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Advertisement for Saturday, November 25.
Glove Store
Again Demonstrate Its Superiority
IT'S GLOVfc SEASON, and the women of Rich?
mond are giving much thought to haridwear. Gloves
for REAL PROTECTION are sought, as well as those
for correct appareling. Naturally the woman of fashion
turns to THIS store, because of the larger and better
stock and reliable makes, and the expert service that
we render?THE FIT must be PERFECT.
A quick, experienced eye perceives your needs and
careful, painstaking efforts are made to supply them.
You are given THE BEST (there are none other to
give) for the price you wish to pay. We know fresh,
soft, reliable skins, and so we will not permit you to
have any other.
Don't waste time, but come straight to the store
A Fresh Importation of the World
Famous Roeckl Kid Gloves
Has Arrived Just in Time for This Saturday's
Selling. See Exhibit in Broad Street
Roeckl-L auretta
Gloves, the finest pro?
duced; black, white and
colors; two clasp.
Roeckl Beauty, the
Glove of such remarkable
softness and pliability;
black, white and colors.
At $1.00 Per Pair | At $1.50 Per Pair
ROECKL-CONSTANCE, fashion's ? ideal Long
Gloves, in black, white and tan; 12, 16 and 20-button
$3, $3.50 and $4 per pair
Local Companies of First Regi?
ment to Be Known as Rich?
mond Grays.
Desiring for many reasons to be
known hereafter by a distinctive ap?
pellation, the officers of the first Bat- i
talion. First Regiment, at a meeting :
hold last night, voted unanimously to
ydopt the name "The Richmond
Grays," to be hereafter used when the
battalion is referred to Of course,
tor otllcial purposes the four Richmond
companies must continue to be called
the First Battalion, First Regiment,
juRt as the Richmond Howitzers uro
officially Battery A, First Battalion of j
Field Artillery.
This move was taken by the officers
with a great deal of enthusiasm, all
seeming to think that It spelled an
added dignity to the battalion. in '
the matter of history, the companies
feel that they can show an honorable
record dating from war limes, and
thai the adoption of this name will
serve to enlist tli*t "moral and personal
support of many of 'the older genera?
tion who know what the first Regi?
ment did in days of strife.
Titles Of Companies.
Company A has been carrying the
title of Richmond Grays more than
llfty years B Company is the Walker !
Light Guurd, C the Guard of the Com?
monwealth and lr the Anderson Light I
Infantry. The name of the ilrays was i
chosen for the battalion because 11 can
be best adapted to the colors which it |
Is proposed to be worn.
Oh this feature, a committee was:
appointed to look into u distinctive I
dress uniform for the officers and men
of the entire battalion. Some samples
and designs have, already been under
consideration. These uniforms, of
gray, would be won. on all unofficial
occasions, as are those of the Blues,
but while under orders prescribed by
the War Department Ills regular cloth?
ing must be used.
The committee will Inquire inlo lh,j
cost ot the. uniforms and report on
ways and means of securing the funds.
It is believed that the Flrsl Regiment
Association, which will meet nc\t
Monday night, will gi\e its support
to the proposition.
Molor Li T Price presided ov. i the
I meeting of the Officers' Association.
I which was largely attended. A school
was also conducted by Captain <J. F.
Baltic 11. United States Army.
... Mend From (Ins.
.John o. Pitts, u carpenter, was
found dead in his room at 1731 Bast
Main Street early yesterday morning.
Ills wile smelted escaping ga.s, and
[broke in the door. It was stated by
the police that Pitt's went home ltito.\l
catcd. 111? door was lock, d, and he
?van dead when discovered by his wife.
Coroner Taylor viewed lite body and
decided that an Inquest v. as unneces?
Mai i in-,- License,
A marriage license was Issued yes?
terday In the Hustings Court to Ted
Carrol Irwin and Virginia Dare Bur
nut ..c M?j*.m sir.-';;.:1/.:*
or tmali oeeounu, It
all rocclvt the tunic ptoii
careful attention.
Richmond Bank and Trust Com?
pany to Open for Business
on January i.
