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Wool Blanket Bath
Robes $2.98 and $5
Solid background, with flower
designs, Persian and plain bor?
ders, patch pockets and cord at
neck and waist.
Social and
MISS AVIS GRANT will entertain I
thia afternoon at tea at 5
o'clock In honor of her guest.
Ml?s Lucy Minor, of North Carolina,
who la spending this week Iii Rich?
mond. Mlsa Minor has recently befcn
r.ntertulned at the University of Vir?
ginia, and some very pretty affairs
will be given for her horo this week.
.South Ciirollua Weddlug.
The marriage of Mrs. Aurella Townes
Munn and Whltmell Tunstall Rlsou
will be celebruted this evening at ti:30
o'clock In the i'cndielon Street Baptist
Church, Greenville, South Carolina,
the Dr. Henry Miller performing tha
ceremony. Palm? and fornu will deco?
rate the church, and Miss Agnes Cor
liett will play Mendelssohn's "Wed?
ding March" as a processional, and
"Traumerle" during tho' ceremony.
The bride will enter the church and
be given away by her brother. H. K.
TowneH. She will wear a traveling
salt of dark blue cloth with a picture!
hat uf the same shade und a corsagol
bouquet of 1'arma violets. Sho will]
be attended by Mrs. Herbert A. Gra?
ham, of Greenwood, B. C. us damo or]
honor. Mrs. Gruham will be gowned
lit white cloth With a black picture!
hat and carry an armful of American
Ucuuly roses. B. A. barber. Jr., of
Richmond, will act as the groom's beet
Mr. and Mrs. Rison will leave Im?
mediately after the ceremony for a
"e.lding trip North.
Guests from u distaauce were Co. T.
Itlson. F. J. Rlson. 1". A. Harber, Jr., Of
Ya-j Mrs. Rich. Cnldwcl), of Charleston;]
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Graham, of Grccn-(
wood, S. C; Professor and Mrs. Frank)
Dargan, of Clemsbri College; Mr.?. J. J.
201 E. Broad
Specially Strong
Display s To Day
in Suits, Coats,
Furs and Dresses
/Velvet Satins,
S3.50 and $4
Ask Grocers, Druggists Dealers lor
TCI;-MAD.tvi>rV,i'??;Vf).'.; . "
Buy Your Xmas
Presents at
Hundreds of new and exclusive
pieces of Kuriiilure for holiday
WOMEN'S SUITS at reduced
D u n lop
rhe Flour That
Gives Universal
I Lee, or Augusta; Mr. and Mrs. ?. B.
Brooks, of Green woo.!, S. C. and oth?
l.unelieon at Hermitage
Tho University of Virginia Golf Club
1 will aond a team to play against tho
Hermitage Golf Club In this city on
tho links of tho Hermitage Club Thurs?
day morning of this week. The vlelt
Ing players will bo entertained at
luncheon at tho Hermitage Club on
: that day. :
i Irwin?Burtou.
In the home uf Mrs. Molly Elizabeth
I Uurtou, 2G08 Kensington Avenue, Sat?
urday morning at 11 o'clock, was
uolobrated the marriago of hor daugh?
ter, Virginia Dare, to Fred Carol Ir?
win, or Charlotte, N. C. Tho'*' house
was decorated in palms and ferns, and
Rev. S. C. Hatcher. 1>. D., performed
the ceremony.
Tho brldo wore a tailored uult of
dark blue, with hat and gloves ot the
same shade, and carried a bouquet of
I Iiridc rosoo. She was glvca away by
her brother, Mahlon Leo Burton. Miss
Jessie Burton attended her sister aa
; maid of honor. She wore a gown of
j white marquisette, with a black picture
hat, and carried arm bouquet of
1 yellow chrysanthemums. Little Wll
; 11am LoWaldos Burton and Anne Hec?
tor held the rlbons, and Arthur Loc
Kelly wua ring bearer,
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin left at once for
a Northern honeymoon. Guests from
a distance attending the ceremony
were Dr. liamnor Irwin, of Koanokc
Itapids, N. C.j Mrs. U. C. Irwin and
Miss Marguerito Trelvar, of Charlotte,
N. C; Miss Cowling, ut Suffolk, and
Mrs. Daniel Richardson, of North
Home Wedding.
Yellow an<i while chrysanthemums
against a background of autumn leaves
will decorate trie home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. Nasn, 122 South Marahall Ave?
nue, Norfolk, when their daughter,
Lyndun Lear/ Nash, will become tho
brioe of John Hunter White, son of
tho late James While. Tho ceremony
will take place at 6 o'clock, and tnt
Hev. George Wesley Jones will otli
ciaie. Tho "Lohengrin" wedding march
I will be played at the entry ot the
[ bridal party.
