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A discount of 20 per rem. v>lll
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Kiugsbury I rintr~ Players, regular
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Sot/1. Long time terms are. graut? '1
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W'e offer sonic ~pcti.il bargains
in I jed Player Pianos, quoting,
among many others, a $700 < a i ilian
for $.515; a S650 Kingsbury liuui
Plaj cr for $409.50, cU , ct'e.
200 Roils Player
Music, 35c Roll
This music ii the r<'C to $1,75
price, as good new in every tc
?peet except for a few fm^cr piints
mi the end of the roll. They have
lircn used for demonstration pur?
Small Musical
Heavy discounts have been made
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These prices serve to show the
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$7.00 Guitare for $3.50; 10
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Transfci s.il?
. long time, $192.50.
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$5.00, and up
$4.00 Banjo fo
Banjo for $7.50.
$10.00 Violin f.
at same discounts
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gles for $2.00.
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Slightly Used Piaros
Wellington 1 priglit ....
Waters cv Son Upright.
Cable I'pri^lu .
Art Conovcr Upright ..
Kiugsbury I fpright ....
DcKovcn Uprighl .
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Davies cv Son Upright..
( onovcr Grand .
Wellington Upright
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$144 00
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Successors to
The Cable Piano Co.
213 E. Broad St.
Richmond, Virginia
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Mason &Hamlin
No discounts or cut of price is
ever made on this Piano. However,
we have several jscd Mason &
llamlin Pianos wnich wc offer at
this sale.
1 $1,800.00 Concert Grand M. cc
II. Piano.
Used only in concert work. In
fine condition. Trans?
fer Sale price.
1 $700.00 Upright M. & H. Piano
Used only a short time. Now in
pood condition. Transfer Sale
price, long time, $560. Trans?
fer Sale, CASH or short
time price ..
1 $800.00 Baby Graud M. & II.
Used only a -hort time. Good
condition. I.bony case. Stvlc A.
Transfer Sale price, long time,
$640. Transfer Sale,
GASH or short time
1 J700.00 Style G M. & II. Piano.
Dark mahogany case. Used only
a short time. Practically new.
Transfer Sale price, long time,
$630. Transfer Sale,
GAS 11 or short time
': $1000
They Resent Secrecy of Foreign
Policy of Govern?
London, {November 20.? British fur
e:gn policy may be on the threshold ol
a new and most Important phase. No
statement regarding dealings with oth?
er nations has for many years been!
awaited with such great Interest as
the one Mr. Asqulth, the Premier; has
promised the House of Commons that
Sit Edward Cirey, the Foreign Secre?
tary, will make.
The certainty which every one now
admits that England was wi'.hlu a
hair's breadth of going to war against
Germany to support Franco In the
.Moroccan trouble and the government's
apparent consent to Russia's advance
upon Persia have rained a great storm
of-criticism. This will take the form
of denunciation of the extreme secrecy
vith which the foreign affairs of the
rmplre have been conducted the past
decade, and more particularly since
bit Edward Grey took charge.
Liberal l'rrs? Critical.
An important fact In this agitation
which has sprung up within a week
und has taken on great impetus with?
in tho pasi twenty-four hours Is that
rlmost all the Liberal newspapers,
which are the government's strongest
supporters, art- leading H. vi hllc the con?
servative Journals ?Ither Join in the
outcry or maintain silence.
Tho agitation has been crystallized
Into .1 demand that both Parliament
und the country should Immediately bo
The Up-to-Date
Up-Town Store
New and Select Quality
Citron, Raisins, Currants,
Nuts, Mincemeat, Albcmarlc
Cider, Plum Pudding, Fruit
Cake, Imported and Domes?
tic Wines.
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lon, S6.00.
Old Apple Brandy, per gal?
lon, $4.00.
Old Fulcher Whiskey, per
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The Pure Food Store.
Geo. McD. Blake
& Co.
No. 00 Broad Street.
given cxpitcit Information regarding
the government's recent dealings With
Germany,'and as to the extent and na?
ture of the Anglo-French agreement
and also concerning the altitude of tho
British cabinet toward Uussla'a thrcat-l
rntd invasion of Persia.
John Dillon, the Irish member of i
Parliament for East .Mayo. hn.? given
notice of a motion on the foreaoinn
lines Which embodies the demands of'
the Liberal papers.
Since the conclusion of the Moroccan1
agreement the country has been aslt-j
ing whether war would in any way be
justified, and also whether the etitentu
cordlale with France amounts to an
alliance and Is not altogether for the
benefit of France.
Hitter \iitl-llrltleb Feeling.
