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n;.m:i.t<j'i: wi;im>i:i.!..
DOROTin ;y_Vv|5|(l..
M.ivni \ ii \%< ocic.
M.UIV A.\lii:ifm\ UIM.IAM.
DIAItUI Kill I IS JIKH Mllll I'.
?inseru Jl." .IMllli:\YS.
Corresf>nndrncc Column
l>-:ir Editor.--The Inclosed booklet will
explain llMlf. 1 have Just iri-ci\--it u hunch
from Iho publisher, no.I thought I would
kernt you one before they were nil gone. I
prepared I ha aianuacrlpi ?beul a year ;>xo.
??.it for some reason th?. publisher Im* heeil
unable to gel Ilie pulilh atlon bill ?ofor?
this. 1 here "ot Miuell "* 1 b"*
Heye thai there is firriciMu Information
within the rov?? ;? ?tan a beginnet la
philately in "tu? he ihous.i *>-." i
scan the T. !>? 1-'. V< P??" ever* S?tels?.
Bail occasionally see Hie work or f"iiie
ine?nt><r niai i knew through eitiie: corre?
spondence of rccdgiillldn icsuitiiip from ?
sludj or (he work. I regret lliot I am un?
able to use my pen as I was wont. With
hind personal regard* and wi?111tis the club
iil possible slices*. I remain one or vein
Oldest member*. JULIAN r. babhr.
Tho News, Lynchburg, Va.
Bear Editor.? 1 am ?cndlr.g the second
part or 'Hensla Parrel's Cousin." ami I do
hope ii nets In ail right- 1 had to achd ii
In ihre? parts It was so Ions. I Ihniiglil
Hamilton Why'to's story was nne. .Harry
I'hllllp*. I i'aiuk i know the answer to your
puzzle- President Lincoln. I had just a
Brand time Hallowe'en playing sanies and
.ilfteiont thing*. I threw the apple peeling
? ive: mv load am! It mail,. * distinct "C"
bot liiere I Hill letting Olli Hallowe'en
HOereta. Pear Bdltor, your letter was read
ami dub- appreciated by hii "old" mcnlbor.
I am never disappointed when my work
iioi? hoi appear, l know there was no
room, iion all must share alike and have
a little In at a tl.: that's my way of
ooklng ni It, and I'm sure It's tlie other
members, too. I surely would have liked
to have ?peii the picture* at the fair; I
know llley were grund. I have been real
sick; had nervous chills, and lily writing
is r'flerce," which I liopo you will excuse.
Your old member.
D?ar Editor. -I tliuiik >.>u very much for
the bndgo. I went to Buffalo Bid's clroua
ihm nlaht. it certainly was so..a I sow |
Japanese, American soldler?, cowboys, Hu?
Blan ..sacks, cowboy girls. Ami's. Chinese]
and Indiana 1 saw tho man who rcpirjcnt
Buffalo Hill. I w ould like to get some |
irr.ls from some or the members. I n
lain)} do . think ilie Chadwicks kk ?man. I
There v., rt some very good stories In last
-?'iinday'h paper. I was glad to ?ee my story |
In prim. I Incloso a story called "A Hoy'
Difficulties ami Success." U la original,
tiopa H will appear In the paper. Yourl
Halifax Street, Petersburg, Va.
Dear Bdltor.?Plo'aee forgive me for not I
writing sooner, bin I have been so bU*ythat|
I 'mm' him very llttln ilnm 10 work for tin
page. I stlil read Ii every Sunday, ThosoI
were some lino Illustrated bterlea In Inst |
Sunday's page. Ineioseii you will tlnd
picture drawn by myself, widen l earnestly|
:>? po you will put In Hie paper Sunday.
Please excuse this writing, and nut hop?
ing* to send more work to Iho page in
the future. I remain, yours roapbetftilly,
.?. HOWARD DAVIS, .lit.