1 Tho bride will bo given away by
fier brother, Morrol M. .Nush. and w-jli
I wear u gomg-away gown ot dark blue
I chiifon broadcloth, with a hat to
I match, and will carry a bouquet ot
white cnrytanlhemume. The maid oi
1 honor will be Miss liable Glenn Jen?
kins, ot NortoiK. She will wear a
gown ot white murquittctio made ovci
yellow mcssallhv, uiuj will carry u
oouquet ot yellow chrysanthemums.
A reception was given for the bridal
party lasi evening. Mr. While and hid
biidt will go North for their wedding
At tbe Art Club.
The talk thlo afternoon at Uic Art
Club ol Richmond will be made by
Admiral Harris Webster on the subject
oi me present situation in China. At
the conclusion ol tue lecture teu will
ijC served. Misses Kathleen Hardwlcke,
Rosaboile Gordon ami Carrie Berkeley
acting Us Hostesses,
lu ituuor of Visitors.
in honor ox several uui-ol-towii
girls here tor the T?unsklvihg festivi?
ties, Mrs. lucnuiu \\ llson will be
hostess at cams at ucr home, 215
west Grace Street, 'the affair lb given
lor Aiiii cuuna conquest, .viiss Fanny
.;cott, alias v\ ertnemer, oi W'arrentOii;
MisS Camilla Wtiiluru, Miss Elizabeth
iveuirnon, of Baltimore, und Miss Katn
eruie liaguu.
For Miss lUisc's Guests.
The guests of -Uia? Helen Kose?
Misses x'nalia Maralen, oi Pi Us ourgh,
and Willie Howuru-Bat nes, of Lex?
ington, Ky.?nave been much enter?
tained during tnclr stay lu Richmond.
Ja-me? Augustine wab .lost al dinner
at tno Country Club on Saturday even?
ing in honor ot Miss Kose ana her
Ijuesti. lue lauie ?.u sei wiui pink
and watte flowers, and covers were
laid tor six guvsts, which included
.MISa Hose, Mlsn Martiten, Miss ?uincs,
James Augustine. Hooert Augustine,
and Mr. Fleming. a
Walter Lirigg will be hosi at dinner
at tho Country Club this evening in
honor of Mijis Koso and her guests. Six
?uesis win uc entertained.
\ Pli roil eh Inn Wedding.
The marriage o: .Miss Delia B. Pow?
ell and Edwu-rj Luuience Ryan will
be celebrated at 1 o'clock on Wednes?
day afternoon. The ceremony will
take place in Sacred Heart Cathedral.
Iiitrrrntlnj; Concert.
An event of Interest to all lovora of
t-ood music will take place al the First
J'resbyterlan Church, eornur of Grace
and Madison Streets, ihls evening at
s:13, when u concert of sacred music
will bo held by J. Lament Galbruitn,
L. R A. M.. of London, England. Mr.
Galnralth has arranged a splendid pro?
gram, and will be assisted by a num?
ber of Richmond's best vocal artists
and by Mrs. Galbratth, who Is also
from the London Royal Academy of
Music. The following program will
be rendered:
Double quartot,"Sweet Hour of
Prayer".W. J. Phillips
Walter A. Watkinu. L. .\L Boyd, J. J.
Jones, C. C. Clifton, Ralph Ludwig.
Fred Jones, C. J. Tinder, Joseph J.
Solo, "O, Divine Rodoemer.Gounod
Mrs. Reinhardt.
Solo. "O, Paradise".Hawley
C. J. Tinder.
Motet, "Hoar My Prayer". .Mendelssohn
Mrs. Norrls, Miss Crutcnlleld. Miss Mary
Trucman, W. A. Wulklns. C. J. Tinder.
Solo. "Uo Thou With Mo".Hlller
Mrs. Whlttct.
Double quartet, "O, Lord, Behold."
Solo, "The Ninety and Nine". .Campion
J. Lamont Galbralth.
Solo, "The Lord Is My Light ".. Allitsen
Mrs. Reinhardt.
Trio. "Art Thou Weary?".. . .Galbralth
Mrs Norrls, Miss Mary Trucman,
Mr. Galbralth.
Solo, "Ixive Not the World" (Prodi?
gal Son).....Sullivan
Mrs. Whlttct.
Double quartet, (a) "At Thy Throne,
O Lord."
(b) "America,"
Accompanists, Mr, and Mrs. J. Lamont
VIsltlnK Here.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Golden, who
visited In Richmond for a few days,
early In September, has returned from;
St. Louis, where she went to attend!
the Veiled Prophets' bnll, and Is now
the guest of Mrs. Otis Mooors in this
city. Hugh Golden, ? who is a fresh?
man nt Georgetown this session, will
come lo Richmond to spend Thanks-1
giving with his sister. Miss Golden
expects to go to Washington for the
remainder of the winter.
Miss Sharp Entertain".
Miss Irene Sharp entertained a
number of her friends Wednesday
evening at tho home of Mrs. Cookc,.