The revelation in the Herman Reich*
stau of the intensity of Germany's
letting against England was a sur
prlsc. Even- two of the Jingo organa
:.re asking whether It is not possible
for England to lieep on wood terms
with Germany without Impairing the
Anglo-French entente cordlale and
suggesting that assurances be given
to Germany so as to disabuse the
minds of the Germans that the eit?
len to cordlale Is really against her.
Mr. Chamberlain's old proposal for
the formation of a foreign affairs com?
mittee with ?hielt the Cabinet should
consult, thu:> e.ivinp; I'arllament soint
share in the conduct of foreign af?
fairs. Is now being revived.
Mr- Asqulth this afternoon disap?
pointed the llous. of Common! by the
announcement that Sir Edward Grey's
statement would be made only on No?
vember -7. but he promised that a day
should be given for debate on the sub
JCCt' >_:_
Satisfactory Price-, for To*acco?I2n.
joynllle Dunce In Given.
i Etna Mills, Va., November 20?The
I crops of corn and tobacco are excep?
tional!} ^"oo?l In this section. Some
crops of tobacco of several thousand
pounds averaged ?l*> per 100.
i C>nc of the most enjoyable events ol
this autumn was the hop given at
Hotel Spotswood, Hi.nover Courthouse,
lust Friday evening. Some of those
present were Misses Ayllffe Wherry,
of Hon Air, Va : Katherlne King, EIU;?
beth Kcnnyday, Moselle lioberson, of
Richmond: Mary and Inez Hutchin?
son. Etna Mills; Jo and Kitty Winston.
Hanover; Emily Wade, Frederick's
Hall; Ruby .loner, and Lucy Taylor.
Hanover, and Fannie Llpscomb, Peaks;
Mrs. C. P. Cardwoll, Hanover; Keith
Cardwell and Imlton Taylor, Vlncen
and Guv Anccll, Pal King, Irvin Car?
son. Ml Blair, Gwln Carltbn, Rich?
mond; Phil Cdwheard, Columbia, Va.;
I Dancey, Morton and C. P. Card well,
and Dr. Sjydnor Staten, of West Vir?
I glhla.
Sererai Indicted for Alleged Violation
of K.leetlon I.IW,
(Special to The Tlmen-l>lspatcli.]
Norton. Va., November 20.?The grand
jury of Judge Hkecn's court, in session
I nt Wise. has returned Indictments
I against several persons for alleged vio?
lation of the law In the recent elec?
tion; C, G. liuffey. poatmaater at Ston
erja and one of I he election judges at
that precinct, Ik among those Indicted.
Wise county had the clenncst election
this time that has been held for years,
but there seems to have been somo vio?
lations of u more or less serious na?
Famous "Cyclone" to Be Re?
moved to Marion Hospital for
Criminally Insane.
T. II. "Cyclone" Samuel*, former con?
stable of Honrieo count:-, indicted by a
grand jury for tho murder of his son
last September, und later adiudged of!
unsound mind by a lunacy commission,!
will be removed from the County Jail]
this morning and taken to the Western!
State Hospital for the Criminally In-i
sane, at Marlon. Advices that a guard >
I'orecnati Vlrsrluln?1'nlr and sllghtl-'j
colder Tuesday) Wednesday fair; mod?
erate treat winds,
.North Carolina?Fair and -.lightly
colder Tuesday i Y\ eilnesdny fair; mod-]
ernte uorth--.r*t vrtnri"..
>prolnl l.oeal Data for Yrstcrday.
12 noon temperature . ?
T, P. M. temperature . t
Maximum temperature up to &
P. M. t
Minimum temperature up to 8
I Mean temperature .
I Normal temperature .
I Deficiency m temperature .
Deficiency in temperature since
j March 1 .
Accum. excess In temperature
since January I .
Deficiency in rainfall since March
Accum, deficiency in rainfall since
January 1 . G.G7
l.oeal oiiservHtlon S I*. M. Yesterday.
Temperature . ."?(!
Humidity . .".o
Wind?direction .S. W.
Wind?velocity . S
Weather .Cloudy
(At ^ I". M. 1
Placo. T
Ashevllle ....
Atlanta .
Atlantic City.
Kosten .
Buffalo .
Calgary .
Clin rleston .. .
Chicago .
Denv. r .
I in I ti t li .
Ualveston . . .
Hat terns "_
Havre .
Kansas City..
Louisville ...
Montpromi ry..
New Orleans.
New York_
Norf ell: .
Oklahoma . . .
Itfileigh .
St. IauiIh
St. 1'aul .
San Francisco
Spokane .
Tampa .
Waahington . .
Wythevlllo ..
Sastern Standard Time.)
her. II. T. 1.. T. Weather.
BO 61 '24
ti'2 f.? 50
P. cloud v
S n o w
Clcn i
i 'l.