At a meeting" yesterday of the board
of directors of the Richmond Bank and
Trust Company, which Is to begin bus?
iness here on January 1, under a State
charter, Henry R. Pollard. Jr., was
fleeted president: W. J. Whltchurst,
first vice-president; S. T. Beveridgo.
second vice-president, and Clinton I*
Williams, cashier. This new institu?
tion will occupy the former home of
the National Bank of Virginia, at the
northwest corner of Main und Eleventh
StreetE, and will begin Its career with
a capital of ?300.000. It will carry on
a general banking business. Mr. Whlto
hurst will retire from his present bus?
iness activities to devote his entire
time to the office and duties of tiist
Mr. Williams, the new cashier, Is
now Irust officer of the Bank of Com?
merce and Trusts, but will resign that
position prior to January 1. He was
formerly in charge of the credit de?
partment of the Merchants- National
Hank, and la regarded as one of the
ablest young men now engaged In the
tanking business.
The Richmond Bank and Trust Com- l
party has strong financial backing, and!
It Is expected to carve its way to the I
i front, under the management of well-!
i known business men.
Veterans Hope to See Monument
Erected?Captain Curtis Re?
turns to Charge.
I Hearty and unanimous indorsement
was given las'l night by It, K. i,tc
Camp, Confederate Veterans, to the
i proposition to erect an equestrian
I statue in Richmond to Clenernl stone
J wall Jackson. A set of resolutions,
offered by Colonel W. u. Freeman, up- j
Iproving the project and commending I
it to the public and to veterans gen- |
<rally. were adopted without division, i
I The eatup also tendered the use of
1 Ith l-.?li to a mass-meeting which Is to ?
I be held next Wednesday night for the j
! purpose of giving the movement dett
I i.He purpose and of effecting a Jackson I
I Memorial Association. Speaking on the'
i subject. Rev, .lames Power Smith,
j L?. D., the. survivor of Jackson's staff.
! expressed his satisfaction that this
long delayed move Is about to be
brought to pass,
? aptaln John A. Curtis spoke in
reference to his remarks uf the prc
Iceding meeting, when he charged that
state officials are not obeying the di?
rection of the Legislature to give prtf
Ierence to Confederate veterans In
minor position?. lit contended lhat
some officials have failed to act on
the Legislature's resolution.
Dr. Cosby DUmlstte d.
Arthur Griffin, white, and Serena
Brown, colored, and Dri A. U. Cosby,
and Mary Harri?, colored, 'Were dis?
missed In Police Court yesterday of
a charge, alleging misconduct. 'The
men und women are alleged to have
been present In the house of Clara
Henley, colored, 1206 Ht. Paul Streit,
when a negro was murdered. The u ilr
der case Is still pending.
The charge against the llehlcy wo?
man of running an Objectionable re?
sort was continued to December 19.
Surprisingly Small Bond Filed
to Indemnify City and
Business Houses.
Uncle Same Conducts Remnant
Auction Sale?Report by
Local' Corporation.
Immediate repairs to tlie . Richmond
dock were linully put beyond possi?
bility yesterday when appeal and su
persedeas bonds were executed before
the State Corporation Commission by
IS. U. Bcmlss. representing tho bond?
holders' committee' of the William R.
Triff? Company. U M. Willlums was
surety on the bunds.
The amount of bond llxed by the
Supreme Court on the appeal, which
was allowed tho owners of the dock,
was $500, whUe the supcrsedous bond,
tlxod by the commission, was placed
at J1.000. The Smallness of this sure?
ty caused some surprise, since it is
supposed to cover any possible loss
which may accrue to the city of Rich?
mond and'to tho business houses situ?
ated on the dock by reason of the do
day. In the event the dock owners
cventuully lose In the Supreme Court.
However, the sum was fixed by agree?
ment between the attorneys.
It Is hoped . to secure argument
curly in the January term, and to get
a decision by February 1.
.\" lltobiuouder M'aated Household I
NeeemtUy?Much Property Sold. |
Apparently all the Richmond pcoplo I
who need Galling guns In the oral? j
nary nfl'ulrs of life are well supplied |
with these necessities. Although they
were given ample opportunity yester?
day to bid on one offered for sale at
public auction by the United States
government, no Uichniondcr evinced
any desire to become its possessor
The gun was knocked down to an
Alexandria man for $80.
ijirge quantities of mllltury articles
condemned by olllcers were disposed
of at this sale, Including clothes by
the thousands, which could have
clothed many of Richmond's poor.