608 North Eighth Street. The house1
was doeoratcd with chrysanthemums
and palms, and Miss Sharp received
with Miss Edna Cooke. M'ss Wilkcn
and Mrs. Hlggins. Miss Sharp wore a
black satin gown trimmed in jet; Miss
Cooke wore a lavender silk frock;
Miss Wllken wore a lavcnde;- crepe de
chine, and Miss Wiggins wore a white
voile frock trimmed with cluny Ince
and coral satin. Some of thoso pres?
ent worn Miss Siegel, of Hampton;
Mrfl. Park Motley, of Raleigh. N. C;
Mrs. Marlow, of Atlanta; Miss Mary
Snook.-of Amelia; Misses Louise Fisg.
Bessie . Cutlelt. Ruth Catlott. Long..
Dnggo-tt, Siidictind Beasli Sino'ot, Kitty
Oarbcr, Rositllo Martin, Mlniile Cookc,
Muhle Smoot, May ' Phlpps, Eva Walk?
er. Eda Cookc. Luck Hlggins; Messrs.
R. Ii Itoihlr, of Cloochland; Lelndy,
Haines Waller Haines, Elliott, Buck
h'cr, Cocko, Willie Sharp, Motley, Lee
Cookran, Woodall, McClauchlun. Tho
' ' ' ? 't: ..." ,*' . ?
.' ":?) ?'-!",' ( ' * f'y.'&tfi ?.'?'??h'-.'-z \- .\i'-V-.r'-j'-) ?
Timely Advice
A Protection Against Bronchitis
and Pneumonia.
Into a pitcher put a tablespoonful of
butter, one-quarter cup light brown sugar,
an ounce ol fresh whole allspice and a
pint of Duffy's pure malt whiskey. Let
it stand for half an hour, then add one
half pint boiling water. Let it stand j
again for a short while, and before 6Crving
stir well and add the juice of one orange 1
and one lemon. This is to be eervetl in a |
wine glass.
It is very wholesome, appetizing and I
strengthening, especially for fever and j
chills in stormy and blustering weather.
Prompt action on such occasions will ward j
off many a serious and oft times fatal
attack of bronchitis and pneumonia, as
well as irritating coughs and colds.
I ttttair was cuupuroued by Mrs. C. 1>.
Uatlett and Mrs. J. M. Cooke.
I At the Woman's Club. J
Proteasor Jajues Primrose White
in/nccii is a luoroughiy charming and
ueligutlul man, and his lecture, "An
.uiurnoon Besiuc tho Bonnie Briar
11 usii," yesterday bet?rt cue members
ul the wojiiaais Club, was a no less
cnurmiug and dcligntful affair, since
iho purauu in question does not permit
tue use of "perfectly." tic is a tscoteii
ntan by birth, and his own quaint
nuiiior, quite aa kindly and heart
reaching jj that ol the author ol "Be
aiue tue Bonnie Briar Bush."
WU.'i tho speaker, and in his own
Scotch dialect, all ol the characters ol
luri Maclaren's dearly-loved books thai
wander across its pages and luto our
hearts came yesterday afresh, like old
friends that have journeyed a apace
and returned to the shelter ot one's
aitectlon. ' j
One will not say of Professor White
that ho Is a reader, lor his Interpreta?
tions are too real?too much as one
had always Imagined tnc people of tne
book. They arc his friend:', too, and
merely come at his bidding for our
pleasure and dolcctatlon.
He gave several very good examples
I of the contrast between Scotch and
American humor, with a great deal of
his own thought on the subject. He
tald the point With American humor
isli is exaggeration, but with tnc peo?
ple of "Druintochty" speech distiu
slowly, drop by drop, and the purple
adjectives of the American people are
fearful to a Scotchman.
Prutcssor White's manner of ad
drc;:i wan very simple and direct, and
his lecture a thoroughly enjoyable
Mrs. ISIlen W. Perrtn. assisted by
Miss ICnox and Mrs. T. Maurice War?
ren, poured tea, and Mrs. 11 A, Samp?
son presided at the coffee table. The
club parlors wen. decorated in jars
of pink flowers,altd slender vases of
> white flowers were on the tea and cot- i
fee table.'.
Interesting Lecture.
Ah Interesting lecture to be given
In Richmond shortly will be thut of
the Rev. Frank Stringfeilov,, Iii? sub?
ject being "Scout Life With the Army
of Northern Virginia." The lecture
will be given In the auditorium of the
Jefferson Hotel on the evening of Tues?
day, December S, und will be under
the direction of the Huguenot Society
In this city. Mr. Strlngfellow is a very
Interesting speaker, and his lectures
an: always made before large au?
Meetings Tbl? Werk.
The regular meeting of the general
I council uf social workers is postponed
from this afternoon to Wednesday,
November 'JS*. at 1:30 o'clock, on ac?
count of tho absence of officers attend?
ing the State Conference of Charities
and Correct ions in Ruauolcc. The
meeting will be held at the Y. W. C.