Dear Bdltor,?Y'ou must think ihat 1 hava|
forgot ton ilie club, but I ba\o net,
I BVeil't written to yoll since June, bill t|
!.?'. c iciil ihu T, D. C. C. page every Sun
duy. 1 spent most of the summer In lll'-li-I
nior.d School siarterl sootl after 1 came |
I ii e, so I have pot fouml time to write.
VValtoj lias Lm n ?Ick, and ha.l to slay nt
linilie most of this week. We had ?nun
lovely roses nnrt chrysanthemua, but lh<
I'roat killed J hellt nil. 1 nm sending lUel
.1 iswcrS to your pussies, and I do hope
they ,ire riiiht. I will close fm- tills tlme|
Slid try to write again soon If 1 have time.
Vo;:? tittle member.
Box LOS, BueilM \"lsta, Vb.
Dear Bdltor,?l was very glad to see ni
Iclnw and drawing In print. I am going oil
".?! every day: we have n basketball |
ulub, and we have n very nice lime play
In: basketball, I have lust tlnlslied .1.
Hamilton Whytho's delightful ilery, and I
um ?nie that be was tiorn an anllinr.
nm trying to answer your November puz?
zle, but do noi know whether || |s correct.
I certainly would like lo knew some
the olub member*, and our editor, loo.
would certainly like to win s medal and um |
going tu Iry, I had a very pleasant auto |
ride yeaierduy, which l enjoyed very much.
Well, 1 nil! say good-by. na I have to study
my I.?Iii.. Your members,
tireeu Hay, Vn. POLLY HEREY.
Dottr 11.liter.-1 l.avc w ritten I,, Hin club |
one,, before, bill have never received h
badge, a.i please semi me ..ne, and will you
please prim tho rules again, as I huve
leinenen lliom. I am twelve vcais old and
go 10 the public school. We have a line
teacher tbla year. 1 live In tho ricinus,
about one and one-half mite:, from town.
I hope all ilia children ol the T. l). f. >\
hail Q lilce 1 la How e'en. I must close now. I
with love lor both you and the . lob mem-1
bers, MA HQ A rtBT I'llOi TOR
iuuk'.s Branch. Va.
I'cur Bdltor,?I read a lot about the '
Ii. C, C. and would Ilka to loin II. Will |
you please *tnd me a tncmbeiehlp bad;c7
Your now friend,
lllu Vlat*, Va
Mciir Bdltor,?Till* week I am sending a
sketch of the eliurch ar.ioss from my linine.
I liopo you will think it good enough to
print. We took a. long walk up tht beach
vcslerday. and baa' a tine time. We touk
've pictures and While we wate com
big back we SNvv the sun set over Dial
' wiits Itlvcr, H was beautiful. Vour true.|
member. RVJM*V.N K, DYK If.
? ?; ivnshlncton Avenue, .Newport New*, I
ri- ?r Bdltor,?Was very glad to receive |
my badge I thiiiii the club i? gelling bet?
ter and better every day. Inclosed > oil w III I
Mud n drawing, which I hope rvlll eseapo |
Ihe iravh l>a^^lt. Wishing v?u ail suvtess,
Yoiifa Iruly, DOHOTHY NDWUL?
fioutli Itlehmond, vn.
Deal Kflltor. l Inlenderl to writ? i0 yoi
before, 'but liuVft been unable, for I have
been at home for the last few day* and
hl bot. hut I liav? been up and about to?
day and I I hough I I ought to write to >ou.
Disliking you lor Ihe prize which you n
mc mid I received about n week ago.
HSKiire you i Hin delighted with It. and ill
will ho a while before I neefl ? ?et of
pencils ngsln i am pleased lo see by the
. hildien's I'jge trt.it ihe stHlc Fair exhibit I
did ?o well, ?ml II will be quit,, a n
Iking for tlieni golnsr ?11 over th? ."tat
Wishing yon hkiI the club success, I r
main vour sick member,
Dear Bdltor, i rend my answer to char?
ade, puzzle department, signed A. M
Annwcr, Hallowe'en. Hoping lo win the |
prise, yours truly.
