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Mustard's Name Sent In Differ?
ently Kroni Counties of
. His District.
School Officials Leave for Nor?
folk to Attend Big Con?
Errors found by the State Board of
Canvassers In the election returns rrom
Tazcwcll and Buchanan countlea will
In all probabil'ty cos. S. I', /dustard,
the successful Republican candidate, his
certificate of election to tho Houao of
Uclesates. In this event a contest be?
fore tho House la practically certuln.
Many mistakes were found In the re?
turns when they were ca nvaasod yes?
terday at tho office of the Secretary of
tho Commonwealth. But In no other
instance did these nffect the results.
It looked actually for one Senator, whose
name bad been sent In itr different
form from aeparate counties, und he
also would have lost but for the fact
ihut bis opponent's name wus similarly
The stutc Board of Canvassers met
yesterday morning, with only three
members present?A t lorn ey-Gene rul
Samuel W. Williams, Secretary of the
Commonwealth B. O. Jumcs and Auditor!
S. It. Donohoo. The Governor hud .not
not yot returned from Norfolk, while
Treasurer A. W. Harmon was engaged
In other duties. Because of their ab
Bonce the board adjourned to meet
again Saturday morning to take up Uiu
Xazewoll and Buchanan matter before
0 full body, although there is little
doubt that tho Democrat will get tho
Names Different.
In making out the returns, the elec?
tion commissioners for one of these
counties stated that Samuel Mustard
received so many votes, while for the
other It wus reported that S. P. Mus?
tard was voted for. Adding these to?
tals together, there would have been
n largo majority for Mustard over his
Democratic opponent, W. P. Payne.
? The board could tlnd no authority for
Investigating and determining ques?
tions of Identity, and the members felt
that they could not take It for granted
that Samuel Mustard and S. P. Mustard
were the same man. To attempt to
settle a question of this sort, it was
urgucd, would make u dangerous preco- j
dent. Nor could any authority be found
for sending the returns back for cor?
rection. As a matter of fact. 11 Is pre?
sumed that they are correct as they
stand, and that Mr. Mustard tiled his
name. In tho two counties in different
form, tn which case the commissioners
could do nothing save to record the
votes as they appeared on the official
ballot. It appears to have been Mr.
Mustard's mlstukc.
It would appear unlikely that Mr.
Payne will occupy his seat long, ehould
he be given the certificate. Attorney
Gcndral Williams said that were he a
member of the. House of Delegates, und
thuulil evidence be produced to t>how
that Samuel Mustard and 8. P. Mustard
were cue and the same, he would vote
to seat him. But to get the seat It 's
probable that the man who made the
mistake must bring a contest.
School People Go to Norfolk.
All the officials of the Department of
Public Instruction and those who work
under Independent funds will go to
Norfolk to-day to attend the unnual
meeting of tho Virginia Education
Association. Those Include Superin?
tendent J. D. Eggleston, Jr., Secretary
R. C. Stearnos. E. E. Worrell and John
B. Terrell, of Iho ofhee force; J. H. Bin
ford, executive secretary, and Mrs. L.
R. Dashtcll, director of school leagues
for the Co-operative Education Associa?
tion; T. S. Settle and Jackson Davis,
supervisor of rural elementary schools.
Mr. Worrell, who was formerly a
member of the State Board of School
Examiners, with headquarters in Roa
noke, has just recovered from a pro?
longed attack of typhoid fever, and has
Joined the office force.
About the Capitol.
State Bank Examiner O. C. Btirksdale
hns returned from Now Orleans, where
he attended a meeting of an association
of State bank supervisors.
Assistant State Health Commissioner
A. W. Freeman will leave this week
for Havana. Ctiba, where he will at?
tend tho annual meeting of the Amer?
ican Public Health Association. Ho
will read two papers on rural typhoid
fever. Last week Dr. Freeman present?
ed a paper before the Southern Medical
Society at Hattiesburg, Miss.
This Girl Recovered
From Consumption
The mnkcis of Eekmsn'B A Iterative,
which Is doln^ so much good for Consump?
tives, uro continually lo receipts of roally
wonderful reports of eure? brought about
solely through the use of this medicine.
These reports urn always at the command
of any otio Interested, und many of the
writers hi Uielr gratitude have suggested
thut like sufferers write direct and leurn
whut It did for'them. Here Is one specimen:
"?II Second Ave.. Aurora. III.