But under the regulations these had
to be lorn up und sold no rags, for
lite distinctive uniforms cannot be In?
discriminately worn.
Power Company Makes Report.
Boing hauled before the State Corpo?
ration Commission for failure to make
uti annual report as a light, heat and
power compuny, the Richmond Power
Corporation yesterday admitted its de?
fection, produced Its report, and was
dismissed on payment of tho costs,
which were small. This Is the concern
which was authorised to produce power
from the coal deposits near Midlothian.
In Chesterfield county, and which tried
to get a franchise to operate in Rich?
rnrnjer?' Meeting Bute*.
Dates for the tlnal section of the
present scries of farmers' Institutes
woro announced yesterday by the Stale
Department of Agriculture, ns follows:
Charlotte Courthouse, December 1;
CliuBe City, Mecklenburg county, De?
cember 2; South Hill, Mecklenburg
county. December 4; Dawrcncevlllo,
Brunswick county, December .">; lio'y
klits, Southampton county, December
C; Wukefield. Sussex county, December
7; Wnverly, Sussex county, December S;
Dlliwtddlc Courthouse, December 3.
onieem Pans Examination.
Officers of the Virginia Volunteers I
have passed their examinations, as fol-'
lows: Charles 1 (Igginbotham, to be
captain of Company I* Fourth Tnfan
try, of Portsmouth: James II. Price, to
be commissary and captain, First In?
fantry, j
Hoys Took I? Array Before Guests
Could Be Sorvcd.
Playful boys?thieves they were
called ? partly broke up a bridal rc- !
ception given In a house on North
Addison Street Thursday night by
stealing all the ice cream.
The cream had been left out on tho
front porch, where the ice would not
melt so fast as If It were Indoors. The
dance wus neorlng nn end, und the
first refreshments were exhausted.
Then the hostess betook herself to
the back porch to superintend the
dishing out of the ice cream. But.
behold, there was no Ice cream. Tho
freezers were empty?empty of cream
anil can. In despair she rushed buck
Into the house und woefully complain?
ed of her loss to her husband. Both
were tilled with wrath and Indigna?
tion. Consoling words from the guests
were of no avail. They wnntod Ico
crennt, and the hostess knew thai they
thirsted for cream. She searched the
bouse In vain. The cream was gone.
In despair and tears she notltlcd tile
police. Detective Krcngel investigated,
and now he has the names of the
four alleged culprits. If they pay for
the Ice cream they will not be prose- |
enteil. If they come not forward with |
the money, then the hostess at tho i
bridal reception will prosecute them 1
to the full extent of the law, und I
rumor has It that she. Is exceedingly
Big Mass-Meeting to Be Held at
Colonial To-Morrow
Miss Mary Johnston to Bel
Among Speakers on Modern
For the purpose of Intimately ac?
quainting the public with the princi?
ples of trades unionism, a great muss
uicetlng bus been planned, to bo held
at the Colonial Theatre to-morrow af?
ternoon at 3 o'clock. All are Invited.
The day will be mode a Labor Sun?
day. Tho various trades organizations
feel that they are hardly close enough
to the public, and that they aro some?
times misunderstood.
Phil Metz, president of the State Fed?
eration 01 Labor, will be temporary
chairman, while Colonel John S. Har
wood, representing the business In?
terests of the city, will be permanent
chairman. A prayer w;lll be offered
and an address delivered by Rev. Mor?
ris S. Eagle, rector or Christ Episcopal
Miss Mary Johnston. E. C. Davlson.
Thomas Nolan, vice-president of tho
Boilermakers' Union, and James J.
Creamer, member-elect of tho House
of Delegates, will bo among the speak?
Mat of Vlce-Prcsldents.