.IOSr.1'11 B. PICKLD>
leu Prlneo Edward street, froderlcl
buig. Vu.
Dear Bdltor, -I a ni sending answers.
?. puzzles to-diiy. tVo bad mi litdlnn |
-l oiv-ai ih- . ....irihoes.- IVIduy night, thiy
I and I were In It. Tlteh there wero tv
on..i pluya The Obstnatb Family" uud|
, "Clm Man ?ud ihe Mold." | certainly
have a good ? no. I Mit a! people v
there. 1 was eoriy n .t ;u se- anvil,lug .
from iho Chadwick girls to-day. i;.?|
Chadwick certntnli ilravvs lieautlfully. Will
[close lion. Vouv ilovolcd lliculber,
Hanover, va.
j l"'.r rCdllor,?I liirloso n ?ton w it
liopo 'on will be able 10 publish. I have!
linn inking much Interest hi ihe Children'!
Il'nei. and I am nOiv sending something.
I wish veu n merry llailiivvi ell. I remain
.vf.ur members, ANNE OILLIAM
, IS Plllniori Street, Petersburg, Va.
' Pear EdlloK- i was so glad t? fP? ,,.y ,
?'it. in t. -daj paper. I ili<:iit drawing
? heal thing ni person tan do. I cannot
I draw ? thing except anlnt?ls. 1 <l? not luion
1 " hai to vv i lie.
y. \i;isri-:Ri i'i; br.i.Mir.rr
Lor nine. Va.
Bear Editor, l have been In thin club io
?beul !.. iveeki an.) Mk.; It very inuch, 1!
writ's s iitorj ol the locket ami chain.
1 enjoyed ni> holiday very inu< Ii. I put orl
" ? ;??.?!? and nl? Jackal ?pd his
cap l hud a n,ie nm?. ??< | i,,,,,,. , ??
oyed i. 100. Ii was 10 o'clock when I
I t ?*1 i'? iVra' hul 1 "?"*">' It" lb bed at
\h-iv. I will not wine any more. Vour new
^03 ..oitli Second Street. Richmond.
LHerarj Piizy.lcmenta.
l Wha! v-ieni American writer .lie.)
? in Nov eiul.f-i ? oi, what dato? When
i and wh?re was he horn? In wlilcli ..r
jii t w-ziilngs do yttu liiTn ihaso words:
"My very dog has forHtoi me?"
t. What grreat Amerl.-i i writer wUs
bom November ?';. Where was h<
Dorn? Whon? did he v YVhoro'
What was his first po m? jn -whlc^
of ids wi'ltlngs do you iin-1 the fbl
folwIUR llne.s:
? By an unfaltering slop; approach thy
Bia ve.
I.Ike one win, wraps the drapery of
his eouvh
About Dim. und Has'down io plessaht
Original. By
281:: VV>sIllngton Avenue Newport
?\cwr, Ve
Editorial And Literary Department
Do Not Write Stories or Let?
ters on Both Sides of Paper.
Dear Boys and Girls:
I am going to felvo you every Inch
of available space, and so 1 ani merely
saying lo you howdy do. good-by, and
telling you that if any of you ?oiid a
Story or letter written on both .sides
of tin- papor It cannot be published.
Ho don't expect to sen It In print. This
from ' Irourt BOITOK.
Alias ICvelyn Dvkr, 2813 tVnHhliiKion
Avenue, Newport .Nr??, Vn.
Harry ?;ln??, IKJO North Seventeenth
Street, elty.
Ilruce Wllltlna, l.mt renecvllle, Vn.
'I'M 13 WI?BK'S fOXrillHl T?HS.
Andrews. Joseph U Hattorf. Alvln
Anderson. P. \V. Lord, William C.
Berry, Pollv Lewis. Barbara w.
Broadr?p, M. Marburg, 13., Jr.
Babai'i Julian T. Nc.uell. Dorothy
Chlldress, Marie Overby, Minnie
Cox, Thonyts Oppenhclnier, IC. S
Chadwick, Harry Perdu.', London
Chadwick, w. IS. Proctor, Margaret
Cooper, Rebecca Bisque, Nornia W.