"CScntlcmcn.?Pardon mo for not writing
sooner, but I wanted to sco If I nould stuy
cured. 1 can now truthfully say I urn per?
fectly well. Never toll better In all iny lifo.
I wish lo express my liounfell thanks.
I never have any pain, no cough, no night
sweats, no hay fever, riinco a child of two ?
years I havo been ailing- with lung trouble, |
which grew worse us I grew older. At the
ago of fourteen the doctor snld If .1 could
not bo sent South, ] would surely die of
Consumption. Every winter I would be sure ,
to havo cither Bronchitis, Pleurisy' nr Pneu?
monia. I had Typhold-I'neumlnlK one
time. I had eniarrli of the stomach and
bowels and had Bay Fever for the last row
years; but havo not unythlng of the kind
this year.
*'I will answer all letters sent to me.
asking a history of my case, from any one
suffering from lung trouble, i
"I rciunln with mnny thanks to you,
"Your grateful friend,
(Signed Afflduvlt) "ETTA PLATI1."
Threo years later reports still well.
IVkman's. Alterative Is effective lb Bron
ahltLs, Asthma, (Hay Fover, Throat and
t.ung Troubles and In upbuilding tho sys?
tem. Doos not contain poisons, opiates or
habit-forming drugs. For sale by Owcua &
Minor Drug Co. and other leading druggists.
Ask for booklet of cured cases and write I
to Bcliman Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa.,
for additional evidence.
The Greentree
Brond at Seventh.
V. W. C. A. Workers Bring in
Uood Reports, and Team
Standing Is Changed.
Director Williams Gets No Per
ccntage of Collections for
1J is Labors Here.
Chairman of Executive Campaign Com?
Tho |150.000 campaign for a greater
Young Women's Christian Association
building in Richmond was given a dc-1
elded Impetus yesterday, when the'
working teams reported new pledget;:
amounting to $3,625. This amount,1
added to donations previously reported,
brought up the grand total to $81,255,
which is considerably beyond the half?
way mark In the campaign. The work !
yesterday between the competing com- i
inlltees of men and women resulted'
In the Business Men's Committee, of
which John Stewart Bryan is chair- J
man. falling back to the extreme rear, I
while the Women's Committee and the
Young Women's Committee, with Mrs.
J. Scott Parrlsh and Miss Katharine
lluwes as chairmen, forged to the sec?
ond und third places, with the Citizens'
Committee, W. S. Rhoads, chalrmun, in
the lead.
The most successful work done yes?
terday was accomplished by the team*
under W. Prank Powers, which report?
ed $1,055; L. C. Laird, which reported
$1.000; Mrs. Carroll Montague, which
reported $i05; Mrs. John G. Miller, with
$695, and A. M. Cover, with $635. The
team df which Samuel S. .Rosendorf Is j
captain turned In $555, and the team
led by Miss Lucy Mason responded with |
Si"'.. Mrs. J. T. Jtoblnson made a\
good showing with $3t:i, while the team j
under the leadership of Mrs. S. H. Be
miss reported $315 for the day's work.
Art t'nfoitnilcil Report.
An unfortunate and unfounded rumor
was yesterday set at rest by a denial
cf the report that Campaign D'rcctor
M. C. Williams was conducting the
present campaign here upon a percen?
tage basis and was receiving as re?
muneration for his services a certain
per cent, of all collections turned In.
It was explained that Mr. Williams is
in fact one of three national campaign
directors for such work as Is being now
conducted here, which directors nre
sent out In various sections of the
Chairman of CltUen*' Committee of
One Hundred.
country to direct such movements as
that now engaging the attention of this
In alluding to this rumor Mr. Wil?
liams dismissed it with a smile, say'ng
that hu was too much engaged in his
present labors to waste time in correct?
ing erroneous impressions. Mr. Wil?
liams took time, however, to compli?
ment the workers upon their w.ry grat?
ifying success. He was followed upon
tho platform by Rev. H. D. C. Maclach
lan. D. V., pastor of Seventh Street
Christian Church, who Informed hla
hearers' that their battle was already
won and assured them of the very ear?
nest sympathy and support of the min?
isters and congrogntions of Richmond.
W. S. Rhoads, chairman of the Cit?
izens' Committee, was complimented;
yesterday upon the very fine showing'
of his committee, which stands at the
head of the four committees, with total
collections to date of $11,993.