Assisting President Harwood will be
tho following vice-presidents:
Edgar Allan, Jr., Heurv A. Atkinson,
Benjamin J. Berry, John J. Blake,
A Iben o. Boschen. Rtchai d E. Kyrd,
J. Alston Cabell, .lumen Caskle, Allen
fj. Collins, Beverly T. Crump, Ibiuic
Dlggs, Leslie H. Drew, John S. Ug
gteston, Edgar B. English. Elbon C.
Folkcs. Harry G. Glenn. Alexander B.
Gulgon. Addison L. Holladay, Eppa
Hunton. Jr.. Samuel L. Kelley, Alexan?
der, S. Lanier, John 1'. Learv, Miles H.
Martin. Littleton J. W. Marye, Eugene ,
('. Mussle, W. Kirk Muthews. Charles i
V. Meredith, N. Thomas Mosby. Charles
I, . Pago. Robert E. Peyton. S. S. P.
l'atteson. John Oarland Pollard. Gil- !
bert K. Pollock. Ordwav Puller, Heath '
J. Rnwley. J. Kent Rawley. David C.
Richardson, Henry C. Rlely, Edward i
K Ryan, Conwuy R. Sands. William
II. Sands Emmet Sedt?n, Philip B. ?
Shelld. George N. Hklpwlth, Muscoe L.
Spotswood, Joseph C. Tavlor, Cln
cinuatus W. Tyler. John B. Welsh,
Louis O. Wendenburg, Duvtd M. White,
T. Ashby WU-khnnr. Goddes H. Win?
ston. George E. Wise. Daniel S. Har?
wood, W. Wirt Lefew. Thomas Poln
?lexter, Wirt E. Taylor. Rlchnrd P.
Brophy, Charles A. Mason. Jullun W.
Tyler. S. H. Cottrcll. Stephen A. Elli?
son. John C. I lagan, S. II. Hawes, E.
P. Murphy, Albln Netherwood. Jamen
Pox, William B. Newell, Jchn T.
Nuckols, R. A. Slewers. Alva M.
Walkup. Oswald E. Zacharias. Thomas
N. Kendler. H. E. Copeland, Irving Im
Bcvcrldge, Robert L. Booker. Albert
S. Briggs. Thomas N. Curd. Walter F.
EnnoH. Frederick W. HHgemann, W.
Scott Hunt. Thomas II. Leonard. .1. T.
Lewis, Marshall 1.. Boyle. C. P. E. Bur
Kwyfl, Edward W. Trufford, Alphonso i
W. Bennett, Charles J. Hlllups. J. W.
Bliley. W. B. Catlett. Thomas Chris?
tian. S. T. Beveridge, S. G. Fairbanks,
J. Henry Brown, James McGraw, J.
Doherfy Hinchman, John II. Hlnchman,
George Ben Johnston. Charles A.
Labcnbvrg. Stuart McGuirc, Herbert
Mann. Wllllnm P. Muthews. Clifton M.
Miller. Marvin E. Nuckols, William T.
Oppenhimer, Jesse P. Rex, Thomas E.
Strattph, B. Lawrence Tnllaferro.
Christopher Tompklns. ..unter B.
Krlscnkorn, H. w. Rountrcc. O. H.
Berry George McD. Blake. B. A. Blun
ton, John N. Blanks. Louis II. Blair,
Julius Hlnford, Jr., E. A. Baughittan,
Jr., It. L. Barnes, James H. Bull, Joseph
Stumpf. Cunningham Hall. Samuel
Ackley, Thomas Boiling, Jr.. Henry I?
Cu'oell, Charles E. Borden, Charles E.
Bosher. James N. Boyd. W. A. Ryan,
J. L. Taylor. W. p. Perrott, H. J. Nor?
ton, H. A. Osborne. R. P. Dollard, C.
W. Brown, F. W. Schwegman. R. V.
Pollard. G. F. Keifces. P. M. Shaw, U
J. Jones, G. L. Wllcox. F. G. Helfert.
E. T. Bowden. T. J. Gary. R. V. Griffin.
(.'. S. Barlow. C. ?I. Clifton. G. Liehen
stelu, F. A. Fry. J. C. Rulston, E. W.
Rlakev. J. .1. Rankln, II. T. Terry.
Harry E. Cllnc. H. C. McCabe, Charles
Mclzcr, George Martin, E. W. Lips
comb, J M. Leary, Lewis Gordon, M.