Cl< :il
Clen r
P. e'lnudv
Cleo r
P. cloudy
November 21. 1911.
Sun rises.... ?:K7 Morning.... 5:03
Sun aeAs...... 4:55 Evening.,.. 6:04
from that institution would bo hcr'j
for Samuels to-day were received late
yesterday afternoon by Sheriff l> H.
I'nr yeara "Cyclone'' was not only a
notorious, hut a picturesque figure ol
Ilenrlco county. Kor twenty years lif
served as a constable, und not until
the last Democratlu primary was he
defeated for that office, it is believed
by ninny that Ihe slaying of his son
was due to a mania which developed as j
a. result of his defeat as a member of]
the constabulary. After the election,
when It whs found that his opponent
had the greatest number of votes, there
was a noticeable Change in the mental
condition of Samuels.
The shooting, which cost the lifo Ol
his son und broupht about the Indict?
ment for murder, took place In the]
stable of Samuels'a home in Varina Dis?
trict. Tho father hits always main?
tained thai the shooting was accidon-1
tal; that a revolver which he was cr
rying fell from his pocket, was dis-l
charged, and that the bullet pierced|
the stomach of h'.s boy. inflicting
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wound to which ho succumbed not
I many hours later.
The former constable is now about
sixty-five years old. He Is a native
of Caroline county and a Confederate
I veteran, lie was ordered committed to
1 the Marlon asylum by Judge R. Car?
ter Scott, of the. County Circuit Court.
I following the Undings of the lunacy
commission. It Is likely that he will
spend the balance *?f his days tit
Frederick aburg AutoMl Form Association.
>eardi fur Molen Package. I
ISl.laI tu Tlie Times-Dispatch.] ?
FrederlckabUrijc, vs.. November I?.?A
Frederlcksburg Motor Club baa been orsau
IxeO Iti this city, with Ihe following offi?
cers: W. s. Einbre), prcildent: Henry
Warden, vice-president; It A KlahpSugh,
?eeretary; L.ee .1. 0raves, treasurer, There
are now about forty automobile? in uae In
and sround Frederlcktburg, making an In?
vestment nf about iSO.OOO, and the object of
tills organisation ia to Increase the senti?
ment for fc-oi.l reads.
Detectives have apptare.l here again In
connection ?Uli ihe disappearance last
July of a 10,400 money package from the
Adam- Express Company, whlrh was bring
?hipped from tht? city to Baltimore.. IS.
Ilayden Uosel nai Indicted by the grand
buy on this cltarBe. but Wat acquitted by
the Jury in ihr C'orpoiation Court. It is
?uppoaed thnt the doteetlves are now
working on ?eine other clue.
? 'bar:.* Skinner, of tlit? city. ?'as fined
hy Justice John 1). Waller, of Spolsylvanla
county, ?10 and coals, amounting to $1.1.60.
tor unlawfully huntlnR on the land of Cap?
tain M. B, Rowe, in Bpotaylvanla county,
n.:.ir thi* city.
Judge It; II L. Chtnheater, of the circuit
? 'our; of Stafford county, lias appointed O.
B. Wnllnce, l rederiek Wi Coleraah and
Alvln T. Embrey t,, examine the condltloni
of tlio clerk's office of the Circuit Curt
of Stafford county and report at the next
term of the court.
*'r,?t A- Porau Company (Inc.), Rosalya,
Va. S. K no: au, preaident; C. A. Crist,
cecretary and treasurer; W. C. Neff, vice
president - at: of Washington, D. C. capi?
tal: Maximum, 110,900; minimum, f.'.oto.
>?>?!? ? Itcal estate business,
Ly coming Timber and Lumber Company
(Inc.), Roxuury, Va. George W, Boyor,
president, Pin? Grove, Pa.; Fred S. Hock,
vlre-ptealdent, lloxbury, Va.; I,. T. Ili au
don, treasurer, Pottsvllle, Pa.j W. C. llran
don. secretary, Hawthorn, Pa. Capital:
Maximum, ISO.OOO: minimum. $10.000. ub
Jrct: Lumber business.
Buckroc Ice and Storage Company tine).
Hud; roe Be?eli, Va. Elijah Wallace, pros* '
Idem; Ii. K. Elliott, vice-president: lt. B.
fohnson, treasurer: c. r. Copoland. lecre
lei') an of Buckroc Beach, Va, Capital:
Maximum, I1J.000; minimum, s.>.0(o. object.
Storage and Ice business,
Rim Street Corpora! Ion. Norfolk. Va. I).