. H. W. Wood, chairman of tho cam?
paign executive committee,. addressed
tho v/orkors yesterday at headquarters,
encouraging them and complimenting
thorn upon their- creditable showing.
His remarks were seconded by Director
Williams and others, who' look upon
the campaign as progressing with
splendid success.
Mrs. ( nholi I,ends.
Total collections by teams in many
instances already mount'up Into $3.000,
$8,000 and'$5.000. So far Mrs. Robort G.
Cohen carries the banner, for J collec*
tlons. with u total report of ?5.851.
Among other successful solicitors are
15. C. Lulrd, of the Citizens' Commit?
tee, with $3,245. anil W. Krank Power?,
of the same commlttco. with $3.157
Horace S. Hawcs. of this same com?
mittee, has reported ?'-',835, and L. O.
Miller, ulso of this committee, has
turned In $3.520.
Of the BusIiichh Men's Committee, the
following captains have reported the
following llguros: lt. S. Tuck, St.iiGO;
(5. N. Sklpwith, $1.337; A. U Adumson.
I1.37C; A. M. Hover, $1,200; John Gar?
land Pollard, ?1,090.
Among successful women collectors
other tlinn Mrs. Cube!I, who leads them
oil, are Mrs. William Todd, 81,478; Mrs.
Carroll Montague, ?2,070; Mrs. John ti.
(.Miller, $1,455; Mrs. Clarence Cadot,
$1,399; Mrs. .S. Hi Beinlss, $1,084: Mrs.
! W. H. White. $1.025; Mrs. O. J. Sands,
I $003; Mrs. T. A. t'ary. $1.706; Mrs. J. T.
Roblnuon, $1,142; Miss l.ucy Mason,
$1,085; Mrs. Amos Uover, $950, and Mrs.
Benjamin Crump, $715.
The following tables show the total
team work by committees to date:
Women's) 1'omiulttrc, .Mrs. J. Scott I'ur
rlsll, e It n I nil a n :
Captains. Monday. Total.
Mrs. William Todd. $ 33 $1,I7S
Mrs. W. 11. White. 155 l,02j
Miss Pollard . 225 600
Mrs. O. .1. Sands. 101 '.'63
Mrs. It. Blankcnshlp.. . . 30 375
Mrs. S. If. BomlHS. 315 1.0SI
Mrs. Benjamin Crump... 100 715
Mrs. Carroll Montague.. 805 2,<i70
Mrs. Clarence Cadot. 200' 1.296
I Mrs. John G. M'llcr. 095 1.155
$2.659 $11.061
Young Womeu'a Committee, Mlsa Kath?
arine ilmrci, Chairman!
1 Captains. Monday. Total.
Mrs. J; T. Hohlnson.. .$ S'43 $ 1.143
Miss l.ucy Mason..- 405 1.0S5
Mrs. Amos f lover. 265 956
Miss W. O. Crenshaw.. 20 397
Mrs. T. P. Bryan. -815
Mrs. T. A. Cary. 66 1.706
Mrs. Robt. G. Cabell... 201 5.85t
Mrs. Frank Duke. 18 545
Mrs. Richard Messer.. 210 . 602
Mrs. J. P. Ryland. 64 495
$1,580 $13,591
j Citizens' Commlttct, W. S. Rhonda,
Captains. Monday. Total.
Robert Lccky, Jr.$ 25 $ 590
L. O. Miller. 10 2,620
James W. Gordon. 146 581
E. C. Laird. 1,000 3,245
I W. D. Duke. 190 940
N. Courtlcc Scott. 740
Frank W. Duko. 140 385
H. S. Hawcs. 100 2,835
I W. Frank Powers.... 1,055 3,157
$2,666 $14.993
Business Men's Committee, John Stew,
art Bryan, Chairman! '
Captains. Monday. Total.
John G. Pollard.$ 400 $ 1,030
Samuel S. Rosendorf.. 055 755
C. H. Rudd. 60 855 |
A. M. Cover. 635 1,200 1
L. C. Adalr... 160 730
R. S. Tuck. 1.950
O. N. Sklpwith. 285 1.397!
.S. P. Jones. 230 5S0 I
IC. B. Richardson. 275 775 I
A. L. Adamson. 115 1,275 1
$2,715 $10.607
Total Collections to Date.
