slated, among other things, ]
me appropriations of the year ior each
distinct object und branch ol expend!- ]
ture, und also the receipts from each '
and every source of revenue, so far ar I
ho can ascertuln the same. Said bookr
and all papers, vouchers, contracts, |
bonds, receipts and oilier things kept I
In said office shall be subject to the j
examination of the Mayor, tho mem?
bers of the City Council, or any com?
mittee or committees thereof."
Duties of Auditor.
"37.?The Auditor shall, annually,
submit to the administrative board
during the mouth of January a report
of the estimates necessary, as nearly
us may be, to defray the* expenses ol
the city ogvernment during the suc?
ceed, ug fiscal year. lie shall In said
report class the different objects and
branches of said city , expenditure,
giving, as nearly as may be, the
amount required for each: and ior this i
purpose he Is authorized to require of i
till ci.y officers und heads ot depart?
ments their statements of tno condi- 1
tion and expense of their respective !
departments and offices, with any pro
posed improvement, and Hie probable ?
expense thereof, of contracts already !
mude and unfinished, and tho amount i
ot unexpended appropriations of the ,
preceding year.
He shall also In auch report show
the aggregate income of the current
liscul year from all sources, the amount I
of liabilities outstanding upon which
Interest is to be paid, and of bonds anc"
city debts payable during the year j
when due and where payable, so that
the said board may tully understunr
the money exigencies for the succeed- I
Ing fiscal year, a copy of which report ?
and estimates shall be forwarded tc 1
fach branch of the City Council, and
by the Council shall be referred tc
the Committee on Finance of the Coun?
City Kngtiicrr null Assistants.
Hr. Tnerc snail be appointed by the
Administrative Hoard one engineer fot
the city, who shall hold his otlice for a
period of two years, and until his uuc
cessor shall be appointed and Qualify,
unless sooner removed from office, ili
shull give bi?nd with sureties to the
amount of not less than $10.000 said
bond to be approved by the City Attor?
ney and filed in the office of the City
03. The said engineer shall have
power to appoint, with the approval
of the Administrative Board, such num?
ber of assistants and clerks as may
be authorized by ordinance, with power
in the Administrative Board to reduce
the number; but such assistants or
clerks may be removed at any time
by said engineer or bv said board.
Duties or City Knglnecr,
64. The said engineer shall, subject
to the control or the Administrative |
Board, be the general superintendent
ol the streets, culverts, public build- i
trigs and all public improvements. He I
shall make such surveys, reports,
drawings, plans, specifications and es?
timates needed In any department of
the city government, and perform such
oiiu-r duties as the Administrative
Board may require of him, and do, Is
relation thereto, whatever else they
may direct concerning the same. All
surveys or other acts, which may br
mudy or done by said engineer, sliuli
be ns valid and effectual as if the samv
were done by a surveyor of a county
and any map or plan oi the city, or
a part thereof now on tilo In his ot?
lice, or hereafter made and lllcd there?
in, made in pursuance of nny ordi?
nance of tho city or statute of tho
State, and especially the map approved
by resolution of the Council of June
twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and
seventy-two (1873), or a copy of such
map, shall be prlma facie evidence In
the courts of the Commonwealth of
the boundaries and lines of tho streets,
alleys und othor public places of the
city shown thereon. He shall keep his
ofllcc In such place as the City Council
may direct, and shall keep therein all
maps, drawings and papers pertaining
to Iris office. He shall keep a record
of all his proceedings, and a set of
books in which shall be entered under
appropriate heads the receipts and ex?
penditures of his department; and all
books and papers of his office shall
bo open at all times to the Inspection
of the Mayor, the Administrative.
Board, to the members of the City
Council, or to any committee or com?
mittees thereof; provided, however,
that the Administrative Board may as?
sign the powers and duties of said en?
gineer as general superintendent of
public buildings, or any of them, and
the supervision and control of tho
same to some other officer, under such
regulations as they may prescribe.
Council Committee Decides Against City
Furnishing Weapons.
Shall ambulance surseon? carry pistols''
Tbe question was debated at lenffth by the
Council Committee on Reil?/ of tho Poor ,
M'stcrday afternoon. Memo hold that slno? i
iho- surgeon* ?ot Into all sorts of place?;
mid at all sorts of hours, sometimes Into
the midst of flf/htlng. slrugsllne; mobs to
rescuo the wounded, thoy should bo fully
armed for their own protection. Sonn mem- |
bors couldn't sec It that way. They thought
a unlformod physician In the pursuit of
his healing office could go anywhere un?
molested, und the plan to have tho city
provldo the flrrarma w?o rejected.