A., corner Fifth and Grace .Streets, and
all Interested In boclal welfare work
are cordially Invited to attend.
Thursday being Thanksgiving, the
board of managers of the Retreat for
the Hick will meet on Wednesday
morning at 11 o'clock. instead of
Thursday as usual. All members arc
asked to be present at this meeting.
The Confederate Memorial Literary
Society will meet to-morrow morning
in the Confederate Museum at 11
o'clock. All members are asked to
intend. '
l tr eii ii I l.nM Krida;.
Misses Grace Wllbert Alloy and
Evelyn Harrison gave a violin and
piano recital at St. Mark's Church on
Friday uvening. Miss Harrison Is a
pupil of Miss Lane, and Miss Alley la
a student of Miss Annie Reinhardt.
A very protty wedding took place
yesterday morning In lbc home of Mr.
and Mrs. Grover Seelinger, of Nor?
wood, Henrieo county, when their sis?
ter. Miss Helen May Martin, became
the bride of George Edgar Meyer.
The Rev. Father Ldwurds, of St. Mary's
Church, outdated. Only the immedi?
ate families and a few intimate friends
of the bride and groom were present.
The bride wore a charming gown of
brown cloth, with hut and gloves to
match, and carried a bouquet of or
jchids and lilies of the valley. Tho
I parlors were decorated with palms and
I ferns.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Meyer left on the noon
train for the North, and on their ro
l turn will reside at 1206 Barton Ave
i ntie.
In nnd Out of Tonn.
Lieutenant R. Lindsay Walker, U. S
I N., and Carl Walker, of New York,
spent Sunday in Richmond with their
mother, Mrs. C. C. Walker.
Miss SalUe L. Hart has returned to
Richmond, after spending nearly a
week with her aunt, Mrs. A. M. Nelson,
in Roanokc.
Mrs. James I. Prltchctt. Jr.. and lit?
tle son. who have been guests of the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
H. Drake, hero will return to Dan?
ville on Saturday.
Miss 1J. C. Lipscomb, of Ring Wil?
liam county, who was recently operat?
ed on In a hospital here, Is much Im?
Invitations Accepted.
I Special to Tho TInics-Dlspatoh.]
Charlottesvlllc, Va? November 27.?
Senator Claude A. S-wanson and Sam
'uel L. Kelley, of Richmond, have ac?
cepted Invitations to deliver tho ud
drosses at the memorial service of
\ Charlottesvlllc Lodge No. :JS9, B. P.
I pi K., next Sunday afternoon. Gerald
A. Kwlng. Ireland's premier baritone,
will render two solos, "The. Lord I?
My Light" nnd "Hold Thou My
Lindsay on Bull of 93.5UO.
ISpeclul'to The Ttrries-Dlspatcui)
Lnxlnglon, Va , ? November 37.?The
motion to set aside the verdict of. otic,
year In the penitentiary against for?
mer Policeman S. M. Lindsay for shoot?
ing Hugh Oiimmlngs was overruled to
dav by Judge I?otchcr, of tho Clrouit
Court. Lindsay hud a Warrant to servo
on dimming,'; for disorder, and he re?
sisted Ute oflicer und made, an attack
with a brickbat, wheh Lindsay tired
In solf-defonae. Ninety days worn given
In which- to prepare- mi appeal to the
Court of Appeals, and Llndray wui
bulled for S3,&00. . .
Bishop Expresses Pleasure at
Presiding Over North Caro?
lina Conference.
Little Business Is Transacted
Before Adjournment Is
ISpoclal to The Times Dlopatcn. J
Kinston, N. C, November 27.?Tho
reading of the appointments this morn?
ing marked, the adjournment of the
seventy-sixth session of the North
Carolina Conference. There was little
business to be transacted except to
read the appointments, and shortly
after to o'clock the conference ad?
The only conference board to submit
a report at this morning's session wus
the board of education, and tho re?
port was adopted.
The board of church extension re?
ported $10,441 as the conference as?
sessment for that cause for tne com?
ing year. Answers to the statistical
questions include these tigures of in?
terest. Number of local preachers, 90:
number of members of the church lu
the conference. 80,019; contributed to
church extension, $8,003.75; lo the
American IStblc Society, $766.27; to sup?
port of presiding elders, $18,338.82; to
support of preachers In charge, $l?t>.
615.16; to support ot bishops, $3,257.12;
to conference claimants, $8,1'J0.
Bishop lioas expressed Iiis pleasure
at having held this conference, and
said fewer laymen had conferred with
him hero regarding the appointments
than In any of the seventy conference
sessions he has held. He advised till
laymen to make their claims through
the presiding elders. He spoke also
of the appointments, and said he knew
ull the preachers would not be satis?
fied, and that lie wanted ihem to bluine
him and not the presiding elder* for
any mistakes made, and especially as
he would be out of this State. He said
he felt sorry for some of tho preach?
ers and also for some of tho charges.