Citizens'.$14.993 1
Business Men's . 10,007
Women's . 11.061
Voting Women's . 13,594
Miscellaneous . 31,000
Grand total .$81,255
Former Representative in Con?
gress and Brother of Ex
Senator Davis.
Cumberland, Md.. November 27.?Col?
onel Thomas B. Davis, of Kcyser, W.
Va.. one of the most conspicuous citi?
zens of the State of West Virginia, li
man of national prominence and the
only living brother of ex-Senator Hen
Vers uu :
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medicine-chest, filling
it with every new concoc?
tion that comes along?
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ing, not medicine.
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Coaght and Colds, Grippe,
and many other Hit.
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ry O. Davis, died yesterday at. his home
in Kcyacr, death following a long 111
I lies?. I
I Colonel Davis, his brother, Henry G. ?
Davis; the late ex-Senator Stephen li.
j El kins, his brother-in-law, and Ii. C.
! Kerens did more for the development
I of this section of West Virginia than
any other set of men. They purchased
I the West Virginia coal and timber
lands "many years ago, developed them
'and with the aid of other capital hutlt
I the West Virginia Central and Pitts
: burgh Hallway route from Cumberland
' to Dlkins, W. Vo., with a branch lino
lo Davis, their Interest controlling inc?
line. I
Sale <>f Hallway.
This line they later sold to the '
Western Maryland Railroad Company,
continuing the construction of thetCoul'
and Coke Hallway fikim Elklna to
Durbln, W. Va., where it connects with
the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
This luite,- road was constructed and
owned by Colonel T. B. Davis and the i
three men named above.
In 1900 Tnomas B. Davis was a'can-;
didatn for Congress on the Democratic
ticket against A. G. Dayton, Republi?
can, who de'fcatcd Mr. Davis. In June,
1906; he was again tho standard-bear?
er of the Democratic party for Con?
gress from the Second West Virginia
District, and was elected by more than ]
1.000 majority over James S. Dak In, to
till the unexplred term of Representa?
tive A. G. Dayton. His election was
In the nature of a compliment to ah
old citizen who had done much for
the State.
He was Interested in banking, coal
mining and many other industries in!
the State of West Virginia, and was
worth several millions of dollars. A
considerable amount of his vast for- ?
tune he has been distributing to rela?
tives during the past few years, but
he still leaves quite a large fortune,
which will go to his nephews and
nieces, his nephew and namesake, Thos.
B. Davis, of New York, It is under?
stood, being the chief beneficiary.
Iotrrented In Blondrd Stock. ;
Colonel Davis took a lively interest
in blooded stock, and at his stock
farm kept several very fast horses
that had won prizes on the track here i
and elsewhere. Ho was also very
l'orec?sti Virginia?Huln Tuesday;
\\ cdncsduy probably cleurtng nnd much
colder; brink and probably blfrk south?
east and south winds.
.Vorth Carolina?Rain Tuesday, muck
colder by night, with a cold wave in
extreme w?-Nt portion) Wcducsdny fair
and colder; hljcb southeast, shifting to
northwest winds.
Special Local Data for Yesterday.
12 noon temperature . S3
3 P. M. temperature . 56
Maximum temperaturo up to S
. P. M.^. ?7
Minimum temperature up to 8
P. M. ;tl
Mean temperature . 41
Normal temperature .,. -to
Deficiency In temperature . 1
Deficiency In temperature, since
March 1 . Ill
Accum, deficiency In temperaturo
since January t . 16
Deficiency In rainfall slncn March
1 . 6.13
Accum, deficiency in rainfall slnco
January 1 . 6.70
I.ochI Observation S P. M. Yesterday.
Temperature . 48
Humidity. 59
Wind?direction .S. 10. |
Wind?velocity. I I
Weather .Cloudy
(At S P. M. Eastern Standard Time.)
Place. Ther. H. T. I* T. Weather.