Davis, .1. II.. .ir. Buu'jon, Lyra \.
Dyke, Kvciyn 12. Ilosenbttrg, Eva
Elder; Curtlf <;. Spencer, Clarajica
Flcklln, .1. n, Sutten, Edith
L'.tllluin. .'?*S'ry A. Tigtior, Helen
Clllllani, Anne Van Horn. <:.
Class, Hurry Wllklns, Bruce
Hawkins. Edward Weils. Pansy
Hancock, Aletha Whyte, I. H.. .ir.
Prod Alston had attended college
scarcely a yenr. win n he ivuk suddenly
called home, for Ills father had fulled
In business. 111? on.- desire had been
to complete his col legi education, an l
nlthotmh his father had tin.in. lally
failed, he was determined to execute
hia wise desire. He lived in f'< ntro
viiie, n lnrse manufacturing town; and
on Its outskirts were many small vil?
lages, lie had heard that n teacher
was wantod in Stone Hollow, one of
those little villages, and being de?
clared competent to tench ho applied
for the position.
The president acknowledged tho
young man's ability, and then re?
marked: "I am ttfrnld, Mr. Alston, that
the school will scarcely Mill you. Y'oti
are probably need lo a different no I i f
hoys than those of Stone Hollow. Tile
last teacher left on account of their
??iiow long has the nehool been va
Cant?" Fred asked.
"Nearly two monlhfi." was Ihe reply.
"1 will keep II open." prod detomt
ln< d "When shall you want mo lb
"Why; .t>:1 as soon ft? possible." Hie
president replied, and ho proceeded In
giving Fred directions how he could
reach the janitor. In order to h.i\e
tho school opened. Alter receiving
those directions. Fred set out to llud
the plnce. and arrived In the nlgn
borhood of ihe school in half mi hour,
lie found the snow lying thick upon
the ground, no attempt being made
clean the rt roots. Iho bouse-, wore low
and d'rty, and ("red himself was In
deed a novel, apparently in iho neigh?
borhood. It war not long before a
party of ii\e or slv rough looking
boys who were sjtrinding on Iho comer
caught sight of hhn.
"Oli. I say. John, look at the dude,"
remarked one.
"Ain't he a daisy. Will? I wonder
whore he came from?'' onothcr Joined
in. ,
"Say. ,11m, let's snowball him/
Meanwhile Fred had crossed .he.
street mill addressed an old man, who
w?v leaning over Ihe fence of olio
of the dirty little houses. Ho found
out that this man was the Janitor, and
so he gave him several orders about
Opening the school lie had recrossed
the street, when suddenly mid with?
out warning, ? shower of snowballs
hew after him. lie turned nround
and saw Ihe boys, and Obeying his
first impulse, he ran up the slrr.-t
with great rapidity. These worn soiim
ol Ihe boys he was to tench, no
doubt. Ho must show Ibesc wild fol?
low, that h.- was mil afraid of them,
in school or out. ii,- stopped runnluf'
and gathered up a double handful of
snow mid began molding II in 11
ball. The boys jvcro nuxslnd ?I this
movement, but Fred look the advan?
tage, and he threw a shower of snow?
balls. Tin- cowards Immediately fell
buck. II. had at least won his first
(To be continued >
Composed by
2 1 \ West Flay Street.
"1 wish man.inn would tnni and dot
me. (lout like auntie; don't, Uk? tinkle,
don't ill-. Meiirea. <>. what s'nll I do,"
sobbed Hertlc Cordon, a little girl of
"Lets run away, i don't like ihe
way they treat you. Mamma Bald fir
me to take (are of you ami so J shall,"
said Cyril, her six-year-old brother,
with Hashing eyes.
"Yes, lot's do." she agreed. -
"Lei me cut off your curla und til
auntie wont know you, she'll think
we're Nelson ami Betty Den ton."
Cyril .ut of) the. long curls, and to?
gether thoy hurried out of the door.
