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McCallum Silk Hosiery
Is Made for the Discriminating Woman
Who Demands QUALITY That is ABOVE
the Ordinary.
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The one endeavor of the NIcCALLUM Hosiery ('omr?:inv
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Because every pair must .-land n rigid inspection before it is
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See the Special Window Exhibit of McCALLUM HOSE
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McCallum Silk Hosiery for ladies arc to be had here in black,
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Stop at the counter and -re them
Free Fight Follows Hand-to- j
Hand Conilict and Several
Arrests Are Made.
In a desperate hand-to-hand conflict ,
with Wesley Brown, a negro employ id j
in tlio excavation Work for the new .
?ewer at the corner of Lombardy and
Ashland Streets, at lo o'clock yester?
day morning Mounted Officer s P.
Flourno.v was badly bitten In the ear.
but tlnally, after repeated blown with
his blackjack, subdued his assailant
ami placed hint under arrest.
The officer was called to the Scene I
1o arrest Urown on n charge of being j
drunk and disorderly, lie dismounted, j
leaving his horse standing, and ap?
proached the negrb. The latter Im?
mediately attacked Mm. and n Herec
?trusgie ensued Anoint r negro came
?to the rescue, and I >. S. Martin, a 111 -
7.en. held J?lJ-'> UhSer orders from the
officer. iT"Vt ".cwftgod other negroes,
and a general .fight was precipitated.
The negro hold by Mr. Martin was
rescued, anil fled the se*tie
Bicycle Policeman Latham, of Ute
Second District, who had been sent
out to answer n call, arrived just in
time to help hi- brother officer In dis?
tress. Combining tlieir efforts, the)
held Brown; and had him ready when
the patrol automobile arrived. The
other negroes escaped for the time
Zeitig, Flournoy being unable to fol?
low them on account of the Injury to
Ms ear. The city ambulance was sum?
moned, and Or lltilcher dressed the
wound, which was extremely severe
and painful. The negro had bitten il-i
most entirely through In one place. '
and the w hole outward organ wti'i bad?
ly lacerated.
With his W'.tind dressed. |- lournb: ,
aided by Latham, started oui Ifi a j.y'6
tcmatie search fdr the other partici?
pants In the combat. They soon found
HTid .itTosto.i Newton Kennedy, Willie
Henderson and Richard ttaynnr, iijl
of whom were charged with felonious
assault iiprin the mounted oiii/er
Thomas Martin, alleged ;t!so to have
?been i:t the gang, was arrested on
charge of disorderly conduct; nnd
Lewi*, Van was arrested on suspicion
of being another of those who had
?ngaged as an accessory i:> the as
natilt. All the h^groe^ were locked tip
In the feicond Station Urown stated
later that he did not know why he
made such a vl lo attach itpon the
officer, lie comes trom North Carolina,
end Is hut nineteen year* old,
Constltut:-.^ himself an officer. It
is alleged, Rtigehe Perkins, -i >'ottn?
white :nai>. armed himself with pLtol
and went in search of the neuro
?who had escaped. According to It. I.
Booker, colored, who swore but a war
rr.nl for Perkins'.' artest, the latter
4amc to hl's house and poked a gun In
h's fa'.c snd threate"ned him if he did
not tell where the fugitivi was hiding.
Booker, a respectable necro. knew
nothing of the affray, r.e said, and re?
ported the occurrence to the Second
Police Station. After the warrant was
sworn out the polier wer? notified to
p'.ek Perklnt ut' on sigh'.,_
? til? JC. rVl AlN ST.
Sonic Have Minds Made Up |
About Women Voters: Others
Might Be Convinced.
"Save for two or throe features of
the situation, i n:n ui favor of woman's
stiff-.iae." said Senator ?'. I*. Gravatt,
of Caroline, ut Murphy'? last night.
"1 am not satisfied that a majority of
women want it. and i don't want the I
enfranchisement of colored women.
But 1 think women should have the
right to make the laws under which
they are to live. Perhaps the minority
which wants the ballot might use Ii
the l.est."