Resolutions Of thanks to the citi?
zens of Kinston for the large-hearted
hospitality given to the members und
visitors during the conference were
adopted with a rising vote.
After reading the appointments
Bishop I loss pronounced the benedic?
tion, and the conference adjourned,
t.lxt of Appointments.
Durham District?It. C. Beatnun,
presiding elder; Burlington Station. T.
A. Sykes; Burlington circuit, supplied
by J. W. Hackney. Chapel Hill Sta?
tion, W. A. St anbury; Durham-Bran?
son, supplied by B. B. Slaughter; Can
Church. A. L. Ormond; Mangum Street
i C. B. Culbreth; Memorlul, G. 1". Smith.
: l.akewood Mission. I. D. Hay man,
Trinity, R. c. Craven; West Durham. J
; Parket ; Durhutn circuit, W. P. Con?
stable; Graham, R. G. L?. Edwards;
IIlllsbo.ro circuit. J. M. Ormond; Eces
j burg circuit, C. R. Ross: Milton circuit.
IS. I . Nick: Mount Tlrzup. B. C. Allrcd,
North Alamancc. B. T. Hurley; Pelham
? and Shady Grove, l?\ E. Dixon: Pearl
i Mill und Bethany, supplied by n. C.
Smith; Roxboro circuit, E. M. Snipes;
South Alamancc, W. lr. Galloway;
? Yanceyylllc circuit, J. E. Blalock;
professor in Trinity College, II, E.
Spcncc; headmaster Trinity Purk, W.
W. Peelc: secretary Young Men's
. Christian Association, In China, E. E.
; Barnettc; student , at Vandcrbllt Uni
! verslty. G. M. Daniels.
! Elisabeth city District?M.. T. Plylcr,
: presiding older; Camdcn circuit. C. P.
Jerome; Chowan circuit. J. A. Martin;
I Columbia circuit, K. F. Du vail; Curri
' tuck circuit, F. B. Noblitt; Dare cir?
cuit. J, A. Morris; Ed en ton Station, G.
? S. Beurden; Elizabeth City. City Roads,
j J. II. Buffalo; First Church, J. D.
I Bundy; Gates circuit, W. H. Brown,
i'flatteras olrcult, supplied by J. M.
llyrd; Hertford Station, F. M. Sham
! burger: Kennekoel circuit, R. H.
j Hasty; Kitty Hawk circuit, supplied by
: M. B. Cox; Moyock circuit, M. V. Self;
! North Gates circuit, I, M. Grant;
? Pasquotank circuit, W. A. Plland:
jPentaso and Belhavon, C. A. Jones;
j Mrs. Adams Adds Her Testimony
To That of Other Ladies As
Result of Her Daugh?
ter's Trial.
Sharon, renn.?Mrs. Addie Adatno, of j
lliis place, says: "My oldest daughter
took cold and was down with chills and
fever nearly a whole year.
She was so nervous and excitable and
so weak she was no use to herself or any
one else.
1 gave her every remedy any one recom?
mended, and had the doctor's prescrip?
tions filled uitiil I was out of heart about
h i.
At that time I had never used Cardui, i
s but just thought 1 would try it.
When she had taken the third bottle
she was well as far as we could tell, and
she lias never been to the doctor since.
I recommend Cardui lu my neighbors,
and I tell thcni if Cardui won't help iliem
there is no use trying anything else, for
. Cardui i? the best remedy made."
i If you arc nervous, cross or irritable,
j or suffer from any of the distressing
symptoms of womanly troubles, such as
headache, backache, sideachc; if you lack
energy, and feel tired and dull, remember
that there is a bottle of Cardui waiting for
you at the nearest drug store, ready for
j instant use to relieve pain, build up your
j strength and make you feel young, fresh
I hud hopeful.
1 Will you try it? Please do.
X. B.? Write to Ladies' Advisory Dept.,
Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga,
Tenn., for Special Instructions and 64-page
book, "Home Treatment f?r Women,"
sent in plain wrapper on request*
Fall Opening, showing dainty, new,
fashionable styles.
Third and Ikoud Street?.
Don't Forget
To attend the great sale
of Guaranteed Jewelry
at the Thalhimer store.
1,000 pieces on sale at
the lowest prices on
V _=J !
Perquimans circuit, D. P. Robinson;!
Plymouth Station, W. J. Watson; Roa-j
noko Island, A. W. Prlco; Roper Sta-j
lion. J. W. Potter; Conference Mia-j
alonary Secretary, J. D. Bundy.
fayettcvlllc District?R. B. John,!
presiding elder; Bladen circuit, sup
plled by J. M. Whit eon; Buckhorn cir?
cuit. 1> E. Challln; Carthage circuit. E.