Goetzc. N. J. Smith, W. J. Whltlock. G.
M. Bowyor, H. C. Sheppard, E. J.
Stumpf. W. N. Woolard. T. J. Sunderlln,
W. H. Tvler. J. .1. Powell. A. I* Fisher.
C. J. Hughes, O. L. Koch, C. T. Bryant,
J. A. Sties, A. J. Llcss. Henry W. Wood,
Egbert G. Leigh. James D. Patton,
Robert Whlttet, Jr., James A. Mon
cure. M. Arnold, John F. Glenn. James
T. Disney. Adolph Dill, W. Creed Davis,
A. Von Rosenegk, Andrew Daffron
Joseph W. Klrnhrough, George H
Keesee, W. T. Mahoney, William Ryan,
J. A. HUI, S. Galeskl. T. I* Blanton.
W. 13. Purcell, Joseph E. Sorg, W. W.
Foster, E. If. Clowes. C. A. Zlncke,
John P. Branch, John L. Williams, E.
C. Waithall, A. J. Parrish. B. C.
Brlsto. W. A. Chesterman, J. Henry
Brown. Edgar D. Taylor. Granvllle
Grnv, T. D. Stokes. Felix T. Grande,
Edwin Palmer. S. W. Travers, Robert
T.eckv. Jr.. L. Z. Morris, Charles B.
Cooke. .1. Stewart Brynn. Lewis A. Mc
Muhon, S. P.. Woodnii. Harvey Waiden,
C. P. Chupln. E. G. Hotchklss. G. M.
Sinithdcal, John Tyler, Charles K.
Willis, John O. Harris.
P. A. C'nHon Serlounly III.
p \ Cason, seventy-two years old,
a veteran of tho War Between the
States, and for years employed by the
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Is dan?
gerously 111 at his home. 605 North
Tenth Street. Mr. Cason is suffering
from a severe attack of pneumonia
and congestion.
Were reported from the same suburb of Richmond a
few nights ago. The next day we had occasion to
notice that some
Suburban Citizens
realize that they need the protection offered by the
of Richmond, Virginia,
in the compartments which are for rent in our steel
vault. Several ladies from this suburb paid us a
personal call, and each rented one of these Safe De?
posit Boxes for their. jewelry. YOU can have the
same protectipn fpr the sum of $3.00 a year. This
is one of the ways we give YOU
y. W. C. A. FUND
REACHES $57.438
Third Day of Campaign for
$150,000 Brings Splen?
did Results.
Want All of Richmond to Aid
Movement for New Home
for Young Women.
Up to the People
The proposition which the Vouub
Women's Christian Association sub?
mits to the citizens of Itlcliiuond 1st
The active prosecution of a sys?
tematic enmputgo for 9100,000, with
which to erect, furnlsb and equip
a flrst-rlaas building and boarding
home, the cnmpulgu to teriutuutc
Wednesday, December tl, 1011.
To this end tbc benrty co-opera?
tion of every eltl7.cn Is Invited.
Tho third day of the twelve-day cam
pulgn for a $150.000 Young Women's
Christian Association building hero
closed yesterday with a total sum
collected and donated of $57,138. The
assembling of tho 400 active workers
In the campaign at headquarters was
marked with tho usual enthusiasm,
while tho confidence exhibited by all
interested Indicated that success Is al?
ready us6urcd.
The 100 active workers In the Young
Women's Christian Association cam- <
palgn are divided Into four committees
of 100 members each. Each committee
Is In turn subdivided Into ten teams,
with ten captains, and over each com
mlttco Is placed a captain In charge.
At noon dally the four committees as?
semble at headquarters In the old
Young Men's Christian Association
building, Sixth and Main Streets, where
each of the forty captains Is called
upon to answer to Campaign Manager
M. C. Wllllums the sum total of collec?
tions made by its ten teams. Tho
chairmen of the four committees then
call upon the ten cuptalns of the ten
learns composing the four committees,
and the responses of the captains are
painted upon a large, canvas-covered
board by Mr. Williams, und the grand
total tuken on uddlng machines und
Trnm Reports for Dny.