"I will vote for woman's suffrage the
moment bno certain person wants It "
said Captain W. \v. Baker, of Chester
Hold; "the father of the House of Dele,
gate-." when he made his appearance
at the Capitol yesterday. "She doesn't
want It now." He did not suggest that
n campaign on the part of the Equal
Suffrage Leag ic of Virginia might well
he curried or In his 'home at Hallsboro
Alderi Bell, <?f Culpeper. has' no nu.1*
barometer to gauge ht? vote, but is a
subject for persiohal appeal. He rather
ii,\ us granting limited suffrage at
first?say, on the questions of Issuing
road and school bonds lO women who
own property and who must pay tuxes.
Operation Removes Water From
Brain, and Quick Recovery
A special dispatch to The Times-j
Dispatch last night from Baltimore
s * id
?'After lying unconscious several
days, S. Dnbney Crenshaw, ,lr., fourth'
son of S. pnbiicy Crchshaiv, secretary |
rA fhe Virginia-Carolina Chemical
Company, of Klchmond, to-day regain-*
etl consciousness; following an opera-]
j ion perforated by nr. Harvey Cushtng
i in the .lohns Hopkins Hospital Sunday
I afternoon, No deilhltc diagnosis has
I as yel been milde of the peculiar form
of brain trouble with which the boy
' Mm attached nl the Episcopal lllgb
!School, Alexandria, lart Thursday, it
i Is thought, however, that the Illness
I \i .1: brought on by a blow on the head,
I causing wal?r to form on the brain.
I "Dr, Cushlng, after performing the
i Operation, inserted a tube into the ln
| clsion aid drained the brain of the
j water. While his mother was seated
I at his bedside this morning, the lad
rallied and became conscious for the
Ural time In three days. The father
i was called and talked with him for a
1 short while. Mr Crenshaw said this
' afternoon that !>?? and his wife would
remain in Baltimore until their son
thoroughly recovers."
! EuX/enc Meiner. -Ix >rari old, was strUek
I by a snoot > ar la l*ullon at *> o'clock yea
I terdsy afternoon and his skull van fr*.?
I lured. He was isken to t'te Virginia Mos
J pltal for an operation. It ig believed that
ETS TO A 1.1. POINT.*.
B ??. age lalled for ?n,i cheeked to
destination of tickets.
Tmlrnlj nervier.
Is Expected.
fcoa Cast Main Street.
[ordinance Committee Rcltict
! iinlly Deters Consideration of
New Government I1!an
I ._
Question May Not Reach Coun
j oil ior Action Until De?
cember Meeting.
I Although the Ordinance. Charier anil
! Ileform Committee has in prospect for
'to-night an extended docket, it Is an-'
nounced by Chariman Jacob Umlauf
that the report of the Committee on
Changes in the Form of City Govern?
ment will not be taken up. the delay'
bolng ?lue to a request of President
Wood, of tlie Chamber of Commerce.
Mr- Wood staled thai on account of'
the time taken in arranging the Taft'
plans, the details of the Hood Itoada
Association and the desire of the ;
chamber 10 assist lo-nlght In launch-1
Infi the Women's Christian Assoola- ]
lion new building campaign, It had!
been found Impracticable to prepare I
properly to present the matter io the 1
committee, especially In view of its!
far-reaching importance and the groat;
danger of adverse action were the
mutter Insulllclcnlly presented.
Large Docket To-Night.
Tlii- Ordinance Committee, however,
will hold Its regular meeting at S>
o'clock Among- the matters on the
docket arc a petition for an extension
of time for the wide lln ordinance to
take effect; an ordinance tlxlng the
salaries and duties of the superintend?
ent and employes of the electric plant;
several other salary matters. Including
u resolution Increasing the pay of the
Chief of Police from 12,000 to ?'.',400.
ami an ordinance regulating sign
At the City Hall the announcement
? ?I' tie- indefinite postponement of the
consideration of the plan for rcfoim
Ing the government was taken as an
indication of its defeat, and there was
rejoicing among street cleaners, park
keepers 'ami minor politicians. The
belief obtains at the City Hall that
although Indorsed by the Chamber of
Commerce, the movement has had
little or no actual support save from ,
the newspapers.