Beyond that It w?s agreed mm the com?
mittee hnd no authority. If tho doctors
choose to go nrmc* tnev most like nil
oilier citizens, subjected to special dancer,
nrst secure a-permit from the judge of in*
Hustings Court. And when such f permit
Is secure* they musl provide llfei* *?n
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It won't cost you much to have one of these wonderful pianos in your home?the price, the
terms, the instrument?all will be perfectly satisfactory.
This Sample List Shows
of Prices
$650 Kingsbury Inner-Player, 65-note, aqaq
slightly used. ($8.00 cash, $8.00 per mo.)_ ?D*J*70
$725 Inner-Player* Piano, 65 and 88-note, OA AO
slightly used. ($10.00 cash, $10.00 per mo.).. ?P*lL'tO
$700 Inner-Plaver Piano, 8S-note, slightlv <?/fQf|
used. ($10.00 cash, $10.00 per mo.).'. ?Pfc/U
$650 Kingsbury lnner-PIaycr, 65-note, <P A f A
slightly used. ($9.00 cash, $'7.00 per mo.)_ ?JjflV
$700 Cecilian Player-Piano, used only a
short time. ($7.00 rash. S7.00 tier mo.). 0O\3O
You the Great Reduction
and Terms
20 Genuine Inner-Player Pianos? OA/"*/ Ct
Conovcr. Cable. Kingsbury and Ca- CiMyO Oil
rola. All first-class pianos. Unusual
values. usuil prices
$25.00 Worth Player Music, also u Fine Player-Piano
Bench, Free with Every Player.
We guarantee to show you the exact instrument you
see advertised?and further guarantee it will be sold at
the price advertised._
If You Ever Intend Buying a Player-Piano* Do it Now
Special Introductory Price Sale
The Schubert Piano needs no introduction to the people of this community, as it has been
sold in Richmond for the last twenty-five years. It is strictly a high-class piano, and one that can
be thoroughly depended upon. We have just put in stock a big shipment of the Schubert Player
Pianos, an instrument in every way up to the Schubert standard of high-grade excellence. These
Players will be put in the sale at the introductory price of $500.00 and $600.00, according to the
Celebrated Schubert Player Pianos
READ THIS ADVERTISEMENT AGAIN. It tells a s:ory of Piano economy never equalled
in this community. The recent change in this firm gives us the opportunity to more fully enhance
the value of your good-will, and where possible to establish a more liberal policy in giving greater
values and better service; hence this remarkable sale.
Quality for quality, we guarantee our prices are always lower than what you pay elsewhere
No matter what the price, it's always value received at the Corley Piano Company.
213 East Broad Street
Father-in-Law of Brodic L. Duke
Must Serve Six
Durham. N. C, November 1.?l_,eunder s.
Itochellc. futher-ln-law of millionaire Urodle
I.. Duke, the tobacco magnate. ?'n sen
lencod to-day to (lx montha in the county
Jull fur Illicit liquor Sellins. The Suprcmn
'""urt Imposed, the sentence, .-< (uMui: lo net
?Mdo. the sentenee Imposed fc>n .ludse Sykes,
of. tlie local Police Cuuri, on the occasion
of liochellc's arrut some time aso. Rochclie
appealed from that decision.
Enrlurer la Thrown to Ground und Cru?bed
40 Dentil
fborclnl to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Washington, N. C, November L?Captain
John Wllkin, formerly of thll city, em?
ployed by the Norfolk and Southern Hnil
road as engineer pn n train between Colum?
bia and Mackey s Ferry, met a horrible
death about 13 o'clock to-dav, when hi* en
To Quickly Gain
a New Complexion
(American Family Journal.)
The quickest way to get rid of a bad
complexion is by the use of ordinary
mercolizcd wax, procurable at any drug
store. Just spread the wax over your
face at night in the same manner you
would use cold cream, and the beautify?
ing work begin? at once. ? Next morning,
when yon wash this off, tiny particles of
the old, worn-out akin are taken off with
it. The following day more of the dead
surface skin comes off, and so on until
soon you have entirely discarded the faded,
sallow, blotchy or muddy complexion.
The fresh, bright, heajthy-hued skin
underneath furnishes your new complex?
ion. No process has yet been discovered
that will give a woman such a rarely
beautiful and youthful skin. .Marks ?f
age, weather, worry and disease which
mar the skin, of course disappear with
the skin itself.
Pure Silk Silk Lisle Lisle
50c, $1 pr. 50c pr. 25c, 35c pr.
F. W. Dabncy Company,
301 F,. Broad Street.
b'inu turned turtle. and, throwing him out i
of the cub window, fill on Mm, crushing I
him to death. \Vllkln? at tho time wae j
shifting care near Roper, X. <":.. aud the '
cauae uf tho accident 1? unknown, but it la I
believed to have been due to rails ?pread- |
Ing. Wilklns was about thirty-four s/aars
of ace. He loaves a widowed mother and i
several tfiatera,
Henry Hudson.