Yesterday tho captains of the forty
teams reported as follows:
The Citizens' Committee, W. S. Ilhoads,
chairman t
Robert Lccky, Jr. $ 215
L. O. Miller. 3,350
James W. Gordon. 135
E. C. Laird. 1.603
W. D. Duke. TOO
N. Courtlcc Scott. 740
Krank W. Duke. 105
S. If. Hawes. 2,410
W. Frank I'owcrs. 1,777
The Business Men's Committee, Jobu
Stewart Bryan, cbalrmnnt
John O. Pollard. $ 600 !
S. 8. Roscndorf. 200]
C. H. Rudd. 520
A. M. Cover. 460
S. P. Jones. 570]
R. S. Tuck. 1,675
G. N. Sklpwlth. 852 I
B. A. Rutlln. 100 !
C. B. Richardson. 070 I
W. L. Adamson. 1,155
The Young Women's Committee, Miss
Knthiiriue lluvrcn, chairman 1
Mrs. J. T. Robinson.$ 521
Miss Lucy Mason. 610
Mrs. Amos Gover.??. . . 571
Miss W. G. Crenshaw. 24 7
Mrs. T. P. Bryan. J10
Mrs. T. A. Cary. 1,353
Mrs. Robert G. Cabell. 195
Mrs. Frank Duke. 166
Mrs. Charles Messer. 175
Mrs. J. F. Ryland. 236
The Women's Committee, .Mrs. J. Scott
I'urrUli, chairman!
Mrs. Ellis Talbott...$ 630
Mrs. W. Ii White. 443
MIkh Mary Chalmers. 250
Mrs. O. J. Sunds. 620
Mrs. n. Blahkenshlp. 290
Mrs. S. Hi Bemlss. 35S
Mrs. Walter Christian. 515
Mrs. Carroll Montague., 655
Mrs. Clarence Cadot. 870
Mrs. John G. Miller. 505
The Noonday Luncheon.
Xot tho least attractive feature of
the' midday gathering of the campaign
workers at headquarters to report the
success of the teams Is the luncheon, j
which Is rcnlly a substantial meal, and :
which is served by forty young women.
Following this luncheon, whllo tho
teams are still at table, the chairmen
of tho committees arc called upon by
Director Wllllums, and tho committee
chairmen In turn call upon their ten
captains, who report /or the teams..
Yesterday the reports tfere more tbui
usually satisfactory.
Thoso who acted as waitresses at
lunch Included Miss Jenkins, Miss Mor?
ris, Mrs. Jones, Miss Mary McFaden.
Mrs. Aubrey Bowles, Mrs. Tallaferro,
Mrs. H?ge, Miss Pauline Wilson, Mrs.
Wilson, Miss Waddlll, Mrs. Walford,
Mrs. Stacy, Miss Dolly Adams, Miss
Elizabeth Adams. Miss Nellie Payne,
Miss Harris, Mlss Atkinson, Miss K?ln?
er, Miss I. Wlllingham, Mrs. McCornell,
Miss Crenshaw, Miss Shepperson, Miss
Armes, Miss Katie Myers, Miss Edith
Parker, Miss Jenkins, Miss Glazebrook,
Mrs. Dunnaway, Miss Jennlo Warwick,
Miss Imoglen, Miss Brown, Mrs. Phil?
lips, Mrs. Reath, Mrs. Phlnney, Miss
Glazebrook, Miss Cardoza, Miss W01
and Mrs. Foster. ...
Dr. E. O. Taylor, of Boston, Will Be
Heard In South Richmond.
Under the auspices of the Woman's
Temperance League of America, Dr. E.
O. Taylor, o.no of the foremost scien?
tists and lecturers of Boston, Mass.,
will speak before two meetlns in Rich?
mond to-morrow tri behalf of the tem?
perance moVemont.
To-morrow morning at 11 o'clock he
will speak before two meetings In Rich
Church, South Richmond, while to-mor?
row night he will speak in tho Deca
tur Street Methodist Church, South
All Special Prices '
Announced for our weekly Friday Bargain Sale
will be continued until closing time to-night.
Gans-Rady Company
Meeting to Be Held at Me?
chanics' Institute?Many Can
dates Are in Field.