Hn> Itcinnln on Table
Postponed without date, it is freely
predicted tii.il the remaining ten days
of the month will go by without ac?
tion, and thai the December Council
will have no report from the ordinance
Committee It had been announced
by Chairman Umlauf that the Ordi?
nance Committee would take the mut?
ter up early in the month and report
to. a special melting of the Council, I
so that the papers might go on to Hie
Finance Committee and cume back io i
the December meeting of the Council ?
lor nnal action. Mr. Umlaut said last ,
night that personally he exceedingly i
regretted the delay, as he believed
tin- committee would be criticized. Ho
had not taken any poll of the commlt
toe. he stutcd, and did not know how
it would vote, but he believed the
members wcr*> familiar with what is'
proposed, and were ready to go into
the mutter ami determine It to-night.
The fuel Is that so far as the Coun?
cil is concerned, the proposition is not
a new one. the general principle In- I
votved has been under discussion in
one form or another for a half-dozen
years, and many Councllmetl on both
-nie;, of the qtlotftlou profess their
readiness to proceed to n final vote at
once. It Is tacitly admitted that a
majority of the Ord'tiancc Committee
i* opposed tu the plan presented, and
ii ii. freely predicted that after this
pi stponeihent. there will be no quorum
until Hie monthly meeting of Hie
committee late in December.
Civil Actions Arr Argued in the Supreme
( imrt of Apeals,
Dsni.iK-s tor a horse, claimed to have
been injured 111 transit, arc claimed in the
i ,-iisi or the Adams Kxprefs Company vs.
! Scott. Irum the Circuit Court ?f Aecomaa
county, which was partly argued yesterday
In the Supreme i'ouri of Appoul*. John s.
I'Ursoni represented the appellant company,
while O. P. Mears and S. James Turlington
argued for the appellees. The dlscuMluii
hud not eonciuJfd when court udjournod
for the day.
The case of the .Southern Railway vs.
McMenamln, bcitun on Friday, w in urcucil
by Edmund liurk. for the appellee and by
lt. lt. Tunstall for the appellant, and sub?
mitted to ii"- court.
Thui ,>i the Washington, Alexandria and
Mount Vernon Railway vs. Trimyer wus
Ilnn* Ifrrak? Show C'usr?
A runaway horpi belonging to t\\ T.
i.? Ii?, oi Ml North sixth street, and being
driven l>) Andrew Page, colored, smashed
I Wo show cases on ilroad Street early yen
I rrdaj morning before he eould be ? topped.
Hi r.ir. 1111,1 one belonging to Tb<- Fashion,
Baal ilroad Street, and Into another n>
front ot the Steiner ?h?re store, next door
No oix was hurt, though the horse tvai
badly i it. The driver etcaped by Jumping.
The lier.it was finally baited In front of
Ellljcy's stables. Third and Marshall .Street?.
?Justice John Itctarns.
In tl:r prime of health and lookintr rears
.j,t. Justice John Jeter Crutchnfld ar?
rived home yesterday after h sojourn with
liL daughter In Louisiana, lie will ascend
iIn bench this morning, and will deal out
Ills usual brand of Jtistlre.
First Vimc in Local Court That
Any Executive Has Appeared
W hile in Office.
Milton Carlisle Appeals From,
Decision by South Caro?
lina District I ourt.
For the first lime tn the history of,
the United States Circuit Court of Ap?
peals, Fourth Circuit, the Uovcrnor of
a state, while in office, will argue a
case to-day. Governor Cole U, Bleuae,
of South C?rollna, arrived in Richmond
yesterday with hin law partner. Fred
H. Oominlck, to argue the case of Mil?
ton A. Carlisle, plaintiff In error,
ugalnsi the cnited states of America, I
defendant in error. In error to tin
District Court of South Carolina.
in his own State Governor Ml. use has
been much criticised by public ami I
press lor bit; active law practice while !
holding oirice a.- tin Exocutlvc.
indicted i>> (irand Jury, ,
Carlisle, the defendant In the lower
court ami the plaintiff In the Court
of Appeals, was president ol the Na?
tional bank of Newberry, s. for .1
period of about nine years, and 011
October 31, l?09, was Indicted by Iho
Federal ?-?rand Jury at Greenville, on
charges that he had., as president of
the hank, misapplied money and i'.ils'
ly classified checks.