Lawrence Groner, president; Tazewell Tay?
lor, secretary and treasurer; It. U. Cooks?
all of Norfolk. Capita!: Maximum, 110,(00;
minimum, !&,(?'?>. Objeot: itoai estate bus?
Hermitage Really Investment Corporation,
Riebmond. C. F. .*?uer, president a a a
treasurer; O, Sauer, vlee-presldcnt; It. ti.
Laird, secretary?all of ittehmor.d. capital:
Maximum, lli?.o:0; minimum, ??:.,o.)0. ub
Jrct: Rnal eatatc business.
Amendment to tho charter of th? Chesa?
peake riulldlni; Association, of Norfolk
county, Increasing Its maximum capita;
from IS00.0M to H.OOAOOO, and its minimum
from IJO.O00 to iltV.OCO.
Im notions laxucd.
[Special to The Times-1 tlspatch.]
Spolsylvanla, Va., November 20.?Mr.
and Mrs. John Lewis Waller, of Spot
.sylvunia. have Jssund curds to tho
marriage of their daughter. Susie
Pearl, 10 Frederick l.ung. of ihe same
Will Hnve Pontal Ilnnkn.
[Special to The Tltnes-Dlspaloh.l
Washington, O. C.', November ilO.
Postal savings banks will be opened
<>n December is at LawrencovHlc and
I the National Soldiers' Home, Virginia,
According to announcement made here
Accedes to Demand When Grand
Opera Tickets Were Gobbled
Up in One Day.
Although every effort was made
yesterday to guard against that evil.
Manager Wise, of the Academy of
Music, has warned the public not ?o
be deceived by ticket scalpers, many
of whom hoped tu reap a harvest out
of "The Olrl of the Holden West,"
which comes to the Academy of Music
next Monday, matinee and night
Henry W. Savage telegraphed from
Now York last night that ho would
put on the matinee in view of the bis
demand and the appreciation shown
by music people for grand opera In
When the sale oj ened yesterday
morning the usual big line was there,
many people having stood in the
street since 5 o'clock. Olio or two per?
sons endeavored to get blocks of
ii. kcts, but they failed to do no, and
Mr, Wise says that if the scalpers are
In the market they got there by hav?
ing persona buy two tickets at a time.
Many block orders have been received
from nearby towns, on,: female col
lego calling for fifty, but under tho
house rules those applications were
turned down for obvious reasons. To
have aold out the house in that man?
ner would have been unfair to Rich?
mond people, according to the Academy
Snvntrr t nprrclnl l\c.
When Mr. Savage was advised last
night that practically every seat for
Monday night had been sold he agreed
to give ttic matinee. In doing so he
sent tho follow'ng telegram to Mahr
agcr wise. \
"Vour wire regarding spcclul mati?
nee of -Tho Qlrl of tho Golden Weit'
received. Under conditions which you
I set forth tills wire will be your uu
thority for announcing a special af?
ternoon Performance, as I don't wish
; to disappoint music lovers of Rich
I niond, who have always manifested a
' Keen and substantial appreciation ol
] my grand opera efforts in the past
I and on this account 1 ant willing to
j make ah exception. Your scheine will
I give Richmond the Privileg?; of seeing
I two finitely different and equally
i brilliant sets of ar -ts In the prin?
cipal roles In the afternoon and even*
Ing performances. Please accept your?
self and convey to the operatic patrons
of Richmond my appreciation an<
thanks for their co-operation In th<
bigt est and most worthy grand opur?
enterprise t have ever exploited.''
William II. Moon. Kanious \?r?rr>.
mint. Declined Millionaire')) OfTer
llrfiiunr It Won Sunday.
Trenton, N. J., November 20.?Wil?
liam H. Moon, the founder of Moons
j nurseries, in Morrisvillc. I'a., Just
across the Delaware River, dropped
dead on tho street here of heart dis?
Moon is the man who refused a ftlo,
Oni) order from Mr. and Mrs. Qcorga
Gould when the pair went through thu
nurseries one Sunday many years ago.
Mr Moon received thorn as guests and
' showed them around. They then gave
the order for liio.OuO worth of trees,
and were Indignant when Mr. Moon
declined It because it was Sunday.
After some mouths had elapsed Mr.
Gould sent in the order, tills time on
a weekday, and it was promptly filled.
Mr. Moon served on the school board
of Lower Kakclicld township lor many
years, lie was an orthodox Quaker,
AHotel ofre(inec\ eK
egance, located in
New Yorks social centre
Easily accessible to
theatre and shopping
districts. ^
Single roomj^ower ? A>?5?P
Single reoni with brttk. ~*3a?to?5e?
DouHcwmi wrmbotha ~*32?to4&2
Wetherbee S/Wood
RfikAvc.&,Fi%v{?f?h St.

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