Lynchburg, Va., November 1.?Henry
Huasun. a well-known brick mason,
who had been ill for two years of tu?
berculosis, died this murniUB at 7:1 <
o'ciock at his home, lfHS Twolftl>
Street, Death was due to choking, uno
tho end came while Mr. Hudson was
laughing and talking with Uta wife
Ho was ti native ol Kuckbrldgq county
Where he was born in H-?i7, but ho hao
lived in Lynchbiirg many years. II?
is survived by his wife und tour chil?
dren by a tormer marriage and hit
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. i-'. Hudson, who
also reside in Lyuuhburg. The children
ajo Jesse Hudson, of West Virginia
Mrs. Lucio Ferguson, of Williamson, W
Va., and Misses Keba and VlrglnMi
Hudson, of Pocuhontas, Vn. He als? I
bus three brothers and two sisters sur- i
wiving: John W. Hudson, of Lynchbung. !
Robert \V. Hudson, of l-'chuylor's, and
Klcliurd IS. Hudson, of Lyuchbui-g, and |
Mrs. W. ,S. Wright, of Lynchourg, and I
Mrs. Hooker Shcphard, of Wlnesap.
Urs. Annie C. Tra%-ls.
i .Sp.-cial to The Times-Mspatch.J
Alexandria, Va., November 1.?(Irs
Annie C. Travis, fifty-nine years old.
widow of Ferdinand Travis, died yes?
terday at her homo. 610 Queen Street.
She was a native of Fairfax county.
Her funeral will take place to-morrow
Kdward II. Me Allster.
(Special to The Tlmes-I>isputch.l
Lynchburg. Va., November 1.?Ed?
ward H. McAllster died last night at |
his homo In Pearl Street after a short
Illness. He was born in Goochlund |
county eighty-seven years ago, but had i
lived here nearly seventy years. 11s
was a member of Centenary Methodist
Church, and is survived by three chll
jdron: Airs. Georgia Tyree, of Lynch?
burg: Mrs. Ellen Heacruft, of Wythc
vllle. and E. L. McAllster, of Sails
bury. N. C.
Joseph r?-tim.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.J
Alexandria, Va., November I.?Joseph
Pettltt, eighty-two years old, died this
morning at his home, 038 North- Co- I
lumbuu Street. He was a native ol j
Fairfax county and a farmer. He Is i
survived by one son, David Pettltt. His
funeral will take place from his home
at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
Abrain Higgle.
Williamsburg, Va,, November L?
Abram Higgle, seventy-eight years of
ago, died In his home at Poplar Hall
farm, three miles east of Grove. Mr.
Higgle hud been an Invalid for two
. MOODY?Died, at the homo of his pa- I
1 rents, Honric.o, N. C, October aO, LE
HOY WBNDENUURG. Infant son of
R. S. and Ruth Moody, aged one
month and sixteen days.
"Suffer the little children to conio
unto Me."
News Leader and Journal please
TAYLOR?Died. November 1. 1911. at
the homo of her brother. Mr. Georgo
K. Taylor. In Amelia county, Va..
Interment In he family burying
ground at Farm Hill. 11 o'clock
THURSDAY MOUtfiNG, November 2
years. He wan born in Coshocton coun?
ty. O., but cnine here In 1903 from
North bukotii. having purchased "Pop?
lar Hull" farm. In the lower part of
James City county. I|r I? survive.1
by his wlilow and one tton, besides a
sister HvInK In th?- West.
Ml mm ItoHe Taylor.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Amelia, Vu., November 1?MiSh lj. .
Taylor, ulstor ot Geo. K. Taylor, died t
the home of her brother laut nisbt ut?
ter a linscrliiK Illness.
KAV?in sad and loving remembrance
of our father. W. K. KAV, who de?
parted thip life two years u?o to-day,
November ?, 1909.
<\t Fountains & El sew hen
Ask for
The Original and Genuine
The Food-drink for All Ages.
At restaurants, hotels, and fountains.
Delicious, invigorating and sustaining.
Keep it on your sideboard at home.
Don't travel without it.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no imitation. Just say "HORLICK'S."
Not in Any Milk Te^smt
it wont hurt uou i f i|oi i
?11 Take
for indigestion
ALhjuid After D?inerDtyeitanf
W. Freds Richardson's
Storage nnd Transfer Department.
Main and Belvldere Bts.
Hauling, Packln? and Storing High
Grade Household Goodh.
Phones: Madison 843, day; Monros
142, nleht_._
tcsds . .?lj ? -a
Advertising Results
can be produced when the money Is Judlcl
ouily expended. We hsvo planned and ex
eouted many large snd small advertising
campaigns. We know how to get profitable
results. Consult us and be convinced.
Mutual Building.
Richmond, .. Virginia,
'Phone Msslson Ml*

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