A general meeting of the bar of-the
city will be held this morning at 11
o'clock hi the hull of tho Mechanics'
institute to nominate to Governor
Mann a suitable person as Judgo of
the l>aw and Equity Court. Tho call
is careful to stato that It la not a
meeting of tho Bar Association, but
of all practicing white lawyers In good
standing, as some attorneys huvo not
seen fit to Join the Bar Association,
and It Is desired that the expression
be at tho hands of tho white practic?
ing attorneys of tho city.
Quito a number of lawyers havo
been mentioned, prominent - among
dhem being Judgo Ernest II. Wells, of
tho Hustings Court, Part 2; Judgo
Beverly T. Crurnp, formor member of
tho Corporation Commission; William
A. Moncurc, of tho law firm of Smith,
Moncure & Gordon; Samuol A. Ander?
son, George Bryan, Gcorgo Alnslie,
John B. Minor, Jr.. son of a very wide?
ly known professor of law at the Uni?
versity of Virginia and author of text?
books on Virginia pructlec; James E.
Cannon and several others. Judgo
Walter A. Watson, whoso name has
been mentioned, has asked that it be
not presented, as he is a candidate for
Congress from his district.
Tho attorneys will be called to or?
der by Richard Evelyn Byrd. and City
Attorney Henry R. Pollard will he
asked to serve us chairman- Friends
of the prospective candidates have
agreed upon the . following as u plan
of procedure:
"I. A meeting of the bar of Rich?
mond Ib called tor Saturday, Novem?
ber 26. 1911. at It o'clock A. M., lit
tho assembly hall of .the Mechanics'
Institute, corner Eleventh and Broad
Streets, Richmond.
"2. The candidates for tho Judge
ship shall be nominated without nom?
inating speeches. g,
"3. The voting shall he viva voco
on a cull of the roll
"4. No voting by proxy shall be al?
lowed. >
"5. The voting roll shall contain
names of all white, attorneys who
have paid their State and city licenses
for the year 1911. and thuBc practic?
ing ut this bar who have come to tho
bur since February 1. 1911, and those
who havo practiced at this our for
the past twenty-live years.
"6. On each ballot the candidate
receiving the lowest number of votes
shull be dropped, und he shall not be
rcnomlnated before on Intervening
"7. Messrs. John A. Lamb, A. II.
Sands and James W. Gordon were ap?
pointed a committee to prepare u roll
of the bar for use In the meeting.
:'S. The meeting la to be called to
order by R. E. Byrd, us temporary
chairman, und Henry R. Pollard lu
to be requested to act as permanent
"'?. John G. -Winston Is to bo re?
quested to act qs secretary of tho
meeting, and Hurry P. Uwen as as?
sistant secretary."
Handsome structure Ii? lie Erected by
St. .Tomes Congregation.
A building permit was issued yes?
terday to the congregation of SL
James Episcopal Church, now located
at Fifth and Marshall Streets, to erect
a brick, concrete, stone and steel
church building at the northwest cor?
ner of Franklin and Birch Streets,
facing the Richmond College campus,
to cost ?93,000. The contract has been
awarded to the John T. Wilson Com?
pany. Incorporated, on plans prepared
by Noland & Baskcrvlll. The mnln
church auditorium will bo Grecian In
architecture, fronted by masslvo stone
pillars and surmounted by a hand?
some steel frame spire. A wing front?
ing on a side yard will provide quar?
ters for the Sunday school work and
church parlors. Rev. William Meadc
Clark, D. D.. Is the rector.
Unheil* Corpus PrueectllngN Mini It u ted
Over Possession of Infant.
Judge Ernest it W?lls, sitting In the
Law and Equity Court, this morning
at 11 o'clock Is to determine the exact
status of Louise Wood, alias Edna
Helle Washington. Two women are
contending for possession of the hubs',
habeas corpus proceedings having been
Instituted yesterday by Dabney Muck
and Melissa Muck, the latter claiming
to be the mother of tho child, against 1
Mary Washington. alias Virginia
Bright. Judge Wells appointed this
morning for the hearing, instructing
the parties to produce the body of
Loulso Wood, alias Edna Belle Wash?
ington. In court at. 11 o'clock for
judicial determination. Melissa Mack
asserts that she was the mother of
the girl before her mnrrlage to Dabhey
Mack, and that she gave the child th'
name of Louise Wood and placed her
In the care of Virginia Bright, who
now refuses to surrender the child.