Tin y ran under Ihe cover of bushes
until tiny gol OUI of Sight of lite
house, and then as it was Ki'owlnr
d.irl, ihey ventured out to the road.
Aftei walking about a hair a mile,
i:. ni.- said. "Cyril, I is tired und told.
Take me home."
"No. wo won't so hack. They V ill
whip ns und send tia to bed I'onu- let
j us wall; faster, I see u light. [.of
us run. Thui will kocn us warm."
Th. y ran until thoy/reaennd the light,
I which proved to be a'cottagc
A i o\er,,j ti,rl stuod before Mi-:
dour sind tho cold, tired children crept
In und, covering Up with Home bugs;
they soon fell asleep. Thu owner
canto out and drove olV without know?
ing what his curt contained.
The Children's parents had gone to
India and left the children In America
With their only relatives. Tho people
did not understand children and were
very strict, often punlHliIng then) se?
verely. Cyril was a handsome, hl^.'t
aplrlted child, with thick, light curls
and sparkling block eyes. Although
he never complained ho resented the
Ill-treatment nnd often wished for his
parents and home. Bertie was di',1
cate, llttlo flower, like her mother, Htr
curls wore golden and her eyes wero
blue. (jyrll was bravo und Irled to
make it easy for his sister, but at las',
it became unbearable and they de?
termined to run away.
When the children awoke the cart
had stopped before a country Inn and
the owner was Inside. They crept out
and went Into the dining-room. ?t
foro a bright Are *ut a handsome
young couple. Cyril drew back av.d
whispered, "Why that lady looks just
like ipamma." The lady turned around
nnd seeing the children, she st irtoJ
Involuntarily. She called theni to, ho
ami said in a sweet voice. "What 's
your name, girlie?"
"Woberta Mawle Allison Cordon,"
she answered shyly. "And mine Is
.lohn Arthur Cyril Gordon, Jr. You
look juat like my mamma und I be?
lieve you are." said Cyril, throw ng
his arms around h?r.
A telegram was sent to the uncle
and aunt ami the next ?luv a largo
motor car took th<- happy four to the
fitrm. Atter getting the children's
possessions packed they bid good*).ye
l" America nnd sailed for England
and honte.
ntsssin; parrbi/s cousin.
Continued ? Part II.)
If Rossio Parrel wan prepared for a
surprise that night she. got It, for
Gusslo Bohnlfour was more than a
"great beauty," ehe was marvelously
beautiful. Tall for her age. slim and
graceful, with an abundance of dark
curls thai fell to her waist. .She ?bow?
el tho Indian, nnd yet she was a French
coquette. You could call her neither
Indian nor Fr?lich: nhe was distinctly
both. Bessie, becuino her fast friend
at once, not that she really llkor her
cousin, but she stood In uwe of her.
They were out driving when Joseph
Piiyton and Manuel Standlcy came tho
I:, xt day. and although Mrs. Parrel]
cordially Invited them in. iitoy declin?
ed hri Invitation declaring they would
tailor wnll for the girls on tho
sunny verandor than in tho parlor.'
The} wore Just sealed, when Mrs.
Farre . looking up, exclaimed, "Why
here's He?sle now. Where can
Gusslc be? My. hut the child
looks tired out; more llko she
had been oh s tramp in tho country
lhu.ll for a ride."
"Gracious!'' Ilesrle threw herself
down in a tired heap on the stepp, nulle
oblivions of the two young men behind
the vines on the veranda. "I'll never
go out any where again with that wild
cat. She's lust ruined my temper und
corplexloh," she, burnt out angrily.
"Bessie!"' Mrs Parrels shocked voicn
said reprovingly.
"I don't care. I'm as freckled as a
turkey <pc. She ought lo wear :t
blanket and live on a reservation, nnd
not pi fiinplng ?round with civilised
"Bessie, I never heard y.tu talk like
lliis boron-. Where |h your cousin
now? Can't you 001110 up nnd be In?
troduced to Mr. Stanley, or perhaps
you would llko to change your frock
first?" < ?h. blessed moth?r Instinct!