E. nose; Cokesbury circuit, J. D. Pcg-j
ram; Duke, Prank Culbrcth; Dunn Sta?
tion, J. it. Shore; Elise circuit, T. C.
Ellora; Faycttevlllu, Hay Street, L. E.j
Thompson; Fayottevlllo circuit, G. B.
StarUng; Goldston circuit, M. D. HlXl
Haw River, G. B. Perry; Hope Mills
circuit, supplied by F. C. Bccton;
Joncsboro circuit, H. M. Eure; LUUng
ton circuit. D. II. Reed; Newton Grove
circuit, G. L. Simmons; Plttsboro cir?
cuit. V. A. Royall; Sampson circuit, J.
W. Moyle; Sundford, K. D. Holmes;
Slier City circuit, E. D. Craven;
Parkton circuit, E. D. Stack.
Kesbern District?J. E. underwood,
l.rcsldtng elder. Atlantic, supplied by
E. D. Dodd; Beaufort Station, J. 11. 4U
Cracken; Bndgeton Circuit, J- M.
Wright; Carterct Circuit, C. O. Durant;
Dover Circuit. M. \V. Dargan; Golds
boro?St. Paul's, D. 11. Tuttle; St. John's,
J. H. Frlsclle; GolUsboro Circuit, sup?
plied by F. T. Fulchcr; Grifton Circuit,
N. B. Strickland; llookerton Circuit,
W. E. Hocuttj Jones Circuit, C. E. Vuli>;
Kinaton Station, F. S. bow; La Grange
Circuit, supplied by J. M. Curraway;
Morehead City .Station, E. II. MeWhor
ter; Mount Olive and Falaon, W. C.
Merrltt; Mount Olive Circuit, J. .1.
Boonc; Ncwbern?Ccutenary, J. B. Hur?
ley; Oracoke and I'ortsmouth, R, E.
Pittman; Oriental Circuit, W. P. Pai-. I
ten; Pamllco Circuit, supplied by W. U.M
Humble; Seven Springs Circuit, sup?
plied by R. It. Johnson; Snow Hill Cir- \
cult, W. H. Moore; Straits Circuit, sup- ;
plied by L. U. PattlHhall.
Ilulclgb District?J. It. Hall, presid?
ing elder. Cary Circuit, G. W. Fisher:
Clayton Circuit, C. W. Robinson; Four
Oaks Circuit, T. 11. .Sutten. Frapklin
Ion Circuit, W. W. Rose; Granvillc Cir?
cuit, M. D. Gllcb. Keuly Circuit, J. M.
Benson; Loulsburg Station, It. W.
Bailey; MUlbrook Circuit, P. Greening;
oxford Circuit, L. H. Joyncr; Oxford
Station, A. P. Tycr; ltalclgh?Central
Church, A, D. Wtlcox; Edctlton Street,
H. M. North, J. O. Guthrie, supply, Ep
worth, C. J. liarrcll; Jenkins Memorial
und Apex, lt. F. Tuylor; Selmn and
Princeton, J. M. Daniel; Suilihucld sta?
tion, A. S. Barnes; Tar ltlver Circuit,
G. W. Starling; Youngvlllc Circuit, J.
W. Martin: Zebulon Circuit, W. E. Trot
miin; Director of Correspondence
School, J. L. Cuunlngglm; Raleigh
Christian Advocate, editor, L. S. Mat
seyj Methodist Orphanuge, superintend?
ent, J. N. Cole; Assistant Secretary Ep
worth League, J. M. Culbrcth; student
Vandcrbitt University, W. V. McRue;
financial agent, Loulsburg Female Col?
lege, R. W. Bailey.
Ilocklnghnm District?A. McCullOn,
presiding elder. Aberdeen and Blscou,
C. L. Read: Caledonia Circuit, J. C.
Humid; Elizabeth Circuit, D. B. Par?
ker; Elerbee Circuit, D. A. Watklns;
Hamlet Station, J. A. Dalley; Laurel
Hill Circuit, F. B. McColl; Laurinburg
Station, II. A. Humble; Lumbcrton Cir?
cuit, R. L. Carrawuy; Lumbcrton Sta?
tion, J. W. Bradley; Maxton Station,
S. E. Mercer; Mount Gllead Circuit, N.
E. Collrane; Montgomery Circuit, sup?
plied by S. J. McConnell; Candor Cir?
cuit, N. L. Scabolt; Raeford Circuit, C.
W. Smith, C. C. Brothera; Red Springs
Circuit. S. A. Cotton; Richmond C'r
cult, B. E. Stanllold; Roberdcl Circuit,
G. II. Biggs; Robcson Circuit, fc>. T.
Moyle. R. W. Townscnd and W. 11.