'I'iie indictment consisted of 103
charges covering 312 closely typewrit?
ten paces, the amount of misapplica?
tions being about 940.000. He was ac
?Itllttcd on 15." counts c.n.l convicted 011
live. The live counts tut which he was
convicted involved the Bum of JI7S. 13.
In the argument lo-day Governor]
Bleasi ami his associate ?111 attempt
to show that in numerous Inatunccs 1
the court i-.eiow erred, while District
Attorney r.ruest F. Cochrnn, of Ander?
son, win bas. his argument upon the]
allegation Hint the licensed had a Inl?
and impartial trial ami that to reversu|
the Judgment would, upon the show- |
lag made In the record, be to sacrt
lice substance to the, merest shadow of ;
Itetiilned lleforv tlleellnti.
One of the reasons' advanced as to.
why Governor Blouse will actively de?
fend Carysle is that he was retained
In the ense before assuming the Oflll
01" Governor of South Carolina.
While this Ir. the first lltne the GOV
brnor of a State- has appeared as a
pleader before the United States Court
of this clrvull. such appearances have
been made In the Supreme Court of 1
the United State.-;, but tin y have been j
rare, Governor Harmon, of Ohio, ap?
peared before the Supreme Court :.t ;
Washington a few months ago to ar
gue a case in which the Cincinnati. 1
Hamilton ami Dayton Railway, of
which he was formerly receiver, -.van:
concerned, and bis appearance occa?
sioned wiile Interest .it the time.
V. W. ('. A. Dinner Conference Will Take
Place To-Night.
Consideration of tentative olans looking
toward! the construction In Richmond of '?
model home tor the Young Woman's
Christian Association will be taken al n
eltlxeni' dinner conference to-night ?t t;S0
o'clock in the old V. M. C. A. building.
Sixth ami Main streets.
The present Quarters of this organisa?
tion ar..- entirely Inadequate to its needs:
the several departments ar..- conducted lit
\arloug r-Rrts o' th-' elty, and It Is Impos?
sible under the present urranscment to
produce, deslr.-d results.
Principal <.pt-akcrs to-nl^ht will be Pres?
ident B. C Mitchell, of the University of
South Carolina, ar.i Miss Anna D. easier,
of New York, as well ns tniitiv local men
and women -who arc Interested in tlie work
of the V. W. C. A.
Thr dinner will be entirely Informal, and
the committee which has arranged for the
affair has decided to have all of the re?
marks confined to a few minutes.
Robert Dal by Desjirrsiteli III.
Robert !.. Dalby. forty-six .wars old. of
tlie advertising department of the, Ameri?
can National Bank, whose residence Is a;
101 South Third Street, was taken to the
Memorial Hospital yesterday morning Mis
condition last night watt said to be des?
May lleRin Famous Trial.
The trial of Edward .tones and Itiehurd
Perkins, colored, who were Implicated In
the murder of the Stewart brothers In
Buckingham county, which hag been post?
poned from time to time, will be ealled In
the Hustings Court this morning. Provided
the attorneys for the defense be present,
the trial will beKln.
Salesman a Itnnkrupt.
A petition In voluntary bankruptcy was
filed yesterday in the office of the elork
of the I'nlteii states Oistrlct Court by
Arthur C. VVelslger, a traveling salesman
of this elty. Ills ilnbflttles aggregate to
f?,792.2D, while he, has no sasots, ' ?
Rr?. W. <i. Parkrr Heiter
The condition of Rev. W. U. Parlier, pas?
tor of ihr l'in? Street Methodist Church,
who has been 111 at the Virginia Hospital
for Mime lime, was last nicht said to be
Mr*. Spllmun at Memorial.
Slru. Splllmnn, wife of ltev. II. W. Split.
mmi. of Kinsion, N was operated on
yesterday at the Memorial Hospital. Her
- ondltlon '.ant night was satd to b(- satisfac?
Council Committees,
The Council i'innrn111cos on Vinunce and
on Ordinance, Charter and Iteform wir
meet io-nlghl at s o'clock The Committee
en It-.-llo:' of the Poor trill meet 0ti Tiiurf
dsy night at S o'clock.