Ashevlllc _ GO 58 28 Cloudy
Atlanta . 54 56 46 Rain
Atlantic City. 48 50 38 P. cloudy
Boston . 41 50 38 Clear
iBuffalc.48 S3 40 Cloudy
I Calgary . 10 18 8 Clear
Charleston ... 58 62 42 Cloudy
Chicago . 46 18 40 Cloudy
Denver . 18 22 18 Cloudy
nulut h . 18 18 18 Cloudy
Galveston ... 56 60 56 Cloudy
Hatteras .... 52 62 46 Clour
Havre . 18 20 18 P. cloudy
Jacksonville.. 68 72 50 Clear
I Kansas City.. 26 36 26 Snow
Louisville ... 52 66 40 Rain
| Montgomery.. 52 60 40 Rain
New Orleans. 62 K6 56 Cloudy
New York-44 r.O 38 Clear
Norfolk . 50 60 40 Cloudy
I Oklahoma ... 30 42 30 Cloudy
i Pittsburgh .. 50 56 10 Cloudy
Raleigh . 52 60 38 Cloudy
SL Louis .... 41 53 42 Rain
St. Paul. 34 33 24 Snow
San Francisco 66 70 60 Cloudy
Savannah ... 60 66 46 Cloudy
Spokane . 82 34 24 Clcur
Tampa . "2 76 58 Cloudy
Woshlngton-. 46 53 33 Cloudy
Winnipeg _ 8-16 8 . Cloudy
Wythevlllo .. 46 54 22 Cloudy
?Nfovcmhor 28. 1911.
Sun rises.... 7:04 Morning.... 9:19
I Sun tcta...... 4:52 Evening,... 9:06
much Interested in agricultural pur?
suits, and the owner of several line
farms in West Virginia. He wan born
in Howard county, Marylund. eighty
three years ago, and had several broth?
ers and sisters, all of whom arc dead
except ex-Senator llenrv <_;. Davis.
The funeral will take plucc Tuesday,
under the auspices of Davis Lodge, No.
51, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons
of Kcyser. W. Va.. of A?hh-h lodge he
was a charter member and whose
lodge room lie furnlHhcd completely. A
special train will carry the Masonic
fraternity and the funeral party to
Klklns to-morrow, leaving Keyscr at 8
o'clock In the morning. Interment to
be In Maple wood Cemetery at lOlklns.
Opening Day of Ninth Annual
Conference?Report of
[Special to The Times-Dispatch! J
Honnoke. Va., November 27.?The
ninth annual State conference of Char?
ities und Correction opened Its session
here to-day, with about 100 delegates
present. The principal address at tho
morning session was delivered by Dr.
It. K. Flannagan. president of the or?
ganization. An Interesting paper was
read by Dd. W. S. Freemun, of the
State Health Department, In which the
statement was made that within tho
two years tho tight agnlnst tuberculosis
has been waged in the State the dlseaso
has been decreased ao per cent.
Other addresses were delivered by.
Dr. Hastings H. Hart, of the Russell
Sage Foundation: Dr. Thomas A. Wil?
liams, of Washington; Mrs. Benjamin
Valentine, of Richmond: Mrs. Nannlo K.
Minor, of Richmond; Rov. J. T. Mastln,
sccrotnry of the State Board of Char?
ities and Correction, and Dr. Brownlcy
Foster, health officer for Roanoke.
In the churches yesterday the pulpits
were filled by delegates to the confer?
ence. The final session will be held
to-morrow night.
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. "Serttet thai
With Party United, Champ Clark Can See
Nothing Ahead But Success at Polls?Denies
Annexation Canard..
Washington, November 2".?Speaker
Champ Clark to-day declared that he
had devoted tho last three years chief?
ly to getting tho Mouse Democrats to?
gether and holding them together, and
that after seventeen years of factional
fighting the Democrats "are united,
and, by tho blessings of God, will re?
main so."
"I did not do it all by a long shot,"
he added. "I had lots of help, and
every Democrat who participated in
that troublesome, laudable work de?
serves his full share of the honor.
Where there was only despair In
Democratic hearts, there Is high hope
In this way the titular head of the
Democratic lowor house of Congress
made Indirect roply to criticisms of
former presidential candidate William
.r. Bryan as to tho speakerahlp no
longer carrying tho leadership of the
House- Mr; Clark referred to the great
Importance of unity and wisdom among
the Democrats to draw out voters not
belonging to the Democratic party.
"Tho most important feature of the
extraordinary session of Congress from
I a political standpoint," said he, "was
I the fact that wo pulled together.
Begins Service of Fifteen Years'
Sentence?Appeals in Su?
preme Court.
1 Special to The Tlmcs-Dlspatch.l
Tlalclgh, N. C. November 27.?Chas.
Nocll was brought here to-day from
Lexington to enter upon his fifteen
years' sentence to the penitentiary as
the principal In the sensational "white
slave" caae there, In which he and his
wtfc wero convicted in trials that
stirred tho entire State. Mrs. Noell
Is to servo five years for her part in
lite crimes.