Bessie made i< dash for the renr of
the lioitsr. Haying something unintel?
ligible about her dross as she fled.
Tho alienee on the porch became op
presslvo, and Payton's ?'certainly is a
nlilcl evening" made the slloneo still
morn folt. All things must ultlrniitely
end. nnd a girlish laugh, rree nnd soft
miled like electricity.
Mrs. Parrel started up. "Why, iliero'a
Gussle now." she said, and the two
followed Iho direction of her eye?.
Sleiilcy rlulchcd Peyton's arm.
"I.01 !-.!" ho exclaimed, "what n beautl'
Int gl I!" Bui Peyton did not need his
ud.nittun. Ills eyes were fastened on
tho slim, childish figure or tho girl.
IIpi midnight tresses were blown back
from Iho oval face, ami the dark eyes
sparkled wllhcthe excitement of the
drive. she did not sec Peyton and
Stanley till she reached Iho vorandA.
Then Mrs. Parrel introduced them, und
both young men look a groat fancy to
iho assured little brunette scarcely
out of knee drosses.
(To B? Continued.)
Composed by
Caro William Chadwick, National
Soldier's Home. Hampton. Va.
Mr. Barnes had 11 faithful dog. of
whom he was very fond, whose name
Was Fido.
Ho waa a small fellow, with shining
black eyes, and ho generally uccom
pAnled his master wherever he went
Ono day Mr. Barnes, who lived in 0
line country homo, wits going through
the woods to take some valuable notes
and papers over to the bank In tho
town, twenty miles away. Fido was
to go along, of course, nnd as ho put
Iho BUddlo bags, with their valuable
notes snd papers, on the tine gray
h?rne, Mr. Barnes snid to Fido, "We
illtiSt look alter those cuf fttolly, Fido.
L>i> you UntVcrStarid?" And Fido wag?
ged his tall as if to stay. "Of course, I
Il wa 11 line. Clear summer day. but
the sun was hoi, and. traveling Slow?
ly, Ihey were still some miles'from
the town when dinner time canto. Mr.
names tied his horse, and sitting down
tit the shade of a lurgc tree, ate tho
lunch ho had brought with him,
throwing scraps of brrnil and meat to
tho eager Fido. Then putting the Bud?
die bags under his head for a pillow,
he lay down und enjoyed a refreshing
YVhon ho awolcc. he found that he
had slept longer than he should, and
making his preparations, he started on
hla way. lie had ridden for an hour,
perhaps, when he noticed that Fido was
no longer trotting at his side. Draw?
ing rein, he looked back of his should?
er and saw the familiar little figure
coma tearing out of the woods. But
what could have happened to the dog?
Ho. camo circling round and round the
horse, barking and yelping with ex?
citement. Could tho heat havo driven
Kldo mad? Again and again ho at?
tempted to start, again and again Fido
snappod at the horse, seeming to grow
more excited and vicious all the while.
At last, telling nurc that the dog
must be mad. and fearing that hin
valuable horse would be oltten, Mr.
Barnes regretfully drew a small ro
vllVcr and fired. Fido gave one ery
and ran back again Into the woods. Mr.'
Barnes rode on for a mile, sadly
enough, when ho happened to touch his
home's side. He uttered an exclama- i
Hon of dismay. The saddlebags were
gone! Ob. he saw It till now. lie hud!
left them at his resting placo, and Fldov
faithful friend, had been trying to tell
him. Turning h!s horse, he dashed
back into the woods. There. sure
enough, lay the saddlebags, all un?
touched. And there, his little, cold
nose renting upon them, lay faithful
(Jrrcn Bay, Va.
'r'. ere Is an old fashioned house ten
or twelve miles from Jarretts Hint has
been there for ubout 200 years. Mr.
Bailey owned it for some time, but
ho sold it to .Mr. Hale.
Mr. Hale has owned It for soma
time. It is a seven-story house.- Uo
in the top story is a small room where
the slaves were put when they dis
t>b tyed their master. Fp In the top
of ono of the rooms In the third story
is a large hell the masters used to
ring when they wanted the nluves.