Returned from Philippine*.
Lieutenant J. B. II Waring, of tin- med)
cat corps. United States Army, has Just re
turned from dir Philippine Islands, and I
how visiting his grandmother, Mr. Mary K
Ilartte. lCe>; Park Avenue.
A Walk Thru the Capitol Square
Will disclose a very busy scene as the industrious
little squirrels are setting a very worthy example of
foresight and thrift to our citizens by laying up a
store of food for the winter.
From this same spot can be seen raising its head
high in the business world the
American National Bank
of Richmond, Virginia,
which was built by economy and thrift, coupled with
good management, and stands a perpetual invita?
tion to help those who will help themselves.
Capital, Surplus and Profits,
Police Hold Smith on Informa?
tion That Me Is Wauled
in Seattle.
Thousands of "Dollars'' Repre?
sented in Bonds, Which Are
Located in Iiis Room.
Just as ho had hope Ol 1? ing re?
leased from jail, where he was being
held under a Ji'.iO bund. M. A. Smith,
who Is charged here with doing busi
ness without a license mid suspect-d
<n" obtaining money under false pre?
tenses, was confronted with the nossl-i
bllity of being extradited to Seattle,
Wash., whore hu Is said to be wanted I
On l to charges of fraud. Involving '
Attorney Gilbert K. Pollock had ob?
tained a ticket to Ituleigh, N. C, for
his client, and was ready to hustle
him out of the Klulo. Hut there re
posod on a desk in police headquarters
a letter from Hie authorities In Winni?
peg, .Manitoba, which stated that Smith
had beOll arrested there for the Seattle
authorities, but ii.tr, escaped by secur?
ing from n Junto*.' Judge :t writ of ha
bcas corpus So the police decided to
hold .Smith until the Seattle ailthorl-i
ties- were heard from. A telegram was
Immediately sent to that city. A reply
was received last night, asking that
Smith be held, and saying ofllcora
would lie sent across the continent for'
htm.. Smith Is alleged to have operat?
ed various fraudulent schemes under
the alias of w. w. Smith. Myron a.
m.-e, Alfred Groves"it U. Hall, F. L.
Located by Aeeldent.
II? was arrested here oh October 28,
following complaints from several peo?
ple thai " they had deposited with him
sums ol C.'.'i. which were to bind them
to an agreement by which he was to
build houses for thcrh at little cost.
No houses were erected, and they fail?
ed to have their money returned. He,
Wua put undei bond, which lie was
tumble i,, give, und lias been languish?
ing In juil since. He would not di?
vulge his place of residence, and it
wan not until a few days ago that
Captain McMuhon learned ?Iure he
had lived.
Mrs. I.. C. White, of filT. Bust Mar?
shall Street. Informed the police that
one of her boarders had been missing
tor some time. Captain McMahon call?
ed on he-r, and obtained from her a
description which tallied with tin: sus?
pect held In Jail. Smith's room wan
searched, and about 130,000 Worth "I
bonds and gold certificate* wen dis?
covered in a chest. Whether they are
of any real value is uncertain, but
Captain Pollock bus written to the va
rloiiM companies named on tin bonds
to learn whether they are redeem?
Trunk Killed With Hands.
Among Smith's effects wer?- found
two $000 bonds of the De Land Water
Works Company, of New York City:
(our 1600 bonds of the Tltusvllle ?las
Company, of New Vork; Mix $600 bonds
of the North Jersey Gas Company,
light $600 bonds o: the Falbsberg and
Mitchell Railway Company, on the
Continental Trust Company of * New
York; a gold cerllllcati fur 2,800 shares
in ih> Colonial Realty Corporation: one
$500 bond of the New Paltr. and High
laud Electric Rallwav; three $1.000
bonds of the Toledo. DelphOS find Btli*
llngton Hallway Company; two tl.oOn
gold bond.-: of the New Orleans, Mobile
and Texas Hallway Company, one $!.
000 bond of the Coxsackie and Green?
ville Company, eighteen $1,000 bonds
or the North Jersey tins Company;
one $600 bund of the Mount Prospect
Water Company, and others.