Tn compliance with orders from Ad?
jutant-General It. D. I.elnster, of the
North Carolina National Guard, Col?
onel W. C. Hodman, of Wishlngton, N.
C... mustered In at Washington to?
night a new division of naval reserves,
with C. Ii Morton as lieutenant In
command. This division comes in to
tho guard as the Sixth Division. Naval
Reserves, succeeding tho division at
Oriental mustered out recently. The
other flvo divisions nro at Hllzabcth
City, Plymouth. Windsor, Hertford
and Newborn.
Appeals from Vnncey, McDowell,
Henderson. Rutherford. Polk and
Burke counties, constituting the four
I teenth Judicial district, will be up for
t argument In the Supremo Cotlr.t this
week, beginning Tuesday morning.
The calendnr Is as follows: State vs.
1 Stacy, Stato vs. Francis, State Vs.
Blake. State vs. Corbln. State vs.
Murphy, Cozo vs. Carpenter. Garrison
vs. Williams, Whltncr vs. railroad;
Patton vs. lumber company. McBraycr
vs. Blanton, Johnson vs. railroad, Sim?
mons vs. Fleming, Roberts vs. Platt
(two appeals), Thompson vs. .power
1 company, lumber company vs. Branch
(two appeals), graded school vs. Mc
I Dowcll, Gardner & Clark vs. MeCon
naghoy, l.ytton vs. manufacturing
company. Hicks vs. telegraph company.
Rcid vs. Kip.g. Morso vs. Krecman,
: Sanatorium Company va. Insurance
Judgment Entered,
Judgment was entered yesterday In
tho City Circuit Court In tho case. of.
the Potorslburg Dry Goods Company
agalnat T. A. Whlto & Company. In
the sum of 9134-25.
workod together, fought together and
won together. We replaced the old '
habit of defeat with tho now habit of
victory, the bad fashion of quarreling
among ourselves with the better fash
Ion of taking counsel together and
then presenting a solid front to the
astonished enemy.
"The trend of public opinion is to?
ward the Democrats. President Taft'*
long trip seems to have left things in
statu quo."
The Speaker said tho recent elections
prove that wherever the tariff was the
solo or principal Issue, the Democrats
won, and that when President Taft
vetoed the tariff bills It was Inevitable
that the tariff would bo the leading
Issue next year.
"Ono of tho most preposterous ca?
nards put into print since Guten?
berg invented movable typo," added
the Speaker, "la the charge that I urn
In favor of tho forcible annexation of
Canada. Thoro is not a fact In the
universe on which to base such a slan?
der. I never at any time or place
stated, or even hinted, such a wicked
and quixotic scheme to any human
being. I have nevor dreamed of such
a thing, and would oppose it to the
"I have frequently, for years, ex?
pressed the hope that there might bo
a union of tho two countries by mu?
tual consent and for the good of both.
It always seemed to me a friendly sug?
gestion, because wo are neighbors of
tho same blood and speaking tho same
language, but as the Canadians do not
seem to wnnt that, there Is an end
of It."
N. & W. Reduces Fare to Norfolk
i Account Virginia Educational Con?
On account of the Virginia Educa?
tional Conference at Norfolk, November
28 to December 1, the Norfolk and
Western Railway will on November 25,.
26, 27, 28 and 29 sell from stations on its'
lines in Virginia round-trip tickets to
Norfolk at rate of one and one-fifth the
regular one-way fares. The round-trip
fare from Richmond will be only $2.60.
All tickets good for return passage until
Monday, December 4tll. The "Norfolk
Limited" and the "Ocean Shore Limited"
leaving Richmond 9 A. M. and 3 P. M.,
respectively, will take you through to
Norfolk without change in the quickest
possible time. C. II. BOSLEY,
District Passenger Accnt.
The Up-to-Date
Up-Town Store
New and Select Quality
Citron, Raisins, Currants.,
Nuts, Mincemeat, Albemarle
Cider, Plum Pudding, Fruit
C.ikc, Imported and Domes?
tic Wines.
Oid Peach Brandy, per gal?
lon, $6.00.
Old Apple Brandy, per gal?
lon, $4.00.
Old Filierter Whiskev, per
gallon, $4.00.
The Pure Food Store.
Geo. McD. Blake
& Co.
No. 00 Broad Street.

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