Qualifies to Practice.
Roland Garrett qualified yesterday
In tho City Circuit Court to practice
law In that court.
Present System Providing Seven
Sinecure Jobs May Be
Tho resignation of Dr. A. T. Smith
as district physician of District No. 3
was handed to City Clerk Ben T. Au?
gust yesterduy, to take effect Novem?
ber 30. . President Robert Whlttet, Jr.,
has called a meeting of tho Board of
Aldermen and Common Council In Joint
session for 7:30 o'clock Monday, De?
cember i. Immediately preceding tho
December meeting of the Common
Council, to elect his successor. Tho
Second District, as outlined by the
Health Department, lies mainly in what
la known as Jefferson Wurd.
The resignation of Dr. Smith has
again brought up discussion of a plan
more or leas beforo tho Council for
'Home mon'ths to abolish the present
/system and In lieu thereof employ a
city physician for his entire time. At
present the city has seven dUtrlct phy?
sicians, each drawing an annual salary
of >800, making tho cost ?0,300, which
Is provided in the pay roll of the
Health Department, although the phy?
sicians themselves aro elected by the
Council, and have only nominal rota?
tions to tho Health Department.
In addition to salary, the city pro?
vides telephonen for the district physi?
cians, each of whom engages In pri?
vate practice, merely serving the poor
on call. It has been staled that a large
number of physicians do as much char?
ity practice as do the salaried physi?
cians to the poor. A recent occasion,
when a district physician collected a
bill of J50 In addition to salary from
the city for attending a Fewer employ*
Injured while at work, has occasioned
much comment, and there Is a wide?
spread demand to reorganize tho sys?
tem. It has been suggested that one
physician to the poor be employ*-! for
Ids wholo time, with ofllco at the City
Horn?, roportlng tu the Committee ctt
Belief of tho Poor, and another for
medical supervl?lon of tho publlo
fchoo!*, reporting to the School Board.
This could be done, at less limn tl.o
present cost of maintaining seven
more or less slnecuro positions for
physicians (who glvo little of their
time to the city. II is significant tint
In time of epidemic the Hoard of Heal til
has always found It necessary to em?
ploy oulsldo physicians for * vaccina?
tions and similar work.
There Is always a sharp(ward scrim
bio for each vacancy, us the positivus
are regarded as desirable from on ad?
vertising standpoint, as well us on ac?
count of the salary and pcrquibil-'s
Present Plan Vnsattsfactory.
A meeting was held yesterday after?
noon of a subcommittee of the Ordi?
nance. Charter and Reform Committee
for consideration of ordinances affect?
ing the office'of City Chemist.
Chemist Whttileld was present, no
were City Engineer Boiling. Superin?
tendent ICnowles. of the Gas Depart?
ment, and Superintendent Duvls. of
the Water Department. It was repre?
sented thin the present method of
gathering specimens for nnnlysls were
unsatisfactory, requiring the tlmo of
several men nn<l giving no assurance
that the samples were properly taken.
The subcommittee will report with
recommendations to the committee
next Wednesday night.
Flslug Property Valuations,
An extended hearing was held yes?
terday afternoon before the commis?
sion appointed to condemn land for
widening the Roseneath Bond to a uni?
form width of eighty feet. Many
property owners were present. Tho
commissioners have- not yet completed
their schedule of allowances for report
to the Hustings Court, hut tho belief
prevails among those who have at?
tended the sessions that If anything
like the valuations placed by tho
propertv owners nre allowed the cost
of ihc 'proposed Improvement will be
Baggage called for and checked to
destination of tlckots.
Tazlcab ssrvlce.
800 East Main Street.
Gordon Metal Co.
Richmond, Vn.
"Richmond's Manufacturing
Capital increased $17,741,178 in
last ten years."
Richmond Advertisers' Club
1 ,i ? . <. ii ;.I

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