Detective Atkinson, who. with De?
tective Krcngei, arrested smith, callod
oti him In Jail yesterday, and positive?
ly Identified him as the man who had
been arrested in Winnipeg. The Identl
llcatlon was fortiiied by a photograph
and d similarity In the pears described
in the letter and which Smith bears.
Word is now being awaited front
! Wife of \ Irrrtnln Senator Undergoes Slight
Operation nl Virginln.
j Mr*. Claude A. Swanson, wife of the
I Junior United States Senator from Virginia!
w iio underwent o slight operation Fatunlav
ai the Virginia Hospital, will be able to
lea io that Institution to-day. according to
an announcement made lnsi r.l*tlit.
Kor some time Mis. Swanson had hr-u
mfferlnir frma throat trouble, and It wr.s
necessary for her to have her tonsil?" r?
1 moved. The 'operation was entirely sue
I cessful.
Number of Mew Cases of Tuber?
culosis in State Rapidly
Reduction within two years of near?
ly 30 per cent, in the number of oases |
of tuberculosis in Virginia gives to tha|
State Health Department and tho Vir-i
ginla Antlttiberculosls Asrociatlon the |
greatest encouragement which these!
organizations have us yet received In
the light against the white plague. The!
figures were made public yesterday by1
State Health Commissioner Bnnlon G.
Williams, and will appear In his forth-!
coming annual report. They arc based'
on his line of reports from health of?
ficers and physicians in every commun?
For the fiscal year enr.lng September
30. 1!m>9, the new cases of consumption
In this State were 12,137; for the year
ending September 3U, 1010. they were
10,545; for the year Just closed, they
were only S.Cil.
Dr. Williams gives tuberculosis work
his personal supervision. Me was high?
ly pleased yesterday when the official
total was ascertained, allowing that
the grip of consumption in Virginia
is being loosened. He attributes the
remarkable showing to the spread of
Information, the establishment of
curative agencies, the education of the
public toward prevention and the
growing Increase In general sanitary
measures. The agencies' which have
been used are the Antltuberculoala
Association and locul health depart?
ments. In addition to his own bureau,
i Captain W. W. Halter I? president of
? the Virginia Antltubcrculosls Assocla
| tlon; Miss Anne Gulley, is secretary;
I Dr. William F. Drowry Is chairman o
j the executive committee, mid Dr. D. S.
. Freeman Is executive secretary,
llr. Lofton Ones Home.
Dr. Luden Lofton. ?f Kmporl*. Vn., who
1 has been III at the Virginia Hospital for
some time, suffering from blood-poisoning,
was able to leave for hla home yesterday.
Lead to our establishment, where a stock of high
class and exclusive Clothing, Furnishing Goods and
Hats await you.
Gans-Rady Company
Declares That Respite-Confes?
sion Report in Newspapers Is
Absolutely Untrue.
Governor Mann sont telegrams to
New York newspapers last night de?
nouncing the statement published
there yesterday morning that he had
offered to respite Henry Cluy Beattlc,
Jr.. until December 24?Christmas Lve
provided he made a clean confession
of his guilt. The proposition was sso
cold-blooded and brutal that the Gov?
ernor felt the public would realize
that it was an absolute fako of the
yellowest type. Uut when he begun
to receive telegrams from other news?
papers asking If the statements were
true he was forced to telegraph a de?
nial over his own signature.
In ita report published yesterday
morning from Richmond the New York
A:n< neun said:
"Richmond, November 13.?llcniy
Clay Beattlc. Jr.. sitting in the death
c? II of the,penitentiary hire, less than
ti ii feet away from thu electric chair
In which he la to die next Friday, de- '
bated with himself to-day a problem
about na Strange, as tremendous, us i
ever n man f;.ced.
"It was this: 'Would thirty nddi-I
tional days of life be worth while ac- 1
cepttng In exchange for a confession
of ^>:!lt? Would one more month of
breath bo u. sufficient recompense for
a final and eternal blackening of his
name by himself."
"Govomor Mann. It has developed,
approached by all sorts of Influence
to grant the rich young wife-slayer a
short reprieve, made this grim pro?