Townsend, supply; Rocklngham Station,
E. H. Davis; Rowland Circuit, J. A. Lee;
St. John's and Gibson, O. W. Dowd;
St. Paul Circuit, A. J. Groves; Troy Cir?
cuit, C. R. Cunlpe; Conference Mission?
ary Evangelist, L. L, Natih
Warreuton District?R. F. Bumpass,
presiding cider. Battlciuoro and WhR
akers, J. W. Frank; Bertie circuit, J.
G. Johnson, one to be supplied; Con
way circuit, B. II. Black; Entield and
Halifax, L. T. Singleton; Garysburg
circuit, E. N. Ilurnson; Uarrellsvllle
circuit, C. H. Cavlness; Henderson,
First Church, W. R. Royall; Hobgood
circuit, supplied by F. F. Eure; Little?
ton Station, R. H. Willis; Murfreesboro
and Wlnton. H. M. Jackson; Northamp?
ton crcult. W. B. North; North and
South Henderson, S. J. Kllpatrlck; Rich
Square cllrcult, D. L. Earnhardt;
Rldgoway circuit, J. E. Holden; Roo
noke circuit, J. L. Draper; Roanoke
Rapids, William Towe; Scotland Neck
Station. N. C. Ycarby; Warren circuit,
B. C. Thompson; Warrcnton circuit.
D. C. Cavlness; Weldon Station,
J. A. Hornaday; Wllliainston and Ham?
ilton, Rufus Bradley: Littleton Female j
College, J. M. Rhodes, president.
Waxhlnglon District?J. T. Gl bus,
presiding elder. Auror circuit, .1. M. I
Ashby; Ay den circuit, supplied by E.j
O. Kllgore; Bath circuit, .i. B. Bridget's; j
Bethel circuit, D. a. Fu troll; isim
City, W. T. Phlpps; Farmvllle circuit,
II. E. Trlpp; Falrhcld Station, H. E.
Lance; Fremont circuit, R. It. Grant;
Greenvillo. Jar via Memorial, E. M.
Doyle: Mattamuskett circuit, .1. W.
Autry; McKondroc circuit, suppllcl by
W. J. CovingtOli; Mt. Pleasant circuit,
W. a. Jenkins: Nashville circuit, J. b
Rtimley, Rocky Mount, First Church,
b p. Howard: South Rocky Mount,]
Marvin and Clark Street. J. U. Tlioinp- ;
son; Siantonsliui g circuit, supplied by.
11. F. Watson; Spring Hope circuit, W. '
F. Cravon; Swan Quarter 'circuit, R. I
D. Daniel; Tarboro Station, L. B. Jones; '
Vanceiboro circuit, J. J. Lewis; Wash- i
Ington Station, R. H. Broom; Wilson!
Station, M. Brudshaw; Superintendent1
of Noith Carullnu Antl-Suloon League,'
R. L. Davis. I
Wilmington Dlslrlrl?N. II. D. Wil?
son, presiding elder, Burgaw circuit, .
L. G. Vl'ckers; Carvers Crock circuit,
L. E. Sawyors; Chadbourne and Halls-1
boro. W. C. Mortln; Clinton circuit. M.
A. Smith; Columbus circuit,' supplied
by T. . Bain; Jacksonville, P. D.
Woodall; Kenansvllle circuit, J. M. (
Lowdors;.Magnolia circuit, C. T. Rod- ;
gars; Mt. Tabor'circuit, supplied by R.
L Beasley; Rlchlonds. W. E. Brown;1
Onslow, circuit. J. L. Stanford; fcmolt's
] Hill circuit. R. A. Bruton; Shallotto :
circuit, supplied by J. M. Marlowe;;
Southport Stution, C. M. La: c; Swe a-1
boro circuit, J. C. Wherbce; Town
Creek circuit, supplied by V' A. t.up-.!
ton: Whiteville. J. P. P-le; Wllmliig-.
ton, Bladen Street. W. L. Roxford;
Fifth Street, G. L. Adams; Grace, J. C.
Woolen; Trinity, E. C Kell; Wallace
and Rose Hill. Y. E. Wright; trans?
ferred, .. W. Vick to W. ,N. C. Con-1
toxciic*. ... I
Secretary Montgomery An?
nounces Men Elected by Wil?
liam and Mary Chapter.
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.)
Willlamsburg, Va., November 27.?Dr.
Walter A. Montgomery, secretary ot
tho Phi Bota Kappa Society, announces
the cloctlon of the following well
known men to membership: .lohn C.
j Calhoun. profusaor of modern Ian-.
I guages In William and .Mary: Jen-'
Illings C. Wise, of Richmond; Henry
jSydnor Harrison, of Cnarleston. W. Va.;
iJohn Fox, Jr., Big Stone Uup; fhlllp
Alexander Uruce. LL. L>.. ' of Norfolk:
I Frank O. Carpenter, of Washington. D.
C'J Prolcaeor Ueorge McK, Uuln, A. M..
I of Norfolk; President 0, H. Hill. A. M..
, of the A. ? Al. College. Ruleigll. N. C.