The ynrd Is about two acres of land,
with large trees In the front and back
yard. Out in the front ynrd, under
n large tree, n wheel Is lying on the
ground. In the summer the children
have lots of fun cutting and eating
watermelons. The old wheel has been
lying tinder the tree for many yearn.
I like to go out there in the ruminer
and spend juy vacation with my
cousin. PANSY YVRLT.H,
r.20 Halifax Street, Petersburg, V?.
It has been my pleasure to spend
a week of my vacation at the. nen
rdioro. We left Richmond by the C. at
O, at 0 o'clock A. M. nnd reached Ihe
Arlington Hotel, Virginia Br-Aoh, at
1:30 P. M. Each day after eating din?
ner and resting a while, we wont In
hashing, which wc all enjoyed so much.
I wish our editor ivuld have boon
with us, for I am sure she would havo
al:o enjoyed Ihn line so? breezes and
the salt water. Sunday my father
cntne down and spent the day with us. j
YVe ran up I lie boardw alk way Iq m?nt
him. and sucli ft happy time we had j
together, that I was no sorry when j
?He left for Richmond. On Wednesday
during our stny at Ihr beach we went!
lo Capo Henry lo seo Ihe lighthouse
and other points of Interest. The
superintendent of tlm lighthouse was
very kind to us. He took tis through
and explained It all to us. This llarht
houso Is 1 f.7 feel hlsTh ,csn be si>*n at
sea for eighteen miles, and Is olio of
the finest on Ihe Atlantic coast. Thn
lens alone cost Sir,.000, and It look
two years to build It. The view from
the very top is simply grand. Yon |
rnn see whore the steamers go up tho
bay 16 Baltimore and through Hamp?
ton rtosd* to Old Point and Newport
New?. our party registered at the
lighthouse and returned lo Virginia
Reach, nfler (spending n most interest?
ing morning.
T shall always remember my visit
with pleasure and with lnnny thanks
to the superintendent. I could write |
more, but ah> afraid my story will he
too long, so will end.
(Seven years oldi.
507 E. Franklin St., Richmond, V?.
Cupid, the god of love, was the son]
of Venus. He was her constant com?
panion, and, armed with a bow and'
arrows, he shot the darts of desire 1
Into the bosoms of both gods nnd men. j
This god was usually represonled iih a!
plump, rosy-cheeked boy. with light
hair hanging on his shoulders. Thej
god of love did not escape the inllu
enco of the passion with which it wits
his office to inspire. FAiamorod of a
beautiful mnid called Psyche, he snnt n
zephyr to convey her to a splendid
home, where ho became her husband,
but never let her behold Iiis form. Her
sisters, who were jealous of her hap?
piness, persuading her lliat he must be
some odious monster. Iho imprudent
Psyche took a lamp to gaze upon him
as ho slept- She let a drop of oil fall
upon him. The god awoke, and flow
away, leaving her In desapir. After
undergoing a long persecution from
I Venus, w ho had also imprisoned Cupid,
Psyche Is found by her lover, who had
i made his escape. Ho Interests .Itiplter
In her favor, nnd Vonus is at length
prevailed o nto lay esldo her rescnt
I ment.
i Tho marriage of Cupid and Psycho
Is celebrated in the palace of .itiplter.
nnd Psycho bears a son who is named
; .. Itorralnc, Va.
Puzzle Department
-i /
'hm.i i;mn: BiinADRtr.
Lorraine, Vu.
(By Harry B. Chadwick.)
Ha Name and Meantaa;.
Cpon my hr?ast a Jewel gleams.
A golden emblem, pure and fine;
To tell Ita name and what It means
And make the Jewel's symbol thine.
Answer: Topas, fidelity.
Samson's Pasale.
"Out of the eater came forth meat,
and out of the strong camo forth
sweetness." .lodges xlv:H.