??'If Beattlc will make a full and
frank confession he can live until De?
cember 34, Christmas Eve. If lie docs
not. he shall be electrocuted at the
time now flxed. Let him decide for
himself.' '*
Governor's Telegram.
The Governor last night gave out
the following copy of a telegram which
1..- had sent newspnpers in answer to
their request for a statement:
'?The statement In the American is
absolutely and wholly false. 1 have
had no communication with that pap< r
directly or Indirectly. I have made no
proposition of any kind to Beattlc and
will make none."
The Governor said that he hardly
uitought It- necessary to deny the re?
port, though he did so llnally when
there wan a demand for information.
Murriuge Licenses.
Marriage licenses were issued yesterday
In the Hustings Court to Charles O. Reutin
and Kachel V. Holl: Frederick D. Gatt
wood and Katie C Butler: Georg? I? Hid
ann Myrtle r Mlffltton; David M Jordan,
of Wilmington, N. ?'.. and Florence C
Steel; Oscar I. Kurten ntnl Bertha Fau
dr.e. Herbert M. Alley and ?Iraca I..
Tucker; Arthur Crcston Jones and Aller
Isabella Jones: Wooldrldno Thomas Tuck
and Eva May Quartes, and Joseph Pesrmun
and Llllla ?V Prlddy.
Richmond Lawyers Suggest His
Nomination as Judge Ingram's
Judge Walter A. Walton, of tlio
Fourth Judicial Circuit, which takes In
the county of Chesterfield, has been
suit-rested by members of the Klc*n
mond bar as successor to Judge John
If. Ingram, of the Uiv arid "(lUlly
Court. W'hilo lie does not reside In
tho city, this fact does not make hint
Ineligible, and when hit name wan put
forward yettcrday without his know?
ledge or approval the suggestion wa:;
most highly commended. No ono, how -
ever, has Interviewed 'him on the sub?
ject, so it Is not known whether or
not he will permit the use of his Dahle
In connection with tho honor.
Only two weeks ago Judge Wateon
announced that he would be a candi?
date for Congress In the Fourth Dis?
trict against llcp.-OEcntutivo Turnbull,
adding that he would resign from the
bench when the time came for him to
bejs'.n his campaign. The manner In
which ho presided over tho Beutt'.e
murder trial added to his reputation
In Vlrjrlnla. es n Jurist, and lawyers
feel that he should remain oa the
The fact that ho has been propo:-" J
for a Richmond court is an honor
which Is at unusual as it Is high, sail
other candidates agreed yesterday tilat
he would liavo a tremendous follow?
ing If he should deride to abandon his
congressional desires and stand for the
In addition to the nemos already
mentioned. It was said yesterday that
'.Jeorge Bryan would 'jo u candidate
for the vacat ? Judgcshlp.
Tho Bar Association will meet this
afternoon at 4 o'clock in tho Law and
Cqulty Court to take action on the
death of Judge Ingram. It Ii undT
Btobd that the association will meet
on the second Thursday in December
to nominate a Judge.
Gordon Metal
Richmond, Va.
"26 hours' ride takes a citizen
of Richmond to 75% of America's
urban population."
Richmond Advertisers' Club
Richmond, Va.
To Locomotive Work's Employes
In order to correct certain erroneous reports that are being
circulated among the present workmen and friend- of the Richmond
Works of the American Locomotive Company. 1 quote a telegram
just received from our ViceWPresident in New York:
Receiver's No. Time Filed. Check.
8 5^fo P. M. 78 Paid.'3 Extra
SEND the following message subject to
the terms on back thereof, which are hereby
agreed to: New York, N. Y.,
November 20, 1911.
To Gco. Gurry (''Personal''), Richmond, Va.:
1 understand there is a report being circulated among the
strikers to the effect that such agreements or assurances as you
may give your men may later be cancelled, due to a change in man?
agement at the Richmond Plant. Please advise all concerned that
both you and Mr. Seamans have a five-year contract at the Rich?
mond plant, and that "any agreement or assurances that you may
give your men stand approved by this company.
From the above telegram it will be seen that the present work?
men arc amply protected. ' ? GEO. GURRY,

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