! These men, or as many who uro pres
i tu. will be initialed at "the utinu.il
j meeting lo be held at W.iiliatn and
I Mary, uecember 6.
I The James City Board of Supervisors
I to-duy appropriated S2V0 to secure the
; services of a demonstrator lor the
I Uoya' Corn Club next season. T. O.
Sandy, State demonstrator, was pres?
ent to urge the matter before the
board. Jt is understood that practi?
cally all ot the Peninsula counties will
have corn clubs next season.
The North Carolina foolluill team
will hold Its secret practice on Cury
Field at William und Mary, coming
here probably to-morrow. In prepara?
tion for the Thanksgiving game with
Virginia In Richmond Thursday.
Federal Troops May Be Called
to Protect Colorado Mining
Property. '
Denver. Co., November ?Labor
i troubles in the coal camp of Nortborn
' Colorudo, where a strike has been lu
1 progress for some time, have reached
; a stage where the advisability of call?
ing for troops Is being considered, ac?
cording to news received here to-day.
Al Louisville, Col., the situation Is
regarded as particularly crlt'cal. TU?,
mines liiere arc owned by a Wyoming
; corporation. President Brown, of tha
j company, said that unless conditions
I improved within the next two days
he would aslt Governor Shafroth for
j tho protection of Federal troops, to i
which, he says, the company us a non
1 resident property holder Is entitled.
Since Saturday It is reported that
tho union and the non-union miners
have been In practically open war?
fare. Strikers and women sympathis?
ers paraded the slreots, flourishing re?
volvers and other weapons and mak
Ing threats at all entrances to tho
1 camp to prevent the entrance of strlkc
j breakers.
livery station of the Denver and
Interurbun Electric Line was guarded,
and any man looking like a miner was
compelled to give, a strict account of
Chatelaine Bags
for Chrutma*
Will be in great demand this season. A*
usual, our stocks are large and sdectkiai
is easy.
Let us show them to you.
Schwarzschild Bros*
Richmond's Leading Jewelers,
Second and Broad Ste
Declare* lltislnrs* Interests He<jalro
All Ills Time?Other Kredcr
Icknburg Ncm.
ISpeolul to The Tlmc8-Dlspatch|1
Prudcrlcksburg, Va., November 27.??
Colonel E. D. Cole, o? this city, who
has been prominently mentioned as a
probable uandlclute tor tho ofhoe of
Mayor of Froderlcksburg, which will
be filled at the regular election noxt
.lune. has publicly announced that ho
cannot enter the contest, notwith?
standing the urgent request of promi?
nent citizens for him to do so. Col?
onel Cole's reason for not making the
race Is that his large business lnter
eats require all of his time and atten?
Charles E. Wright, a well-known
young man of this city, was taken
suddenly 111 at his place of business
and was carried to the Mary Wash?
ington Hospital, where he underwent
a serious operation. The operation
was successful, and he Is doing as
well as could bo expected.
The Dow property In Stafford county,
containing three acres and dwelling.
Just across the itappuhannock River
from this city, was sold at public
auction here and purchased by Mrs.
Eva Dow for ?1.32G.
! Mrs. Nellie E. Ellis, of Ohio, has
( purchased tho Livingston farm, la
Spotsylvanla county, near Massaponax
Church, containing 310 aprcs. Thia
was formerly tho home of J. McCalla,
Uoulwaro and family, who now ro
slde in this city.
Bailey Johnson was fined $5 and
costs, amounting to $7.SO, by Justlco
John D. Waller for unlawfully hunting
on the land of Captain M. B. Rowe,
In Spotsylvanla county.
William Nelson, colored, while hunt?
ing la Lancaster county, was acci?
dentally shot and killed.
Judge T. Claggett Jones, of the Cir?
cuit Court of Mathews county, has ap?
pointed R. A. McCready Common?
wealth's attorney to fill tho vacancy;
caused by the resignation of L. C
Garnett. Mr. McCready defeated Mr.
Garnett for tho office in the Novem?
ber election.
Mrs. Clarence Hume.
(Special to The Timos-Dlspatoh.}
Mrs. Clarence Hume, of Orange coun?
ty, who has been at tho University
Hospital at Charlottesvllle, was taken
homo a few days ago. but died In tho
buggy on bar way home. Her physi?
cian, Dr. G. H. Bonton, was with hor.
The hospital physicians decided that,
the caso was hopeless and advised her
to return home. She Is survived by
her husband and several ohildren.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatoh.]
Froderlcksburg. Va., November 27.?
A. B. Grlnnell and Miss Kate M. Owens,
both of Mathews county, wero married
Thursday at St. Matthew's Episcopal
I Church In that county. Rev. I* J.
I Rhaup officiating.
At all Dragguts,'
25cs 50c $1.00
.atiliff e & Tanner
Roses, Chrysanthemums,
Orchids, Violets
Fresh from our GreeiraIii?MS?s

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