Answer: 'When Samson was going to
Tlmnath he killed a young lion, but
said nothing about It. On his way
back ho found a swarm of bees und
honey In tho lion, and he ale the
honey, giving aome to bis mother snd
father, but did not tell them where
ho got It. At his wedding feast he
put forth a riddle to tho Philistines,
saying: "Out of the cater camo forth
meat, and out of the strong came forth
If they gave him the answer In
seven days he would give them thirty
sheets and thirty changes of garment:
but If not they would give the aame
to him. For three dsya they could not
tlnd the answer, snd on the seventh
day they Instructed Samson's wife
(who was a Philistine also) to ask htm
for It. This she did and when he
gave It to her. she. In vcturn, gave It
to them. ThUa were tho Philistines
enabled to answer Samaon'a riddle.
The eater and tho atrong referred
to were the lion. The sweetness was
the honey which was left In the lion
by the bees.
"She looked down to blush.
And ahe looked up to algh,
With a stnllo on her lips
And a tear in her eye."
From Sir Walter Reott'a "T^oehlnvar."
Answered by Harry Chadwick, care
William Chadwick, Nations] Soldiers'
Home, Hampton, Va.
It* Name aad Meaning!
Upon my breast a Jewel gleams,
A golden emblem pure and tine:
Oo tell its name nnd what tt means,
And make the Jewel's symbol thine.
Answer: Topas. Its meaning la
fidelity. NOBMA RISQUE,
Buena Vlats, Vs.
"Out of the eater came forth meat,
and out of the strong came forth
Answer: "The cater and the strong"
referred to by fiampson was a youDg
lion which he killed In tho vlneyarda
of Tlmnath.
"The sweetness was the honey
Hsmpson found in the carcass of the
lion when ha was going to get his
Wife. It waB put there by a swarm of
tliicna vlsts. Va.
Answer of puzzle from Blbl*. by
"Out. of the eater came forth meat,
and out of the atrong came forth
The eater and the strong Was a
lion that Sampson killed on his way
to Tlmnath. The sweetness was some
honey In the carcass of the lion, and
the bees had put il there while he wns
at Tlmnath.
Drakes Branch. Vs.
Answer to "Jewel putrl*":
Topnr.. "Fidelity and friendship.*'
Answer to "Samson rlddls":
Sampson was the eater, nnd tho lion
was tho strong, Samson Willed a lion
with his hnnds and left It. Rome time
after, ho went hark And found that
lite boos bad made a hive In the
carcass and filled It with honey.
Answer to "Ballad" question'
Aged twelve years.
Answer to Samson's Puaste.
1. Tho cater and the atrong was a
3. Tho sweetness wan honey.
3. A swnrm of boos had gone in
the carcass of the lion and made honey.
Your member.
Cheater, Vs.
Front What nnlledf
Prom what ballad are the followirg
lines taken:
"Him looked down to blush.
And she looked up to sigh,
With n smile on her lips
And a tear In her eye?"
The above are, lines four and five In
the fifth atanr.a of Sir Waltor Scott's
poem, "Young Lochtnvar."
V. S. D. B., Staunton, Vn.
What Did Me mi i ii i m f
You did bo well with your first Bible
1 puzzle that I am giving you a second,
contained In the following directions
sent by a Boaton clergyman to his
I mother, when he desired to Inform
j her of a domestic event or importance.
He said:
"From sweet Isaiah's sacred song,
ninth chapter nnd verse six,
First thirteen words please take, and
then the following Afllx:
From Oencsls, tho thirty-fifth, verso
seventeen, no more,
'? Then add verso twenty.sl>: out ?>f
Kings, Book Second, chapter
Tho last two verses, chapter first,
First Book of Samuel.
And you will learn, what on that day,
youj loving son befell."
Now exercise your ingenuity nnd
reproduce quotntlon by directions, Tho
first correct answer received will win
tho prize. You will note that to-day':'
honors go lo Harry Chadwick.
ev Kl/vn i;. dvki;
( i. viu;.\( i. SI'BKCtSR,
amy Ii. pawim..

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